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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 29, 2013 6:00pm-6:28pm PST

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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with developing news in san francisco where all eyes are on a house in the haight-ashbury tonight. investigators are working on the case of a san francisco boy who went missing nearly 30
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years ago. in the last half hour a well placed police source has told us they do not believe bone fragments they found there are human. eric rasmussen is live outside the house. >> reporter: it is. they still have crime scene tape up around the area where they've been searching. to put this in perspective, we are just about a block away from the bus stop where kevin collins was last seen waiting for the bus all of those years ago. his mother says police have confirmed the activity out here involve his case. they still have crime scene tape around the house. investigators have been searching. this afternoon the county sheriffs office confirmed sfpd requested a cadaver dog. we saw some of the concrete. police nor the fbi are saying much of anything. on the phone today collins'
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mother ann said police did find something that is being sent to a state lab for testing. kevin collins disappeared on february 10, 1984 after leaving basketball practice a little early that night. his case made national news and was one of the first high profile missing children cases in san francisco. collins' face was all over fliers and milk cartons in those days before amber alerts and the internet. we had a chance to talk to neighbors today. one neighbor told me when her husband went down to ask about why police were out here searching this area the name kevin collins was already on her mind. tonight we are hearing again from his mother. police confirming that their search here today did involve his case. exactly what they found is still unclear. we expect to be gathering details all night as we continue to stay on this story. as soon as we get new information we'll bring it to you. we're live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> rita williams has been covering this story ever since kevin collins first went missing in 1984. rita just spoke with kevin's mother about the development and the unexpected phone call she got yesterday. >> reporter: frank, that's true. i did talk to ann collins just a few minutes ago. she told me that understandably she's numb with this latest development. quote, she said i don't know what to think. it's certainly not the first time her hopes have been raised. kevin collins was just 10 years old february 10, 1984, when he left basketball practice earlier and disappeared without a trace. >> i've always felt likeall these tears and if i start crying i'll never stop. >> reporter: that was when kevin's mother talked to me a decade ago, 20 years after she became a part of an
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exclusionive club no one wants to join. parents of missing children. kevin collins was her sixth born child out of eight. >> this is the very last picture taken of him. this is on his birthday the year he disappeared. >> reporter: this is the original photograph of that haunting picture of kevin on all the posters. he was at the blackboard in a class for dyslexic children when a photographer called his name. the day before he disappeared his father says kevin was so proud because he'd made his first a on a spelling test. >> he was really on a high note when it happened, that's what i remember the most. >> reporter: no good time for a child to go missing. now there's still a reward in that case. until now no amount of money or effort by the police department has helped solve this mystery
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and bring peace to a family who was ripped apart. >> stay with us online for the very latest on this developing story. just look for updates under the bay area news tab on >> we are learning new details about a hazing scandal that cost a high school football coach his job. john sasaki is in vallejo with what allegedly happened in the locker room. >> reporter: it has been four days since this story of over the top hazing broke. police say they want to hear from any alleged victims here. also the head football coach who was fired tells me he wants his job back. it was pajama day in vallejo. still the campus is gripped by news that the head football coach was fired and five players were expelled because the school says the students hazed other players last season. >> i'm not in favor.
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it's too much. if it's done too much. it's a big disadvantage. >> reporter: this afternoon i talked to the fired coach who was hired just last summer. he told me he was the first to report the hazing and in return the school made him a scapegoat. there's a history of this kind of culture. i've uncovered this dirty little secret. >> we expect people to do their job. we expect people to report incidents of abuse when they take place. that doesn't clear you of the responsibility for having it happen in the first place. >> reporter: he also described an example of the hazing it was sexual in nature. a boy could be sitting down getting dressed and another boy would walk by naked and hit him in the head with his genitals. some families say the coach should not have been fired. >> not fired. perhaps given a little punishment. give another chance. not fired. >> reporter: police told me off camera they have yet to open an
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investigation because they have yet to hear from any alleged victims. he's looking to file suit against the school for wrongful termination from his jobs as coach and teacher. >> within the past hour we received a picture of a person of interest following a deadly shooting at a pittsburgh gas station today. 22-year-old brian k. fox is armed and dangerous. the shooting happened at the 76 gas station just after 9:00 this morning. police say a man in his early 20s was shot in the head and died from his injuries. california lawmakers calmed for a new round of gun regulations in the wake of recent mass shootings. ken pritchett is live at the state capitol where a long list of new gun laws is on the table. >> reporter: these laws would make buying ammunition more difficult or close loopholes in
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the existing assault weapons ban. gun owners say we need to enforce the laws that are already on the books. we heard a stark example of that. >> they realize that -- >> reporter: it was not just the tragedy of sandy hook a vote today at this hearing at the capital. it was oikos university last year. >> we also had in 2009 four oakland police officers shot down. we never talk about that when we talk about the need for gun control. >> reporter: one debate, do we need more gun laws in california? >> we have the most gun controls of any state. >> reporter: another debate should current laws be refined. this gun as has a so-called bullet button. >> like i said, that gun today can be purchased in california. it's a major loophole in our assault weapons ban. >> reporter: california has a database of more than 19,000 people who have guns but are
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prohibited from owning them. those guns are not being seized due to a lack of resources. >> a $20 million a year investment in getting guns out of the hands of prohibited persons would be a very wise and worthy investment. >> reporter: a bill would regulation ammunition in part by reporting sales to the department of justice. >> bullets are what makes guns deadly. bullets should not be easy to buy. >> reporter: lawmakers are working on bills. >> everything that's being proposed now will be a violation of the second amendment.gun control bills will increase in number. that's likely to happen as this session goes on. these bills will be heard before a committee. today was just an informational hearing. the later decisions and votes will come in the coming months.
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ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> hundreds of reporters and photographers descended on the superdome in an event called media day. serious sports journalism is pushed aside as representatives from tabloids mixed with reporters from entertainment shows and the occasional radio shock jock as well. police agencies are bracing for a 49ers super bowl win. so are local businesses. paul chambers is live tonight. >> reporter: no question that people know how to party. the city has asked they do it more responsibly. that way it does not go out after the giants won the world series. a city worker spent the day cleaning up graffiti. a job he may be repeating at the end of the week,
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especially if the 49ers win. >> it's upsetting. people work hard out here. it's their livelihood. beam should respect what's going on out here. >> reporter: parts of the mission looked like this. businesses tagged, broken windows and fires burning in the street. business owners say they don't want to see that happen again. that's why they'll be shutting down early on sunday. others say if the niners do win they're prepared to close immediately. >> once the game is over, anything starts popping up, lock the doors, close up. we don't want no problems. keep everybody safe. >> reporter: others feel things will be okay. >> we expect the niners to win and we expect to have some fun and go back to work the next day. >> reporter: either way this week, san francisco's mayor and police chief will patrol parts of the mission telling store owners the city's plan for sunday which includes more than 100 additional officers working the streets. >> we'll have officers deployed
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in strategic areas of the city. >> reporter: sfpd is asking businesses to bring in trash and recycling bins early on sunday, that way it isn't added fuel for vannals. >> san francisco food dis are not forget the the super bowl. chicken, buffalo wing sauce, honey mustard and cheddar. there's the joe montana, the steve young, the vernon davis and something with fried chicken, sweet chili glaze. has more on the 49er foody frenzy. you'll find a slide show and more. late today a federal judge struck down a legal challenge to san francisco's ban on public nudity. u.s. district judge edward chen dismissed a lawsuit filed by
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four nudism advocates. he found that public nudity alone is not protected by the first amendment right to free speech. there are new reports tonight google may release its latest tablet computer this spring. a source saying the nexus 7 will come out in may. the price tag would stay the same starting at $199. >> i'm tracking a warming trend with highs that could reach into the mid60s. find out when and where. >> first not only did police face tough questions today from the media about an 8-year-old drive by victim. >> it may not be the political correct but my children are suffering. >> later we go back live to new orleans to hear from some of the niners big play makers including randy moss. well, well, well.
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a man shot and killed last month have filed a $15 million wrongful death lawsuit. anthony banta jr. was killed after police say he charged at them with a knife. the the suit claims the fight was over by the time police arrived. the family's attorney tells ktvu the family hopes to set up a foundation in their sons name to prevent such tragedies from happening to others. >> san jose police announced three arrests in a series of violent robberies. investigators say the men are responsible for four robberies in san jose. in the incident a 73-year-old
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man and 76-year-old woman were both tied up and left in a room while robbers stole their belongings and their two stars. all three suspects remain in custody facing numerous charges including armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. after more than two years of debate, palo alto as signed off. at&t will install about 40 antennas on existing utility poles. the city asked the company to place the antennas behind trees where possible. >> city leaders are at odds over how to deal with the city's escalating crime problems. >> reporter: the discussion happened this afternoon. there were renewed calls from
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city leaders to declare a state of emergency in oakland. gabby has been working in oakland for the past six months. she's never felt threatened going to and from her job. >> we hired people that are close relatives to them. for us seeing anything happen here, no. >> reporter: with two officer involved shootings in the past week and an 8-year-old shot yesterday, the crime problem has reached a tipping point. he wants city leaders to declare a state of emergency. >> some of us are afraid that it's going to give oakland a negative image. but we're on the news every day. >> reporter: the head of the state's emergency management system says it would be difficult. emergency funds are meant to be used for an immediate and imminent threat to life and property. mayor says an emergency deck a la ration would be a short term
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fix. >> i'm looking for long term solutions. >> reporter: she thinks the crime problem is neighborhood specific. >> when people describe oakland it's not really that bad. you find friendly people. >> reporter: the oakland police department is getting help from the chp. that enforcement partnership is set to expire on thursday. the mayor is talking to the governor to have that partnership renewed and possibly looking for grant money to pay for it. live in oakland. >> president obama today used the power of his office to call for immigration reform in the united states. >> common sense, comprehensive immigration reform. >> audiences around the country gathered to watch the speech. the president said his immigration reform proposal
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includes strengthening the u.s. border, cracking down on businesses that hire undocumented workerrers, streamlining the immigration system and holding undocumented immigrants accountable before they can become citizens. california's all important snow pack shrank in january. measurements showed snow levels are at 93% of average for this date. earlier this month that figure was at 134%. water surveyors blamed the drop on dry conditions. snowfall was only 13% of average in january. >> it has been a dry january. bill martin joins us now from the weather center to tell us if this dry spell will last through the super bowl weekend. >> january has been dry. december was very wet. thank goodness for that. we haven't seen much rain. we are not going to see any rain as we get into the last few days here. there are the forecast
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democratic the temperatures from today. warmest spot was in santa rosa. hypes tomorrow are on the increase. that ridge of high pressure is going to stick around. we'll see cool overnight lows. frost possible. maybe fog. daytime highs gradually warming. they're going to warm a couple degrees tomorrow. as we go toward the end of the week. it's a nice run of weather we'll see here. more springlike than february like. it's going to feel more like march. chilly overnight. patchy fog. extended forecast, dry. that's kind of the thing. we're doing okay for rainfall. we got so much rain in december, that's great. we eventually need something to happen. it doesn't look like that's going to happen for the next eight days or so. high pressure sets up here. winds kind of go this way. that warms us up a bit. kind of a slight warmup as we go into this week. santa rosa goes 65.
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brentwood 60. so really unusually warm weather. we get late january. that's warm. overnight lows chilly. a nice looking pattern as we go into the next few days. we have stuff, long range models are suggesting a good bout of rain. a ways off, but it looks pretty like it'll be a couple days of significant rain. meantime, enjoy the yellow or bs. they'll be around. >> they can be nice. >> i like those. thanks, bill. >> coming up on bay area news at 7 on tv 36, our coverage continues on a possible break in the case of a 10-year-old san francisco boy missing since 1984. what we're learning tonight from police. plus a shooting at an east bay gas station leaves one man dead. police are looking for a gunman. the latest on their search. join us at 7 on tv 36. >> and when we come back we'll take you back live to new
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orleans and hear from some of the niners including randy moss.
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. all right. mark is here now with more on the build up to the super bowl.
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the 49ers, some of them are talking today. >> i'm excited to hear this myself randy moss has been valuable for the 49er this year. joe fonzi is in new orleans. today's media day, even the guys who don't like greeting the media are obligated to do just that. joe, what yogot with randy moss today? >> reporter: you're right. if you're an nfl player, maybe the ultimate accomplishment is to say you want a super bowl ring. every year there are one or two players getting their last chance potentially to do that. he's considered a sure thing to be enshrined in the pro football hall of fame once his career has ended. the one thing randy moss doesn't yet have is a super bowl ring. he rarely makes himself available to the media. today's session in the
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superdome was a rare chance. >> for me to be here. i couldn't have told you this back in june or july. it would have been more of a keep your fingers crossed i hope i'm in new orleans for the super bowl in february. now that it's here, i just want to make the best of it, take advantage of it and bring a trophy back to san francisco. >> reporter: moss plays more of a supportive role now rather than the featured receiver he was had he set the nfl single season record for touchdowns in 2007. call him a leader? >> i never did want to be a vocal guy to lead by my mouth. i always wanted to lead by example. >> his voice alone gets you hyped. >> i really want a championship on every level. i wanted to win the championship on this level. for having a super bowl ring i
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think that my cheer will be complete. >> reporter: one other note. he was just hedging a bit. he didn't exactly where he'd play next year. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> let's hope he has a game that's so good he has to come back to the san francisco 49ers. we'll see. warriors have won their game against cleveland tonight. we'll have great highlights at 10. the sharks are at home at the


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