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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> we have seen earlier pictures and it looks like it is calm down a little. but about an hour ago there were dozens of people dressed out in red and gold in the streets and as you can see, there is actually san francisco police officers standing in the street as well. apparently with the police car blocking the lane making sure people stay on the sidewalk. >> and our crew that is here near the scene
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tells us a little closer to 24th and mission, police have made arrested. and we will be following this and have much more for you throughout the newscast. but now, to the big game. >> my stomach hurts and it was a gut wrenching game, fred. fred is here with the highlights and it was a tough one to watch. >> they had to dig out. >> i think i heard you yelling pass the stomach medicine. this is why football is the most poplar sport. big games and hits. and the 49ers defensive couldn't stop atlanta but shot them out cold in the end. they were down 17
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nothing and scored twice the make it closer. and matt ryan had to be targets and tony with a ten-yarder to give the lead at half time. nineswhich crabwhen crabtree recovers. and 49ers come right back, and gore's second touchdown of the game to give san francisco its first lead of 28-24. 4th down, 4th to go and matt ryan has led seven overtime victories, not today. 28-24 and they are
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headed to new orleans for superbowl 47 in two-weeks and their first performance since 1995. the greatest comeback in nfc history and i am sure the 49ers will take it. >> reporter: i would have to call this a gut check time. any time you are down and in hostile territory, to be able to look your teammates in the eye and come back and win. it all game down to the last drive, the falcons had the ball, a touchdown and they win. it was a crucial 4th down play and a break up on the pass that clenched it and after the game bowman talked about that play. >> it came to if you
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want to go get it. they put up 17 points early and this type of gut check late in the season, we are a better team to overcome that. >> can you express what it means to be heading to the superbowl? >> it means a lot. from the bottom to being at the top it feels amazing. >> this is what you dream of, going into the opposition home and beat them to go to the superbowl. i have been dreaming this dream for a long time and i want to saver every moment of it. >> it is not the same if you don't win the superbowl, you are not going to just show up. >> it is dream come true and we have been working hard to get to this point.
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that is our goal but it is not done yet. we have one more game left. >> reporter: this was a common think in the '80s, but the 49ers are headed back and today they proved they are team with character. >> we will see much more of joe on the sport's wrap show tonight. it means the nine pro-bowlers will miss the game because they will be preparing for a much more important game. let's give it up to collin, he led a poised second half comeback. you would never guess it was his first year. as you know, today's win means the 49ers move on and will they the winner of the
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afc championship game tonight. it is set for february 3rd and kickoff is at 3:30. we will have more superbowl action coming up for you from
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news chopper two, where police are made several arrested after the celebrations. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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we are running to the breaking news that we are continuing to follow, happening in san francisco and these are live pictures. as you can see a lot of people in their 49ers gear are out on
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the side walks and crews have made several arrest, don't know the circumstances surrounding those arrest. this is following the 49ers big win against the falcons and a lot of people have taken the excitement on to the sidewalk and they were blocking traffic early. police are taking a back-seat approach and waiting and controlling the crowd. we will be following this and any new developments, we will bring them to you. >> just to give you an of where this is this is not far from the balboa police station and school. homicide detectives in san francisco are
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investigating the shooting death of a driver. police say someone opened fire on the driving car and police have not released an identity or a motive. searching for clues after someone opened fire at a station's bus stop before 12:30 in the afternoon. early reports stated the victim was 40, but the bystander was actually 50. a 16-year-old boy has been arrested but police continue to look for at least three other suspects. president obama was sworn in today and made history in the process. katie campbell is covering and shows us
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what would. >> reporter: the president is officially in his second term after being sworn in in the blue room of the white house. you can be sure roberts said the oath careful this time four-years ago he stumbled on the words. >> that i will execute -- >> the president of the united states -- >> reporter: so the president had to be sworn in again and that is why president obama is the only two-term president to be sworn in two times. and vice president joe biden because sworn in at the naval observe tory. and then the first family also attended
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the african-american church as part of the celebration of martin luther king day. when a president and vice president are sworn it, it is only for a four-year term so they need to be sworn in for another four-years. >> barbara walters was hospitalized after suffering a fall. she suffered a cut on her head. the 83-year-old walters was taken to the hospital as a precaution. hundreds of thousands of people are in the capital getting ready for the
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celebration and we have bill live from the events later on. the first day of the mavericks surf competition started today. thousands of people flooded in to watch. patty lee has more. >> reporter: to get a front row view of this action at maverick, thousands packed in to see the surfers. >> it has worked out good. >> reporter: it is being compared to an outdoor concert. >> they called this way early this year and we should have maybe waited 24-hours.
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>> reporter: but the notice helped fill restaurants and give law enforcement time to prepare for a crowd of 30,000 people. many that arrived by car. >> we stayed thinking it would be a quick shut up the one. >> reporter: they ditched their car. >> we think sitting in this car takes as long as walking. >> reporter: people were respectful and only a handful of photographers returned to the perch with the understanding it is that own risk. >> peter mel of santa cruse was the winner. for more on the swell we have been tracking
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let's go to mark mile. hi, mark. >> we have been tracking this and it was produced by a super-storm and wave heights are 17-18 feet in the pacific. this is friday and i will advance this and you will notice the wave heights back off into the saturday and sunday and the bright colors are not moving to the bay area. we knew there would be long waits and that happened today with about 30-40 minutes. i saw 25 feet sets as i was watching the coverage. you can see the high
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surf advisory expired. and we are overnight lows and get ready to bundle up. temperatures will be in the upper 20s out towards napa and lots of 30 around the bay and the afternoon hours you can count on another warm day and we will look at the forecast high in your neighborhood and when shower chances resurface. returning to the breaking news, and as we check in here just about 17 minutes after five, quite a different scene from what we saw about a half hour ago. the crowd is much smaller and not sure if the police moved them out,but there are a large number of police in the area. of course, lots of 49ers fans are excited
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about the big win and that led to this big police response. not sure what started. we did see 49ers fans blocking traffic and police moved to the sidewalk. we are continuing to monitor this and if there are any more developments to pass along to you, we will bring them to you live here on the 5 o'clock news. carol loo continues the coverage and is with the 49ers faithful people who are celebrating tonight. >> reporter: still a lot of people trying to hang on to that victory celebration. still celebrating in san francisco and a lot of people are basking in the win. [cheering]
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>> reporter: there are a lot of high fives and arms raised in victory. and fans are having as a great time hooting and hollering. most of these fans have been following the team since they were little and a lot of ups and downs, but in the end, 49ers fans got to celebrate. >> it is unbelievable. i came here with no expectation of it and i love the 49ers and we are going to the superbowl. >> i am so excited i screamed until i couldn't breathe twice. >> i am a native san francisco and thrilled. so is my granddaughter. >> you are starting her off right?
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>> of course. >> reporter: as you saw, a lot of fans of all ages, fans and even a dog in a red outfit. fans are celebrating and going on well into the evening and in contrast with the pictures, this celebration has been very much well behaved. >> good ole fashion neighborhood bar in san francisco. a fire in oakland forced dozens of residence in a senior care facility out of their home. it took crews about an hour to put the fire out and no one was injured. the fire did minor damage to the facility and no word on what caused the blaze. another fire in east oakland in a cargo container.
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coming from 98th avenue and gold street at about 6:00 a.m. this morning. the cause of this fire is under investigation. uc davis police arrested a researcher who was injured in a campus explosion after suspicion of possessing an explosive device and posessing fire arms on campus. an independent review find the use of pepper spray during a protest was unacceptable. an officer sprayed the crowd three times and the report says williams used the pepper spray to break
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up the crowd, which is against the college's policy.
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today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. back to that breaking news story we brought you at the top, this is another scene is this is a different location. this is in the area of fair and valencia
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street. a block or so from ceaserchavez street. we are only getting these pictures because we do see some activity there. a couple police vehicles parked in front of the curb. and earlier the pictures from a few blocks away people gathered from the sidewalk out into the street. and we are monitoring the fan activity after the 49ers big win. >> we want to go to our newscaster who is there. >> reporter: you would think the superbowl has been already won. it has been a parade
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of fgs and horns blaring. sspd has made several arrests, public intox for the most part. officers are posted keeping this celebration from turning ugly and the intersections and streets clear. police tell me they will have extra eyes on the street actives's tonight in case of vandalism. we have not seen a lot of damage so far. broken glass, bottles and garbage cans overturned. but this celebration
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is showing no signs of ending. will they go home or stay on the street and fueled by happiness and no small amount of alcohol, sspd might have their hand's full. law makers in sacremento could be making rules about same-sex marriage. they say there is a better chance of the bill passing and it is expecting to be on the governor's desk for this spring. on friday, the department of homeland security said those who receive deferment are legal in the united states and they
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are urging to push for driver's licenses. >> be sure to keep it here and we are going to continue to follow the breaking news. more live coverage when we return.
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more live coverage of that breaking news we told you about at the top of the newscast. these are live pictures as you can
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see jubilant fans are celebrating. that group of fans is on the sidewalk but we see earlier, folks in their car and stopping and getting out. and we have seen reports of minor vandalism. a few people has been arrested but mainly for public intox. we have our news chopper at fair and valencia. you can see police cars and we saw fire crews, this is near st. luke's hospital. we have seen since the victory, a large number of fans gathering outside of pubs and bars. san francisco police and everyone on guard
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and might have their hand's full as the sun goes down. we will of course continue to monitor this situation and breaking news in san francisco and we will bring you the new information as it comes in. the body of a san francisco man in hawaii search is underway and the challenges they are facing. >> reporter: high waves have made it difficult for the police department to revive the bodies of these two men, both from san francisco. they are believed to have drowned while on vacation. >> the water was so rough there was no way we could make his way back to land. >> reporter: instead of a rescue, it was a
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recovery mission to retrieve the bodies of two men who were a group of five friends vacationing in hawaii. they decided to hike out to a remote area, and a road wave swept baker out to see and griffith jumped in, but no one survived. officials were able to refreeftrieve griffith's body but they are searching for baker still. >> they had a jet ski and the waters were too choppy. today i am told the conditions are about the same, very rough surf again, but they are hoping with the helicopter they will be able to spot something.
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>> reporter: authorities have closed all the north shore beaches and we are told the friend are still in hawaii. president obama was sworn in for his second term during a private event but hundreds of thousands are prepared to watch the public version in washington. and ken smith found plenty of people prom the bay area. >> reporter: it has has happened before when a president being signed in on sunday and the event taking place on monday. 1.8 million people last time were there in washington to see, this time the crowd sizes will be much smaller.
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[jazz music] >> reporter: a growing excitement in the area and you can see it in the faces of people. >> i will be crying just like i did four-years ago and just as enthused. >> reporter: gale is going to be one of the 8,000 people sworn in. >> to be walking on the streets of our nation's capital, all the way from california, it is definitely something that i will keep with me my whole life. >> reporter: we caught up with her on the steps of the national archive. >> my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren can come to our nation's capital and
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see their mother and grandmother voted for the president. >> we are going to get our tickets -- >> reporter: this is your ticket, 1-2. missed the nog inauguration four-years ago. >> i am excited to be at this one. it is still history. >> reporter: today the weather in washington was very nice. tomorrow, it will be cooler and weekend see snow flurries in the afternoon. the motorcade will leave the white house and head here at 7:45 pacific time and the inauguration is at will follow. >> president obama plans to use two
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bibles, one belonging to lincoln and the other belonging to martin luther king's bible. >> our inauguration coverage continues and tory campbell will be there and have live reports. >> after the inauguration the president and congress get back to work and top democrats predicted that law makers will pass some kind of gun control legislation. >> you will see a proposal with broad support for background checks. >> republicans are slamming the idea of another assault wep
5:40 pm
weapons ban. >> it wouldn't have helped newton and they don't work. >> a justice study cut the previous ban by cutting gun murderers by 6%. maroon county is holding a second buy back tomorrow after collecting 827 guns on tuesday with no questions asked. tomorrow vouchers are going to be handed out and stations are open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. someone opened fire near bell street and officers heard the
5:41 pm
shots and when they arrived they found a 20-year-old man shot multiply times in the leg. investigators in oakland are looking for two people in a double shooting after two people were shot on mable street. when we return, it is the day hockey fans have been working for. the sharks are back on the ice. >> it was clear, but that may be changing. we will talk about when to expect cooler temperatures next.
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a river of water gushing down an oakland street after a water main broke and shutting down streets. residents tried to keep the water from their home. there is no water on what caused it to burst. >> let's look at the weather, how is it looking? >> it is looking great. 60 and 70 and the mild weather will continue for one more day. warmed up nicely and a nice day to go out for a walk. look at all the 60s out there. and pacifica 61 is
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degrees and for tonight, mostly clear skies. for monday, more sunshine and clouds by wednesday and a drop off in the temperatures. we want to get you prepared for a cold start. 43 in san francisco and san jose at 46. and lots of 30s and 40s out there. upper 50s, but most of the region getting back into the 60s. notice a big clear area sticking around for tomorrow and the weak offshore flow is moderate and winds around 15-20. no big changes
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tomorrow and not so much tuesday. but by wednesday, there is a weak system moving in and cloud cover and cooler temperatures. and a slight chance of a few sprinkles favoring the bay. here is our forecast model showing you this. maybe patchy fog in the morning but you can count on more sunshine for monday and by tuesday, frontal system developing. those showers will disappear up to the north, but wednesday could have a lite sprinkle. san jose 65 tomorrow and santa cruz is nice tomorrow, too.
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and we do thicken up the cloud coverage on wednesday and a slight chance of sprinkle. and with the weekend in view, a slight chance of showers on saturday and it might bump up on sunday. so you can see the changes, just enjoy tomorrow with the sunshine out there. coming up, we will go back live to atlanta. sports wrap is coming up next. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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good evening,
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today's nfc championship was one for the ages. the 49ers down and had to execute the biggest come back in nfc history to reach the superbowl for their sixth time. collin was mistake free and matt ryan and the falcons had the home court advantage and came out playing like they had nothing to lose. first series, throwing deep and a 46-yard touchdown, the longest one allowed by the 49ers this season. ryan looks the hands of jones again, and a great play by jones and 17-0 atlanta. and there is michael james and his first
5:51 pm
nfl touchdown, a 15-yard play. and davis with his first 100-yard receiving game since october 7th. matt ryan and the final touchdown of the 2012 season. putting together a drive and gore capping it off. 49ers force two turnovers and missing the field goal and that may cost acre the job. and crabtree and the touchdown and gets to the goal line and robinson rips the ball lose and that could have been another rally killer. but for the 49ers, coming right back and there goes gore. nine-yard touchdown for frank gore, second of the game and first
5:52 pm
lead of the game with about eight minutes to go. and they call matyty ice and not this time. it is 28-24 comeback victory. matt ryan hadthe 49ers earn their first uappearance since january of 195885. joe fonz was there then and here now. >> the georgia dome was a little more quite than it was more than a short time ago. the 49ers left the field as nfc championships and what
5:53 pm
the falcons forced the 49ers to do was alter their game plan. they were determined that collin was going to the same game and they forced him to use his other strengths, his strong arm. >> i think it is great team win. our team, offensive, and running back and receivers made plays. the defensive battled back and it is great team win. >> capperneck is the man. very bright future. >> i take my hat off to him because he came in and turned everything around. >> best day of my life was when my kids came, but this is another one of them. we have come a long way as a team. >> we have one game left and i think it is
5:54 pm
all for not if you don't take care of that. whoever we are playing it is going to be toughed. >> very much rooting for the ravens. i want to thank my parents and go ravens. >> reporter: you said it, fred, it has been 18-years since the 49ers were in a superbowl and longer than that since they played in new orleans. but they have won all five superbowl games they have played and will try to make it six. back to you, fred. >> thanks, joe. start reserving your ticket for new orleans now. the sharks are back on the ice and they trailed the flames and
5:55 pm
tied it in the second. and flame's goalie should have stopped but 2-1. and boil shoots the puck to the nets and there is marlow for the second goal and the sharks go on to win 4-1. coming up, two first place basketball teams meet in berkeley and there is a three-way playoff in golf today when we come back.
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there were four schools tied for fourth at the start of the day. two met in berkeley and the golden bears had the lead early and lead by seven at half time. both teams coming in with 4-1 but the bears
5:58 pm
win 70-65. and the humanity challenge was up for grabs and how about that? that bob hope. and rh lee, and lee finished tide for 10th but gets the shot of the day. hahn led after the second round and tide for fourth and that is not bad for the rookie. but brian gay went to sudden death and gay wins on the second extra hole and that is his fourth pga title. baltimore ravens are leading right now and the winner faces the 49ers. and you know what that means? if the ravens win, we
5:59 pm
are looking at a hard ball fold. you heard jim rooting for the ravens, he wants to go against his brother. >> what do you think of a preferable match up. >> let's remember, the patriots lost to the 49ers so i think they feel sure about that. will the ravens have a better chance of figuring out capperneck? i think the 49ers are favorites against either one of those teams, i don't know how much, but i think they would be a odds favorite. coming up on the 10 o'clock news -- >> we will the


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