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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 30, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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case is so personal for the san francisco police chief. >> reporter: in 1984 he was part of the initial search so yes, this case hits home with him and today he gave us insight on why investigators targeted this house in connection with the disappearance of kevin collins. >> reporter: the recent search warrant tied to kevin collins' case is sealed but -- >> it is hurtful. brings back memories. >> doesn't seem real. >> it is real. kevin collins disappeared 29 years ago while on his way home from school. yesterday the san francisco police department searched this home blocks from where he was last seen. >> the inspectors developed news information that conducted additional investigation. it was enough to get a search
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warrant. >> reporter: what was the evidence? the records office said the warrant was returned this afternoon but it was sealed. the police chief said a man who lived at the home was once a person of interest, that man has since died. >> you know what, they have more investigating to do. and as they do that, when they think it is ready you will get you the person of interest. >> reporter: the chief said today the phones -- the dogs hit on here at the home yesterday appear to be the bones from a animal but they will make the final call on that. tonight on the 6:00 p.m. news, back 29 years ago and show you the footage, the coverage the case received. live in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ktvu's rita williams satang with kevin collins' mother this -- sat down with kevin collins' mother this afternoon. rita is live with the connection this case -- this
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case has to another missing child. >> reporter: that's right. but it is impossible for most of us to even imagine the agony of not knowing for 29 years what happened to your child. >> this was like the may before. >> reporter: photographs are the only reminders this mother has of her missing son kevin collins frozen in time at 10 years old. >> today -- i was numming yesterday. i am still -- numb yesterday. i am still numb. >> reporter: she got word from the media, not police yesterday that authorities found something in the basement of a san francisco house near the spot kevin collins disappeared from in 1984. >> he said we think the -- that is all he said. >> reporter: she is not angry,
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just thankful that just maybe after all these years she will know what happened to kevin collins, the sixth born of her 8 children. >> i am sure he has been gone from the very beginning. but emotionally as a mother i don't want it to be. so -- >> reporter: one person she got an e-mail from today was the mother of missing michaela garecht. turns out they share the same birthday 5 years apart and they share what it is like it is to wait for the analysis of bones that might be your children. >> . >> reporter: now a grandmother, divorced, she finds confident in their faith and family and believes one day she and kevin will one day be together. >> i am hoping i will be in heaven and he will be the first
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to greet me. >> reporter: before that day comes she prays here on earth she will know why her son did not come home from school that day in 1984. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. sad anniversary for a family today, a prayer service will be held. it was 24 years ago she vanished on her way home from school. she was only 13 years old. every year her parents hold a vigil, it will begin at 7:00 p.m. at wells middle school with a walk to the church for prayer service there. cal-osha slapped chevron with 25 citations and a million dollars in fines from the richmond refinery fire last year. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is here now with why they were hit with so many citations
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and how the company is responding. tom? >> reporter: it is important to note these violations, 25 of them, and the million dollars fine, these are the highest allowed to cal-osha under california law. >> reporter: the chief says the violations are so many and fines so high because -- >> they didn't follow their own safety procedures. >> reporter: and they didn't follow recommendations about replacing the failed pipe for more than a decade. >> they tried to keep running the refinery while fixing it on- the-fly. >> reporter: they also sited them for failure to test the thickness of pipe, failures to keep contractors safe, failure to equip employees with proper safety gear and failure to make
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temporary repairs permanent ones. >> knowing that hazard. >> reporter: there are more than 2,000 of temporary repairs, hundredsong pipes caring -- carrying flammablies. hundreds of pipes carrying flammables. chevron says although we acknowledge that we failed to live up to our own expectations we don't agree with the findings and the violations. chevron intends to appeal. . >> reporter: and so at 6:00 p.m. the most serious of the so- called willful violations. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. police in phoenix are looking looking for a gunman who shot three people today.
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investigators say he got into a confrontation with someone and opened fire. the shooter is a white man in his 60s. they do not believe the shooting is random. 7 miles away are at a home connected to a shooting. word of the shooting reached capitol hill as former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords testified at a hearing on gun control. ktvu's scott mcfarlen reports. . >> reporter: several hundred people were here today but it was silent at the very start. >> reporter: when gabrielle giffords walked into the room. >> too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> reporter: congress is
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considering new gun laws but there is little consensus, the head of the nra said washington better enforce gun laws already on the books. >> violent felons, gang members and drug dealers with guns and the mentally ill are not being prosecuted and that is unacceptable. >> the democrat senators. >> we can't have a totally armed society. >> reporter: talked about better background checks. gabrielle giffords' husband did too. >> my wife would not be sitting here today if we had stronger background checks. >> reporter: his brother was shot and killed in 2003. he wants to reduce violence but little sign of agreement on how to do so.
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>> up hill battle. fight, fight, fight. we got to keep pushing forward. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. people in support of gun ownership protested outside of senator dianne feinstein office today while she was at the hearing in washington, d.c. member of the committee women warriors were demonstrating this morning. they held a press conference to send a message to the senator they oppose legislation to ban semi-automatic weapons. >> our ability to arm ourselves and protect ourselves without limitations. >> the protesters are opposed to dianne feinstein's reclassification of the guns as assault weapons. the event was a precursor to a day of resistance in support of gun ownership. the san francisco 49ers today affirmed their support
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for non-discrimination after niners defensive back chris culliver made comments about not wanting to have a gay teammate. an interviewing asked chris culliver if the 49ers had gay players. chris culliver said no. ain't got no gay people on the team. they got to get up out of here if they do. today the 49ers said the san francisco 49ers reject the comments and have addressed the matter with chris. no place for discrimination at any level. we have and will support the lgbt community. to the super bowl. 49er fans in new orleans are finding plenty of ways to part with their pay checks. ktvu's ken wayne, lucky, lucky in the biz easy. >> reporter: we are live inside
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the new orleans convention center. a few doors down from here, what opened is the nfl experience. part of the experience for nfl fans is trying to hang on to their wallets. >> reporter: all park of the game here in new orleans -- part of the game here in new orleans. if it has anything to do with the nfl it is for sale and fans are buying. he just bought almost 70 football helmets at $35 a pop. >> reporter: what are you doing with them? >> trying to get them signed. >> reporter: cheerleaders selling calendars. how about this fancy nfl helmet with logos and new orleans
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touches. just $5,300. >> all done in 3d art work. he has to paint it a second time. >> reporter: you can check out the trucks, walk through the display and check out real super bowl rings, all for free. if you want your picture taken with the super bowl trophy or a video clip you have to give up your e-mail address and fans don't seem to mind. >> happy balance. if they want you to be their customer, if they spam you it won't be -- [no audio] >> we apologize for losing ken there. we will have a live report from the super bowl in this newscast. more coverage here, joan f will join us -- joe f will join -- joe fonzi will join us live and we tracked down ravens fan whose call san francisco home. see what happened when they
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dawn their colors. . an explosion near san diego sea world. three people were injured in the slows. a 22-year-old -- explosion. a two-year-old man served life threatening injuries. it appears the couple in the room was extracting oil and a cigarette may have ignited cans of butane. the chp is investigating a deadly crash in contra costa county. a motorcycle rider was killed this morning in pittsburg. the motorcycle hit the back of a truck. there is no word on what happened before the crash but you see the results here. traffic on highway 4 backed up for more than an hour while the chp examined the crash scene. >> testing the technology. what was happening today on the golden gate bridge as the days of tol takers coming -- toll
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takers comes to an end. what that means for you. >> i am back here in 10 minutes, temperatures today, you noticed they were warmer. 10-12 degrees warmer. how warm did it get in your neighborhood? how warm will it be tomorrow? i will have those details back here. well, well, well.
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today testing got underway to make one of the biggest changes on the golden gate bridge. ktvu's claudine wong tells thus bridge is about to go all -- tells us the bridge is about to go all electronic. >> reporter: all smiles from erica. a toll taker, a new mom and 49er fan. surprising when you realize she is about to lose her job. so is jackie. an 18 year veteran. she is just hoping something works out before time runs out. and it is running out for them and 12 other whose haven't found other jobs as the bridge
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moves closer to an all electronic toll collection system. today testing of the technology got underway. >> we are doing all the testing now. 60 day period. we got to make sure the license plates are reading correctly, the accounts are functioning correctly. the computers are talking correctly. >> reporter: instead of toll takers like jackie they are going to depend on cameras. like this one. they will record the license plate of every vehicle that crosses the bridge. it will use fast track and invoices. if you don't have fast track you can pay as you go or don't do anything, cross the bridge and they will track you down. >> tolling is going electronic. globally. across the united states. we are the first ones in california going this way and we are saving money. collecting tolls cost twice as
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much as it does by fast track. >> reporter: today was about making sure it works. expect a big campaign before it happens. they are plan is to take the final days one day at a time. at the golden gate bridge claudine wong. the identity of a 20-year- old pittsburg man shot and killed yesterday afternoon. timothy smith, jr. police tracked a car involved in the shooting. police named brian fox as a person of interest in the case. he was not at the home where they found the car and still looking looking for him tonight. the california highway patrol is investigating a crash that crippled the commute this morning. four vehicles were involved at 6:00 a.m.
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in livermore. the crash started when a car rear end another car. the car came to rest in lanes of traffic where it was hit. when crews arrived the car was in flames. the driver was killed. a sheriff's deputy pleaded not guilty to stealing a trumpth and a jacket -- trumpet and a jacket from a musician. he entered his plea monday. prosecutors said he was caught on surveillance video taking the items back on december 20. he was off duty and was playing pool that hotel. the trumpet was found in the owners driveway. he is on paid leave and is free on bail. >> is the blackberry making a come back. today research in motion unveiled the blackberry 10. it also said the company is changing its name to blackberry. there are two versions of the
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new phone. one has a classic keyboard and the other has a touch pad. the phones have a feature called balance to separate work from pleasure. investors weren't impressed. the stock closed down 12%. judge said no to apple and samsung today. apple wanted an increase in damages. but the judge rejected the request. she also rejected a request for a new trial but hasn't issued a request to reduce the damage judgment. apple is pressing new charges for current products. the government says the nation's gross domestic product shrank for the first time in three years. it dropped in the 4th quarter.
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the president's christmases believe -- economickests said hurricane sandy played a roll. >> we have seen consistent job growth over almost three years. home prices are starting to climb back. consumer confidence has been rising rising and spending has been rising. >> lawmakers need to come up with a budget before automatic cuts kick in march 1. on wall street today, it sent stocks down. the dow is down 44 to 13,910. the nasdaq is down 11 at 3,142. the s&p is down 5 at 1,501. san jose valley veal is recalling more than a thousand pounds of veal because of possible e.coli contamination. a customer tested a shipment
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and reported results that were non-negative. we have posted the list of recalled shipments on under hot topics. let's talk about our weather today because wow it was spectacular. >> did you notice it? >> yeah. >> temperatures 5, 10, 12 degrees warmer. upper 60s in some places. almost february. unusual. warm. dry as well. big high-pressure system. i talked about it last night. the high pressure sits down in here, right? what happens is it ends the jet stream -- sends the jet stream in that direction. watch what happens here. see the fog? going away. getting off shore surface winds. starts in the upper atmosphere. look what you got, whatever is long the coast being pushed
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away and increase in temperatures. at new orleans, they had showers. watch the line go through there. big storms. inside the dome, i know mark ibanez is on his way there, joe is there. ken wayne is there. bringing you reports from new orleans, the weather is going to get better in new orleans. brief period of rain and cooler temperatures. back to us. january has been dry. december was wet. good thing. because this is turningitute be the third dry -- turning out to be the third driest january in san francisco. what is unique about the numbers, goes back to the 1850s. third driest january is how this goes down and it was. that is a drag because we could -- that is all the rain we got. we are still, did this last night, we are still 102, 105% of average, maybe more. as we go through time, no rain,
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we are going to be getting further and further behind. you lose ground fast this time a year. enjoy it while it lasts. lasts for a while. here we are tomorrow morning, here we are tomorrow afternoon. high pressure, the arisings. nothing happens. no clouds -- the air sinks. nothing happens. no clouds. 63 in oakland. 61 conquered. warm today, warm today. i will see you back here at 5:45 p.m. >> news chopper 2 over head as crews rush to save a woman and her dog, both stuck on a cliff in san francisco. >> the new attraction geared towards thrill seekers at a south bay amusement park.
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tense moments on a cliff in san francisco. this is video from news chopper 2. what you are looking at is a san francisco firefighter rescuing a large dog. they were pulled up the cliff with a rope. it began after 4:00 p.m. after the dog went over the cliff and a woman went over after it. the woman fell 50 feet to the vehicle and the dog was pulled up the cliff with a special
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harness. berkeley is moving forward with a plan to make the downtown area more pedestrian friendly. they approved a improvement plan, they did so last night, to create more parks and street scapes. center street would be closed to car traffic. several other downtown streets would have wider sidewalks, more landscaping and new bike lanes. thrill seekers get ready. we got a peek at the new roller coaster in santa clara. we will look from the observation deck. they hoisted the frame to the upper levels. it is the crawl jewel of the great america amusement park near the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. >> it is 108-foot drop. 10-11 stories high. we have curves of 85 degrees. so if you look at the size, it
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kinds of sets it apart from other coasters. >> crews say it should be complete by next spring. at the time it will be the tall and say fastest wooden roller coaster in california. we will pass along the one surprising tip leaders have in san francisco for keeping the city safe after the the san francisco. >> and stopping the 49ers, the man they will focus on this sunday. at ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings.
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little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> this is exactly what it city of san francisco is concerned about following the super bowl,
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especially if the san francisco 49ers win. one area they will be keeping an eye on is the mission,- christien kafton is -- ktvu's christien kafton is there today. they are talking about garbage, why is that? >> reporter: this intersection here at 21 and mission was the site of a garbage fire after the world series and businesses were vandalized. i asked the chief what he learned that will make a difference this time around. >> probably the biggest thing we learned, we need to keep track of garbage night. >> reporter: they talked with business owners in the mission today, warning them to haul in their trash on sunday. >> got him looking and the giants have won it all. >> reporter: following the giants world series win, vandals lit a series of fires. now the city is working to stop
5:33 pm
the vandals before it starts. >> what we did is starting earlier in the weekend and through sunday we just continual worked with them to pick up all the garbage. >> the mayor wanted to address their concerns. >> we are all down here working together to reachers we want the greatest celebration -- reassure we want the greatest celebration on the win. >> reporter: they were one of the businesses targeted by vandals in october. she has photos of the trash fire. she says today's visit set her mind at ease. >> yeah. pleased. yeah. you know, we were very concerned. >> reporter: one of the big problems follows the world series was electric buses that couldn't move. muni will be using gas powered
5:34 pm
puss in areas prone to rowdy celebrations so drivers can get out or avoid those areas if necessary. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police are investigating a fire that was set at a home. someone through a flammable liquid at or near the front door of the home about 3:00 a.m. three people inside were not hurt. the homeowner he suspects the family is targeted but doesn't know why. yesterday he found his daughter's car vandalized. vandalized. boeing's ceo says the company will speed up of the boeing 787 dreamliners despite investigation into the batteries. the federal aviation administration grounded the planes following two spent where batteries over -- incidents where batteries over heated. they are getting closer to
5:35 pm
determine the cause. . the white house expressed condolences in the killing of a teen who performed at the inauguration. she was shot and killed yesterday as she was waiting for a ride home from school. she was one of several students under a canopy to get out of the rain. another bullet hit a teen boy in the leg. she is the 42 person to be killed in chicago so far this year. a strong earthquake struck copiapo chile today. it hit about 5:15 there. one woman died of a heart attack. >> back now to the super bowl. the baltimore ravens have a lot of weapons. ktvu's joe fonzi is live in new
5:36 pm
orleans with what the 49ers planning to -- 49ers are keeping to do. . >> reporter: on super bowl there will be one match-up that is very familiar. >> wide receiver and a pretty good move by him. >> way to go up and -- touchdown! [no audio] >> we apologize we are having a problem with joe fonzi. earlier we did tell you about the fact we have live reports in every newscast for you and saturday at 6:30 p.m. a 49ers special. we talked about comments from niners defensive back chris
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culliver earlier, implying he wouldn't want a --er -- gay teammate. copiapo chile apologized and said the feelings are truly not in my heart. further i apologize to those i hurt and offended. . >> jim and john's parents had their own press conference today. >> you are going to ask us how we feel. who has it better than us? nobody! >> jack and jackie say they are proud of both their successful sons who are just 15 months apart in age. we just saw joe fonzi and ken wayne earlier, they are part of our super bowl team. they will have live reports in every newscast leading up to super bowl sunday and immediately following the super bowl switch over to us, a live
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local post game show right here on ktvu channel 2 news. he did it. the odd substance that he has admitted to using. >> why would you pay to use it? the new service youtube is offering to lure you away from traditional television.
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vijay singh the latest athlete to be linked to a performance enhancing drugs. he used deer antler spray that stimulates muscle growth. he didn't know it was a banned suspense he reported. ray lewis used the same spray, the pga says it is looking into the matter. menlow park hired a new police chief. robert jonsen is a 26 year veteran. high is also a bay area native. robert jonsen's appointment will become official in mid- february. the u.s. postal service announced today the man in black will get his own forever stamp. a postal service spokes person says juney cash was a natural cash -- johnny cash was a
5:42 pm
natural fit. his music crossed the lines of country, rock 'n' roll and r&b. it will resemble a 45 record sleeve. it was based on a 1963 photo as he was recording ring of fire. watching videos on youtube could cost you. they are preparing to launch paid prescriptions for individual channels this spring. the first channels cost between $1 to $5 a month. not clear which channel will be a part of the plan and they are considering charging for other things. the environmental protection agency is taking steps to ban a popular rat poison. the manufacturer of deconrefused to abide by --
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decon refused to abide by laws. the company has 30 days to request a hearing before the ban takes effect. they served their country and then fell on hard times. how dozens of homeless veterans finally got a place of their own.
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a new apartment building was opened in san francisco today. this is now home for dozens of homeless veterans. ktvu's rob roth is in the city tonight and tells us how it is
5:46 pm
giving them an opportunity to restart their lives. rob? >> reporter: frank, this 9 story building near mission and 13th street is home to dozens of veterans who had no place to live. >> reporter: 80-year-old howard is home, he fought in the korean war. i was homeless till i get here. >> reporter: he is one of 75 veterans who served their country but found themselves in motels, or on the streets. now each is in a studio apartment to help them stay on their feet. >> i thought i was never going
5:47 pm
to get around. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this morning officials hosted the opening of this apartment building. the first one for veterans in a dozen years. >> they put their lives on the lines, surrendered their youth, yeah, it is a big deal. big deal. >> reporter: he spent three years in the army, but a divorce and alcohol abuse sent him into a down ward spiral. >> you can't have a relationship with your kid when you are homeless. you know, plus there is the embarrassing factor where they come from, they don't want to admit their kadhomeless. >> reporter: -- dad is homeless. >> reporter: he is restarting his life. >> i want a place to take care of myself. that is all i want. i got it. >> reporter: while the city got 75 veteran as source to live, there are hundreds more out there on the street waiting for their chance. reporting live in san
5:48 pm
francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. alameda county began its census of the homeless. we told you about a similar count in santa clara. they requires counties to carry out the census to receive founding. it is required every two year. their tally shows 4100 homeless people. that is the same as it was in 2009. a controversial advertising campaign bia civil rights group, they are -- by a civil rights group, they are meant to educate people about the true meaning of the word jihad, struggle. >> not all muslims are a threat. not everyone is a terrorist. they are people too. >> earlier we reported on the
5:49 pm
same ads on muni buses in san francisco. >> home sales hit a five year high with the most expensive in the bay area. 697 homes sold for $5 million last year. the most expensive sold in wood side for $117.5 million in november. the community of hillsboro logged the most million dollars sales. a republican used a topic to debate wasteful spending in washington, d.c. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell called for democrats to agree to cut spending on some programs. the environmental protection agency spent $141,000 analyzing pig droppings in china. mitch mcconnell says the money could be better spent towards
5:50 pm
the nation's debt. >> we can remove the greatest obstacle to recovery. >> the epa depends the study saying it will help scientists underits impact on global -- understand its impact on global impact. the city is working with other cities on extending the trail south. it meeting is tonight at the sunnyvale community center. one person is dead after a tornado tore through a small town in georgia this morning. we will show you the funnel cloud behind the building here. this is just north of atlanta. officials say the twister touched down near city hall and there were reports 5 people were trapped in a building because of storm damage. this tornado is part of a massive storm system that is being blamed for a death in tennessee where a man was
5:51 pm
killed when a tree fell on him. >> remarkable picture. our weather now. bill, you were talking about this is one of the driest januarys on record. >> third on record. that is a big deal, right? rain has been scarce. and percentages have been plummeting. we stay dry. right now i am checking out the winds. at the surface they are doing that. off shore winds, from land to sea. that pushes the marine influence, not just fog, you see the fog going away, it pushes the cooler, moister marine air away and the air is sinking. and then it warms. along the coast, swells are small. dropping down the last couple days. nothing like a few weeks ago. 8-foot in montry -- monterey.
5:52 pm
when you go to the beach, think about the rip tides. this is a rip tied time of year. over night loads. forecast over night lows. environment is 5able in some places -- is favorable in some places, keep it in the back of your head, especially if you are a early morning commuter, those are the ones that are the worse, before sun up. tomorrow is warmer. today's temperatures were up over yesterday. mostly sunny. warmer. the warming trend continues into thursday. thursday might be the warmest day. temperatures -- i toss them out here roughly, 65. 70 tomorrow. capeskins. very -- 60s. very warm day time highs. 65 napa. check yourself, that is not that warm, yeah, it is, it is
5:53 pm
almost february. warm day time highs. no records. can get warmer. these are significant considering the time of year. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view then there is no rain. it is the third driest january on record. those records are significant. 1850, a year after the gold rush. we will get rain. maybe around february 7, february 8. >> thank you. ravens in the fog. meet bold ravens fans in san francisco and bold burglars, what these two men are carrying out of a liquor store.
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♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. on sunday the 49ers hope to bring another championship back to the bay area but not everyone is pulling for them. ktvu's eric rasmussen found a large group of baltimore ravens and they are not hiding their team spirit. >> reporter: think the city of san francisco is behinded the 49ers 1 -- behind the 49ers? think again. >> what time is it? >> reporter: these four ray lewis loving baltimore ravens fans are not alone. they are part of baltimore area transplants called ravens in
5:57 pm
the fog. they talked to us. she moved to san francisco just six months ago. >> i think we all love living here. no doubt. weird how the super bowl played out this year. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they are used to being told they are number one, with a different finger. for all the trash talk coming from the 49ers, they are ready to give it right back. jim harbaugh, john harbaugh. >> john. >> john. >> john harbaugh is the better coach. >> reporter: joe flacco or colin kaepernick? >> joe flacco. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: strange answers in the bay area. so strange he had to take a picture. they can only hope their team wipes the smiles off of their faces on sunday. in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news.
5:58 pm
the sheriff's department wants your help catching a pair of burglars. they released this surveillance video of two men breaking into a liquor store saturday morning. they carried out one of the store's safes. one had the word skin on his shirt and the other had the word champion on his shirt. if you know these guys give them a call. cal-osha cracks down on chevron. the violations regulators found out the richmond refinery committed. >> plus new at 6:00 p.m. a show down on the water, water, the sense situation for the boat owners and the last minute offer to get them to move.
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