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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 19, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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antonio, texas. tomorrow night it is the big result. one act will win a $5 million recording contract. and right here on this stage, we're going to have mr. worldwide himself, pitbull, and one direction. that is all tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central. if you want to vote, please remember you can also get the voting numbers on our website at stay tuned for your local news. from "the x factor," good night. thank you so much. we'll see you tomorrow.
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windows shattered and a government car pierced by bullets. new details about a south bay freeway shooting from the man who called 911. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. he was driving on highway 85 when the bullets just starting flying. tonight a marine recruiter is uninjured but his vehicle is a crime scene. matt keller talked to the 911 caller who first alerted police. matt. >> reporter: frank, we learned that a 911 call came from inside this outdoor patio business when a marine pulled into this parking lot when his car was shot this afternoon. marines understand the danger of joining the armed forces but don't expect the gunfire to
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happen at home. deputies say just after 1:00 today an unmarked government car driven by a marine corps officer was shot multiple times. kenneth white saw the pontiac pull into the parking lot where he works with windows blown out and bullet holes in the door. he was asked to call 911. >> what they explained was that the bullet that went across the driver's door lodged itself in the passenger door. he was a lucky guy. >> investigators shut down southbound 85 at 2:00 p.m. as they looked for evidence. they're trying to determine what type of firearm was used. >> some of the things they'll look at, they'll do tray gyrator. try to get an angle of bullet holes. and try to match it up for evidence they find. >> investigators don't believe the marine was targeted because he was wearing a jacket over his uniform and the car was
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unmarked. witnesses say another car with two marines pulled off the highway to help the victim. >> remarkably calm. that's marines for you, i guess. >> in our neighborhood? this is crazy. >> it just goes to show it can happen any time, anywhere and just count your blessings every day. people that you love. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is asking for the public's help and wants to talk with anyone who was traveling on 85 at around 1:00 this afternoon. reporting live in cupertino. >> about 3.5-miles from where that shooting occurred a preschool was placed on lockdown as police searched for three burglary suspects. good samaritan preschool was put on lockdown. the search began when they tried to stop a car that was speeding nearby. three men jumped out of that car. police contacted the school as a precaution. >> we brought our children in
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and we asked them to sit on the floor away from windows and we had the doors locked and the lights out because we didn't know what the situation was. we were being very precautious. >> the school cares for 60 children up to age 5. police have arrested two of the suspects. the third one got away. officers say they don't believe the three were armed. new video now. police in oakland are investigatorring a homicide that claimed the life of a woman this evening. the shooting happened shortly before 7. the victim's name has not yet been released. she is said to be in her 30s or 40s. police on the scene say it appears the woman was walking on the sidewalk when she was fatally hit by a bullet from across the street. officers say it does not appear she was the intended target. >> in richmond city leaders held a public meet to talk about repair plans for the chevron refinery. one of the issues raise homicide to do with the sort of
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material to be used to replace all of the damaged pipe. chevron has picked a product. some people stay a type of stainless steel pipe would be better to use. the city has the final say. one speaker called for someone to be responsible for the choice. >> should this city go forward and choose the wrong metal to replace this, can we ensure that someone goes to jail should another accident occur? >> the fire crippled the crude oil unit that chevron says provides 65% of the jet fuel to bay area airports and about 20% of gasoline to bay area pumps. >> we have a new twist in our investigation of the port of oakland and improper spending less than a week after the port announced the retirement of its director, james quan won't be leaving work there all
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together. how much he will continue to earn there. noelle. >> reporter: ktvu has learned starting next year james quan will continue to work with the port for a period of 7 months, essentially as a consultant. a port spokesman says he'll be a retiree annuitant. working with transition. this is the same james quan who earlier this month along with former port executive director agreed to pay back more than $5000 they spent at strip clubs and charged to the port of oakland. we spoke via skype with kelly who teach business ethics at uc berkeley. >> given the egregiousness of the allegations against him and his team, it seems shocking they would want to continue to associate with what i think is a damaged brand. >> reporter: the port announced his retirement earlier this month on the same day it
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released an internal audit and investigation that revealed some of the credit card holders skirted spending limits. $60,000 in questionable gifts they may violate laws. warren will earn $109 an hour based on his $214,000 salary. quan retires from the port with pension benefits but it's unclear if he'll collect a pension and paycheck at the same time. generally they don't allow retirees to collect a pension and continue to work for a public employer. but there are exceptions. the retiree can't work more than 964 hours a year. and the retiree must have skills the employer needs. >> how many hours a week is that really going to take?
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and is it going to take seven months whereby. >> reporter: the port needs tore more transparent. >> they need to felt truth. somebody else is going to tell their truth. you're doing it right now. >> reporter: we tried to contact quan for a comment but got no answer and no call back. >> nurses picketed outside more than 20 keyser hospitals in northern california today trying to call attention to what they claim are inadequate staffing levels. the california nurse's association oed today's informational picket. the nurses say short staffing is a chronic problem in quizzer emergency rooms. a spokeswoman says staffing complies with and often exceeds state mandated requirements. we do have some imbalances in where we have perhaps too many nurses in one place and one unit and have needs for nurses
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in other units. >> it is hoping to work with the union to create a better balance of staff. >> time magazine has named president barack obama the 2012 person of the year. the editor of time cited what he called the obama effect. the president beat out 15-year- old pakistani activist, am ceo and egyptian president. president obama also received the title in 2008 when he was president-elect. shopper track which analyzes customer traffic is cut its holiday sales forecast. this as shopping slows following the thanksgiving weekend buying frenzy. the company lowered its expectations from 3.3% to 2.5%. shopper track cites superstorm sandy and the tragedy in newtown for the forecast. >> it's another cold night in the bay area. that isn't keeping folks away
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from christmas shopping. amber lee is out. >> reporter: it's a cold, clear night here at berkeley's fourth street shopping district. christmas is next tuesday, but many people are telling us they're trying to get their shopping done by tonight. the holiday lights and smaller crowds made tonight and ideal time to get out to the stores. >> i heard tomorrow was going to be rainy. i was hoping to get things wrapped up today. >> reporter: other shoppers tell us their deadline for buying presents is now. >> i have one more stop and i'll be dunn done. >> reporter: mary bundled up. >> presents for my team at work and just wanted to get them done tonight. we're off next week. >> holidays it does get busy for us. >> reporter: william at pets referral center says the holidays are a busy time. pets have a tendency to eat
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things that are harmful to them when their owners are distracted. he's urging pet owners to make sure their animals are kept warm and dry. if they're housed outside, move their shelters to a warmer spot. >> we advocate to have them indoors. >> reporter: this uc berkeley student is driving home tomorrow to see mom in north carolina where he expects it'll be even colder. he says he'll be keeping a closey on his dog. >> me and this dog don't part really. i work for myself. he stays with me 24/7. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with said they prefer the cold to the rain. >> let's talk more about the cold weather now with bill martin. where are the coldest spots? >> north bay is getting real cold. it is going to be darn cold. no freeze warning, no frost advisories. current temperatures give you an indication of how cold it's
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going to be tomorrow morning. we take a look and you can see some of the temperatures. most of them are in the 30s. check out fairfield right now. they are at 30 degrees. so very cool up in this area. 30 degrees. below freezing already. check out napa, 37 degrees. santa rosa at 34 degrees. we'll see plenty of freezing. things are changing around a bit though. as we go into the next 24 hours, this weather system is going to start to impact us. it will bring in warmer air. there's rain back in the forecast. here's how it goes. very cold tomorrow morning. more frost throughout the bay area. as we get into tomorrow afternoon those clouds thicken up. i'm back here at 10:20. i'll show you what you can expect for your day tomorrow. when the rain starts and when it ends. >> you can get weather information any time at ktvu channel track the upcoming rain with storm tracker 2.
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>> the freemont police department is mourning the loss of one of its own. detective donald george passed away on monday. he he began his career in 1987. from there he joined the freemont police department where he served for nearly 20 years. detective george was known for his big personality and making people laugh. funeral arrangements are being scheduled for late next week. donald george was 48 years old. >> prayers and candles for people they've never met. >> children are just like god himself. >> this bay area group's connection to the tragedy in connecticut and what they hope their actions will inspire. >> a family with a month old baby and no place to stay. the struggle to find housing for bay area families in need. >> the senator versus hollywood. why diane feinstein is outraged. vze=<
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a moving tribute in oakland for victims on the other side of the country. more than 200 people gathered to pray at cathedral of christ the light for the sandy hook shooting victims. a group of kindergarten through eighth grade choir students sang before and after the services. the archbishop placed a wreath of 28 yellow roses for those who were killed last week. tonight a religious community that has also experienced a shooting rampage is remembering the victims
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mourners say this tragedy transcends all religions. >> reporter: this is a sikh congregation of a thousand members which paused to reflect on connecticut's loss. their language not understood by all, but the emotions are universal. members of the sikh community tonight mourned the young ones just like god himself. they are not political. they don't pick fights. that what makes you grieve even more. more painful. >> reporter: prayers for the connecticut families were woven into tonight's weekly wednesday service. >> i watch the news and i'm crying. i don't feel good. my son is 6. >> when it happens to somebody it's very painful. >> reporter: and sikhs know that pain too well. last summer a gunman opened
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fire on worshipers at a temple in wisconsin. he killed six people and wound three others before shooting himself. >> i remember that day too. >> reporter: they still do not know if that attack was random or targeted. >> they just think about we are muslims. that's all otherwise, some people don't know we are sikh. >> reporter: this congregation received widespread support after what happened in wisconsin. >> i was grateful they were doing this tonight. >> reporter: like this schoolteacher and grandmother of four. >> this crosses all ethnicities. really touches our hearts. >> reporter: and the concern will burn long after the candle. >> every time you go to sleep, make sure you give your kids hugs. let them know gods love them. >> reporter: this temple like
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any sikh house of worship is open to any visitor who wants to learn more about their faith. >> those opposed to the opening of a convenience store in san mateo have scored a victory. protesters picketed monday night. early this morning the planning commission agreed that the store is legally zoned for the property. the san jose city council will hold a hearing next month. >> fire officials say a candle was to blame for starting a fire that burned a home in san jose late this afternoon. it started shortly after 4. the fire captain says the fire quickly spread from the kitchen into the attic and roof. the fire was put out in about 20 minutes but caused major damage. an elderlywoman who lived there suffered minor smoke inhalation. firefighters in campbell
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found a man's body inside a burned out storage unit at an apartment complex. the fire started about 1:15 this morning. the coroner's office says the body was badly burned and was not able to immediately establish an identity. firefighters say it the person may have been sleeping in the unit. police are not treating the death as suspicious. >> four top state department officials resigned after a scathing report was released on the deadly benghazi terrorist attacks. the report found quote, grossly inadequate security measures that led up to the attack that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the report didn't call for any disciplinary action, but it did highlight many problems. >> our security systems failed. our host nation was lacking in protection for our own people.
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senior state department officials showed a lack of leadership and management ability. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to testify next month. >> army officials announced they seek the death penalty in the case of a soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians. sergeant robert bales. he slipped out of his remote southern afghanistan base after a night of drinking and steroid use. of the 16 people killed, 9 were children. no date has been set for his arraignment. >> homeless shelters fill up fast on cold nights like tonight. unfortunately that's what happens. however, some families do get lucky and tonight jana introduces us to one of them. >> reporter: they are grateful this holiday for their healthy
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1-month-old baby. all bundled up for his first christmas and thankful to have shell fresh the cold. they lost their apartment in september. left homeless with their two other sons. >> hopefully we can rise above the situation and find some kind of affordable housing. >> reporter: tonight they are among the lucky ones who found a room at the hamilton family center in san francisco. as the temperature drops the director says it's heart breaking to have to turn away hundreds of other families who need help. >> very often they're out in cars, or they're doubled up in situations that they shouldn't be in. >> reporter: the hamilton center has 70 rooms, all full with nearly 250 homeless families on the wait list. >> they have children with them. >> reporter: continuing unemployment and high rents in the city make it especially difficult for families to find permanent housing. >> they often have to move out of the city because the rents
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are so high here now. >> reporter: just started a job at a barbershop and his family east christmas wish is to leave the shelter soon. the center is trying to raise donations so that they can help even more families through this holiday season. in san francisco, jana ktvu channel 2 news. >> as i pointed out it's cold out there right now. it is 42 degrees in mountain view. 41 in san jose. how cold is it going to get? 39 degrees. napa and santa rosa, in the low 30s. 33 in fairfield. it's going to be another cold morning. here's how it goes. tonight the skies clear. here's a computer model. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, a few clouds
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in santa rosa. towards lunchtime it stays up there. tomorrow is mostly sunny, kind of dry there. about 7:00 we see rain showing up in santa rosa. then this system starts to move out and has a big impact on your thursday night and friday morning commute. we'll talk about this model through the bay area weekend. back here 10:45. >> it's been nominated for four golden globes. the portrayal in a new movie that has three senators outraged. >> up first, the push for stricter gun control. president obama's message on the topic today and who will lead the charge.
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president obama called on congress to reinstate a ban on assault weapons and said he will do whatever he can to try to present other tragedies. >> if there is even one thing
10:26 pm
that we can do to prevent any of these events, we have a deep obligation to try. >> president obama announced vice president joe biden will lead a legislative effort for gun control. and will come up with a list of specific proposals in january. the president wants to close a gun loophole allowing people to buy guns from private dealers without a background check. the president's announcement was met with mixed reaction. mike mibach spoke with those. >> reporter: this is canyon sports. >> made in america by dpms. >> reporter: a busy gun shop where the firearms are lined up in cases and on the walls. >> kind of like that insurance policy. probably will never need it or use it. if i do need it, i'll have it. >> reporter: first time gun
10:27 pm
buyer says she supports the president's task force to reduce gun violence and improve mental health resources. >> both should be looked into and regulated. it's a scary thing out there. >> reporter: last month we were with agents as they confiscated guns from those deemed to have a mental disability. this year more than 2000 firearms have been seized from prohibited persons in california from convicted felons to those determined to be mentally unstable. back at canyon sports. >> the responsibility of the owners of the guns and obviously their mental health is a huge concern. >> the firearms purchases are very hot right now. >> reporter: store owner ron kennedy on the president's push. >> true to what he said, he didn't do it in his first four. he has said he wasn't going to, but i think the pressure is pretty high. >> reporter: those we spoke to wanted to emphasize that the
10:28 pm
vast majority of american gun owners are responsible. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today senator barbara boxer introduced two many new bills. provide state and local officials with resources to protect students. one would allow them to add secured entrances. it would allow governors to use federal money to pay for national guard groups. senator diane feinstein is outraged at scenes of torture. she along with two other senators say the interrogation scenes that involve torture are grossly inaccurate and misleading. they sent a letter to sony insisting that the scenes of water boarding are based on fictional narrative. the movie is set to be released
10:29 pm
next month. it's already being mentioned as a strong oscar contend per. >> they've been called a noisy nuisance. how one bay area man inspired his hometown. >> standing guard, how one northern california marine saw the shooting in connecticut as a call to duty. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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connecticuting coverage now of last friday's school massacre in connecticut. today family and friends said good-bye to four more children and two brave adults. the victims who were laid to rest today and tells us what one high school in the area is doing and why the media has been asked to stay away. >> reporter: processions of sorrow for victims of the sandy
10:32 pm
hook school shooting continuing. >> we haven't had to look too far to find sadness. we're finding it again today. >> reporter: mourners saying a final farewell to victoria soto. the 27-year-old is believed to have died trying to protect her students by hiding them in a closet. >> she was a beautiful person and she made the ultimate sacrifice. something that i don't think a lot of people could have done. >> reporter: hundreds of mourners also paying respects to school principal dawn hochsprung. the first person to be killed by gunman adam lanza. four more children remembered today. charlotte bacon, caroline pre caroline -- >> we got to keep going and stay strong and do everything we can. the main concern is the children.
10:33 pm
we will stick together. we will get through this no matter what it takes. >> reporter: tonight the sandy hook community tries to take a step towards normalcy. the newtown girls basketball team. the national media has been asked not to attend to give the families some breathing room. in newtown, connecticut, fox news. >> the shooting in connecticut is serving as an unusual call to duty for a marine from northern california. sergeant craig pusley served two tours in iraq. now he's assigned himself to duty standing outside out elementary school. he has no gun, he isn't being paid and he doesn't take any breaks. >> when i joined the marine corps i swore to defend the country. i'm not active duty any more, but it's still my duty to stand here as an american. >> he says he intends to stand guard tomorrow and then return to his post when all the
10:34 pm
children return to school after their holiday break. >> now an update on a story we brought you last month. it's about a man facing deportation even though he came to the u.s. when he was 4 years old and graduated from a south bay high school. he was released from federal custody yesterday after 3 months months in detention. he was freed pending court cases. his legal advisors say they will continue to try to get him to qualify to stay in the u.s. under the federal deferred action program. >> long time okayland city council member announced a scholarship fund tonight at his celebration of 20 years of service. the party included a live band and a who's who of oakland politicians. it will help students who are
10:35 pm
pursuing higher education. he lost his bid for an at large seat. in fairfax an elderly man is fighting mad over what he calls a vile machine. he's talking about leaf blowers. what he's doing now. >> reporter: douglas green says he's sick and tired of noisy leaf blowers waking him up every wednesday morning. he says the fumes and dust aggravate his pullmy their disease. his frustration fueled a campaign to ban gas powered yard blowers. the 71-year-old man started talking to anyone who would listen. within a few weeks his petition had more than 1300 supporters. >> there were so many people who hate this vile machine.
10:36 pm
>> they're too noisy. i'd like to see them go away. >> reporter: but many gardeners and landscapers consider leaf blowers essential tools. they're willing to abide by regulations, but say an outright ban would increase costs for consumers. >> the leaf blowers are an important part of our industry. we can reduce 4 hours of labor to 15 minutes. >> reporter: green took his petition to the council meeting. they're now researching the issue and plan a public hearing in january or february. >> if we get rid of these things and start using the rake, it'd be better for the planet. >> reporter: green says the issue of banning or restricting leaf blowers is also being taken up by the county. >> we are learning more tonight about this month's smash and grab robbery at the walnut
10:37 pm
creek macies. $125,000 worth of jewelry were taken from the store on december 11th. cameras from both inside and outside of the store provided very little useful information. students at international studies academy in san francisco received a donation of more than 50 computers. they replaced ones that were stolen from the school's library back in oklahoma. today's donation comes from various sources including the san francisco unified school district's information technology department. >> investor concerns pushed the dow lower today. u.s. taxpayers are about to lose billions of dollars when the government sells its remaining stock. the auto maker has earned $16 billion in profits since it received the bailout money but its stock would have to double -- it would have to be worth double its current value for
10:38 pm
taxpayers to break even. supporters say it was still worth it. google says it plans to sell part of its mobility division. the $2.35 billion deal will require government approval. google caught motorola 7 months ago for more than $12 billion, mostly to shield itself from patent lawsuits. >> new video of a frightening scene in china has a knife wielding man injures more than 20 children. what authorities think may have led to that attack. >> we've got rain back in the forecast. it's going to impact your friday holiday commute and your holiday weekend. we'll have details in just 10 minutes. >> new crash test data out tonight. the evidence that luxury does not necessarily equate to safety.
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law enforcement officials are urging drivers to slow down after black ice cause add multicar crash last night near the oregon border. the pile up shut down interstate 5 for 12 hours. new crash tests out tonight
10:42 pm
show moderately priced mid size cars outs perform most of their luxury counterparts. the tests were conducted on 2013 models. 13 of 18 of the cars it tested received a good or acceptable rating with the honda accord at the top of the list. only 3 of the 11 mid sized luxury cars were deemed good or acceptable. we have posted more details of those test results at look for the hot topics section. >> two video of two san francisco police officers racing into general hospital with a newborn they found abandoned in the street. you can see how urgent the situation. the baby boy wasn't breathing when officers responded last week. they didn't have time to wait for an ambulance. so they took the newborn in their cruiser with one officer performing cpr while the other
10:43 pm
one was driving. the baby ended up surviving because of their efforts. his mother though has pleaded not guilty to child cruelty charges. >> chinese officials released video of a knife wielding man who stabbed 23 children at a school last friday. you see the man slash violently at a child who appears unharmed. authorities say the suspect was upset about the mayan doomsday prediction. one child was seriously hurt. an 85-year-old man was also injured. no one died. the attack came hours before the killings in newtown, connecticut. in india, police used water cannons to dispurse protesters over who are upset over the gang rape of a student on a city bus. both were beaten and the woman was raped by several men. she remains in critical condition. womens rights activists accuse authorities of not doing enough
10:44 pm
to stop crimes against women. in russia, a volcano has erupted. it's become a popular tourist attraction. the lava and ash are flowing from the volcano's sides. >> san francisco's car hailing app company won a victory against the new york taxi industry. they announced an agreement with a one year pilot program that allows passenger and drivers to connect with the app. the app has its own pricing structure. >> think your teenager doesn't use marijuana? the staggering results of a new survey. plus. >> we lose this building. we'll lose the neighborhood. >> helping at risk youth, but for how much longer? >> our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the return of rain. he's back with what to expect and when, in a moment.
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an oakland organization that helps at-risk youth is facing eviction from a historic building that was built in the late 1800s. paul chamber tells us why. >> reporter: liberty hall has sat at the intersection of 8th and chester street in west oakland. the building is on the national register of historic places. inside the building is used to better the community. >> we provide services to at- risk youth. particularly in the area of digital media production, television production. >> reporter: there's also a resource center that gets people a little help. >> we have people that come in and they, like their last resort. they walk out with joy and tears in their eyes. >> reporter: the former owner of the building fell on hard times, losing the property in
10:48 pm
foreclosure back in january of 2011. app subsidiary of si tee bank purchased the building. >> we're supposed to be out of here and vacate this historical landmark. >> if we lose this building we'll lose the neighborhood. the neighborhood will lose a lot. >> reporter: the current groups say they can't afford to buy it outright. some are calling on the bank to donate the landmark. >> they want the title to the building. they want to have the building in the community's name to continue with the services they provide. >> reporter: we left messages with the bank but they have not responded to r calls. in oakland. >> pacific gas and electric customers could find out tomorrow how high their bills could go up to pay for the pipeline improvements. the $2 billion program is in response to the deadly explosion and fire two years ago that killed 8 people and
10:49 pm
leveled a neighborhood. the state public utilities commission could announce a decision tomorrow if rates will increase so the utility can pay for improvements. there is word from the federal government that gasoline prices are expected to drop 20 cents per gal loan over the course of next year. higher production will drive prices lower. it sold for $89 a barrel in new york today. experts say they expect that to fall below $70 next year. >> analysts say pot use is on the rise. looking at drug use among eighth, tenth and twelfth graders. more than 45,000 students were surveyed. researchers found among twelfth graders 6.5% smoked pot daily. 3.5% admitted they smoked pot daily and eighth grade pot use
10:50 pm
was the lowest. memorial churches annual christmas bag give away brought out thousands of people today. each hand packed bag was filled with turkey, bread and vegetables. people started lining up early. at one point the line was estimated to be almost a mile long. glide ended up handing out about 5500 bags of food in all. organizers say this year they saw many more elderly people in line. >> it's' cold out there tonight. temperatures are going to hit freezing, right around 30, 31- degrees. the weather system i'm tracking is going to change all that. looks like it's coming in right way. it's not going to get here till tomorrow night. this time tomorrow i'll be showing you showers in the north bay. maybe some showers down around
10:51 pm
san rafael. current temperatures are just cold. 30 in fairfield. 46 in san francisco. 44 at the san francisco airport. a cold one tonight. when the kids head off to school, you head to work, it's the same drill you did this morning. jackets, hats, gloves, whatever you need. after that it ends. the clouds increase by tomorrow morning. the clouds will warm us up. the computer model starts wednesday at 10:00. takes us through thursday. 8:00 tomorrow night there's the showers. raining up in santa rosa. watch what happens here. we get into friday morning late. early, late thursday night into early friday morning. that's the wind and rain event right there. when you head off to work about 8:00 a.m., wet roadways, windy conditions, probably see a wind advisory in effect. scattered showers. that's 8:00 a.m. friday. that's a get away forecast. you get into 1:00 on friday. lunchtime. still trying to get away. trying to get to the mountains.
10:52 pm
go to grandma's house. not going to be that easy. windy and wet. not a consistent rain, but scattered showers. then we get into friday night. you see more activity north and a break here. then we move to saturday. here we are late friday night into saturday morning. a very similar system. punches through. it's really raining out there. it starts to clear up saturday afternoon. friday night into saturday morning. we got another system on sunday. one at a time. these are good systems. they'll produce some rain. not like those last ones we saw. rain totals, couple inches up in the north bay. almost a couple inches. half of an inch in concord. about a half an inch in redwood city. this will be a good rain producer for us. my concern is for the friday morning commute. dead smack dab in the middle of the rain and wind.
10:53 pm
there's the five-day forecast. rain is in the forecast friday night into saturday. more rain on sunday. >> sal and steve will be over that friday morning. >> bundle up. >> thanks, bill. mark is up next with sports, including tonight's warriors game. [ male announcer ] december is customer appreciation month at subway restaurants. saying thanks is a great deal because we're offering $2 six inch subs -- the cold cut combo or meatball marinara.
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not that they were blown off the court, but sacramento might have exposed a little warrior weakness. they cannot seem to get physical with the teams like the kings. down most of the way in sacramento. david lee keeps them in it early at least. he had another 29 point night performance. 8 rebounds as well. the kings up as many as 19 in the second half. however, warriors 27-7. spurs ignited by curry. threads the three. he had 32. fouled out. warriors up one. sacramento might go inside. they had 50 points in the patient. they were 11/19 from three. 131-127 is the final. warriors lose a rare one on the road. when you're number one, everyone comes gunning for you. stanford nearly becoming a huge story for all the wrong reasons on the women's court. number 21 south carolina game
10:57 pm
cox just about pulling off the upset of the year. all tied. 2:30 left. stanford trailing by a bucket. with 53 seconds left, mckayla. watch this shot. she'll get it to drop. just barely. it'll hang on the rim. their perfect season is still alive. stanford is 10-0. creeping ever closer to household name status, cullen kaepernick has the attention of the national media after outdueling tom brady. ck is the nfc offensive player of the week. as you would expect from a leader, he says it's not all about me. >> i think it's a great accolade for this team. there's a lot of great players on this team that put in the event for that to come around. >> it's a nice thing to be
10:58 pm
voted as all the. we're always happy for the other guys success. sometimes a rising tide lifts off ships. >> he's a look at an up and coming kaepernick in basketball. fifth grader playing on the varsity high school team in his area. he's 4'5" tall. he's a starter. as you can see, he shoot, he can dribble, he can do it all. in orlando, florida. and his dad is the coach. so that might have something to do. >> he's pretty good though. >> run under the legs and run around. >> fifth grader. and as you can imagine, his dream is to be in the nba. >> he may be. thanks, mark. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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