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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 15, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . a fire burning right now on this pier in crocket, we will tell you what crews are doing to get it under control and this fire does not appear to be suspicious. a grim discovery near a bay area college campus, many questions need to be answered.
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afternoon temperatures need to warm up a bit. and it is a battle over gun control, the bay area is directly tied to that battle, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. . this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning to you welcome to a brand-new day, january 15th, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, thank you for waking up on this chilly morning, and some people are saying, pam it is so cold. >> it is actually warmer up in alaska than it is for the west coast. in fact temperatures have cooled down, you know there are 20s around and afternoon temperatures are coming up for a few like oakland, redwood city and santa rosa.
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here is sal. you can see it is looking pretty good no major problems come together concord avenue and on the san mateo bridge, that traffic is looking good. let's go back to the desk. right now we are looking at breaking news, they are looking at a fire not far from the carquinez bridge. it started shortly before 4:00 a.m. in the city of crocket. alex savage is out at the scene getting some new information, alex? >> reporter: good morning and this fire is still actively fighting right now. in fact they sort of took a defensive posture on this. i want to show you quickly from our vantage point, this is where it is located actually out on the water. it is a pier that is burning right now and fire crews have to spray water. certainly a lot of access
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issues and they are bridging in a boat and the coast guard to assist to get this fire fully under control. i want to bring it to you at this point with the crocket fire department. first tell me exactly what is burning here. >> what we have is a very old pier that was once occupied. it is not occupied now. it previously experienced a fire about two years ago. these are the remnants there of and there is still a lot of heavy timbers covered in crease salt and we expect this to burn if we are not able to get lines completely around it. >> this fire does appear to be suspicious given that there was a fire several years ago? >> yes, there are no other sources, there is no electricity and no occupants on the site so it is suspicious
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and -- suspicious and it will be under investigation. we have no reason to suspect but we will conduct a full investigation. >> reporter: and as the fire chief mentioned, there is a lot of timber so this pier he could go for -- peer could go for some time and they will maintain a defensive posture and use fire boats as well and using hoes from the short to get this fire completely -- completely under control. for now we are live this morning in crocket, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. live in sonoma an investigation is happening right now after a body was found in the trunk of a car sneer noma -- near sonoma university. they saw that car parked on petaluma road. they found out the car was
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linked to a man wanted for questioning by petaluma police. they say the trunk was unlocked and found a body wrapped in a blanket. they say the death is suspicious but did not say how the person tied. another man jumped into the water to escape police. anthony donaldson was stopped in ross on suspicion of drunk driving. donaldson jumped into the creek and swam away. they looked into the creek and found a body there and now the investigation continues. in marin county it is part of a first ever buy back event. they will pay 200 for semiautomatic and 100 for other guns. the convenient is open to people in marin and sonoma and
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contra costa counties but you do have to show proof of residency. the five drop off locations are from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. also on the list, the larkspur church and the point rays substation. and they are looking to vice-president joseph biden on how to curb gun violence. coming up, the efforts by a group of mayors to support the president's call to ban assault weapons. the house in washington will vote on an extra $51 billion to help victims of super storm sandy. there are two bills, one would include fema for the disaster relief fund and some are opposing it. some of the money to be used are for things that have nothing to do with the storm or for its victims.
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a man accused of killing five people in a san francisco home is due in court this morning. ben thai luke is charged with five counts of murder stemming from the killing of three women and two men at a home on engel side. he is entering a plea of not guilty. some tenants say, they are not going anywhere. and some people say they need more time since their beaten jins are not actually working. it has been sold to somebody who plans to build and the state land's commission is considering whether part of the harbor should remain public. the big fire near the carquinez bridge, i know you are watching that and everything else, sal. yes, because of that traffic is light near the
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carquinez bridge and we will keep watching that. let's look at 880 westbound as you head up towards the mcarthur maze. traffic continues to look good and the approach is light with the traffic moving well across the span once you get onto the bridge. looking at the livermore valley, traffic looks good from livermore to dublin and caster valley and dumbarton bridge looks good and in the south bay there are no accidents or stalls. 5:06 let's go to steve. well i just tweeted this out, anchorage alaska is 31, burbank is 34 with an east wind at 22 miles per hour so it is warmer in anchorage than many locations down here. i think i saw scottsdale was
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25. cold patchy frost, freeze warn being are out and it is going to be here. maybe early the end of the month and until then, very cold mornings and we will start to see this cold air modified. it helps coast and bay and there is a 32 in anchorage and it looks like they will park it over the west coast. 20 for fairfield. i know it is closer to napa and menlo park. we have lost that breeze and there is a little component of an east shore breeze. it is definitely dry. temperatures 50s for some, low mid-and i don't want to say upper yet. it is getting close for oakland
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and 52 livermore and it is a complete flip flop from six months ago. temperatures are starting to come up coast and bay and we will hold that right into the weekend. steve let go to a car parked near a college campus. tara moriarty just a arrived at the scene, what do you know now? >> reporter: well there are a lot of unanswered questions and one is whose body was it in that trunk and also whose car was it that was parked along petaluma hill road around 6:30. a sheriff's deputy noticed the car in a no parking zone and he saw evidence inside the car that was possibly linked to a crime in santa rosa. when he popped open the trunk he found a body wrapped inside a blanket. detectives closed petaluma loom
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road and rona park expressway for most the nightment they are not commenting on what the deputies saw and they are also not saying what the crime was. what we do know is that the location was clearly suspicious. we will keep trying and we will let you know as the information becomes available. a florida professor is in the hot seat after making controversial comments about the shooting in newtown connecticut. why some people say he should be fired and we will have more on what he said as well. why you should be worried about earthquakes in san francisco. between walnut creek and oakland it is a nice looking drive and we will tell you more about the morning drive and the bay area weather. iyin)ñ)ogóçñóçíç'ñy?oo
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hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. . west african defense chiefs will meet on speeding up deployment against islamic rebels in molly. they have conducted air strikes against the al qaeda linked fighters. they are looking to france to scene in air support -- to send in air support. they have already taken over a big area of molly.
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he is confident united states will not abandon his country after foreign troops leave the area next year. they will not repeat the mistake after the soviet pull out of afghanistan. the fighters who drove them out of afghanistan, once soviet troops were gone american support dried up and that was followed by the rise of the taliban and september 11th attacks by al qaeda which was using afghanistan as a place to hide. a james tracy teaches communications in florida university. he suggested on his blog that the massacre at sandy hook elementary school did not happen the way law enforcement said it did or may not have happened at all. >> well, i think we need to as a society look at things more
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carefully. perhaps we as a society have been conditioned to be duped. >> tracy also suggested that actors were used to shape debate about gun control. she is upset that the comments caused more pain in newtown connecticut and that the professor spoke as a private citizens and not as a representative of the school. tracy is on the fast track and they are looking at the president's recommendations and wants to move quickly. the president's promise for new gun laws is getting plenty of kickback, kyla? >> reporter: president barack obama has made it clear he wants to take action and will do so without congress and gun rights groups are fighting back. after the shooting in newtown connecticut the focus is on assault weapons. passing new legislation could prove difficult with a split on
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gun control. the n ra has vowed to fight any new restrictions but more than a million people have signed a petition backed pie his group to stop the sale of assault weapons. >> she guns are not designed for support or defense. they are designed to kill large numbers of people quickly. >> reporter: the president said he is competent there are gun control steps he can take without congress but at least one republican here on capitol hill is threatening to file articles of i am -- articles of i am people ofment. are more on that when i -- impeachment. more on that when i see you next. hagel will meet personnelly with dozens of senators. some are opposed to this and
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the critics will be there for the backing and the meeting with the armed services committee will happen within weeks. a previously private study found, there are almost 3,000 unsafe buildings in san francisco, with 5 8,000 people living in those buildings. the research says those buildings would fall down in a big earthquake. however most of them have not been verified by building inspectors. and lawsuits against pg&e will go to trial. more than 320 people filed claims after the explosion and 220 have already agreed to settlements. they will come up with a process to settle the remaining legal claims. the man who used a reptile
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to guard his stash of marijuana is due in an east bay court. he is facing charges for possessing marijuana and he is also charged with animal cruelty. they found the animal very sick guarding the marijuana inside the cast tore valley home. mr. teeth died the next day at the oakland zoo. it could be easy to find crab at the supermarket and that's starting today crabs can find it in sonoma county. it had to be delayed after three times the inspectors say the crabs did not have enough meat on them. if they still have not developed enough meat, the commercial season will be canceled. sal, where are you starting east bay? >> yes, and in looking at the
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traffic on 880 westbound, we have been watching the traffic on this very -- same freeway traffic is not affected if. on interstate 880 no major problems and if you are driving on the south bay, 85 is off to a decent start. let's go to steve. thank you, it is cold out there for us, another frost and freeze warning, already in the 20s and it is going to be cold but not as cold as sunday. we are looking at old delmar where the surf meets the turf, it is 36 degrees. >> my goodness, it is freezing down there. it is warmer up in alaska. >> yes, temperatures i will show you some in a second. we do get a mostly sunny day.
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there is june and 30s around here are 20s. yesterday was 36 because you lose that breeze and temperatures plunge. 37 fso, i mean it is just cold all around. livermore 28 and concord 28 as well. temperatures, they are pretty chilly here this morning. mostly sunny and you can see a lot of high clouds and an offshore breeze, mostly sunny and maybe some of the higher elevations, it will help areas like berkeley, san leandro, because you get that offshore breeze and inland temperatures, that east wind cuts right through you. i think there is some patchy fog bound to come soon, but
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otherwise it is warming up. that is the message. he said congress needs to act quickly and they can avoid a potential default on u.s. debt. most asian markets can focus and ben bernanke said they may run out of money. they can anticipate that and now the futures do point to a lower opening across the board. for the dow jones industrial average s&p 500 and nasdaq, it is a little bit of a mixed picture and as we get closer to the opening bell we will have a better look. >> all right, pam, you eat fish, right? >> yes. >> now there are concerns on whether it is safe to eat fish and they are looking to check the hair of fish eaters in
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eight countries. new information about our galaxy, why it may be smaller than original.
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. most fish is contaminated with bad levels of mercury. they took hair samples and they say it was contaminated with
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unsafe levels of mercury. most of the fish are contaminated with mercury and most of it can cause brain and kidney damage. they will be at san jose university to announce a silicone valley start up. they will be, woulding together to develop a pilot program to offer online courses and we will have more details coming up at 10:00. the san jose sharks are back on the ice after a four month lock out and they are just five-days until their season opener. the team wants to reward fans and sharks will be giving away prizes including tickets to the home opener on january 24th and airfare hotel to attend an away game. tickets for the season go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. last year's stanley cup champion will be showing off
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and the kings will bring the stanley cup to the state capital. they won their first stanley cup for a 4-2 series over the new jersey devils and there is a public viewing from 4:30 to 5:30 today. our galaxy may be smaller than first thought. it may be half the size though thought it was. it is between a quarter and a half light year away and the stars are linked to massive galaxy and that's one way to measure the size but they have to admit they have to conduct more research to learn more. we know about the speed and the commute because you are watching the road. >> yes we do. we are stating off this tuesday incase you are wondering, the size of the commute is not that big yet and northbound 280 is
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looking good getting to 880 and also the morning commute on 680 heading down from the pleasanton avenue through fremont looks good to the south bay. let's go to steve. it is a cold one out here. temperatures are slid to the 20s and 30s and i just looked into pacific grove. that is cold. 20s around here, santa rosa, a lot of temperatures, they are only holding this as a city but higher clouds today that will be about it and temperatures inland chilly coast and bay getting a little warmer dave. this is breaking news we have been telling you about since 4:30 a.m., a big fire near the carquinez bridge, disturbing information, we just got this from investigators.
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there is a lot of hype and mystery surrounding this, we will explain. and we will have more on the first openly gay supervisor at fso. good morning! wow.
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. well, good morning, it is tuesday january 15th, dr. martin luther king, jr. was born today. >> time now 5:30, i know the
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dr. martin luther king, jr. birthday was observed monday. it's cold in chuckee but it is 9 below, fairfield is in the 20s and it's cold with an east breeze with a slightly warmer day near the east bay. and traffic is looking good in oakland with no major problems and if you are driving to the bay bridge it is a nice drive. also from out past the carquinez bridge it looks good, now let's go back to the desk. we have news from several fire agencies battling the fire not far from the carquinez bridge in the city of crocket. alex savage is right there and sal legs, you spoke with investigators who say this is
5:33 am
suspicious? >> reporter: at this point the chief feels it is suspicious because nobody was living near the building and there is no reason why the fire would start accidentally. most of the fire has been knocked down and it is very dark down there, as you push into the pier the fire department will come in here and try to get to the underside of the pier and take care of the smoldering wood. let's show you what it looked like after we got on scene. the fire department really had to take a defensive position on this fire and stay back. mostly they had to just spray water from the shoreline because they didn't want to send crews out on to the pier because the pier itself was on fire. it was just before 4:00 a.m. and we are right near the intersection of jackson and
5:34 am
lori in crocket. the chief said there was nobody inside the building at that time and they had just called in a fire boat from the pittsburgh fire department and they explained why they are using this fire boat. >> the part that is acting is unable to get to that and that will be the goal of the fire boat when it arrives. >> they will spray water on the underside of the pier and make sure the embers are out. >> reporter: it is really just a stone's throw away from the sugar factory. it is drifting away from the pier and the determine was is that -- the concern was, it would drift over towards the sugar factory and they are warning to keep an eye out for the burning pieces of wood and they would make sure there is no damage. you can see it has been put out
5:35 am
but now an investigation will be put there because this fire does appear to be suspicious. oakland police are investigating a shooting that seriously injured one man which happened at 8:00 on crest avenue. they heard about 30 rounds which sounded like an assault rifle. the victim was found on sun kiss drive. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. so far no arrests have been made. they have been working to stop the surge in violence. six people have been killed so far this year. police blame much of the violence on rival gangs which started when a young woman was killed last summer. gangs have been responsible for the city's violent crime.
5:36 am
>> we know there is 20% causing this violence and we are focused on them. >> city leaders want them to declare a state of emergency but chief jordan said that is not necessary. they are already getting more help from chp and the police academy plans on adding 70 more police officers. and in an effort to fight crime, william bradden is expected to start next month and we will have more on why so many groups are protesting that move. the u.s. government will run out of money to pay its bills if congress does not raise the debt ceiling. president barack obama will not negotiate with congress on this issue. while republicans want any increase in the debt ceiling to be tied to spending cuts... >> the issue here is whether or
5:37 am
not america pays its bills. we are not attend beat nation and so -- there is a very simple solution to this. >> now in a statement, house speaker phil boehner indicated the republican party is prepared for a fight and the consequences of increasing the debt ceiling are real but so too is the consequences of allowing our spending problem to go unresolved. they are closely watching this debt ceiling battle in washington and if congress does not act on the debt ceiling, the national economy could fall and that would have a negative affect on california's budget numbers. they revealed a budget surplus in many years and that's thanks to a new tax revenue from proposition 30 as well as spending cuts. the social media is buzzing about a possible announcement
5:38 am
by facebook. janine de la vega joins us now from menlo park with more on a mystery event that is going to take place in just a few hours, good morning. >> reporter: good morning pam, we did see several news vehicles and as the morning goes on the area is expected to fill up and that's because at 10:00 a.m. facebook is anticipating a news conference to unveil something. we don't know what that something is just yet but they say come see what we are building. most people agree they are not talking about an actual building even though they are expanding their campus. some analysts are shooting down the idea of a phone because mark zuckerberg said a phone does not make sense. facebook is his top pry yourty and -- priority and he may
5:39 am
unveil a search engine so users would not have to leave the facebook site. it has caused the facebook stock to end on a six month high on friday and the question is, will it live up to its hype. conferences have been pretty low key but it seems as though they are stealing a page from apple so we will just have to wait and see. live from menlo park, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are learning new information about last week's oil tanker accident in the san francisco bay. the bar pay lot made a last -- bar pilot made a last minute turn which sideswiped the bridge. it is still not clear what led up to this abrupt change in course and the accident caused several millions of dollars to the bridge and to the ship. they planned to rename the san francisco national airport
5:40 am
after harvey milk will be considered. david will be considering it and he needs to for five other supervisors to put that question on the november ballot. voters approved the name change after honoring an openly gay person. harvey milk was shot and killed by former san francisco supervisor dan white back in 1978. how is the commute looking, sal? >> it is looking good so far and the traffic continues to move around nicely around the bay and this is a look at highway 4 coming in from antioch and it is a nice drive to the concord area. 680 looks good and no problems on 80 even on the carquinez bridges a you drive across to the crocket side and beyond that to the east shore free way. the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza shows a small
5:41 am
delay and it looks good once you get into san francisco. we have been looking at road sensors and traffic is smooth on 1010 and 280 -- 101 and 280. we have lost a lot of that breeze and temperatures have slid back to 20s and 30s and there are some very cool readings up and down the coast, not only here but in southern california. there will be a few high clouds, you can see the direction of the upper atmospher and everything is coming offshore and if this was a summertime pattern it would be hot. a south wind up in alaska means temperatures are warmer than the west coast. it is 23 in las vegas and 30 in phoenix, 37 in san diego. i mean there are some cold
5:42 am
readings here. for us locally lakeport 30, 32 calistoga. 30s for walnut creek, brent woot 29 -- brentwood 29, 27 in lafayette and that makes sense to me. 31 in saratoga gilroy is in the 20s and newark is in the upper 20s 39 degrees and foster city 31 and 32 at half-moon bay. mostly sunny with an easterly breeze and if you are inland it is tough, but berkeley is 56 and they helped along santa cruz 57, san mateo 55. a little warmer each day. temperatures are hitting some 60s thursday except for fog and it will be very quiet and very
5:43 am
dry. all right, steve, it is the app that has triggered gun contntl controversy and why the rifle association is on the defensive. lance armstrong faces some expensive legal consequences. traffic looks good crossing the valley and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned. ñç5xñóñmñz?cç?çñkñkñe -
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. it is cold 20s and 30s and it will be mostly sunny, some clouds slightly warmer coast and bay. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are
5:46 am
following. they want to identify a body found inside a parked car on petaluma hill road. right now police have not said how that person died. also right now, fire crews from several agencies are battling a big fire and this is not far from the carquinez bridge. it started shortly before 4:00 masters along the waterfront in the city of crocket. investigators say this fire is suspicious since nobody lives in this area. and in washington president barack obama is now going over the recommendations of vice- president joseph biden for new gun policy legislation. reportedly the president is considering 19 steps that could be taken through executive action without having to go through congress. the national rifle association has set off a controversy with its new app. it is called n ra practice
5:47 am
range and it provides players with a virtual shooting gallery where they can hone their gun skills. it has surprised everybody since n ra has been strong critics of live violent video games. they have the toughest gun control laws and they will crackdown on high am missing magazine -- ammunition magazines and it is in response to the newtown connecticut shooting one month ago. one man is dead in east palo alto's first homicide of the year. police rushed to illinois street and perdue avenue about 1:45 yesterday afternoon after the shot spotter system detected gunfire. they found jonathan who had been shot multiple times. he died at the scene.
5:48 am
a second gunshot victim arrived at the hospital and he is in critical condition. wee right now there is no information on possible suspects. a man escaped from a correctional facility. david allan brown climbed over a fence at the minimum security hill road facility sunday night. take a look at this picture. he hazardous sting -- has distint -- distinct tattoos. he was supposed to serve time inrison but it was part of an effort to reduce inmate population. lance armstrong's confession that he used performance enhancing drugs could cost him a lot of money. he is already being sued by his former teammate in a whistleblower and it says he
5:49 am
defrauded the u.s. government and now the justice department is likely to join that lawsuit and armstrong could be forced to pay back endorsement money an appearance fees. oakland city council will hire william bradden as a police chief consultant. the city will pay him $250,000 a year. some are protesting it saying he was responsible for harsh policies while he was with the new york police department. they will be at the frank frank ogawa plaza. the police chief will take over on an interim basis. larry has been in charge of the bureau field operations and the city manager appointed him to take over as chief just days before the current chief retires. chris moore will step down at the end of this week.
5:50 am
she said she needs more time to search for his successor. it would have been dr. martin luther king, jr.'s 84th birthday. the nation will formally celebrate his birthday and service events are planned across the bay area in his honor. he was as nateed -- assassinated at the age of 39. you are watching highway 24 and everything else? that's right, dave, we have been watching just to make sure we have not had any problems on this stretch and i pull up my chp list, we don't have a lot going on as traffic continues to move along very nicely as you drive between walnut creek and oakland. let's go back to the toll plaza and we keep watching that. no major problems and usually after 6:00 we start to get back ups and the metering lights come on about 6:15. traffic is moving well and
5:51 am
looking at the livermore valley we are off to a nice start and it is slow coming off the tracy try ingle. let's go to steve. freeze warnings are back out and yesterday there was too much of a breeze so they dropped them. down in on ray and tie -- monterey and today they are back, there is 30s all up and down the coast and it is very cold and there is already frost out there and you can see the ridge of high pressure and this is a mountain of pressure built up. usually this time of year you look for energy to come underneath and it is called uncutting. -- undercutting. this is not going to give up ground any time soon. a south wind up in alaska and it's warmer in parts of alaska and juneau and parts of the west coast and southern nevada and parts of the west coast,
5:52 am
there is a huge difference in temperatures. santa rosa, a lot of 20s even novato, fairfield, and the airport the only thing holding up is a little bit of a breeze. this flow is and coming right out of the north, northeast and that gives you a sign by the coast it will not be too bad. i don't care how much sun we get, it doesn't feel that warm so very cold in the morning with that east breeze which helps oakland, emoryville, those areas get a benefit from that breeze but most locations are in the lower 50s. discuss is 57, although it is 30 degrees right now. a little warmer into thursday and with your weekend in view, we will have to make a return to the valley and it will warm up coast and bay. keeping an eye on the del stock, del could go private
5:53 am
circulating and del is talking with private equity firms about a potential buy out. del has lost 40% since last year's peak and the cost of going private makes sense. it will allow del to restructure without criticism from share holders. it grew by 10% and china added 51 million new users even as they tightened control on content. they used it for business and education and tried to block access to material which is considered subject verse sufficient -- subversive or object seen. -- obscene. targeting another funeral. why a controversial group will protest a key internet figure who committed suicide.
5:54 am
plus a sudden collapse in larkspur after a redwood tree come crashing down. ♪
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♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go
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[ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. good morning, 20s and 30s, a lot of high clouds, mostly sunny.$♪. >> all right, steve, the power is back on in larkspur for
5:57 am
dozens of pg&e customers, a redwood knocked out power and that 150-foot tree crashed into power lines and that house and it happened at about 11:30 yesterday morning. >> i heard a thunderous sound that sounded like an explosion. all the electricity went off. >> one person was inside the house at the time and luckily they were not hurt. thousands will gather to say goodbye to aaron swartz. his death comes in the midst of a legal battle over hacking allegations. next week the san francisco community is planning to hold a ceremony in his honor. today is the deadline, if you want to send in a suggestion that ought to be a law contest.
5:58 am
sent in your ideas for new laws. his district includes most of san mateo county and hills selects a winner and then presents it to the legislation. you can sends in your idea to his website and get it in. it starts today and more than 100 restaurants are participating in dining around town. people can get bargain prices for two and three course meals at some of the participating restaurants. sal has food for thought about driving on 280. >> you are making me hungry. i know sal. this is when it starts to change though and we are seeing some problems, this is a look at 280 getting to the 880 interchange and no major problems on 101. same thing goes for 680 heading
5:59 am
to the south bay and sunole grade. all looking good so far. let's go back to the desk. a body was found inside a car parked near a college campus. the bay area event is directly tied to that battle. and good morning, another cold, cold morning, will temperatures stay the same or warm up a little? touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.


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