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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . good morning, we are following a new development
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that is still unfolding. we are tell you what roads are closed and what police are looking for. sandbags are being prepared in anticipation of a series of powerful storms in the north bay and we will tell you how much rain is expected to fall. and we are just about to fall off that he can not mix fiscal cliff, who the president is depending on to get that deal done. well, good morning, it is a brand-new day, november 27th, i am dave clark. >> it is definitely lighter fog. >> yesterday was really bad but today there are still a couple of pockets and the system will
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be here tomorrow. temperatures will start off 40s and 50s and we will and up in the 60s but we will have more on this coming up in about accept minutes. here is tara. you can see traffic flowing well and at the san mateo bridge, we don't have nearly as much fog as we did yesterday and we have smooth sailing as you head westbound into foster city. let's head back to the desk. we have new information on that police standoff that has blocked people from returning home to treasure island and christian captain has more. it is certainly changing and unfolding. >> reporter: yes, we just moved from san francisco to oakland and if you look, the information sign is illuminated over the bridge advising people there is no access to treasure island and i just spoke to san francisco police who confirmed that the suspect who had been
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holding a gun to his head on treasure island and prey vending -- preventing access and is now dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. they just left to go open the bridge so bridge access to off and on the island is expected to be opened and we have video out of his vehicle earlier this morning sitting on the railing with police officers all around him and police confirmed it started out as a police pursuit. is it started at 11 dark it started at 11:00 and the police suspect pulled a gun and fired one shot at the officers. he got out of the car and held a gun to his own head threatening suicide and we heard police heard a gunshot and found the suspect dead aroun 5:00 again from a self inflicted gone shot wound and
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we have a report on who that may be but in light of the recent developments we will not say who the suspect is and he is now dead from a self- inflicted gunshot wound and i have an appointment to go meet with them so we hope to have new developments within the next half hour. for now live in oakland christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are also watching developing news a search for a suspect in milpitas, there was an officer involved shooting there, jeanine is live and tell us about this manhunt and how this is affecting traffic. >> that's right, no cars are being allowed and you can see it is closed between campbell all the way to arizona because police are investigating a shooting and suching for a suspect. chp told us this was an officer
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involved shooting and they say all officers should be on the lookout for a tan honda. they were making a traffic stop when the shooting took place and at this point it is unknown if anything took place and they have been gathering evidence and taking pictures. we have seen at least one bullet casing on the ground. people who live nearby are being stopped by the police tape and they have lots of questions because they say shootings just don't happen here. >> having any kind of violence or shooting in this neighborhood is very rare so you know it is kind of scary that -- you know i hope people are okay and -- yeah, i have a lot of questions. >> there are three schools in this vicinity and they say this will be a traffic nightmare because many people use this
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area to get to school and to get too and from work -- to and from work but police have been very tight-lipped and they believe he may have arrived but it could be a couple of hours before this intersection opens up. you can also see there is two fire engines on the scene. we believe they are raising their ladder and they will use that so pictures could be taken of the crime scene and they are very meticulous and again we are hoping to get new information. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, inches of rain will be rolling in tomorrow and what is said to be the season's biggest storm so far, alex savage joins us with all of the preparations, alex? >> reporter: well, before the rain arrives, a lot of people will be stopping by this san
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rafael fire station to fill up their sandbags in preparation for the flooding to deal with all of that water which will certainly be an issue for homeowners. the north bay will be hit hard and of course nobody wants to be caught off guard. at san rafael public works, they have moved sand into various neighborhoods and sand bags will be ready to go as heavy rain moves in. it is expected to be the heaviest and the rain will be most intense in the north bay with several inches expected to come down. crews in this area have been checking the pumps, checking the drains and checking to see if they are ready for that rain. those downed power lines as well, those sandbags will come in handy for a lot of homeowners. >> it is easier to do it in
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advance of the storm if you water coming in where it shouldn't, you can divert it with sandbags. it is a cheap easy fix. >> meantime, this hardware store is seeing people coming in picking up supplies and those tarps have been selling especially fast. now in this area, the rains rundown from the hills and they come right down to san rafael and that's why you can expect a rush with sandbags and you can pick them up for free and a lot of people are taking advantage as this powerful group of storms moves into the bay area. sal legs savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and don't forget, our ktvu channel 2 morning news website -- our channel 2 website, go to, look for the weather section or you can use one of our mobile asperger's
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syndromes -- mobile apps. and we will have more on how to avoid the fiscal cliff the one that is looming. then on friday, the president visits a toy frack are you in november and they are -- factory in november and the president wants to extend tax cuts for middle-class americans while letting them run out for people who earn more than 250,000 a year. coming up, we will find out if they are any closer to a deal. he is waiting to see an update from treasure island. >> that's right, they are escorting residents, those people have been waiting for hours to get on and off for work. it is closed and they are using
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northbound lanes going to and from the island just sort of alternating two directions of travel so they can get there tomorrow. we will show you areas and you can see westbound traffic, and it is sluggish as you head inland. and i should say towards the oakland area and then up here in concord and pittsburgh on highway 4. on the east shore you can see there are lots more folks on the left-hand side of your screen as folks make their way towards the bay bridge, and no delays to speak of. parking lot again, make sure you give yourself some extra time, here is steve. cloudy skies, some fog, not as bad as yesterday, but there are still pockets in advance of that system which will be here
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tomorrow. it doesn't start until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow but that doesn't start until thursday so they are coming upstream but it looks very sunny, very wet and monday looks dry and until then, it is our transition day. the rain looks to be in the north bay and i have seen protection -- projections from 4 to 10 near fort brag, shelter could he have, so be advised, north bay will take it first. it will start to move south and along the coast, favorites areas for the wind, they can transport some of that wind. today is cloudy and some of that fog may move as well as
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back here. the top shows it is a sign thats developing and it will a sign that it has been picked upment they are looking at a lot of rain and he will take us friday it looks like with your weekend always in view. new concerns about breast cancer and it is not just limited to marin county and we will tell you why other parts of the state have reason to be concerned. . what happened just moments before that plane burst into flames, stay tuned for more.
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offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. . you've got to see this, new surveillance video of a crash that happened at an apartment complex. it was going so fast that it was caught on a security camera for only two frames but it left a huge hole in that apartment complex and believe it or not, nobody was killed. well a crane had to be used to free a large truck stuck in a sinkhole which happened
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between steve and another street. this came from a neighborhood blog there. they tried to get that truck out of there but they are still not clear what caused the sinkhole or when it might be fixed. european finance minsters have agreed to unlock bailout funds for loans for greece. the international monetary fund has been meeting to receive the next installment for the much needed bailout funds and they are inscribing a similar austerity package. they are aware they are meeting in brussel and they are using pepper spray to disburse milk producers. they used milk spray from a hose and farm merse from
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several nations including bell jane are -- belgian are upset and say they are being forced to close their doors. allison burns in our washington d.c. newsroom has more on the busy schedule and whether we are closer to a deal. they are meeting with small business owners to find out about tax cuts to be extended. president barack obama has not met with congressional leaders since it before the thanksgiving break and no other meetings have been planned yet. the white house is welcoming comments on tax increases on wealthier americans. >> some of the tax increases
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are welcome and they represent what we hope is a different in tone and approach to these problems. >> but time is running out to strike a deal for spending cuts that kick in as part of the so called fiscal cliff are now just 35 days away. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well a new study finds part of the bay area have higher invasive amounts for the western part of the state. the northern part of alameda county and a section that runs between san mateo and alameda counties. breast cancer rates were 10 to 20% higher than the state average from 2000 to 2008. breast cancer rates have long been a concern in marin county.
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they are looking into whether the man accused of killing a police officer will stand trial. he is accused of killing a police officer and he is being held without bail but if he is found guilty he could get up to life in prison or even the death penalty. the teen accused of killing a baby is set to begin. they fired several shots as a family of four were leaving a baby shower in june of last year. isaac garcia was killed and they thought the baby's parents were somebody else. opening statements could begin in early january. a vietnam war memorial is
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vandalized twice. coming up, where it happened and how the community is responding. all right, pam let's get back to tara, a lot has been happening on treasure island, a very tense morning. that's right, there has been a police standoff with a gunman so people are anxious to get on and off the island. the lanes that go onto the island are being used for both directions and it will take them three hours to process everything and wait for the coroner. for now let's look at 287 in milpitas, towards sunny veil, no problems to report although it is a little bit stop and go there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, those metering lights are on and give yourself extra time to get on to san francisco this morning. highway 24, you can see those
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taillights are headed towards oh written do, and you always have to sort of be aware of that. now, i just heard from my friend jenny, she said what a difference a day makes. now the fog has lifted but there are still some pockets and the breeze is lifting that fox deck. but there fog deck but there -- fog deck but there still could be some pockets of it. especially the russian river is next. we may wait until the weekend but anywhere between 4 and 7 and 10 inches of rain. possibly we will fine tune that and i have seen heavier totals. there is a lot of cloud cover
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coming in and 50s and 40s on the temperatures and these temperatures are due to the fact that a lot of cloud cover is coming in. it will move in tomorrow morning and you can actually see the system beginning to move in and it will not come in until early. we will get a break and that wind will pick up and there in lies the potential for moderate rain. the rain begins wednesday and goes right on in. commerce department reports orders that are unchanged from september and most economists had forecasted a decrease and goods are up almost 5%. one of the most recognizable faces on the san francisco giants may be wearing a different uniform and this
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one may affect the future of the man with that big beard right there. >> plus a big hit for san francisco airport. many are designing them to improve the airport.
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. welcome back, time now 6:25 they are about to take a big hit after they miss spent millions of dollars. they received stimulus money to improve runways which was completed in 2010 but the faa wants $2.1 million back after they say it was used for unauthorized construction. crews had to clean up in concord twice in one day. the public work's department said they went out to clean up graffiti only to have the vandals come back and strike again. it damaged this memorial but a plaque was literally chiseled off. >> we found on a local apology.
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officials say graffiti is probably gang related. and for the giants that includes the closer brian wilson after having his second surgery on his elbow and if the giants done tender him a contract wilson becomes a free agent and that means he could test out the market. tara has been very busy covering traffic this morning, how is it looking on treasure island? >> oops, can't hear you. >> a lot of them are anxious to get off but the lanes headed out are still shut down and the lanes going onto the island are being used for both directions so people can get in and out and it will probably stay like that unti until 9:00 this
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morning. and 6:27, here is steve. we have a combination of some low clouds and while a lot of that is lifting, factor a lot beautiful weather coming up. and a tragic accident killed a young girl, how the girl's school plans on remembering her this morning. the tragic standoff has come to an end, we will tell you how much longer it will be before people can return home. there is brand-new information on home prices, we will be right back. ,0
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. welcome back to the opening
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bell live in new york over on the new york stock exchange, celebrate willing 50 years on the new york stock exchange, 125 years in business and over on the nasdaq, out of san diego, they are celebrating their ipo over the summer. food news, they just came back and most were up in september and we will have all the business news and say food morning to you. it is a brand-new day is already 6:30 am. we have news on what is happening a dangerous standoff on treasure island and christian captain has been on this since 4:30, so what is the latest on what you know back there? >> reporter: we in oakland and
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traffic reopenedment people are allowed to be on and off right now and it about how we can go over how this situation has resolve itself. and coming from the shoreline where the suspect was located, he did move in and located the suspect suffering from a gunshot wound. paramedics were escorted onto the scene and they declared the suspect deceased. >> reporter: how are you looking at this, because this is still a crime scene behind us. >> that's right, we are sharing in pound lanes so vehicle are coming in and we allow other
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cars to come inment this startedp at 11:00 last night and they spotted him in the area of mason who shot at least one shot at police officers. they chased him to treasure island and access to the island was shut down from midnight to about 5:30 a.m. when they started reopening the lanes here. when you heard, people are allowed pack and forth and one more and this is more on who san sister police police have
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not resolved itself to treasure island off and on the island and it is slow, people are coming off the island and people are being allowed back onto the island so it is slow going. to now live on treasure island, christian captain. reporter jeanine della vega is out there with some information on how long a very busy road could be closed and the vehicle police are now looking for, jeanine? >> well it could be hours, police are can are here and we have learned the officer was
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making a traffic trap. police officer just arrived on the scene can you tell us what happened? >> the officer stopped and the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle exited the car and opened fire on our officer. the officer was able to return fire and he was not struck. we don't know if the suspect was struck or not but the suspect fled the scene in the vehicle. >> reporter: okay, what is happening at this hour, you to know what sort of car he left in and what happenedment it is 'ongoing investigation and they are trying to father evidence and as time pro dresses. >> any idea why he shot at the officer was he a wanted person? >> we have no idea. >> reporter: will this be
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closed to jacqueline? >> we don't know and it is important we conduct a very important thorough investigation and there is a lot of evidence to collect so it could take quite a bit of time before the intersection is open again. >> reporter: thank you very much. you just heard that officer it sustain minor injuriesment we know there are three schools in the area so it is bound to tie up traffic. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. sad story, a 14-year-old girl was hit and killed while riding her bike to school. brian flores is at the school where we understand she was a freshman there, brian? >> reporter: it is going to be a rough morning for students and staff here in redwood city.
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but when they to they. be met with free of counselors who was well loved and well-liked. as recall, it was a foggy day and it is unclear whether that fog played a role but they were traveling in the same direction as both of them went to make a right turn on to alameda, they somehow collided. the teen was wearing a helmet at the time and unfortunately, meanwhile the driver who did stop was shaken over the incident. it continues to grow and we understand people at the school will be very upset this happened. >> they were 36 years as a couple and we have had kids who have grown up here and it is ashame this happened :
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>> it was really scary because the people are kind of like -- they are kind of speeding by because it is jefferson. >> and we are trying to father and grieve counselors will be on hand and several students end couraged to wear blew in honor -- blue in honor of the 14-year-old girl. time now a search for the new police chief has now begun. we will find out why the city wants cap states for those not meeting. she has been critical on the attack in the u.s. consulate in libya. he will be here with three of
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her halfest -- harsh set of critics. reportedly rice requested the meeting and she is considered a topic and advice still has to be companied. they are looking into this to determine whether or not he was poisoned. it shows palestinians leaders paying respects after wasser -- arafat is returned to his moss lee yum. this sparked a new investigation into his death. arafat died in france after a sudden illness. they planned a massive rally and protesters have been
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gathering after president mohamed morsi promised new sweeping power. this is the same uprising that toppled president former president hosni mubarak nearly two years ago. what is going on? >> passengers are experiencing a delay at richmond due to a medical. >> emergency so be aware of that if you are taking bart. looking at that earlier stand testify it will be another hour before things get back to normal. it is slow for that one rain being shared for -- one lane being shared for in bound and outgoing traffic. up in the antioch area, westbound traffic is also sluggish as you drive towards concord and at the bay bridge,
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those meteorologisting lights are on and finally at the 280 and 880 interchange traffic is looking heavy northbound as you head towards santa clara. 6:40 let's go to steve. that is helping to stir up the atmosphere so the fog has not been as bad and there should could be some pocket rain. it will be a great day and tomorrow is not a big teal. it is really what happens and wind and rain will be picking up a winds advisory. there is only one caveat and one forecast model shows it is bully for vain -- bullish for rain. another one is pretty wet but it keeps most of its energy north and if we are going to
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fit wet? >> well, they may have to wait for the weekend and the healthier amount. the rain will not be here until tomorrow morning. 40s and 50s, give way to those in the lower 6s 0 and you are a rain will pick up and tomorrow morning's come mute looks food -- commute looks good as far as rain and it will tang us to the weekend. time now 6:42, the first ever rankings for workplace rights. where the bay area stands and which ones got the lowest
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score. and strong storms are coming in, we will tell you what else is being done to prepare for the rain. and we will tell you where all the trouble is coming up.
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. all right, steve welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are looking at, a very dangerous police standoff on treasure island has ended and police say the suspect killed himself. it began as the suspect led them on a chase out of downtown san francisco. right now access to treasure island is limited. plus in milpitas, the manhunt continues after an officer involved shooting which happened earlier this morning on jacqueline road. and we have several inches
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of rain expected here in the bay area. joining us from san rafael with details on how people are preparing. alex? >> reporter: well, you can tell a lot of people will be coming near this station, station 5 and people are ready to go with a shovel and sandbags and people are using them to prevent flooding at their homes and it could potentially be tonight together and they are expected to be especially hit hard. >> and at san rafael's public works, they are preparing for sandbags to be ready to go as the rain moves in. they are expected to be the most severe and up in north bay several inches will be coming town here. and the drains will be making
6:48 am
sure they are clear and the big concerns are the mud, and they are refusing to be called flat footed. >> we will make sure we cover all the bases prior to that event. >> reporter: in the meantime we are stopping by the hardware store where customers are stopping in to pick up hardware supplies. of course, as you compact, it is a rush and you can come by and get these sandbags for free for these series of storms once again. alex savage ktvu channel 2
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morning news. they five hundreds of homeless a warm bed and the armories and the reception stern in san jose opened its doors to the homeless last night. people were lined up out the door. it helps the homeless during these cold winter months. you can traffic how the weather is changing through the weekend and just go to the website look for the weather section or check on one of the mobile apps. and we have the first of its kind workplace rights. they have 47 issues, measure be anti-description effort. san francisco scored 100,
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oakland 80. now among the lower stores, concord scored 64 and vallejo is one of the lowest scores with 53. well the lowest chief, last night they held the first and a search is coming at a time with higher crime and lower moral. they have come up with two names, and they have fresno police chief rick dire. we have some bart tee lays and passengers are experiencing a 10 minute delay due to a medical emergency so be aware
6:51 am
of that. all traffic too to and from thing should be back to normal by 7:30 this morning. slow going as you dry more. same story that has been stop and go finally at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on, give yourself extra time if you are headed to san francisco, fast lane is sailing through and everybody else is stuck in it. 6:50 let's head over to steve. a lot of that fog is lifted, but higher clouds and the breeze is taking that in, and it will be here tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning. the winds pick up and -- winds will pick up and tomorrow's
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system is not really the big deal, it is what happens hearse and we will talkel that on the way, 50s and 60s, pam and dave. thank you, steve. online sales according to several tracking company. that would be up 20% and they say the numbers are each better than that, 28%. u.s. home prices rose for the 6th month in a row and the cost of the house inched up 3 / 10th and they say the housing market is quote, in the midst of a recovery. they are still 20% lower than
6:53 am
the peak in 2006. coming up, there was a backup and we will have the reason why everybody got out of there. we have more on where it is cheaper to park than you might think. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, a live look at the big board, dow jones industrial average is down, european stocks are out on bailout effort and good news on the housing market should give us a boost. a 15-year-old boy is suspected of committing several crimes including a carjacking attempt in san jose and he is due to be arraigned this week. the district attorney is not sure whether he will be charged as an adult. he is accused of robbing four san jose businesses this month killing roar are you park -- roar are you park and shooting and wounding a police officer. jonathan has been or rained but -- arraigned but has not entered a plea yet. several people were forced
6:57 am
to evacuate after the silver creaks. now eucalyptus is commonly used in saunas and steam rooms and we are told no gym members had to be taken to the hospital. they are heading for city owned parking garages rather than a meter and that's because it is cheaper. they adjusted the price at 14 of the city's garages based on how crowded they are while parking meters have held steadty. >> it is a really busy morning. >> definitely they are experiencing am problems due to a medical emergency. let's go to the 280 interchange and it's sluggish. at the bay bridge, traffic is moving along in san francisco
6:58 am
and you will be experiencing delays at the toll plaza. 6:57. here is steve. it will be here tomorrow and tomorrow morning we will be talking about rain which is a mostly cloudy day, more on this rain coming also on 2. see the official came from one hour ago after it was taken to an end. >> we just found out about an officer involved shooting, this one happened in milpitas, stay right here with us. this test, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment
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