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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. right now we are trying to get more information about a bibi born on a -- baby born on a san francisco street, we will tell you what happened. a gunman opened fire at a mall filled with shoppers, what we just learned about the motive. and we have a colder pattern change, how long will this last, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on 12 / 12 / 12, i am pam cook. >> steve said you better get a
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coat and scarf? >> ladies are wearing boots if you want to be prepared well and for some of us it is not that cold but everything is coming out of the gulf of alaska and really, there is not a lot of rain with this but highs today are in the 50s. right now, there is a little bit of wet weather on the roads and that means you might want to be careful. we have traffic which is getting busier by the minute, let's go back to the desk. we have developing fuels just hours -- news just hours ago, a pickup truck went into a building where a small child was asleep. this is exclusive video from inside the house. a two-year-old girl was taken to the hospital and we are told she was not seriously hurt.
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joseph austin has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. and police are investigating after woman gave birth on a san francisco street and she was out begging for help. here is the latest on that woman and where was she going when she was trying to get help, claudine? >> reporter: we are still trying to get information on the woman and the condition of her baby and we are told supervisor will be willing to talk with us shortly so we are standing by for that. i want to show you video of the scene because this is where it all happened. we shot this video earlier this morning and what you are looking at is a 24 hour shelter. they don't have walk inns but the woman went up to the gate of that shelter bleeding and
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asking for help. a man who works there didn't want to go on camera but took us through what happened. >> she was crying, just looked like she was just beaten up covered in blood. she said she just had a baby and i didn't see a baby in her hand. i go for help and come back and she is walking off and that's when i called the police. >> reporter: he said he was not sure what to do and he went to go ask a co-worker what to do next and she walked off. he went to call 911 and he saw a man down the street holding something in his arms also trying to get help. >> he was trying to get help from oncoming cars which is when police arrived. at this point, it is still unclear how the woman is doing, how the baby is doing and they were both taken to san
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francisco general hospital and we saw another person as well am we are told they will bring us information and we will keep you updated on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have more details on the shooting investigation at the oregon mall. here is more on what investigators are saying about the gunman's intentions. >> reporter: they say this was an apparently random act and that he didn't appear to be targeting anybody when he fired as many as 60 shots. the identity of those victims will be released later today. we have some cell phone video which shows victims with their hands up as they cleared them out yesterday afternoon. the mall santa claus heard shots and hit the floor.
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he was wearing camouflage and firing an assault rifle. a teenage girl was badly hurt and one woman heard shots while getting her hair done at the mall. >> i can't believe this actually happened in the community i have drone up my whole life and the mall i have been to hundreds of times -- hundreds of times. >> officers heard him say i am the shooter and the shooter took his own life. right now they are trying to piece together how it all unfolded. >> the active shooter situations, intense situations like this get perceived many ways. you get ten different people who saw the same incident and they will give you 10 different versions of it. >> reporter: officers searched
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the store and found evidence. the stores will remain closed today. the young woman in the shooting we understand is in serious condition and the coming up, we will tell you about a glitch which ended up saving lives. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, cars slammed as the driver sped away and this all happened on 5th and embark der relieving this watery mess behind. well they will close in the next few weeks. they are expected to shut down next month now the county board
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of supervisors voted under a mousily to close those -- unanimously to close those fire stations and they would have raised money to keep those fire stations open. john mcafee could soon come to the united states. john mcafee's detention is ruled illegal and he should be released as early as today. he entered the count trip illegally to avoid police in pay lease. he said he wishes to quote live in peace. they successfully launched it into orbit. coming up how the un plans to respond to this controversial
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rocket launch. any signs we have had overnight, is it affecting the commute? >> well, people are driving more slowly and backups will start sooner than normal and we already have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and usually it starts later than this but i am just guessing but i think people are on the road early because they don't want to get caught in huge traffic. it looks like they may have turned on those metering lights extra early because of the wet roads, although, the traffic has no major problems and through union city traffic looks good. and highway 101, the peninsular that traffic looks good on 280
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as well. let's go to steve. a weak front is moving through, light rain, not a lot, just taking some spots for some rain and cold air is working its way in. 38 degrees and a little bit of snow up in the sierra. the better news is the snow is coming down, even though we are fitting slow levels. partly sun nip and breezy, -- sunny and breezy and we will look at scattered showers into marin county and mill valley some say the rain has stopped but it's cold up there. richmond san rafael bridge, right near the golden gate bridge, also san leandro, hayward, san lorenzo back to
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fremont back over to east pound heading towards that direction, a little into the santa cruz area and temperatures will continue to drop as the cold air works its way in. so some of that cold air will be working its way in am 15s on the temperatures with your view showing this pattern is here. health officials are urging people in the bay area to gate flu shot. we will tell you who is required to get faction nateed against the -- vaccinated
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against the flu and why children will be free. and the reason why hundreds of questioned washed up -- squid washed up on beaches. and the moon pushed another man into the subway, his lawyer said his client is justified.
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. a man pushed another man on
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to is subway track and the lawyer said his client may be justified. witnesses say the man smelled of alcohol and was staggering and following davis. it appears davis pushed the man to get away from him but pushed too hard and the man fell off the platform. davis is now charged with second-degree murder. and the latest one was yesterday and a mailman saw a pipe bomb in the front yard of a house. in neighbor was evacuated -- evacuated. after that police found two pipe bombs found under a truck at an oklahoma trucking company. they don't believe these incidents are random. but they are investigating. north korea launched a long
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range rocket. the un is getting several reports from countries on how to respond. >> reporter: pam, i just got off the phone from somebody from the united nations and they will be meeting for a closed door briefing on the latest developments on north korea. they want the united states to impose tougher sanctions after a successful rocket long much. -- launch. many believe this is north korea's way of testing their missile -- long range missile technology. the white house condemns the missile launch calling it a provocative act. allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. a follow-up to a story we first told you about yesterday morning. morgan hill police checked on nine people for suspected
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parole and investigations. this is part of a string of home and car break-ins. there have been 23 burglaries in the subdivision in morgan hill in the past month. apple and samsung are due to meet in a san jose courtroom. they will continue a patent infringement fight and they include apple's iphone 5 and samsung's s-3. they are trying to explain why hundreds of humboldt squid washed a shore. they say sometimes it occurs in an area they are not familiar with. researchers also speculated the food supply may have been contaminated with a red allergy bloom -- algae bloom. they say it can cause the squid
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to become disoriented. the monkey is now in an animal sanctuary and the owner said she wants her pet back. they are requiring healthcare workers to get a flu shot or wear a surgical mask. they are reporting san francisco, alameda, contra costa and others have to get a flu shot. it will protect patients like the else did i and people with weakened immune systems. and they are helping people to get free flu shots for children. the larry and lucy page foundation is providing free flu shots to area children ages 4 to 18. they can get them in 40 target locations including other stores. you can get more information
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including the target store locations and farm i hours. you will -- pharmacy hours. you will have to scroll down to get to the web link section. >> how is traffic this morning, sal? >> it is doing well. wet weather is causing more slowed traffic than usual and some delays are popping up and they are a little more than usual. let's take a look at the pictures, and we already have stop and go traffic as you approach the road. it is not that deep as you have a decent drive over to sunnyville. the backups are a little bit -- well, there is just earlier and the backup at the bay bridge is backed up to the mcarthur maze. if you are driving on the peninsular 101 and 280 are still looking good. the last few days we have had some slowed traffic so you might want to get out there earlier. let's go to steve.
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a few breaks in the clouds, some areas are clear and the cold air is working its way in and we will continue to do so. a little bit of snow, lake tahoe says snow. it is still coming down from the northwest, some scattered showers and most looks to favor it off the coast and still a lot of activity, from antioch and parts of the north bay and peninsular and parts of the south bay, nothing too heavy and over towards berkeley, you can see emoryville, pushing off towards the east, cast tore valley over towards -- caster valley, black hawk, concord, walnut creek, clayton, hit and miss showers, santa clara valley and parts of the peninsular back to parts of the santa cruz mountains, it is light stuff but it's there. here comes the cold air to the north and they will continue to
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work its way through the next couple of hours. they are getting above 55 degrees unless you are closer to the coast and bay but some clouds, showers forecasted highs today well below average and they will stay here, 5, 7 and 10 day outlook holds us to a colder pattern. clearing and partly cloudy skies, breezy cool late saturday into sunday and that system does look a little bit stronger. avon plans to cut 1,500 jobs from its global workforce. they also plan to stop operations in south korea and vietnam and that's part of their restructuring plans. avon hopes to cut costs as it faces difficulties including u.s., russia and brazil. the head box is launching a
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new service and it's considered a direct competitor to net flicks streaming video service. the service will not include television shows or video game disk rentals and for $8 a month, they will get 8 streaming movies and 4 dvd rentals. time now 6:21, he may be the most reveered person on twitter and what the pope is promising to some of his followers this morning. and what is happening along the coast tomorrow. the research you can help with while tracking the king tide. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. they are already seeing higher than normal impacts of the tides and look at china camp along the bay. it is flooded. it is not linked to climate change but scientists say it can help with research. in fact they are asking you to take pictures. event to show what climate change will look like in the
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future. and we will find a link to where you can share your photos of the king tides with scientists. just look for web links on hot topics on and if you like crab, crab boat captains went out before first light and went you to the sea. they reached a new price agreement. the going price was $3 per pound before thanksgiving but it went downright after the holiday. fish brokers agreed to pay that price again and this was good enough to get the crabs back -- crab boats back out in the ocean. she is fighting to get her pet back. she could be open to allowing the monkey to be staying at sanctuary if it's being treated well but she knows the monkey wants to stay with her.
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>> if i walk into the room, let him choose. does he want to go to me or to the other monkey mom. >> and the monkey broke loose from the owner's car. and it went rival -- vie roll after being pictured in a coat in a parking lot. he started by saying, and i am quoting, dear friends i am pleased to get in touch with you through twitter. he promised to answer three questions of the thousand which have been asked to him in weeks. here is more on wet roads. >> dave, i have the answer and i think you should give
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yourself extra time today for the morning commute and we are looking at the south bay and 280 northbound traffic is a little busy because of the wet weather and westbound 580 coming on the pass, let's have a quikchek of the weather with steve. we have scattered it showers and the cold air continues to work its way in. there is still some activity coming from downstream upstream so colder breezy scattered showers cool highs 50s for temperatures and warmest temperatures will be by the water and they will not be that warm. steve, thank you. we have new information about the gunman in oregon who went on that deadly rampage and we will bring you a live report from for began and we have the
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latest on the situation. a driver of a pickup truck crashes into a bedroom with two children, one is a toddler. we will tell you how the kids are doing and what happened, stay tuned.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, they just rang the opening bell and we are looking at traders there. actually it looks like a pretty good opening. they are waiting for ben bernanke and the federal reserve to see what they plan to do to help the economy move along and what he says, cushion the fall from the fiscal cliff and we will follow that on our noon news. >> we will go ahead and smile and say good morning, it is
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wednesday december 12th, i am dave clark. a gunman is dead after shooting into a crowd at an oregon mall. sheriff's deputies say he killed two people before turning the gun on himself. joining us from portland where it all happened, good morning, dan. >> reporter: yes, good morning, pam and dave, what a horrible scene this was yesterday. 3:30 in the afternoon, exactly two weeks before christmas, this mall was teeming with shoppers and as many as 10,000 people were inside at the time when shots started ringing out. we understand from eyewitnesses a gunman walked through the macy's store of this maul and then -- mall and then walked to the food court and then fired shots and 5 to 18 more as he
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shot indiscriminately down the mall area here. we understand two people were killed, a third person was shot, she was wounded, a 15- year-old was taken to a local hospital and the good news is that 15-year-old girl is expected to survive and is listed in serious condition -- serious condition. and she is talking to people and her parents at the hospital. the gunman turned the gun on himself killing himself and police found his body in the mall as well. we can tell you the mall is closed and this is still an active crime scene police are looking for more evidence. dozens of people talked to the media and we have a picture of what happened as he was going through the mall. he was dressed in camouflage and one of those jason style hockey masks and holding what people believe to be an assault
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style rifle. police say the gun jammed at some point and obviously it could have been more tragic and a third person was wounded in this mall shooting. pam, dave, back to you. >> thank you, dave from that update from oregon. developing news from san jose, just hours ago a pickup truck slammed into an apartment building where small children were sleeping. janine de la vega has more in san jose to tell us how that family is doing. jeanine? >> reporter: i spoke to the father of the two-year-old little girl and in her bedroom the truck crashed into her room. the truck crashed into that chain link fence and into her bedroom. the driver of this truck was traveling eastbound on taylor
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when he veer flood a lane of oncoming traffic and crashed into the side of the apartments. his truck crashed into two bedrooms and here is a look at the damage. the truck first crashed into a room with an 8-year-old where 2- year-old girl was sleeping. >> i didn't see my baby in there and i saw her on the ground and she started crying and that's what i was really glad for, she was crying. >> we have a video we just took a short time ago, even after she was thrown on the floor and taken to the hospital, doctors say she is okay and the driver of the truck backed out of the building and tried to escape bus his truck broke down and police arrested him for hit-and- run. he is identified as joseph
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austin of san jose and the speed limit here a long taylor street is 30 miles per hour but witnesses told him, from truck was 70 miles per hour janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. a woman sought help after give being birth on the street. claudine wong has new information about this case which is now an investigation, claudine? >> reporter: we can tell you now this newborn baby boy is in the hospital and at last word he is doing okay but we have also learned what police did in moments after arriving may have saved this baby's life. these are rumors we had heard about the police officers who
6:37 am
arrived there. they dame here -- came here from the baby's station when they got a call about a woman asking for help and they had to perform cpr on route to the hospital and again that may have saved this baby's life. this started at 2:00 a.m. this morning and there is a shelter on that street and it belongs to a church and is open 24 hours but they have a locked gate. a woman came to that locked gate. he didn't want to go on camera, but here is what he said happened. >> she was crying. just looked like she was beaten up covered in blood and she said she just had a baby and i didn't see any baby in her hand, i go for help come back and she is walking off and that's when i called the
6:38 am
police. >> reporter: now she apparently was not alone and a man was holding something, presumably the baby and he was trying to flag down cars for help and a short time later police officers arrived and that's when they took this newborn who was unresponsive, performed cpr on the way to the hospital and we are told the baby is alive obviously getting medical attention at this point. we don't know who the man was if he is the father of the baby or not but the mother is also at the hospital and inspectors are coming in and they are trying to put all the pieces together and we will be standing by and as we get new information, we will bring it here on mornings on 2. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. violence in oakland during the night, three people were shot including one who was killed. last night about 8:40 police rushed to a shooting south of the oakland coliseum.
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when police got there, they found a man's body. police have not identified him yet but they did call for a translator and they say the victim's family is asian. three minutes after that a woman was wounded in west oakland and she is in stable condition. and in north oakland, a man was shot in the 400 block of 60th street and police say that man is not cooperating with police. they want to recall the governor after he pushed through 2 right to work laws. now union members tried to storm the state capital in lancing but state troopers in riot gear blocked them. they fast tracked the measures through lame duck hearing without public hearings but
6:40 am
they are requiring them to pay dues as well. they mut acaroid a fiscal cliff. they are lowering the number from $6 trillion to 1.4 trillion and house speaker john boehner offered a counterproposal yesterday. gas prices keep falling here in the bay area and san francisco drivers are paying $3 and it's down 2 cents from yesterday. santa rosa drivers you are paying $3.55 per gallon and prices have dropped in the past 2:00 few months. and after that big fire in richmond, there was another scare out there and coming up, the flair that occurred and why
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the company said, well, it is nothing to worry about. time to check back in with sal in the morning commutes, sal, how is it going? >> you may need the it, we want to show you southbound in oakland, it is a little bit slower than normal and we have not had a lot of crashes, just a little fender-benders and traffic is going to be a little bit busier and we have a 20 print delay -- 20 minute delay. this morning if you are driving on the peninsular, a lot of people are trying to get to the airport, you can use 101 and southbound 880 traffic is busy as you drive to the area and they are beginning to slow at
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the 280 interchange. >> some scattered rain over us and really this is a very weak system but it could be the first of many and it keeps the pattern in place. orinda picking up some and also richmond and 580 and 80 you can see some of that rain and it is stretching to sunole grade back to union city and it went through hayward and san leandro as well. right near the sunole grade, it is pushing towards livermore right now and san mateo it looks cold but it is not
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raining. they are also pick up on some light rain in palo alto, and the temperatures continue to go down and you will see that cold work its way in throughout the day. bundle up and that's the big story and we have scattered showers but cold and breezy is the main problem this morning. we have more favoring the coast later on today but if we can get some of that moisture. windy at times. they will be cooler inland. >> increasing clouds, comes in late saturday into sunday morning. and new cheap way to travel to the bay area, there it is, a service is offering fares for as little as $1. brian flores live in concord where the city is one step closer to banning outdoor
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medical marijuana growers, we will show you the heated exchange with the city council coming up.
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. welcome back, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following at 64:00
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testimony. -- 6:45, and a pickup truck slammed into a building where a small child was asleep. the driver was arrested on suspicious of -- suspicion of drunk driving. and a woman gave birth on a street and went looking for help. staffers called 911 and the newborn baby was taken to san francisco general hospital. and they say the masked gunman who fired shots had no specific tar fit. that man was miss -- target, he was in his 20s and he killed two people and wounded another before killing himself. they are trying to get rid
6:48 am
of outdoor legal marijuana growing operations. here is more on the heated debate. >> reporter: the city is one step closer to banning outdoor medical marijuana growers. >> i will declare you out-of- order. you have had your time we understand your position and your point. >> no, i don't think you do. i have a little bit more... >> reporter: the city council unanimously voted to move the issue to the city attorney. what the proposed ordinance would do is ban outdoor legal marijuana growers and force them inside instead. they are polarizing them and they say the smell can be offensive and growers say while doing so can make the situation worse. >> you are allowing that person
6:49 am
to come into your house, threaten your family and hurt your family. if that person hops a fence, who toes it hurt. >> after hearing both sides, the issue lies with the attorney anatrast legs slayings to limit grows and it will only be enforced and they want to protect neighbors. this issue will go in front of a planning committee and it will go in front of a city council for their vote. brian flores ktvu channel 2 morning news. and at the richmond refinery, they say the flare-up was nothing to worry about. after the fire it sent huge
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plumes of smoke into the air and many people went to the hospital complaining of health problems. up now give holiday presents to facebook friends. we will tell you what those gifts are and how you can give them. the first megabus was just there live this morning. the company offers trips from san francisco to los angeles, reno to san jose and oakland to los angeles. >> it started at $1 and we always managed to have a very good value even on a busy day. why not. they look comfortable inside
6:51 am
too. the company briefly operated in 2007 but actually canceled service due to lack of demand. time now 6:50, let's see if sal can get everybody where they needs to go. >> that is one thing i should to, let's take a look at the east bay and traffic is moving along well but it is wet and as steve mentioned showers are moving through and that will make it slower. when you get to the plaza it did start earlier than normal and they are backed up for a 25 minute delay. northbound southbound 101 traffic is looking good, 101 and 280 southbound looks good and passive can california driving towards daily city
6:52 am
looks good as well. >> any showers out there? >> well, sort of, yes. >> we have some rain around and the cold air is coming in. i look out 7:10 and the pattern is all the way through christmas. if you get a look, i think kirkwood said 6 inches of snow because it was raining there last week and we have shower activity and any shower activity here should be confined closer to the coast. you can see scattered rain, not a lot but there are breaks in the clouds, orinda back over to berkeley out to the east bay. 580 and 680 split, not a lot, san mateo is reporting 280 and
6:53 am
san mateo looks like they are circling the wagons. in the santa cruz mountains up towards sunny veil and temperatures are continuing to drop. watch these lows continue to dip over the next few hours and it is still coming town from the north. and windy as times as low pressure settles to the south of us with 50s on the temperatures. there is not a lot of change for next week. with your weekend always in view increasing clouds and it looks like a colder stronger system comes in late saturday early sunday. what we are learning about this shocking crime which makes it an unusual case. thousands of couples will look at the calendar today and
6:54 am
say, hey, let's get married.
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. welcome back, taking you to the dow jones industrial average big board, nasdaq s&p 500 are up a little bit as well. ceo at jc morgan said they can grow if politicians can get a
6:57 am
good policy and avoid the fiscal cliff. a court arrangement on new charges for the man accused of kidnapping and killing missing sierra lemar. he faces three counts of attempted kidnapping charges in connection with attacks on three women in 2009 in the parking lots of safe way stores in morgan hill. he is expected to enter a plea to the kidnapping and murder charges in the sierra lemar case. san francisco police arrested five people including four women in connection to a homicide where the victims were found tied up and gag and -- gagged and left in the middle of the street. one of those victims died and they have arrested two people on murder charges. three others are facing accessory after the fact to murder and they say the victims knew the suspects. the sinkhole in lafayette
6:58 am
is expected to be done earlier than expected. c.c. meyers specializes in emergency repair work and his crew started fixing that hole which opened up on mountain view drive during the last few storms. that work could be finished on christmas day but that work was supposed to be taking months. and this is a big day, many are expected to mary on 12 / 12 / 12. doctors say they also see more c checks sections, -- c- sections, scheduled births. sal, how is the traffic looking? >> we have some sort of a truck accident a mile up on the ban and we will follow that on
6:59 am
mornings on 2. some off and on rain this morning, some breaks here and there but there is cold air coming in so highs are cool, cool and breezy, coming up on mornings on 2 another update. and a suspected drunk driver involved in a crash with sleeping children. we will have more on the gunman from portland oregon stay right here with us.


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