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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  December 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we're watching a story right now of a homicide, the victim, a teenager girl. a 4-year-old girl and her grandparents killed in a fast moving fire in the soubt bay. the 1 question investigate -- south bay, the 1 question investigators want answered. >> we'll show you what happened after a car crashed into a chapel. >> good anxiety. welcome to a special -- evening. heather and ken are off tonight.
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we begin with developing news from oakland where piece are investigating a homicide involving -- please are investigating a homicide of a teenager girl t. happened about 3:30, a few blocks from the oakland --. a group of teebs were walking through the apartment -- teens were walking through the apartment complex when a gunman opened fire and killed the girl and wounded the boy. the shooter is described as a teenager boy, 13 to 16 years old who fired on the group from ground level. he is still on the run. there's no word on a motive. fire swept through a san jose apartment killing a grandfather and grandmother and the granddaughter. he met stunned residents, grieving family and learned of a he officeric police officer. >> reporter: the police are still out here right now.
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take a look. you can see the fire was largely confined to this 1 apartment. pg and e shut down gas to the entire building. the entire apartment building is vacant. the family that lived up there ask groving and -- is grieving and in shock. families displaced by the deadly fire returned home to gather essentials. >> maria told you me today she came back to see if she could gather anything from their apartment because she says we have nothing. we weren't able to take out anything. still, she counts herself lucky. she livers -- lives directly be low the family that died. today, the 4-year-old's mother was grief stricken. what's sad is what happened. there lives cannot be replaced. firefighters say the fire broke
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out at about 11:00 last night and say they were able to put out the fire quickly. in addition finding the decease the, they treated others for smoke in hill lagz. >> our e they made entry into the resided pulls a resident out. >> i talked with the police just in the last few minutes and they told me the officer who was there was treated spoke inh s hilation. >> as with any fire, arson investigators are looking to see how the fire started in the first place. live in san jose. about an hour ago, we learned secretary of state hillary clinton has been admitted to the hospital for treatment of a blood clout. the doctors discovered the clot
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during a follow up exam. she was admitted to a new york city hospital where doctors will monitor her at least 48 hours. she has been recovering from a stomach virus. she had been planning get to work this work. the government from going over the flip, yet as the -- fiscal cliff, both republicans said they will not vote tonight. they will reconvene tomorrow morning. >> the vote on spending cuts and tax high school thaksd prevent the u.s. from going -- hike, from -- going over the fiscal cliff, still in the final hours. >> the house and senate convened for rare sunday sessions in hoping of bridging major impasses. >> conversations and discussions continue and we remain hopeful that'll get a breakthrough. >> we'll pass a minimalist bill so that we won't go over the
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cliff and then i think we have to go from there. >> on nbc's meet the press, president obama made a final pitch for his plan to preserve bush era tax cuts for welt healthy americans. >> a mijor sticking point continues to be -- major annual sticking point, the threshold has waiverd from $250,000 to as high as millionion dollar. the country doesn't have a tax revenue problem. t has a spending problem. john boehner issued a statement saying republicans have made every effort to make the balanced agreement that the president promised the american people. we've been reasonable and respondent. the president is the 1 who's never been able to get to yes. >> what i ran on and what the american people elected me to do
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was to put fourth a balanced approach. >> despite the ongoing blame game, there is consensus on 1 thing, time is running out. a teenager driver led to the crashed into a concord funeral home this afternoon and police suspected damage was the result of a straight race. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon, during a service. >> all i can tell you is when it happened i turned around, the car was feet from both of us. dave is at the scene right now. coming up at 630, she'll bring us a live report on what happened and what police are learning. and it was a very cool you but dry day around the bay area. now with a look at how chilly it could get overnight. the coolest locations will be in the upper 20s, so once again, frost will be concern as we head into monday morning. right now on the maps on live storm tracker 2 we have mostly
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clear skies over a portion of the bay area. temperature dropping off rapidly this evening. we are already talking about some 40s out toward fairfield, concord, santa rosa, 47, downtown san francisco 50, and san jose, that left check reporting 47. once again, overnight we are talking about some frost for the inland valleys toward santa rosa, napa, fair feerld, liver month, antiach. this will be the case not only tomorrow morning, but tuesday morning and wednesday morning. a forecast for your monday, you'll see temperature, the coolest locations, tomorrow morning in the upper 20s for santa rosa and napa, 28 to 29 degrees, sfan at 40 -- san francisco at 40, fairfield starting off at 29 degrees. here is the bigger perspective
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on the satellite. you'll notice the weather system offshore. anything up i'll let you know when the cloud cover moving in and if we have any showers to worry about tomorrow night. 745 at century liquors in the 3,100-block of middle field road, an employee at the store said 2 men threatened him with handguns before stealing cash and alcohol. police searched. they did not find anyone. oakland is asking for help finding 3 people. a 1,600-block of 36 avenue. 2 victims were struck and taken to the hospital. the second shooting took place after midnight on the 7,800-block of nay street. that victim was also sent to the hospital. all 3 victims are reported 3 in stable condition and no arrests have been made.
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>> today marks 1 year since a 5-year-old oakland boy was shot and killed while playing near his father's taco truck. the boy died in his father's arms. that father is calling on police to solve this case in the coming year. >> at 55th and international, gabriel was shot by his father's taco truck. i cried every day. >> gabriel senior says he fell apart after his son's death, closed his body for -- business for months then decided there was too much unfinished business. >> my life had to be changed. >> now 2 days before the new year, the martinez family has a resolution, to call on the community to help the oakland police department solve this case. >> it's been a year and nothing has happened. we're just angry. >> police relieved this video
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of the car carrying the alleged shooter. the martinez family hopes the people protecting the gunman who police believe look like this, have had time to reconsider and recognize the real victims. >> i hear the ambulance, the police, gunshots, and i think who's next. >> gabriel martinez senior is focused on saving the family's business and redirecting the family's grief. in east oakland, patty lee, ktvu news. >> a 9-year-old boy's in critical condition after clieting on his dirt -- colliding on his dirt bike. >> boys were wearing protective gear. the-year-old suffered a -- 9-yard suffered a head injury -- 9-year-old suffered a head injury. >> san miguel and cowl road,
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according to the times, a 28-year-old ran a red light before crashing his car. he was treated and booked into county jail. police have on not released his name. a college student accused of a deadly hit-and-run is due to be arraigned tomorrow morning. he is suspected to run into a group of pedestrian earlier this month. the victims were thrown down a hillside, a 56-year-old grandmother died at the hospital. he faces charges of driving under the influence. she was been jailed on $2 million bail. prices for just about everything you buy in california are about to go up, we'll tell you why. and the newest figures in. we'll tell you how retailers did this holiday seasonal. and congress acts on the farm bill. hear how it affects prices at the grocery store ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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. at least 9 people are dead
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and more than a dozen injured following a tour bus crash in oregon. the oregon state police say the bus hit a patch of ice, lost control, and crashed down an embankment. crews have used ropes to get people back to the interstate. it's believed there were about 40 people on the bus. there is no word yet on where it was coming from are or its destination. president obama has designed a 5-year extension of the u.s. government's authority to eavesdrop on foreign spies and terrorists. it allows u.s. intelligence groups to monitor phone calls and e-mails without and court order. the rule does not apply to americans for whom the government still needs a warrant to legally conduct surveillance. new california law include efforts to better protect children. coaches and administrators in schools will be required to report suspected child abuse and it will be a misdemeanor if a parent or guardian fails to report the sdreerence or death
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of a child -- disappearance within dwo hours. other laws increase protection from foreclosure, a state pension including a higher retirement age, and low nothing workers. >> -- low income workers. >> anyone who shops in california, more on the statewide sales tax and the last push to save money before that happens. this is just 1 component of the new law and it raises the sales tax a quarter% for the next 4 years so some of spending trying to buy their big ticket items now, others say it's just 1 more reason to save. >> ask the sales staff at honda of oakland and they'll tell you now is the time to buy. >> better prices on the cars, better aggressive rates and you're saving on taxes. >> starting january 1st rs sales tax will be going up, a quarter% statewide thanks to the voter approved prop sigdz 30. >> what does -- proposition 30.
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>> what does it mean on a big ticket item. >> every dollar counts but it's not a huge thing. >> we did think a little about that it didn't have a really big bearing. >> it's comparison to other economic concerns. >> it's juf the unsurnt, the flip and -- just the uncertainty and how things will pan outgoing forward. >> experts agree, in the past a looming sales tax hike would have inspired a shopping frenzy, but not now. >> we're just in a massive amount of tax confusion and the uncertainty is putting brakes on spending in general. i just think you should save money while can. >> still, some are spending here at the albany target. mr. williams knew he needed a tv and figured he'd save a few dollar today. >> why not save now.
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the sales tax will now be somewhere between 7 and i half and 10% depending on where you live. the good news for shoppers, the increase does not apply to guess. ktvu channel 2 news. >> early news from bay area shopkeepers suggest sales were up this holiday season. the san jose news reports strong job growth in the 9 bay area counties drove holiday spending. elsewhere, some brick and mortar had little or no sales growth. they blame sandy on the slow down and online national sales figures were up about 22% from last year. instagram's rumors that its losing members isn't true. >> app data is claiming 25 % loss in membership after they
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changed the terms in service. those figures aren't accurate. global shortages on wheat and so are causing feed prices to gun putting pressure on farmers. >> farmers in britain say the problem with supermarkets are not saying pork producers enough to make a profit. farmers estimate they lose about $16 on every pig alcohol soon cause an hike in all dairy prices. agricultural committee agreed to a 1 year of the expiring u.s. farm bill. without that, milk prices could go up. >> consumers will be in shock when instead of seeing $3.60 a gallon, they see $7 a gallon. >> it would rise gradually, not jump. they will vote tonight. >> california has started to
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make progress in the infant mortality rate among african-americans. new numbers say the mortality rate among african are americans fell between 2008 and 2010. the news is encouraging but also point out african-american babies often die twice as often as caucasian infants. >> saying good-bye to a new york firefighter killed in an ambush. >> the president talks blankly about the sandy hook shootings and shares his thoughts on the proposal to have on on guards on campus. and we told you about a multibillion dollar paycheck for hurricane sandy. find out mora that ahead
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1. tonight, a funeral in webster new york for 1 of 2 volunteer firemen shot and killed in an ambush on christmas eve. they are paying respects today. they were killed by 62-year-old ex-convict who set his own home on fire and waited for first responders to to arrive and shoot them. al-quida's branch in yemin
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said they would pay a million dollar who killed the leader. the bounties were meant to quote inspire our muslim nation. >> attacks like the 1 that killed the u.s. ambassador never happen again. >> when you read reports and what we have seen based on our internal reviews there was some slop iness, not initial, in terms of how we secure embassies in areas where you essential don't have governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassy. >> on september 11th of this year, terrorists ambushed and quilled u.s. ambassador slit -- killed u.s. ambassador, and an attack in taniesia days later. after they disappeared
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thursday, and 19 shiat pilgrim's died after a dommer ramed a car into the -- bomber rammed. the blast injured 25 other people, several of them critical. >> in india today, protests continued in the nation's capital following the death of a woman who was gang raped and beaten on a new deli bus. the woman who has not been identified was cremated in a private sorry money. her body was returned from siveng -- ceremony. prime minister was on hand to meet the special heir in the light carrying her body. the 6 men arrested in connection with the crime are now facing murder charges. >> and in china today, preparations are underway for the unyou'll ice and snow -- ann
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usa ice and no festival. performars are getty ready for -- per mommers are getting ready. with more than two thnd2,000 sculptures. meanwhile, u.s. declined this year to 2,095 deaths as of yesterday down to 404 last year. the defense department says 1,701 us troops have been killed in action in afghanistan. president obama announced this weekend he'll presented package to congress to make sure the shootings in newtown connecticut do not fade from public attention. it certainly won't feel like that to me. this is something that -- that was the worst say of my presidency and it's not something that i want to see
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repeated. >> the president admits will be resistant, but for congressional leaders willing to make a change in gun laws, he says armed guards in schools will work. >> i am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools. and i think the vast majority of the american people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem. a half dozen teachers took a firearmed training course, some who had never handled a gun. the population is not only affected by the shootings, but the movie theater shootings in july killing i 6-year-old girl. >> according to the marin, the community have given $10,000. officials plan to offer $200 for
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automatic weapons and riflefle. the bill faces an uncertain future in the house. >> there are a couple of reasons why the $60.4 billion bill may languish in the house. they are you've xhaufr able with the costly package -- xhaufr able passed by the senate. -- comfortable. or at least include some spending cuts elsewhere to offset the cost. 1 gop congressman from south carolina. we live in hurricane alle yeshgs, we absolutely have to pay for it. we cannot continue to borrow this much money. we have to find that savings someplace else. >> the possible hole left in
6:29 pm
th house prompted the governor's of new york and connecticut to send a letter to lawmakers leaning on them to loan the money. >> the senate has the money and there's no reason the house shouldn't do the same. house speaker john boehner who has said that he does support some kind of sandy aid has not decided to bring it up for a vote in congress which ends on thursday. if they don't vote on it by then, then the bill will expire and the next congress will have to start on it all over again. in washington, molly henneburg, fox news. >> a reward in finding a victim in marin. >> and the people in this funeral home, this his why this damage was not caused by flames. we have the story. and you have travel plans,
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what travel agency are doing to handle holiday traveling. >> and the new ipad apis ready to download -- app is ready to download. we'll have your breaking news any time, anywhere
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ready to download. we'll have your breaking news any time, anywhere . police are looking for a car that crashed into a fup -- funeral home today as services were about to begin. good timing saved his life says a man. >> that's right. the funeral director at the funeral chapel says he's lucky to be alive. he was inside that lobby when
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the crash happened. you can see the damage that was caused that went through the front of the building. >> the damage is also claiming evidence on a che nova involved. concord police are asking whether the driver lost control spinning into the chapel at 4125 clayton road around 130 this afternoon. 2 teenagers were inside, ages 16 and 17. paramedics rushed both young men to the had hospital with serious injuries. 1 man still lingering in the foyer before services was set to begin was struck and hurt bad enough for parmidics to transport him in the hospital had. right now officers are interviewing the teenagers who believe the second driver was not involved. >> the second driver returned to the scene and we were able to identify him.
6:34 pm
3 witnesses and the witness accounts has been detained for this speed driving allegation. >> we heard what we thought was an earthquake and we saw the car rareining through the front -- car. police are asking others if they saw the crash. we'll have more for the story tonight at 10. reporting live in conorder to. a $5,000 reward is being offered by a family of a man who went missing after jumping into a creek in marin county last week. anthony donaldson disappeared last week to ward a field sobrie sobrie sobriety test. >> the chief in 1992.
6:35 pm
he's been in law enforcement for 45 years. fremont police capital richard lucero has been named interim chief. the alameda was pointed -- a pointed by the board on friday. he served as the intur urm chief since the -- interim chief. >>. since friday more than 700 drivers have been arrested state wise for driving under the -- statewide for driving under the influence. during the chp's mam, they will be looking for drivers. >> since friday more than 123 people have been arrested for
6:36 pm
suspicion of driving while intoxicated. last year, 161 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. aaa is doinging it part with -- doing its part with a free ride and tow home to those who have been drinking. they can get their cars towed and get a free read for up to 10 miles from 6 p.m. new year's eve and tell the operate you need a tipsy tow. you do not need to be an aaa member. >> you can leaflet car at home and take -- leave the car at home and take bart. to prevent over crowding, oast bay will skip montgomery street or embar cader row. do you not have to stand in line for a ticket after midnight.
6:37 pm
san francisco offers free rides through the night. free fashs begin at 8 f.m. -- fairs begin at 8 p.m. and end at 6 in the morning. cal train will add extra trains southbound after midnight until 2:15 a.m.. those rides are also free. >> redwood city police announced an operation silent night for tomorrow night's new year's eve. the department says it hopes to reduce random gunfire through education and prosecute people using firearm toes make a holiday. the redwood city officer said they will be using their shot spotter gun low karnt system to pinpoint where are -- locator where guns are being used. when it comes to the lottery, some say it's gentlemanling -- gambling, others say it's an investment strategy. lottery is up hoping to be that 1 m a -- 1 in a million winner.
6:38 pm
here's the story. >> in states across the nation, lottery sales were 35ing and according to the experts, it has -- thriving. it has a lot do with the economy. even when times are tough, lottery rakes in the dough. >> they have dreams and they were apparently living out those dreams through the lottery. >> fiscal 2012 saw lottery sales jump 9% which itself was up 7% from 2010. >> we respond by thinking of it as just a fun recreational activity, a fun way to give flight to our imagination of what we might do if we won a million dollar. >> and states see it as a way to supplement lost tax revenue. >> in california, which has the nation's 30 highest unemployment rate, lottery sales are up 20 percent. >> and rhode island's gamblers
6:39 pm
dumped 7% more in 2012 everyone as the state's jobless rate climbed to number 2. so why the trend when we know the odds aren't in our favor? >> you're about a hundred more times to die from a fresh eating virus. >> still there's no chance of winning if you don't play and that instant hope that keeps people coming back from more. some experts disagree. >> hang on to your dollar. >> they don't have anything against the lottery per se, they just suggest looking at it as a recreational expense, not an investment traj. if you're headed to the sierras, be prepared for a long drive, what they are warning travelers about the expected drive time to tahoe tomorrow. >> and it was clear but chilly around the bay area today, but will it stay dry and clear for new year's eve? >> stay tuned. we'll be here with a look he holiday forecast d two shows.
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1. people in the northeast are digging out from the late of the storm. more than a foot in parts of massachusetts. they say its first snow since january and temperature are expected to hover around freezing the rest of the week. >> if you're getting ready to head up to tahoe or rino, you may want to leave now. travel times will double tomorrow. it was bumper to bumper and they are warning people about the expected traffic jam for that return trip to the bay area. >> you know that trip all too well. >> . it's going to be cold here, very cold in tahoe. >> right now we'll take a look at some of the current numbers
6:43 pm
across southern california. we have calm and fair conditions in the tahoe region. tomorrow, 19 in trucky. minus 9. that's how cold it will be in the sierras, minus 6. still, that's an extreme chill across parts of the state. right now, we have some pretty cold numbers as well to talk about. not as chilly, but still want to bundle up out toward fairfield and concord. san francisco in the upper 40s and 47. so for tomorrow morning, starting out monday, starting the day in the upper 20s to the 30 to the 40 it is right near the immediate show liar, but shoreline. primarily into the low to mid 50s. somewhat of a recovery. >> here's a begger perspective with a clear skies -- bigger perspective, there is a weather system and this will be a factor
6:44 pm
as you head into the new year's eve forecast. tomorrow morning, clear and cold. you'll notice a few high clouds, once again some patchy frost to deal with first thing monday morning and then into the after hours we'll thicken up the cloud cover with partly to mostly cloudy skies, with a slight chance of a drizzle, really not a big deal. these will be moving through rapidly. >> here is our forecast model. monday morning with mostly clear conditions maybe a few high clouds and then into the afternoon, on the increase by 3:00. look what happens by tomorrow evening as we greet 2013, clearing skies already but with the clearing skies temperature do drop off rapidly and new years day looks great. >> here's a forecast high for tomorrow, wrapping up 2012 and these numbers not a big change from today. low to mid 50s out toward san
6:45 pm
francisco, oakland, santa rosa, 53 degrees, and if you are making plans, as you can see throughout the evening for new years, here's a look at the projected numbers at 8:00 and already upper 30s to the lower 40s and midnight hour happy new year fer 2013, temperature dropping down into the upper 30s. leave the umbrella but bring the thick coat. here's is a look ahead, your 5-day forecast and we'll bring in just a few clouds for wednesday. looking okay, a few extra clouds by thursday. if you'll notice there are no rain clouds showing up on this 5 to 7-day forecast, just partly cloudy skies, but definitely want to bundle up at least first thing tomorrow and tuesday morning with the frost making a come back. cold and sunny. thank you, mark. >> well, when a florida father to be bit his son to have a facebook couldn't, the boy
6:46 pm
didn't realize the -- account, the he didn't realize he would start his own social media site. >> he shut down saks's 600 friend -- zax's 600 friend site. >> i told him go ahead. good luck. i figured it would never happen, and guess what, it happened. >> and did it happen, children who sign up on the site need their patients to register them and parents are -- it's in its first four months. they have attracted by 7,000 users. time is rung out for san francisco exploratoryium to visited the science musuem. they were the first of their kind in 1969 when it got their start at the pallace of fine
6:47 pm
arts. the campus is expected to open in april. raider it is wrap up their season as a prior debut. >> plus the 49ers with a clear day, but it was enough give san francisco the win. we'll tell you after the break. sports rap is next i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt.
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i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . how's it going? welcome to this early edition of sunday sports wrap. quite a honey do list this afternoon and they take care of everything in their power and get a little bonus thrown in to boot making for pay most
6:50 pm
satisfying conclusion to the regular season. capper nick getting the start, looks pretty pumped up. crabtree, 49 yards touchdown and the 49ers take their first but not last lead of the afternoon. >> still in the second, 276 yards, crab are tree again. that -- crabtree again. that is a spectacular snatch. this setting up david acre's field goal attempt and they've got a problem there. he misses. 49ers lead only 7-6 at half-time. problems with the field goal kicking continue. smith not in the line up again. the 49ers of the 10-6 lead now
6:51 pm
with ricky, following that up with and patrick on third and long makes the play on woman powell and the 49er offense takes over and that would mean c ap ernicd, again, a perfect pass. touchdown, crabtree, a second of the game, 49ers with a little record setting. frank gore will rumble into that with a touchdown. first career rushing touchdown for him. that's a team record. breaking that of joe perry and roger kraig, the franers -- craig, the 49ers. january 12th 5 p.m., pacific time. they don't know what they will play yet, but that team better know patrick willis well be there with his big boy pads on. >> i remember those first four year what is it felt like. this time of the year you're playing for pride and playing for -- just to go into the off season
6:52 pm
to go better. now, these last 2 seasons, to be playing for something, it's a blessing. the news just gets better in minnesota, thank you vikings from all fans of the 49ers, aid 8 peterson, the man, up the middle 7-yard touchdown as he was seeking to break dickerson's record. the 4 urlth quarter you knew rogers -- fourth quarter you knew rogers would bring them back. thereof all but the ensuing vickings, 24 seconds last, through a whole on the left side, down to the packer 12, peterson would finish the day with 34 carry, one hundred199 yards. the vikings are in the playoffs as the number 6 seed and securing the fact that the niners would clench the second
6:53 pm
seed and a first round by. meantime, everything out on the table tonight back east, dallas and the redskins, anxiety old -- age old rivals, the winner winner eastern nfc title at steak. >> a hundred 50 pounds in the last 3 games not against the rams, although russell wilson not able to find an open receiver. tuck and run for the touchdown, wilson with 250 yards throwing 2 touchdowns, rams drive down to the 29 with less than a minute to go, quarterback bradford picked up by sherman to seal a victory for seattle. 49ers saw enough of that guy last week. 20 to 13, seahawks clench the fifth seed. >> there was only 1 reason to watch the raiders game and that was to take a look at the first professional start for a young quarterback, and it was
6:54 pm
entertaining, a little glimmer of hope there. chargers to meek oakland -- meet okay land this year. michael purlock on the -- spur lock will go untouched up the middle, 99 yards. where is your special teams defense? not there. san diego chargers with an early 7-nothing lead. heyward, dhp, touchdown 9 yards and the raiders on the board at least, 10-7. third quarter now charges 17-7 this time to alexander, 34-yard touchdown pass and the chargers have a commanding 24-7 lead, but raiders don't lay down. prior on the bootleg, and for the short 4-yard touchdown run those are the bheels that could lead a good -- wheels that could lead into the raid ares future. he'll find moore in the back of
6:55 pm
the end zone with a scramble. the raiders cannot recover the on side kick and they finish the season with another loss. they have gotten defeated 15 of their last 18 games. on the year, another miserable season come to its conclusion with 4 mins, 12 losses but that little -- wins 12 losses. coming up in the second half of the show we've got the rest of the afc playoff picture for you and chuck making his emotional return to the kolt sidelines, we're coming -- krolt sidelines -- colt sidelines, we'll be right back you know how much grandma
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rethink possible. 1. and we welcome you back to the second half of sports wrap. if not the feel good story of the season, the colts this year everything goes right on the field and the news off the field
6:58 pm
very encouraging as well. their head coach recovering from cancer returns to the sidelines. texan's head coach applauding that return. hailing 16-14, caream up the middle and touched 101 yards. he can move it. picking them up, laying it down. colts would take a 21-16 lead. luck threading it to tie hilton and he is gone 70-yard touchdown, the colts win in chuck's return, 28-16. look how excited the colts are in the locker room for their coach. he's got them dancing. like i said, just the feel good story in the nfl. they always say it's all about when you peak in an nfl season as the broncos got it rolling or what? leading 14-3, peyton manning connects with decker, the end zone, and 1 handed grab. they wind up 38-3, winners over the chiefs, clenching the number
6:59 pm
1 seed in the afc and the playoff picture is set in the afc, the broncos getting that top slot followed by new england, an easy winner over miami. then playing houston will be hosting since nal i and the ravens will host -- cincinnati and the ravens will host. >> that's a good long sports cast. thanks mark. all right. coming up on the 10:00 news, we will have more on that shooting in east oakland that ended with a teenager girl dead. >> plus taking on washington and we'll have the latest on the fiscal cliff talks. we'll see you bag -- back here at 10:00


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