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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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up next on a san francisco street we'll show you the scene out here as crews decide how to clean up what a traffic stop that led to a crash left behind. we're live in petaluma where the community is banding
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together to help the family of a missing teen. we'll also tell you what investigators are saying about the final tweet she left behind. we've had a cold but rain free week. mother nature is maybe that will change by the weekend. plus, bringing sparkle to the bay bridge, the overnight work that is part of a major new art project. we'll show you just ahead. completely bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning to you, welcome to pam cook's favorite day of the week, friday. it is january the 4th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. weather cold out there. still no real rain in the forecast, right. >> you've had a tough week, pam. why don't you take the next two days off. >> i like to work two, take two. >> well it's not as cold. it's still cold out there, but temperatures have been coming up. we will have mostly sunny,
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partly sunny day today but the intention for the weekend, we'll get to that in a few minutes. traffic is doing well so far although it is getting crowded many parts of antioch. slow traffic on highway 4. here in bay point looks good. the morning commute moving along well in oakland. 5, let's go back to the desk. happening right now, a lot of cleaning up needs to be done after a hit-and-run crash in san francisco just hours ago. ktvu's claudine wong is there in san francisco with the latest on where a driver crashed into a caltran parking lot so what happened. >> reporter: the search is on the for the driver. father-in-law started as a traffic -- apparently it started as a traffic stop or attempted traffic stop and you can see the mess left behind. that power pole hanging there and you can see a pg&e crew just arriving. they are telling us these repairs could take a while and power is out.
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look at this, though, if we pan over, you can see when this car came crashing r went through a fence and ended up hitting this vehicle that's in the employee parking lot. the car that was involved in this has been towed away at this point but we want to show you video from earlier this morning when it was still here, and you can see the damage to it. chp says it started at 1:15 in the morning. the driver did the not stop and kept going. got off the freeway and ended up at 5th and townsend where he or she crashed the car and fled. they're serging for the driver at this point but they've taken away the vehicle and certainly searching it for evidence that would lead them to the driver. in the meantime, the power went out. at least a block or two of this area and we talked to one man who was trying to get some work when the lights went dark. >> i was doing work remotely on the vpn and suddenly everything went off and i had to come over
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here to make sure the servers were shut down properly and i saw the security guard for our building and he told me what happened. i came up here, saw the accident and said this isn't going to be back on anytime soon. i went to the office, shut down the servers and now i'm going to stand here and wait until this is back. >> reporter: he is still waiting. you're looking at 5th and townsend where you can see a dark building. what we can see is it only stretches about a block. i want to show you over here the call train tracks. we talked to them to see if this affected traffic in any way. they said they pulled their power a little bit further down the block. they are running as scheduled right now. the clean up will take a while. pg&e says they'll be out here most of the morning. we'll keep an eye on the work. we'll see if there's any update on the driver and keep you updated in the morning news. live in san francisco, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. a second helicopter will be used to help find a missing teenager, alyssa byrne was last
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seen new year's eve at lake tahoe. tara moriarty is in petaluma with the latest information. >> reporter: we're here at beyond the glory, it's a sports bar and grill. they are going to be hosting a fundraiser to help the search efforts for alyssa byrne. meanwhile her mother and her brother are here in petaluma at home while the father has been in south lake tahoe for the past few days looking for his daughter. search and rescue teams scoured the area by helicopter and snow show yesterday. byrne vanished around midnight on new year's eve from the horizon casino hotel. she has gone there after leaving an outdoor concert early. she told friends she was cold. sheriff's deputies say they have a new clue to go on, a ping off her cell phone sometime after midnight at a nearby field. >> my level of hope is she's out there and if you are, just come home. we love you. we miss you. >> reporter: now her twitter
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account shows two final tweets that suggest she was upset, one saying lost trust in a person she trusted most. that was on the afternoon of new year's eve, and the second one said after tonight you'll never be a part of my life. you won't be a memory of 2013, a new year, you'll never be apart, you're nothing to me. sheriff's department can't confirm if they came from alyssa. coming up we will talk to her mother about those tweets and once again, a few restaurants are donating money to help aid the search efforts. tonight at 7, mavericks in santa rosa, tomorrow all day glory and monday night at mi pueblo in touchdown. and i'm tara moriarty ktvu travel 2 news. three drivers lucky to be alive after parts of a tree crashed into their car. big tree limbs cracked and fell down hitting three cars as they
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drove by. >> i saw the branch falling and i don't know what i thought. it happened so quick, and then i was just in it. i just hit it. >> two of the cars were damaged as you can see, the third one managed to keep driving. >> a petaluma house fire that killed a 91-year-old woman is under investigation this morning. the flames erupted yesterday afternoon at the leisure lake mobile home park. it was fully engulfed in flames by the time firefighters got there and nearby homes were threatened: the body of the 91- year-old woman was found in a rear bedroom. the fire crews are investigating whether or not the home had a working smoke detector. the cause of the fire is something they want to find out. a san francisco man is due in court this afternoon in connection with a deadly crash on new year's day. police say a 19-year-old david morales fired shots at three and peoples and rammed a car
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into three people, killing two and seriously injuring the third. he's arraigned on charges of murder, attempted murder and evaded police. also due in court today, two teenagers charged with the strangling death of a castro valley woman and setting her home on fire. 16-year-old christian and cody are being prosecuted as adults, accused of breaking into the victim's home in october to steal guns and jewelry. prosecutors say they killed the woman, then came back later to burn down her house and try to cover up the murder. in just about 25 minutes, the government will release the jobs report for december. now, economists expect the unemployment rate to stay at 7.7%. coming up at 5:15, we're going talk about how wall street is expected to react. time now 5:07, new this morning, thousands of lights being installed on the bay bridge for a huge art project. in march the bridge will be turned into a light show. 25,000 energy efficient lights
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will shine on the western side of the span. this entire $8 million project is being paid for by private donations. $2million needs to be raised still. >> we're 40% of the way there in terms of the installation and very soon i'll start turning on lights and see what they can do. >> when you're driving on the bridge you won't be able to see the lights. it will only be visible from the shoreline to prevent drivers from being distracted. it will be beautiful. 5:08 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. hopefully the bridge no problems yet. >> no problems yet. looks good so far anyway. we've been looking at the chp list and making sure we're up to date. it does look good on the east shore freeway, coming out to the mcarthur maize and chp list not all that significant right now. look let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a report of some south
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bay stuff, card board on the lanes near north 1st street. watch for that hazard just reported to chp. northbound 280 traffic looks good as you drive through. 508 let's go to steve. stockton 29, santa rosa, concord 33. yesterday they were 27, 28. i know it's cold but temperatures have been coming up with a little bit. instead splitting now all the forecast models say it will l hold together. give us clouds and rain on the weekend. 30s, but, i mean, there's a big difference in some of the temps here. there's that 33 in concord, and walnut creek, and 28 in fairfield. 40 in redwood city. open airport 39. 45 in the city. these are warmer than, you know, 3 to 5 degrees than yesterday. yesterday tahoe was 0 at this time and today they're 5. and
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there's a little bit more moisture in the air that holds the temperature up and gives us patchy fog. except for a few high clouds, high pressure will build in and we'll focus our attention on that system for saturday. today is fine, mostly sunny, increasing clouds on saturday. saturday morning looks all right. by 4:00 in the an, one part -- afternoon, one part of the system comes in. and then on sunday around the noon hour until the afternoon hours, the rest of the system comes in. the last four or five have split, gone north and south, so this is diversion from what we've seen lately. san rafael 56, concord, pleasant, 57 castro valley, and 57 in berkeley. 58 santa claire, fremont, sunnyvale, and a couple low 60s lot of 50s, mid to upper on the
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coast. increasing clouds saturday, rain sunday and next week looking quiet but turning colder again. time 5:10 an amazing rescue caught on tape. why one man risked his own life to save a woman from her burning car. plus he's the all time winningest high school football coach here in california, the announcement from sally expected today. good morning, southbound 680, the traffic here looks good heading to san jose in the south bay. we'll tell you more about the traffic and the weather for this friday.
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welcome back to the morning news, time is 5:13. a woman in louisiana is thanking an off duty firefighter and first responder for saving her life after this crash. her car was pinned under the big rig just feet from two diesel tanks. two men noticed someone was trap inside and didn't think twice about jumping in to save her life. >> i realized she was still alive and the whole car was full of smoke. i went out and took my jacket on. i had a flannel jacket. i put that over her face and i moved the seat belt. >> investigators say the woman had blacked out due to a medical condition before she lost control and went under that truck. new this morning, u.s. troops arrived in turkey today to man patriot missile defense
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near the syrian border. turkey asked nato for help. the u.s. germany and the netherlands installed defense missiles in the border area to intercept any syrian missiles. a total of 400 u.s. troops listen assigned to patrol the missiles. a 15 minutes from now we're going to see how the job market is doing when the latest unemployment report comes out. as kyla reports. >> reporter: a that jobs report comes out an hour before the stock market opens. economists predict it will show 150,000 jobs were added last month and they believe the unemployment rate will remain unchanged at 7.7%. those are more modest than ton expected from adp. they estimate the u.s. added 215 private sector jobs in december which would improve the unemployment rate.
5:17 am
if the number of jobs remains stable or increases investors predict small gains on wall street. u.s. stocks closed lower yesterday after the fiscal cliff fix surged on wednesday. and again, that jobs report comes out in 15 minutes and i'll break the numbers down for you when i see you next. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. time 5:15 officials at al jazeera will be meeting with the staff in san francisco. as we told you before, the news channel bought the progressive bay area network for half a billion dollars. al jazeera hasn't said whether it will keep current tv officers on townsend street but gentleman sere are does plan to keep a bureau in -- al jazeera plans to keep a bureau. new this morning, 49ers ceo
5:18 am
judd york is offering new details expected to open. he says the team's object is to make the fans experience adds great as it possibility can be. the new stadium is designed with open concourses so you can see the game while you're waiting at concession stands and it will be high-tech with fans able to potentially leave their wallets at home and use their smartphone to pay for everything. la salle's high school football coach is expected to announce he is stepping down after 34 seasons. he is california's all time winningest high school football l coach with 399 victories. just last month the coach of the spar tons to the 4th 4th consecutive open division state championship and they led de la salle to a national record, 151 game 151 winning streak from
5:19 am
1993 to 2003. >> he's a power house. >> time now 5:17: sal knows everything about everything. >> you know, we are looking at the traffic anyway. >> you know. it's actually looking pretty good. if you are driving on 80 westbound, it looks good. there are no major problems as you come through. there is a look at the toll plaza that we looked at and it's nice and empty for you right knew. san mateo bridge looks good. a little more fog today than there was yesterday. be aware of that. if you're driving on the peninsula, 101 and 280 look good. and watching the south bay off to a good start. 5:18 and let's go to steve. kind of cold but not as cold as the past couple of mornings. we had a dry cold and now there's moisture in the air. patchy fog showing up. more 30s and 20s. chilly to mild and increasing clouds on the weekend and looks
5:20 am
like rain returns. this would be a zig instead of a zag compared to the last four or five systems that came in fell apart. next week looks quiet but cool and breeze breezy as a very cold system drives into the northern rockies and we'll get northwest direction of that. temperatures in the 30s. a couple of upper 20s and definitely running warmer than the past couple of mornings by about 3 to 5 degrees. 28 redding. 30 in sacramento. patchy fog out to the valley, so if you're traveling to the mountains, stockton reporting visibility. and maybe a couple bands of clouds and increasing clouds tomorrow from that system and we'll cloud up and get rain in late saturday into sunday. patchy fog, cold in the morning, not as cold as the past couple of mornings. 50s on the temps. 56 to 57 unless you're out to
5:21 am
eastern solano and a few low 60s. morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz. upper 50s. wood side 56. very light rain saturday. more likely on sunday and out of here monday and cool breezy pattern sets up. >> thank you steve. this morning china announced it is fining 6 south korean and taiwan companies for price fixing flat panel screens. samsung is being ordered to pay a total of $23 million in the case. they must repay $27 million touchy niece customers. it's a -- chinese customers. japanese stocks soared in the first day of post holiday trading. it's first reaction to the resolution of the u.s. tax increase worries. all the other asian pacific markets lost a half percent
5:22 am
overnight. they are trading slightly lower as well. taking a look at our numbers, of course the jobs report for the month comes in in just about 10 minutes. all the markets were done a bit yesterday. right now the futures indicate a slightly mixed opening, but it's really going to change probably when that report comes in and we'll bring you that in just a little bit. time now 5:20, don't look in the mirror, but the battle of the bulge is being lost. who's being blamed for america's obesity epidemic. and san francisco's sutro baths have been drawing big crowds, the free little attraction that everyone's coming to see. [ male announcer ] subway has so many
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:23, a new survey shows americans are split over how the government should handle the nation's o obesity health crisis. americans blame cheap fast food and too much time in front of the television. a third of the people responding believe the government should be deeply involved in curbing obesity. another third prefers them having no role at all and 60% oppose taxes containing junk food. how much space trucks must give in front of their business. now, new rules could help ease some of that tension.
5:26 am
the restaurant association says some businesses are losing up to 40% of the profits because food trucks are parked outside. new guidelines proposed by scott weaner, would make it so they can't park new restaurants that serve similar food. time now, it is a new attraction that the the bathhouse ruins in san francisco. it's a rare river otter nicknamed sutro sam. there he is. first spotted in september and since then dozens of people have been showing up just to see it. >> it's very playful, fun loving creatures. >> they come put his head and you happen went back down. -- head up and went back down. >> he's the first river otter to be seen in san francisco in decades. the fact that you can see him here means you're doing a better job of protecting the water sheds. >> i need to go see him.
5:27 am
5:25 is the time, phil jackson is engaged to jeanie bus. she wrote, phil finally gave me that ring i wanted. she received the ring at christmas. they have been dating since 1999. star wars creator george lucas endangered. the film maker proposed to his girlfriend of 7 years. this will be the second marriage for lucas who is 68- year-old. 5:26 is the time. let's check in with sal for the look at the commute. we're doing pretty well around the bay area. this morning's commute in san jose starting off well. northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. did have a couple minor things. montague expressway, there was card board over the lane. they have been trying to remove
5:28 am
it. interstate 680 heading south that freeway looks good. let's go to steve. a happy friday. we have lows. not as cold as the past couple of mornings. patchy fog as well. 30s, 40s, mostly sunny. you can see some 50s and 60s on the temps. looks like a change for the weekend pamela. >> okay. we'll look for that. coming up at 5:26, it's becoming an annual problem in san francisco, the warnings being given as people turnout to illegal ways to get rid of their christmas trees.
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good morning to you, welcome back, this is the morning news, friday january 4th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time is just about 5:30. it's a little warmer. couple of degrees. >> 33 instead of 37. i mean, you know. >> we'll take it. >> actually that's a little bit warmer there. still cold kind of a damp cold out l. mostly sunny today. it now looks like a change in our pattern for the weekend. we'll have more in 7 minutes. highway 4 looks good if you're driving here in bay point but we have some slowing in antioch which paint surprise you. 680 nearby is moving well. 80 westbound getting more crowded. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news out of san jose where a business has gone up in flames. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine
5:32 am
de la vega on the scene now. >> reporter: police just arrived here on scene. arson investigators are in route. there are a lot of firefighters still here even though the fire is out because they believe it is suspicious and could possibly be intentionally set at this club. firefighters were called to the phccannibus club. a side window was broke when they rifle. firefighters had to -- arrived. firefighters had to force entry. the sprinkler system did got off and they were able to knock it down in 20 minutes. i'm joined by the fire captain of the san jose fire department, and why do you think this could have been intentionally set. >> you summarized excellently
5:33 am
what we saw when we arrived. you have uh-huh a locked commercial there's potential that there was forced entry. there had to be origin that made it suspicious to us. >> reporter: and there was a strong smell of gasoline is that right. >> there was an odor of gasoline on top of the fact that it was in a commercial building in the middle of the night. those are factors we have to take into account and we have the arson unit in route to do further investigation. >> reporter: what about the window, is that also peculiar. do we know if the flames caused that. >> we really can't determine if the flames cause it or if it was broken prior to the fire. if that was the case it tends toward a suspicious event. that's what arsonists will delve into, was that broken by the heat of the fire or by a
5:34 am
perpetrator. >> reporter: thank you so much captain mike with the san jose fire department. they're going to be on the scene for next couple of hours. arson investigators have not arrived. we did speak to an employee of the club who says this is very upsetting and really want more answers. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 5:32. power is out in front of a san francisco street after a hit- and-run crush. claudine wong live on townsend street where a driver hit a power poll just a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: that's right, dave and police searching for that driver. but i just talked to pg&e pg and and have new information on when they're hoping to get the power back on. let's get a look at the scene. pg&e crews out here trying to get situated, getting a handle on the situation. when we last checked in there was only one crew here, and now we have four crews here and the
5:35 am
supervisor told me they're trying to get the power poll stabilized. this only feeds one building. that building takes up a couple blocks. because they've had to turn off switches before they get this situation under control, there are about a hundred people without power now. he says the plan is to get a generator up and that means it will be at least four hours or so before they can get that up. people are in the dark and are going to be in the dark for a while. let's get a look at what it looked like earlier this morning so we can take you through what happened and how we got here. there was an attempted traffic stop by the california highway patrol. the vehicle failed to stop, ended coming down 5th and townsend and crashing into the power pole. a fence at a caltrain employee parking lot and the white truck you see in the video that was a caltrain vehicle that was hit in the process. the driver of that vehicle fled the scene.
5:36 am
chp still looking for him or her now. in the meantime, the folks around here were left in the dark. >> people being at the office at 8:00 in the morning. we have people in the east coast working, too, so i'll have to stay up until it comes back on and turn it on. >> reporter: back live in 5th 5th and townsend, that other truck came and got into position right next to this power pole. again, the goal right now, stabilize the situation. get a generator up and rung so they can get power back on to the folks in that area. that's not going to happen for another four hours. so, i know that we talked to the gentlemen that worked in the building that is affecteds video game company, people in the east coast were hoping to get to work soon. they'll have to wait a while. claudine wong ktvu channel news. san francisco firefighters responded to several christmas tree fires overnight. we saw the after math of one of them at 21st and folsom street. the fire department tells us that they responded to at least
5:37 am
10 different calls of christmas trees on fire in the streets out on ocean beach federal police and park rangers are stepping up patrols because of the annual illegal tradition of burning christmas trees on the beach. in san francisco you can legally dispose of your tree by just putting it outside on your usual trash collection day. crews are looking into the cause of a water main break in berkeley. it broke on dwight way at 6:00 last night. workers had to shut down the main cutting off water to 16 homes last night. an underground pipe flooded part of the road but no damage to nearby homes. time now 5:36, today three of the four suspects accused in a deadly home invasion robbery is scheduled to face a judge. deangelo justin, lucas anderson and javier garcia face murder charges stemming from the robbery and killing of raveesh kumra. he had a past of shady business
5:38 am
deals. problems with drugs and alcohol and that he reportedly spent time with prostitutes. police say the investigation is continuing and that more arrests are likely. we're finding out more about what led to the deadly shooting in summer breeze parking lot complex on new year's eve. two maintenance workers confronted 36-year-old christopher soriano because they thought he was responsible for several car burglars at that apartment complex. police say one o. workers admit -- of the workers admitted to shooting soriano after trying to get away. >> a lot of them are armed and willing to fight you in order to escape. it's not worth risking your personal safety in order to protect property that can replaced. >> police officers say eleven vehicles have been stolen from that complex mt. past year. and -- in the past year. and while crime keeps going up, san jose police say their numbers are going down. 30 officer resignations have
5:39 am
occurred in the past 60 days. new details regarding the huge fire in richard mon. the explosion august sent a cloud of gas and smoke over the city. 15,000 people went to the emergency emergency rooms complaining of nausea. photo offense a leaky fuel line suggest chevron's own firefighters may have accidentally punctured a corroding pipe while getting to the leak. investigators theorize that the puncture may have fueled the fire. also this morning,s house of representatives is expected to pass a $9.7 billion pill to help play flood insurance claims for victims of superstorm sandy. that's after house republicans blasted house speaker john boehner for canceling a previously scheduled vote on tuesday. they featured the fema run aid program because a few private insurers cover flood insurance. and a larger 51 billion-dollar
5:40 am
aid package. let's get you going out the door. what's happening in contra costa county. >> we're looking at it there at 680 and 24 and highway 4 and traffic is moving pretty well. this is a look at highway 4 from our live camera network. traffic is getting busier on the way to oakland and walnut creek. 680 is moving well from walnut creek to san ramon. yesterday and the day before we had a back up at 6:00. we'll see what happens in 20 minutes or so. if you're driving in the south bay, northbound 280 right now 87 on the shoulder there is a minor crash. watch for it. now let's go to steve. good morning, a few high clouds. 30s instead of 20s for most and. little bit of patchy fog especially out in the vivamente if you're heading to the mountains, be advised of that.
5:41 am
patchy fog, high clouds, still mostly sunny today and then weekend rain looks like it's now coming in instead of the system that i'm standing right in front of splitting offshore as the past four or five have done. what's interesting is part will split up towards oregon and part over us and resubmerge over us. 30s and 40s for most. 28 up in fairfield, but a lot of 30s, 33 instead of 26 or 27. 5 in tahoe. 0 at this time yesterday. sacramento 30. ukia 31. and that system starts to give increasing clouds tomorrow. the cloud and rain forecast does show not too much today. things are very quiet and increasing clouds starting to come in on saturday. there it is. this does produce a little bit of light rain over us on saturday afternoon. this will be the warmer sector of the system and then the secondary system or the stronger one comes in on sunday. this was all splitting off the
5:42 am
coasts for oklahoma in the last ten days. this looks like it will split over us. a change in the pattern. cool to mild and 50s, mid to upper and i think everyone's close here. coast bay a little cooler toward the eastern contra costa county. 50s to low 60s. morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz as well. redwood city 59 rain likely on sunday. and next week dry and very cool ask breezy. up next, interesting story, a controversial ad campaign on muni focusing on one specific word, the positive reaction the creators are hoping to accomplish. i was crying and the mom had tears. >> touching story from the east bay, what a little girl did to trigger the chain reaction of love. good morning, westbound 237 still not app significant delay here -- not a significant delay here. we'll tell you more about the
5:43 am
morning commute for a friday.
5:44 am
5:45 am
good morning, a little bit of patchy fog, 30s mainly on the lows. mostly sunny, partly sunny today. highs mainly in the mid to upper 50s. welcome back, good morning to you, a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:43. the fbi is joinings search for a missing petaluma woman last seen in the tahoe area on new year's eve. investigators are checking alyssa byrne's cell phone that she used on new year's eve. and now a second hospitaller will be brought in today to help out in the search. police and firefighters now on the scene of a suspicious fire in san jose. investigators say a cannibus
5:46 am
club caught fire. they found a broken window and smell of gas when they arrived. we're on the scene and going to bring you the latest developments as they become available. about a hundred customers in san francisco will not have electricity for several hours after a car crashed into a power pole in a caltrain parking lot. the chp says they tried to pull the driver of that car over for a traffic violation. after it crashed, the driver ran away. caltrain says their service is not affected. there's a protest in emeryville today against the torture scenes in the movie 0 dark 30. senators are upset about what they call inaccurate and misleading interrogation scenes in the film. they're demanding information from the cia about information released to the producers of the valley. troops could stay in
5:47 am
afghanistan after the 2014 nato withdrawal. that's according to a new plan submitted to the pentagon. the low end option would leave 6500 troops in the country for counter terrorism operations and the largest option would leave 15,000 troops to help train afghan security forces. the plan is awaiting official approval. a new series of ads featuring the word jihad is getting a lot of attention. the ads are sponsored by the counsel on american islamic relations, the organization says the word is misunderstood by most americans. people we talked with had very negative impressions of what it means. >> a group of islamic people that are the bad guys. >> and what i've seen in publicity it means it's killing people. >> now, the sponsors of the at say jihad actually means a struggle to be better. the webster dictionary says it's a crew said for a
5:48 am
principal or belief as well as a holy war to send or spread religious beliefs. criminal charges were filed over the death of a 4-month-old baby at a san rafael child care center. staff members found the baby unconscious back in october. investigators later determined the child suffocated on his bedding. police arrested three of the staff members and the charges include failing to provide medical treatment and also lying to investigators. the state has revoked the child care center's license. the san francisco district attorney's office dropped its request for the deleted twitter accounts of two protesters. the protesters were among 19 people arrested during a columbus day protest on october 6th. the district attorney wanted to see their tweets along with twitter photos and tweets from their followers. lawyers from the american civil little bits union argued that that request was -- liberties union argued that that request
5:49 am
was too broad. a 6-year-old's act of kindness has reached a chain reaction that has reached further than anyone thought. donna mckenzie is a volunteer with the refuge. a little girl donated everything in her piggy bank to help the homeless. it came out to 6.12. her generosity became a local news story that led other people to donate whatever they could. i think we can all take something from this little girl because, you know, everybody can't do everything but everybody can do something. >> the donations from the community now top $1800 and more offers for help are still coming in. donna mckenzie says the little girl emma she called her a ray of sunshine is the only regret is she forgot to get the little girl's last name to be able to thank her. >> that's a great story. 5:48 is the time right now. let's check in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on. >> we have a look at some of
5:50 am
the east bay commutes pam and dave and also the south bay are going to start by looking at san jose northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 looks pretty good. there was a minor crash near 87 but the traffic was light or is light and it's not caused any delay at all. it's off to the shoulder. the morning commute is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza getting from oakland to san francisco is a small delay. we're thinking it's going to be light today. we'll see what happens though. when you get to the peninsula, highway 101 that traffic looks good. let's go to steve. a cold morning, not as cold but it's still cold. patchy fog, higher clouds, mostly sunny today. now a system coming in that was showing every signs of splitting offshore. now is going to split over us. therein lies what looks to be cloudy with rain developing bit weekend, which is a little bit of a different twist. it's been about a week and a half i do believe and that was very light. there's our system. today it won't matter.
5:51 am
again, though, it looks like it's going to split part over oregon and part over us. now, just looking at santa rosa, 31, 32, 33 in town. yesterday at this time it was about 27, 26. that's a little bit warmer. 28 at fairfield, 33 livermore. 33 walnut creek and concord. instead of going down 4 degrees it's going up. a little bit of cloud cover and higher humidity in the air. mostly sunny today and the system begins to attract on the weekend. our cloud and rain forecast doesn't do much for today. i'll get out of the day. it does increase the clouds starting on saturday morning. it brings in light rain, saturday afternoon late. i think it will slow it down a little bit. and brings in the core of the system on sunday afternoon. i'll buy it now. everybody's on board with it. patchy fog, cold, still cold out there. cool to mild in the afternoon.
5:52 am
temperatures 50s, low to mid, few upper and low you have to head toward santa cruz to find that. 59 redwood city. palo alto mountain view, daly city, 56. light rain, more likely on sunday. the next week looking to be a cool breezy pattern out of the north, northwest. the labor department announced the december jobless rate is now up to 7.8%. the initial report for november had the unemployment rate at 7.7% but that was actually later revised to 7.8: so technically the rate stayed steady in december. 155,000 jobs were added last month, that is slightly less than analysts forecasted. we're going to check in with the washington dc bureau in 20 minutes for more on the job report. right crude oil prices are sleeping -- slipping assed
5:53 am
euphoria is fading. investors are now focused on possible budget cuts which could slow u.s. growth and that could affect the global economy. and gas prices heading the other wakes the national average price for a gallon of regular is 3.30. that's up a penny from yesterday. san francisco drivers paying 3 hadn't 60 a gallon. -- 3.60 a gallon. but that is also up a penny in the last day. 5:53. planning ahead for january flight delays at sfo. details of airport improvements will affect weekend flights at sfo. and a 49ers kicker competing for his job one week before the team's divisional play off game, the off the field issues david akers is also dealing with.
5:54 am
5:55 am
an3 days of g to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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good morning, some patchy fog, 30s mainly on the lows instead of 20s. we'll have mostly sunny skies today. highs in the 50s to near 60s. more than 3 million people visit lake tahoe each year but the area could see big changes in the future. researchers predict climate change could have major impacts on the area's tourism. climate models show they could rise as much as 9 degrees by the end of the surgery.
5:57 am
researchers say this would be like moving tahoe to the same elevation of mount diablo. the area saw 25% knewer skiers due to the lack of snow. san francisco international airport is planning run closures to allow workers to install lights and other safety upgrades. first round is next weekend january 11th through the 14 14th. similar ones are scheduled through the following weekend and should expect delays. time now 5:46 david akers fighting to keep his job and now acres says he's getting death threats. the threats came on twitter, so he shut down his twitter accounts. the f 67 time pro bowl kicker has been struggling a lot lately and revealed that last february he had surgery for a double hernia and he's been dealing with complications since he fell in practice in november. 49ers by the way just
5:58 am
signed veteran kicker billy cundiff and he and david akers are flighting for a spot on the playoff roster. meantime tickets for the 49ers divisional playoff game go on sale monday at 10:00 a.m. the itself saturday january 5:00 p.m. the 9ers don't know who they're going to play. if the packers beat the vikings tomorrow, 49ers will host green bay if they lose, they will host the winner of the seattle sea hawks redskins game. whichever team they play you'll see the game here on ktvu channel 2. very nice, getting closer to 6:00. once again, more people probably out on the commute, although it is friday. check with sal. we're hoping that friday's going to give us a little bit of extra good traffic this week or today anyway. let's go out and take a look at the o south bay commute northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. continues to be a nice drive all the way to the west valley. on 680 driving through fremont should be a nice drive.
5:59 am
580 traffic coming in from the livermore grade and that looks good. 5:57, back to you. developing news coming from san jose, a club caught fire r overnight. these are live pictures you're looking at. what firefighters found inside and why they now say this is suspicious. and the bright future ahead for the bay bridge, the stunning art project that is all -- that you will see soon. good morning, we have a little bit cooler high temps today but the weekend looks like a change. we'll talk about that coming up. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience.


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