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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 2, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it's wednesday, january 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. still can't talk. let's get a quick look at your traffic and weather. i may have been a few minutes later to work today i was waiting for that windshield to defrost. >> but you told us yesterday. >> is it cold out there? >> balmy. >> we do have frost warning and frost advisory and freeze warning out. take us until 9:00. already 20s and 30s. even then i think there is cool temps. it will be sunny and a little warmer today. traffic on highway 4 looks pretty good. here looking at 680 heading down to the bottom of the hill that looks good. coming up on 5:00 let's go back to the desk. developing news from the east bay. we've been telling you about since 4:30. a water main break on a very
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busy street in hayward. we're live with the camera right where the water is gurgling up. it is causing problems right now. this is on jackson street and santa clara. they've got a problem out there. the workers are out there. the police are out there. the water is flowing into the road. eastbound traffic on jackson is closed but the westbound traffic is still open. as you can see it got a mess. firefighters are working to get that water turned off. ktvu news crew has been there since 4:30. we're going to get a live update. a new update coming up at 5:30. happening now as we were just talking about it's freezing cold around most of the bay area right now. with some temperatures dropping into the 30s and even the 20s. ktvu tara moriarty is live in walnut creek with more on the freeze warning. how cold is it there? >> 29 degrees. and you can really feel it. it's cold. it was 30 degrees when we first arrived but it's dropped a degree here on the bank sign
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here. is a freeze warning is in effect for your north bay valleys and mountains until 9:00 this morning. and a frost advisory in place for bay side cities in santa clara valley. temperatures are frigid in livermore, redwood city, napa. be advised it's a spare the air day. even though it's cold it's illegal to light fire logs or pellets. coming up a little bit later we'll tell you how much it's supposed to get what the temperature will be like a little bit later today. live from walnut creek i'm tara moriarty. time now 5:01. is a fiscal cliff deal is now a done deal. late last night the congress and white house hammered out a deal. the house of representatives passed a senate bill that protects 99% of americans from an income tax hike. >> a central premise of my campaign was to change the tax code. that was too skewed toward the wealthy at the expense of
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working middle class americans. tonight we done have that >> president obama is right now as we speaking flying back to hawaii. he's resuming the family vacation he cut short in order to deal with that fiscal cliff. here are some of the details of the fiscal cliff deal that was passed last night. a perm extension of previous tax cut for all taxpayers expect for individuals that make $400,000 a year or couples that make more than $450,000. the bill continues unemployment benefits for long-term jobless. and postpones a decision on controversial spending cuts for two months. even though congress acted to avert income tax hikes on most americans, your paycheck will still shrink in 2013. ktvu janine de la vega is in san jose right now to explain about the end of the payroll tax holiday. what does that mean?
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>> reporter: dave, we plan on talking to people as they make their way to work today because the ending of the payroll tax all effect people's paychecks. here is what you need to know. for the past two years americans were enjoying a boost in their paycheck. this payroll tax cut lowered the social security tax from 6.2% to 4.2%. that was an emergency measure put back into place in 2010 to help boost the economy. now the payroll tax is bouncing back up to 6.2% which means less money in your paycheck. here's a break down. the average family making $50,000 a year will see their paychecks decrease by $1,000 a year. the average family making $75,000 a year will see a drop of $1500 a year. the average family making $100,000 a year will see $2,000 less annual. congress was foe cushioned on preventing deeper spending cuts and bigger tax hikes.
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reporting live in san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> the last minute deal to prevent the fiscal tax did nothing to cut the deficit. coming up at 5:15 the two big pieces of unfinished business the new session of congress will have to deal with in the coming weeks. deadly high speed crash in san francisco outside of a liquor store is still the focus of a police investigation and the arrest of the driver was all caught on video. it happened yesterday morning police with guns drawn as you can see there moved in on the unidentified subjects car. the suspect was arrested and being treated for minor injuries. they did find a gun inside that car. minutes before that arrest, the driver crashed into a white toyota at 21st and vaness. and surveillance video captured that crash as it happened. this all started with an
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earlier short of shots fired. police later pulled that driver over. but they say the driver sped away. >> he is now responsible for the deaths of at least two people. the third in life threatening condition. >> a 26-year-old pedestrian who was walk into that liquor store died at the scene. there was two people in the toyota. the driver suffered life threatening injuries. our time 5:05. sal is back. he knows all about our commute. it is a cold, cold morning. >> you know what happens, dave and claudine, when it's so cold we may have black ice someone's sprinkler head is going off in an area where it's freezing. you might run into it unfortunately or run into black ice. steve will be here with the details. just be careful out there. it's clear though. some of the pictures we're about to show you are pretty far away on westbound 80 as you heads head out to the mccarthur maze. if you are driving on 80
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westbound, it looks pretty good. all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems on the bridge getting into san francisco. other than that it looks pretty good. at 5:05 let me ask steve. is it freezing anywhere? >> well, yeah we have upper 20s. freeze warning for the north bay. this exact system is taking the same path about three or four before it. and a couple ahead of it will take. 27 in santa rosa. 31 antioch. a lot of 30s. even redwood city 32. oakland airport is 36. that is at the airport. freeze warning or frost
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advisory out. takes us until 9:00. one below in tahoe. redding 28. even colder air continues to filter in. it will be a sunny nice day today. high pressure is our fair weather friend today. temperatures bumping up a couple degrees after a cold morning. sunny a little warmer with that breeze again. upper 40s maybe. a little bit warmer. higher clouds thursday. that will be about it. it looks like a partly sunny and partly cloudy weekend. day of fun takes a turn after a man falls through a frozen lake. how onlookers rescue. the reason the taliban is comparing the war in
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fear and panic in southern california after a man nearly drowned after falling through the ice in a frozen lake.
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it happened on christmas day. they were walk and playing on the ice as it gave way. >> it was hard to watch. it really was. we saw that guy go under three times. the third time we didn't think he was coming up. >> some onlookers who tried to help fell through also. that lake is now closed through march. authorities have recovered the body of the man swept out to sea. he was walking with his wife and dog along the beach in the point rays national seashore around 12:30 yesterday when the wave swept the couple and dog into the water. the dog also made it to shore. hours later about 4:00 p.m. the coast guard located the mans body. his name has not been released. tomorrow new members of congress will be sworn in on capitol hill. that will include a new bay area congressman. erik of dublin.
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he defeated long-time congressman pete stark. he told us he's getting the keys to his new office on capitol hill later this morning. congress might have missed their new years eve deadline to avoid going over that fiscal cliff. last night the house passed the senate deal to avoid automatic income tax hikes and government spending cuts. as kyla campbell reports some major, major fights are expected in the coming weeks. kyla. >> reporter: dave, the fiscal cliff deadline is one of several congress has to beat otherwise our congress will face dire problems. last night the house voted 257- 167 to approve the senate legislation passed less than 24 hours ago. california congress democrats both abstained from voting. their last day of work is tomorrow. their main points of the deal the income tax rate is going up only on households making $450,000 a year. and individuals making
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$400,000. federal unemployment benefits continued this year for two million americans. two other major fights are coming. the country is hitting the debt ceiling without raising it they would -- congress temporarily pushed off deep government spending cuts. >> there will be more deficit reduction as congress decides what to do with the automatic spending cuts we have now delayed for two months. >> reporter: we're already getting a look at how world markets are reacting to the legislation. more on that when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have much more on the fiscal cliff vote on our channel 2 website just go to this morning the taliban is comparing the plan withdraw of u.s. troops from afghanistan to the ebb of the vietnam war. in a statement they accused the u.s. of using it to declare victory and run strategy.
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and the u.s. is expected to leave a residual force in that country. a fatal shooting is under investigation. contra costa sheriffs deputies found a man in his 20s dead inside his apartment. investigators say it's unclear whether he committed suicide or the victim of an attack. before the shooting neighbors reported an armed man was arguing with someone inside an apartment. witnesses say after the argument the man went into the bathroom alone and moments later they heard gunfire. time is 5:14. the man accused of starting a fire at the law offices of the mayor of vallejo is due in court today to enter a plea. 44-year-old love is charged with two arsons. a fire at the law office on september 29th and a july 30th fire at taylor chapel. the judge ruled that love can stand trial in december. he's being held right now under a $too many thousand bail at --
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$250,000 bail at the solano county jail. fructose sugar may lead to over eating. fructose a specific kind of sugar can trigger brain changes that caused over eating. it's a small study that found after drinking a beverage with fructose the brain doesn't register the feeling of being full as other simple sugars. although the i research doesn't prove that it causes obesity it does add to the evidence. time is 5:15. it is wednesday. i think for a lot of people it feels like monday heading back to work after the holiday. >> like sal. >> that is right. we are here. a lot of people are driving to work i guess. we're looking at the commute in san francisco on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. there are no major problems coming into the downtown area. also looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. usually even on a crowded day it's not crowded at this time.
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you can get your normal commute getting into san francisco. if you're driving in san jose we're looking at all the freeways there. so far it's light. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. ron, you done over there? [ laughter ] if you heard ron, that is his voice. good morning. clear skies. a little bit of patchy fog. sonoma county airport would not surprise me. overall it's clear and cold out there. 27 santa rosa. 29 fairfield. right at 30 for concord. 31 san rafael. 44 sf and 40 at oakland. a little south ease breeze has kicked in. that might keep things a little warmer. still though we have a freeze advisory or frost warning out. takes us until 9:00. one below up in tahoe. 29 sacramento. 27 ukiah. 28 in redding. there is cold readings. i'm standing right in front of
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the next reading where it looks good but run in. we'll get higher clouds another of it tomorrow. part of the energy goes down to southern california. first couple weeks in january look quiet to me. high pressure will give us sunshine. a lighter breeze. although that could be a little bit more of a southerly breeze in advance of that system coming in. that might help a little bit. but still it's cold out there. lighter breeze and temperatures they will recover a little bit here. some low mid 50s. i think the warmest temps will be peninsula and the south bay. 51 antioch to 54 berkeley. but 57 san jose downtown. 56 santa cruz. 55 tara toga. 56 redwood city. mountain view at 56. a little warmer that south wind. high clouds on thursday. no biggy. weekend looks partly sunny to partly cloudy. all the major european markets are up this morning.
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investors are reacting to the u.s. budget deal most asian market that are open after the new years holiday are also encouraged. hong kong closed with nearly 3% gain. australia and taiwan were also 1% on the news. it's also looking good for our markets. this is how the markets closed on monday. dow up 166 points. nasdaq 23 points. s & p 23 points. futures are pointing to a very good opening because of the last minute deal. 2012 was not a good year for initial public offerings around the world. ipo's raised a total of $112 billion globally. u.s. offerings raised $441 billion. after the difficult launch of facebook in may, there was a long drought of new u.s. deals. time is 5:18. survivors of the newtown,
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connecticut shootings are getting ready to go back to school. most students will not be going back to sandy hook elementary. instead they will be going to classes in a neighboring town at a vacant school. the classes begin tomorrow. but today there is an open house for parents and for students. a connecticut lawyer is dropping plans to sue the state over the sandy hook school shooting. originally accused the state of not protecting students. he was planning to ask for $100 million in damages on behalf of a six-year-old girl who survived the massacre. he's received dozens of threatening messages. it's not clear yet if those messages have anything to do with that decision to send that lawsuit. a 75-year-old woman punched during a robbery in a san francisco store. the unusual item that the suspects were after. what the coast guard is saying about the possibility of an oil spill after an oil rig
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ran aground in the gulf of alaska. you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the mornings top stories that developed while you were sleeping sent straight to your cell phone. you can get your ktvu morning wake up call by texting the word wakeup to 70123.
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♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful the coast guard says it's found no signs of an oil spill
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after an oil rig ran aground on the island in the gulf of alaska. they had 143,000 gallons of diesel spill when it separated from a tow ship monday night in a storm. the ship ran aground near critical habitat for stellar sea lions but the coast guard says the oil rig does not appear to be leaking and does not pose a threat to the environment or to wildlife. san francisco dumped its ten year landfill agreement with ecology. they planned to ship -- but that led to lawsuits over environmental impact reports and how the contract bidding was handled. san francisco hopes to avoid the lawsuits by backing out of the agreement with recoaling. a new year celebration at the hindu temple were somber this year. hundreds remembered a woman from india that died while
5:25 am
being gang raped. they held a candle light vigil while playing for the victim. protests have been held around the world calling for tougher penalties for rape after that woman died. five men and a teenage boy are accused of beating and gang raping the 23-year-old medical student on a bus in new delhi india. >> it is solidarity and come back and say violence should never be tolerated. it should never be excused. >> some 600 rapes were reported in new delhi, india last year. but there was only one conviction. the chp is asking for the publics help in finding robert grappi. he's been showing signs of dementia and needs medication. new legislation creating the
5:26 am
silver alert program went into effect in california yesterday. he was seen driving away from his home monday afternoon after arguing with his wife. san francisco police are looking for two men who are accused of stealing wigs from a store and bunching -- and punching a 75-year-old woman. the suspects left the store without paying for the wigs. when they were confronted by the woman, police say one of the men punched her in the head and then both suspects took off running. they are only described as between 25-30 years old. it's 5:25. let's head out to sal castaneda. sal, how are the roads looking? >> looking pretty good. i think we'd be happy with those pictures. 280 northbound that looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. and you know it doesn't always look this way. you may want to take advantage. the same thing goes with interstate 680 heading south out of pleasanton.
5:27 am
it's a nice looking drive. no problems on 580. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. little hint of airshot breeze near -- little hint of a south breeze. a little bit of patchy fog near santa rosa. 44 in the city. it will be sunny after a cold morning. it will be sunny and a little warmer. >> thanks. 5:26. a number of unhappy cab riders is soring in one bay area city. we'll tell you about the record number of complaints. the disturbing trend about a violent year. water is still gushing from the roadway. i'll give you the latest information i just got from the police.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is the middle of the week this is really wednesday, january 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm is claudine wong. pam cook has the day off. it's literally freezing out there. we'll start off with a look at your weather and traffic. steve watching the freezing temperatures for us. it's cold. >> it is. a lot of 20s and 30s. there is a little puff of a breeze helping a few. highs will be warmer.
5:31 am
57 san jose. 56 mountain view. this is a look at highway 4. we're looking for trouble spots in all the areas especially contra costa right now. look agent the commute on the san mateo bridge that looks nice heading to the high-rise. 5:29 let's go back to the desk. developing news from hayward this morning. water main break has sent water flowing into the road on a busy street there. it's all on jackson street. alex savidge was first on the scene. he joins us with an you have date on the efforts to shut that water off. is that water still going? >> the flow of that water has dispated but as you can see here, it's still rushing from the middle of the intersection here where this water main broke early this morning. a police lieutenant i just talked with told me crews have been called in here to try to cap this water main break. as you can see has closed several lanes of traction here
5:32 am
at the intersection of jackson and santa clara streets this morning. police doing traffic control in this area. let me show you what this looked like earlier this morning when the water main burst just after 3:30 this morning. a lieutenant told me the cause of the break remains unclear at this point. he also couldn't tell me how big this main is. but firefighters were called in initially to cut off the flow of water. i'm told the situation was a bit more complicated so city work crews are now coming in and we did just see some of the city work crews arrive unshape. they will be doing what they can to try to cut off the flow of water here this morning. meantime the lieutenant i spoke with also told me water service is not effected in this area. homes and businesses do remain where water service this morning. that what the lieutenant told me. that could change as city crews come in here and may have to shut off certain water lines. but the other thing police are concerned about here this morning this is a very busy intersection. they would like to see if they can get more lanes of traffic
5:33 am
reopen as more and more people hit the road this morning. and rush hour begins in this area. we'll see how this work progresses out here. for now we are live in hayward alex savidge. crews worked through the night to fix another walter main break the one you're looking at is in concord. it happened just before 6:00 last night. officials say no one lost water due to thatbreak and no homes or businesses were damaged. president obama is on his way back to hawaii rejoining his family vacation after the house of representatives late last night passed a last minute bill to avoid that fiscal cliff. here is video. you can see the president boarding air force one late last night. he left after the house voted to approve the u.s. senate bill passed earlier in the day. that is despite the pact that some -- despite the fact that
5:34 am
some how representative -- house representatives don't like it. >> i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle class tax hike that could have sent the economy back in recession. >> i wish i could say this is a proud moment. a moment in which we started the year off right in which the firstover january was the first of great many good things. it isn't. we're kicking the can down the road. >> tomorrow new members of congress will be sworn in and over the next two months they'll have to resolve the issues if that this last minute deal does not address. that deal to avert the fiscal cliff may be some good news for hollywood. coming up at 5:45, why the agreement could save those studios millions of dollars. house of representatives wrapped up its session last night without taking a vote on legislation to authorize help for the victims of super storm sandy. and many lawmakers are angry about that.
5:35 am
>> the rug has been pulled out from under them in terms of their housing, their belongings, their pictures, their memories a character of their neighborhood. a rug has been pulled out and now tonight, tonight is this congress house of representatives going to pull the rug out again from them? legitimative -- legislatively? >> the u.s. senate already passed a $64 billion measure but the deal on the fiscal cliff took so much time they didn't have any time left to talk about that sandy bill. oakland police are noticing troubling trends as they seek solutions to reduce violence. 131 people were killed in oakland in 2012. in some of the gang related killings assailants planned and practiced before carrying out the attacks. police also say the use of a pure form of the drug ecstasy
5:36 am
is ohm boldening -- ohm boldening attackers. a san jose standoff involving a naked man with a samurai sword ended peacefully with an arrest. the incident began around 8:00 yesterday morning when police responded to a 911 call. the man took off in a truck and the police followed him to alight rail station. he took off his sword and started waving a samurai sword. >> he is troubled. >> after two hour standoff, the man tried to scale a fence but fell and dropped the word. police arrested the man that likely suffers from mental illness. authorities are trying to figure out what caused a deadly new years eve head on collision. that crash killed four people. it happened around 9:15 monday night on highway 12. two women and a man from
5:37 am
fairfield died in the hup day. a 42-year-old man from triacid died in the toyota -- from tracy died in the toyota. 1700 complaints are saying that cab drivers refused rides, refused to take credit cards, charged unauthorized fees, they smoked, scene used cell phones while they were driving. the disgruntled notices documented a year of experiences beginning july 2011. that marked a 15% increase. the complaints represent just a small share of taxi rides in the city. small business owners in san francisco are worried about a new program. one that will end free metered parking on sundays. new policy takes effect this weekend it's going to require drivers you're going to have to pay it all metered spots there noon to 6:00 p.m. on sundays. the parking program will help
5:38 am
increase turnover in local business districts. some small business owners are telling the examiner they worry it will actually drive away their customers. 5:36. if you're heading back to work after a holiday break, sal is trying to at least give you an easy commute. right? >> that is right. we're trying our best to make it nice and easy for everyone. let's see what we have now with morning commute on 880 north and southbound here in oakland. it's looking pretty good. more people coming back to work today as have in the last few weeks. still not quite up to the full levels we can see probably starting next week. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's still light. no problems get into san francisco and it's dry. if you're driving to san jose northbound 280 or southbound 280. also 101 and 85 are doing well. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. nice to see you. we do have clear skies. a little bit of patchy fog to the north bay.
5:39 am
pattern looks very quiet for january. cold morning here. sunny. a little warmer. high clouds tomorrow. cool to mild. extended outlook. by that i'm looking out five, seven, ten days. dry pattern. things can change. it makes sense. we had three months in a row of above average rainfall. clear skies expect for maybe some of that patchy fog. and it's cold out there. 28 santa rosa. a lot of 30s or 40s. concord 30. that sat buchanan. i know there is upper 20s. liver mothers at 31. not far away. probably 30s as well. redwood city 32. 40 oakland. freeze advisory -- freeze warning or frost advisory will take us until 9:00 this morning. then we will be a little warmer. there is also a light southeast wind along the coast. that is kind of helping a few locations stay a little warmer than maybe they should. but the jet stream would split. when that happens forget it.
5:40 am
it needs to consolidate. we are left with sunshine and a lighter breeze today and a little warmer temps. it's cold out there. under clear skies. maybe a patch or two of fog. 50s on the temps. low mid i don't want to say pushing upper. few locations. santa cruz 56. sunnyvale in there as well. 50s on the coast. wood side starts off at 29. a little tougher to warm up. but high clouds on thursday and then friday does look cold in the morning. sunny. there will be another system approaching on the weekend. this will probably do the same thing all the last three or four have done. that is look pom com pressive and look and spill apart. well it's cold out there for some. for most. we also have those advisories out and let's go to ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty she is live in walnut creek. hi there. i see your breath what 29?
5:41 am
>> yeah 29 degrees. i've always wanted to repeat what you say tomorrow morning. it's cold it is freezing out here. 29 degrees as you can read on the bank warning. freeze warning in effect for the north bay valley and mountains. and a frost advisory in place for bay side cities and santa clara valley. bone chilling temperatures as steve mentioned in livermore, redwood city, morgan hill, santa rosa and napa as well. be advised it is a spare the air day. even though it's cold it is illegal to light fire logs or pellets. luckily it hasn't been raining. not a whole lot of ice on the roadways. temperatures expected to thaw later today getting into the high 40s and mid 50s. when will it really start to warm up? we'll find out coming up. live from walnut creek i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a paparazzi photographer in los angeles killed while on the job. the celebrity thought he was chasing and how his story was cut short. it's very frustrating. you feel extremely violated.
5:42 am
>> growing concern over a string of burglaries that is happening in the east bay. the campaign happening now to make this neighborhood safer. good morning. if you are driving in san francisco so far so good on the freeways. give me another update on the commute and the bay weather. [ male announcer ] subway has so many
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heart-healthy and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals,
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from the tempting turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach to the protein-rich roast beef, and more. all five grams of fat or less. try 'em with juicy, ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers or crisp green peppers. start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. good morning. it's cold out there. we have frost advisory. freeze warnings until 9:00. temperatures will recover and be a little warmer. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:43. in the city of hayward there is a water main break at jackson and santa clara. a very busy street. work crews are out there trying to fix it now. the water main break was reported around 3:30 this
5:45 am
morning. police are on the scene directing traffic. ktvu will bring you a live update coming up. house of representatives passed a senate bill late last night to avert the fiscal cliff. that was despite the objections of some republicans. income taxes will be going up on people who earn $400,000 a year or $450,000 a year for couples. in san francisco police are busy investigating this deadly high speed crash that happened outside of a liquor store. it happened yesterday morning. two people were killed. a third person suffered life threatening injuries. the driver accused in this crash has been arrested. antioch woman is launching a campaign to do something about a large number of break ins on her street. kristin told us burglars got inside her home twice in one month.
5:46 am
they stole heirloom family jewelry and others. >> just in one month in defense on our street we've had i would say one burglary every week. once a week there is a burglary. >> neighbors video surveillance system helped catch three suspects. she is calling on city and county leaders to do something to curb the number of break ins in her neighborhood. a small school for teenagers with learning disability is reeling after a break in at christmas. teachers say they took a school van and computers was all taken. they are concerned because the burglars seemed know where things were and how to get in without setting off alarms. investigators in france searching now for the thieves that robbed an apple store in parison new years eve. they broke into the flag ship store on monday night while
5:47 am
police were busy watching the crowds. the suspects were armed. they were wearing masks. police say they were both well informed and well prepared. think stole $1.3 million worth of apple merchandise. back in this country super star justin bieber wasn't even in the car when a los angeles paparazzi photographer died trying to take pictures of biebers ferrari. justin bieber's friend were driving their car when they were pulled over by the chp. the photographer was trying to take pictures of it when he was hit and killed by another car. this was all being investigated by the l.a. pd. pennsylvania governor plans to sue the ncaa over sanctions of proposal state. the sanctions include a $60 million fine to finance child abuse prevention grants
5:48 am
statewide. pennsylvania lawmakers have objected to use the fine to finance other programs in other states. in the deal to avert the fiscal cliff appears to be good news for hollywood. the legislation extends millions of dollars in tax incentives for the entertainment industry. films made in the u.s. can deduct up to $15 million in incentives. the city of oakland is expected to start issuing identification cards to illegal immigrants starting next year. san francisco has a similar id card system in place. there is also a program in the works in richmond. oakland's id cards would act as debt cards. the idea is to make it easier for ill leal workers to cash checks. opponents say the program ligitimizes illegal immigration. stanford the pac 12
5:49 am
champion won its first rose bowl in 41 years. >> phillips fires middle. intercepted. >> just like that a fourth quarter interception sealed the win for the cardinals last night. head coach david shah got that gatorade shower and raised the rose bowl trophy. stanford scored first and never gave up the lead. they beat wisconsin 20-14. the mayors of the cities represented by stanford and wisconsin made a bet on the game. now the loser has to make good on the terms of this friendly agreement. you will hear the embarrassing things the mayor of madison, wisconsin has to do. that is coming up at 5:55. time now 5:48. let's go to sal castaneda who is trying to smooth out any problems on the roads for us. >> i think it's pretty good so far. we're not expects a huge commute. and the visibility is good. although it's cold out there. let's take a look at highway 4
5:50 am
coming up to the willow pass grade. it's looking like a lot of people do have to go back. if you are driving on the approach to the bay bridge, it's a little backup in one or two of those lanes. on the pins la highway 101 -- on the peninsula highway 101 looks good. let's go to steve. thank you. very good morning. clear skies. cold morning. no doubt about it. sunny but a little warmer today. few high clouds tomorrow and extended outlook looks quiet. drier pattern. unless there is a little hiccup in the forecast models. there is no sign of rain coming in. systems are splitting. that is a sheer apart. one goes north and one goes south. a lot of cold air in place. 27 in santa rosa. 30 napa. that is at the airport. 27 in napa.
5:51 am
closer to town. 26 near sonoma. fairfield is 29. a couple locations in the 40s closer to the bay and coast because there is a little bit of a south wind in advance of that is offshore. yet we still have freeze warning out. north bay to the city lyonnais valley. 27 ukiah. 27 in clearlake. and sacramento at 29 degrees. system looks good but october, november, december everything was centered right over us. now part goes north and part goes south. cloud and rain forecast. watch how this never really makes any progress. what does weakens, sheers, apart. it will be a little warmer today. lighter breeze. kind of a northerly breeze inland but a south wind close tort bay and coast. temperatures low 50s for some. if but mid 50s for others. even a few pubbing upper 50s.
5:52 am
not too warm. i think it will be a little warmer today with high pressure. san jose 57. 56 saratoga. 56 santa cruz. and 55 pacifica and daly city. high clouds on thursday. no big deal. sunny, nice again on friday. weekend partly sunny and cloudy. there is a report that apple is already testing its next generation iphone. as usual apple is not commenting. but the next web reports developers showed test logs to a blogger. matt brian says the logs report tests on hardware relate together iphone 6.1 and the phone is powered by i7. that operating system is expected to be released by the middle of this year. amazon is now a poll squeezing for the -- apologizing for the christmas eve problems for netflix. it's working to learn from the problem and will try to use that information to improve its service.
5:53 am
netflix in the meantime has run into a new problem. some customers have been unable to access the dvd portion of its website the streaming operation however is uneffected. >> can we talk football? does he have a leg up on david acres. acres has a new competitor to be the 49ers new kicker. who he is and will we see him in a soon? deadly shooting in sacramento could lead to big changes. [ woman ] ring. ring.
5:54 am
5:55 am
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good morning. it's cold out there. 20s and 30s for many. unless you're right by the bay and coast. higher clouds will be about it. otherwise it will be sunny and a little warmer today. yes a little warmer. maybe 57 toward san jose. >> the first snow survey of the winter season is happening around california. the department of water resources takes several measurements of snow and runoff. the earlier electronic snow pack reading show the water content is almost 150% of know mall for this time of year. one of the hand measurements take place near echo summit. the deadly new years eve shooting in old sacramento has officials there questioning if they're going to allow a new years eve event next year. police say 22-year-old carlito
5:57 am
montoya shot a man and his wife and employee at a bar during an argument monday night. the wife survived the shooting. montoya was arrested after he was injured in a shootout with a security guard who was also injured. city officials say that shooting was an isolated understand accident. starting today work on san francisco subway project resumes. two busy streets will be blocked to traffic. work on that object started nearly three years ago and when it's completed, it will run from south of market treat through union square and end in china town. the 49ers have signed a new kicker. a ten year nfl veteran. he tried out in santa clara yesterday. he was brought on to compete with david acres who has been struggling. acres ranked 30th in the league.
5:58 am
the mayor of palo alto won a friendly rose bowl event. the mayor bet stanford university would beat the university of madison. but the mayor of madison lost the bet. according to the terms of the bet he has to wear a stanford cap at a city council meeting and fly the stanford flag in madison and plant a tree in stanford's honor. 5:57. let's go out to sal castaneda and when on the roads. sal, still looking good? >> still looks good. this is during a time where it might change. 280 northbound still looks pretty good. let's go back to the desk. ktvu news was the first on the scene. a water main break still
5:59 am
causing problems. this is in a busy intersection in hayward. also the long national drama over the fiscal cliff finally over. how the compromise in washington, d.c. will directly effect you. good morning. it's cold out there. but there will be warmer afternoon high temps. we'll have those coming up in two minutes. (w) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience.


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