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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 30, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a possible break in the kevin collins case. we will tell you what
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investigators found inside a san francisco home that could possibly generate leads in a decades old missing person's case. we are following develops news. a six-year-old boy is being held hostage after a deadly shooting on a school bus. changes coming to the golden gate bridge. thank you for joining us it's wednesday, january 30th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today.
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mark tamayo is in. >> we are off to a cool start. you want to bundle up for the next few hours. as my mama always said dress in layers because it will be nice this afternoon. we have temperatures starting out in the 30s and 40s. but then a little warmer into the afternoon hours as readings back up to near 60 degrees. a little bit warmer than yesterday. coming up we will take a look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and a few more changes developing just in time for your weekend. we begin with a new development in the missing case of a boy that disappeared nearly 30 years ago. they searched a home in the hate ashbury neighborhood. tara moriarty reports that the home is just steps away from where kevin collins disappeared way back in 1984. tara. >> reporter: that is right. the last person that kevin collins was seen talking to was a tall blond man with a black dog and a person matching that description used live in the house. he was a person of interest in
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the case. he has died. in revisiting the case investigators realize the cadaver dogs were never using during a search of the house. san francisco police and fbi agents spent 12 hours out here. a police source characterized this as a check box investigation. authorities did detect remains under the garage floor of the duplex. but a preliminary investigation shows that they were not human bones but those of an animal. now this is all just blocks from where ten-year-old kevin was last seen waiting for a bus after school at masonic and oak back in 1984. >> terrifying. especially in your own neighborhood. i mean, it was a long time ago, but i think in everyone's mind it's always a fear. >> reporter: now we want to emphasize the people that live in the duplex are not suspects. the person that was this person of interest was questioned
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after kevin vanished. he had an alibi but police are expected to release a photo of the man and his identity later today. in hopes of generating new leads. coming up we will tell you how the school he attended was impacted by all of this. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty. time is 5:02. we have developing news from alabama. the fbi now involved in their dealing with a hostage situation involving a six-year- old boy. a gunman has been holding that boy hostage in an under ground bunker since yesterday afternoon. after shooting the bus driver who later died. several other students were on that bus. they described what happened. >> the driver's foot was on the gas and we went backwards and everybody started screaming. >> some of the homes near that hostage scene have been evacuated as a precaution.
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and classes in the dale county school district are canceled today. just hours from now the national rifle association and gun control supporters are going to face off at the first congressional hearing about gun violence since the connecticut school shooting. the national rifle association exutive director will be going up against mark kelly. kelly is the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords who survived an assassination attempt. coming up why kelly is saying this is not about the second amendment. bp has been ordered to pay $4 billion in criminal fines and penalties for the 2010 gulf oil spill. a federal judge in new orleans approved the plea deal yesterday. it's the largest criminal penalty in u.s. history. the company faces billions of dollars more in civil penalties. the state of california is expected to fine chevron today
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for the richmond refinery explosion last august. that fire sent heavy smoke in the air. making some 15,000 people sick. cal osha oversees -- show on paid $10 million so far. the company hopes to return the refinery up to speed by march. time now 5:04. new this morning in less than two months from right now, toll takers on the golden gate bridge will be replaced. ktvu claudine wong is at the golden gate bridge toll plaza right now where a new automated is is being tested today. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: that is right, dave, good morning. testing is under way right here at the golden gate bridge. official transition into this no toll taker policy won't happen for another couple months. let's take you through what is going on right now. take a look at this booth. we have a toll taker in there. this is obviously your biggest change when the transition goes
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through. there will be no toll takers in any of these booths. i want to show you some of the other stuff. take a look at the lights. those are for a reason. those lights shining down on the cars that come through here. those cameras recording license plates as they come through. the way the system works right now as we stand here, is that you can either pay a person, you can use your fast track. if you go through and don't use either of those things you could get a fine in the mail. the way the new system works it will be all automated. everyone will come through. three things could happen you pay with your fast track and get $1 discount. you go through and that happens like all the area bridges. if it doesn't have a fast track you can preregister your license plate and it will use it. if you dent have anything -- if you don't have anything, you can come through as well.
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so if you don't have one, they will go through your license plate and send you something through the dmv and let you know you have to pay a fine. so obviously a lot of that is computer automated. they have to go through the system. they have to check your license plate. when that happens, they want to make sure that happens smoothly. right now the system is actually up and running live. probably won't notice it. this is the test run through. it's happening now. the district spokesperson is here on scene. we will talk to her about what people can expect. we'll check back in with you coming up. live on the golden gate bridge. san francisco police are vowing to do everything possible to keep 49er fans in line on super bowl sunday. however, some business owners are not taking any chances. they will be shutting down early should the 49ers win the big game. they remember the violent scene three months ago when vandals went on a rampage after the giants won the world series.
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>> once the game is over, everything starts popping off. lots of doors closed up. we don't want no problems. keep everybody safe. >> san francisco police also asking business owners to bring in their trash and recycling bins early on super bowl sunday. officers are worried that vandals could set them on fire if things get out of control that night. there will be two parties at once in new orleans. that is raising security concerns there. the annual mardi gras celebration is taking place as thousands park new orleans for the super bowl. the with events bring the worriness for petty drunkenness and crimes. thousands of law enforcement officers are be in new orleans to make sure everyone is safe. ken wayne will have a live report from the big easy. that is coming up at 5:30 this morning. he and our team of ktvu reporters and photographers
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will bring you live reports leading up to super bowl sunday on every newscast. on sunday night after the game switch to channel 2 for a live local post game show with fans here in the bay area. and of course everybody who got to macchia trip. >> a lot to look forward to. time now 5:08. we've been waiting. >> yes, we have. >> sal is here finally. doesn't happen every day. the traffic guy has his own problems. >> had a little bit of a blowout on the freeway. i'm fine. had to get out here. fortunately there is nothing going on out there. traffic is light. and we are off to a good start. expect for me. everyone else is off to a good start. and the traffic is moving well. let's go to the east shore freeway. it looks pretty good as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems driving out. some of the road work that is usually there sometimes at this time has been picked up. you don't have to worry about that either. getting to the toll plaza it is light if you want to get into the city without any delays right now or for the next hour or so would be a good time to
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do it. we usually have metering lights come on. if you have driving in san jose off to a good start. no problems getting up to the west valley. let's go to mark. hi there sal. it is off to a good start. few neighborhoods starting off in the upper 30s. downtown san francisco checking in 47 and san jose about 41 degrees. here's our forecast for today. we'll take it at 7:00 this morning. showing you 30s and 40s. 30s here and 40s right around the bay. we'll take this into the afternoon hours and nice recovery. today a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. high pressure developing offshore. pushing the storm track way up to the north. no rain clouds in our forecast over the next few days. temperatures will be trending upward. these are all minor changes. by thursday warmest location
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around 55-66 degrees. for today readings on either side. break it down a nice day at the beach later on today at 8:00 this morning. 46 degrees. by 3:00 fair skies. the readings about 58-59. right around the bay mostly clear and cool. more sunshine this afternoon. 62 degrees. for the inland spots there could be a patch or two of fog out there developing over the next few hours. we'll be watching that. hazy sunshine this afternoon. 61 degrees. everybody up a few degrees from yesterdays readings. santa rosa 64. livermore 62 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast. by the weekend we will bring in partly cloudy skies. especially by this saturday afternoon and saturday nights. >> thank you, mark. 10 minutes after 5:00. a terrifying robbery at a bay area jewelry store. what the robbers were carrying when they stormed in. plus why youtube may see big changes and why some people may not like it.
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good morning if you are driving on interstate 680 the traffic does look good.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news it's 5:13. new this morning a new report warns that militants in iran and in lebanon pose a growing threat to the u.s. and other western countries as well as israel. the report says the militant
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groups operating both independently and together are increasing their activities. the report by a counterterrorism expert says the militants are determined to take revenge on the west. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says he believes afghan security forces will soon be ready to take the lead in the war with the taliban. nato troops will begin scaling back their involvement in preparation for leaving the country at the end of 2014. >> there is a consideration for endearing presence here. we will continue that work in the aftermath of 2014. at the end of 2014 i'm confident they can defend this country and the people. >> u.s. troops have been in afghanistan for 11 years. time now 5:14. two people with two very different gun policy agendas will testify on capitol hill before a senate committee.
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as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom the nra is ready to fight. >> reporter: the nra executive director is going before the senate in its first hearing on gun violence since the deadly school shoot newtown. wayne lap area is the new defender of gun rights. he will talk about how law- abiding gun owners should not -- and mark kelly the former congresswoman of gabby giffords. the couple is pushing for gun control through an organization they recently started. called americans for responsible solutions.
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>> reporter: the nra will have to go head to head with dianne feinstein. she introduced an assault weapons ban last week. what she is saying about the nra. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. also in san francisco this morning two conservative action groups are holding a news conference right outside senator feinstein's san francisco office. opposing her assault weapons ban. the western representation pack is teaming up with the women warriors pack. their news conference is set for 10:00 this morning at one post street. police in walnut creek are looking for suspects in a terrifying armed robbery at a jewelry store. the victims say the robbers were armed with sledge hammers. police say two men made off with tens of thousands of dollars worth of rolex watches.
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the employees were not seriously hurt. this morning a preliminary hearing continues for a san francisco couple accused of killing their daughter suspected pimp. now 22-year-old calvin sneed was gunned down last summer in the bay view district. prosecutors say the parents of a 17-year-old girl and two other defendants killed sneed because he forced her to work as a prostitute. marin county will start spraying for mosquitoes today. helicopters will spray pesticide. the vector control is going after the mosquito already vie before they can develop and spread. you are being asked to stay away from the fogging as a precaution. watching videos on youtube could cost you money. they plan to introduce paid prescriptions this spring. they will cost between $1-$5 a month. still not clear which channels
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will be part of this paid prescription. youtube is also considering charging for access to live events as well as self-help or financial advice shows. 5:18 is the time. let's check in with sal who is here covering traffic. >> we are looking at the toll plaza pam and dave. and westbound traffic is doing well. it gets busier by the minute. certainly nothing to worry about. the next 45 minutes or so unless we have a problem. unless we have a stalled vehicle or crash. it should be a nice drive into san francisco. this is a look at san francisco itself. northbound 101 traffic does look good approaching the 80 split. there are no major problems there. the traffic continues to move along very nicely. if you are in oakland on the freeway system, 580 eastbound and westbound looking good. let's go to mark. good morning, to you, sal. we have another dry weather pattern. time to check on the rainfall for this season. lots of sunshine. not a hint of rain for today.
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as far as the rainfall numbers since july that is when the rain fall calendar starts. 23 inches of rain. san jose 101% of average. with each passing day that is dry thesages do -- these percentages go down. we do need rainfall in the buckets. that could be changing as we head into next week. a little bit of bump in the numbers. yesterday's temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. today everybody a little warmer compared to the readings. santa rosa about 64 the forecast high. as far as current numbers you want to bundle up. livermore right now 37 degrees. san jose at 41. downtown san francisco in the upper 40s. forecast for today mostly career this morning and cool mid 30s to the mid 40s. upper 50s to lower 60s. the storm track heads way up to the north. just a few visiting high clouds
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moving into northern and central california. probably going to hold on to that forecast if you can see here with our forecast model. keeping all the cloud cover out of the region. maybe a patch or two of fog. still a quiet weather pattern that will lead us into the weekend. forecast highs this afternoon as i mentioned a little built warm -- a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. and a look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view we will hold on to this pattern. a few extra clouds for saturday. coming up in a few minutes we will take a look at the extended forecast. we could be talking about a return of the rain. >> thank you, mark. today the federal reserve wraps up its two-day policy meeting. ben bernanke will hold a news conference late this morning to announce any policy changes. most analysts expect the fed to continue its current bond buying program as well as the steps to boost the economy by keeping a federal key interest rate near zero. checking in on our numbers and where we start the day. dow jones pretty good day yesterday after some good
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economic reports coming in up 72.5 points. s & p also hanging on to that 1500 level. and right now the futures are mixed we'll get a better look as we get close tour the opening bell. also facebook reports after the closing bell today. keep an eye on amazon stock this morning. it jumped more than 9% in premarket trade trading after quarterly products. but revenue was up 22% for the period that includes the holidays. amazon stock up 45% of all of last year. it's up 4% so far this year. time now 5:21. when it comes to the super bowl, you can bet almost anything the most outrageous super bowl bets from beyonces hair to which could end up breaking the law.
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time now 5:24. facebook will release its fourth quarter evenings after today's closing bell. a lot of analysts are expected to see strong growth. facebook has been focusing on new mobile ad campaigns that could help boost its own bottom line. experts say facebook's fourth quarter sales from mobile ads could top $300 million. that will be almost double its third quarter results. facebook is also offering a
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preliminary settlement through its users who's photos were used in ads without permission. facebook sent out an e-mail that linked to a form you will need to fill out. average user who agrees to settle will get about $10,000 or less. gamblers itching to bet on the super bowl to make a wager on every part of the game. they are known as proposition bets. some of the more outlandish include how long will the harbaughs hug or shake each others hands after the game. people can also bet on the color of the sports drink on the coach. will a 49er or raven get arrested before the super bowl. and beyonces hair will it be curly or straight. these are the things we need to know. we are anxious to found out. >> i'm voting for straight. >> you're voting for straight. okay. you're on the record. let's take a look at what we have now.
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the traffic in the south bay is off to a good start. we are looking at a live picture of northbound 280. no major problems getting up to the west valley. northbound 101 looks good. 680 the sunol grade. it is a nice drive heading south. let's go to mark. good morning, to you sal. no big changes to your forecast for today. just a few high clouds. definitely want to bundle up with readings in the 30s and 40s. this afternoon a nice recovery with temperatures maxing out in the upper 50s and lower 60s. here's a look ahead your five- day forecast with weekend in view. temperatures trending up a little bit for thursday and friday. weekends should be dry with a sun cloud mix. no rain clouds in this forecast. beyond this by tuesday and wednesday of next week we could be entertaining rain chances. changes in the overall weather pattern developing sometime next week. today looking pretty good with temperatures in the 60s. time now 5:27. a quick correction.
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i made a mistake. i said something about facebook settling with its user as soon as complaint. i mentioned the dollar figture it's a $10 settlement. >> people were excited. celebrations under way in the big easy. we'll have a live report on one of the big parties held last night and the super bowl event planned for today. it's been a frightening morning for one san jose family as they wake up to part of their house on fire. we will tell you why police she it was intentionally set. a new search tied to the mysterious disappearance of a san francisco boy almost 30 years ago.
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born to you. welcome back opinion this is wednesday, january 30th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. mark tamayo is here. in for steve today. what will the weather be like? >> it will be a little warmer. definitely want to get the thick jacket. at least for the next few hours. the afternoons looking pretty good. mostly sunny skies this afternoon. coming up we will take a look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and talk about a few changes that are moving in just in time for your weekend. sal has an update on traffic. good morning. highway 4 looks pretty good here. although it is getting more
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crowded especially in antioch. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland. let's go back to the desk. there is a new search in san francisco for a missing boy who vanished almost 30 years ago. police and fbi agents searched a home in san francisco's hate ashbury neighborhood. that home is steps away from where ten-year-old kevin collins disappeared in 1984. he was heading home from basketball practice when he disappeared from a bus stop. cadaver dogs did detect remains in that home. >> they did have a hit on remains that were underneath inside the garage. they believe it to be of animal origin not human. >> however police are saying more tests are needed. the man who used to live in the home was a suspect at the time of kevin's disappearance but that man has since died. in the meantime the family of
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kevin collins hopes this new development will bring closure in this very long and painful mystery. they are calling this the most promising lead yet. ktvu brian flores is on the story. he'll have much more coming up at 5:45. new this morning an alarming wakeup call in the south bay. ktvu janine de la vega is in san jose where police suspect someone set a house on fire. janine. >> reporter: we're here in willow glen. this neighborhood is a safe neighborhood. looks like an upper middle class neighborhood. two and a half hours ago police and firefighters were called here to this house because it appears that somebody set the door of the house on fire. i don't know if you can tell there it's a little dark but the door is discolored. that is because it has been blackened from the fire. firefighters were called here for a report of a house on fire. when they arrived they found the front door in flames.
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it was quickly extinguished and the three people inside were unharmed. they determined somebody threw a flammable liquid on the door and then they it will it on fire. >> they were kind of shaken up over the ordeal. this is something that is not normal and they don't know why it happened to them. and they were sleeping at the time. they woke up to a small commotion like a bang on the door and they smelled smoke and saw the fire. they called 911. >> reporter: police did a canvas of the neighborhood and spoke to neighbors but nobody saw anything. an arson investigator did come out to the scene to collect evidence. that is routine that an arson investigator would come out here. they are trying to track down who may have done this. police say a husband and wife and adult daughter live in the house. they told police they are unsure who would do this. officers say it's too early to tell if this was random or targeted. but coming up later in the morning we are going if try to see if we can talk to the
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homeowners about their ordeal and what they think happened. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. police have released two sketches in connection with a drive-by shooting that injured four teenagers. investigators say the sketches resemble two of the four men in last weeks shooting. take a look the driver is described as a white man with blond hair between 1 and 25 years -- between 18 and 25 years old. the passenger is believed to be a latino man. the four teenagers were standing in front of a home when the suspects pulled up and one teen told ktvu a person inside commented on the nike cortez shoes worn by one of the boys saying quote gang members like to wear those. moments later one of the men inside the car opened fire. all of the victims are expected to recover. president obama says now is
5:37 am
the time to fix the countries broken immigration laws. >> i believe we are finally at a moment where conference of immigration reform is within our grasp. but i promise you this, the closer we get, the more emotional this debate is going to become. >> in his speech in las vegas. the president praised a group of bipartisan. the president's reform plan is similar to the one announced by the senators but has a more direct path to citizenship. time now 5:35. santa clara county will focus on health care and gun violence this year. the top priorities were outlined by board of supervisors president ken quaker during his state of the county address. as part of president obama's affordable health care act, quaker wants to go after issues like childhood obesity, hiv, and consolidating mental health an drug treatment into a
5:38 am
behavioral health department. he also wants to create a gun buy back program and encourage paroled felons to turn in their weapons. back to our continuing coverage of the super bowl. celebrations happening right now in new orleans. ktvu ken wayne went to one of the first big parties of the week. he's live in the big easy to tell us about it. >> reporter: we're on decater street. we want to show you a little storm brewing. if you look over my shoulder you can see thing froms whipping in the breeze. it started getting windy last night. the winds have picked up today. we have had a little bit of light rain falling. i want to point out to our photographer chris, that is a news crew from baltimore. and we will be chatting. wave at us. he's wearing a baltimore tv hat. and they are wearing ravens jerseys underneath their wet weather gear. any way. we want to tell you about what happened last night.
5:39 am
there was a great big giant party. it was put on by the new orleans host committee by the super bowl. this is for the media. there are hundreds and hundreds of people from around the world covering this story. this was held next to the convention in a mardi gras warehouse. this is where they build the floats for the mardi gras celebrations. and while the party was being held, they were still building the floats inside this giant warehouse. you have the super bowl that is coming up this sunday and then mardi gras celebrations right after that. huge back to back celebrations in new orleans. that is another sign the city has for the most part recovered from hurricane katrina. >> it's wonderful for the city. the tourism and it puts on a happy face for everyone. let them see we are back. we are gad to go. we are ready for visitors. >> we got a field of destiny. we are just riding on his back.
5:40 am
>> >> the party went on well into the evening. dan who is well known for being a blues fan and a blues singer was also there. and sang a couple songs for the folks there. today there is a press conference going on in two or three hours at the marriott hotel. we will be hearing later on today from the 49ers their thoughts on where things stand as they get ready for super bowl xlvii here in the big easy. so we have a light rain falling down. we have the clouds rolling over the head. it looks like you are standing rob the golden gate bridge. it looks like this storm will blow through here today. after that cooler weather. at least the rain should stop. live in new orleans ken wayne ktvu channel 2 news. >> ken painting the picture for
5:41 am
us. that was dan performing on stage. make sure you stay right here for ktvu for continuing coverage. ken wayne will be back. he will have another live report at 6:30. ken and the rest of our team in the big easy will bring you live reports and every newscast leading up to super bowl sunday. on sunday night don't forget after the game switch to channel 2 for live local post game show with the fans here in the bay area and in new orleans. time now 5:39. sal is keeping an eye on oakland. you are little jealous. aren't you? of ken? >> absolutely. >> the whole thing. taking it all in. >> we are looking at oakland and the traffic in oakland does look good on 880 and 580 if you are driving in from san leandro. should be nice. looking nice in both directions. let's move alistening and take a look at the san mateo bridge.
5:42 am
does look good heading out to the high-rise. we don't have a lot going on. when you get to the peninsula, 101 and 280 doing very nicely. northbound and southbound. let's go to mark. good morning, to you. the bay area weather pattern very quiet today. a little warmer compared to yesterday's highs. we are taking a quick look at the national temperatures. we just had that live shot from ken. right now it's 74 degrees in new orleans. you can see all the cloud cover out there. back here in california we have a dry weather pattern and a little bit of a warm one as well. that is after a cold start. temperatures in the upper 30s still in napa and fairfield and concord. santa rosa not as cold. 44. downtown san francisco 47. san jose 41 degrees. forecast headlines for today patchy morning fog.
5:43 am
primarily inland. more sunshine tomorrow. the weekend a dry weather pattern and sun cloud mix for saturday and into sunday. high pressure in full command of our weather. storm track heading way up to the north. temperature trend a little bit of a bump in the numbers for today and thursday. by thursday warmest location approaching the mid 60s. today we are talking about on either side of 60 degrees. about 58 to 62. break it down beginning coast side. mostly clear skies. 3:00 fair skies. and then around the bay more clear skies. 62. for the inland spots we could have a patch or two of fog. but nice recovery with hazy sunshine this afternoon. everybody up a little bit warmer compared to yesterday's highs. san francisco about 60. a look ahead your five-day forecast it is a dry one with temperatures a little cooler for both saturday and sunday with a sun cloud mix. >> thank you, mark. 5:41 is the time right now. a hayward woman says she was scammed out of super bowl
5:44 am
tickets. she will get to go to the big game after all. also another bay area child who vanished back in the 80s. who family and friends will honor her tonight. westbound 237 still looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces.
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'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook.
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good wednesday morning. time now 5:44. today off to a cold start. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. nice recovery this afternoon. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick lack at the top stories we are following for you right now. this morning in washington the senate judiciary committee holds a hearing on gun violence. and the associated press now
5:47 am
reports former congresswoman gabby giffords will be a surprise witness at that hearing. gabby giffords husband mark kelly had already been scheduled to testify at that hearing. in san francisco the toll takers at the golden gate bridge are being phased out and today they are testing the new electronic toll system. if you will be driving through the toll plaza without fast track a camera will snap a picture of your license plate. a bill will be sent to the registered owner. our other top story. police and fbi agents searched a home in san francisco hate ashbury neighborhood. that home is just steps away from where a ten-year-old boy disappeared back in 1984. ktvu brian flores live in our newsroom with more on this and also reaction from the family of kevin collins. >> reporter: for the family of kevin collins any possibility of any answers to his mysterious disappearance brings him a sense of hope but it's guarded. the family tells us they let go of their brother years ago but
5:48 am
they also struggled with what happened. since yesterday police and fbi agents have been searching a home that is steps away from where kevin collins disappeared in 1984. cadaver dogs did detect remains but preliminary results so far show it may be that of an unidentified animal. however further results need to be tested. >> i think we are ready for it to be over and have high hopes it could be but nobody wants to get their hopes up because it has been so many times before. >> i'm reciped to what happens, happen -- i'm resigned to what happens, happens. >> reporter: kevin disappeared as he was on his way home from school. he was last seen at oak street and masonic avenue. just a half block from the school. he would have been 39 years old. coming up also we spoke with
5:49 am
coach's mother. we will tell you what he says about the latest lead. tonight family members and friends of a missing girl from the east bay will gather for their annual candle light march and vigil. that march begins at 7:00 in dublin. the former school of ilene. she was just 13 years old when she vanished on van 30th -- vanished on january 30th, 1989. police are still looking for leads in this case. >> international news egypt's top military commander is warning the country could collapse if violence does not stop. demonstrators have been breaking curfew and clashing with police. the army general is urging that both sides reconcile and end the rioting. u.s. suspended public services yesterday. there are new reports this morning that say boeing new
5:50 am
about battery problems on the new dream liner jets. it has had to change batteries ten different times for a variety of problems. it also adds it told boeing about those problems. all 50 of the boeing 787 in use were grounded after a battery fire that forced ana flight to make an emergency landing earlier this month. now the national transportation safety board wants to see boeings complete operating history of the dream liners bat batteries. pg&e trying to restore power to a dozen customers in san ramon. a spokesperson told ktvu the power is out effecting homes on lamon -- lomond circle. service is expected to be back about 1:15 this afternoon. this is a second outage in san ramon involving a damaged under ground cable. pg&e says about 4,000 customers lost power last night. service was restored about 3:00
5:51 am
this morning. a 49er fan who is the victim of a ticket scam will get to go to the super bowl after all. sharon says she recently wired $5900 to a baltimore ravens fan who was offering to sell his tickets to the super bowl on craigs list. instead of the tickets she got a taunting note that says enjoy the game, go ravens, lol. after hearing the story the ceo of ticket master offered to give her four free tickets top the nfl. there is a harbaugh family reunion just days before the super bowl. coming up what the coaching brothers may talk about when they sit across from each other at the dinner table. >> oh some big game. >> they might. time now 5:49. sal is back. you're watching the east bay. how is it doing? >> it's doing okay. it's getting more crowded. this is the time when things start to pick up out there. we're going to look of course at the bay bridge. you can already see some people
5:52 am
are cueing up in some of the cash lanes. if you use fast track you should be able to get through without delays. another to or 30 minutes and this is going to change. if you want to get there now or soon it should be a good time for you go. san mateo bridge the same thing goes. driving over to the peninsula it's a nice drive on the san mateo bridge. speaking of the peninsula the drive time is only about ten minutes. a little bit less than that if you are heading down the peninsula. no major problem there is. if you are driving to the south bay 101 is looking good. and 880 from hayward to union city is off to a good start. let's go to mark. hi there, sal. good morning to you. the key headline a little bit warmer. the more sunshine in the forecast for today. as far as temperatures from yesterday, they were in the upper 50s to lower 60s. this afternoon, just a little bit warmer. these are all minor changes. santa rosa will go 64 degrees. concord up to 61. san jose about 63.
5:53 am
current numbers definitely want to bundle up. still showing you the upper 30s out toward napa and fairfield. santa rosa currently checking in 44. downtown san francisco right now at 47 degrees. our forecast model shows you this the 30s and the 40s. at 7:00 this morning we'll put this into emotion in the afternoon hours. nice recovery. lots of upper 50s coast side and a lot of 60s in the rest of the region. here is the bigger perspective in the pacific. it is arching way up to the north. get an idea of the overall weather pattern. we could put a big h here. keeping us with mostly sunny skies. maybe a patch or two of fog for this morning. but still hazy sunshine for this afternoon. forecast highs later on today as i mentioned a little bit warmer compared to yesterday's highs. san jose 63. san mateo 61.
5:54 am
half-moon bay 59. look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view minor warming for thursday and friday. by your weekend we could cool things off very slightly with a sun cloud mix for both saturday and into sunday. no rain clouds in this forecast. coming up we will take a look at beyond this point we could be talking about more rain chances. 5:52 is the time right now. unexpected sight right in san francisco mission district. the animal that lost its way. the surfer that caught a wave. he was so big, dude it's hard to describe. ♪
5:55 am
♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together,
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good wednesday morning. time now 5:55. we had nice temperatures in the forecast. currently in the upper 30s and low 40s. >> this could be the biggest wave ever surfed. georgia let caught this wave off the coast of portugal, spain. the wave was more than 100 feet high. even mark tamayo can't do that. if this turns out to be true, he would have broken his own record. he set that riding a 78-foot wave in the same location two
5:58 am
years ago. wildlife work workers are trying to solve a mystery earlier this month. this coyote was found in a backyard near cap and 18th street. it was dehydrated, flea infested, about ten pounds under weight. rescuers want to know how the coyote ended up there. one theory it might have hitched a ride in the engine compartment of a vehicle. there is a harbaugh family reunion in the works for the super bowl. they may meet tonight for dinner. ravens head coach john harbaugh jokes both men will have nothing to talk about at dinner fearing that they might revelosef vets about their -- reveal secrets about their team. >> i think jim harbaugh's brother looks like mel gibson. let's go to sal. good morning. we are looking at the 280 freeway which is one of the
5:59 am
busiest in san jose and getting up into the west valley it looks pretty good. you don't have any worries on 280 or 101. if you are driving on interstate 880 it's a nice looking drive. it is 5:57 let's go back to the dave and pam. new developments in the efforts to solve a decades old mystery of a child that disappeared. why searchers have resumed the search. plus we have the very latest from a very tense police standoff. this is in alabama. a small child taken hostage by a gunman who killed a school bus driver. we are taking a live look outside this morning. in oakland we do have mostly clear skies. temperatures on the cool side. when rain chances could resurface in the extended forecast. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade"


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