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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 29, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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. eyeworm wakes up to find a man in her home. what police are doing at this hour to track him down. >> police are investigating an unusual accident involving a big rig and three cars. how a sneezing fit set off the chain of events. and a technology that's supposed to keep students safe on the campus of san jose state university. why problems with that technology are raising concerns. >> and a fire under a freeway overpass. how did that start? mornings on 2 starts right now.
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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. welcome. i'm dave clark. >> i'm torrie campbell. we are following developing news out of palo alto. police are searching for a man who reportedly entered a young woman's apartment. it happened early this morning. we are at the scene with the woman's frightening experience. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say they are trying to be complete in this investigation. they have been here for the past five hours here at hawthorne. they are talking to neighbors to try to put together what happened. police say a woman in her 20s made a frantic 911 call at 2:20. she said she woke up and screamed when she found a man wearing dark clothing inside her apartment. that man took off running.
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police immediately started searching but came up empty. they are interviewing the woman. >> physically she is not hurt. she didn't require medical attention. that is the good news. as far as the traumatic incident and how it made her feel and the stress and being scared, obviously that's going to be a part of it. >> reporter: police are not ruling out the possibility that the woman was sexually assaulted, they just don't know yet. as to how he got in and if he took anything we still won't know until they finish their interview. police did stop their dog search but for the past few hours they have had their officers in patrol cars going around the streets, on the look out for anyone who may have been suspicious. again they are waiting for a detailed description of that suspect other than he had dark clothing. reporting live. kdvu channel 2news. >> it's 7:03. new, just hours ago oakland
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firefighters put out a fire under a freeway overpass. some debris caught fire along 23rd avenue under interstate 880 just after five. no injuries were reported. it's not clear how the fire started but it appears that the debris that caught fire was part of a homeless camp. >> overnight news, san francisco police, swat police ended a standoff with a wanted man by using flash bang grenades. there you see windows were shattered at this home near holly park. the standoff involved the suspect accused of injuring a police officer by ramming a patrol car during a chase yesterday afternoon. police lost track of that man until someone called the police hours later. >> later that evening at about 8:30 p.m., police got a tip that the same suspect was in a residence on the 100 block of appleton. >> the standoff started about
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10:45 and there you see police arrested the man. he had spent time in federal prison and has connections to gangs in san francisco. san jose police were called out to a fire at a home where marijuana plants were found growing inside. the police did not issue any citations because they sate person at the home had a medical marijuana card and was growing the marijuana legally. he had about five or six plant that were found in the garage. it was a small fire. it did burn part of the garage though. firefighters were able to put it out and nobody was hurt. >> problems with the emergency phones at san jose state has some concerned for their safety. we are live at the university now to explain the problem with the phones and what is boeing done to fix it. >> reporter: just talked to university police. they are aware of this problem. the phones in question are the
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blue light phones. some have hand sets, some just have a little button that says push for help. we aren't sure if this one is working. there is a light on the top there that should be on and it isn't but it doesn't mean if you push the but, on you wouldn't get anyone. we are looking at if they are looking because apparently a lot of them do break down. at last count three weren't working but that number changes in certain parts of the devices didn't work. want to show you video. we got on campus in the last half hour and saw this blue light phone. the light is flashing, that's only supposed to happen after someone makes a call for help. a police officer was nearby and wasn't responding so it appears it's just flashing to flash. this problem is ongoing in part because the system is old and because the rain makes it worse. the problems we see today could be because of the rain. with more rain coming it could
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get worse, something one said is a problem that should be addressed. >> yeah. if they don't work they should. someone needs one and they have a second or two to call and -- >> reporter: even if you never used them you know they are there. >> i know they are around. >> reporter: there are about two dozen again outside on campus but almost 300 in buildings and elevators. campus police say they have about 30 calls a day, most aren't emergencies but earlier this month a stabbing victim did use one of them to call for help. so, police say at this point they test it once a month. if they find one that's not working they put a a sign on it. ongoing problem. they say the administration is a ware. they are working on a report to give them more information. police -- i just talked to said they will come over, give us a quick comment. we are hoping to have more from them coming up.
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live from san jose. >> all right. we have to go to tara. if you haven't heard there is gridlock at oaklanda. >> reporter: yeah the back up goes for miles on 880 northbound. it's a mess. a big rig has stalled but it looks like a mechanic was able to save the day. the traffic is still a nightmare. this is a live look where you can see the truck was able to be driven off the freeway. it stalled over the fruitvale accident so it's gone but in its wake bumper to bumper traffic. let's look at the maps. we can show you congestion on 580 westbound through livermore area and then in the antioch area. highway 4 westbound also sluggish. in the south bay 280 at the 880 split. we have slow traffic northbound as you drive toward santa clara. >> thank you. our next system is up on the
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north coast. been intense rain for us. cloudly skies, only light rain. the heavier rain overnight and then -- one of the updated forecast models brings it over to sfo by tomorrow morning. it may stall out onto north bay. rain today, do you need the umbrella? carry one just in case. generally a cloudy day unless you are up north and more opportunity for rain. it's not cold. it's really mild with that south wind. morning drive mainly looks dry. especially along the coast and also toward the authority bay as the system moves closer. another one down, at least two to go and maybe more than that. we will deal with what's coming on tonight, tomorrow and into the weekend. very heavy rain, tonight and tomorrow. a slow moving system. we will get a break late friday, saturday and then the next one saturday night. monday tuesday look okay. next rain would be wednesday. lot of cloud cover. that is the system up here. i will show you a better stamp.
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look how mild. 50 to 60 at the oakland airport and livermore 60 degrees. very intense squall line through crescent city. that's our system. it'll move slowly. it's still back out here but in advance you could get warm sector rain. that would be over the north bay. clear lake had some rain but now just cloudy. i -- could be round windsor, santa rosa, i think that will be today's event if there is any rain. on the southern edge until tonight and then the heavy rain. this system on its way. today is that in between day. the cloud, rain forecast starts to bring it in by tonight and then by about five, six it starts to move toward napa. it'll be into lake county and then it sits there. it doesn't move until late tonight. there in lies what could be a lot of rain. this is tomorrow morning.
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when it's coming over us. it may take a while to get to -- the south bay but it'll be there tonight and then hang out. napa county, lake county. for us a very mild day. some light rain but the heavy rain tonight, tomorrow morning. we get a break friday night, saturday, monday does look dry. >> all right. thank you. we are back on storm watch this morning, the second of several storms will hit the north bay by tonight and steve warns the rains could cause flooding of small rivers and creeks. starts tonight in napa the flood control district said it'll have workers and heavy machines stationed at napa creek. >> the creek rises quicker and we need to manage the debris. >> the culvert is part of the 400 million-dollar flood project. the current water level is at three feet. the flooding stage is nine
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feet. >> in martinez strong winds and rain knocked down a big tree and it knocked downpour lines. >> the power went out. >> this happened along brown street. traffic was blocked for hours. reportedly it took crews about four hours to get there and turn off the power so crews could remove the tree. to make sure you stay here for up to the minute coverage of the next round of that new storm. we will be here for you on the air, online and also, on your mobile device. >> new york city mayor wants congress to move quickly to approve federal funding for victims of sandy. he met with more than a half dozen lawmakers on capitol hill. the state of new york is asking for $42 billion in additional federal aid and new jersey needs federal aid to cover most of the nearly 37 billion-dollar cost for recovery and
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rebuilding. >> trying to stop a killer. we are just finding more about the brave action of one man during that cement plant shooting last year. it cost him his life. > shocking stories from survivors of that fire. the action of managers that increased the death toll. iramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now?
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. cloudy to mostly cloudy. windy as well, temperatures upper 60s for some, some light rain but a break today until tonight and then another strong system, especially over the north bay. >> it's coming up -- happen be now in sacramento a man accused of shooting and killing an animal control officer yesterday is finally in custody after a marathon standoff.
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brian is there with more. >> reporter: it happened at this home behind me. that's how long it took to get this man into custody. you can see still the slain animal control officer's vehicle in front of the house where yesterday the officer and a bank representative were -- the man was in the process of being evicted. the officer came to take some of the animals because the homeowner didn't know where he was going to put them. that is when they say he opened fire on the animal control officer shooting and killing him. we have video of him here. he was arrested after the swat team had actually got inside the man's garage. the house is a different set up. the down stairs is a garage, the second floor is the living area. they hid in the garage. they said the man came down to get a dog and they fired a bean
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bag at him. that dropped him to the ground. they tackled him and took him into custody without further incident. he was taken to the hospital for bumps and bruises and will be booked into jail. the county here now mourning the loss of a 45-year-old, 14 year veteran of the office. he has been an officer here and just in the line of duty officers have been requesting bullet proof vests for some time now. unclear if it would have made a difference. the suspect fired shot gun right through the door of his home striking and killing the officer. it's all coming to an end. the investigation still continues here in sacramento county. >> thank you. egypt a court gave the death sentence to the man who created that anti muslim movie. the film maker is known by many names, he is in a united states jail for a probation violation
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involving a bank fraud conviction. the court in egypt tried him in absentia along with seven others, they were all charged with insulting the islamic religion. protesters continue to clash with police in egypt. they object to the power grab by the new president. the protesters say the president's decree that gave himself new sweeping powers is not in the spirit of the revolution that forced out the long time dictator. the president said he will address the nation today and respond to the critics. >> a human rights group confirms what survivors have said about that factory fire that killed more than a hundred people, that they were locked inside as the flames spread. the head of the institute for global labor and human rights said the fire department used bolt cutters to cut the locks. 112 were killed in the fire.
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managers locked the gates as the fire alarms sounded, apparently thinking that it was a false alarm. three managers have been arrested for preventing workers from escaping, instead of helping them out. new, two united states based internet monitoring companies say syria has shut off the internet nationwide. earlier activists said authorities had blocked internet and cell phone signals in just parts of the capitol. reb els reportedly bombed the house of a top member of the ruling party, killing him and three activists. syrian leaders meeting and hope to form a transitional government that could take over syria if they are successful in over throwing the president. >> new details about a hero in last year's shooting at a cement plant. the district attorney said a truck driver is credited with
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lunging after the gunman in an effort to save his co workers, but he was shot and killed. that gunman, hid from police inside of a crawl space at a home in sunnyvale. deputies saw him the next day. they shot him but he had already died of aself inflicted gun shot wound. a man convicted in a school bus kidnapping case won't be free any time soon. the 61-year-old fred woods was denied parole. he will stay in jail. he is one of three convicted of kidnapping a bus full of children in the central valley in 1976. another man was paroled in june. he was released in mountain view. >> round one is behind us. what about round go? steve is watching the latest computer models, he is working over there in the weather center. he have the timetable for how the rain will affect your day.
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>> and a new report of what would happen if all the prisoners in cuba were put in prison here in the united states. >> here is a look at traffic. we have a travel advisory to tell you about onto peninsula. that's coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. injured owl rescued from marin county after getting caught in a fish hoo cox is almost strong enough to be released. it was trapped in a fishing line. that owl was rescued after neighbors saw it stuck in the tree back on november 17 president. its been recovering at a wildlife facility. it should be set free again with in the next week. >> a new government report shows the controversial detention facility in cuba could be closed without hurting united states security. the report said that the 166
7:24 am
people currently being held there could be moved to federal prison in the united states. it said there are already 373 prisoners convicted of terrorist acts in prisons across the country. california center diane feinstein released the report. today there is a job fair specifically for military veterans. the recruit military job fair started at 11 at the oakland coliseum and runs until three. recruiters from many including pg&e, chevron, lowe's and amtrak will be looking for new workers. veterans, members of the military rear their families invited to attend. >> this is for you. a staircase in san francisco's sunset neighborhood will get a makeovero. this saturday kicks off the first of three workshops.
7:25 am
volunteers will be out there preparing tiles to decorate the 16th avenue steps, . the 148 step staircase will be decorated with a mosiac that shows plant and animal species from california. >> that is cost i like that. what's going on on the peninsula? >> we have a traffic advisory on the peninsula in wood side. king's mountain road is blocked east and westbound traffic because of a stalled big rig. it's close to the park if you know the area and the road may not be open until after 9:30. speaking of stalled big rigs 880 in oakland struggling to get back to normal after an earlier stall. traffic still a nightmare as you can see. this say live look from chopper 2 where the truck was able to be driven off the freeway. it stalled right over the exit so it's gone but in its wake bumper to bumper traffic all
7:26 am
the way down to the airport. >> up next a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. some congestion. you are looking at a ten to 15 minute wait in getting in to san francisco this morning. finally down in the south bay, 280 san jose. traffic on the right hand side northbound as you make your way toward san francisco. >> thank you. we have a cloudy, very mild pattern here. the front that's expecting -- not here until tonight. it's manning up on the north coast. we have a lot of cloud cover. almost a tropical feel due to a windy southeast wind. our front is still away away but the key is it'll slow down a little bit but it'll stall out i think over the north bay. 50s livermore, 60 here. santa rosa 57, redwood city 58, the city 58, oakland 59, that's a strong squall line that's
7:27 am
going through. the system isn't moving south yet. there will be light rain over lake county, maybe northern napa. that seems to be about the line right there. clear lake said rain, windy, mild. there could be a lit few little showers. mainly cloudy and windy, mild, 60s to near 70, especially toward the santa clara valley. rain returns later today, tonight. it may take a while to get here, it'll be in the north bay and then a break saturday morning, rain saturday afternoon. a break saturday night. sunday a system, break on monday. >> we got it. time now just about 7:27. students getting suspended. . >> and a break between storms here right now. a chance to dry out, clean up and then get ready for the next
7:28 am
round. what san francisco offering it's residents. >> and we are live in san leandro where crews are leaning up a major mess where a truck hit a used car lot. how sneezing played a role. ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family
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. new this morning a
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disconstructive crash involving a dump truck and a handful of parked cars are damaged. the driver of the dump truck had a sneezing fit while behind the wheel. we are live on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here in san leandro. as you can see, clean up crews are still trying to clean up the mess from that truck that just plowed into a lot of cars here ; here in san leandro. you can seat damage. from what we see, the driver of the truck was driving on east 14th earlier this morning when he said that as you said he had a sneeze attack of some kind of sneezing multiple times. when you sneeze you close your eyes so what he said is that after he sneezed the next thing he knew he had run into a parking car that he barreled into this used car lot damaging 11 cars including the truck itself. it appeared that some diesel fuel spilled but caltrans was able to stabilize it with sand.
7:32 am
>> there is approximately 40- gallons of diesel spilled. that doesn't mean a hazard situation. everything was blocked off. we have absorbant on the road. >> reporter: we understand that the truck belongs to a company that normally recycles glass or some type of material. at the time the truck was empty. there was little damage to the front end and most of it was to the cars. we spoke to the owner of the used car lot which is called united auto center. she said she is frustrated. there was damage to the cars and the fencing. she said once its cleared out they will clean up and move damaged cars and then from there see if they can be recouped rather for their loss. in terms of the damage we understand that he is doing okay. he won't be cited but from
7:33 am
everybody we talked to they are glad nobody was hurt. we are live in san leandro. >> all right. time 7:32. get ready for rain. a second storm, even stronger than the first is headed our way right now. alex savage joining us live along the great highway. why are they worried about flooding? >> reporter: they had an issue with it yesterday. you know that storm moved through the bay area this foodway flooded significantly though you can see this morning the water has receded quite a bit. someone i talked to with the national park service police did say this morning that the great highway remains closed between lincoln, though there have been some clouds through the area. authorities shut the road down. we saw one man who tried to drive through the intersection and his car stalled out.
7:34 am
meantime two more storm systems take aim at the bay area, san francisco's public works department is getting ready. they are rushing to get sandbags to people in flood prone areas of the city. they have a stock pile of more than 6500 sandbags on sand by as the next two systems roll in over the next coming days. the city is concerned about flooding in the mission. back in april heavy rain flooded an apartment building and a couple of businesses around there. several more inches of rain are on the way, a potential problem in that flood prone area. >> this is a low lying area, the water wants to pool here. it used to be a lagoon. when we have that and high tide it has no place to go. >> reporter: city workers are taking full advantage of this break between the storms to clear out catch basins and draining. they are sending those sandbags out to those who need them. they are available for free at the city's public works
7:35 am
department. that's on ceasar chavez near 101. a limit of ten per house. as we come back out live feels like another storm is on the way in ocean beach. the water very choppy. we have noticed this morning . live this morning in san francisco, alex savage. >> all right. rain and wind caused a lot of problems yesterday in the south bay, wet roads caused a van to overturn on highway 87, that in san jose. 20 trees were damaged or just knocked down around the city. san jose's transportation department said the crews are bracing for the next storm. >> we are just in a stand by mode. i have crews ready to go. >> we have more than 18,000 customers lost power around the bay area yesterday. we checked with pg&e this morning and they say about 80 customers are still in the dark. in the saratoga and loss gatos areas. they say it'll be back on around one. the city of palo alto's
7:36 am
utility department has a 24 hour control center. crews are standing by to help residents deal with the storms, trucks, equipment and materials, stocked and ready to use. we are told every utility staff person is on call. up to date information about power outages, water, gas main breaks, you can get that information at city of palo make sure you stay here with us for up to the minute coverage of this new storm. we will be here on the air, online and also on your mobile device. >> the west contra costa school district is working to lower suspensions by 25%. a resolutiona approved last night mandates each midexample high school develop a plan to meet that goal. they said they have lost funding based on daily attendance. possible solutions include creating a separate classroom for students who have been
7:37 am
kicked out of class. two winning powerball tickets were sold last night. the people who bought them in arizona and missouri will split the record winnings of nearly $580 million. coming up at 7:45 what's happening today that could bring powerball to our state. i don't think anyone has come forward yet. >> yeah. >> you have to plan. >> yeah. >> all right. everybody behaving at the toll plaza? >> they are probably listening to the radio because -- waiting because we have a -- a lot of congestion there and a high wind advisory is in effect for the span. you are looking about a 15 minute delay into san francisco this morning. on 880 we had an earlier big rig stall that messed up the drive in the northbound direction. tanker truck stalled and backed up traffic down to the airport
7:38 am
but a mechanic was able to solve the problem so the road was cleared. still congestion. take 580o. let's take a look at maps. an accident on 580 web. doesn't seem to be causing problems. moved to the shoulder. we have been seeing a lot of gridlock. 7:37. let's check in with steve. >> thank you. very good morning. under mostly cloudy skies, a light rain may develop but we are waiting for the front. punch on the north coast. take a closer look. some light rain, steady rain into lake county. not so much here but things could juice up. a cloudy, windy day and mild. 60 degrees, what's going on? these are midpacific systems, they aren't pine apple express, not gulf of alaska, they are
7:39 am
warmer. 50s, upper 50s. it's a tropical feel though, almost a balmy look. couple people havee mailed me, very heavy rain. that's what we call a squall line. that's a sign of things to come later on. you can see some of that light rain toward lake county, clear lake, about inch and three wafters of rain. back over toward cloverdalee maybe windsor. things are trying to light up here on the radar. i doubt much is reaching the ground if it is its right. there could be warm sector rains in advance of this guy up here which is going to move very slowly and there lies the rub. as it moves slowly there could be impressive totals coming in late tonight into friday morning. marin if, wouldn't surprise me, three to six inches of rain near the russian river.
7:40 am
kemp field we will see what develops. the system starts to work toward us by about noon. then it sits here in the north bay by five or six. then it doesn't move. that's why there could be -- right there. didn't move between five and ten. that -- this may be fast. it's a sign of things to come. then tomorrow morning it arrived for say san francisco, oakland, concord south down to the santa cruz mountains. it may be a slow mover. the storm warning starts at four but that's above 7,000. i think this is more of a wind event than a snow event but it's going to be windy up there as well. mostly cloudy, light rain but mainly windy and mild. rain moves in tonight. hangs out in the north bay and there could be a lot of rain into friday morning. a break friday night, next rain saturday evening, one more sunday, break monday, tuesday. >> thank you. 20 minutes before eight. just out this morning new jobless numbers, how that report and other data are
7:41 am
moving the markets this morning. and trouble again, early this morning, lindsey lohan was arrested in new york. what she is charged with now. n
7:42 am
7:43 am
. optimism that a budget deal will be reached helps lifting stocks. also a pair of economic reports brightening the mood. the estimate raised to a rate of 2.7% and spending home sales jumped to a six year high. take agriculture i live look, the dow up 33, the nasdaq up 17 and s and p up five. more good news, 393,000
7:44 am
americans filed claims for unemployment insurance last week. that's a drop of 23,000. in line with what economists had expected. applications spiked at 451,000 three weeks ago after hurricane sandy hit the east coast. >> palestine leaders brushing off the obama administration which wants them to call off a request for upgraded united nations recognition. allison burns in washington, to tell us why the secretary of state said this could hurt the chance of ever reaching peace with israel. >> reporter: her concern is that the vote would rise tensions with israel president palestine is likely to get their way. they see this upgraded status with the united nations would be a significant step toward independent statehood. this is video from palestine tv of rallies ahead of the united
7:45 am
nations vote. after their failed bid last year today they are trying a different approach. they are asking for nonmember swerver status like the vatican. >> for the world to start to rectify a grave historical injustice that the palestine ans have undergone beginning the creation of the state of israel in 1948. >> the un vote comes after a week of a cease fire. the president needs the vote to boost his own authority but the united states said any hope of restarting peace talks between israel and palestine would be set back. reporting live from washington dc. allison burns. >> all right. today the president invites romney for lunch at white house. during his victory speech election night he said he would reach out to romney.
7:46 am
white house said it's no specific agenda for the meeting but the president will talk about romney's ideas for making the government more efficient. first lady has revealed the white house christmas decorations. she said this year's theme is joy for all. >> the joy of giving and service to others, the joy of sharing our blessings with one another and of course the joy of welcoming our friends and families as guests in to our homes over these next several weeks. >> now the guests invited to the white house were military families and their children. that's beautiful. this year the white house has 54 christmas trees. volunteers take care of the decorations, the largest tree features decorations made by children whose parents are stationed overseas. >> night of the two record powerball winners have come forward yet but when they do they will share $579 million.
7:47 am
tickets were sold, the winning tickets in arizona and in the kansas city, missouri area. lottery officials plan to visit the stores where they were sold today. the cash option on the winnings is $379.8 million. the two will split that. the big powerball jackpot could come to a store near you. pam cook with what's happening today and who could win without even playing. >> reporter: good news for many who love to dream powerball may be headed for california. we are one of eight states that don't participate in the game but that could change as early as today. lottery commissioner and bay area developer said negotiations to join actually started in june and that a deal is expected to be finalized when the commission meets today. some local business owners we talked to said bring it on. >> i don't know where they are going to put it on the computer.
7:48 am
>> reporter: business does come in if lottery commissioners approve the deal we could be playing in california by april . it's certainly popular. tickets were sell agent a rate of 130,000 a minute in the 42 states that participate now. and really good news for california as well is that it could bring as much as $50 million a year to the schools. >> thank you. more details now, california lottery sales total nearly $2 billion a year. state law requires that at least 87% of sales go to prizes or to help fund education. last year the california lottery contributed more than $1.1 billion to california schools. >> new this morning just hours ago lindsey lohan was arrested again. new york city police arrested her early this morning. they say she punched a woman in the face at a nightclub. here is new video of her.
7:49 am
now she is facing charges of third degree assault. if she is charged with this crime it could trigger yet another probation violation. two military veterans and their wives are filing a lawstrain crash in texas that happened during a veteran's parade. four veterans were killed, more than a dozen were hurt when a train slammed in to their parade float earlier this month. the lawsuit is siting gross negligence by the railroad company and by the driver of the float. >> a new online donation site is established by former high school classmates of two sisters killed in a horrible crash on black friday. the 24-year-old and 20-year-old died when their family's suv crashed into a parked chp cruiser on highway 101 in palo alto. two other sisters and the
7:50 am
parents were injured. friends of the girls want to raise ten thousand dollars, part of which will pay for a memorial. the rest of the donations will go toward members of the family. a movie about the death of oscar grant is heading to the sun dance film festival. it covers his final hours before he was shot and killed at the fruitvale bart station early new year's day 2009. the movie, the festival starts january 17th. >> is a new, era starting for the niners? what one is saying about being the starter line back again this coming sunday. >> the daily cost could add up for coffee drinkers. how much starbucks is charging for a rare type of coffee. d
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7:52 am
7:53 am
. phoenix lake in marin is over flowing . it was at capacity before yesterday's rain and this coming storm will drive even more water into that spill way. it's one of seven used by the water district. >> collin is the 49ers new starting quarterback. he will start on sunday against the rams. he took over for alex smith who had a concussion but is now recovered. he said he has the hot hand right now and he is excited to take the reigns. >> it's a great chance to lead the team and show we are a great team. >> harbaugh says that alex smith hasn't been demoted. he suggested his close for starting quarterback could change from week to week. it's official. former giant star barry bonds
7:54 am
is on baseball's hall of fame ballot. we spoke to john shea. one of the baseball writers who will help decide who gets in and if he just can't vote for players tainted by drugs. bonds said if you believe i'm a bad person f you believe him a drug person then that's fine. no worries, i'm okay with it. if you want to put me in for what i did as a player that would be great. i would love to be in there with everybody else who deserves it. >> how much would you pay for a rare cup of coffee? starbucks is now offering a speciality coffee for seven dollars for a 16-ounce cup. it's rare, it's hard to grow. it's only available at 46 locations most of them in portland or seattle. >> impressive you could say that so well this houro of the
7:55 am
morning. >> let's check in with tara and 880 still struggling? >> your mic isn't on? >> i will wait for you. >> all right. i'm back. things are getting back to normal on 880, slowly but surely after that earlier big rig stall at the fruitvale exit. you may want to give yourself extra time if you are going out the door. we will look at maps where we can show you we have incidents to report. a couple of accidents here in livermore. this one 580 westbound. we have a lane blocked there. then we have an accident, 680 northbound at 580 split. that accident has been moved over to the shoulder but you can see a little bit of red there. give yourself some extra time. down in the south bay 237, this is -- look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have congestion here all the way back to the maze. metering lights are on and there is a high wind advisory in effect for the span. now we will go to 237.
7:56 am
there you see it there. westbound traffic, the tail lights, its been stop and go for probably about two hours now. again give yourself some extra time if you are headed toward sunnyvale. >> mostly cloudy, really a tropical feel. had a nice e-mail from joyce. took pictures up there, vineyards up -- she said it's balmy and cloudy. it is and there is a lot of moisture. we could get a little bit of light rain but the main system is up, and that sin tense. it's a slow mover. it's not going to arrive until later this afternoon and night for the north bay and maybe tomorrow morning. 50s to near 60 degrees. just amazing because of that south wind. this is a midpacific system so it's mild to warm. lake county but the heavier rain is later on. this that is pretty intense.
7:57 am
there is so much moisture in the air. into friday morning, marin and napa county north. we will keep watch that. they have one and a half to two yesterday this system has a lot more rain than that one. highs in the 60s. light rain but most of it in late tonight and tomorrow. we have rain late tonight and tomorrow. then a break, the sect system. we will get a break sunday, monday. it looks like more rain next wednesday. >> wow. time now 7:56. still no sign this morning of a missing oakland teen. where she was last seen and why her family and the police say she is especially at risk. >> frightening moments for a young woman who woke up to a man in her bedroomw. bedroom. . >> and in the last hour san jose state police test the emergency phone and get what happened? it doesn't work. we will show you what happened when they tried to use it.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
with have developing news from palo alto. the police searching for a man who reportedly broke into a young woman's apartment just hours ago. it happened on hawthorne street. we have been on the story since 4:30 and have new information. >> reporter: yes. that's right. we learned that this woman was confronted by the man in her bedroom here at her apartment at hawthorne near high street. they say they believe this man was about to sexually assault her. one neighbor said they are disturbed it happened. the woman who is in her 20s made a frantic 911 call. again she said she woke up and found a man in dark clothing in her bedroom and she started screaming. police say there was a brief struggle and the woman had her wrist bruised. the man ran away. police arrived and started searches. detectives have been inside the apartment complex investigating
8:01 am
all morning. >> being very thorough because it's a very serious crime and it's not something that happens very often. this is isolated. >> reporter: police say it appears that the intruder forced the front door open to get into the apartment. officers interviewed the woman at the police department. they say that she didn't require any medical attention but she was shaken up by all this. the only suspect description she was able to give police is that this he had a hooded dark jacket or sweatshirt and dark pants. he had a medium build but there is no age and we don't know the race of this suspect. police again have been out here for more than six hours, they are trying to be thorough. they have been interviewing neighbors and collecting evidence from inside the apartment so they could maybe help track down the man. reporting live from palo alto. >> meantime police in oakland are investigating the shooting
8:02 am
of a man found dead inside a car. he was found dead at moorpark about 8:00 last night. police went there after hearing gun shots. the victim was pronounced dead right there at the scene. so far no arrests have been made. >> oakland police need your help finding a missing 16-year- old girl. family members say she has the mental capacity of a 6-year- old. she left her group home and walked to the fruitvale bart station. staff say they spotted her talking to six men before losing track of her. she is described as 5'4'' weighing about 140 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. if you have any information you are asked to call the police. oakland police are searching for clues in the killing of two teen girls in oakland. the 15-year-old and 16-year-old were best friends. police say they were gunned
8:03 am
down at 6:00 sunday morning. both girls were shot multiple times. >> they wouldn't show me her body, only a picture. it's tragic. it's tragic. i'm devastated. she was my heart. >> her father said he is heartbroken as he is making funeral arrangements for his only daughter. police haven't released any information. >> problems with the emergency phones at san jose state university making some very nervous about their safety. we are live at the university. we have been there since 4:30. are you finding new information as well. >> reporter: that's right. last time we checked in with you, we weren't sure if this blue light phone was working. i can tell you now its not. you can see a sign is now up. a sergeant with the police
8:04 am
department came out here with in the last hour and tested it for us and here is what happened. >> campus police this is adam. >> this is john. just checking the phone. >> hello? hello. >> this is john. >> yep. >> does that work? >> nope. he is now dispatching someone to check the phone. >> hang upside, north garage. southwest corner. >> reporter: okay so it sound like it worked, at least made the call. >> it connected and they are now sending someone to check the phone to see why nobody was there. >> reporter: so they have told the it department and then sent an officer out to put up this out of service sign on this phone. this we now believe one of four that is officially out of service on campus. we talked to the sergeant about the problem. >> the probleml is that the phones are aging.
8:05 am
the system itself is aging out. the phones that we generally have problem was are the outside phones. we have 286 on campus. we only have 23 outside and it's normally those 23 we have the most problems with. >> reporter: again this is one of the 23. we believe there are about four that are now out ofs. the sergeant made the point there are several other phones in the garage. there is a lot on campus, 280 plus phone that people can use. we know in one case a woman tried to get an escort off campus which is -- a service they offer and they asked you to use those, she couldn't get one because the phone didn't work. there was a stabbing this that case the victim used two of the phones. what's the solution? the university has made a priority. they have meetings scheduled but there is no permanent solution on the table. they will just keep on fixing them. >> all right.
8:06 am
new concerns at santa cruz county jail after another death there. officials say 47-year-old died in a detox cell. his death is the third at jail since august. private medical staff took over in september. officials say that the care is getting better. they say that a doctor and nurses are now on duty and they say that the hiring of extra workers is allowing nurses more time to take better care. >> caltrans now agreeing to be more public about information about the expert panels that oversee major projects. that after criticism the panel overseeing work on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. for a long time caltrans had been defending the work and the secrecy around it but complaints started after the sacramento bee reported on problems about the foundation of the new section of the
8:07 am
bridge. a new vta light-rail expansion is in the works in loss gatos but it could come with huge costs. according to new projections the transit agency, it would cost $175 million to build the new line but it would only attract 200 new riders. that translates to 8 75,000 taxpayer dollars per new rider. the project would be the first expansion for the vta since 2005 but the authority said it's still not locked into the project. >> tara has been following all kinds of traffic problems since this morning. . >> we have a stalled big rig on kings mountain road. it's blocking traffic in the east and westbound direction. the chp is asking you to take other routes. a look at the maps, a four car crash in santa rosa.
8:08 am
this is at the hern avenue off ramp. its been cleared but a lot of people looking so traffic is sluggish. if we take a live look at the toll plaza we have some bottleneck there as you are approaching the gates there in san francisco. the highway advisory has been lifted so that's good news but you are looking at a couple extra minutes wait. no delays. >> cloudy skies and really mild, balmy, tropical feel. moving in front of the system. which is moving up on the south coast. it'll take a while. it may not get to the north bay until maybe tonight and then may park which wouldn't be a good thing. the main front is still up a
8:09 am
while away. once things get ranked up it could we some decent rain totals. it may wait until tomorrow. just saying, this is going to be a slow mover. series of systems, we had one yesterday. the second one late tonight, tomorrow. that will take us into friday night, evening. looks like saturday, night, sunday the next one. sunday night it'll clear out. monday and tuesday look okay. 50 to near 60. that southeast breeze helping with a lot of moisture. higher humidity and very field lows, standing in front of this so i will get out of the way. crescent city, those are intense lines. when you see the orange and red that's really heavy rain. it's not moving yet. it's really just plodding along. little bit of light rain. some of that lifting, toward lake and maybe sonoma and napa. won't take long but that front has to get closer that won't be until much later. a cloudy, windy day.
8:10 am
by muggest concern is as that front starts to drop south it looks like it wants to hang up or stall out over parts of northern sonoma, maybe marin. if that's the case don't be surprise ed if three to six inches of rain starts to fall. now you can see by noon this is the cloud, rain forecast. some light rain makes it and then sits there at five. it doesn't move much and then parks itself, this is where -- the rain just comes down and down. finally by two it starts to move and it's not even to parts of the east bay or south bay. tomorrow morning it starts to move. it could be about a six hour window where it doesn't move much. if that's the case, it's going to come down hard. clouds, windy today, mild, mild conditions, maybe near 70, santa clara. rain develops, takes us into tonight and friday morning. then a break friday night, saturday, next rain into
8:11 am
sunday. monday, tuesday dry. >> okay. if you go to san jose city hall you can see a unusual but temporary piece of art. it has three class petals, they unfold on the outside and reveal several years inside. it's a smaller version of a proposed 7 5'' tall soloa powered one costing about $20 million. this is on display through next summer. >> the price tag is rising for remodeling the metropolitan new headquarters in san francisco. a estimated cost to update the old facility on main street is now $218 million. that's $51 million more than the last estimate in november of last year. critics have called did an inappropriate use of bridge toll money. george lucas plans to build a park in the north bay where
8:12 am
statues of some of his most loved characters will be on display this is what the new park would look like. right now there is still a building but demolition permits have been filed. it'll be home to two bronze stat uses, one of indiana jones and the other yoda. >> vallejo authorities investigating more suspicious fires. two more were added to the lyssoid. the latest details. >> and the point man for the obama administration in fiscal cliff talks, what he is doing today. n
8:13 am
8:14 am
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8:15 am
. cloudy, breezy and mild upper 50s on the lows, we will see mid60s. if we got any sun it would feel tropical. rain moves back in later this afternoon and evening . >> steve time is now 8:14. next month cosco will spend $3 billion to pay a special 7- dollar dividend to share holders. they want to make the pay out before the higher tax rates may kick in this case congress and the white house can't reach a budget compromise. other companies including tyson foods and wind resorts have announced similar moves. there are reports apple is considered doing the same thing but of course apple has made no comment yet. >> the president is sending the treasurey secretary to capitol hill for fiscal cliff
8:16 am
talks with congressional leaders. jamie joins us now by skype from washington dc. any progress in clearing the gap? >> reporter: we are trying to figure out that right now. he was just down stairs from me in the capitol a little while ago. his first meeting with harry reid, next meeting now with john baynor. we hope to hear from both of them in about an hour. nobody is quite sure whether this is a new plan that they are bringing up to sort of shop with leaders, you know we -- if we were talking about negotiations today on the fiscal cliff we may think of a big room or everybody is meeting together at once. that's not what is going on. he is meeting first with reid and then with baynor, later with the senate republican leader, and then later today with nancy pelosi. it's individual meetings that are going on today.
8:17 am
that leaves a lot of us to wonder how much progress there is. >> and a lot of the republicans seem to be upset that the president is not meeting with them, that he is sending delegates. >> reporter: yeah, when you get down to it the big shots have to all be in the room. the top four from the hill and the president. that's what it comes down do. obviously he has in the past not exactly gotten down in the details and had others do the baring for him. one can understand that. they aren't pleased because they see a big white house pr push this week that will end tomorrow when air force one goes up to pennsylvania as the president will do a trip that will look like an election style campaign partnership. they want republicans to take higher taxes, republicans saying if we give you more taxes you have to give the gop deep budget cuts and titlement reforms, each side not interested so far.
8:18 am
>> i know you just ran into paul ryan who is romney's running mate there on capitol hill. what did he tell you about the lunch between romney and the president? >> reporter: i was just running down stairs to grab something to drink and i -- the basement and there alone talking to a reporter was paul ryan back to being a regular congressman. he will meet with romney later this afternoon an romney has lunch at the white house with the president. i overheard ryan as i went by and stopped listened for a southern california say he is a friend of mine, good to see him but talk about a big change. a month ago jetting all over the country, now just another congressman. >> it would be safe to assume that at lunch there will be a discussion about the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: i would think but i don't know what to think about what's going on. have you to believe first it's one of the most awkward
8:19 am
meetings, that's got to eat at you from the inside out. >> yeah. and there was not a lot of love lost during the debates. that's part of politics. >> reporter: you go back and look at the body language. maybe they need to have the martinis before the meeting. >> we will find out. no press coverage on this lunch but i'm sure we will get details. jamie joining us live. you can find a link to the washington insider blog on the website. just go to and go to the politics page. >> all right. the commerce department reports that the united states economy grew 2.7%. business stock piles were bigger. so were the export sales which helped off set weak consumer spending. they are warning growth will slow again in the current quarter, that's because of the problems of sandy and the worries about 9 possibility of
8:20 am
a big tax hike in january. the epa is temporarily banning bp from getting any new contracts with the united states government. the epa said it's because of pb's lack of business integrity stemming the explosion and oil spill back in april of 2010. you remember 11 people were killed in that. almost 200 million-gallons of oil spilled into the gulf of mexico. two weeks ago bp agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges. also pay $4 billion in fines. there is a new share older lawsuit over hp's purchase of a british software company. it's claiming that they all missed several red flags about the thing practices. hp shares fell to a ten year
8:21 am
low last week after the company announced an almost 9 billion- dollar write down on its acquisition. >> vallejo police are investigating two more suspicious fires, that makes six in about two weeks. the big question is are they the work of a serial arsonist? yesterday firefighters put out the fires, one damaged a mortgage business. the second a burning chair in an alle yes, just a half mile away. the two fires are close to four other fires in the past two weeks that burned two homes and two businesses. >> i tonight don't knowhow it tells me. >> even as a renter its concerning knowing people are doing this. >> nobody has been hurt in any of the fires, so far. vallejo police are asking the public to report any information. >> what some nfl players
8:22 am
reportedly are doing to play better. why there are rumors about the blue pill. >> and steve paulson will break down how much rain is expected by the end of the series of storms with your forecast that takes us through the weekend. . >> here is a look at 101 through san rafael. we will look at your bay area bridges next. you disgust me.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
. new word this morning that nfl players taking viagra to enhance their performance on the field. >> i heard guys using like viagra seriously. >> the speculation all started those comments made by brandon marshall. one doctor said it could help. >> the idea is particular at higher altitudes they would enhance an individually performance. if a team is going up to a state such as colorado, absolutely it would make sense. >> and brandon marshall used to play in colorado for the broncos. the nfl said viagra isn't banned. >> a former number one draft pick by the raiders may be cut from the team today.
8:26 am
mcclain missed yesterday's practice, reportedly said he was no longer with the team. the raiders have a 3-8 record this season. oakland selected him with that 8th overall pick in the 2010 draft. >> let's check traffic. tara you are watching the bridges. >> we always have back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's take a live look outside. we can take a look at them for you. the toll plaza, still a lot of congestion, give yourself another 10 to 15 minutes, san mateo bridge looks clear. golden gate looks beautiful. little hazy but the fog not bad at the richmond san rafael. let's head over to steve. >> very good morning under a cloudy, very mild morning, also that southeast breeze has been kicking up and it's only going to get stronger. nothing to strong yet. i have seen about 25 to 30, some of the higher elevations,
8:27 am
you can find 40 to 50, very impressive system on the north coast. you can see some light rain but the main front doesn't arrive until tonight. oakland airport 60 degrees, everybody else is really close. san rafael. temperatures have been going up at fairfield, antioch, even livermore with 60 last hour. little bit of rain. looks like it's thinning out. the system lifts but lake county, maybe northern sonoma, you see light rain but that main core of front may slow down and work its way here. only problem is it may stall out in the north bay. if that's the case there may be a lot of rainfalling between now and tomorrow. could see three to six unless it continues to mara long. at this time it doesn't look like it'll until tomorrow. sierra nevada this is mainly a wind forecast, a winter storm warning, that starts at four. it's above 7,000 feet.
8:28 am
this is a warm, warm system and again more wind than snow. above the 8,000 feet level a lot of snow. 60 do near 70 because some of the southeast wind. very juicy atmosphere over us. rain starts thursday night, friday, a break friday night, saturday, it takes us into sun and a break sunday night and monday. >> up and down. >> just hours ago san francisco swat police flushed out a wanted man. . >> what happened later and what that man is a accused of. . >> in between storm systems right now and that's giving work crews here in san francisco a chance to clean up and also get ready for the next round of rain. what they are giving out to residents so they can be prepared. >> and we are live in san leandro where 11 cars were damaged after a big rig plowed in to them. how sneezing played a role. we will have that story.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
. time is 830. a major early morning big rig crash involving a dump truck and several parked cars. brian flores is live at the scene now with more about the clean up and how a sneeze caused it. what happened? >> reporter: hey. good morning. very interesting here. as you can see, crews are finishing up the clean up of mostly fuel now after a driver of that dump truck plowed in to a lot of used cars earlier this morning. you can see a lot of the damage that was done to other trucks. what which know the driver of the truck was driving on east
8:32 am
14th earlier this morning when he said that he had a sneeze attack. sneezing multiple times. the driver told ktvu that after it happened the next thing he knew he had a run into a parked car that he barreled in to a used car lot damaging a total of 10 cars. it appears that diesel fuel spilled onto the road but crews were quick to stabilize it. >> there were 40-gallons of diesel spilled but that doesn't mean a hazmat situation. we are here to clean it up. everything was blocked off. with we have absorbant down on the road. >> reporter: we understand that the truck that caused the accident belongs to a company that carries a material but at the time the truck was empty. there was a little damage to the front end of the truck and most of it was to the trucks inside the used car lot. we did speak to the owner of united auto center which is name of the used car lot. she said off camera she is a
8:33 am
bit frustrated but not mad at the driver. she said she just wants to move forward. not only was there damage to the truck but also to the fencing around the lot. she has never seen anything like this but just wants to move forward and said she is glad that nobody else was hurt. we are live in san leandro. >> another round of wet weather headed our way later tonight. alex savage is a long the great highway which had rain related troubles already. >> reporter: they have had troubles out here and city crews here are getting ready for more rain and potentially more flooding. this is one of those trouble spots along the great highway that flooded yesterday. it had to be closed down because of standing water but you can see the morning the cars are moving here again through this area. this was the problem yesterday as authorities are forced to shut down the road because it was just to much standing water and it was a hazard for
8:34 am
drivers. one man tried to drive through and his car died. san francisco's public works department is staying busy before the next storm. crews are preparing sandbags to give to people in flood prone areas. the city has a stock pile of more than 6500 sandbags, all ready to go as two more storm systems roll in over the coming days. all of them are being distributed for free from the city's public works yard on ceasar chavez and residents already are taking advantage. >> we have given out approximately 200 sandbags so far. we are clearing catch basins in all areas where we have -- leaves, we have had a couple minor incident s with trees. >> reporter: it's also a major
8:35 am
concern in the mission. in april that area flooded an apartment building and several businesses were damaged when heavy rain came down and of course we are expecting several more inches of rain to becoming in to the bay area as the new -- two more storm systems roll in, a potential problem if that particular flood prone area. as we come back out here live you are looking out at the ocean and the surf has been kicking up. the conditions are very choppy out there. certainly looks like another storm system closing in. live this morning. alex savage. >> thank you. and this second storm that alex said is expected to hit the north bay first. steve warns the rain could cause flooding of small rivers and creeks starting tonight in napa the flood control district said it'll have workers and heavy machines stationed at napa creek. >> we will have staff stationed here during the high water to make sure any debris
8:36 am
that builds up on the trash rack is cleared off so that the water can continue to flow into the culvert. >> the cull receipt is part of the 400 million-dollar napa river flood project. the current water level is three feet. the flooding stage is nine feet. stay with us for up to the minute coverage of the new storm. we will be here for you on air, online and on your mobile device. >> new this morning oakland firefighters put out a fire beneath a freeway overpass. >> debris burst into flames along 23rd avenue. this happened about five this morning. nobody was hurt. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> in overnight news, police used flash bang grenades to end a standoff with a wanted man in san francisco. glass rained down as the blast
8:37 am
shattered windows near a home. the standoff involved a suspect accused of hurting an officer by ramming a police car during a chase yesterday afternoon. they lost track of the man until someone called police hours later. >> later this evening at about 8:30 p.m., police got a tip that the same suspect was in a residence. >> the standoff started at 10:45, he had spent time in federal prison and has ties to san francisco gangs. a small marijuana garden was found at the center of a house fire in san jose. police were called out and they said that the set up was legal, the person at the home had a medical marijuana card and was growing just a few plants. the small fire burned part of a garage but was put out with in a half hour. nobody was hurt. >> tomorrow we may find out if same sex marriage will be legal again here in california.
8:38 am
they are preparing now for a possible rush of same sex couples. tomorrow the united states supreme court will meet and decide if they will hear an appeal from supporters of proposition eight. the voter approved ban on same sex marriage. if the high court decides not to hear the case. same sex marriage could be legal in california with in a week or so. >> we want to be prepared if marriages do start to number one have staff on hand to preform them because there could be crowds and from public safety perspective. >> if the court decides tomorrow to take on the case, that would delay a ruling until about june. >> two winning powerball tickets were sold in last night's huge drawing. the people who bought them, one was in arizona, the other near kansas city missouri will split the record winnings of nearly
8:39 am
$580 million. at 8:49, what is happening today that could bring powerball to our state. winning the lottery is not always as great as it's made out to be. some have horror stories about the pit falls associated with getting millions of dollars suddenly. >> very few are -- they are note equipped to handle that over night. that's essentially what happens. with in two days it was 10,000 pieces of undeliverable mail at my post office asking for money. >> that was steve white who won $200 million in 2004. a lot of people go bankrupt and loose family, friends. >> you say, i will take that problem with that but you can't imagine it. >> until it's reality. >> time now 8:39. what's real is a traffic hazard in sonoma . >> we have a mudslide.
8:40 am
alex has been talking about it all morning long. the great highway in san francisco closed in the southbound direction because of flooding and sand drifts. you can take a left on lincoln and then a right on sunset in order to avoid the closure. we are going to head outside and take a live look at traffic on the far right hand side. its been slow going there. we have back up and wait of ten minutes. highway 24 through lafayette you can see traffic on the right hand side. very slow going as you approach the tunnel. finally in the south bay 237, its been like this for a couple hours, westbound traffic, gridlocked as you make your say toward sunnyvale. >> a very good morning. cloudy, mild, 60 degrees at the airport. southeast breeze, a tropical feel here. our system is on the north coast. crescent city, it's barely moving.
8:41 am
right there. it's packing a good punch. its going to be a slow mover. two speeds but it'll drop toward the north bay and maybe stall out late tonight and not arrive to the south bay until this time tomorrow. a lot of cloud cover. some light rain, some of that rain that fell yesterday was a typical winter storm, late fall winter storm. almost two inches of rain. forestville, 1.65, west sanity santa rosa. most amounts were a quart irer of an inch, nothing to heavy. about normal for a system that came in. looks to be a lot more in the way of rain and maybe wind as well. there will be a couple more systems in to the weekend so we aren't done yet. 50s to near 60. just really mild. all that southeast wind in advance. those are strong squall lines.
8:42 am
that area, systems not moving. some of the rain has been falling in lake county looks to be lifting north. the system will do this and then start to slide south. more likely this evening or tonight which we have to wait for it. into friday morning, marin, napa county north. three it six inches of rain possible. we will watch that. cloud and rain forecast, definitely has that system moving in. this is a little quick. i do but it's a sign of things to come. this is tonight. it's just beginning to move. that would be a bad thing if that develops. finally late tonight, tomorrow it make itself to areas southeast. it may take a while to move slow and that system for the north bay, if it parks it can rain and rain. that's why we are worried. sierra forecast. winter storm warning starts at four. wind will be a bigger issue
8:43 am
than snow. if you have to drive up to the mother load go early but hold on to the steering wheel. it'll be mild today. 60s to near 70. rain tonight into friday. a break saturday morning. more rain into sunday. >> all right. thank you. apple, adding more office space and this time in a new city. what bay area city they are expanding too. >> we are live in -- where bliss are trying to track down a man who broke into a woman's apartment as she slept look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
8:44 am
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. >> markets are mixed on wall street. there was good news pending home sales up to a six year high. the estimate for growth is up to the third quarter and weekly jobless claims fell last week meeting expectations but there is still concern if washington will be able to avoid the fiscal cliff that will come toward the year end. right now the dow is turned around. the nasdaq is up seven and s and p is flat. >> palestine leaders in new york pushing for upgraded status at the united nations.
8:47 am
as lateral son reports, both israel and the united states don't like it. >> reporter: and despite the objections especially from the united states, palestine ans have been able to secure broad support ahead of the vote. they rallied as the president headed to the united nations to seek nonmember observer status. they see it as a significant move toward statehood but the secretary of state warns it'll undermine efforts to restart peace talks with israel. >> the path to a two state solution that fills the aspirations of the palestine people through them, not new york. >> reporter: the vet comes a week after a cease fire that stopped eight days of blood
8:48 am
shed. if the palestine president wins the vote as he is expected to it could boost his creditability with hamas in any future negotiations, there could be a price for him. members of congress are threatening to cut the united states -- gives about a half billion dollars in yearly aid to palestine. are. some are threatening to cut that. >> let's bring you to up to date on other top storey. a teen girl from oakland is still missing this morning. family members say the 16-year- old shea an white has the mental ability of a 6-year-old. she was seen tuesday night after walk away from her group home. also students at san jose state say they are worried about problems with those campus emergency phones.
8:49 am
spartan daily reports about two dozen of them are constantly out of order. they don't work. the police chief said he is working now to upgrade the phones. and police in palo alto search for a man who reportedly broke in to the apartment of a young woman just hours ago. she said she woke up, she screamed and the man ran away. we are at the scene now. this woman's front door was locked and chained but somehow this intruder forced his way in and broke the chain. she lives alone so this was very traumatic for her. police have been gathering evidence and interviewing neighbors at this complex on hawthorne street. they used a dog to search the area. police say the woman in her mid20s called the police at 2:20 this morning. she said she was sleeping but woke up when she heard a man speaking to her in her bedroom.
8:50 am
>> she woke to a person standing over her in herbed. she sat up, saw the person, she screamed. he said something which we are trying to determine still. a brief struggle happened. he grabbed onto her and we believe it was -- sounds like tried to force her down onto the bed. whatever she continued to do -- she scared him off and he fled. >> reporter: police are still interviewing the woman to get more details this want to know where she was yesterday, if they was followed by this man or if this was a completely random assault. the woman's wrist was bruised when she struggled with the intruder but she didn't need medical attention. as far as the suspect description we don't have a race but we know that this man has a -- average build and he was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt or jacket and dark clothing. back out here live we are told that its been four incidents of women being groped in the
8:51 am
surrounding area. one of them not to far from here. police thought it was isolated at first but they are looking into whether it was connected. those gropings happened in the daytime, this happened in the early morning but they will go back to the station to look at those cases more in depth to see if it's the same person because the suspect wasn't caught in those cases. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you. ten minutes before nine. neither the two record powerball winners have come forward yet but when they do, they will share a $579.9 million jackpot. the tickets were sold in arizona and the kansas city missouri area. lottery officials plan to visit the stores where they were sold today. the cash option on the winning jackpot is $379.8 million. and the big powerball jackpot could head our way.
8:52 am
what's happening in california and who could win. >> reporter: if powerball comes here everybody wins, that's because it could mean 50 to $100 million a year for schools. we are just one of eight state that don't participate in the huge game but that could change as early as today. lottery commissioner and bay area developer said negotiations for california to join powerball actually started back in june. >> i think it's appropriate and that's why we are taking the steps. >> reporter: it's popular, tickets were selling at a rate of 130,000 per minute in the 42 state that participate. a deal is expected to be finalized when the commission meets today. if it is, collisioners say we will play powerball in california by april. >> more details now, california lottery sales total nearly $2 billion a year. state law requires that at least 87% of sales go to prizes
8:53 am
or to help fund education. last year the california lottery contributed more than $1.1 billion to california schools. >> apple adding a new word side in a new city. the new campus will be in santa clara. the paper reports apple will lease property. two new six story office tower also be built in addition to the current headquarters, and the new spaceship complex. . >> an express bus service coming back to the bay area by popular demand. how cheap are the tickets and what it'll cost. >> and looking outside live. look at our drive. tara will come back. one more check on the drive
8:54 am
including what's happening on 280.
8:55 am
8:56 am
. we have breaking news right now. we are just getting word that former president george hw bush has been put in to the hospital in houston for treatment of a lingering cough. his chief of staff said the 88- year-old former president is being treated for bronchitis and is expected to be releases by the weekend.
8:57 am
the illness wasn't life threatening but there was concern it could get worse. these are live pictures where the former president has been in the hospital. it's not said to be life threatening. >> all right. back here at home. for as little as a dollar a ticket you can ride a express bus. it's the mega bus. you have heard of it. back by popular demand and the service starts december 12th. they say if you book early you could pay as little as a dollar for a ticket. the prize will go up as your travel date gets closer. the mega website, previously served the west coast in 2007 and 2008. >> quickly one more time let's check in with tara. >> that's right. major congestion -- its been pretty slow. this is near ray street. give yourself extra time. >> now -- go head.
8:58 am
stay cloudy -- we are --. >> cloudy and mild. rain will move in tonight. heavy in the north bayn. to friday, saturday, mornings are right. next one saturday night and sunday. >> when will it start? >> tonight in the north bay. tomorrow may -- may take until tomorrow to reach the south bay. >> thank you. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news. we will see you the next time news breaks. we sure to join us at noon for more on the search for a man who broke into a woman's apartment. police are checking to see if it's linked with other recent incidents. we are always here on line and on mobile as we go out with a nice shot of the pacific ocean. thank you for joining us.
8:59 am
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