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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. you might be tuning in for
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the first time. we did have a lot of fog yesterday, there is still some today, it is lifting but we have a lot of higher clouds, rain holds off until tomorrow morning and highs are 60s. all right, here we go, this is a look at 237 in milpitas. traffic is going well folks are headed into san francisco and no delays as of yet. 5:00 let's head back to the desk. developing news, drivers are being blocked from getting on or off treasure island because of a police standoff with the gunman. christian captain joins us with the details and how the morning commute is being affected so far. good morning christian. >> reporter: first off, we got an update from police who said again because of the proximity of where this is all happening, leading on to treasure island because it is such a narrow
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area they are not allowing people on or off the island and they are requesting no helicopters be flown over because it could affect the negotiations with this suspect who is at that access road leading tonight treasure island. and that access on and off treasure island is completely shut down in both directions. we have video of the suspect out of his vehicle sitting on a railing and san francisco police were all around him and they informed us this started as a police pursuit at 11:00 last night. police said during that pursuit, the suspect fired at least one shot at officers and they chased him and he began holding a gun to his own head threatening suicide. the suspect is believed to be duncan phillips and he is wanted for assault and for stealing a car in venetia.
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residents of the island have been frustrated driving back and forth unable to go home. >> we could not just get in and they were asking us to go back to the city or go someplace else or something like that. and now at this time, treasure island is shut down, westbound and eastbound and we just learned that the red cross does have a shelter available for people who live on the island who are stranded unable to get home, that is at a trans bay terminal and at this point no word on when access will be granted back on to the island. we have heard police say they will work some way of getting people on and off the island and no word on how that will be implemented and no timeline on that because it is a sensitive situation. they don't want people driving
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passed the area and he has held the gun to his own head and they don't want anybody else to be a victim in this case and they don't want anybody to be tar getted as they pass by that scene. we will continue to brings updates as they become available to us and for now we are live in san francisco, christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning news. more developing news this time from milpitas. police are blocking off an intersection as they search for a suspect. jacqueline road is closed from campbell street to a arizona -- to arizona avenue. you can see what police officers see on both sides of the street. reportedly shots were fired during a traffic stop so if you are driving just try to avoid this area. we have joan mean della vague gash jeanine della vega in our next report. and a man who killed a
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police officer will stand trial. he is accused of shooting an officer after a bank robbery and chase last november. smith has offered a not guilty plea and if he is found guilty he could get up to life in prison. and later a teen accused of killing a baby will stand trial. he and another teen fired several shots as a family of four was leaving a baby shower in june of last year. 3 month old isaac garcia was killed. they thought the baby's parents were somebody else. they say a jury will probably be picked by the end of the year with opening statements in january. they are pushing to avoid the so called fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year.
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all week long they have meetings with small business leaders and on friday, the president will visit a toy track are you in virginia -- toy factory in virginia. he will continue to push tax cuts for middle income americans and letting them expire for people who make more than $250,000 a year. they coming up, more on hurricane katrina. they are asking for $42 billion in aid. that includes 9 billion to prepare for the next big storm. last month's storm flooded the subway train system, and knocked out power for days. get ready, we are about to get hit with several storms which are taking aim on the bay
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area. live with how to prepare and what to prepare for, alex? >> reporter: well, good morning, the north bay is expected to get hammered by a series of storms and the residents are getting prepared an auction see the sand bags are being filled and they are making these bags for the flooding that is certainly a possibility with all the rain that is expected. lots of people will be stopping by here throughout the day. meantime over at the city's public works yard, 400 sandbags sit ready for the rain that is coming. these are the biggest storms expected in the bay area. the rain will be most intense in the bay area several inches coming down in that area. downed power lines will be going on as well and that's why
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they have been checking pumps and drains to make sure they are clear and ready to handle all that rain. they will have extra help on stand da by or this this series of power pull storms. >> we have somebody incase trees are falling and we have contractors ready incase of land slides. >> reporter: meantime at this marin county hardware store, they are seeing a surge of people coming in to pick up last minute supplies, and they have sold a lot of tarps. we are at the san rafael fire station where they have sand and bags ready to go and it is learnly better to have them on hand before the rain hits. ktvu channel 2 morning news. well you can track how the
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weather is changing any time. or you can go to one of our ktvu channel 2 morning news mobile apps. checking in with sal, is that right, in both directions? >> yes, nobody can get in and off the island because of a police stand testify and campbell and arizona avenue, those are stopped and so it could cause some backup delays. traffic is held back in san francisco and we are not seeing the fog we saw yesterday so that is a positive thing. and 280 in san jose t- traffic is looking great in both directions >> thank you, steve. we have a different pattern and it is not as thick as it was.
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a lot of higher clouds in advance so areas of fog not as wide spread and the winds will begin to be a wet pattern especially for the curse pattern and i think it will be a pretty fast move and it looks like the next time get ready for some rain, it is on its way and the winds will turn southerly fitting rid of that fog and we have a lot of cloud cover. it will be cloudy and chilly and here comes that rain.
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it boots scoots out of here fast and on wednesday me might get a little of a brag but we will start to move in towards the north bay thursday night into the weekend. it is a little cooler 50s and 60s and with your weekend always in view, probably the heaviest rain increasing by saturday. and an aggressive form of breast cancer, why it is found right here in the bay area even more than the rest of the state. hundreds of people are worried for their safety. , more and traffic coming up.
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. look at this, a drain caught fire -- crane caught fire and then collapsed. firefighters tried to get to the flames with a cherry picker but the crane was up too high. luckily believe it or not nobody was hurt. well the fbi captured a fugitive on its 10 most wanted list and we are learning more
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about his life on the run. he was arrested in mexico last thursday and he will be arraigned today in los angeles officially charged with murder kidnapping and rape. he spent 14 years on the run even changing the way he looked to avoid authorities. >> he took a couple of steps to max his identity, had some tattoos removed tried to alter his fingerprints. >> in the end, tips and a $100,000 reward led to his capture. president barack obama is increasing pills our to extend middle-class tax cuts and extend tax cuts for wealthier americans. here is a look at whether we are any closer to seeing a deal. >> president barack obama called congressional leaders
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over the weekend since he had not met with them and we are just 35 dc-madam days from spending cuts that kick in as part of the fiscal cliff but there is no deal. both sides seem to repeat with democrats echoing the president's demand for tax increases on the wealthy. >> he has promised he will not sign any bill that mortgages our future for the went quest 2% -- wealthiest 2% of americans. >> no tax increase for those who will not materialize later. >> reporter: but some are indicating they might be okay for some tacks increasing. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and a new study had substantially higher rates of breast cancer compared to the
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rest of the state. those include contra costa and the northern most part of alameda, san mateo and santa clara. breast cancer rates in the region were 10% higher than the state average from 200 to 2008. it has long been a concern in marin county. and it happened during a police occupied protest and needed surgery and he is now suing the alameda sheriff's office. he claims the alameda sheriff's office made his injuries worse by denying him medical care after he was arrested in november. deputies ignored his pleas for help as he laid on the jail floor not able to move. the video shows them actually assisting him and arranging for
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a medical examination. and crews are cleaning up at a veterans memorial coming up twice in one day. we will tell you where it happened and who may be to blame. time now 5:17, a couple of police standoffs, let's check in with tartar in for sal castaneda. and now there are schools along that road which can cause some delays and let's head outside to take a look at bay point through the pittsburgh area and you can see the steady stream as folks head towards concord. and 50s on the sunole grade, same story not too bad. finally you can see traffic on the far right headed towards
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the toll plaza where it is clear in san francisco, let's check in with steve. we have every reporting station saying foggy, cloudy and yesterday it was fog and hatch a mile of visibility and today is better but clouds are moving in. a combination of low and high clouds. rain has set to tomorrow morning and as we get into thursday into sunday, the next time we look for high pressure to pulled thanks are changing, a lot of cloud cover is and coming up, you tonight have to worry about rain, today you don't, but told you do. and more southerly, it is starting to pick up and there are still some areas but it
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does not look as terrible. it will be here again tomorrow morning and pie this time tomorrow, if it's not raining i will be talking about it being right there. increasing clouds throughout the day and we will have significant rainfall totals. eventually santa cruz mountains, maybe not until the weekend and morning fog, a little cooler 60s and very low 60s, just an overcast day. we will get a break wednesday evening into thursday and it could be one much those days where it rains and then everybody is in on the rain as we go into the weekend. european markets are up this morning and the euro hit a one month high after increasing debt problems. they also wrapped up the
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trading do higher. china shanghai fell 1.3% after a report of falling to the lowest levels. here is where we start the day, a little bit of a mixed picture and dow jones industrial average started above 13,000 yesterday so we could test that level a little bit. there may be a slight drop for the dow jones industrial average. hewlett pack card is being sued by an investor and they are being sued with two of its biggest acquisitions. hp's tom stock has lost more than half its val -- hp's stock has lost more than half its value. and a fast approaching deadline that could not decide its future. stranded for more than day
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in the northern california airport, why it took so long for these passenger's nightmares to end.
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. a travel nightmare, their flight to hawaii was delayed it 6 hours. the discount air is a $99 one-
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way ticket but because of mechanical problems, passengers waited and slept in the airport for hours. they say there was a communication breakdown with the airline. >> now they have turned around and told us after the 11th time we will be held up yet again so it was 2:00 and 3:00 and 4:00 but they say it was unfortunate they were arranging vouchers for other flights. crews had to clean up twice in one day. they say crews came out to clean up graffiti only to have vandals strike again in one day and it is not the first time but two years ago a plaque was his he willed -- chiseled off. >> it shows a lack of respect for the men and women who have
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done everything to protect our right to free speech and free tonight. >> graffiti was likely gang- related. >> well, this friday is the deadline for baseball teams to sign their unsigned players and for the giants that includes star player brian wilson. he will miss after having his second tommy john surgery on that elbow. if they don't tender him a contract, he becomes a free agent which means he could end up resigning again with the giants. we have breaking news with that treasure island mess which has been going on, what has been going on, tara. >> access will be restored and christian captain will have an update coming up but it looks like access to and from the island will be allowed so those
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residents itching to get off and on will be allowed to do so shortly. you can see traffic is moving well and at the golden gate bridge we had a lot of fog here yesterday and a lot of heavy fog advisories but this morning, it was a different story and small sailing into san francisco . a little bit of fog and most locations say fog and traffic says three quarters but today we will have a lot of cloud cover and more on that rain coming up in about 10 minutes. traffic kills a young girl, how her high school plans on remembering her this morning. we will have the roadblocked off after reports of a shooting and we will tell you what we know. we are getting information about that police standoff,
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. welcome being it is tuesday november 27th, i am dave clark. >> i guess we have one more day without the rain. >> yes, i guess you will saying one more day without the rain.
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>> now the fog yesterday was a lot worse and you can see low clouds, high clouds and it will be a gray day and today 50s and 60s coming up in about five minutes, here is tara. traffic is flowing nicely foster city, hayward on the left and this is a shot here fso and traffic look good as you make your way towards the airport. >> we have new developments on that standoff and christian captain has been there since 4:30 this morning. what is going on, christian? >> well, we are looking for an update from police, and taking a look here, this is that area that leads to treasure island and we spoke to police early this morning and they confirm there has been a police
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standoff leading to treasure island and we have video of the suspect out of his vehicle sitting on a railing and san francisco police confirm shortly after 4:00 this started as a police pursuit near the intersection of bush. during that police pursuit, the suspect fired a gun and fired one shot at officers. then on treasure island he held a gun to his own head threatening suicide. the suspect is believed to be duncan phillips. he is wanted for assault and stealing a car on thursday. we spoke with san francisco police who told us it is simply too dangerous to let people drive by the active scene. >> because of that, we were not sure what he intends to do. we could not allow him to
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travel up on the roadway. >> and now again, we are looking for an update on this situation and hopefully we will get the update in a couple of minutes and we are talking about people who have been stranded and there is a shelter being set up for the red cross for folks trying to get back to treasure island and if folks need to go to work, we will have an update shortly to let you know when that will be implemented and how we will get people on and off the island this morning. this is a very dynamic situation and we will have developments shortly. for now christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. and in milpitas, it has shut down an intersection. jeanine della vega has shut
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down the road and here is more on what is happening. >> reporter: it is closed off from campbell to arizona. police here are not talking but they have confirmed there has been an officer involved shooting and to be on the lookout for a tan honda. they will be here using their ladders to take pictures. scene. a police spokesperson showed up and we are unsure if anybody was hit or hurt in this incident. we have seen at least one bullet casing that police found and marked as evidence. they have been searching the area with flashlights and they are also searching for a suspect as well. there is a be on the lookout for a tan honda and people say this is a heavily traveled
5:35 am
intersection. >> elementary school, a junior high school and high school, and we are kind of wonder how i am going to get to work but also how kids will get to school. >> residents say this is considered safe but shooting just don't happen here. police are out here taking pictures as he had and they have a lot of police cars and we are being told how long this investigation is going to take. they are saying at least an hour possibly several and again we are waiting for a police spokesperson to be out here on the scene and see if they will give us anymore information. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. grieve counselors will be at redwood city after a student was killed while riding her bike to school. it happened yesterday as a girl
5:36 am
on her bike took a turn. now the 14-year-old girl was wearing a helmet at the time. she was later rushed to the hospital where she died. the driver of the truck did stop and is not suspected of any wrongdoing according to authorities and residents nearby say it is a dangerous intersection for bike riders. >> people are speeding by because it is jefferson and they just go really fast. >> so far authorities have not told us the young girl's name but we have learned she was a freshman at woodside high school. the school will be holding a moment of silence later this morning. autopsies will be held for four people who were killed in a crash. they were from oakland and their car crossed four lanes of highway 50 into the path of an
5:37 am
oncoming car, a four-year-old was also killed. they are trying to figure out what caused that crash. there were four fatalities and that -- faye fault tis and that's up from last year. here in the bay area, four people died and last year there were only two traffic fatalities. a 15-year-old boy is suspected of several crimes including a carjacking attempt. the district attorney's office has not decided whether the boy will be charged as an adult or not. he is accused of robbing four san jose businesses earlier this month but during a carjacking attempt, he shot and wounded a police officer. jonathan has already been arraigned but has not entered a
5:38 am
plea. the seven people killed at oikos university will be remembered tonight at a special dedication. students will be dedicating a peace garden which was placed in front of those students. go go is accused of -- one goh is accused of killing seven people. they have been critical of her initial reactions on the attack. she will meet with three of her half shift critics -- harshest critics. reportedly she requested the meeting and she is considered a topic to replace hillary rodham clinton but if not nominated, rice will have to be considered by the senate. a wreathe of roses an american flag were all placed on his grave in a grass
5:39 am
cemetery. according to union newspaper, he was buried there and he grew up in grass valley. coming up at 5:45 we will tell you why the city wants your in put. >> we have been following that problem with treasure island all morning long, let's go to tara moriarty in for sal castaneda. reporter christian captain is on the scene and he will bring you an update at 6:00. also we have a road closure in milpitas between campbell street and arizona. this is a look at highway 24 and you can see a lot more folks headed westbound will
5:40 am
make their way at the sunole grade as you make your right, we can already see a little bit of slow down. let's check in with steve. very good morning, you do not have to worry about rain, not today, we will have cloudy skies maybe some fog, a quarter of a mile visibility, not as bad as yesterday. >> it is kind of a cool gray day and in the north bay it will make it to the santa cruz mountains, and rain returns and it looks like it will take us to the end of the month.
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>> pam, dave because you asked me this, there is the rain. not today but watch how it sweeps through, it is really wet. after that we will get a break but it will be windy and cool under mostly cloudy skies. this may set up on the north bay and there is really not much into early friday and a lot of cloud cover coming in, and we are getting a little bit of a south direction with those clouds coming in. and with temperatures struggling, upper 50s and some areas of fog, a little cooler and they stay in the 60s degree range. and as well, for the extended
5:42 am
outlook, i expect rain to come in and my five-day is stuck. we are on it, thank you steve. last night, a winter shelter program gave hundreds of the homeless a warm bed and a good meal. the sunny veil national guard armories opened their doors to the homeless last night and you can see people lined up straight out the door to get in. extra beds are at those facilities which provides a safe spot for the homeless when it gets cold out there and rain is coming too. >> that is very important. >> 5:41 they got up early to get up early and several people were evacuated. what we are learning about the source of the smell. and an investigation into
5:43 am
death of yasser arafat. >> now traffic is looking good westbound and we will have an update on treasure island coming up.
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. all right, steve, welcome back, good morning to you, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, we just found out that a dangerous police standoff on treasure island just ended. for several hours drivers could not get on or off treasure island because of a alexander dove with a suspect -- because
5:46 am
of a standoff with a suspect. christian captain is there and headed to treasure island and he will bring us all the details coming up. also developing news from milpitas, jackson road is closed after an officer involved shooting. we are trying to figure out from whereas police are searching for a suspect. jeanine della vega will bring us a live report. the first of several storms will hit the bay area stating tomorrow morning. crews here in san rafael are gearing up and they are preparing hundreds of sandbags and they will be available to teal with emergencies. some could bring up to 8 inches of rain by sunday. and they are ahead of a
5:47 am
massive planned county's president. we want to take you there live, protesters have been guaranteeing since they president mohamed morsi was granted powers. this is the same area for former president hosni mubarak nearly two years ago. today a former palestinians leader's casket was opened in an effort to determine whether or not he was poisoned. they were paying respects after arafat's remain were given to french swiss and russian experts for testing. earlier this year, they sparked a new information into his
5:48 am
death. he died in france after a sudden illness. eucalyptus oil forced several people to evacuate a gym after several people complainted of a a -- complained of having a problem breathing. >> one client came up and said there is something strong in the bathroom. she said, she said she was commently used in saunas and steam goers. a search for the san jose police, they were asked what qualities they want to see. but they are experiencing
5:49 am
higher moral. and he will retire in january after almost taking the job. >> we want to end up with the chief with the best track record and leadership and maturity to lead this city into the future. >> sources have confirmed that two names, those are rick brazil and fresno police chief jerry dire. and it has been a week since harvey milk was shot. a rememberance will be held at 4:30 this afternoon followed by a march to camera store. he shot them inside city hall back in 1978. he was convicted and served
5:50 am
five years of a seven year sentence. and they will be forced to rank them and coming up, who received the lowest score. >> traffic is still affected around traffic our island. >> we understand the s.w.a.t. team moved in just of a 5:00 and we are not sure exactly when it will move so christian captain is in the area and he will bring you an update at 6:00. also a read closure between campbell street and arizona area. you can see he headlights with our westbound toll traffic, it
5:51 am
is still not too bad and we have a little bit of backup and of course those meteorologisting lights should being going on in about an hour. traffic is looking good in both directions, here is steve. thank you, and a very nice day, tomorrow morning you have to worry about. most locations say fog but it is healthy, mainly you upper 40s and 50s and it like like it will affect us going right into sundayment it will be -- north bay we will get in on the book of the heaviest rain probably by the week ending with
5:52 am
building serve and develop wally it will start to providing and that does not start for and temperatures will be going up as we have and it will work its way towards us and that means temperatures are hard pressed to fit out of the upper 50s and 60s so not only low clouds but first up there as we get to the wickenment rain wednesday morning into earl i weekends and it look like it would be moderate to heavy. analysts pick pick takes say shoppers will spend $1
5:53 am
billion online, about a 20% gain from last year. stocks were up foreman 28% and other retailers will have their reports out pie the end of the weekment well you have to sell more than three and we will be able to to -- we will be able to fit to them amount we knew people would be waiting in line. where the robbers were forced to flee, we will explain. it may be close enough to the river to enjoy the flew.
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. look, because of that is has a stinky smell. thousands of salmon die in the river every fall. they delay 5 to 6,000 eggs and
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then they die. those eggs will soon be baby salmon and then the process starts all over again. they are searching for two men who were chased away by the store owner who pulled out her own gun. they say two men walked into a store and one man fired a shot at the woman store owner and she fired back with her own gun. then she chased the men out the store. nobody was hurt and nothing was stolen. san francisco received a perfect score in the first of its kind. human rights examined antidiscrimination effort to protect transgender lesbian and homosexual employees. san jose scored 85 and oakland 80. among the lower scores, concord
5:58 am
scored low and vallejo scored just 53. let's look at what is going on in treasure island and out on the east bay. right now we will take a live look and traffic is flowing well in all directions and we do expect those metering lights could to be going on and they are extending so give yourself some extra time. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. we are following a tense situation and later we will confirm. >> we have more on an officers involved shooting. it will lead to rain, we will talk about that and we will have your forecast highs
5:59 am
coming right up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,


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