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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. well, it is a another cold, cold morning out there but the high temperatures are actually warming up and we will have your ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you for joining us this thursday morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. >> my car is running okay. >> for most, it's okay on the
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lows... >> okay. >> pam, nice to have you back as always. overnight lows 42 shall patchy fog, it will be a little warmer upper 50s to a few 60s here is my good friend sal. 880 is looking good as you drive to highway 101 and highway 24 westbound looks good as you drive to the tunnel. let's go back to dave and pam. topping our news we are following breaking news out of daily city, a fight between a father and son turned deadly. janine de la vega has more on who is being treated for stab wounds after this altercation. >> reporter: we are here at the crown colony apartments and police just left the scene and are now headed to the hospital where both father and son are. they are investigating a
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stabbing that occurred inside one of the apartments. i just spoke with police, around 2:00 a.m. they received a call from inn sued the apartment and they said it was between him and the father and a fight broke out between him and the son and when they arrived they found the son was stabbed multiple times. we are still not sure where he was stabbed and we also know the son received some sort of blunt trauma to his head. both of them were transported to san francisco hospital and we are trying to find out if they have life-threatening injuries. as we head to the hospital, police want to talk to both the father and son and try to figure out who sparked this fight, who was the addresser and there are lots of questions still unanswered and neighbors
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were woken by police and we do know it appears to only involve the father and the son and we will have more information as the news continues. reporting live from daily city, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we also want to update a story we first reported at 4:30 this morning. the home invasion robbery in san francisco, right now san francisco police are still on the scene and here is a live picture. it happened shortly after 3:00 a.m. and the victims were held at gunpoint. there are no reports of any injuries at this point. claudine wong is also out there on the scene and is talking with the victims of the crime and we will have a live update in the next half hour. a young woman from petaluma is still mitting this morning and they are criticizing --
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criticizing police in south lake tahoe. they are criticizing police because police are just now starting to look for her. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: alyssa burn's friend reported her missing to south lake tahoe police and they started sending out pictures of her. they gave the case to the sheriff's office in nevada which was actually across the state line. it took lake tahoe police reportedly more than a day and a half to notify nevada. we called them this morning and we are waiting to hear what they have to say about it. meantime, alyssa burns has not been seen since shortly before midnight according to friends who were with her. she was in town for a three day music festival which attracts
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thousands. she disappeared around 11:30 and told her friends she was taking a shuttle back to the resort. she was spotted by guests in the lobby around midnight. she worked as a hostess here in petaluma and was studying to be a paramedic firefighter at the campus. again she is described as 5- foot 3, long hair died black and a fair complexion. we'll see where all of this stands right now with the investigation. live in petaluma, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a court arrangement is set for today accused of hitting and killing 2 innocent people in new year's morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news has obtained this armature video from south vanness on 21st street. david morales caused the deadly
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crash while fleeing from the police. he is a convicted murderer and gang member and he is facing two counts of murder. nancy pelosi is getting ready to speak and they have a ceremony getting underway in washington d.c. and they are going to have members of congress sign in and on capitol hill, they will have an announcement and nancy pelosi and house speaker john boehner could face problems in their reelection bids, we will continue to watch the ceremony. and the president is vacationing in hawaii and authorized the use of the otto pen to sign for him back in washington d.c. and it is a tee advice which copies the
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president's signature. the bill raises taxes on it is also providing tax cuts for most american households. >> and included in the legislation, it allows commuters to pay up to $240 of their monthly transit costs with pretax dollars. now the program was originally part of the federal stimulus package but it meant the perk was reduced to less than $150 per month. she is given permission to bring back the commute. >> people can stay out longer. >> that's right. we have lighter than usual conditions this week. we do have a new crash at glenn
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close road. the emergency crews are arriving on the scene right now and let's go to some live pictures, i want to show you the view of highway 4 and it is a lot busier coming up to concord. now there is a backup and this didn't happen, well it happened a little bit, and there is a little bit of a backup let's go to steve. it is probably something like me will notice and not much change tomorrow, i look out 7, 10 and 15 days except for this weekend t- cold and mostly -- it is cold and mostly dry. in fact, the middle of the month looks very dry and very cold this morning, areas of
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frost, inland valleys, 32 degrees and you can see the slow headed to portland and seattle. 27 in santa rosa walnut creek 39 and even half-moon bay is 40, up in lake tahoe it is 40. 27 in sacramento, mostly sunny today again with high clouds and i think we will have plenty of sunshine. temperatures are recovering, a few in the lower 60s and also in the santa clara valley. nice to mild in the afternoon and again the afternoon days are getting a little bit longer. 52 to 56 to the north and then about 55 to 63 and that's 63 in capitoa, 16 gilroy and 62.
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tomorrow looks good but not much else on the weekend. official don't want you burning air today. still done burn wood and authorities are hoping this will have more spare the air days later this week. right now there is an effort to get more pro hockey players back on the ice. also, the part of that bill that serves for a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. and robo cop, they will have a chance to win $50,000.
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. good morning, president barack obama signed a $633 billion defense bill which includes defense spending cuts and the president and congressional republicans agreed to it back in august 2011. it also includes spending due to the iraq war and flops afghanistan and gives -- and
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afghanistan and gives troops more all over the world. well new members of the congress will be sworn in. as our report comes from washington d.c. newsroom, the old divide is expected, carla? >> reporter: congress is coming off a polarizing fiscal cliff and the same is expected on the debt ceiling with spending cuts. some gop members say they are on the fence with house speaker john boehner's bid to keep his title. just what two years ago they won without problems of their own. she is running in the house but carl's wife just passed away. some leaders will emerge with today's leadership votes
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meaning the same divide could exist in the coming year. more on that in my next update, carla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. two new members of congress will be sworn in today. 32-year-old eric defeated pete stark in november. and in marin county, a mother and in will be sworn -- another man will be sworn in after 22 years in office. they intend the nhl lock out and in just a few hours, talks will resume to get hockey players back on the ice. >> you either have to build a bridge and on some we move
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toward etch ear and on some it taser we have to be let go. >> that season will begin and in order to gain week later, the pension place has -- pension plan has become a stumbling block. shelters are now allowed to close their doors to anybody violent. the new policies were approved last month by the human services commission in response to a deadly stabbing at a shelter. in the past shelters were not allowed to ban people for violent behavior. and they are hoping a recent bank robbery will help identify the suspects. it happened on december 10th
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and the man shown in the photo police say robbed the bank and he reportedly told the teller, he did have a gun. the woman shown on the surveillance video is thought to be an accomplice. safe way stores will be getting a new chairman and ceo this coming spring. steve bird has run the supermarket chain for more than 20 years and now he is planning on retiring in pavement they are now offering gift cards at safe way and sources say it gave them a boost to hold the line on their casts. he hopes to add them to their commission. they received more than 200,000 complaints about prerecorded complaints that go anywhere from medications to
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all kind of things. they are trying to find a way to block those pesty phone calls. they are trying to report blacklisting repeat callers and those are some ideas so far. the federal court ruling, 9th circuit appeals said phone books should not be treated any differently. it will stop them to provide those delivered when customers actually request them to stop the delivery. good morning to you and we are looking at the commute which is not all that bad but we have seen some slowerring today that we didn't see yesterday. traffic is moving well in oakland near the toll plaza.
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those metering lights are on and we'll see what happens today and the in solano county at glenn cove road, a crash is blocking at least one lane. let's go to steve. we have a cold day out there 20s and 30s again for many and in fact this the system is approaching by the weekend but i really feel this run into a lot of resistance. mostly sunny, a little warmer with high clouds today and the big news is how cold it is, only a few lower 40s and temperatures along the coast are cooler than they were yes
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yet fso is 38 and i have seen some upper 20s to lower 30s so mostly sunny, a cold, and they are starting to warm up. concord in there as well. 59 oakland, and morgan hill 60 and santa cruz 63, wow, that is is heatwave compared to what we have had lately. 58 daily city, 59 redwood city and a half moon bay, passive can. and today is one of those days. part part partly sunday and we will have more coming up.
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vietnam is a $3 billion coffee market and starbucks has 3300 stores in 12 countries. the 99-cent menu is history. they call it the right price, right size menu. prices frank 1 to $2 and the cost for meat and cheese are rising and berger king and other areas are thinking about using it and what we are now hearing it. surveillance video of a man running in a district, what police say he did to a helpless little animal. stay tuned for more.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they reportedly tested a tsunami bomb and the u.s. detonated 3700 bombs near the coast. they wanted to create waves 33 feet high which could wipe out
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small towns and islands like the ones in japan. they said it was not feasible because it required millions of pounds spread over the shoreline. they have discovered a grounded drilling ship in the gulf of alaska. that ship ran aground during huge waves and winds salvage experts were lowered to assess the damage. the coast guard said there was no sign of any fuel sheen and the rig appears stable. they have no, i released surveillance -- they have now released surveillance video of a man who robbed a woman and killed her dog in spite. you can see him running, police said he had just thrown the victim's small dog into traffic. he then vanished into the
6:27 am
crowded tenderloin streets but there is no place in the city to hide. >> now this 12-year-old tog had to be put down because of her injuries and a reward has been put up to capture him and so far it is up to $3,500. they are tracking rehabilitation bill today -- rebill stated -- rehabilitated birds and brown pelicans tend to live in warmer climates and as the population recovers, there is more competition for food and that may be why the birds are heading north. >> we will check back in with sal for traffic. we have first the santa clara valley and northbound 280
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tting into the westbound valley everything looks good from downtown san jose and there is a backup all the way out to that parking lot, maybe about a 10 minutes delay here, thank you, steve. we have another cold one, 27 san ramon, and you can see some of the 20s napa fairfield concord and that's at the airport. three readings near antioch brenly and oakland, it is the coldest i have seen but i have not seen anything colder. 50 to near 60-degrees after another cold morning, pam. thank you steve. for the first time the
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shooting tragedy pet pack. and some of them have helped to make the children feel safe. we just spoke to the victim's family in early morning here in san francisco and you will hear from them next. about to ring on wall street and a lot of new year's resolutions might have to do with the opening bell, we will be right back. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, opening up on the nasdaq, how many of you have said, you are going to lose weight. >> pam, why are you looking at me? >> i am looking at myself.
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nutrition system is opening up and we will have more coming up. good morning, this is thursday january 3rd 2013. we first told you about this san francisco police are investigating a frightening home invasion which happened in the richmond district. claudine wong is there and claudine, you spoke to the victims, what did they say? >> reporter: well they are describing a terrifying ordeal just before 3:00 and let me set the scene for you. this all happened in the first floor apartment. they had three people staying over and they were all asleep. i want to show you the front of this building because there is a gate inn front and they think maybe it was stuck and that's
6:33 am
how the home invasion suspects got in. they were all asleep and a total of five guys came in with guns and they immediately started knocking down the doors, dragged us all out into the living room. >> reporter: now this is a picture of the door they say they broke down the door to get into the bedrooms and they didn't want their identities shown but when the five people said it will be okay. >> i said it's going to be okay and he kicked me and said done talk to her. he smacked the boys grabbed the girls' heads. >> he saw at least two guns and one of the suspects dragged a nun and it was recovered from
6:34 am
the planner rocks at 40th avenue. at this point, police are looking for suspects described as black men in their 20s and they were wear willing hoodies -- wearing hoodies when they came in here. they basically were in here for 15 minutes ransacking the place and this apartment unit has a history they i don't know about but they said the five men who were inside the apartment, three repeatedly asked for marijuana and drugs and once the suspects didn't find it, they got frustrated and left. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well we also have breaking news from daily city. police are selecting a -- police are investigating a domestic violence case where a father and son got into an
6:35 am
altercation. >> reporter: it happened just off of hickey boulevard and she told me knowing residents were involved in a stabbing it is scary but police received a 911 call from a man in his 30s staying he had been stabbed. they found a man with multiple stab wounds and his son was there with injuries to his head and we are told his son is an adult but in his late teens. police are investigating what started a fight between the two. >> we are not sure what started the fight, we think it was a knife but it was definitely a sharp think. >> they are expected to have
6:36 am
none five life-threatening injuries and they are -- non- life threatening injuries and police have wrapped up their investigation at the scene and they have gathered evidence and talked to potential witnesses but some of those investigators are back at the station trying to piece together what happened. reporting live ktvu channel 2 morning news. grieve counselors head back to school for the first time since that horrible day. they are attending classes at a school which has been transformed to look a bit like sandy hook elementary school. teamers brought in desks and backpacks and other items from sandy hook elementary school to make the children feel more comfortable. >> right now it has to be safe.
6:37 am
we have installed numerous devices until further notice. >> students will spend up to a year at that school and it will be up to the community to decide what to do with the campus where the gunman killed 20 children and 65 adults. she was killed and kidnapped from a slumber party. coming up, the foundation named after her prepares a major announcement. a look at the technology aimed at keeping today's children safe. she was petaluma what missing in lake tahoe so what else do you know tara.
6:38 am
>> the reason it took so long for police to learn about the case is because police did not know about it until a day later. a friend of alyssa burns saw it on facebook and called them and said what is the deal. police ended up calling her parents and confirmed their daughter was missing and that was 9:30 at night on january 1st. within three hours, police put her into the national data bait for personal problems but the appearance was they had to have her missing. not the case fthey say if your sponsor -- not the case, they say if your son or daughter or anybody is missing you report it right away. alyssa burns has not been seen or heard from since shortly
6:39 am
before midnight. she was in south lake tahoe for snow globe which is a festival which a tracts thousands of people. by phone she told her friends she was taking a shuttle back to the resort. she was spotted by guests around midnight. now facebook page has been set up to find her after working at the restaurant. she was also studying and she is of course 125 pounds with blue eyes. later we are hoping to speak to her friends and family to find out where all of this stands but her father as well as her older brother are in lake tahoe circulating flyers at a lot of the -- a lot of the casinos out there. today we will get an amazing light show, the bay
6:40 am
lights project and there is a dazzling attraction which is expected to be complete for years and will light up the bay for years. how are we doing, sal? >> spectacular is not the word i want. >> i would say just okay. you can see some clouding and no major problems except there is a 10 minute delay which seems busier than yesterday. this is a look at the highway 101 on the peninsular and road sensors are not picking up a lot of traffic here. let's go to steve. what did i say 42 along the embarcadero, it is cold i believe, but there is a lot of
6:41 am
20s and 30s and it will be cold to start off, mostly sunny, not much change on friday, people are emailing me asking me what i am seeing in the extended outlook, but it is looking mostly dry. i think there is going to be a system but it will not make it. the one today will not make it but give us a few high clouds, san jose morgan hill is out there and yet, it is almost as cold and 42 in the city officially. 32 in san jose. 47 in ukiah and 4 below up in
6:42 am
chuck key. i think i saw 8 below in another city. mostly sunny today and that system coming by is really just falling apart and it just looks like the trend there, not much in our favor for any rain. low-to-mid, san leandro 56 and is a santa cruz 63 and 59 redwood city, daily city passive can 59 -- pacifica 59 and a half moon bay 60s. cars that could catch fire, the concern that is posing a big recall this sunday morning. the damage can still need
6:43 am
help. and we'll see some slowed traffic building in some key areas, we will tell you more coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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few 50s and 60 degrees. here is a look at some of the top stories, the story we first told you about this morning, san francisco police are busy investigating a home invasion which happened on 40th avenue in richmond. the victims were held at gunpoint and so far no word of any injuries. a man was stabbed several times by his own son. it happened this crown colony complex. his son who is in his late teens is being treated for injuries to his head. and in washington new members of congress get sworn in on capitol hill and right away the 113th congress will be dealing with business from the unpopular 112th congress. a damaged levee is at the center of concerns and our
6:47 am
reporter brian flores joins us from east palo alto where city and state officials will meet today about repairing that levee. >> reporter: it has been several storms and you can see the damage from that storm last month and you can see the storm bags from the creek where we are driving in this morning and residents as well are having sandbags in their driveways and as you can imagine the city is asking for help in suring up this problem. they are declaring this a state emergency and not only were the levees damaged but seven homes were damaged as well. there was so much water that water and mud spilled onto the streets not just damaging homes but there was two feet of water and people had to be evacuated.
6:48 am
the rainy season is not over yet and city officials don't want to take any chances. >> we are addressing the levee stabilization needs. >> reporter: now officials say because of the sandbags, there is no immediate danger but with all the residents living near the flood plane, the state needs to act fast. lots of standing pools of water and we understand state officials will be on hand today as well looking over the creek looking for additional damage and that will be at the east paltrow -- and the meeting will be at the east palo alto community center. a big wave swept three people to their deaths. on new year's day, charles quaid drowned on north beach. four days earlier, a father and son died while they were
6:49 am
fishing. both areas have signs in place but there are no immediate plans to add any lifeguards or patrols. subject roux is recalling more than 600,000 cars. also included in this recall, tribeca suvs and forester suvs from 2009 to 2012. the concern is the lights under the doors which can over heat and cause fires. subaru will install extra fuses free of charge to owners. today would have been the birthday of polley class, the girl who was kidnapped in 1993. the class kids foundation will
6:50 am
introduce several technology base safety tools which includes a smart phone app and watch. it has a wrist ban which is hard to flow -- wrist band which is hard to throw away. we are seeing some of that slow traffic return after the holidays on highway 4 and it is slow in antioch and in parts getting over to concord so definitely more traffic today than yesterday. and on the westbound bridge, it is backed up out to about the end of the parking lot and the metering lights are on, about a 10 minute delay and it gives you a little bit of a preview of what you are going to see moving forward. if you are driving on the peninsular near woodside road, be careful if you are driving on the freeway. if there is water anywhere from
6:51 am
our sprinkler, you may feel some black ice. 6:49 let's go to steve. another mostly clear morning, feels like dampness unless you are somewhere near the bay but the system is falling apart. clear and cold overnight lows 42 and patchy ice and cold clear skies, mostly clear, a few high clouds, mostly sunny and a little warmer, we are coming up a little warmer, most of these temperatures 30s an "f" s o 38 -- fso 38 and i know there are colder readings than what you are seeing. the system does not have much who work with and it is a cold,
6:52 am
cold morning but not bad in the afternoon, each day is coming up slightly on the temperatures. upper 50s to a few low 60s. cold tomorrow morning, cloudy to mostly cloudy sunday and most of the energy is going back to southern california and back on sunday. the do not disturb feature will fix itself by next week. they are supposed to block all but the most important notifications using iowa 6 for a set period of time but nor now it continues later than scheduled. well, the weekless jobless number shows people claimed unemployment and it is the
6:53 am
highest level since the week after thanksgiving. at the same time, the private payroll company said they added 21 17,000 and they were in the service industry and that monthly report comes out tomorrow morning. and in san francisco, it was just sold. the possible reasons why it was sold. trying cut down one cup at a time. the new cups they have, starting today, coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, a live look at the big board dow jones industrial average down 35 point and s&p 500 is down as well after the huge rally yesterday. and we are following breaking news, the daughter of the shooting claims her father accidentally spilled a drink on the gunman. she claims her father tried to apologize but montoya killed cordova. the bartender was also killed.
6:57 am
the alleged gunman montoya is in custody. the people displaced by a fire in san jose may be able to go back today. red cross has been giving shelter to 60 people. pg&e is expected to wrap up inspections and if everything goes well, it may go well. a couple and their grandchild died in the fire and because of the death it will take extra time to determine the cause. he is proud and pleased that the al jazeer network is buying television which heco founded in 2005. he had a hard time gaining fires but it's place on satellite lineups could be just what al jazeer needs to make them more prominent. al jazeer is not saying what
6:58 am
plans he has including tab is did announce ways to advance to new york. a nightclub is officially closed. the closure comes after the city council asked them to move up last call from 1 finance a.m. to 11:45 p.m. a new cup will cut down on trash that bears the starbucks logo. starting today, starbucks will be offering customers a reusable plastic cup and it will cost a dollar on top of the charge for coffee. they will start with a reusable cup and it will be boiled and cleaned before handing back to the customers. >> my daughter gave me a nice travel cup so i am ready to go.
6:59 am
sal, any big problems? >> no, no problems but we have traffic and i guess some people's time off ran out and let's go to the toll plaza for example. we got better by 7:30 and no problems on the bridge at all. and if you are driving on the peninsular there is a little bit of black ice on the peninsular. we'll see a little more on the afternoon highs and not much else. 50s and a few now near 60 degrees. >> coming up on morning on 2, it happened just hours ago, a frightening home invasion in the san francisco richmond district, we have the latest from the victims. and missing in lake tahoe, why critics say, police may have already botched the case, stay


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