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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 11, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos of the day and the stories behind them, right here, "right this minute." an adventure diver decides to go -- >> spaer fishing off the coast of new zealand. >> how he got something a little bigger than a fish. >> thank you for watching. i really appreciate it. >> a seattle man born in south
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korea is it turning to the internet. >> hopefully find his mother. >> hear why he's got 17 days to track her down and what he'll tell her if he does. >> i would just hug her and just tell her it's okay. >> a boat spins out of control as a chopper pilot spots something nearby. >> this guy's treading water. >> how he was plucked from a deadly whirl pool. and a blogger finds big success with low cut tops. why won't she show her face? >> maybe she's butter face. she's cute, but her face. >> offer you a little lesson in spear fishing off the coast of new zealand. luckily we're getting this lesson first person. we have a camera on the guy diving down. we're also about to get a lesson of another kind. >> oh! p. >> that's a shark. >> that is a shark. ♪ >> this is a lesson in how to
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kick a shark in the face. >> that guy freaked out and got lucky to kick the shark in the face. >> they say if a shark is near you, fight for your life, get him in the snout, face, eyeball. >> right in the snout. shark is gone. look back down with his fearful glances. shark is nowhere to be seen. >> you're going to keep it while you have a flipper on to slow you down. >> i think the time it would take to shoot and aim the spear, he might have already lost an arm or leg. >> kind of seemed like the shark was coming up to say hello. >> doesn't look like he was coming up to take a bite out of the guy. just trying to be friends. >> that would be my last day of spear fishing. >> third lesson to be learned from the video, don't spear fish off the coast of new zealand. >> yeah. . >> 9 news in australia had their chopper cruising off the coast of perth when the pilot, brett campany noticed this in the water. he thought might have been a whale. said it's not exactly whaling
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season right now. then he realized it's a boat spinning in circles. then he noticed a guy in the water. he fell off the boat. >> one person in the ocean. his boat is going around in circles. >> this guy is treading water as his boat is spinning in circles. >> oh, my gosh. >> request water police assistance as soon as possible. >> horrifying. your boat is right there, but there's no way you're getting on that thing. >> absolutely. the guy made several unsuccessful attempts s ts to back on, but it wasn't working. you can hear brett the pilot say he's going to throw this guy a life jacket. >> he's really in a lot of distress at the moment. >> you see this other boat coming. this is a private boat that came by and was able to kind of pluck the guy out of the water. you hear brett say -- >> gentleman is inside the boat and safe. >> what do you do about this spinning boat? >> kind of have to wait until the thing runs out of gas. >> the guy in the water is doing well and, of course, very happy
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that brett and the 9 news helicopter were in the area. >> threw his head back and was pretty happy to see. >> i want to know how that happened. what was this guy doing that he fell out of his own boat? >> who knows when you're out there by yourself, lots of stuff can happen. you take a risk going out there solo. >> millville, pennsylvania, police, used a taser on a hand cuffed man and now the fbi and the district attorney's office is looking into it. the man you're looking at is 27-year-old thomas jason smith. see him on the floor. his hands are cuffed behind him, he's sitting. he hits his head against the furniture but then watch what happens. >> oh. >> police start pulling him back by the handcuffs, his arms behind him. then they use a taser on him. >> i don't get this. i don't get tasering a restrained guy. makes no sense to me. to me that's torture. >> according to an officer he
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turned violent in his cell, hit his head against the cell wall and tried to spit at another cop. he attempted to attack officers and that's when the taser was used on him. his mother talked to wpxi where we saw this video and said her son is bipolar. >> he's been in different treatments through the years. it's wrong for what they had did to my son and was totally uncalled for. >> was arresteddrunkenness, di and resisting arrest. they said he was in a fight but tried to flee. we don't see the alleged kicking incident but attorneys are wanting to see the full video if there is more video to see, what really actually happened either before or after the tasering incident. >> who's filming this? >> we don't know where this video came from because it was leaked to the media. >> it's tough to judge on this one, i will say, when you do only see a slice of video. we don't really know what happened before. >> we've put in a call to mill veil police. they have not responded to our
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request. couple of crazy crash videos for you kids. first one, dash cam in a car parked in front of a store. the store is all glass front. what a great place it would be to crash. >> oh, no. >> what the heck? that car was parked. >> it was parked. it wasn't like this long speeding crash through the store. to me, it looks like maybe somebody forget to put it in park. look close. can you tell if somebody's in that car? >> maybe somebody just got out and the thing just kept going. >> pops the curb. crunches right through the front glass doors. >> bet it was somebody who pu pulled into the parking space and bent down to take something into the store and they smashed their foot on the gas and you can't see their head because they're bent over and saying what's going on? >> good hypothesis, beth. >> a lucky driver on a snowy road. >> i feel like every one comes
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from the same road. >> every time. >> i agree. >> i don't want to drive on this road. >> you don't. look what happens. >> tractor trailer and the oncoming direction gets out of shape, jackknifes, slides across the double line. the car we're riding in just barely escapes. that's hard to watch and not go like this. >> we're dodging it. >> information on this says the person was not injured. >> that's great they weren't injured. calm wintry scene until -- >> all of a sudden you see a rush of water almost like a rapid just coming down around the bend and into this guy's view. >> we'll reveal what caused the icy river rush next. >> a heist at a clothing store. when you hear what they took, you might wonder -- >> maybe they have a nighttime hobby or something. >> find out what they stuffed in their trunk, next.
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we got a couple bad guys on
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the run and a girl who people are calling a modern day wonder woman. the first one from dallas, texas. this is on january 7th. we see a car pull up, police believe a four-door mitsubishi to fashion city one, a woman's clothing store in dallas. a guy get out and breaks the glass and attaches something to the security gate outside of fashion city one. the mitsubishi pulls off and boom, there goes the security gate. >> that's a powerful mitsubishi galant. >> or a weak security gate. one or the other. either way, these two male suspects walk into the store, you see them start loading up boxes into the trunk. no word on why these two men want women's clothes. maybe they have a nighttime hobby or something. >> no, gifts. gifts for all the ladies. >> that could be it too. dallas police are looking for these two guys trying to track them down. now let's pop over to china. i said modern day wonder woman. you'll see why this video
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blowing up on yoku, the chinese version of youtube. 1.3 million views in seven hours. the woman on the left has a knife. person filming this said looked like she was going to cause harm to herself but who comes to the rescue? this girl here in the high skirt and long boots. look at what she does. ♪ >> boom. right kick right to that lady's hand, knocks the knife away. see that again. boom. knocks the knife out of her hand. the woman takes off. people are calling this woman a hero saying she saved this woman's life because she was presumably going to injure herself, perhaps kill herself. >> who said superheroes aren't real? i give this lady a big thumb's up. you're looking at the gallatin river. it looks peaceful, although there are a few ice chunks floating along. watch how the river changes suddenly. >> hey. >> all of a sudden you see a rush of water almost like a
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rapid just coming down around the bend and into this guy's view. i mean it looks like a small tsunami. >> the river is frozen over where we're standing and the water is covering it up. >> did they open a dam or , gayle. >> there's so much extra water in here, it had to have been backed up behind something. >> what the posters of this video believe is that an ice dam of sorts broke up river and with it came all of this water, all of this ice and if you keep watching the video you see all kinds of debris, even entire trees coming with this rushing water. >> if you don't look too closely it looks like sea foam but it's not sea foam. those are ice chunks. >> all that ice has to go somewhere eventually if it doesn't melt it's going to do this. >> this river runs through southwest montana where we believe that this is being shot. you can see a lot of people are standing there getting footage of this. people are pretty mesmerized by what's going on. >> something you do not see every day.
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. >> i was originally born and raised in south korea. right now i'm looking for my mother. >> his parents divorced while his mom was pregnant with him. soon after she gave birth, she left to start her own life. his father moved off to the states to start his own life. he was left in his grandmother's care. >> i have no memory of my mother. i do not know how she looks like. i do not have a picture of her. >> his grandmother got sick. she sent him off to live in the united states and died nine days later. . >> since then, i live like with my friends and family, other family. >> he created this video which has gone viral in just days. >> in this life crisis, i met jesus and i went back to church and because of that, i got to
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reconcile and my relationship with my father has been healed and now i want to go find my mother and tell her -- i just want to see her. >> joining us right this minute via skype is yun. you're in south korea now. how is the search going? >> as of right now, today right now at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, hopefully i can go to the government agencies and can trace my mother's yornlgal name. i'm not sure how it's going to go. >> has posting this video on-line helped you at all? >> yes. very much. very muchp so. there were a lot of people who are encouraging me and a lot of people who are inspired byes the stories and a lot of people are trying to help tactically as well, trying to help me with
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connecting to the right people and personnel and especially the media in korea. >> if you're able to find her, what do you think you'll say? how do you think you'll feel? >> i will say, you know, i will just hold her and hug her and tell her that it's okay and because of this, i became stronger person. . >> making an info mer shall to make an album. >> guaranteed to make you friends. >> in like any good infomercial, there are a series of satisfied customers. >> find out what can happen when you buy into the band. and an old bird drops a turd. >> didn't quite make it and shakes something down his pant leg. >> i don't know that i would have fallen for this. >> see the
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our buddy ed is back. his latest video, he's pre tending like he has to go to the bathroom. out in public and didn't quite make it and shakes a little something down his pant leg. >> oh. >> tootsi roll in his pocket. he keeps picking it up with had his hands. the guy is like no, man. i feel bad for the workers trying to help the guy. >> that's a bad one. >> smell that. i think i pooped myself. >> put it in the bag. i don't want to smell it. put it in the bag. >> i don't know that i would have fallen for this. how would a turd fall out your
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pant leg. >> he's an oldman, weang baggy men wear. i can see it happening. . >> don't put it on my truck. >> i got it. . >> it's not real, dude. >> you got to be joking, man. >> we're filming you in this vehicle right here. >> oh, man. >> funny he went from not wanting to touch that guy to high fiving him. >> hugging him. >> ed gets a ton of people with this prank for a lack of a better word. to see the thing head to and click on best of rtm. ♪ there's a new website taking the world by storm. in two months alone this female
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blogger has received 3.3 million hits. on her website. what's the basis of this website? let me tell you the name first. it's called los escotes de alicia. she is believed to be a british citizen living in spain and her blog translates into basically alicia's low-cut top. >> 3.3 million hits in two months. >> not surprised at all. it's basically porn. people love porn on the internet. >> as you can tell, alicia's got a healthy chest area. she basically posts photos of her cleavage every day. but you never see her face. which have prompted some people to say hey maybe she's a butter face, she's cute, but her face. >> i know why this is popular. you can find much more risque things on the internet if you wanted to. i think people like that you can't see her face. it keeps the mystery, you don't know what she looks like. i think people like that. >> beth, care to weigh in?
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you could start a turtleneck blog. >> you know what i would do? word of the day. word of the day on my turtleneck so at least you would see a turtleneck and learn something instead of staring at tatas all day. your brain will turn to mush, people. >> it could be turtlenecks and terms. >> turtlenecks and terms. >> but you know what, beth, in this image not only does she show her ample cleavage she shows some type of math equation. >> happened to see that in a class i was taking. go take a picture. . >> a car that can drive itself. no, really. >> this is not video trickery. >> see the next
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the last place you expect to see beauty is in a mall parking lot. this is an ice castle. a two-acre ice castle in the parking lot of mall of america in bloomington, minnesota. this is a tourist attraction open for the winter months and as you can see it's quite stunning. it's made of real ice, it's beautifully lit and let me tell you how they do this. they organically harvest the ice. >> don't they just put a bunch of hoses up and grow this stuff? >> pretty much. they grow these icicles, they take great care of them and consistently run water over them. in fact they're consistently
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growing the ice castle even after the ice castle is built. they're expecting it to get up to 40 feet high. this is just a fun play land if you will for families to turn. there are caverns and tunnels and caves and arches. just a beautiful way to spend an evening if you happen to be in bloomington, minnesota. >> bring your jacket and gloves. >> don't stick your tongue on it. >> a lot of bands out there trying to land that elusive first record deal, like smithfield bargain. they're an l.a.-based band, sort of an indy folk trio and they're trying to get the first album out there on their own. here's how they're going to do it. >> are you down in the dumps? >> i'm down in the dumps. >> are you perpetually more tired than you want to be? >> i am perpetually more tired than i want to be. >> do you have no friends except for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you are about to eat? >> like any good infomercial a bunch of questions thayo
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ahen this happens. >> well the answer was right in front of you the whole time. introducing smithfield bargains, the band guaranteed to make you friends. >> he pops the cd he finds inside his sandwich into his cd player and instantly his life changes and like any good infomercial there are a series of satisfied customers. >> once i put smithfield bargain into my cd player i found out owned a new car, my preferred bills and personality and several pets and/or children. >> pets and/or children. >> this is all on indi go go campaign, indi go go a website where you can raise funds. they're trying to reach a goal of $3500. they've only got five days left. they're very, very close. this infomercial has helped them out a bunch but i have to warn you, there are some side effects to smithfield bargain's first album. >> side effects include delirious and happiness and
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uncontrollable enjoyment [ inaudible ]. >> goodwill towards meningitis. >> they try to do it on their own with a funny video. . the promise of self-driving cars has been around forever, since the jetsons and before. well now, audi has debuted their version of a self-driving car at the consumer electronics show up in vegas this week. you may say isn't that dangerous, cars driving by themselves but audi sees the driverless car doing the driver when you don't want as in this example. a woman pulls up needs to park her car. she pulls up to the front of her hotel, pulls out her smartphone and tells the car to park and the car drives off, down to the parking garage by itself. this is not video trickery. this car exists. it really does drive itself. >> check out this other video i
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found of the very same thing of somebody watching this demonstration and taking the video with their smartphone. >> this is the greatest thing for saving women's hair and their feet that i've ever seen. you won't have to walk all those miles from the parking lot to the hotel in your high heels. if it's raining your hair won't get all messed up. just walk in the door. your car goes and parks itself. >> i wonder how long it will actually be until we're using these in our everyday life. >> audi claims this technology is about ten years away from mainstream which really isn't that far when you think about it. here she is coming out of the hotel and summons her car. i'm ready to be picked up now. same thing. pushes the button. out of the garage comes the audi, start itself up, drives right up. . >> that's it for us here at rtm. thanks for spending time with us. have a great weekend. we'll see you on monday.


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