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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> we begin right now with breaking news in san jose. police are on the scene of a shooting that happened after 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. here is a live picture east of highway 101. you can see a lot of police
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cars on the scene. police are telling us a man was shot and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. we are working to get more information but again, this is a shooting that we are following right now in san jose east of highway 101. as soon as we get more details we will let you know. california's workers safety agency cal-osha fined chevron for safety violations stemming from the richmond refinery fire. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live there tonight with the worst of the violations, the ones that cal- osha says was willful. >> serious stuff. and because of that they threw the violations book at chevron. >> reporter: they said this accident should not have happened. >> the total is 25 violations. 23 of those are serious. or serious and willful.
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>> reporter: 11 violations willful, chevron knew the dangers and could have remedy them. >> willful connotes that there was additional conduct, and that was the failing failing to take reasonable steps knowing that hazard. >> reporter: chevron said: "although we acknowledge that we failed to live up to our own expectations in this incident, we do not agree with several of the cal/osha findings and its characterization of some of the alleged violations as 'willful.' >> reporter: chevron intends -- chevron intends to appeal. they have the strength to appeal for months or years. but this is hardly an isolated case. they have three other investigations going involving chevron in california. one is in southern california, another for endangering
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employees there and another for a storage tank explosion in the central valley. it is a warning to others. >> we hope that refineries in california take this seriously, look at their own safety management procedures. every refinery is different. >> reporter: besides this situation today chevron still has possible fines from the county, the air quality management district and the state and federal epa. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police chief says more information must be gathered before he will name a person of interest in the case of missing kevin collins. investigators dug up flooring at this house yesterday. just a block away from where he disappeared in 1984. >> in going over the cold case
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the inspectors developed news information, conducted some additional investigation. there is more investigation being done but it was enough to get a search warrant to go back there. >> the police chief says theman who lived at the -- the man who lived at the home was a person of interest but he died a few years ago. the search warrant remains sealed. >> kevin collins' mother lives in contra costa county and told ktvu's rita williams she is finding comfort in her family. >> today i don't know what i am feeling. i was numb all day yesterday. still numb. i didn't sleep well last night. >> she said she learned from the media, not police that authorities found something in the home. despite that she said she is thankful that maybe she will know what happened toher son. -- to her son. you can watch the interview on
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our website, >> kevin collins disappearance drew national attention. ktvu's mike mibach shows us how the story touched so many people so long ago. mike? >> reporter: julie, a lot of people who live in the city weren't living here in san francisco then so we dusted off our coverage from 1984 and what we found was an old san francisco coming together for one of its own. >> last seen on friday. >> reporter: 29 years ago -- >> not a run away case. >> reporter: made national headlines. >> a lot of people have brothers and sisters and it is like they are scared because what if it was their brother and sister? >> reporter: ktvu covered the story, feb10 -- february 10, 1984, kevin collins disappeared
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on his way home from school. >> 6:30 p.m. >> reporter: after the disappearance the streets became saturated with volunteers. february 15, 5 days into the case dianne feinstein demanded the boy's return. >> i would like to appeal to all san franciscans to please be on the look out for kevin collins. >> reporter: kevinkevin collins' father spoke to ktvu days after his son's disappearance. >> very dependable and structured and always calls us. >> reporter: you don't think this is anybody he knew? >> i don't believe so, no. >> reporter: and today still not know is who took kevin collins. mike mibach, ktvu news. new details tonight about a home invasion in san jose. we have obtained the downcourt
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filings against -- the court filings against these young men. they were arrested a week ago. the woman faked a heart attack to try to stop them. when one tried to give her aspirin she spit it out. they then moved them into a bath tub and left. it also outlines other robberies they were involved in. coast guard veteran is filing suit over abuse he served in the boy scouts. it comes as others are claiming they looked the other way as they were being abused. >> i brought this lawsuit publicly for my own healing and resolution and to reach out to other victims of the boy boy scouts. >> mark dietrich and his lawyer announced the lawsuit in san
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francisco today. he said at 14 from 1978 to 1981 he was abused by the leader. the suit does not name him as a defendant. he is fighting to get more documents from the boy scouts. >> this institution, like all these institutions need to make the records public. >> mark dietrich went to police in 1992 but the limitations ran out. neither the boy scouts local or the national organization would comment on the suit. a doc dispute got heated today as some boat owners confronted harbor workers. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's robert handa is live at pete's harbor where a last minute offer was made public
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today. robert? >> reporter: there is a lot of resentment over the planned development and today it boiled over. >> reporter: crews at pete's harbor this morning took apart metal cleats but it took place during a dispute between the owner who wants to sell and a dozen people who live on boats and refuse to move. he claims they said -- >> you need to move. >> reporter: when workers refused to cern off their -- turn off their saws -- >> i unplugged it and threw it in the water. and then it got confrontational. >> police showed up. a spokesman called the work maintenance. >> i would call it a small misunderstanding. there is no dismantling of the harbor. >> reporter: it focuses on the outer harbor. boat owners claim the lease
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requires it remain a commercial facility. and they put off action till a state decision. >> there is a lot to look at. no rush to dismantle it. >> reporter: today we learned learned the developer offered to keep it a public marina and pay $50,000 to the boat owners to relocate. >> we hope the folks who are occupying the harbor now agree and take the financial assistance that has been offered to them. >> short while ago they rejected the offer. saying $50,000 doesn't cover the cost and a public facility wouldn't allow people to live on boats. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. police are asking for your help to identify a grand theft suspect. police released this photo. the man is accused of holding
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up a target store monday evening. investigators say the man was driving a white toyota four runner. police haven't revealed what was stolen. >> a motorcyclist was killed this afternoon after he collided with a truck. on highway 4 west of pittsburg before 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. the rider died at the scene. you see the results. all but one eastbound lane was closed and traffic was backed up for hours after that crash. a teenager is hospitalized after he was attacked while riding his bike. he was riding with afriend when he was -- a friend when he was hit in the head. facebook released earnings this afternoon showing growing success in mobile advertising. the company said mobile users
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accounted for 23% of total ad revenue, up from 14%. as for over all profits they fell to $64 million, down from 205 million last year. analysts expect more from the social media giant. facebook shares slid 3% in after hours trading. >> how long will the warm weather stick around? the changes you can expect in your area. >> teachers packing heat? the plan unveiled today to protect california schools. >> but after the break, taking danger stunts like this off of bay area roadways. the unique outlet for young drivers with the need for speed.
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ktvu the jury reached an impasse in the deliberations of a crime lab techination of taking cocaine. technician of taking cocaine. after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon the jury sent a note to the judge asking how long it would need to deliberate before a hung jury is declared. after a reply they agreed to return tomorrow morning. the first trial ended in a hung jury last october. >> new tonight at 6 p.m., the chp is looking into tips about drivers behind the illegal side show that stopped specific this week. ktvu's alex savage is live where the stunts are not only allowed and welcomed. >> reporter: after seeing that video over the weekend, the
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professional drivers here at the race way are encouraging car lovers to come down here to the track to do this kind of high performance driving. they give people an option that doesn't put the pucklic at risk. -- public at risk. >> this is the video that sparked a criminal investigation. an organized group of drivers blocked all traffic on 880 over the weekend and started doing donuts. it is the kind of activity that could put a lot of people in danger. that's why they open up their race track for amateur drivers. >> doing it on the street, risking to go to jail, having your car impounded, killing
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someone, verse coming to a race track in a controlled manner. >> reporter: he is a professional driver and took me for a drive today. he want to draw a distinction between side shows and the professional sport of drifting. >> it is a motor sport. >> reporter: today we are hearing the 911 calls from frustrated drivers stuck behind this show. >> 911? >> crazy people shutting 880. >> winging donuts right now. blocked all lanes of traffic. >> donuts on the freeway? >> reporter: the championship championship have a -- the chp has a new leads in the case and they are working hard to find these drivers. >> it is dangerous. someone could get killed. >> reporter: during the event here organizers do safety checks and all the cars that
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come down here they have emergency personnel on hand as well. the program starts back up in march. amateur drivers every wednesday night. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. in san jose crews responded to a two-alarm fire in a marijuana grow house. firefighters say they discovered grow lamps and plants throughout the home. the fire was this afternoon was intense enough that part of the second floor collapsed. no word of any arrests. judge today raised bail to $1 million for a woman who interrupt bankrupted a -- who bankrupted a 89-year-old man. they called it a sweetheart scam. they said she convinced the
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victim to refinance his home which he owned free and clear. he gave her $200,000 and then the man lost his home and had to file for bankruptcy. san francisco is preparing to ring in the year of the snack at its lunar new year celebration. volunteers handed out flyers today warning them to be on guard against criminals. every year they see an increase in crime targeting asian- americans. >> i encourage you to report crime so the police are aware of what criminal activity is occurring. >> police say most of the scams target the asian community who are elderly. teachers and staff members would be able to carry guns under a new bill introduced today. it allows them to carry
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concealed weapons under certain conditions. the massacres in connecticut inspired the bill. it would require background checks. live storm tracker 2, dry out there. warmer today as well. pencil in the jet stream here and you can see what is happening. to the north. notice how it dips down here. cold spell in the chicago area, they are in that trough. but we are in the high pressure ridge. see the clouds pushed away? that is why temperatures are on the warmer side. high today warmer than yesterday. highs tomorrow, about the same, maybe warmer still. couple more degrees warmer than today. over night lows are cool. will be cool. patchy frost. maybe a little bit of fog. patchy frost as well. like what we had this morning, again tomorrow morning. tomorrow, more sunshine, less
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wind. breezy in the hills. less winds warm things up. tomorrow warmer. extended forecast, warm and dry. here is how it breaks down. high-pressure system is pumping up. that is good. the temperatures pump up. as we get into thursday, tomorrow, temperatures warmer still. mid-60s. but for many places, upper 60s. maybe some low 70s. santa cruz 71 tomorrow. that is how that works out. the forecast model, thursday morning, there is thursday afternoon. so clouds. air is sinking. high pressure in trench. we mentioned earlier in the broadcast, heading for the third driest january in san francisco history. since records started, 1850, which is a long time ago. 64 in fairfield tomorrow. 65 napa. not a bad day.
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i shot low on a couple of these. 67, 68. up there by fairfax. you might find yourself at 67 degrees. these are broad temperatures. 66 gilroy. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. no rain drops in there. cool over night next few mornings. here is the deal, we need rain. we are not going to get it. we will stay dry. enjoy the weather while it lasts. coming up on february and it is supposed to be raining. >> need rain. >> we are doing okay but another 4-5 days without rain isn't good. >> thank you. >> thank you. marking a somber anniversary in the east bay. friends and family come together -- family come together, what is new in the effort to find the teen missing for 24 years. plus a dangerous mission in san
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francisco, the lengths rescuers went to this afternoon to save a dog afterit went over a -- after it went over a cliff. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> live in new orleans, coming up, joe fonzi joins us with the big honor for the 49ers offensive line. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song.
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all right. fred is in for mark tonight. four days before we know who will be the super bowl winner. >> we are so spoiled. think about it, who has it better than us? nobody. our general manager made these up. incredible. big sports fan. big names names and super stars on most teams. joe fonzi established residency in new orleans and joins us live with the story of the guys in the trenches. joe? >> reporter: we are in the nfl experience which just opened today. a group of 49ers won an award today. >> like to talk about our offensive line if that is okay. that is been a phenomenal group for us. i would call them offensive weapons. >> reporter: on the day he was
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complimenting his offensive line they were named the whipper of the john madden award. goodwin joined a home grown group. >> very talented, athletic for their sizes. everybody is pretty smart. great combination for a line to move the way these guys could move. >> reporter: all five starters have been together all year. and they blend. like a boy band? [ music playing ] >> a boy band? >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> that is bad analogy. no, very true. 5 different personalities. very -- all different. all come together and enjoy the same thing, same interests.
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awesome we get together and understand each other. >> reporter: they are not yet ready toa titian but they make -- to audition. but they make great music together. reporting live from new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, joe. of course, this offensive line is still young, they could be in for a long, long time around here and they adopted to the read option offense in the middle of the year with colin kaepernick. >> i can't wait for the game. >> five important guys. yeah. so exciting in four days. >> thank you. >> thank you. stay with ktvu all week for complete super bowl coverage. we will be live from new orleans during every newscast and we will also be airing a special on the 49ers, road to the super bowl saturday night and sunday switch to 2 after the game for our post game coverage. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we are always
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here for you on and mobile ktvu.


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