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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 10, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. overnight a man was booked into jail after deputies found a 5-foot alligator inside his home guarding a whole lot of
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marijuana. and unveiling california's new budget, the one thing we can celebrate, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, january 10th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather, traffic, steve is right there, i know i need a coat, do i need an umbrella? >> no doubt, it is going to be a cold, cold day in fact we already have rain activity and even a snow mix in the santa cruz mountains and when that green turns to white it is a mix and that may be above 3600 feet. here is sal. good morning, right now 237 steve traffic looks good as you travel through problems, and
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let's go back to the desk. 5:01 a convicted murderer out on parole may have trucks again and this time police say he may have killed his own mother. live in vallejo with more on what has happened and the violent history of this man. >> this is also where they were called yesterday in this area and we are in a 2500 block of mars field road. they called him for turning in his 89-year-old mother. vallejo police say just before noon, he called officers and told them he killed his mother. once they arrived on the scene he took police to an area where they found his mother's body. he is a former death row inmate who was sentenced to death back
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in 1966 after he was convicted of kidnapping sexualingly assaulting two teenage girls 114 and 115 -- 114 and one -- one is 14 and one was 15. his sentence was later commuted to life and then he was paroled. dennis is now behind bars and he is facing one other additional count of murder. channel 2 news. an alligator is taking center stage in a bizarre marijuana bust. joining us live with what investigators are saying about this strange case. >> it is a strange case and there has been a lot happening. the man who owns this alligate was booked nine hours after he
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was orest ared. we are down the street from the oakland zoo because that is where this alligator is, his name is mr. teeth. we want to tell you what we know about him. the 36-year-old man bought the alligator to commemorate the memory of two pock. they found the gator in this home and they had just moved in recently and they had several  dogs including a pitt bull. >> even when we went into the backyard we would carry a bat with us. >> because he were concerned about their dogs? >> yes. >> well, they also didn't expect this, 34 pounds of processed marijuana with an estimated value of $100,000
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they were there for a check of his home for his parole. and he was arrested officially at 31 2:00 a.m. right now he is only facing drug possession and sale charges. he does list his occupation as a cashier although we are not sure where he worked. bail is set at $160,000. as far as mr. teeth, we do not know ex-boyfriend act condition. and at the oakland zoo we will get more on his condition and we will bring that to you on the morning news. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. federal investigators now leading the investigation into monday's oil tanker accident in the san francisco bay, the
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national transportation safety wants to know if they were working properly if an oil tanker hit them. it indicates there may have been trouble with the beacons between those bridge towers. it is not clear if that problem is directly tied to the accident. >> the coast guard investigators will consider the status of all the aides in the area. >> now inspectors could reach $3 million and the state will pick up the tab at first but the owner of the tab could end up paying for those very costly repairs. and on the breaking news we first told you about, a high speed ferry boat that crashed into a dock, it recently installed a new propeller system. they had problems with it including the gears.
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this 141-foot boat slammed into a pier and dozens of passengers were hurt. investigators say it's still too early. he will reveal his budget plan and for the first time california is not facing drastic cuts. they are about to ask for budget cuts to close the budget gap but that is far less facing the state two years ago. according to the sacramento bee, k through 12 schools will receive more money thanks to the prop 30 tax hike. they plan to rally as they release the budget to restore funding for programs for children seniors and disabilities. rallies are planned in san jose, san francisco fresno and san bernardino. vice-president joseph biden is hosting more white house meetings on gun violence.
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the vice-president is listening to both sides of the debate and coming up, we will hear from the very diverse groups the vice-president will be meeting with today. they are testing the span of the bay bridge and right now 10,000 of the lights are installed. eventually there will be 2 5,000 creating what is known as a light sculpture. they are being checking the entire thing span. they have freeways in the east bay and traffic looks good as you drive through the bridge and it's a nice commute headed through the from westbound
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bridge approaching the toll it is knot nice a -- it's nice an empty and heading towards fremont, that is also a nice looking start. >> i would not be surprised if we see snow and i have seen it at 38 degrees in scott veil valley and bolder -- scott valley and bolder creek, there is a winter weather advisory but for us it is mainly taking aim towards santa cruz. and santa cruz mountains, i tell you it would not take much. we have a frost advisory and freeze warning for tomorrow morning. we have a system in advance of the cold and it will clear
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tonight and meant to so this pattern is with us over a couple of days. 30s and 40s. i expect it to go over land a little bit and snow level down to 1,500 feet would make it as well. you can see where most of it is favoring and it is also going towards monterey hill. i would not be surprised if they were getting some snow. right on the san mateo coast, going towards half-moon bay, most of it seems to be missing the sonoma coast as well. scattered showers, a big temperature drop, in fact temperatures are struggling to get out of the 40s and the wind will pick up as well. this is west parallel to the coast. there may be a passing shower or two. 40s and 50s and it will be a
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brisk day for many especially with temperatures struggling to get over 50 degrees. very cold tomorrow morning, 20s no doubt about it. saturday a system clips us and one more over the top of the ridge on sunday and after that, it looks a lot quieter. >> you know it is cold out there, you heard steve and the ministry in san jose, they are asking you to donate blankets for the homeless. tonight they will be delivering blankets for people focused on the street. >> 510 right now, a few outbreak. but the place where a pub mix health emergency is now
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. 41 states are now talking about flu related deaths. they are declared a public
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emergency. illinois is also reporting flu related deaths. the flu season is minimal but doctors say it's not too late to get a flu vaccine. former new mexico chairman are wrapping up their trip to north korea. the internet is off to most north koreans. they say if they do not allow more internet access, the country will be left behind. >> their country is virtually isolated and it will affect their physical world, their economic world and so forth. >> it does not appear he was successful in that effort. vice-president joseph biden's policy panel, they will
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meet with gun rights' groups. as kyla campbell reports, they are making their position known. >> reporter: they do not want new gun laws but enforcing laws already on the books will cause more violence. president barack obama says he wants quick action on new gun control legislation. in the wake of the school shooting in newtown connecticut they pushed every armed guard. the n ra is willing to put up a fight and says the president can act for approval without congress. >> the president will take executive action to be taken and we have not decided what that is yet and we are complying with the attorney general... >> and that right there has a lot of gun lobbiests fired up and i will tell you more when i
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see you next. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. they will reexamine safety procedures after what happened in connecticut. they are looking into an adult school to come up with a violent pattern. there was a scare in los angeles after gunfire. the reason police were able to move in quickly and make an arrest. new this morning, military jets may fly through skies for an exercise. it is set to take place in sonoma county and you may see f- 16 fighter jets and that's planned between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. >> thanks for the head's up.
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>> sal, do you have any head's up around oakland? >> traffic in both directions look good and north and southbound as you drive through the coliseum air, there are no problems. >> the morning commute is looking good headed out to the dumbarton and the we are looking at the dumbarton which says it can be picked up there. good morning, it is snowing on the grapevine if you are heading down southern california. for us the cold air is not here yet. the rain is turning to a snow mix where they had a winter weather advisory for low snow levels and again most of this
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should be above 10,000 feet and it should be above 1,500 feet. the frost advisories and freeze warnings are posted for tomorrow morning so get ready. it will be clearing and very cold into the morning. 30s and 40s on the temperatures and although the breeze is holding things up a little bit. it is napa and san jose say it is too cold to check the thermometer. it favors areas parallelled and also towards skyline and san jose and headed towards monterey. that looks to be the was the eastern and some of that is turning to snow. it is probably above 2000 but things have moved off a little bit and they will continue to filther in throughout the day.
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could we get snow? absence lightly. the problem is, this is not off the coast. you can see it's right there along the coast. low know levels -- we have upper 40s and 50s and we have a couple of week patterns coming down saturday and a sneaky one on saturday. next week looks sunny and warmer. european markets are mixed this morning and overnight in asia all the records closed. japan south korea up half of a
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percent each. and the nasdaq and s&p 500 and dow jones industrial average you can see one stock to watch though, tiffany is plunging in premarket earnings and there is not enough people shopping at tiffany over the holidays days. they will not join the lawsuit for terms of its 2008 bailout. they are saying the rescue was unfair to shareholders. the idea aig could sue them has enraged many people across the country. the story of a moose on the loose at a ski resort. it was coming right for me. >> one skier had a scary
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confrontation with that move and how it tried to get away :
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. there is a moose. a skier had a scary encounter, the moose chased him around and he had no choice but to take off his skis and make a
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run for it. >> he looked like he was closing in on me fast, my life flashed before me. >> they saw the moose was chasing after him. >> various spots the resort has seen the moose and they have had to temporarily shut down until the moose moves into the woods but there this is rare that somebody has a closed encounter with it. shots were fired tuesday afternoon about the time classes were getting out at pico elementary. the 9-year-old suspect was quickly arrested by a police officer who was assigned to patrol schools. >> i took him into custody in
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an after daycare setting and i was able to recover a 357 magnum firearm. >> the shooting appeared to be gang related and this is the fires time they were required to make stops at every elementary school at least ones a day. they have helped to save a north iconic north beach bar. they are take over the cafe. shawn became very worried when he was at the bar and penn made some phone calls and called to save his favorite bar. >> pam, good morning. we do have a problem on 580 westbound caster valley, a car fire, it is at the caster valley exit and the car is not
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causing a big traffic jam. let's move to the sunole grade, the traffic looks good for now, it is 576. let's go to steve. >> it is already cold and we -- it is already cold and we are continuing to get cold and windy conditions. there you can see some of that shower activity along san mateo coast into the santa cruz areas. we will take you live to los angeles where the nominees are just about to be announced. what caused a sewerage leak, this has prompted an investigation. there are numerous cases of
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women being sexually assaulted and we will tell you about the latest encounter that occurred earlier today.
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. well, good morning, welcome back, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news the day before friday, this is thursday january 10th, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, time now 5:30, it is cold today and tomorrow? >> colder tomorrow. maybe some snow towards the
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santa cruz mountains if we can get this moisture to move over land. but right now, it seems to be right on the coast mostly the san mateo coastline, very cool, upper 40s and 50s. right now traffic on 237 looks good as you move through, there are no major problems and the morning commute looks good approaching the 880 split. let's go back to the desk. a woman encounters a scary site. police are now investigating. in palo alto this morning, we have a description of the flasher, jean mean? >> reporter: -- jeanine? >> reporter: this situation happened close to california avenue. the woman was sitting in her car, looked up and was startled. at 11:15 the woman told plea police she was -- told police
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she was texting and when she looked up a man had his pants down and was touching himself while looking at her. then officers were unable to locate the suspect. while there has not been a number of indecent exposure there has been a number of men sexually assaulting women. a couple of months later a man broke into a woman's apartment and tried to assault her in her bed before running away. none of these cases were sol ed but -- sod but -- solved but it did happen in the california business district. in this case, they described the victim as being 5-foot 9 inches tall and brown hair and was whering a -- wearing a t- shirt and jeans. so far police have not been able to locate him. janine de la vega ktvu channel
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2 morning news. new this morning, a missing man has been found safe. 96-year-old young lee was missing but he was found in sunny veil. he suffers from dementia. family members reported him missing yesterday morning and after he arrived at his destination and is back safe. a man on parole is back in jail after turning himself in to police. the man told police he killed his mother. what else do you know? >> reporter: well i did some digging and i found this article about him. i found out that he, besides the two murders he was convicted of, he also sexually assaulted three other women and raped them. this neighborhood is where he
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called police to turn himself in for killing his 89-year-old mother. here is a picture of the man. dennis called police officers and told them he killed his mother. they were taken to a part of the property where he took them to the body. they believe that his mother's body is the body they did find. he was sentenced to death after he was convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting two teenage girls, one was 14 years old and one was 15 years old. he was reversed his sentence and was given life and was paroled. of course police have not released too many details and they are expected to give us more information at a press
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conference later today. i will bring you more information as soon as it becomes a veil. it led to a fatal stabbing. police arrested a woman described as a cheating wife and her boyfriend and linked them to a business star plot -- bizarre plot. they hired a man to scare the man into making him move. he fatally stabbed the man who broke into the home and the husband acted in self-defense after murdering the man and is not being charged. dexter oliver is in jail after setting hills girl -- his girlfriend on fire. >> people prayed for the victim. star lamar remains in the
5:37 am
hospital with severe burns. an arrangement is scheduled for dexter oliver. the family said they had a rocky relationship and had just ended it on the day of the tack. they are both investigating the response to a sewerage leak which created quite a mess in oakland. photos provided to ktvu channel 2 news shows something dripping from the ceiling and the sewerage line became blocked by a nearby tree. because of that nobody was allowed to use water for several hours. >> it started as a little drip and pour from the ceiling and then it got to be like it was raining inside the department. >> doctors say there was no sewerage but contaminated instruments are being thoroughly cleaned and they are
5:38 am
now canceling some elect i have surgeries. >> sal, what is happening on the east shore. >> right now it looks good as you head to the east shore freeway. you can see traffic is looking good. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza and we usually see the backup at 6:00. it is not quite there and traffic is still looking good. the morning commute is looking good and there is a car fire at the caster valley exit and we do not have a huge traffic jam. next week looks sunny and warmer and it's going to take awhile. again there is not much moving over land, 20s and 30s, it will
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be colder tonight. windy today and in the jerry sandusky it crews mountains and that's where it is going up at the skyline and down to monterey and that makes sense. that is why the winter weather advisory is out until 1:00. i have seen 33 to 38 degrees but the coldest temperatures are coming and a freeze warning is out for tomorrow morning as well. i expect these temperatures to go down because the cold air is not here yet. you can see that green is turning to a mixed precipitation. nothing is reported yet but it would not surprise me. here we go. i can see that moisture and it
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is a big temperature drop. upper for -- upper 40s and if they were, we would have snow levels up around 1,500 feet. we have a big cooling trend which would take us not only to delay, right now the nominees for the academy awards. let's take you there and listen in for a bit. >> they are either flying or having surgery. i want to congratulate today's nominees and i want to congratulate those who did not make it, you can stop pretending. there is nothing creepier than a man at 5:00 a.m. in the morning.
5:41 am
here is the lovely and talented miss emma stone. [applauds] >> thank you seth. >> emma stone is the star of the new film gangster squad, it sounds more like an ensemble piece to me. the star of the new gangster squad is one of the brightest talent of her generation. some say she is better than merrill stripe. >> who says that? >> i don't know a lot of people. >> let's just read the nominees. the nominees will be read in no particular order. >> nominees are... crista volt, in unchained. robert den near yes in silverling play book. he has won before.
5:42 am
allan arc kin in or go. and tommy lee jones, he has won before. >> breath of fresh air in that category. for best original song nominees are before my time for chasing ice. pies lullaby, lyrics by bombay ozzie. everybody needs a best friend from ted, music by walter murphy and ed mcfarland. and sky fall from sky fall, music by adelle atkins. >> that is cool, i get nominated, i get to go to the oscars. >> the mtv awards gave them an
5:43 am
award just so he would show up and i am not saying that is what is happening now but i got it now. >> best supporting actress in a supporting role are, salary field in lincoln, ann hat away in less miserable. allan hunt in the sessions and amy adams. >> usually it is very trially presented by seth mcfarland is hosting the academy awards and they definitely got a hook to have him. but the miserables are supposed to get a lot of nominations. lots of nominations and we will keep watching that for you in our newsroom and everybody
5:44 am
wants to know best picture and best actor nomination. we will have all of that. >> president barack obama makes another cabinet announcement, why some say jack lieu should work on his signature if he wants to be the treasury secretary. and pushing for the new eastern span of the bay bridge and the high priced tag. >> it happened on the commute and it is happening on the weather as well, stay tuned we will be right back with more.
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. happening right now for the academy awards, it is still  being announced. >> they are talking about best actors. they are the best actors in
5:47 am
history and the youngest best actress ever is nine. we are pleased to say the best actress for 2012 east of the southern wild, josh penn and michael got waled. >> and the play book, jonathan gorden producers. >> dark 30, katherine bigelow and other producers. >> spielberg and kathleen kennedy producers. >> deborah hayward and kevin mac inn to be producers. >> and more needs to be determined. >> tango and jane, reginald huff and or go, grant and george clooney producers.
5:48 am
>> somebody tell cranston he is unclench his teeth now. please join us at the oscars to find out who will take home the oscars, congratulations to all the nominees. >> there you are, live broadcast, you heard all of the nominations and we will run them all down for you throughout the morning right here on ktvu channel 2 news and we thank you for watching with us. let's take a look at some of the top stories. a caster valley man is in jail and will face charges in a strange bizarre drug case. he had a long 5-foot long alligator guarding his marijuana. the man named that alligator mr. teeth who was right next to 34 pounds of marijuana buds valued at $134,000. a man turned himself in to
5:49 am
vallejo police. dennis stand worth murdered his mother nellie stand worth. he was on parole for killing two teens back in is 966. -- 1966. and vice-president joseph biden will be looking for ways to reduce gun violence at the white house. he will meet with gun groups as well as representatives from the entertainment industry. later this morning president barack obama will name his white house chief of staff jack lew after taking the place of tim geithner. they are preparing for a new confrontation with republicans over debt and deficit. now this is interesting, if jack lew becomes treasury secretary he may want to work on his signature. right now it is a series of
5:50 am
curely writing and it will appear on every u.s. treasury bill. tim geithner said he had to change his signature when he got the job to make it legible. they are getting new information about the first homicide victim of 2013. it was outside of a house on tripoli avenue early sunday morning. they now identify him as ivan. they heard a loud argument and then several gunshots and he was pronounced dead at the scene. they are still searching for suspects and there is no word of a possible motive. they now say people who live in san francisco, sonoma and contra costa counties can also participate. organizers will offer $200 for semiautomatic weapons and will also collect violent video games and if there is money
5:51 am
left over, they will buy it back. they are at police headquarters in novato, san rafael and largos and at the substation. they want the new bay bridge to have a state-of-the- art security system. the suggestion of 175 cameras will cost 3 million more than what the toll authorities expected to pay. they say there are more places for things to go wrong on the new eastern span. they also say the cameras would cover the roadways, the underside of the bridge and the bike paths on the eastern span. it also includes updates for the eastern span as well. >> it sounds like sal's job. >> well, they are looking at all the traffic in the east bay and the bay bridge is one of the major keys that is looking
5:52 am
good right now. let's take a look at what we have with the east shore freeway getting out to the mcarthur maze. and as you know the morning commute at the bay bridge is still pretty light, it is 5:50 and in a few minutes we will start to see more traffic there. it still looks good on 580 and still some traffic after a result of a car fire and some drivers getting into caster valley is going to be slower than usual. let's go to steve. well our system is moving in and it is favoring areas near the coast, he is specially over the afternoon bay area and inland. it is not enough moisture but there is a winter weather advisory for snow for 1:00 today. snow level could make it down
5:53 am
to 1800 feet but 33 and 38 on temperatures big temperature drop today and inland it will be partly sunny. there could be a few scattered showers but this is not a pattern for one that moves inland. if we can and i expect them to really go down and they will take a tumble tomorrow morning. so anybody closer to the west will look for snow and highway 9 and 17 could be in for a little bit of snow and right in to the san mateo coast, you can see some of that shower activity picking up. cold, partly sunny windy at times, low snow levels, it will be nice to get over inland
5:54 am
areas so we can get snow over 2000 feet and it will be a very cool day. clearing tonight means a frost advisory is out for friday morning and a freeze warning. tomorrow morning will be that three dog night and the this pattern will keep next week looking sunny and warmer. the number of americans filing for unemployment went up last week. they are up 4,000 from the week before but the number of continuing claims fell by 127,000 to 3.1 million and economists are reminding us numbers around the year are volatile. a whale of a story you never expect to see, dozens of kill you are whales are trapped, where are they and is there a way to get them out a live. plus, how the fans hope to give the team the edge before the game even starts for the 49ers game.
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stay tuned. (woman) 3 days of g to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade.
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good morning, traffic is getting a little bit busier and it is almost 6:00. killer whales, look at these orcas desperately gasping for air in a small opening in
5:58 am
the ice. scientists will be looking for ways to save these whale. they are looking for ice breaker boats but the closest one is too far away. the oakland zoo is taking in three new animals. they are being studied but the study was facing funding cuts and the animals needed a new home. the oakland zoo is already home to two other animals like them and they plan to keep them separate for now. they are looking to a higher source for a win against the green bay packers. >> there are no players too good we shall not overcome. >> prayer candles, the store has had trouble keeping the $12 candles in stock. they are buying them in bulk as good luck charms.
5:59 am
you can watch with us, right here on channel 2 and our coverage begins at 4:00 on saturday and the game starts at 4:30, then you can catch the sports director mark raul ibanez with points after the game. the feds there are taking the lead in investigating this week's crash that happened at the bridge. find out the focus of the investigation into that tanker crash into san francisco bay. a story that is hard to believe, a gator guarding marijuana, what is happening today in this very strange local case. good morning, there may be some snow up in the santa cruz mountains, we will take a look, that is coming up soon.


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