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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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frost on the landscape this morning. they couldn't resist driving up to see and feel it. >> gorgeous. gorgeous. i don't know how many miles we are seeing, i think the clouds are adding an element to beauty to it. gorgeous. >> reporter: it is cold but does it feel too cold? >> except with the wind blows. >> reporter: it was hard not to notice and got more noticeable and had drivers looking out for black ice on the roads. >> anything that would look chiney or darker -- shiny or darker. you never know when you will hit a patch of ice. >> reporter: as the temperatures drop the homeless say they feel vulnerable. >> you are so cold you don't want to move. you don't want to go outside or nothing. it is cold. you have gloves on. you will be under three
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blankets and still cold. >> reporter: and that is why community homeless alliance ministry is handing out blankets to the residents here. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will be here while they give out protection from the cold, cold night. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. light showers last night ushered in cold air. it settled in and tonight with clear skies it will get real cold. the national weather service issued a frost advisory for the bay shore. talking frost in redwood city, mountain view, hayward. these areas you don't see frost often. here is the stunner. freeze warning for a lot of areas. livermore, concord, santa rosa. in san jose, that is a big deal, san jose you are on the bay, it is tough to get it that
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cold. over night lows tonight will be in the mid-20s. the cold air is in place, winds are dying and current temperatures, santa rosa 47 degrees. cool right now temperatures. 49 in san jose. here is the story, over night lows, we will see temperatures into the 20s. that could cause issues with pipes. that is what we are tracking. cold weather. the national weather service extended it into saturday morning as well. when we come back, what you can expect for the bay area weekend and a chance of rain in the five-day forecast. >> you can find eany weather watches or -- any wert watches or warnings by going to -- weather watches or warnings by going to phrase we haven't heard over the past several years on california's budget crisis. the governor said he fixed it
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and has a surplus. ktvu's ken pritchett is live with what is behind the budget plan. >> reporter: some expected that we might be facing small cuts in the neighborhood of a billion dollars. today the governor and his budget announced a surplus, however he says now is not the time to spend, we have to make sure we don't get into deficits again. >> reporter: area area said -- governor jerry brown said something not heard in a decade. >> we have fixed it. we are on the road to sustainable balance. >> reporter: $800 million surplus. >> we are talking about a balanced budget, living within our means. this is new. this is a break through. >> reporter: some were optimistic.
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>> i am agreeing with the message of restraint. >> reporter: governor jerry brown's budget calls for increased funding for education, $2.7 million more and $250 million more to the csu and uc systems. the increase is made possible by voters who approved tax hikes under proper 30. he warned the surplus could disappear based on federal actions, cutting the national debt or healthcare costs. democrats say the plan mirrors their own but they are eyeing rebuilding the social safety net. >> we are in this middle ground area, no more cuts. >> reporter: the leader of the democrats in the senate pointed january is not may. in may the governor will release his budget which we could see the surplus disappeared or see that it has
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grown, in which cases democrats may restore afunding to social -- funding to social service cuts. ken pritchett,. >> reporter: >> more details. the state estimates it will have a surplus of $851 million. it drops down for 2014. but then it increases to 400 million the next year. it is projected at a billion dollars for the 2016 year. >> restore. rebuild. >> after governor jerry brown announced the plan protesters gathered at city hall. this is one of six rallies held on behalf of help and human services. they demanded they restore cuts
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to children, seniors and disabled. coming up, one of the big winners in the state budget appears to be public education. what school districts are telling us. a 5-foot long kaman that was used to guard marijuana died today. the kaman is a cousin of an alligator and vets say it was under neurished and in poor health -- neurished and in poor health. the owner said he had it since 1996. he is facing animal abuse charges and possession and sale of drugs. he did not entered a plea. bail is $20,000. a student at a southern california high school was injured when a classmate opened fire. this happened at taft high school inch kern county. parents rushed to the school as word of the shooting spread.
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officials say a male student walked into a science classroom and shot a 16-year-old boy. witnesses say he tried to shoot another classmate but missed. a teacher managed to talk the shooter into surrendering. >> i want to commend the teacher. he saved many lives today. his actions, his ability of what he did to protect the students there. >> maw medics airlifted airlifted the -- paramedics airlifted the by the day. vice president joe biden gun violence task force, the face to face between the vice president and the nra. >> reporter: vice president joe biden says he will have a list of proposals to help reduce gun violence ready for president obama by tuesday. >> a surprising reoccurrence of
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suggestions. >> reporter: he is focused on the types of weapons. also, a ban of high capacity gun clips and closing the gun show loophole. they are looking for proposals and may try executive action. >> through executive action it is tough for the white house to make that much of a difference or not going to ban the sale of certain ammunition or weapons. >> reporter: promoters say attendance is up. the loophole allows unlicense sellers to sell bout a back ground check. president obama asked for the task force after the shooting in sandy hook elementary school shooting last month. >> nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter most than six-year-old kids riddled, not shot, riddled, riddled with
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bullet holes. >> reporter: vice president joe biden will meet with representatives of the video game industry on friday. >> after meeting with the vice president the nra released a statement. we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with attacking the second amendment. coming up, the safety precautions being taken and the changes considered by school districts. man who was once on death row is back behind bars tonight. ktvu's paul chambers tells us police say he killed again. the family still -- >> reporter: the family still has the original articles after he was sentenced to death after he killed two in 1996. one family member says after he
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was released he contacted her. >> he called in the middle of the night and he started doing the singing song thing about don't worry about me. >> reporter: he is once again behind bars and facing murder charges. however this time the victim is his mother. police say yesterday he called 911 and admitted he killed his mother. >> the officers spoke with him and later turned and found his mother was deceased on the property. >> a real tragedy to hear someone suffered and no one heard anything. >> police wouldn't release information on how, why or where he killed his mother. he shared the home with his wife. he was convict offend sexually assaulting and kidnapping three other women around that same time in the 1960s. his sentenced was reversed and
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later patrolled. the family still fear him. >> i worry about our system letting him out again. >> he sin jail and according to police is expect stood make a court appearance tomorrow or monday. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. we have more details on how he wound up being released from prison. he was sentenced to death in 1966 but that was over turned when they found jurors were improperly dismissed. he was retried and again sentenced to death. in 1974 it was converted to life in prison. he was released from prison in 1990. major league baseball
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released a deal to test for human growth hormone. this is video of bud selig visiting a hospital last year. under the deal the u.s. anti- doping agency will keep records on all players homoan levels. -- hormone levels. junior seau had a degenerative brain disease when he shot and killed himself last may. doctors of the national institutes of health said the brain shows -- doctors say head collisions in football are a likely cause. it turns out the 49ers are sticking with david akers to kick in the playoff game against the packers on saturday night. jim harbaugh made the
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announcement today. he says david akers gives the 9ers the best chance to win. the team brought in billy cundiff last week. as 49er fans know all too well david akers lost his accuracy and missed 10-19 attempts from 40 yards or more. ktvu channel 2 news coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. on saturday. we will have the play book with mark ibanez and joe fonzi and then fox picks up at 4:30 p.m. with kickoff for 5:00 p.m. and stay tuned following the game for the point after. only on 2, a good samaritan explains what happened next when he came upon a crash this morning. >> and is the fault capable of triggering a mega earthquake? why scientists are changing their theory about faults. welcome se my lcret
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three men rushed to pull a man from a fiery crash. ktvu's rob roth is live with the promise that man made before taking action. rob? >> the big rig went over that over pass, fell 30 feet and burst into flames. three men risked their lives trying to save the driver. hours later i spoke to one about the danger they faced. >> reporter: he suffered second degree burns trying to save a man he never knew. this is what the big rig looked like after they managed to pull out the driver. it happened around 6:30 a.m. this morning. the big rig and a truck collided on highway 37, sending
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the big rig over the railing and falling 30 feet. he is a paramedic on his way to work. >> i heard a loud like explosion, like a shotgun blast. >> reporter: two other men arrived at the same time and saw flames growing. he says all he could see was the driver's leg. >> i am not going to watch him burn to death. i crawled into the cab of the truck and i saw he was still restrained. in his seatbelt, upside down. alive. i could see his shoe was on fire. i said come on, we got to get him out. >> reporter: they carried the driver away from the wreck and the big rig went up like a torch. he tried to keep the driver alive. but the driver never regained consciousness and die. >> i am going to be fine.
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it is just emotionally, i will think about this for a while. >> reporter: the cause of the crash is under investigation. he says he never got the names of the two men that risked their lives but would like to thank them. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities arrested a woman who lives in hawaii on charges that she defrauded the non-profit where she worked out of $400,000. investigators say she submitted phony reimbursement receipts. she is facing grand theft and state tax charges. if convicted could face 9 years in prison. >> chevron continues to wreak the rewards of higher oil and
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gas prices. they said their earnings will be higher. the company won't report details till february 1 but the 3rd quarter they earned $5 billion. delays on fairway avenue because pg&e will replace a 24- inch gas pipe between fairview court and john muir parkway. the work will be complete in the fall. crews worked today to fix a problem at a field at a high school. a drain pipe failed along the track. that created a hole two feet deep and two feet wide. they had to make the hole bigger to get to the pipe. right now it is soccer season and the hole didn't effect practices or games.
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the healthcare in japan in 2011 led scientists to reexamine their theories of fault segments that appear to be stable. they say they appear capable of triggering a mega earthquake and they think that is what happened in japan. there is a similar segment on the san andreas fault. giant asteroid is no longer a threat. they got a beggar look at the asteroid when it wizzed by earth yesterday. they say it will not hit the planet in 2036. they noticed it 9 years ago and thought there was a 3% chance of a collision. it is 1,000 feet wide. our weather now. it is getting cold and this is the cold that could be
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dangerous. >> it is. can be dangerous. freezing range tonight and saturday morning. freeze warning in effect and frost advisory. we talked about that. you see the temperatures right now are chilly. 47 in santa rosa. it is not going to take much to get the numbers down. you will see. 45 degrees. how tough will it be to get down to freezing? not at all. very cool over night. the national weather service issued that freeze warning. even san jose has a freeze warning. it will get very, very cold. if you have pets, concerns for your pipes, pvc pipe, you may want to cover the pipes or do something. there will be very cold
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temperatures for more than an hour, freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. these are the over night lows. they are not record setting. this is a cold time of year. these temperatures will last for a few hours. so that is where you get the stronger freezing. frost in oakland, hayward, redwood city. that could be hard on the plants. tomorrow morning, 30s. lots of 30s. these are 32, 33 degrees. oakland, temperatures, you know, low 30s. that is chilly. during the day. look what happens. 50s. we barely get out of the 40s. just chillier weather. not looking for rain. showers down the road. right now it is about the temperature drop. as we get the cool air tomorrow morning will be one of the cooler mornings. 20s and 30s.
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up north, north bay, 25, 26 degrees. morgan hill, 29. it will be cold. icy on the roads. when i come back, the latest computer model, rain, things warming up and the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. ray of home. a big project that is taking shape that could revitalize a neighborhood. >> and super bowl host, why sclera will have to -- santa clara will have to think twice before they make a bid.
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people who live in martinez will get a chance to ask question about a fire station that is about to close. the contra costa county fire protection district is shutting down four fire stations because of a deficit. meetings are scheduled for peoples that live near stations. tonight's meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. san francisco's mayor is shining a light on a neighborhood. >> the mayor joined other leaders in touring the first phase of the public housing
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project. over the next two years 107 new units wild be built. it comes thanks to millions in local, state and federal money. so far 25 families have moved in. >> my unit wasn't up to date. it was bad, plumbing, my babe has asthma so i was happy. i feel like i am in a 5 star hotel. beautiful. my kids are so happy. >> her old units had problems with mold so bad her son had to go to the hospital. they have been in since just before christmas and she said her son looks great. officials may be having second thoughts about hosting the super bowl at the 49ers new stadium. they are trying to determine if the city can deal with the nfl demands. tax breaks, giving up tax revenue from hotels during
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super bowl events. the 49ers new stadium is a finalist to host the 50th or 51 super bowl in 2016 or 2017. that big game is expected to bring several hundred million dollars to the host community. the closest look we have been able to give you of the tanker that hit the bay bridge on monday. more on the damage done to the ship and what is next in the tanker investigation. >> and the governor proposes funding schools disproportionately a fair plan.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> this is a view you haven't
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seen before of the tanker that crashed into the bay bridge. as the investigation into what caused the crash continues, we decided to charter a boat to get the closest look possible. ktvu's tom vacar joins us live with what you found and what is next. >> reporter: let's look at this ship and the bridge. he has been on the bay all his life. >> my dad had boats and i can only think of twice when something hit the bridge from the water. >> reporter: he is referring to this incident and the incident five years ago. though the bumper appears to have damage, it needs to be fix because another hit would do damage to the ship, the bumper system and to the bridge itself. >> reporter: they will use
5:32 pm
special powers to speed up repairs. >> we expect through a -- what is known as a director's order that repairs will be put on the fast track, work to repair the fender in 30 days. >> reporter: the overseas reymar remains at anchor. the coast guard said the ship is sea worthy, the question remains how sea worthy will it be filled with all that oil. >> you hit something you look on the inside of the haul, see if it is cracked or broken. >> reporter: if the overseas reymar follows the example of other collision ships, once it is gone it won't be back. never come here again. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news.
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the california highway patrol and caltrans want to put a new security system on the bay bridge. the agencies requested $31 million from the bay area's tol authority to -- toll authority to pay for the system. it would include 175 cameras on both the new eastern span and the bridge's western span. the committee sent the request to the full board for final approval. the national transportation safety board began interviewing crew members of a ferry that crashed in new york city. they asked the media not to disclose the location. there are reports the ferry underwent an over haul. it is too soon to say if that played a role in the crash. governor jerry brown wants the budget to focus on
5:34 pm
education, how he is prosing to do that may not sit well with wealthy school districts. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in piedmont, which is one of the districts the governor mentioned today. >> reporter: governor jerry brown said it is different for schools and that is why he is willing to fund schools differently. >> thank you. >> reporter: he taught here before becoming principal. >> being able to level the playing field will help us. we have different challenges that need to be addressed. >> reporter: his money would pour money into lower income school districts. >> our future depends not on across the board funding but in funding those schools that have
5:35 pm
disproportional challenges. >> reporter: he says every student qualifies for free lunch and would benefit from state money. >> i am skeptical. i like what is being talked about. it would be exciting to see us be able to compete. >> reporter: raising standards here -- plus the district would face more slashes to the budget. >> we are estimating our district could lose $4 million. >> reporter: that is a lot of money the district can't make up. the contra costa county unified school district wouldn't comment but they will look forward to the formula and welcomes change. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have posted the budget address from this morning on our website, go to
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and look under hot topics. american express will cut its work force by 5400 people. most from the travel business. and they will take a $287 million restructuring charge, that will cut earnings in half when the company reports earnings next week. leaders are projecting earnings of 56 cents a share. a university of california at berkeley law student pleaded guilty in the death of a exotic bird. he bleed guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty. he and another student are accused of decapitating it. he was ordered to do community service, pay fines and take a alcohol counseling class. jerry sandusky was back in
5:37 pm
court today, this time asking for a new trial. a hearing was held in pennsylvania. his attorneys argued there was inefficient evidence to convict them. jerry sandusky is serving a 30- 60 year sentence. he was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse, involving 10 victims. the judge hasn't ruled on the motion. some call it the loop. white president obama's choice is creating controversy. >> the changes coming to mortgages and what they will mean for potential new homeowners.
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ktvu channel 2 news learned there will be no light test tonight on the bay bridge. they are installing 10,000 lights that will be programmed to put on a light show to mark the 75 anniversary of the bay bridge. they were going to test them tonight but we learned it has been canceled. the web traffic on yahoo is down. search traffic declined 28% in november and 24% in december
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compared to 2011. male traffic and home page hits were also off. the numbers could mean a bumpy road ahead for the new management team. lots of laughs today for the new treasure secretary. jack lew. and here is what all the laughing was about. seems his signature is infamous. looks like a series of loops. the president joked they almost cost him the job. >> i never noticed jack's signature. when this was highlighted yesterday in the press i considered rescinding my offer to appoint him. jack assures me he will work to make at least one letter legible. >> the signature is on the
5:42 pm
lower right corner of all u.s. bills. on wall street today, the dow is up 80 to 13,471. the nasdaq is up 15 at 3,121. the s&p is up 11 at 1,472. the u.s. government unveiled sweeping new protection for future mortgage borerrers. i will require lenders to ensure a borer can pay back a loan. for most the rules will mean no more interest only mortgages. also no more loans that balloon over the years. and for the first time lenders will have to inspect and verify financial records. >> they will look at income, look at the ratio of their debt to income. they will make sure that the
5:43 pm
income is verified. the rules take effect in 2014. banks will have a better chance of shielding themselves from lawsuits. the cdc says it is not too late to get a flu shot. why this is an important year to get one. >> a freeze warning in effect tonight, frost advisory as well. i will show you how cold, we will look for rain in the five- day forecast as we move towards the weekend.
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the centers for disease
5:46 pm
control and prevention says this is one of the worst flu seasons we have seen in a decade. ktvu's lorraine blanco is here now. >> reporter: it isn't too late to get vaccinated. the flu shot is the best prevention. >> reporter: one reason why she never got a flu shot and this is why she is this year. a public health emergency in boston and flu illness across the country. >> i wash my hands. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control and prevention this could be among the worst flu seasons in a decade. there were 22,048 flu cases. during the same time in 2011, there were 849. that is 26 times more cases.
5:47 pm
>> the form of flu generally tends to be a strain that is more virulent. >> reporter: target offers free flew shots to employees and anyone under 18. >> we had emergency and cough drops and wipes and hand sanitizers so we could keep our members healthy. >> reporter: some refuse to listen. >> i am sure when i go to the doctor he will try to push it on me but i am still not taking it. >> the good news is, california is among the 9 state reporting lee rates of the -- low rates of the virus. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2
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news. regulators orders the makers of some sleeping pills to caught the dosage. it effects prescription drugs. the fda says patient whose take the drug could still be drowsy the next morning, raising the risk of injury. it cuts the dose in half for women and suggest doctors consider lower doses for men as well. prosecutors reached a settlement with walgreen's over accusations customers were over charged. they had sued walgreen's and claim the company charged customers higher prices than were marked. they agreed to pay a million dollars in fines and fees and implement a scanner price guarantee program. from now on california customers will get a $5 discount if over charged. reports the removal of a
5:49 pm
drunk pilot from a flight last week isn't such a rare occurrence. police took the pilot into custody before the plane left the ground but data shows an average of 12 pilots pulled from flights each year because of alcohol. one transportation official says the pilots know the rules. >> no drinking 8 hours before flying. the bottle to throttle rule. that is as old as planes. you can't drink 8 hours before a flight. >> in 2011 28 pilots also drunk drugged tests. if there is an increase among pilots this year they plan to up the number of pilots tested next year. russia will continue to allow adoptions to the u.s. for the next year. the agreement between the u.s.
5:50 pm
and russia says it stays in force after one year. they passed the law and the president signed it as a response to a u.s. law that targets russians. it is officials, pinnacles national monument is now a national park. president obama signed a build nominating pinnacles national monument as the 59th national park. the 26,000-acre site includes towering volcanic rock formations and caves and homes to the condor. it is expected to help increase the number of visitors and boost touryism -- tourism. the auto show is now underway. they are under one room along with exotic cars.
5:51 pm
one of the new vehicles general motors is showing off is the electric powered chevy sharp. >> new dc fast charger, allows you to get 80% of the charge in 20 minutes. >> jeep has a test track set up with a hill. visitors can also take test drives in some of the cars. it runs through sunday. our chief meteorologist bill martin yesterday told us about the cold weather and after hearing that i dug the flannel sheets out of the closet. >> you will need them. it will be colder tomorrow morning and cold again saturday morning. freeze warning and frost advisory. it will be cold. it is that time of year where temperatures get down into the 20s. this is where the cold air is coming from. it is very cold. typical storms come in like this, it is warmer.
5:52 pm
from the north it is a cold direction. that is where we are at. rainfall accumulations were so light last night because of the cold air. winds outside 14 miles per hour in santa rosa. those winds when they die down temperatures drop. wind keeps you warmer because it warms the atmosphere. here we go, friday morning. the cold air settles in. over night lows upper 20s, mid- 20s. antioch, livermore, low 30s. upper 20s as well. morgan hill, gilroy, 20s, 30s. tomorrow morning is real cold. saturday is still cold. there is a chance of a sprinkle on saturday, saturday night, sunday morning. here is what i know. it will be cool all weekend. shouldn't be a rain event. it will be cold. you will need a jacket.
5:53 pm
you will need gloves. just going to be one of those weekends. outside, chilly. day time highs 40s and low 50s through the next 48 hours. chilly period. friday at 6:00 p.m., clear skies. clouds 8:00 a.m. saturday. saturday afternoon, clears out. sunday morning, chilly. few clouds. then you see sunday afternoon clears out. nice looking weekend. a lot of rain around here and a break. the five-day forecast talks about cold but doesn't mention rain. sprinkles in the forecast. right now, saturday night, sunday morning. football game on saturday looks like 48 degrees. partly cloudy skies for the game. five-day forecast there you have it. nice looking forward. >> thank you. another judge is leaving
5:54 pm
the x factor. a community torn apart by violence, the work of art unveiled today.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
oakland city leaders unveiled a new mural designed to bring hope and peace. it is called the tree of life it was displayed today on market street.
5:57 pm
it is dedicated to four oakland children all of whom were victims of violence. the artists say the mural represents their community. >> called the tree of life with a lot of kids, children playing. somebody is watering the plant. just to make it seem like different cultures. >> the mural will travel throughout the city but he hopes it will end up as a permanent part of that new youth center. britney spears is walking away from her job on x factor. sources told tmz she is quitting her job to focus on her own music. she has begun recording her 8 8th 8 8th album and may be planning a tour. britney spears is worth about $200 million. family are insisting the
5:58 pm
man accused of lighting his girlfriend on fire is innocent. >> we are in the courtroom as a judge reads the list of charnels that could put him in prison for life -- charges that could put him in prison for life. >> tracking the cool down happening right now, the coldest spots coming up.
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