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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 23, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. not much rain, we thought it was going to be more. and not much voice either. >> we will soldier forth. we have a cloudy pattern and the lows have come up, now 40s and 50s and if rainfalls, we will have -- if rain falls, we will have 50s and 60s, here is sal. travel times are looking good across the span and also on the san mateo it looks good all the way out to foster city. coming up on 6:00, let's go back to the desk. >> a newly approved policing plan in oakland. shortly after 2:00 this morning, city council took a vote to help reduce crime. alex savage has more on why there is so much opposition to
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this plan, alex? >> reporter: they approved the consulting deal with bill bratton and many are upset about the chief's hiring and they believe his policies may lead to racial profiling and the vote that happened this morning did not sit well with many. >> 7 yeses and 1 no. >> boo, boo, boo... >> reporter: we had the only camera in council chambers once the vote came down and there were about 275 people who spoke and it was an overflow crowd. they eventually approved a contract for bratton on a 7-1 vote. he will develop a crime fighting plan in oakland but critics are concerned about his
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past work as some say it could lead to racial profiling. >> what he did he elsewhere which may have worked does not mean it will work here. >> reporter: but the man who once headed up the police departments have had success in improving community relations in those cities. they told council that bratton is one of the best advisors the city could bring on in this situation. he does not support stop and frisk and he developed a plan with community input. >> we will make every effort to include as many people as we can in this process so that we have good reputation for -- representation for decreasing crime across the area. >> reporter: they also included an amendment during their vote emphasizing racial profiling will not be tolerated as part
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of the consulting plan. council also approved the hiring of 11 alameda county sheriff's deputies to help patrol oakland, to help combat a reason rise in crime. i will tell you more about what happened about the move to help boost police officers on a long term basis. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. officer say a man was driving erratically in fremont drove up 880 through san leandro in oakland and all the way to san francisco. we followed them where officers deployed spike strips. it finally ended in south vanness where the driver was taken into custody. firefighters were called to the scene when things went wrong with the display. tara moriarty joins us from the mission district with details on how it happened and why
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criminal charges could be filed. tara in. >> reporter: the owner of this art gallery could be in trouble for setting some artwork on fire and we should say the artwork is made out of matches, 2 5,000 to be exact. it was a map of the united states and by lighting it, it caused a lot of damage to this building. last night fire crews were called out when smoke and flames were shooting out from the building. the artist creates maps and some -- sometimes messages out of exhibits. the problem with last night's incident is that it posed a safety hazard, which caused $5,000 at least worth of damage to the ceiling annuals. now investigators were called in and while the gallery owner did not necessarily mean any
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harm and nobody got hurt, he could face reckless charges of arson. ktvu channel 2 morning news. happening right now, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is making her first appearance looking into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is there at the senate foreign relations committee. she arrived a few minutes ago and coming up, the new information that republicans will likely use against hillary rodham clinton in their questioning, we will have more on that. they will temporarily increase the u.s. debt limit. republicans decided they didn't want to get blamed for allowing the government to default. they contained a provision which holds the pay for senate members if they fail to pass a
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budget plan. a memorial is planned for two members who were swept out to sea. brian baker of vallejo was pulled into water while hiking. and in san francisco, he was overcome by the surf. authorities have called off the search for baker. a new finding in the 787 debacle. the lithium battery over heated during a flight last week forcing an emergency landing. all dream liners have been grounded since and the senate plans to investigate why they approved this. advocates believe this is the year they will allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. they have pushed the idea for 14 years and they believe the
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political climate is now favoring them. latinos are projected to make up a majority of the population by 2025. and they will not get anymore warnings if they don't feed the meters. drivers with expired meters will get tickets and it took affect at the beginning of the year and parking tickets have been issued warnings. now they will enforce the laws which require it at noon p.m. on sundays. right now traffic is -- you can see it, there is a live picture which is showing it to be building and as soon as the metering lights come on delay times will go up and of course we will be all over that. at we look at 880 southbound,
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this traffic in oakland looks good. and in the livermore valley, grand line, may be a little more than that, we will keep an eye on it as we move to union city, let's go to steve. thank you very much. most of the rain is probably in line for that so there is a lot of cloud cover, the overnight lows are warmer and 40s and 50s for some h even mid-50s. there will be two parts to it and another one will drop in on sunday but they don't look strong for rain. santa rosa some of the heaviest amounts could fall and maybe about an inch to a half inch and maybe an inch or less would probably cover it. 54 in half-moon bay, redwood
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city is close, much warmer inland and even napa airport, a balmy 52 compared to yesterday. there is hit and miss / and dash -- splash and dash showers. cloudy light rain, warmer lows but cooler afternoon highs. mid-50s, upper 50s and low 60s which was so warm for a while and it is starting to get around with inland temperatures. cloudy to mostly cloudy, all the way to friday, with your weekend always in view, your forecast models are having a hard time. colder systems on saturday and there is cold light rain but we will mention some. another bank robbery in marin county and the suspect believes it might be linked to other cases. this is the best decision i have ever made but for him, it
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was the right decision. the biological mother of colin, she talks about the day she misses him the most each year. and it is one of the largest firefighter responses ever, stay tuned for more.
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. welcome back.
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6:12 is the time, firefighters are battling this fire. it is the largest firefighting response in seven years. the fire is endangering several other buildings and the frigid temperatures are hampering efforts because firefighters are dealing with frozen hydrants and ice that is stopping the spray of water. a man who robbed a bank last night may have robbed a bank earlier this month. a bank on union highway was targeted at 5:45 and that's the 6th bank robbery in marin since october 12th. they say the same man robbed a bang and -- robbed a bank and they say he has the sent
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features as the man who robbed earlier. and a shooting at a campus college near houston. a fight between the suspect and another man ended in gunfire at lone star -- lone star college yesterday. a campus man was caught in the crossfire and it did lead to a campus lockdown and themmer in place -- shelter in place for several hours. right now secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is answering questions on the deadly attacks in benghazi in libya and it shows just how dire the situation on security was leading up to the shootings. she was walking towards the capital building and we will look at the hearing which did get underway. >> reporter: congress wants to know why she denied adequate security to the consulate.
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hillary rodham clinton is getting grilled by the house of representatives and they say terrorists attacked the consulate on september 11thth. among the four killed senator stevens and he requested more security numerous times but the new e-mails just released to congress shows stevens asked for assistance nearly a year before the attack. >> basically, the dye decision was made -- decision was made not to provide those assets which were provided for free in order to defend our personnel. >> reporter: they object solved her -- absolved her saying she was not to blame for weak security but they did not want to accept health from the department of defense that they were embarrassed to do so.
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i will explain next. tomorrow kerry will appear before the same committee to replace secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and kerry is said to be easily confirmed. a man invaded the home of an elderly couple. he tied up the victims and raided the home and took off in the couple's cars. they described the menace latino or pacific islanders and vicious. >> these are very brutal people who would do something like this to 76-year-olds and they are really defense less and this is just a cowardly crime. >> the stolen vehicles are license 5x i and a tan toyota
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camera license plate 39g60. they want to know if they were behind another carjacking just earlier that day. people want to know what is going on at the local schools thanks to a new alert system. people in the area will be able to receive emergency alerts by text, voicemail or e-mails. alert marin will be launched this saturday through alert marin .org. he is hoping his biological mother will reach out to him. he has become the golden boy leading and his birth mother took care of him for a few weeks before giving him up for adoption. she looked forward to photos
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his parents would send her. >> you think about it, you don't just forget. >> russo said giving him up was the toughest decision she ever made but as you might guess, she will be cheering for him in the super bowl. sal is now checking 80, how is it looking sal? it looks good, a lot of our viewers will get on 80 and we hope it will not be a disaster and it started when they were the worst commute in the area. it is certainly no picnic and you can see traffic is busy but it's not stop and go. it is about a ten minute delay yesterday. right now we are checking a 10 minute drive time at the bay bridge toll plaza. no trouble on 580 westbound as
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you drive through the livermore valley and pittsburgh and bay point still looks good. we talked about 80 near berkeley to panola and it is slow approaching the carquinez bridge. let's go to steve. there could be light rain tonight and tomorrow more likely towards the north and there are some incredibly cold temperatures, it is 33 below in quebec. the windchill is 33 below relatively speaking it is so cold, below 10 in new york and chicago we read the story there earlier and we have a little bit of a pattern, up near $40 and 50s. we should add, it was colder in toronto than it was in he had month tonight. 21 below and it is the coolest i have seen in a long time.
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now we are in the 40s and 50s. very light rain and even tony in lake county sent me a nice e- mail talking about some light rain even though they had a fire to fight. they had an east wind and some say that may have been the cause. cooler afternoon highs, upper 50s and lower 60s and it looks like this low will hang around giving us cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and it could give us some light rain and some colder temperatures on sunday. thank you pam and brian. mcdonalds is expecting better than reported earnings and they are looking at the period which ended last month and it is up from the same time last year. revenue is up more than $100 million and mcdonald's is part of the do you so that should help things out.
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and ford's lawsuit is seeking class action status which is a 20% low and 10% low in the last 20 years. coming up, a meltdown in a tennis match down under. why serena williams lost her cool and why it could mark the start of a new era in tennis. it will live on in the south bay, we will have more on the public display that may soon have a new home. ♪
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using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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. >> welcome back. new this morning they have approved a deal for the new hall which lab one story platform. the building is -- it will be a one story platform which will blend into the landscape. menlo park will get $1.5 million as part of that deal. if you have not seen it, serena williams lost her cool during the u.s. open. she smashed her racket during her loss to an american
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teenager. she was caused some obvious pain and meantime her opponent is on her way to the open after the biggest have i victory of her life -- biggest victory of her life. she is on her way to becoming the next superstar. they may help finance a new downtown arena. he is the bay area investor and founder of fitness. he owns the pittsburgh penguins and helped them get a championship and arena there. they faced a large construction zone and people could see and hear the big changes on the south side of campus. workers moved over the holidays breaking ground for the redevelopment plan.
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the project initiated by the students will make way for a new hall in october. >> it will start in mid-march and we will be adding new space here and we will be doing renovations to lower sprawl plaza. >> tenants will be relocated when the project is completed in 2015. well it appears it will live on and couples were leaving padlocks on the main street bridge in los gatos. caltrans put a display warning it would be removed and they would remove the locks on february 1st and now they are stepping in to keep the locks and law of live and will offer a separate area to profess their love. they will discuss that option and some other ideas. back over to sal, here is a look at san jose, sal? one of the points in the
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south bay commute is northbound 280 and northbound 280 is looking good getting to highway 17 and no major problems headed to the bottom of the hill and no problems on 101 and 680, same thing goes out of pleasanton and of course things tend to change as we get closer to the peak at 7:00 and so we will keep an eye on these commutes. let's go to steve. not much rain yet, and we just got a nice tweet from roaner park. i think the bay is more in line for rain than anybody else but cloud cover, 40s and 50s and that's much warmer than what we have had. cloudy all the way through the next couple of days, pam, but much more clouds than rain. >> thank you steve. the national rifle association is lashing out at president barack obama, the part of his speech we will have
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which has the nra so upset. so many in this city was outraged after the final vote to bring in an outside consultant for the police department. staystay tuned.
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. welcome back. good morning, we are getting ready for the opening bell ringing the bell on the nasdaq, there it is live, celebrating india's 64th republic day and if you don't recognize the gentleman, they are two croatians chileans and we have all of the business news and concerns about apple and we
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will go there in just a bit. >> with that said, welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am brian flores, dave clark has the morning off. >> i am pam cook, time now is 6:30. alex savage is in -- alex savage is in oakland where there is a heated debate, alex? >> reporter: it extended into the early morning hours until council members finally took their vote and in the end they gave it to the consultant chief whose policies have certainly come under fire and many were frustrated by the final vote. >> 7 yeses and 1 no. >> boo, boo, boo... >> reporter: the vote came down just after 2:00 a.m. this morning and ktvu channel 2 morning news had the only camera inside council chambers
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at the time. they spoke at this lengthy council meeting and four hours on this controversial topic in the end they approved the consulting firm on a 7 to 1 vote. critics are concerned about his past support for an aggressive stop and frisk policy which some worry could lead to racial profiling. woman woman is pregnant and talked about her concerns. >> i scared to be having a black boy in oakland. >> more police are not adding any real solutions and your fears are only going to get worse. >> reporter: bratton once headed up the police department in new york and l.a. and he has had success in reducing crime and improving community relations. they say bratton will develop a community plan with community in pout and some -- in put and
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some believe this is a step in the right direction. >> it may not be a good change in the long-term but in the short-term you need to vote your conviction answer you need to keep the faith. >> reporter: the city council included an amendment that racial profiling will not be tolerated as part of the consulting policing plan. and in the meantime, council also approved the hiring of 11 alameda sheriff's deputies to help patrol oakland and they had the go ahead to bring on more oakland officers on a long term basis. coming up, hear from the only city council meeting who voted against the hiring and why she said it's not the right move. alex of a advantage, ktvu channel 2 morning news -- alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. the shooting sparked a 20 hour search near seminary and 17th yesterday. they designed three people for questioning. the officer who was wounded is out of the hospital. in overnight news, two people were taken to the hospital after they crashed into a tree. it happened at hicks road in camden avenue in san jose. a female passenger was also in the car and no word on what caused the driver to lose control. san francisco firefighters acted quickly to put out the flames which burned two buildings. it happened at 3:00 on hayes valley. detectives believe it was started by something in a blue bin but they are still investigating. there was one person in one of the buildings and that person did get out safely and that other buildings is an office. they worked to fully
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contain a controlled burn which grew out of control at the red hills vineyard near kelseyville. the fire has burned 300 acres and if -- and it's now 50% contained. fortunately no homes are threatened. the national rifle association is criticizing his words absolutism in his inauguration speech. he took issue with president barack obama for saying in his speech that americans should not mistake quote absolutism... >> president barack obama is saying the only way to make children safe is to make adults unsafe and violent criminals unsafe. >> reporter: in recommends to
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the strong opposition, they have more on gun regulations. congressman mike thompson said there is a way to protect the second amendment. all gun buyers should have to pass background checks so they don't get into the hands of the mentally ill and withholding gun clips holding large amounts of ammunition. some city residents are up in arms and the chief is pushing for the pilot program and both are discussing the issue at a community meeting last night. we will bring you more details from the meeting and tell you what people had to say. a housing debate in los gatos is going back to the drawing board. late last night they voted to consider an affordable housing plan. those against the plan said it is unfair to put affordable units in the northern part of
6:38 am
town. our neighborhood is not against affordable housing in any way and it is not said to be carried in one small section of our town. the general plan committee must come up with general locations. they are to estimate how that affordable housing residents will impact traffic and schools. later today apple is expected to report its iphone and ipad sales. here is more on why there is a great deal of concern over support. >> reporter: the iphone is the top money maker but analysts are very interested in finding out if sales are increasing. tim cook will be holding a conference call to discuss what the company's earnings were for the last quarter and there has
6:39 am
been speculation that parts have been severely cut and lists want to know is it a supply issue? this is the least particularly because apple has taken a significant hit in recent months. verizon has sold a record number of phones but only half were iphone 5. many were more attracted to iphone 4ss because they are marked down significantly and they showed the iphones popularity among them are increasing. a report said moms and dads have i-phones so it is uncool to have the same phone so they are more attracted to buying microsoft or samsung products or android phones according to this marketing group. we plan on talking to consumers
6:40 am
to see what has changed when it comes to apple. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> it will be interesting. sal, what are you keeping an eye on now? >> 880 westbound is getting busier now that we are getting closer to the peak of the commute and on 80 from the carquinez bridge all the way down to the mcarthur maze traffic is not that bad but it is getting busier. when you go to the toll plaza, it has not filled inasmuch as i thought it would. this is maybe an 8 to 10 minute delay and it's holding steady and we are not asking for more thank you very much and it's holding steady there. we talked about 880 westbound coming through the vallejo area and we are also looking at the livermore valley which seems to be busy coming out of tracy especially getting into the main part of livermore. let's go to steve.
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cloudy skies, brutally cold, great lakes and for us our cold pattern is coming to an end. in fact it has, some light rain, heard from ronald up in crescent city. some started there and also up in the lake county. tony gave me an update, mostly cloudy skies which have definitely come up. there are some mild companies and i don't -- conditions and i don't think we will get much out of this but that's where it does fall and about a half inch or a 10th of an inch should cover it. plus the lower layers of the atmosphere are still dry. 55 half-moon bay, even napa, 52 in novato and livermore, yesterday 40s and 50s and some of that might increase a little bit. the low responsible is
6:42 am
definitely responsible for the southwest and it's not going anywhere soon. it will keep today into friday and we will get kicked out of hereby the weekend. warmer lows upper 50s and low, low 60s. 54 santa cruz, redwood city and san mateo. everybody is pretty close here. mostly cloudy into friday and that system pushes the low over us now south on saturday and maybe a little bit of rain but more cold on sunday. today is another spare the air day. wood burning is not allowed. but the bay area wood quality says there is a healthy amount trapped across the bay area. wood smoke is the most harmful type of smoke in the air. was it misconduct? the conclusion looking into steven allen and a floor it
6:43 am
social either. -- social either. we will tell you why fire investigators are calling it arson. and it looks like traffic is slowing down and i am just getting word of a new crash on a very busy spot on 880. well, well, well.
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. cloudy skies maybe some light rain, highs today upper 50s and a few lower 60s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is testifying right now and these are live pictures before the foreign relations committee about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. she said she is committed to improving security worldwide. and our cameras were on the scene after moving to san lee overnight, a fremont officer tried to pull the driver over and the man took off and didn't stop until he reached san francisco. officers used spike strips to take out his tires and arrest him. they approved a contract to hire william bratton as a consultant. the vote came 2:00 a.m. after hours of public comment. many hired him because they believe he support aggressive
6:47 am
police tactics. flames were deliberately part of a display and the flames took on more than the display. here is more from the mission district with more on how this happened and how somebody now could face criminal charges. >> reporter: yes, the gallery owner could be in hot water and the display was made out of 2 5,000 matches. it was a map of the united states and by lighting it, it caused quite a bit of damage at the annex. fire crews were called out when smoke and flames were shooting out of the area. he creates maps and sometimes militant messages out of matches and as part of the exhibit, they are lit on fire but the problem with this is that it caused a safety hazard.
6:48 am
it affected the building next door and caused $5,000 in damage to the ceilings annuals. while the -- and walls. while he did not mean any harm, he could face charges of arson. the case will be presented to the district attorney's office. live in the mission district, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. people in san francisco discussed the hot button issue of tasers at a community meeting. the chief is pushing for a pilot program to arm 100 officers with tazers. people voiced their concerns at last night's meeting and some are saying tasers are still dangerous and some are saying it is a less lethal option. some say there is a lot of information to consider. >> there is a lot of information, a lot of opinion and i am going to take my time and review the information and hear what people have to say and i will make an educated
6:49 am
decision. >> members of the police commission will hold two more meetings with the subcommittee and they will make a recommendation to the full commission and they will then vote. military investigators have cleared general steven allen the top commander of misconduct. the inspector general examined e-mails between the social person and jill kelly. the examination for the supreme commander was put on hold because of the investigation of e-mails. no word on if the nomination will go forward. and the national guard will go forward for a tour overseas. the members of the rescue wing will take off from moffett field. they are headed to africa for
6:50 am
primary training. they will be able to perform searches anywhere in the world. it was damaged when an empty oil tanker grazed it while heading out to sea in dense fog. we headed out to get up close pictures of the repair job. this job will cost $3 million which is roughly the same cost of the other bridge five years ago and this time like last time the ship's owners are responsible for paying for the repairs. we are getting closer to 7:00 and there is a crash in hayward with details. southbound 880 and in hayward, there is a crash a blocking one -- crash blocking one of the lanes here. now the time to get from 238, well it will be a little bit of slow traffic in this area and
6:51 am
17 minutes to maury avenue, it is not as bad and if you remember, it is still holding through and it looks like they are pushing that accident to the side. let's look at the commute for the bay bridge toll plaza and same thing here we had a much worse commute and we are holding steady at 8 to 10 minutes here. it is not too shabby getting into the city and northbound 101, it looks good approaching the 880 split. here is sal. i just had a viewer send me sunrise from las vegas. it is mostly cloudy but that is why i love twitter so much. we have cloudy skies here, you have to pardon me something last my kicked me but i will kick it back. we do have a pattern change here, at least the lows are here with a little bit of rain and it will be a better opportunity but look at where the rain is going, but the lows
6:52 am
melissa sent me a tweet saying thank goodness there is no more ice. but it's really mild for some. also on the peninsular in the city i saw 52 in oakland and temperatures have come way, way up. a lot of clouds not much rain and we will get the atmosphere juiced up and it has been dry for a long time and it is going to be cloudy to mostly cloudy and although there are a couple of breaks in the clouds. warmer lows but cooler afternoon highs and the difference between some of the areas is now much higher he instead of 72 or 54 and that 64 in gilroy and santa cruz which is mostly cloudy. i think we have a colder system and a colder one will drop in on sunday. right now i am watching google's stock and it is up to $7,500 a share and they are 6% at this hour and that's after
6:53 am
posting stronger than expected earnings. google generated 9. $8 billion in revenue up .8 since last year. they have raised their price targets and google's stock is already up 15% since last year. and toyota price is took -- prius pushed the honda sufficient rick -- honda civic to the second spot, toyota carola and honda crv ranked 7th making it the most popular domestic model. time now 6:51, you may want to hold that order, why a bay area company is withholding some organic pizzas. and we will have more on what you can take up
6:54 am
immediately after the super bowl.
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6:56 am
. welcome back, dow jones industrial average up about 56 points at this point and nasdaq and s&p 500 also up. apple stock is also up this morning and lists say they have good earnings. pittsburgh is one step away
6:57 am
from banning pot clubs in city limits. the final vote is scheduled for next month and the council staff says marijuana dispenses crime such as marijuana and burglary. a berkeley company is recalling 7 different kinds of frozen organic pizzas. annie says several time nip pieces of metal has been found in the flour mill. nobody has reported being hurt but annie is not saying how many are recalled in the nationwide recall but they all have best buy dates by january 14th. they are not anywhere else in the country and the mexican style fast food chain has a new name for them. they are looking for amount --
6:58 am
alternatives and can also bring in more diners. it is for fans who want to get inked up. they are temporary tattoos similar to the ones found on the player's shoulders. that website is caber t, a t- .com. and some fans are taking advantage of the package deal with the 9ers. a ticket and pre-game party started at $5,500. for more, you can get a ticket airfare and a place to stay. let take another look at traffic. >> i could get another side job to pay for that. >> yes, it might be worth it. good morning everybody, coming up, we will watch the
6:59 am
traffic times going up and this is a look at the bay bridge and it was about 8 to 10 minutes not as bad as yesterday but the drive time is increasing a little bit. this drive time here is still holding steady for about 17 minutes and i feel that will change but we are all over that. let's go to steve. >> some light rain and it is more likely this afternoon. the north bay looks to be the most but there is a lot of cloud cover, cooler, low 50s and lower 60s. pam? the vote came just hours after along heated debate. oakland's long awaited decision on a controversial plan to keep people safe. also a red hot art project has people facing criminal charges in a story you will only see on 2. stay with us.


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