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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 3, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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you'll hear what was announced in the past hour by the klaas foundation to help find missing children. a big win for google. what the government just announced and new information connected to the search for a missing bay area woman -- ahead for you at noon. oooóññ
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there's no other option for me. >> as the bay area of a mother remains hopeful, we hear from a person who was with the 19-year- old before she disappeared. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. new information and a new interview on the search for a 19-year-old petaluma woman. she went missing in south lake tahoe on new year's eve.
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alyssa byrne was there for the snow globe outdoor music festival. we spoke to a friend of hers who said she disappeared from the group around 11:30. she said byrne called him and said she left because she was cold. she said she was on the shuttle back to the horizon casino resort where they were staying. she said her friends started to panic when they tried calling her this morning but the calls went right to voice mail. >> when it got closer to checkout time at 12:00, that's when we knew we had to call around, calling everybody we knew, called the jail, call thed hospital, the sheriff's -- called the hospital, the sheriff's department. any person we could call. >> police told us they reviewed surveillance video from the hotel lobby and saw byrne sitting alone waiting for someone. they said the video shows her getting up and seemingly walking towards someone with a frail. her mother says the waiting gam has been hard on everyone --
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game has been hard on everyone. >> i'm very hopeful she will be home and that's -- there's no other option for me. >> a facebook page has been set up to find byrne who is a hosest at cattle -- hostette in cattleman's rahn. she's also a student studying to be a paramedic/firefighter. ken pritchett is in the lake tahoe area where a search is taking place. he will a report on the news as 5:00 -- he will have a report on the news at 5:00. this is a milestone for the klaas foundation. polly klaas would have been 32 today. she was ab ducted from her home and -- abducted from her home and murdered in 1993. janine de la vega janine de la vega has -- janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: the klaas kids foundation chose to have this
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here at the search center. the holidays were difficult for sierra lamar's family but they wanted to come out and support these new tools by the klaas foundation. polly klaas's mother told a small crowd at a news conference this morning, he wants to commemorate polly's 32nd birthday by by introduces some tools. one is a titanium wrist watch with a gps locater. another is called polly's guardian angle. it's a smartphone application that alerts parents who have downloaded the app whenever a child is missing within a 15- mile radius. >> if their child goes missing and they've preloaded their child's information they can hit a panic button that will then notify all of those people within the community. >> it's great technology.
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it's -- hardly anyone else is doing anything like this. so that alone makes it really, really, you know, unique. >> reporter: the third tool is a free online web browser for kids called cocoon for klaas kids. the lamar family told us it's difficult to speculate but they feel some of these tools could have possibly prevented or helped them in sierra's case. antolin garcia has been charged with her murder. but the family is frustrated because the courts are moving so slow. they are still looking for sierra. we're told 40 to 50 people still show up here to look for her. jag ktvu channel 2 news. students from sandy hook elementary are wrapping up their first day back pat school
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since the shooting at newtown. the students are attending classes in the neighboring town of monroe which has been converted and renamed sandy hook elementary. the school has been outfitted with rugs and furniture from the original sandy hook, even the school's pet turtle was relocated. one returning student said he would make a great mascot. >> our motto that could go with it is one step at a time. >> i think them getting on the bus is -- for us it's a movement forward. i think a lot of us are looking forward. this is the next step. >> counselors were onhand to help reassure students in the wake of the security. security measures have also been increased. the federal government has approved california's plan to run its own health insurance market. california is among seven new states that receive conditionsal approval to operate -- conditionsal
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approval to operate their own exchanges. they submitted the operational plan last month to exchange coverage by at least 2 million. the california health care foundation estimates the state has more than 7 million people without health energy. the first few days of the new year have been cold ones with chilly temperatures across the bay area overnight and early this morning. so when will we see a warmup? steve paulson will have that coming up. the weather may be chilly. it's been dry. earlier rainfalls created a potential local emergency in east palo alto. ktvu has been following the situation since december 23rd. that's when flooding damaged homes on daphne way. ktvu's brian flores is there live to let us know what's happening there today. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. it's been several days since the last imagine poor rain storm. as we take a look, the water levels are pretty normal. don't let that -- familiar you.
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there's a lot of damage and now the city and county are asking for the state's help. with sandbags on the ready, some residents are frustrated that local officials have not done enough for the next big rain storm. >> we have the flood in '98. they say they are gonna fix it. it's still the same. we're concerned about that. >> reporter: that's because along the creek, major damage from the last storm remains. at least seven homes were damaged. so is the levee. >> there's a great deal of erosion. as you know, the water overtopped the levee in the guardens neighborhood. there was damage to private and public property. >> reporter: city officials are asking for the state's help to aleast shore up on the levee. they are hoping $2.7 million could tum from the state to -- to come from the state for help. >> the declaration is -- the
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state is declaring this area a local state of emergency. that allow us to request funds from the state to help for reimbursement of some of the costs we're incurring. >> reporter: this afternoon, state officials will be touring the creek as a whole to see what needs to be done to protect the 49% of the residents living under the floodplain. >> i think it's taken longer than it should have. absolutely. the flood record was almost 15 years ago and that's a long time to wait for relief. >> reporter: now, in the bigger picture there will be more permanent relief for this area as the design and funding for the floodplain has already begun. throughout the creek there will be bridges, wider levees and construction is expected to begin there on 2013. it's supposed to be completed by 2015. we're live here in east palo alto, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. google scored a victory this morning when federal regulators found the company did not violent anti-trust or
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anti-competition laws. the federal trade commission found no evidence to support claims flames that google unfavery favors its own services. but the fcc found they misused patents on cell phone technology. google has agreed to license the technology to its rivals. >> they threatened to block consumers' access to critical electronic deviss, including laptops, tablets, smart -- smartphones and gaming systems. >> google issued a statement about the settlement it reads -- if you are tired of robo calls and telemarketers, you have a chance to block those annoying calls and win $50,000. the federal trade commission which receives more than $200,000 complaints a month
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about robo calls is holding a contest to find the best way to block them. some ideas include 24-hour hot lines to report robo calls and black listing repeat callers. push a group of college students living inside this apartment building become the victims of a home invasion. you will hear from one of them and we will tell you what we think the suspects were waiting for. steve paulson will be here in minutes. he's looking for a change for the bay area. out with the old, in with the new. but will more get done as the 113th congress begins its session.
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it's a new day on capitol hill as the 113th congress convened for the first time. 12 newly-elected senators were among those sworn in making the new class more diverse than ever. it includes the first hindu congresswoman, the first openly gay senator and the first openly bisexual chamber from either chamber. john boehner was just elected from -- re-elected as house speaker john boehner. nancy pelosi is expected to be re-elected as well. the agenda for the new session is expected to focus largely on issues that re-emerged over the last few -- last few weeks,
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there are still fiscal issues to tackle after the 11th-hour drama surrounding the fiscal cliff. the debt ceiling and tax code issues are priorities on that front. san francisco police are searching for five armed men wanted in a home invasion robbery early this morning. it happened on 40th avenue in the city's richmond district. claudine wong tells us about the very specific item the robbers demanded from their victims. >> reporter: san francisco police stood outside this building for hours this morning. we watched as they confiscated a kitchen knife left in a planter that residents say was used by one of the suspects in this home invasion. >> i've never had a gun in my face before. >> reporter: the victims didn't want their faces on camera but say it all happened inside the first floor apartment where a group of college students were staying. >> we were sleeping and then we heard like a commotion and started to hear this bang on
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the door and the door started to give out and then there was a gun in my face. >> what did they say? give me your money, give me your phone. >> give me your weed. >> reporter: the victims admit they leave their front door unrocked because they have this gate down here but any also say this lock tends to stick and when it does, you can walk through. the victims say five people with at least two guns came in and held them at gunpoint while they ransacked the place. they say the assailants were frustrated by what they couldn't find. >> i just -- they just kept asking for weed. where's the 50 ps, like pounds. i said it's gonna be okay and he said don't talk to her and he kicked me in the chin. >> reporter: after 15 minutes they left with the victims' cell phones, wallets, electronics and money. they moved in less than a year ago and say it's likely they will soon be moving out. in san francisco, claudine
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wong, ktvu channel 2 news. a fight between a father and a son in daly city this morning left both men with serious injuries. it happened at the kron colony apartment complex. daly city police say the father called 911 about 2:30 to report he had been stabbed. officers found the father who is in his 30s, had been stabbed four times. his 19-year-old son had a traumatic head injury. both were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. there's no word yet on what caused the fight or in any charges -- or if any charges will be filed. >> two placer county teenaged girls are accused of drugging one of the girls' parents just to be able to use the internet. the suspects are 16 and 15 years old. they are accused of -- accused of putting sleeping bills in a milk shake -- pimms in a mill -- pills in a milk shake.
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they wake up feeling groggy and took a drug test. a day-long rally at the state capitol is aimed at providing new protections for the homeless. >> right now, you can't discriminate against persons because of their race, their sex, their age, their condition of prior servitude but there's nothing about homelessness. >> the bill would provide civil protections to homeless people including the right to congregate and store belongings in public areas without being subject to harassment or arrest. the event began about 90 minutes ago. a man accused of killing a dog during a robbery still has not been captured. but video of the suspect was made public yesterday. he's suspected of robbing a woman in the tenderloin district and then killing her dog because she didn't have enough money. here's a look at the suspect as
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he ran from the scene at leavenworth and golden gate avenue last night -- last friday. police say he had just thrown the victim's small dog into traffic. the suspect vanished into the crowded tenderloin streets but police say there's really nowhere in the city to hide. >> it doesn't take very long until they run into some type of video surveillance. >> if he would could something like this to her or her dog, i have a feeling he will do something like this again to someone else. >> the 12-year-old dog named roxy had to be put down because of her injuries. witnesses have set up a reward fund. at last check it was up to $3500. even though folks's exploratorium is now closed, you can see -- even though san francisco's exploratorium is now closed, you can see the popup activity at the fine arts. employees will show off science- related activities on city streets as the exploratorium moves to its new home on pier
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15 on the embarcadero. tonight we'll get a good lock at preparations for the project installing a new light exhibit across the bay bridge. the people installing 125,000 lights will also give more details about the project. it will create a dazzling light show across the western span of the bay bridge. it should be finished by march and will light up the bay area for two years. federal investigators say it could take months before they discover what caused a firely plane crash in las vegas. heavy smoke came from the small twin engine plane after it made a hard landing. the two people on board both managed to escape safely. airport firefighters sprayed purple rardant to douse the flames. the runway pat the north las vegas airport was closed all night to clean up the debris. well, after another very cold morning, a lot of 20s, 30s and temperatures are running a little bit cooler than yesterday.
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i think we'll rebound here. it does feel a little bit colder. there's higher humidity in the air. the temperature -- dew point temperature, amount of moisture in the air has gone up. sometimes that can make it feel better. it's pretty chilly here for most. if you are watching us down in pebble beach, it's 65. but that's the warmest by far that i can find. mostly sunny. we have a few bands of high clouds. it will be cold again tomorrow morning, the extended outlook is looking warm. mostly dry through about the 15th. there could be a system this weekend the trend lately has been to split it. we'll see. temperatures have been slow to recover. it's gonna be cold again tonight. it doesn't take long. i think torm could be tolder -- tomorrow could be colder. we'll lose any high clouds. we're in the pattern, some of the temperatures at noon, 49 fairfield, antioch is in there.
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livermore 51. 48 concord. 48 santa rosa. 49 in the city. but 57 at the half moon bay airport. montera is 59. redwood city, 49. mountain view, 49. san jose, a cool 51. it was 5 below up in truckee this morning. tahoe is now 39. 49 redding. 49 sacramento. ukiah is only 44. 20s for mendocino county all the way down to the salinas valley. mostly sunny. there's not much left of this system. so temperatures kind of warming up each day a couple of degrees. it's tough when you are 25, 26 in the morning to get above 54 this time of year. it's a dry pattern. maybe late friday or saturday. temperatures are coming up a little bit. not a lot. 54 at about -- and 57 will be along the coast from half moon bay to monterey. inland, i would say about 53, 55, 56. a little bit warmer towards the santa clara valley. same for the peninsula, not bad
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on the coast. half moon bay, pacifica, daly city, redwood city. there's a definite chill in the air dash in the air. i've kept rain out on -- chill in the air. i've kept rain out for sunday. next week looks quiet but cold. >> january. >> yeah. >> it should be cold. subaru is planning to recall more than 635,000 cars and suvs in the u.s. because lights beneath the doors can overheat and cause fires. the recall affects all 2010 and 2011 outbacks, the tribeca suvs from 2006 through 2012 and forrester suvs from 2009 through 2012. the recall is expected to begin next month. apple admits there is a problem with the do not disturb features. but the company says if users just wait a few days, the problem will fix itself.
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users set a time frame that blocks the in-box signal of most communications. for now the feature kos not always shut -- does not always shut off when it is supposed to. apple suggestions putting full notifications back upon until early next week, when the bug will disappear. the mood on wall street changed from the post-fiscal cliff excitement. and the new fight over whether yellow pages can be delivered to homes in san francisco.
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stock indexes all in the red now after the federal reserve just set its -- just said the policy majors are split about a bond program intended to stimulate the economy. and the dow is coming off its biggest gain. still up 450 for the week. phone books will still be delivered to san francisco homes and businesses unless residents and merchants specifically say they don't want them. a federal court panel says phone books should not be treated any differently than newspapers or magazines. the ruling came in a seattle case. san francisco's board of supervisors wanted to allow deliveries of the yellow pages only when requested. city leaders say 1.6 million unwanted phone books are delivered in the city every
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year. today on ktvu channel 2 news, new year's eve was a busy night for the oakland police department. during the last hour, officers showed off one of the high- powered weapons they took off the street. the technology they used to track it down -- coming up at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile
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