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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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♪ bang, bang, bang ♪ bang, bang, bang are you sure you're ready for this? it's you and me now. [ gear shifts ] mexico, here we come. [ sirens wailing ]
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a mere disaster on san francisco bay when this oil tanker sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. the big question tonight how did it happen. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. close call on the san francisco bay but was it human error or something else. officials are trying to determine how a tanker hit a
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tower on the san francisco bridge. the coast guard reports no oil spill resulted. we've learned the tanker had already been unloaded. and caltrans says there was no major damage to the bridge. it remained open to travel traffic. we have continuing coverage now from heather holmes. she's live at treasure island with what she's learned about the bar pilot guiding that tanker and the scrutiny he's now facing. >> reporter: he's been a bar pilot since 2005. prior to that he worked for several years on oil tankers for exxon. but today while guiding that vessel. the overseas raymar this experienced mainer sideswiped the tower of the bridge. look at the top left side of this picture. that is a piece of the bridge barrier stuck to the side of the ship's hull. >> about 30 to 40 feet of the
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tower system has been damaged and will have to be repaired. >> reporter: the wooden and metal barrier protected the bridge. but the question remained today why did the pilot steer the oil tanker right into the tower? >> the visibility was a quarter mile. >> reporter: officials say it was foggy and there was a strong current two possible factors. the coast guard had been in contact with the crew but it's unclear if they received any warning. >> they spoke to the vessel and that will come out further what the discussions were once we get back to the tapes and can see what transpired. >> reporter: just hours before the incident the tanker had unloaded 350,000-barrels of crude oil at the shell refinery in martinez. and it traveled to san francisco to pick up supplies. it was only carrying enough fuel to power back to ecuador and that fuel remained contained tonight. 90 minutes ago, divers inspected the vessel confirming
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there was no damage below water level. frank and julie late tonight we learned that the pilot passed an alcohol test and results of a drug test are expected tomorrow. this barge was ordered here until inspections tomorrow. more details now caltrans says it made improvements to the fender system after the cosco buson. you may remember the container ship also sideswiped a tower. however it spilled 53,000- gallons of oil creating an oil sheen that spread from marin to the bay bridge and killed dozens of birds. the fbi is taking over the search for victims of the so
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called speed freak killers. the excavation of a well near the small town of lindon uncovered more than a thousand bones last year and the remains of at least three victims. ken pritchett was in the rural country side east of stockton where the fbi is in search of new victims. the fbi says the well they discovered is 53 feet deep and rarely visible. the well was identified after more than six months of investigation. >> information has been supplied to the fbi by our local and state law enforcement organizations. interviews with wesley shermantine himself. >> reporter: wesley shermantine was brought to the area to show investigators where more victims were buried. herzog killed himself in 2011 after shermantine said he would
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reveal the locations of remains. excavations of an abandoned well revealed two set of remains. >> while the goal is to locate and recover remains no particular individual is associated with this site. to be clear, we only know that this may contain remains. >> reporter: this new well the fbi started excavating this morning is about .25 of a mile away from the original well that was excavated early last year. at about 5 feet per day they expect this excavation to last three to five weeks. ken pritchett. one little girl kidnapped at the time of the speed freak killers was michaela garecht. >> if the only way i can get
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her back is in ashes, i want those ashes, i want micahela brought home. >> reporter: now sharon marsh is waiting to see if a bone found in one of those wells is one of her daughters. she says this is taking a toll and for the first time she's taking anti anti depressants to help her deal with the search. investigators say a gunman had been shooting at a black car with an assault weapon and a stray bullet hit the teen. at least one bell let did hit the black car and it crashed. however police say none of the three people in that car was injured. oakland police detectives are also investigating the first homicide of the year. a teenage boy who was gunned down in broad daylight. police say the shooting happened on hegenburger road near hamilton street around
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12:45 this afternoon. the victim was alone in the car when officers arrived. the teen was pronounced dead at the scene. the coroner has not yet released the teen's name or able and -- or age. a former oakland nursing student is not mentally competent to stand trial. the judge issued the ruling after reviewing reports from two psychiatrists who examined 44-year-old goh. they concluded that goh suffers from schizophrenia. he opened fire last april killing six classmates and a class member at oikos university. goh will likely be sent to napa state hospital if doctors determine his condition has changed he could stand trial at some point in the future. comedian kat williams faces more legal trouble tonight. a judge issued more charges today after he failed to appear in court. williams is currently free on
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bail after an arrest in los angeles on charges of child endangerment and possession of stolen gunless. there's also words that williams is scheduled to to be arraigned on wednesday. the san francisco 49ers are gearing up for a game against the packers. ken wayne is live after going around the city to see if he could find signs of cheese heads. >> reporter: the cheese heads appear to be lying low. the difference between standing out here and being in there could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars. the 49ers had a few tickets available and they put them online this morning and they put out a report that says they ran out in three minutes. that left fans scrambling to find seats and they're not cheap. some are posted for thousands
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of the dollars. the ferry building is in niner red but others are unchanged. the team store was empty but expects an increase in business. we learned the hard rock cafe at fisherman's wharf will be closed for a private pregame party. >> they're a well traveling crowd. it's like new york, green bay fans in general there's going to be a good crowd in san francisco. it's going to make it fun too. >> reporter: cheese heads who can't get into the stick will converge at zeek's bar. there's packer paraphernalia and 32 flat screens. the niners are a three point favorite. >> i think i'm going to have to go with whoever has the best line. >> it's all about the money. >> absolutely. >> reporter: this table of transplants aren't part of the 49er faithful but at least one fan wants to see another championship in the city. >> just to see the home team
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win. definitely. get a super bowl in san francisco like the giants won last year. the atmosphere was unbelievable. >> this will also be the first bay area appearance for aaron rogers as an nfl quarterback. the chico native and cal star wanted to play for the 49ers but that didn't quite work out. now he'll be fighting to defeat his once favorite football team. live at candle stick park. ken wayne. more details now those tickets still available for saturday's game will likely cost you several hundred dollars at least. we searched ticket master and found available seats listed at $400. but the asking price could go way higher as we get closer to game time. the niners offered a limited number of tickets online today but as you heard ken mention they sold out within minutes. now your best bet is to go to ticket brokers such as ticket master or stub hub. our coverage of saturday's game starts at 4:00 p.m.
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with a ktvu pregame show. then fox picks up network coverage at 4:30 with kick offset for just after 5:00. following the game, look for ibanez covering the postgame. federal regulators have reached an agreement. regulators say eligible borrowers will be contacted by the end of march. the claims will be divided between people in danger of losing their home. those who have not signed into the deal are still in federal negotiations with federal regulators. anti foreclosure activists rallied for a woman fighting to save her home. protesters with the alliance of californians for community
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enpowerment shut down the wells fargo. >> the settlement suspect the problem. the problem is keeping people in their homes. >> wells fargo says the company welcomes open discussion. dow lost 50 points today, the nasdaq dropped two. investors seem to be turning their attention to corporate profits with quarterly earnings reports resuming tomorrow. the advisory that will affect your morning. when dense fog will begin plaguing commuters and the time line for when temperatures will cool significantly. >> caught on camera, the big change coming to san francisco's most dangerous intersection. >> letters and donations pour into marin county. how $40,000 will buy guns off the streets.
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two men can consider themselves very lucky after their small plane wound up in the mud at the airport in san carlos. a spokesperson for the san mateo county sheriff department said if plane came too short of the runway. thankfully he and the passengers were able to walk away with no injuries.
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the federal administration is now investigating that accident. the incident began about 11:30 this morning just southwest of a high school. officers conducted a door to door search and made two arrests. they say they did not find a weapon but the car was stolen. the school lock down was lifted about 1:00 p.m. new at 10:00, a week from tomorrow, marin county will hold its first ever gun buy back. debora villalon is life on how marin has raised $40,000 for the effort. >> reporter: five police and sheriff stations including this one expect long lines out the door as people surrender hundreds of guns for cash. >> thanks for this program, i hope and pray it makes a difference. >> as a mother and grandmother here in marin my heart is
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broken. >> reporter: often inspired by the sandy hook school shooting donors are giving to a gun buy back fund. $40,000 in public donations. enabling marin to buy guns, no names, no questions asked. >> thank you for getting those guns out of your house. god bless you. >> if they want to turn in three gun, they'll get paid on the spot. >> reporter: each gun is worth $100, $200 if it's a semi automatic. >> this is what you can do for mankind. >> reporter: we found marin
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residents enthusiastic and optimistic. >> i'm not naive enough to think that i'm going to get every young gangster to come in and turn in their gun. >> reporter: but what they want is to get the unforgotten guns that might become a danger. >> and because gun violence travels, residents of san francisco, sonoma and contra costa can come to marin. they will be getting vouchers, marin residents have priority. we're live in san rafael, deborah villalon. and lawmakers are going after ammunition not the weapons. >> it takes bullets to put in the gun. when bullets are more available than sudafed, we have a
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problem. >> reporter: the bill from berkeley assemblywoman nancy skinner would require sellers to be licensed and buyers would have to show identification. it would also ban kits that allow assault weapons to fire more than five rounds at a time. james holmes the gunman in the colorado theater masker maas -- massacre was in court today. the victim's father and mother -- the victim's family marched into the courtroom as well. the officer who arrested holmes said he offered no resistance and he stood with a gas mask, armour and helmet. the oakland police department and crime stoppers are offering a $250,000 reward for information about two bank robbery suspects. here's a look at one of the suspects actually jumping over the counter of the bank of the west on telegraph avenue. police say the man was armed with a gun as he stole money. the second suspect is seen in
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this photo leaving the bank. the robbery happened about 9:00 in the morning on december 21st. traffic cameras are coming to an especially dangerous interception in san francisco. ktvu's david steveson tells us it's an intersection where they've already made several changes but nothing seems to be working. >> for drivers, pedestrians and san francisco cyclists it's the worse place to be. >> it is pretty dangerous. you know with all the cyclists coming through as well as all the cars, trying to get on the freeway as fast as possible. >> reporter: every hour, hundreds of cars enter or exit the 80101 freeway. occasionally clashing with others making their way down market street. >> you're actually basically crossing a freeway onramp and that makes conditions very dangerous. >> reporter: dangerous because of collisions often caused by drivers making illegal right turns on to the freeway. the city has already spent thousands of dollars on warning signs and an island aimed at
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protecting pedestrians and cyclists. some of whom say is not enough. >> in the last ten years we've seen an estimate of about 60 collisions just in this intersection alone. the state attorney general has now approved buy back cameras similar to this one to deter drivers. >> the red light camera would flash and take note of your license plate. >> reporter: the fine $250. not including court fees. the hopes is that the camera flash will keep drivers on a straight path past pedestrians. >> we thought the better enforcement options would help police do their job and would deter more people from making that dangerous illegal right turn. >> reporter: the transportation agency now needs to find funning -- funding for the camera and find out where to place them at this intersection. david stevenson. a marin county man lost a round in traffic court today and that is exactly what he
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wanted. we told you about how jonathan fryman got a ticket but with his corporations tickets in his passenger seat. he hopes to take his case to the supreme court. a federal judge denied a request to force a marijuana facility to stop selling marijuana. the landlords made that request after federal prosecutors threatened to seize the property leased by harbor side health center. bay area officials are calling for a third winter spare the air day tomorrow. they say stagnant air is trapping pollution near the ground and they're trapping smoke and other pollutants. they're making it illegal to burn wood in stoves, fireplaces or outside fire pits.
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fog in the formation are getting ready to form. 45 in napa, 45 in santa rosa. those are the temperatures. dewpoints are in the mid-40s too. fog advisory goes into effect tonight and through tomorrow morning. walnut creek dense fog add advisory. this is a spot you don't really see it. san jose as well dense fog advisory there. morgan hill, dense fog advisory tomorrow morning. there are clouds back in the forecast not just fog but some that could bring showers and certainly a cooldown. when i come back i'll have all the details with the latest computer model. there is word tonight that hewell howser the host of california's gold died last night apparently of natural causes. >> get ready for an adventure.
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>> reporter: howser was enthusiastic and he guided you viewers to the hidden and not so hidden corners of california. two years ago howser made all of his california shows available free of charge on the internet. my daughter, my daughter. new information about a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco. what we've uncovered about his history. a lunchtime scare. how investigators say a car ended up plowing right through this restaurant in the east bay. hed a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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a capital corridor commuter train struck and killed a man and his dog on the tracks in hayward today. the hayward fire department says the man was hit about 7:45 this morning while crossing the tracks at jackson street. firefighters say it appears the man was pushing a bicycle across the tracks when he was killed. we checked with the county
10:27 pm
coroner tonight and learned the victim has been identified as 43-year-old jasel papal of alameda. an suv crashed right into a restaurant. it happen during the lunch hour on strings cafe. the driver of a cadillac escalade thought that the car was in reverse, it was actually on drive. the escalade plowed right through the dining room and right through the back of the building. one person suffered a broken leg, three others were slightly hurt. more information about a man wanted by san francisco police for setting his girlfriend on fire. as ktvu's allie rasmus uncovered, this isn't the first time he's been in trouble with the law. >> reporter: san francisco police are still looking for dexter oliver. police say he threw gasoline on his girlfriend and lit her on fire after he and his
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girlfriend got into an argument. >> the physical scars she can get over, but i'm worried about her emotional stress. >> reporter: she will need numerous reconstructive surgeries. >> he will try to kill her. he will try to destroy my daughter. >> reporter: it's not the first time oliver has been accused of being violent in a relationship. last year he was arrested right here in san francisco for domestic violence, in 2009 as these court documents show he pled guilty to battery for putting an ex-girlfriend in a choke hold. oliver was sentenced to jail time for that incident and ordered to attend 104 hours of domestic violence counseling. according to court documents he went to one class and never showed up again. >> we're asking for the public's help to try to find this person and get this person off our streets. >> reporter: oliver and her sister had been dating for four months. >> i never saw him hit her before. how can you go from arguing to setting someone on fire. that just gets me. >> reporter: her sister had tried to end the relationship several times. >> he will leave like a day or
10:29 pm
two then he'll come back. >> reporter: now that he's wanted for attempted murder and arson it appears that oliver has finally left their home for good. her mother hopes that his next stop will be prison. >> i just want him put away, for the rest of his life. find out what this celebration is all about. >> plus a break in a cold case involving a south bay woman found dead in a dumpster. where the evidence came from that led to an arrest.
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ]
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♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] a stolen dog grooming van plowed right into a san jose smoke shot on brenham lane this morning leaving two businesses with extensive damage. police believe the two were a
10:32 pm
pair of drunk drivers. police say they spotted the dog grooming van driving on three wheels and a rim. police say the porsche slammed right into that car carrying two people causing it to flip. one person was taken to a hospital. the other was injured. the porsche came to rest about 50 feet away and the driver ran off. tonight more than 25 years after a san jose woman was killed and left in a dumpster. a man is behind bars facing murder charges for her death. it was on january 18th 1985 that a passer by found the body of sebaj jermane at the bailey park plaza shopping center in mountain view. police say the 21-year-old was strangled and that evidence
10:33 pm
found under her fingernails led to the arrest. fingernail clippings were submitted to the crime lab who was able to develop a profile from the skin cells where the dna under those fingernails. prosecutors say dna matched 53-year-old daniel garcia of fresno. police say garcia and germane knew each other and that garcia admitted last week that he had had a violent confrontation with germane and then threw her in a dumpster. california lawmakers are back in session after a holiday break with democrats in total control of both houses. democrats hold super majorities in both the state, senate and assembly for the first time in 130 years. that means they can pass legislation without a single vote from republicans. they plan to address a wide range of issues including school funding, gun control laws and environmental regulations. new at 10:00, history is in the making in san francisco where the newest members of the board of supervisors are about
10:34 pm
to be sworn in. ktvu's amber lee is live now in the city where a celebration is being held tonight, amber. >> julie, we're in san francisco china town where there was a victory party tonight for a newly elected supervisor who was part of a historic change tomorrow. chinese new year is more than a month away but members of the asian community in san francisco say it's not too early to celebrate. >> i really appreciate it. it means a lot. it means a lot to everybody here. >> reporter: former school member yee a chinese american will be sworn in as a member of the board of supervisors tomorrow. bringing the total number of asian americans on the board to a record five out of 11 seats. and another record, four of the five will be chinese american. >> i think it's about time and i think it's good, it's great to have this representation. >> reporter: this historic change will reflect the population of san francisco.
10:35 pm
asians make up about 1/3 of the city's population. >> they will look at some of these other issues. >> reporter: ross says more asians on the board will mean legislations that's more favorable to small businesses, many who are asians. >> chinese candidates really target the chinese community. >> reporter: mayor ed lee the city's first chinese american in that office says more asians are becoming increasingly aware that change comes from participation whether it be voting or running for office. >> there's a whole generation i think of people that believe that public policy is really where they ought to be. >> reporter: newly elected supervisor norman yee says he will focus on improving public education and public safety. issues that impact everyone. >> whatever we do we can't forget them. we represent everybody in the city not just asian americans. >> one more, hi. >> reporter: yee and other supervisors will be sworn in
10:36 pm
tomorrow. also tomorrow the board is likely to reelect current board member chu who is also chinese american. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. three new city council members were sworn in today in oakland it is one of the largest council change overs in recent history. swearing in ceremonies were also held for the new city attorney and four board of education directors. major jean quan making lawmakers a progressive green city. today the u.s. supreme court announced the days it intends to hear two closely related cases. they plan to hear arguments on proposition eight which banned gay marriage. they plan to hear that case on march 26th. the next day the court plans to hear a challenge to the constitutionality of the defensive marriage act also
10:37 pm
known as doma. doma prohibits federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage for any purpose under federal laws such as providing benefits like health care. a decision by the supreme court will allow government funding of embryonic stem cell research to move guard. the justices refused to hear a case that challenged the funding. the obama administration has limited funding to research stem cell lines that came from embryos from fertility clinic that other wise would have been thrown away. president obama named his choices for director of defense. reporter craig boswell tells us now both men are sure to face tough questioning during their confirmation hearings. >> reporter: president obama makes a pair of high profile nominations. >> john brenham. >> reporter: hagel is a former republican senator from nebraska and a decorated vietnam senator. >> he will be the first person
10:38 pm
of enlisted rank to serve as secretary of defense. >> reporter: while the president's pointed out hagel's gop nomination many are lining up against the nomination. >> chuck hagel has said previously that he doesn't believe we ought to keep all options on the table when it comes to an aranian nuclear threat. >> he has not been a friend to israel and in my deal the united states should stand with israel. >> reporter: as for brennan. >> a 35 year veteran of the cia. john knows what our national security demands. >> reporter: brennan was fully involved in the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> if confirmed as director i will make it my mission to make sure the cia has the tools it needs to make our country safe. >> reporter: he was nominated
10:39 pm
in 2008 but withdrew his name when brought under fire for interrogations during the bush administration. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. a google executive take as controversial trip. the reason for his visit to north korea. >> and back here in just 10 minutes, the weather is changing around. some clouds coming in. we have the dense fog advisory and it's going to get really, really cold around here in the early mornings. all those details and the latest computer models back here. >> a meeting of medical minds in san francisco. the bay area companies that are working to create cures. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u.
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♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app.
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>> the chairman of google stepped off a plane in north korea today for a visit the
10:42 pm
u.s. state department has called ill advised. eric schmidt wants a firsthand look at north korea and its social media. he's traveling with bill richardson. richardson says it's a private humanitarian trip to win the release of a detained american. pakistani officials say missells fired from american drones destroyed a compound killing at least eight suspected militants. the strike is said to have occurred in an area considered a stronghold for insurgent groups. just yesterday pakistani officials say nine pakistani people were killed after drones. -- she promised help for those who had lost their homes and businesses. more than 100 buildings have
10:43 pm
been destroyed. officials are warning that fire conditions throughout are catastrophic. turkey requested the anti aircraft system from nato to help defends itself during the war in syria. three nato companies are providing patriot missell systems they should be operational by the end of the month. in spain thousands of medical workers marched in madrid to protest plans to privatize parts of spain health care. they say the national health service belongs to the people not the government. a ski area planned to expand runs into a roadblock in tahoe. plus-- >> from rare genetic diseases to general concern. pl
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
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officers from the california department of fish and wildlife today tranquilized a mountain lion. that mountain lion was spotted near a school. families with children and pets were asked to stay inside as they tracked the animal with a helicopters. they managed to subdue the mountain lion with tranquilizer guns. police are trying to offer transparency but the family is not satisfied. >> i don't think we've talked to anybody that believes the stories we're telling. >> officers don't shoot and kill anyone.
10:47 pm
they don't shoot anyone unless they're absolutely forced to do that. >> today the chief talked about the fatal shooting of 22-year- old anthony banza on december 27th. he said officers used unlethal force if the situation allows. but in this case they say, banta was charging at officers with a kitchen life. police are still waiting for results of a toxicology report. the world's top medical investors are in san francisco tonight at the 31st annual j.p. morgan health conference. new at 10:00, john fowler discovered how key trends are helping bay area biotechs. >> reporter: at the westin san francis past a small ernest protest some 2,000 savvy investors searching for the next breakthrough. >> we try to develop drugs for conditions where there is no existing therapy today. >> j.j. beenami is the nevado maker for rare children's diseases. he says that j.p. morgan chase is key for the
10:48 pm
business. a long wait for return has slowed biotech investing not palo alto he says he watches mega trends. >> number one, much better understanding of the human genode so you can target drugs. >> reporter: in keeping with that redwood city's genoma health announced that they can reduce cancer overtreatment. >> it's about saving money and individualizing care. what we're about is really stopping one size fits all medicine. >> reporter: kimberly popavich says patients have used genoma for breast and prostate cancer. some say they are attracted to biotech because there's less competition. >> there's real opportunity that can make real money. >> on investments that might
10:49 pm
create cures for others. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. plans for an expansion of a ski resort on west tahoe's west shore are on hold. a judge ruled that placer county did not follow the law when they failed to consider a scaled back expansion. the judge said a scaled down option must be considered before a decision on the make over can be made. chilly out there tonight, clouds moving in and the fog, the dense fog advisory goes into effect tonight. it goes in effect through the morning commute. what i'm tracking is way out here in the gulf of alaska. this system is dropping straight down it doesn't get here for a few days. but it's going to be one of those cold systems, look where it's coming from. low snow levels but when you're that cold they don't produce a lot of moisture not that wet. that's how this one will be. i don't expect much rain from this at all.
10:50 pm
temperatures, 43 in santa rosa, 45 in napa. dewpoints are running at about the same level so that means when the temperature drops to the dewpoint. because this is just the temperature, the dewpoint temperature napa is 44. one more degree and you're going to get fog. that's how it works. that's how cold it's going to be. it actually warming so temperatures begin falling. the dense fog advisory in effect after mid-night you see where it is. it's in the north bay. the coastal systems down by san jose and down toward oakland and redwood city and across livermore. tomorrow morning, it's the winter fog. the computer model sees it this way. it's the resolution on this model on the fog is good as it is in the central valley where it's easier to pick out. along our area it's going to show no nothing but i do anticipate fog in all the areas
10:51 pm
that have the dense fog advisory and i think you will see it in the north bay as well. kind of cool when you wake up. not as cold as this morning. tomorrow afternoon warmer than it was today. by a few degrees. tomorrow then warmer in the afternoon after the morning fog. the extended forecast we're going to bring clouds in here and a chance of showers as we head into the wednesday and thursday. but when i say showers it shouldn't be a big deal at all. light sprinkles, maybe some showers. when they come from way up here they're cold and dry. typically dry. tuesday some clouds. morning fog and then the sun comes out in the afternoon. the computer model shows this system dropping in and when it does, temperatures begin to cool. and that's especially into thursday and friday. wednesday at 10:00 a.m. that's down the road. not a big deal. then here come it is cold air. there's 7:00 on wednesday night still not a big deal and it's out of here. sprinkles show up again on wednesday morning. don't change your plans based on this one. with your bay area weekend in view, warmer tomorrow as you look here then the five day
10:52 pm
just shows kind of nonevent. but we can rest assured we've had a good run of rain around here. we've had a pretty good winter so far. rainfall 600% of average we don't need the rain right now. it'll be cold and you'll notice it. >> i already feel it. >> thank you bill. the san francisco zoo is mourning the loss of its oldest female which -- female chimpanzee. zoo keepers say talula died from complications from breast cancer. she was believed to be in her mid-50s. the chimp grabbed his gun and reportedly aimed it right at him. taluta's keeper managed to peacefully resolve that situation. mark ibanez is up next with the bcs blow out. also a preview of this weekend's 49ers-packers game. but first the warm welcome
10:53 pm
for secretary of state hillary clinton on her first day back to work. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. if your resolution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents.
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the secretary of state hillary clinton returned to work today and was presented with a football helmet by her staff. it was a gag gift after her
10:56 pm
concussion and blood clot in her head. they also gave her this football jersey with the number 112 on it which is the number of countries she has visited while secretary of state. the game wasn't much of a game. >> if you waited around, didn't really care who won just wanted to see a great national title game. very disappointed it's noter dame that should be a deep shade of crimson as they are disappointed by alabama. we waited all season for this, the over all tide. the third championship in four years and it started with the opening drive. a little hint, five plays. eddy lacy bolding 20 of them. 7-0 lead. now 21-0. a.j. mcharen and the quarterback for bama. watch this spin move here. is that beautiful or what?
10:57 pm
touchdown 28-0. mccarren's girlfriend up stand. she's miss alabama. mccarren lets go for andre cooper and amari cooper, 35 yards and a touchdown show you how intense this is. they get into a little tiff over an argument over the snap count there. they're best buddies, roommates as you can see they make up big after the ball game's second biggest blow out in bcs history. 32-14. no doubt about who number one in the land is. and game that figures to be far more watchable for a few reasons. this is the first time in his procareer that aaron rogers has ever played in the bay area. having come out of chico played at cal finally has a chance to play in a lot of runs. will come in with no interceptions in his last five games spreading the wealth. last week in fact, he threw to
10:58 pm
10 different receivers, it's a daunting task defending a guy who puts it up so often. rogers but a ball hocker like carlos rogers and the niners defensive player looks forward to it. >> it's both ways but i think we're up for the challenge. the difference between us and the other teams is we have five dbs that can cover. i'm pretty sure they're going to have something for us and we'll be ready. >> you'll be able to see it here on channel 2. our festivities beginning at 3:00. and bubba perez, joe fonzi and i on the point after. and i should mention that zack erks moving on as he will forgo
10:59 pm
his college years and head -- his senior year and heading to the nfl. >> and thank you for joining us tonight. >> ktvu morning news will be following the latest on theoil tanker that hit the bridge. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons


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