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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 14, 2012 9:00am-9:29am PST

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a car comes out of nowhere. >> how the accident trail leads straight to a doctor of the year. a food guru lays down the law for thanksgiving dinner. >> no salad. you can have salad tomorrow. >> the six rules he says you must not break. plus, the wednesday buzz word for your shot at a new ipad and a furry bundle on the trail. >> how cute is that little beaver? i'm going to go get a picture of him. >> why that is a very bad idea. this may look like scenes from hurricane sandy, but these are scenes from central italy. they have been deluged by floodwaters. some reports say as much as 9 inches of water in four hours. rescue crews can be seen plucking people from buildings. here you have a helicopter hovering over, dropping a rescuer down to a home plucking people out of the water. the guy is pulled back up into
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the helicopter and rescued safely. >> think about how awful it must feel. >> you're being saved but you're really saying goodbye to everything you know, your house, your home, all your belongings. >> hundreds of people have been evacuated. waters have washed out bridges, flooded hundreds of homes. look at this from above. >> you see entire homes, the water is up to the roof. >> steven, you're right. as far as you can see, it's just brown water in every direction. streets have been turned into rivers and canals. it's a disaster area, sad to see. >> it's such a beautiful area, a beautiful landscape, the trees, the green fields, and now under all under ugly brown water. the video i'm about to show you has gone viral in europe. they were inside an airplane. it was at the airport in france on its way to tunis in tunisia.
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what we're seeing is two plainclothes security guards holding a man face down in the aisle of this plane. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the other passengers on this plane are upset. you can hear them screaming at the security guard. and the translation says they're screaming stop! how can you treat this man this way? [ speaking foreign language ] >> why are they treating him this way? >> according to translated reports, this man is a citizen of tunisia and doesn't have the proper documentation to be in france, although his two children and his former wife live in france. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they forced him to get on this plane, basically ext
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extraditing him. he doesn't want to go. people have been passing this around saying france is supposed to be this con tree that's all about human rights and they don't feel these two plainclothes security guards treated this man with respect and dignity. >> so what ended up happening? did they make him take the flight? >> according to reports, he is now in tunisia and was sentenced on november 13th to ten months in jail and he's also not allowed to go back to france for three years. [ speaking foreign language ] this video starts out looking like a peaceful day in wellesley, massachusetts. you see this box truck make a right and then watch the left of your screen. >> oh, my goodness! >> boom! a car comes out of nowhere. that's an suv sandwiching another car between it and that box truck. look at this again in slow motion.
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boom! now, you're thinking where did that car come from? well, the story behind this, police say the driver is 56-year-old kristen howard. she was involved in an accident at the whole foods parking lot that is back here. she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and she was speeding away from that accident and got in this accident that we're seeing on this traffic camera. >> well, that worked out well for her. >> this is at 8:45 a.m. >> now get this, howard is actually an e.r. doctor at the nearby newton wellesley hospital and won doctor of the year in 2009. also has no previous infractions. >> so wait a minute, this 56-year-old woman was involved in an accident in the whole foods parking lot under the influence of drugs and alcohol. tried to speed away from that accident. ded up flying through someone's yard, into another car, and this person was doctor of the year? do you think she's still celebrating her win? >> that could be it too.
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in this accident, thankfully no serious injuries. howard now facing a slew of charges, including dui. she's been relieved of all of her responsibilities at the hospital pending further investigations. and now allegations have also come out that howard may have been writing herself prescriptions. we've got winners from all over america in our "right this minute" ipad giveaway and we've got more to give. >> in just a bit we'll be telling you wednesday's buzz word and how to enter. >> and remember, you have to be 18 years or older for your chance to win an ipad 3. >> stand by for wednesday's buzz word, and good luck, everybody. some incredible footage was caught by divers 250 miles off the coast of baja in mexico. >> beautiful blue water. >> it is beautiful blue water, and that right there is a whale shark. see if you notice something. it has a rope around its girth. >> oh, right around its like waist and its fin. >> yeah.
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it's cutting the fin off right at the top. now, the people who caught this video were divers. they said the first time they saw this whale shuark, they spotted it with the rope around it. when they went back in the second time, they found it again and executed a little rescue mission. >> nice. >> now, eddie has the go pro cam and is catching all the action. then you have dave, the dive guide, swimming in front of the whale shark, trying to get its attention. and then danny swims in with some kind of device to start cutting the rope off. look at that whale shark just sitting there patiently like thanks, man, this is exactly what i need. >> it's almost like he knows they're trying to help. >> when the rope comes off, look at the whale's skin. >> oh! >> man, that looks like it's been there for a long time. >> they say it's a mystery how that rope got on that whale shark, but in the end they were able to help it out and it just swam off. after it was all done, jeta, the
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wife of the go pro cameraman, decided it was time for a fist bump because it was a successful mission. get ready to start the ultimate athlete machine. >> and the machine goes on and on and on, all triggering different red bull athletes. >> this is a giant life-size mousetrap. >> see what it all leads up to. and tisha unlaurarmed is bao talk about something very personal. >> you have to admit you're curious about it, right? especially you. why do you want to know? >> find out what the viral video star is revealing this time [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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[ humming ] [ babbng ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios good morning. >> good morning there, scott. how are you doing? >> a rare moment was caught on camera, and i think you guys are going to love this video. some rock climbers were on a
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lemg, whi ledge, which is on the west face of the leaning tower in yosemite. it's a tough climb and oftentimes takes more than one day. they set up their little camp on a ledge. they're enjoying their breakfast as the sun is coming up, preparing for their day, preparing for the next moment of their climb, and look who joins them for breakfast. that's a peregrine falcon. >> oh! >> these guys are probably in this bird's home, right? the bird is like, uh, what are you guys doing here? >> he looks friendly, though. >> i love that. they went from chatter, chatter, chatter to complete silence. >> you could hear a pin drop in yosemite national forest in this moment. >> and the bird is enjoying the silence. they're looking at him, he's looking at them. >> the guy looks back at the camera like what? what's going on? >> what a spectacular experience. this is amazing. >> does the falcon have
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something in its claws? it looks like it has maybe a small other bird. he probably came up there to eat his food. that's where he hangs out to eat his food. >> i think he saw that these guys were having breakfast and he's like, you know what, i always eat alone. maybe i'll join these guys and enjoy some food together. >> as you see, the bird does enjoy his breakfast which also means he's incredibly comfortable around these guys. >> what an awesome experience. pigeons, keep them warm. red bull created a klug device, a man that's very complex but es a simple with shawn mccormick jumping out of a
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helicopter. lands perfectly on his target. and starts the machine. the machine starts off a bowling ball which sets off a fan, triggering skateboarder joey brezinski -- >> that's cool. >> and the machine goes on and on and on, all triggering different red bull athletes. >> how cool, a golfer! >> yep. rickie fowler pitches one up right on green. >> no way. >> each athlete triggering a different part of the machine that sets off another awesome red bull athlete. they cover the whole gam it here from skydivers to runners to race car drivers. the whole video is about five minutes long and they do some neat stuff. >> is that a chain saw? that's awesome. >> this is a giant life-size
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mousetrap. >> that guy just did a front flip on a bike. >> the entire machine all created just so a red bull could be chipped out of a block of ice. >> that's awesome. >> you want to see the entire five-minute machine go to and click on best of rtm. there's also a behind-the-scenes video of how they made this. an armed robber walks into a store demanding money. >> and right in the middle of the robbery, one of her regular customers walks in -- >> setting up the perfect trap. find out why there's nothing regular about this regular, next. >> oh! and if you're trying to win an ipad in our giveaway, and you should be, get ready because we've got wednesday's buzz word
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving.
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there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. now, this is my kind of robbery, and you're about to see why. >> your kind of robbery? >> it's my kind of robbery. kind of the way i'd like robberies to go. >> in her criminal past. >> we found this story on wmar in baltimore. so this robber walks into a store in maryland and he has a gun. >> he just throw me the bag and says give me the money, so i gave him all the money. >> and there is another customer that was buying beer that the robber ordered to get on the floor. right in the middle of the robbery, one of her regular
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customers walks in, and it turns out he's a retired maryland state trooper. >> oh! >> the clerk buys some time by telling this robber, you know what, there's more money in the back. so there they go, robber is leading everybody to the back. >> including the retired cop? >> uh-huh. and before you know it, the state trooper jumps on the robber, disarms him and the guy takes off running. there you see the trooper running behind him as the guy tries to leave the store. >> the trooper is now carrying the robber's gun? >> yeah. i got you, fool. >> that is quick thinking because your natural reaction when you see a guy that you recognize and know he's a former state trooper, you probably think you'd go help, help, help. but she had the forethought to go oh, yeah, there's more money in the back. follow me. that's great. >> what a stupid rob tober to f into that trap. >> it's like a cartoon, right? >> he did end up taking the money but nobody was injured.
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the trooper ended up keeping his weapon. >> fingerprints. yes. this pack of wolves is running along the shore in glacier national park. but watch who they run into. oh, my, that's a grizzly bear. >> it looks like a rather small bear. >> but it's smart enough to know, you know what, i don't want to engage with these guys so it backs into the water. he's like hey, guys, hey, i was just getting some salmon, everybody just back off. they do back off but they engage again. he retreats multiple times to the water but at one point he gets out of the water close to the tree line and then the wolves come back. >> whoa! he's definitely outnumbered. >> can you imagine being the guy on the other side of the river that you happen to catch this withyour camera? you're tching this ppn? >> mw. he's probably like you guys realize i am a grizzly bear. does that not carry respect anymore? come on! >> now that was an unexpected
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fight. this one, i think, is an unexpected attack. >> what you got there is a beaver. and if you're out in the woods and you see a beaver, how cute is that little beaver, i'm going to go get a picture of him. watch this cute little beaver. >> what the heck? >> hey! >> my god! >> it like launched itself. >> watch the dust fly when he does it. >> holy cow! >> and the dog is like i'm running away. >> like he was shot from a cannon. i didn't know beavers could move that quick. >> he looks like a flying squirrel for a second. he's got his buck teeth showing. that's not some tiny, teeny little beaver. that beaver has some heft to it. that would lead you to believe that the beaver was like -- but instead he walks out of there. >> beavers are cute when they're behind a glass case they zoo,
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not out in the wild. it's time for wednesday's buzz word. you've got to be 18 years or older. >> you enter on our facebook page. if you're using a mobile phone or tablet go to the first post and click the mobile link. >> all right. it's time to reveal our buzz word. steven. >> wednesday's buzz word is -- upload. now get on over to if you're not using a mobile device click on the win an ipad button. >> then enter wednesday's buzz word, upload, for your chance to win an ipad 3. good luck, everybody. it's almost turkey day, but before you can dig in -- >> you're going to have to follow these rules. >> like the pie rule. >> make a pie. don't serve chocolate. >> i like to have just more stuffing. >> see all six unbreakable rules for the perfect thanksgiving dinner. "right this minute."
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what are you doing there? i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels.
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if you've ever lost your wallet, you know how frustrating that is. you would think by now with all of our modern technology there would be an easy way to get it back. there should be an app for that. >> there is. it's called the wallet tracker. it slips right inside your wallet. they demonstrate how it works. this guy loses his wallet. he just simply leaves it on the amp for his guitar. >> let's be honest, your wallet could be anywhere right now, but
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not to worry, the app has a map and we'll show you where it is. >> the whole video is set to the song "tarzan boy." you carry the bluetooth tracker around in your wallet. it comes with a nice wallet, by the way. it can also be slipped into a purse or a wallet of your own choice. you could put it on anything. you lose your favorite jacket all the time. call up the app and it shows you where you last had contact with your app. basically that's where it is. >> wallet tracker. put it on your christmas list. if it's your turn to host thanksgiving dinner this year and you're freaking out, have no fear, my friends, i've got some simple rules to follow, thanks to sam from "the new york times." >> i've cooked thanksgiving dinner for 25 years. i can tell you exactly how to make a great thanksgiving. you're going to have to follow these rules. rule number one, you will make a turkey. this isn't a holiday for a beef tenderloin, it's for a turkey. >> obviously you've got to have the bird. >> rule number two, don't stray
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from the essentials. >> no appetizers, no salads. there will be a plate full of turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy. there's plenty of food. >> i tend to agree because i'm so hungry on thanksgiving, that just the smell of all the thanksgiving, you've got to have an empty base to just shove as much food in your mouth as you can. >> the italians have to have than antipasta. >> third, television is okay. football is part of this holiday too. >> we'll be chatting. >> rule number four could be the tastiest rule of all. >> make pie. don't serve chocolate. inst like to have just more stuffing. >> with cranberry sauce on top to add a little sweetness makes you feel like it's dessert. >> the final two. >> clean up before bed. you have plenty of people to help you. do not be afraid to delegate. >> the least they could do is
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wash some dishes. and last but not least -- >> give thanks. that is the point of the whole holiday. >> i do have special love in my heart for that rule because many of us forget what we're doing thanksgiving for in the first place. >> blah, blah, blah, pass the gravy, lady. >> thanksgiving. give thanks. our friend, tisha unarmed, is back, this time answering a question she says she gets far too often. >> i'm concerned by the number of people who have been asking me every day how i wipe myself. >> she is in the bathroom. >> i have to admit you're curious about it. >> i'm on it too. i'm with you. >> my question to you is why do you want to know how i wipe myself? how do you wipe yourself? do you use toilet paper? do you fold? do you crumble? do you wipe front to back or back to front? >> i have a feeling she's not going to show us how she does it. she's just going to answer the question with a question. >> see, these are all questions
9:27 am
that might seem ridiculous to you. and for the seem reason it seems ridiculous to me that you would want to know how i wipe myself. >> she's really being funny too. >> i give up. here's a video on how i wipe myself. [ laughing ] >> oh, wow. >> i'm sorry, i love her. she has a great sense of humor. clearly a question she feels she doesn't have to answer, but she's dealt with it. >> the truth of the matter is i don't even let my family know how i wipe. >> to see this entire tisha unarmed video, just head to our website, and click on best of rtm. >> that's going to do it for us here at rtm. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody.
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