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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 12, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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troutman, and it's time for another half hour of the best videos of the day and the stories behind them, "right this minute."
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a tandem ultralight flight turns to mid air emergency. >> and down they come. >> see their harrowing journey at full speed, straight down. >> a man collapses on a city street while his dog refused to move from the owner's side. >> wh happens when the ambulance starts to tyake his master away. thugs decide to rob a chicken joint. when the manager decided -- >> not on my watch. >> see who's chicken now, huh. plus, where do christmas trees come from? and what do you do if you're stuck in the atlanta airport? >> if you're one of justin bieber's back-up dancers -- you dance! nothing quite like the feeling of flight. yes, two people here in a tandem ultralight flying slow and low over the gorgeous countryside,
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it looks like fall time, the colors on the ground are spectacular. don't you want to be up there? >> this gives me chills, this is southeast and this is how beautiful it is. >> chills, you say? >> yeah. >> how about now, when the engine sounds goes like this. >> the roar of the engine suddenly turns to more of a -- purr. the ultralight immediately starts to lose altitude. you see the pilot's helmet cam looking around. you see nothing but a sea of trees. luckily a rural road appears. >> a small ribbon of safety through the trees and down they come. >> oh boy. >> you're okay. >> the small craft hits the ground first, but then watch close up ahead there's a
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signpost. >> the wing clips the signpost and that's the second crash you hear. that sends it off into the bushes. >> you're okay. kathy, you're okay, babe. >> there's not a whole lot of information on this video but we talked an experienced pilot and instructor who flies out of georgia. according to him he doesn't believe it was an engine failure. it could be a clutch failure. you do hear the engine continue to run, but the plane seems to lose power. >> i mean you know what, i'm surprised it was only that bad. >> this church's chicken in kansas city had been robbed one too many times, so when these three men walked in, showed a gun. obviously to rob the place. the manager, edward turner decided not on my watch. he reaches over and takes the
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gun. >> whoa! . >> that was a ninja move, man. >> well that was awesome. and the set-up of the store is to his advantage. because they only had that small little area to stick their hands in. >> and with a quick move like that he was able to steal the gun and still be kind of separated from these guys. >> and that was really brave. the gun was pointed at him. once he reached, the trigger could have pulled and shot him. fortunately nobody was injured. they got away with no money. kshb talked to the manager after the last robbery and this is what he said. >> while we are alive we're painting a picture of what we want tomorrow to look like. and that's what i want tomorrow to look like. >> even if they say that's not what you're supposed to do, you go the to respect what he does. >> and you always say on the show, i wish the robber's mother recognizes him and turns him in. that's what exactly happened in this case because one of the guy's mom recognized him. >> even though there's a couple of guys doing the wrong them you
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have people doing the right thing. people living by a moral code and i like do see that. >> the battle of good and evil being played out at church's chicken. [ church bells ringing ] >> this is an example of why dog is called man's best friend. >> this took place in china where the owner apparently fabted in the middle of a roadway. you can see security workers standing around. but look -- this dog refused to move from the owner's side. >> and it's a busy street, it's scary and a lot of noise and traffic. >> listen to the dog, it's barking like, wait a minute, somebody call 911, somebody go get help. i think the dog has seen a lot of episodes of lassie. >> so finally, the ambulance shows up to help this person. they're lifting the person into the ambulance -- >> are they going to leave the dog?
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>> is the dog going to run into the street? >> take the dog with them. >> they have to put the dog in the ambulance. >> exactly. that's exactly what they did. they let the dog stay with the owner. >> waterworks, that's cute. >> i don't think a dog is going to be like, oh, cool, thanks for feeding me for eight years and taking me for walks, peace out. >> staying right there and probably in some ways, blocked traffic from hitting this person and -- ha do do you if your flight is canceled and you're stuck in an airport? >> cry? >> if you're one of justin bieber's back-up dancers, you dance to his hit song -- "beauty and the beast." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> they're not just like step-touching. this is full-on choreography.
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>> it's like a real performance, they're doing it on the chairs and the pay phone and everything else in the terminal. >> this does beat it. >> surely everybody else was bummed out, so this is a show for everybody else that has to sit there. >> justin bieber is on tour in this area. >> look at all the people passing by. they're just walking by, like they don't even notice it. >> hopefully like tsa and security in the airport didn't get mad that they were doing this. >> that's really cool! cold, snowy roads, trucker beware. >> dude, big gate, red, road closed? >> see what the trucker didn't, next. ♪ ♪ this guy sings to the owner of a lost cell phone. >> i got to say -- i like the song.
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beth is here to tell us about this video. >> all-time proposal videos, this one is romantic. chris decides to propose to his girl, kendra at the movie theater. she loves movie, always wants to see the trailers, he makes his proposal, one of the trailers in the previews, before the movie. >> that is awesome. it had to take a lot of planning. head on over to and click on -- >> best of "rtm." i have three chilly-weather videos for you. want to see the most satisfying part of a canadian chilly morning? >> wait a second, that's not the window? >> that's not the window. that's just a sheet of ice that formed right outside the window. that's breaking off. >> probably fast than the defroster. >> you roll down the window, the ice is still there, just crunch, crunch, you got a glove on or
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something to protect your knuckles. >> want to see a really talented pickup truck? >> absolutely. >> look at the exhaust pipe. >> blowing smoke rings. >> no idea how to blow a smoke ring. >> take lessons from this truck's exhaust pipe. make your mouth completely round. you want to see a sem i pi right through a barricade? >> road was probably closed. >> the highway patrol is saying dude, big gate, red, road closed, you didn't see it? >> the reports say the driver said didn't see the sign. >> the highway patrol said we don't believe you and they cited him. >> how do you not see it? >> i think we're going to need a new sign. you find someone's lost cell phone, the noble and honorable thing to do is try to figure out who that person is and give the phone back, we know that. but the much more awesome thing to do is this.
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♪ don't know who you are ♪ but i found your phone ♪ i think you dropped it when you dropped it walking down ranch road ♪ >> this guy recorded this song on the phone before returning the phone to the rightful owner. we learned about the owner and this guy through this song. ♪ yeah you lucked out ♪ it's time to scream and shout ♪ ♪ because i'm nice i'm nice ♪ i'm $150 down ♪ hope you have a nice drink ♪ and finals go well ♪ a♪ >> the owner is a student. >> this is the best way to give somebody's phone back. >> how sweet, it's time-consuming to write a song. >> i kind of like the song. >> i think the song is good. ♪ this is the song for lost phones ♪ >> if this was the start of a
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romantic comedy. the guy would give phone back to the girl, and that's a movie right there. ♪ the lost phone the great thing about this show is that we get to see things that we wouldn't normally see. >> and share it with our audience. >> like this video shot by our friend jeff down in australia. you see a truck coming up the road. you see dust flying. >> what's different about this giant mack truck? >> what's he, what's he, what's he pulling there? >> he's pulling not one, not two, not three, but four trailers. this is basically what -- is called a road train. >> i've seen these before, too. it's such a long overland haul in australia that to make it efficient, they've got to carry as much as they possibly can. >> it's scary to watch it go by. it just, it's like a caterpillar or centipede coming over these
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hills. >> i hope the route is straight because turning this thing, imagine trying to make like a three-point turn? you'd be all over the place. >> are you more respected in the trucker world if you can walk into a place and say -- i hauled four trailers. >> i think so. i think you're measured by, you know, the length of your trailer. >> size does matter in this profession. plastic cups and a bunch of ping-pong balls. >> beer pong for nerds. see how this one blows up, next. >> and cute kids hamming it up. >> cute kids hamming it up. see what jasmine and zane put down on video, "righ
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just $16.99. sizzler.
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great video, all day long. obviously with technology we're able to do x-rays, mris, all kinds of medical advance ths, but watch what we might be able to do now. >> what if instead of fearing the worst when you notice something out of the ordinary, you could identify the condition yourself. getting the right diagnosis would save you worry. and an unnecessary doctor's visit. >> now everyday people might be able to keep track of their health using -- basically just
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their smartphones and cool apps. >> instead of hearing about a viral outbreak on the news, imagine you got an alert. >> this new technology is called scan-a-do. from what i could tell from their press release, it uses images and sound technology and algorithms in order to make a diagnosis. this trailer i'm showing you is a little over a year old but they're now releasing different pieces. different parts of these applications so that people can utilize this in their own home. and it's not incredibly expensive. >> in serious cases, you would know when and where to seek help. >> so far, they've released scan-a-do scout which lets users explore the diagnostic abilities of a clinic and veeconveniently puts those diagnostics into your
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phone. and a disposable cartridge will provide the ability to do this. you're not going to pee on your smartphone. >> let's think about this. i like this, i like the technology, i like when they tell you, people are sick in your area. however, i like it as maybe a jumping off point. but i don't think you can put all your trust in an app. well guys, it's time to say cowabunga on christmas, because santa can surf. not just one santa, a ton of santas, you see them out there hitting the water in their boots, it looks like their surfboards are wrapped up for christmas, right? >> they have big candy canes. >> even a santa lifeguard. >> you see santa is out there with a cool christmas ham on the board. i don't know if the ham gets extra salty on the water. >> that would be good. >> here is santa surfing through a barrel. this isn't just santa surfing with ham.
9:50 am
it's a commercial for as youys in australia for their christmas hams. >> i will say that looks really good. >> even out on a surfboard, wet. >> this is what you have to do to advertise your christmas ham if you're in australia. it's summertime there. so christmas ham, you can't show like snowy santa. you got to show santa surfing. this is santa and his elves. >> and the ham looks delicious. you guys remember the end of semester feeling. class is pretty much done and you want to have fun. that's the case at the university of detroit, mercy. an experiment being done here. it sort of looks like beer pong for nerds, maybe? they've got a bunch of blue cups all over the floor. you see the smoking bottle there. it's a little bit of liquid nitrogen. the guy closes the bottle up. runs away, and the pressure dumping in a bucket of 1500 ping-pong balls. and here's the show -- wait for it. >> wow! >> it even blew up part of the
9:51 am
garbage can. they came out of the bottom. >> ping-pong balls go flying everywhere. >> it's a fundraiser. can you buy a cup for a buck. place it anywhere on the floor yo want. somewhere in that 1500 ping-pong balls is the golden ball. if it landed in your cup, you got $100. >> that's cool. >> that's pretty cool. >> there were other prices available if you managed to catch a ping-pong ball. but the big prize was $100. >> i'm glad it was a bucket. the chances are slim. i'm glad it's a fundraiser. >> people had different strategy, right next to the blue garbage can on the floor, there's a grouping like somebody maybe put $5 or $6 in and grouped all their cups together. no said the ping-pong balls are going to go far and wide. >> look at the grouping, though. play it back again. i think one went into that grouping. watch those cups, a couple get knocked over, but watch. didn't it look like one bounced in? >> i think there were a few
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winners in there. >> it doesn't matter if somebody one or not. it was obviously a fundraiser, so everybody won. whenever you can blow something up, it's always fun. >> did the students have to drink what was in the cup after the ping-pongs made it in? >> no, different game. >> okay. it may not lo like it. but they' making christmas he >> i love learning stuff on this show. >> we've got the video and we can tell you where to see the whole dang thing, next. [ game announcer ] touchdown! and here comes the dunk.
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animals in the holiday spirit. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i've got some videos for you guys of cute kids. hamming it up for the camera. i've got a video of a children theater's production of "aladdin." and the star of this show is 10-year-old claire cunningham. that's her. the jasmine costume. >> oh. >> a big part. >> if you're going to be in aladdin, this is the part you want to play. >> you're a princess. >> this is one of the key scenes of the show. >> he's prince ali. >> i think he's no longer -- >> beautiful little jasmine here. she comes get on the magic carpet. she's going for a ride. aladdin is going to show her the world. and if you're on the magic carpet you're in the sky. >> sure. >> so the children's theater production, they send out the smoke. watch little claire. she knows how to get a crowd going. she's like cough cough. >> and the crowd of course loved her. in that moment, she steals the show. >> now remember i said i had a
9:57 am
couple of videos of kids hamming it up for the camera. this little guy in the red shirt. that's 5-year-old zane holden and that's his dog, zeke. i think they're quite close, here they are, sharing a drink of water. >> i wonder if the mom accidentally calls the dog by the kid's name and the kid by the dog's name? >> the mom's name is zora. >> and baby sister is -- >> zelda. >> zelda and zraoraida. >> and uncle zeus. >> and the cat. zeely. >> the time of the year where everybody has a real or fake decision to make. i'm talking christmas trees, real or plastic? if you're going to get the plastic one, chances are it comes from a factory that looks like this in china. this video is from national geographic in their series -- i didn't know that. here's a look at one of the
9:58 am
factories that makes basically christmas trees. >> polyvinyl chloride. or pvcs to you and me. >> this is how they make a christmas tree that's six and a half feet tall. >> the shredded pvc is pulled through the coil that separates the needles and makes them bushy. >> the branches come out way too long for a christmas tree that would fit into your home or apartment. so they cut these by hand. >> they have robots to do everything and they do this by hand. >> they cut them this way because a mechanical cutting machine would flatten the needles back down. now all that's left to do is attach the branchs to the metal trunks of the trees and it becomes one of the one million trees made here at this factory in china. >> that's cool. you never really sit there and think how is my fake tree made.
9:59 am
it's kind of cool to see the process that it goes through. that's it here for us on "right this minute." we'll see y next time, everyone! [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more.


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