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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 8, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PST

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hil e everyone. i'm beth troutman and it's time to start talking about great video, "right this minute." it's a sad scene as people come to the rescue of two dogs. >> that are stuck inside this tar pit. >> how a group of brave bystanders pulled this pup to safety. and a pellet gun. little did they know -- >> the 24-year-old who was
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attacked had a gun on him. >> the shocking reason why the pellet packer is lucky to be alive. this guy is taking a snowmobile on a different kind of ride. >> he rides the snowmobile. gets up a little speed and the snowmobile flies. >> see the latest thing in extreme. >> this looks like magic. >> plus, making beats with a belly -- and a close call on an icy road. >> oh! i'll tell you right off the bat, this video is so difficult to watch. this is in chile, and this is a tar pit. in the middle you see two dogs that are stuck inside this tar pit, and you can tell they are in pain. [ dog yelping ] i. couldn't tell what i was looking at. >> there's a group of people around trying to pull these people out and they're dressed
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in uniforms. you'd think they're part of a military team, a rescue team. they're not. these people belong to a group of air soc players. they have long pieces of wood, some rope and nothing else than their hands. >> they can't get in themselves, or risk -- >> right, because the dog is biting at him. he just grabs him by the ears and pulls with everything we has to give out of this tar. >> poor little guy. >> isn't the kind of incident you can wait for help. you have to act because it is tar. >> there is a rescue where you see some of these members wiping down one of the dogs. they're now being cared for an organization by chile and this
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is what the puppy looks like now. now, according to this poster, there was another tar pit not too far from where these dog was and there were five dogs in that pit that did not survive. everyone involved believes that someone actually threw these dogs in this tar pit on purpose. a terrifying scene was captured by a surveillance scam ra as a walmart parking lot in florida. up see man on your right approaching a couple in the crosswalk. watch what happens. >> what? >> whoa. >> is that a gun? >> that was a gun. according to the sheriff's department in pasco county, that was a pellet gun. reports say the guy that you're seeing with the pellet begun in the video is 25-year-old daniel quinnel. he approached this man in the crosswalk asking if he was muslim if he was from the middle east, then pulling out the
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pellet gun and firing 20 times. the pellets did pierce his skin, head and neck. he had to have those pellets removed. the 24-year-old who was attacked had a gun on him at the time that this happened. he had a concealed weapons permit, had the gun on his person. >> and he chose not to use it, because he knew that he would kill this man with his gun, and change his ways later in his life, and he didn't want to be responsible for this man's fate. he wanted to give this man a chance. >> well, that's crazy, because this guy didn't give him a chance. the attacker is lucky to be alive. >> this all happened last week. immediately the sheriff department released these images. you even get to see a close-up of gwynnel's face as he's exiting the walmart. they arrested this man two days late charged with aggravated assault, but there is evidence that this is a hate crime, so this could
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be elevated to a first-degree felony. you don't normally see this in a mall. this is in tel aviv. they had a monster storm on monday. water rose 16 inches, and you could see, this mall is not going to look the same for a while. a lot of product is getting messed up. look to the left of your screen. can you see some stuff just floating out of that store. >> looks like raging rapids. >> that will cause so much mud and losses. the product -- >> unless you have stuff up on high shelves, you pretty much have to throw all that stuff out. >> somebody heals a commentary. >> once again another river in the mall. you would think after the first time they would figure this out. >> this isn't the first time this happened? >> according to good night who posted the video, apparently not. this is video from the last time the mall flood and it looks like the same, exact bench where the flooding happened.
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>> it obviously happened during hours. you got shoppers going through the mall. not enough warning to get out of the mall. they just had to crawl up ton a bench? >> you'd thinks they build drains, create something that would keep that from happening genchts sandbags. something. got a pair of clenchers for you. first from russia on an icy road. you know what's going to happen. >> ah! >> oh, geez. >> man that suv loses the back wheels, starts to slide right in front of the dash camera, missed it by -- that much. >> totally missed it. blew right past it like scraping past the bumper. that was some good luck. >> that curve. he never recovered from that one curve. >> go buy a lottery ticket. in pennsylvania, about 1:30 in the morning, keep an eye on
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that bright light towards the top of your screen. the bright light gets bright around bright around closer and -- >> oh, boy. >> look out! >> bang! >> oh. >> there he is. he's just barely missing getting hit by a ford escape that police say went through park lot, hit a cement pole and a newspaper box, just barely missing that guy. police believe that was is a nan tha, driving, 19 years old, cited with damaging property, reckless and careless driving. >> that girl may need to go back to driver's ed. [ bleep ]. a kangaroo chase leaves police hopping mad. >> you can see they're having a heck of a time tracking this thing down. >> find out how they stop the hop. and a big boat and a small bridge equals a big bang. >> look at the size of that thing. >> why would you attempt that? >> find out what it took free the yacht next on "right this minute."
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not your every day police chase went down, down under in australia. not a fugitive on the run. not a stolen car. >> a kangaroo. >> this video's from 10 news, running a muck in the short-term parking garage at the melbourne airport. now five police officers as well as a number of airport security after this kangaroo, which they believe is a male, 3 or 4-year-old eastern gray kangaroo, and can you see they're having a heck of a time tracking this thing down. >> yeah. this thing can hop like a cheetah runs. >> still can't find his car. >> flight cancelled. didn't know how he was going to get home. >> you see them going up and down the ramps. this guy apparently went down, up, down, up. one said -- >> they panic. they run. they get panicked again. before they know it, they're in unfamiliar territory. >> here's best part. a little bit of a standoff. the kangaroo in between two
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cars. police kind of cornered him. standing there. nobody making any sudden movements. >> look how he's standing. >> there, here go with a couple juke moves. he's toying with them at this point. they had to call in manfred, an animal he goes with a tranquilizer. peacefully takes down the kangaroo. they treated him for stress and bruised pads from hopping around on the concrete, but i'm happy to say the guy resting at local animal shelter. this is all a big miscommunication. >> they told me i was going 0 be on the side of the airplane, and -- >> very funny. on the river thames in the uk, a very big boat had a problem getting under a bridge. about 40 feet long, worth about
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$800,000. they're trying to get it out. how did it get stuck? they say it got stuck because the river is swollen, and they misjudged how high the bridge was, and, boom. >> oh. >> look at the size of that thing. >> why would you attempt that? >> just looking at it, i'd be like, i don't think question make it through. they had to close the bridge down to road traffic. they had to rescue a couple of people off the boat. >> why take people off the boat? i would think put people on the boat so it sinks a little more. >> there's an idea. >> the speedboat is attached and it's trying to pull it out. >> that doesn't work. >> i wouldn't think so. that thing is wedged in there. >> it is wedged in there and unsuccessful because -- the rope breaks. >> oh! >> the fire department came with two engines. got the people off, but they also brought in a tugboat. so they try two tugboats and the same rope to get this thing out. still doesn't work. one last try. back to just the speedboat and a different rope, and it finally comes free. [ applause ]
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remember when were you a kid and annoying little friend that used to echo everything you said? >> everything you said. >> everything you said. >> everything you said. >> everything you said. >> andrew is at it, except he's doing it to adults. he asks for directions -- >> get to macy's. >> and when they start talking he starts echoing. >> cross the street. >> cross the street. >> and keep going. >> keep going. >> not necessarily repeating everything. >> yeah -- >> yeah. >> more like talking while she's talking. >> you keep going down. >> i've got to think these people know something is up. >> so it's -- >> it's kind of fun toy watch these people go through from helping to -- you guys ar an idiot. >> the guy with the curly hair was reacting to the directions while saying exactly what the people were telling him to do
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and -- >> made me feel awkward. >> no. >> what we do -- >> the mall. >> to the left. >> to the left. >> to the -- he's noern as the naked skydiver. so you know he's not shy. unbelievable thing sdhdoes in h interview, next. and still to come, this guy is about to get a beating. >> three percussionists come in toll do some sort of drum beat all over this big guy the body. >> looks like it hurt. >> feel the beat of the belly, next. and speaking of beatings, looks like this car already got one. >> yo, what's up? >> what? >> see the wonky ride, "right this minute."
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it's time for our tuesday edition of the best of "rtm" where we tell you about a bonus video on our website. >> beth, at weddings it's usually the best man or maid of honor that gives the toast. right? but at this wedding, it's the groom. he's not just giving the toast, he's singing it ♪ guys i gotta tell you it couldn't be better unless you got usher ♪ >> this is a uk pop group mix fly. a superlong joid but one of the best toasts we've seen. >> check this video out and you
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definitely want to head over to our website and click on -- >> "best of "rtm" ". you guys are about to witness the birth of a brand new extreme sport calmed parasledding. when i hit the deck. this is a parasail wing attached to a snowmobile. he rides the snowmobile. gets up a little speed and -- >> what? >> -- the snowmobile flies. >> look at this. who knew a snowmobile could fly? the incense around pilot is eric oddy, who's riding this in british columbia, canada. that thing gets up, i don't know, 25 feet at its peek? >> that's flippin' awesome. >> i can't believe they can get off the ground. those are heavy pieces of machinery. >> eric claim this is the first time it's been didn't. you've got to believe the sport will advance. you can see the rigging that he's got. a three-point rig, the wing attached to the sled with.
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i don't know what he's doing to make it lift off. but i want to know everything about this and i want to see as much video as i can. >> you would think it could come down way really swift thud and it doesn't. >> this is wright brothers kind of stuff sledding. there is more to this video than this large shirtless man here. take a quick look at him, and you notice, got some, like, reerd red marks on his stomach. >> like a rash of some sort? >> oh, it's not a rash. here's why he has the red mark. >> oh, no! >> three percussionists come in-to-do some sort of drum beat all over this big guy's body. >> he looks so defeated. wait until you see the close-up. [ laughter ]
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>> now, i think the slapping sounds are real, but that -- i think that might be edited. >> how did this conversation even get started? hey, dude, we like your physique. we wondering, it you take offshirt off so we can drum on your body? >> it looks like it hurt. the by guy has welts all over it. >> when this starts, you can tell this wasn't the first take. because he has the red marks in the exact spots that these percussionists are coming over and slapping him around. >> do you see after he start slapping on him? it looks like carpet burn, those. >> it sounds good, though. i mean, close your eyes and listen to it. >> i feel like we could have done this same sound without having to hurt this poor guy. like we could have just -- the same kind of sound. >> you know -- >> yeah. today would be the king of rock 'n' roll's 78th birthday.
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>> hmm. >> and there's one thing we know about elvis. he loved his peanut butter and banana sand chs. >> peanut but around banana sandwich. it's good enough for elvis, it's good enough for me. >> so somebody is celebrating his birthday with one of them. a big one. this is megatone, and he is 19 years old, two pounds of peanut butter. >> spreading on the peanut butter like mayonnaise. >> does that make it special? >> yes. >> the pete butter. >> another layer of bananas on top. >> 7,000 calories by the time help gets done, beth. >> that's a good mix. >> yes. he cuts it into four different sand chs. >> french bread, too. that's like a thick bread. >> that did not prevent film eating the whole thing. let's see how long it takes him to do it. >> he's just eating this thing like a nothing? >> definitely a sandwich that
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would make old elvis proud. >> 6 minutes. >> he downs the last few bites. it's 8:37. >> holy moly. >> oh, boy. >> shoved that last piece in his mouth. [ burp ] >> 9 minutes 40 seconds. >> somewhere el vi is proud of you. >> thank you. thank you very much. this pro know what's he wants, and he knows how to get it. >> that is actually really smart. >> see what the clever crow does on "right this minute."
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than a little babyly get any panda cub born on july 29th. kniss is his 20th exam and his name is cheo leum. >> ah. look at hilm, he's like, are we done yet? >> look at his face. he looks shocked. >> a little bit. he's very healthy. >> such an expressive face, almost looks like a par koorchlts yeah. he's a precious little addition to the san diego zoo where he lives with three other giant pandas. they love giant bandas at the san diego zoo. they give them this extraordinary living environment and are obviously taking very
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good care of the little guy. >> that has to be one of the greatest guys. >> can you imagine? >> to get to play around with this panda cub. i've got a couple of vehicles to check out. the first one from poland. guy's waiting for his bud toy come down the street to pick him up. carp's moving kind of slow. looks kind of wonky. doesn't it? >> what? >> yo what's up? >> itting loose like he wraps that car around a pole or something. the car still running, although probably a little out of line. >> is this his first car, he doesn't care about having wheels, doesn't kwhar it looks like? >> i think he just doesn't want to get rid those awesome seats. hey, buddy, i'm going to be a little late. i'll so when you i get there. >> you'll see, i'll be the one driving sideways. >> two maracas. that is not video trickery nap is actually a conjoined jeep
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wrangler. >> what? >> so they meld them together. this is reportedly in morocco. foreign diplomat who decided he wanted something unique. so two jeep wranglers and welded them together to create this 12-foot wide jeep. >> it doesn't even fit in the lane. like, you have to be on a four-lane road in order to drive this thing. >> how -- >> the most ridiculous car i think i've ever seen. it's wider than a hummer. >> it's kind of like a limousine, the other wanchts yeah. i've to sgot to say, i love it! you guy, i think a trained, sneaky thief was caught on came camera somewhere in russia. >> a trained, sneaky thief did the bird. >> it's a crow, and watch what he does. this little guy's got a distraction technique. what he wants is that pan. >> because the pan has, like some food in it or something.
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>> i don't know if there's food in the pan. i think he just wants to take it back to his nest and just cook with it and he knows this lady the pan and every time she unties the shoe lace, she puts the pan down and he can go after it. >> that is really smart. >> it's hilarious, she does it over and over and over again, and they are getting a huge kick out of it. >> and he gets the pan. a nice distance away from her feet. >> he gets close a couple times. >> i like he thinks he's actually going to be able to gelt away with the pan, like grinding on the cement. >> lifts up her shoe, ties it again. he goes after it again. it's awesome. that's it for


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