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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 18, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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y. i'm beth troutman. we've put together the day's best video, and let's start talking about them -- "right this minute." a crowd on the ground is suddenly realizing that plane is coming towards us at an ed credible rapid rate. what happened when the laughter turns to fear. [ gunfire ] a guy outside a mall hears a gunman. >> firing off 50 rounds. >> now a shopper trapped inside reveals a scene of panic. >> everyone was running as fast as they could through the mall. like, people were falling over. it was mayhem. >> a sports car driver hits the track for a race. >> everything was going so far so good. >> but only -- >> for so long. >> [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ].
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>> and a zoo visitor comes across -- >> a very friendly elephant. >> why this meet and greet was more meet than greet. >> oh! >> whoa! going to take you guys to germany for an air show. we're actually inside a 28 awe notice, oh, look. sky divers jumping out of the back of this plane. all part of the air show. it's not the sky divers making this video go viral. it's what happened after the sky divers leave the plane. >> and they're gone. the pilot goes into an intentional nosedive. >> why is he doing that? kind of making the skydivers, trying to beat them down to the drive. >> all part of the performance. he holds this nosedive quite some time until he gets incredibly close to this tree. >> get even closer to the ground? >> uh-huh. >> wow. >> oh. man. >> that is insane!
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he has to be an amazing pilot to be able to do this. >> he's coming in at a sharp turn -- for a landing. >> holy cow. >> his wings looks like they could be scraping off the ground at that point. >> we've got footage of this from the ground from the spectator's point of view. watch. >> ooh. >> oh! steven was right. it looked like that wing almost was going to scrape the ground! >> now, you ask if the goal was to beat the sky divers down. it may have been christian. as he slows down, he make as right, and then watch what you see coming in the distance. >> that is awesome. just one day after the tragedy at sandy hook elementary in connecticut, this -- [ gunfire ] >> this is a story you may have
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heard about by now. a shooting in newport beach, california, at the fashion island mall. you're hearing a man in the parking lot firing off what was learned to be 50 rounds into the air. >> and what's so crazy, is the guy who is shooting this video had his wife and daughter inside the mall as he's hearing these shots. he writes in his youtube description in the look at the very center of the screen, right beneath the little red triangle to the left of these palm trees, you can see the shooter. that guy right there. looks like that's the shooter in the parking lot. after all this, 42-year-old marcus gurrolla was taken into custody. police say he reloaded several times. they were able to apprehend this guy without any fight. >> firing 50 rounds up in the air could have come down and hurt somebody during the holiday season where the mall is packed. >> sure. everybody was on edge, obviously, after what happened at sandy hook. only one person was injured, minor injuries from this.
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the police chief believes the motive for this, the guy was unhappy with his life. this was a way for him to vent his problems, firing this gun in the parking lot. inside the mall, a complete lockdown. alison posted on facebook as it was going on. there's ban shooting at fashion island, sam davis and friends are locked in the dressing room. if you know anything, please post it. we are in the dark. we spoke to alisso via skype to see what the situation was inside. >> everyone was running as fast as they could through the mall. people were falling over each other. crying. first 10, 15 minutes, no idea what was going on. iowa nowhere near harm's way, at the same time, not knowing what to do, where to go or what the safest place is, it was very --
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i was very shashg ken. soon as the vinyl doors were lifted at nordstrom, everyone flew out there. so anxious to get out of there and go home. [ gunfire ] and cheetahs live at the cleveland zoo. zookeepers say for a cheetah to get up to full speed, that need about 600 feet. they don't have that at the zoo. the people at the houston racetrack said, hey, don't have horses here right now. bring them on down and let them rung free, and they did. they tied a stuffed rabbit to a little machine. brought the cheetahs and their bet dog tagi and let them run i. think speed up the rabbit. the cheetahs will catch up to it. >> i thought it was great. >> let them go back to natural instincts, hunting for their prey, which they don't get to do. >> i love watching cheat tas
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run. you watch the back leg come out in front of the front leg. that's how they get their speed. we move to thailand where we meet a very friendly elephant. and when i say friendly, i mean friendly. that young man is arthur. >> oh, this is good. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> he is, like, in his grill. she tackles him to the ground. >> i would love to be malled by a baby elephant like that. that is so cute! >> even though she's a baby, she's still an elephant. so, i mean, still weighs a ton. you wouldn't be able to get her off me. >> he seems to be loving it. a huge grin on his face. this is security individual grow a camera on a bus in sydney, australia. >> oh, boy. >> it captured a fight between a passenger on the bus and the 57-year-old bus driver don olsen. it's hard to watch, because that man is kicking and kneeing, and
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punching the bus driver. apparently the bus driver had come to the end of the route, and asked that the passenger, 27-year-old samuel alan smith, to get out of the bus. apparently that made him very angry, and he started attacking the driver leaving him way broken nose, black eyes and cuts on his face. >> oh, goodness. >> apparently working at a very prestigious restaurant in sydney and he also comes from a very well-known winemaker family in california in napa valley that owns the smith ma droen winery. >> did he drink, like two bottles of wine before this? >> reports say he had fallen asleep on the bus after celebrating that he'd been working there about six months. >> this is basically the result of a party and a nap on a bus, and then he takes all of that out on this poor bus driver? >> the bus driver, who apparent
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will had been assaulted 11 times, and after this he finally retired. smith was sentenced to jail and while in court was embarrass bawd he was trying to hide himself behind a beanie, blond wig and embarrassed too. kniss this is not appropriate behavior. a camera catching motorcycle action. guess where this one is heading? >> a couple of rolls there. >> see what the camera catches and survives, next. don't know how they got in the birds nest. >> she seem to be quite cozy. >> moving into the treehouse on >> she seem to be quite cozy. >>[ game announcer ] touchdown! and here comes the dunk. [ male announcer ] everyone loves to dunk. ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's tender, juicy chicken mcnuggets in creamy ranch and spicy buffalo sauce. just $4.99 for 20 of your favorite chicken mcnuggets.
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[ male announcer ] it's a triple-play bundle that's hard to beat. same great price. two whole years. price promise. [ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ every once in a while you get one of those crash videos i've got to say just hurts to watch. it's that time again. here we are with have sports car club racing. video from a car channel. number 58 car.
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mitsubishi lancer. everything is going, so far so good. but i did say this was a crash video. watch this. as he approaches this right-hand turn his left front tire popped, making the car unsteerable. >> oh, ooh! >> you can see there, led this guy straight into this barricade. hits it. pops up in the air, flips over on his side. you see the windshield break, parts flying everywhere. the guy bouncing round eventually lands right-side-up which is fortunate. >> that is a violent crash. >> and it's awful to watch, because immediately everything just starts crumbling at once, altogether, and then the window breaks and things start flying in and out of the car. >> yeah. you can see how secure the driver is in the vehicle. you see the roll bars that are in there designed to keep the driver safe. this guy walked away with a few bumps and bruises. thanks to all of the safety equipment. the car -- not so much. ♪
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pop quiz. in a bird's nest you find what? >> eggs. >> birds. >> wrong. you find a mama cat and her baby kittens. >> what? >> oh -- >> well, cats like to climb. >> uh-huh. this summer in sweden, and this person saw these kittens in this nest, and was amazed that they were just chilling up there. not knowing how they got up there, but they seemed to be quite cozy. >> i wonder how the bird feels when it comes back in the spring, hey, um -- this is our territory where we're supposed to be able to escape from cats. >> well, fortunately, the person that recorded this video also rescued the kittens. put them in a bag and brought them down. >> okay. good. >> so -- kittens are a-okay. you can see, very cozy in this bag right now.
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>> i was afraid you were going to say, mom was going to do like a bird. push them out and say, you've got to land on all fours. >> call 911. and this video, getting closer to christmas, santa's reindeer. >> oh! >> working their way to the north pole. >> warming up? >> getting close. >> stretching their legs. >> yes. >> that's cool. >> training. getting their cardio up. >> i didn't see rudolph. i was disappointed. >> too much of a big celeb. he's got to keep a low profile. >> he's like the bieber of reindeers. >> yeah. a couple of guys out for a ride on their motorcycles. >> and they put up some cameras on their bikes to catch the ride. >> these cameras were brand new sony hdr-as10s. mounted on the back of one biker. that guy the name is jerry, shooting at the other guy who's
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riding right behind him. you're about to get a close up of the road that they're on. >> oh, no. >> ooh. >> oh, man. a couple of rolls there. >> okay. that's not an accident. that's not the bike going down. that's the camera falling off of this motorcycle. the camera wasn't mounted well enough. so the camera goes a tumbling. but watch what happens. the camera rolls around, lands on the pavement, gets hit, not once, not twice -- not three times. >> oh! ouch! >> gets run over at least six times by six different cars passing by. >> all i have to say is, sony should be asking this guy politely if they can use this video in their ad. >> you are absolutely right, gayle, the bike rider would tell you, unintentional durable test for this sony camera. he says the camera was fine, completely still working. the case did come open, but the camera, you can see, not harmed. not eve an scratch on the less. >> and recorded the whole thing.
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>> i'm thinking these going to double bolt that thing down next tile. time. preparing for the zombie happen? we've seen friendly diseases spread like wildfire. >> we're talking to an expert to find out. could it happen? >> great question. >> listen closely, because -- it's so beautiful you might not notice it at first but this pianist
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we all know about prepper, people pleerping for the end of the world. well, there are also people preparing for the zombie apocalypse and the discovery channel is doing a show about it. >> the zombies are down there. you can kind of pick them off. >> no, i'm serious. >> the zombie republicaners have scientific backing. >> lots of contact. that means disease worked through direct contact were be spread very efficiently. >> who could say it couldn't happen? spread like wildfire. >> you're probably closer to the truth than people realize. to talk about it a doctor who is part of the discovery series. welcome to the show, doc. so tell us about what could possibly make human zombies? >> a couple of caveats. metaphors, but i need to go on record and saying, zombies do not exist. >> here's at least a theory ooo-ey have. something wrong with their brain.
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frontal lobe, not fast or hungry. no balance. something wrong with the cerebellum and full of rage. >> is there a region of the brain where humans could possibly crave the taste of human brain? >> you can make people hungry. t there's a region, can be affected by certain viruses and surgically corrected. people will sometime eat, eat, eat sometimes to the point of death. you have to put it in like hunting scenes, like crocodiles. >> what do they prep themselves for? >> they believe there's an impending acpocalypse. >>s is there one that's closest? >> the one is rabies. affects the brain. it makes you unbalanced and spreads itself by biting. there's a problem with rabies. they're not trying to eat you, just bite you.
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toxo -- it affects the -- >> do you attack the double attack or spiimple beheading. >> none of it, if i can. >> see more about zombies on the discovery channel on tuesday, december 18th. check out this pianist who was playing at the chicago o'hare international airport. but listen closely. ♪ >> behind him, he starts playing viral music from the internet. the first one rich ashley's -- ♪ never going to give you up ♪ never going to let you down >> that's not the only song he plays. the auto tune version of the guy talking about how's your kids, how's your wife, called "the bedroom intruder." ♪
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>> hide your kids, hide your wife. >> exactly. ♪ so hide your kids, hide your wife ♪ >> a favorite among us here at "right this minute." "chocolate rain" ♪ chocolate rain >> and couldn't do a viral medically without gangnam style. ♪ gangnam style >> also the auto tune version of the double rainbow video. ♪ ♪ double rainbow, oh, my god double rainbow ♪ >> and then goes right back into christmas carols. ♪ a consumer review from this dude. >> the banana is a little bit different than an apple. if you've never, ever seen or came across a banana before in your life, this would be very helpful. >> what you need to know about
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bananas, next.
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at the san francisco zoo, the penguins have a special message for you, too. >> like, for us specifically? >> well, everybody. but you, too, too. ♪ >> whew! >> i'maliti alitie little freak >> on exhibit december 22nd.
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part of their merry christmas from the san francisco zoo. >> kind of creepy. >> i don't think they're creepy. >> really impressed they can train them to chirp that song. >> like hand bells but penguins. >> yes. [ "jingle bells" ] >> i have a feeling there was editing going on, but i think penguins are pretty cute. >> disappointing you get to the penguin exhibit, let's hear "jingle bells" on three -- >> and all you hear is -- like that. >> she said is best. about to buy electronics, you immediate ly go to review vits. read all about it. but we never read reviews on fruits. >> fruit? >> like this guy. he did a review on bananas. >> the banana is a little bit different than an apple. unlike an apple, a banana is
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shaped this way. >> so he starts off by describing the differences between a banana and apple. >> well, they are different. he's got a point there. >> yeah. >> and then you just pull the tab back and down and you undress the banana. of course, you certainly once again want to avoid eating the [ bleep ]. that part of the banana is inedible. >> this is a very thorough review on a banana. >> yeah. it's like, if you've never, ever seen or came across a banana before in your life, this would be very helpful. >> hmm. soft. it's like -- a banana candy or soda. it's based on this flavor. so that's very similar. i give it two apples. >> and there's his review. he gave his bananas two apples. >> yeah. so go bananas when you seateat
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banana. >> bottom line, bananas are good, and we like bananas around here. >> go banana footage! the new audi, in australia and here's the video to celebrate that. >> this is the audi q5. >> it's a commercial for audi. >> we're seeing it, different locations driving down the street and now we're headed to what looks like the spinning row tunneled da of a parking garage. >> yeah, yeah. >> and the guys driving this audi q5 are not just stunt drivers hired to drive in the audi. they're australia's top drifters. >> so if you buy a q5 your trike will fit in the back. >> and then you can take it out of the q5, get on the trike and drift down this rotunda. >> they're saying this is the suv for a new generation.
9:59 am
so maybe the trikers want to drive the new audi. >> that entire generation of people who are just freaked out triking their life away. >> yeah. it's no longer generation x, generation y. it's generation trike. >> the thing is, you'll be cool and trikin' it. that's going to did did for us here at "rtm." thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow.


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