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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 31, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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the 50s for most and in the 60s in morgan hill. developing news out of santa clara county and how the scene of an overnight fire has now turned into a crime scene. and chris colfer talks about controversial comments he made about gays, stay right here with us.
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developing news from santa clara county. how a fire scene turned into a scream scene. >> reporter: we're live in sunnyvale where highway 101 has been closed for hours. we'll tell you what spilled on the freeway and when it will be back open. it was said in a joking matter. >> damage control in a super bowl scandal you watched live on ktvu just moment the ago. a 49er -- moments ago. a 49er player talks about comments he made about gays. and a tense situation in alabama. a little boy still a hostage. we'll take you live to alabama. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2."
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i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, january 31st. caltrans crews are working to clean up fuel from a big rig that crashed on northbound 101 in sunnyvale in the middle of the night. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from the scene with an update on the progress that's been made so far. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. well, they are gonna open up all lanes of northbound 101 momentarily. you can see there's a street sweeper working to clear all of the debris. they also -- caltrans also poured sand all over about 20 to 30 gallons of spilled fuel. you can see to the shoulder, crews are still working to pick up all of the wood and depp brie that's right there. now, for more information on exactly when we are going to open up the freeway, i'm joined by this chp officer. what can you tell me? >> we're actually gonna open the freeway in minutes, two
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more minutes. we're gonna open the freeway up and have our crews cleaning up the spill on the shoulder, on the dirt there. but we'll have all lanes open. >> reporter: what happened in this accident? >> well, right now, what we think happened is maybe -- well, actually, the big rig driver said he got cut off. we can't confirm that at this point. we're looking for any witnesses that may have witnessed this collision. we just know that he lost control of the big rig and -- he lost control and hit the side of the dirt road and ended up in the number 3 lane. >> reporter: he crashed into 40 feet of guardrail and a pole. it's lucky nobody else was injured, no other vehicles involved? >> right. no other vehicles involved. the driver had minor scapes to his -- scrapes to his face. >> reporter: how bad is the backup? >> i'm not sure how bad the backup is. but i think it was -- when i
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was on my way up here, it was backed up to great america parkway. >> reporter: thank you, officer. right now, the two lanes of 101 are open. but they plan on just momentarily in minutes open up all lanes of traffic. we're still the backup is still for miles. to get more on that, we go to sal. sal, what are you thinking? >> you might want to use an alternate route if you are driving on 101. the 280 commute, i'm outlining it here. it's not that bad. but 101 is backed up nearly to the san jose airport because of the closure. as janine said, they are about to open the lanes in a few minutes. the traffic will be getting better quickly. i still think it will be a while for this to unwind. use 280. if you are just going a short distance, use side roads.
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back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we have updates on a deadly fire in sunnyvale at the plaza del ray. tara moriarty is there now with the newest information. >> reporter: that's right. someone from the public safety department is due out here to let us know exactly what happened here last night. you can see damage to this blue house here. you can see that most of the damage is actually contained to that one window. we've been sort of able to walk around the house a little bit and see that there really is no other damage accept to the back of the home here and up through the roof. the hot water heater is exposed. this scene is roped off with crime scene tape. an investigation of some sort is underway. we understand that a coroner's van took off just before 6:00 this morning. so a possible fatal fire here. we have spoken to some neighbors. they are not sure who lives in the home. we're in a mobile home/modular
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park. it's off north fair oaks and highway 101. we don't know who was in the home at the time the flames broke out. we don't know what caused this fire. but we know it happened around 11:30 and there's been quite a police presence. they've been coming and going. i can see three squad cars right now. there are officers stationed all through this area. they blocked off this street as well as around the corner. so no one can get through. so as soon as we hear more information about who was the victim in this case, we will certainly pass that along to you. live from sunnyvale, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:05. also early this morning, firefighters raced to a fire at a senior facility in oakland. this is the second fire at this location in the last 111 days. the -- 11 days. the fire chief says the
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facility caught fire. the facility sprinkler systems contained the fire to the cart. the laundry room forced evacuations on january 20th. overnight a bomb scare disrupted train service. he spotted a suspicious box with wires sticking out of it. san francisco police then cordoned off the caltrain station at 4th and king streets as a precaution. the bomb squad inspected the item and determined that it was harmless. no one was hurt. the train was scheduled to head back out. the passengers waiting to board were bussed to another station for a new outbound train. 7:06. let's go right back to sal. we have that mess in the south bay because of the big rig crash but you are watching everywhere else as well. >> that's right. we're gonna start at northbound 101 at fair oaks. the chp told janine they are just about to open the lanes here on the 101 but the backup is almost to the san jose
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airport. i would suggest 280 for a short route. again, good news, they are just about to reopen it. we've been on this story since we went on the air at 4:30. let's take a look at some live pictures. i want to show you 880 here in oakland. that looks pretty good driving past the coliseum. getting to downtown oakland. to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic busy. but not all that bad. it's about a 20-minute delay. it was ten. there are no major problems on the bridge that we know of. traffic looks good once you make it on that span. here's steve. a very good morning. a little bit of patchy fog. 30s and 40s. inland temperatures, pretty close on the lows, although san francisco seems to be running low everywhere else. high pressure still large and in charge. deflecting to the north saying you are not going anywhere. we're quiet on -- we'll end
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january with a very dry month. in fact, so dry in san francisco, it goes down in the books as the third driest ever. their records back pretty far. 49/100ths fell. and .25 as the record for 1920. this doesn't mean we won't have rain coming up or anything like like that -- like that. san jose is 101% of normal. san francisco, 102% and santa rosa, 112%. it's what happens between now and the next few months. once you get to april 15th, things start to turn off. i think we will get some rain in about a week from today. warmer weather is the result of this high pressure. i think this month goes down as being cold. it's been darned cold. 40s for some. if the breeze picks up, you are
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in the 40s. santa rosa is 42. other locations, 36, 35. 40 san jose, 35 concord. high pressure, though, is here. it says i don't think anything's gonna happen. there's a little bit of an offshore breeze. really not much. but sunny and warm. but there's enough of component to give a bump. it will be another nice afternoon. sunny and warm. we had a couple of 70s. clearlake 70. 63 concord. berkeley, 66. brentwood, only 63. 70 milpitas. santa cruz, 68. 50s on the coast. 60s in the city and also san mateo, but a little warmer in palo alto. looks good. cooler. but a dry pattern into the weekend. tori? >> thank you, steve. developing news from alabama. a young boy remains captive in an underground bunker days after being kidnapped by a
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gunman. craig boswell is live to let us know what's happening at the scene and details of the suspect's background. >> reporter: if good morning. a second helicopter has arrived here. several deputies going up and down the hill. basically, all of midland cities, population of about 2300 has one sole focus today, that's the safe return and safe release of a little boy being held hostage in a homemade bunker. family and friends in this rural alabama town joined in prayer wednesday night. >> we need to get together and pray basically for ethan, mainly, the young boy's safe return. >> reporter: that young boy, taken hostage tuesday by a retired truck driver. neighbors identify him as 65- year-old jimmy lee dykes. >> we discovered that the suspect fled the scene with a
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small child. >> reporter: police believe dykes apparently shot the bus driver. he apparently built a bad reputation around town. >> i didn't talk to him, especially ar-- after he killed my dog. >> reporter: negotiators have confirmed they've had contact with the child. he doesn't appear to be hurt. >> we just want the whole world that theres this -- that hears this believing that this young child will be able to get home safe. >> reporter: now, in this homemade bunker, this bomb shelter, almost like a tornado shelter that you would put under the ground. apparently the suspect has electricity. he apparently has a television. so fbi investigators have asked us to be careful about certain video that we show in case he's watching news coverage that they don't make this situation any more tense than it is. we're in the second full day of
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this. >> craig boswell loining us live from alabama. thank you for the update. controversial the comments. plus -- going on right now, the confirmation hearing for defense secretary nominee, chuck hagel. the big problem he could face that would mean no blue angels at fleet week this year in san francisco.
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cold out there. 30s and 40s for temperatures. it will be sunny and good to go. it is 7:14. now to the big story this morning from the super bowl. ktvu was the openly station to bring you live at 6:30 this morning, 49er defensive back
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chris culliver apologizing for anti-gay comments he made on the radio. >> it's something that i have to address and something i'm apologetic for. that's not what i feel in my heart. >> he said he's sorry and talked to a gay relative to clarify his remarks. coming up, we'll hear the comments that landed him in trouble and more of his apology this morning. meanwhile, 49er fans are starting to arrive in new orleans. some fancy they will spend close to $so,000 is -- some fans say they will spend close to $10,000 on this trip. 7:15. well, facebook has determined most of america "likes" the 49ers in the super bowl. the menlo park based company
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has been keeping cab tabs on fans all over the country. the map shows which steam they are rooting for. the red shows 49er fans. the purple shows the fans who hope the ravens win. san francisco, way out in front. >> yeah. make sure you stay right here with us here on channel 2 for all of the continuing coverage from new orleans. our ktvu team bringing you live reports in every newscast leading up to the super bowl. on sunday night, after the game, immediately, you switch right back here to channel 2 for a live local postgame show with the fans here in the bay area and in the big easy. 7:16. happening right now, the confirmation hearing for chuck hagel. the president's pick for secretary of defense. kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom listening in on a -- listening in -- listening in on a hearing. >> reporter: we've heard from several senators over the past 45 minutes. let's take a live look at that
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hearing right now where hagel just began speaking moments ago. several other senators gave opening statements. many end med hagel for his service -- many commended hagel for his service. if confirmed, he would be the first vietnam vet to serve as secretary of defense. >> you can't read his account of his military service and not be impressed by it. >> reporter: but those against the confirmation point to several red flags. some say back in 2000, a number of senators signed a letter reaffirming their position to help israel. jim inhoff of oklahoma says hagel was one of four who would not sign the letter and pointed to his apparent willingness to negotiate with iran, something the pentagon has been against. >> too often it seems he's willing to subscribe to a worldwide view that's predicated on appeasing our add ver sayries while shunning our friend -- adversaries while
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shunning our friends. >> reporter: another thing being discussed with a global movement to eliminate nuclear weapons. hagel has written about it and support it but those against him say the u.s. would be vulnerable and that other countries would find a way to hide their nuclear weapons and use them. this hearing continues. more when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the senate is expected to approve legislation today allowing the treasury department to keep borrowing money for four more months. the house passed a bill that extends the debt ceiling through may 18th. the legislation also requires both the house and the san jose to approve budgets by april 15th or face the loss of their paychecks. the government of zimbabwe says it has own $217 left in the national treasury. this is after paying public
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workers last week. the government says it will ask the international community for financial assistance. opposition parties accuse the government of misusing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from the country's diamond sales. new this morning, syria and iran are threatening to retaliate against israel for a rare israeli air strike inside syria. u.s. officials say israel is targeting a weapons convoy when it launched the air strike. the convey was believed to be the anti-weapons headed to hezbollah militants. the concern, that would allow the militant to shoot down israeli airplanes. syria said the israeli air strikes hit a military research facility. "the new york times" now revealing for the last four months its computer system has been attacked by chinese hackers. "the times" says the hackers
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probably got in with passwords for the reporters and other employees. the attack started after publishing a story about relatives of china's prime minister amazing billions of dollars through business dealings. "the times" says it's been able to build up the security system to keep the hackers out. the border patrol often arrests people for drugs. this time it was for ipads. a border agent at a checkpoint in riverside county, checked a car when the driver and passengers looked nervous. 29 ipads were found in the trunk. all had markings from a school recently burglarized. the school got their ipads back. the suspects were arrested. salvador core says "legislating for the right of
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people of the same-sex to marry is like legalizing male breast- feeding." he urged british sit stens to oppose the upcoming -- citizens to oppose the upcoming bill for that country. we're at the end of january. >> hard to believe. >> i'm ready for some warm weather. look out the window. this is what the sky looks like in these live pictures. steve paulson's coming back. he will tell you about the weekend weather, including the forecast for super bowl sunday. an ohio woman picked you for allegedly punching her mother. the trouble does not end there. good morning. northbound 280. a lot of people using it. we'll tell you why 280 may be a better bet than 101. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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[bleep] look at this. i'm not making this up.
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this is in ohio. an angry woman kicked out the police car window. police say an officer was just about to take her out of the car when she became violent. look at her kicking the window there. some of the shattered glass actually hit that police officer. you see him shaking off it. but he wasn't hurt. here's the woman. she was allegedly picked up for allegedly punching her mother. now she faces mud charges including assaulting a police officer and vandalism. we want to check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. hopefully things are getting beter. >> a little better. 280 is slower than it usually is. some people are using that instead of 101. they've opened the lanes at northbound 101. the crash was right there where 101 -- near 237 at fair oaks.
7:27 am
the lanes are open but traffic is still recovering in this area. the traffic is -- i would still say use 280 as your alternate. the traffic time is ramping up. it was 10, 15, 20. now about 25 minutes before you make it onto the bridge itself. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a little bit of patchy fog. once it burns off, it will be good to go. temperatures starting off in the 30s. that includes part of the coast. san francisco, 48. everyone else is in the low 40s or low 30s. san jose, 40 but not far away. a little low spinning off the coast. that go gives an offshore push. sunny to mostly sunny except for a few high clouds. temperatures back in the 60s. will this hold in the weekend? we'll have that forecast in about ten minutes, tori and dave. >> thank you, steve. 7:25. a major traffic story. we've been talking about this
7:28 am
since 4:30. it's this -- traffic in sunnyvale has -- has been messed up. >> reporter: auto thefts are on the rise across alameda county, especially here in pleasonton. we've been out here talking to people about things they know they shouldn't do. >> reporter: controversial comments about gays in the locker room. we're live in new orleans where 49er chris culliver just apologized. we'll have that story coming up as "mornings on 2" continues.
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big rig crash complicating the morning commute on 101 in sunnyvale. janine de la vega is on the scene with an update and the cleanup. how is it going now, janine? >> reporter: well, all northbound lanes of highway 101 are now open. we're just south of fair oaks. these lanes just opened up in the last 25 minutes. you can see that traffic is flowing pretty good. i'm told the backup lasts almost until the san jose airport. now, this happened just before 3:00 a.m. the driver of this big rig drifted off the shoulder and crashed into about 40 feet of guardrail and a light pole. in the process, the right side of his fuel tank was punctured and spilled 20 to 30 gallons of fuel on the highway and the shoulder.
7:32 am
the chp had set up some roadblocks to closes off the lanes leading up to the fair oaks exit. the driver had minor cuts to his face. but he said he's glad no other vehicles were involved. >> i make a move to the right. so quick, like that. i lost my control over there, the shoulder there on the side. that's what happened. i look. very bad. >> reporter: the driver told me that in his 30 years of driving a big rig, he's never had an accident happen. officers tested him for dui. em passed. they don't believe he -- he passed. they don't believe he was under the influence. this has caused a huge backup on 101. this happened at 3:00 this morning. at one point, only one of the 101 lanes was open until the chp waited for caltrans to bring in work crews to clear all of the fuel into containers. back out here live, you can see
7:33 am
this is the tow truck that is going to haul the big rig away that was involved in the accident. there are still some work crews caltrans crews on the side shoulder here. there are some looky-loos who are sort of slowing do up to look at that. again, there's still a lot of wood on the side of the freeway. but hopefully, the backup that is further down on 101 will clear up. but again traffic here is flowing, at least in sunnyvale pretty good. we're hoping that the backup clears, too. reporting live from in sunnyvale, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:31. a member of the 49ers' defense was on the defensive this morning. an hour ago, ktvu was the only station that broadcast live cornerback chris culliver apologizing for some of his anti-gay comments. ken wayne is live from the team
7:34 am
hotel, the new orleans marriott. >> reporter: good morning, from the team hotel, marriott. we just wrapped up a press briefing with the players and coaching staff. you can see behind me people are starting to clear out after they've been sitting down with players at those individual tables. the man at the center of the attention this morning, chris culliver, the 49ers' cornerback who made some controversial remarks the other day saying that fays essentially are not welcomed in -- gays essentially are not welcomed in an nfl locker room. he said he would play with them on the field if they stayed in the closet. so obviously that created some shock waves around the nfl and in the media world. this is a big story outside of the super bowl experience that's going on in new orleans. we want to play you his apology that he just made. but before that, we'll hear his radio marks and what he said a few minutes ago. >> they don't got no gay people
7:35 am
on the team. they have to get out of here if they do. can't be with the sweet stuff. i'm sorry i made that comment, that i hurt anyone or made any comment that affected them, the organization, the nfl or anything like that. i'm not trying to approach any guys or -- i don't want that to be a distraction on the team for an incident like this that's caused us not good approval. >> reporter: after hearing from culliver, other players were spread around the room. i was able to approach a few players including kaepernick, michael crabtree to ask their reaction about their statements in the locker room. every player i talked to distanced themselves from the comments and said whatever a person does in their private life is up to them and they all
7:36 am
indicated they would have no problem with a gay player in the locker room. so the 49ers are trying to do a little damage control here and move on and start to focus on the big issue at hand which is playing in the super bowl and play the baltimore ravens. we'll have more comments from kaepernick and the other players throughout the day on kut. live in new orleans, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. stay tuned for continuing coverage of the super bowl. we have live reports in every newscast leading up to the big game. on sunday need, after the game, switch needly to channel 2 with fans in the bay area and the big easy. the ex-boyfriend of former 49er and raider kwame harris is speaking out about the violent incident that landed harris in jail. the "examiner" reports that demetrius geare said he's suing harris for $20,000 to $30,000
7:37 am
in medical bills. he reportedly needed surgery after harris punched him several times outside of a menlo park hospital. harris is facing felony charges. he has plead -- he has pleaded not guilty. >> reporter: the numbers show auto thefts are up in a.m. county by 47%. some things you can do to keep yourself safe and don't make yourself a target, don't leave your valuables showing in the car. we came to this parking lot in front of starbucks this morning to kind of see if people have good habits. you might be surprised at what we found. sure, we saw lots of folks locking their cars diligently. some had alarms, fancy technology, but it's the little
7:38 am
things terry peterman has a great alarm and auto theft system. if we looked in the back seat -- >> in the front seat you would see my tanning bag and my purse because i left that in there. >> reporter: see, that's probably not -- >> yeah. >> reporter: if they don't have bad habits, chances are their other half does. >> he always leaves his -- >> keys, wallet, phone on the seat. >> reporter: do you get mad at him every time? >> yes. >> i sometimes leave my purse. yes. >> reporter: on your front seat? >> yes. >> when you go in? >> yeah. nothing has happened. >> reporter: and then there are the big no-noes like leaving your car unlocked and running. we found ed hour's plan unlocked and running and ready to go when he was running in. do you do that a lot?
7:39 am
>> yes. i figure i'm gonna be warm. i come from rougher neighborhoods. >> reporter: you are not worried about it? >> not here. >> reporter: well, you should also be maybe a little nervous if you drive a honda afford because that tops december's list of the most stolen car in alameda county. now, we did just talk to a woman who said she's had her car stolen from her before years ago. we'll tell you how it has changed how she does things coming up on "mornings on 2." claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. 7:37. well, the chp will keep patrolling streets of oakland for at least the next 30 days. we still don't know if the chp will be paid, though. the chp will be helping oakland patrol free of charge but that deal expires today. the they -- they are trying to work out a new method of
7:40 am
payment. let's check in with sal. let's see where the chopper is flying. >> approaching the san mateo bridge, foster city side. we've been looking at it. newschopper2 coming up on it. you can see traffic is moving along well. when up get to the bridge, it's a little crowded, you can see the decline of the bridge coming down to foster city. but if this is your commute, i think you will like it. eastbound traffic, this is a noncommute direction. that looks well. also let's go to the maps. we had an earlier problem on northbound 101 at fair oaks. that crash is on the shoulder. there's some debris on the shoulder but the lanes are open. traffic, however, is back up all the way down to 280. it's a bad backup. 280 is the alternate. it's getting crowded into cupertino. bay bridge is backed up, about 25 minutes, 30 minutes. once you make it on the span, it looks good but you will be waiting for a while before you do that. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
7:41 am
a very good morning. we have cold readings out there. 30s. just one guy talking, you about i think january will go down as a cold, cold month. it was brutally cold for the first few weeks. the afternoon highs, the days are getting longer. the angle of the sun is getting higher. they have a little bit of an offshore component of the breeze. rainfallwise, they were very dry. it stacked up in san francisco to 49/100ths. that's the third driest january ever. records go way back to 1849. if you thought it was dry, it was. thankfully, october, new york -- november, december is where we stand now, 101% normal of san jose. you don't have to go far away to find 4, 5 inches more than that. san francisco, 102% of normal. santa rosa, 112%. any sign of any rain? yes, next thursday. until then, sunshine, warmer weather kicked in yesterday.
7:42 am
we had a couple of other 70s. if you were anywhere near the reedhill airport around 7:45 and said it's warm. it was. redding hit 70. 40s or 30s. half moon bay, 50. they were down to 39. if a breeze picks up. the temperature picks up as well. everything says sunshine except for some patchy fog. once that burns off, it will be a nice afternoon. mild to warm. for some, 60 to 70 on the high. a few upper as. 64 danville. san ramon. san lee's -- san leandro, 6 a. 68 morganhill. 72 milpitas. upper 50s or low os on the coast -- 60s on the coast. looks nice into the weekend with your weekend always in view. maybe some higher clouds coming up from the southwest sunday into monday but it's dry for a little bit there, tori. coming up on 19 minutes before 8:00.
7:43 am
super bowl spillover. how excitement over the big game is having a big impact on the 49ers stadium in santa clara. >> reporter: you've been to the apple store, right? what if you want something more? well, the expo may be the place to we. we'll talk about the products -- to be. we'll talk about some of the products -- coming up. you can't move the tv there.
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stocks are mixed. there were earnings reports that disappointed investors. consumers increased spending but at a lower rate. the dow is currently up 4. the
7:46 am
nasdaq is up 6. s&p down 7. it is 7:44. this morning, the 2013 edition of mac world opens at the moscone center in san francisco. brian flores is there. in addition to showcasing all things apple, this one features hollywood celebrities. >> reporter: good morning. i another there is a big game this weekend. i forgot the name of it. some big football game. but if you are a tech nut, this may be the place to be. the event kicks off at 9:00. it will go until february 2nd. apple is not here. they felt they were better able to market products through
7:47 am
their stores. what accessories are there that can supplement your iphone, apple computer? we've seen the latest in printers, apps, even earphones but here's more on what you can expect here at the convention. >> the blue microphone is here. that's interesting particularly. godown guitars is here. hewlett-packard is here showing air print enabled printers. sanheiser is here. polk audio is here. there's a lot of app developers. about 100 app developers. >> reporter: a lot of app developers. organizers say the event has grown to a more artistic theme as well. there are several sessions about how best to make movies or take pictures through your iphone or apple device. that's pretty much a key them. onto the celebrity news. yes. josh gad, ashton kutcher will be here coming up at 9:00.
7:48 am
they will kick off mac world i- world and will talk about their newest movie "jobs." a lot of people are expected to be here to hear what they have to say about the company. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. 7:46. an antioch teenager won rave reviews from the judges on "american idol" last night. ♪ some days i look down afraid i will fall♪ >> she sang "up to the mountain." she's a junior in concord and her performance earned her a golden ticket to hollywood. >> wow, tori. 7:46. i'm here with another -- she's not the only contestant. joining us live in the studio right now, is this beautiful
7:49 am
lady of oakland. kamaria. >> hi. >> you have a gold ticket. >> i have a golden ticket. >> to go fon "american idol." >> yes. >> you are a vocal coach, professional pack ground singer. how does it feel to win that golden ticket? >> it feels amazing to represent my city of oakland. i'm so excited i got this wonderful opportunity to sing for piece amazing people in this show. >> i don't have long to talk to you. you were auditioning in long beach. >> yes. >> what was it like going before the judges? it's a long process. you are there for a number of hours. so when you finally get the chance, there's all kinds of things running through you, the best thing, stay calmed. you are already prepared. go in and do your best. >> you think you knocked it out and all of that? >> i think i did a good job. >> i wanted you to sing there
7:50 am
are duet on tv. but there are rules -- >> all singing, you have to watch "american idol." >> and you never watched "american idol" before. >> no. i was in focused -- i was in college and focused on my studies. i never watched "american idol" before. >> now we all have a reason to watch. you have the golden ticket. >> i have the golden ticket. >> it's great to meet a future star k amaria -- kamaria. >> thank you. it's such an honor. i've been watching this news since 2. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> back to you, tori. a cliff rescue off san francisco's coast. how a woman and her dog became stuck.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:51. boy, it was scary but a woman and her dog were rescued from this cliff yesterday afternoon in san francisco. it happened in fort funston. park officials say the woman was trying to rescue her dog when she fell down about 50 feet to the beach. both were airlifted to safety. the woman was taken to the hospital. we're not sure about her condition. but park officials are warning everybody who owns a dog don't try to rescue the dog on your own. the excitement over sunday and super bowl is heavy an impact on seat sales for the team's new stadium in santa clara. 9ers report the most expensive seats in the new billion-dollar stadium are nearly sold out. those tickets for the 900 seats go for $80,000 apiece. fans get exclusive access to stand behind coach harbaugh during home games and they let dwights to see the 9ers play in the super bowl on sunday -- he
7:54 am
get to see the 9ers play in the super bowl on sunday as well. a ten-mile no-fly zone will be enforced before and during the super bowl game. the department of homeland security is urging people driving or walking to the super bowl to arrive early and prepare for lengthy checks. and a lot of people who really are not football fans at all still plan to watch the super bowl. pam cook is here about the excitement that happens in between the plays on. field. >> we're talking about the super-commercials we wait to see and talk about. ♪ >> that's me. a bear. >> tree toes will have you --
7:55 am
doritos will have you l.o.l. again. the votes are in. it's a chance for you to get your own commercial in the super bowl and to give you an idea how popular this ad campaign is, 4 million people watched the entrips on doritos -- entrips on doritos facebook page. we went onto the page. >> we're the ones speeding through the game to watch the ads. >> and this hume our catches the attention -- humor catches the attention of those watching. >> historically, we've done some wonderful commercials for budweiser. >> this year, she says it's interesting how some advertisers that have always taken the high road are actually switching places with those that usually go for sex appeal. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," i'll have more on what
7:56 am
was supposed to be the sexiest ad this year and the be controversial surrounding that and how social media has changed the strategy for everyone. tori and dave? >> all right, pam. very interesting. let's go to sal. great news about highway 101. getting better, sal. >> it's reopened. in fact, even the tv crews have been moved away. so everything is gone. even the stuff on the side of the road but 280, as you see here, is the alternate, the traffic is going to be moving along slowly as you get into the cupertino area. i would still use it. i want to show you the map. the road sensors turn red when traffic is going slower than 25 miles an hour. you see a lot of that on northbound 101 from 280 getting up in sunnyvale. even though all of the lanes were open, they were closed for a long time. that's why it will take a while for it to unwind. >> moving along taking a look at the toll plaza, that's been the other sore spot here. it's very slow out to the maze. 25 to 30-minute delay before you make it on the bridge.
7:57 am
let's go to steve. mostly clear skies. temperatures, 30s and 40s. we'll end up with sunshine, maybe a little haze around the edges and temperatures that start off cool. 48 san francisco. i've seen a lot of upert 30s not far away including pacifica, half moon bay. but high pressure is still large and in charge holding ground. it's a dry pattern until this time next week. i think next thursday we'll get some rain in here. not much but maybe something. until then it's warmer weather, kind of topped out yesterday. >> thank you, steve. an overnight bomb scare at a san francisco train station just minutes ago, we got new information from caltrain. also, developing news from a fire in sunnyvale. this one here. the officials are trying to get answers as -- we're trying to figure out why the police have marked off this area with crime scene tape.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning.
8:00 am
they had to do the -- they had to clean up the fuel before they could open these lanes. the lanes were closed from about 4:00 this morning. you see a picture there of the big rig driver there, not seriously hurt. they had quite a tough job aheadp of them -- ahead of them. use 280 to get into sunnyvale for at least the next hour. back to the desk. also early this morning, firefighters raced to a fire at a senior facility in oakland and this is the second fire at that same location in the last 11 days.
8:01 am
the electrical fire forced, haves on january 20th. caltrain has just given us new information about an overnight bomb scare. around 11:20 p.m., a conductor spotted a suspicious package on a train that was heading from san jose to san francisco. the vacant train had just pulled into the fourth and king street station. san francisco's bomb squad closed down the station and checked out the item. officers determined it was harmless. 64% waiting to board the train as it was scheduled to head back out were bussed to the 22nd street station where they caught another southbound train. 7:59. the police had to be called in before the latest -- after the latest faceoff between the owner of the redwood city marina and tenants. the boat owners are fighting with the harbor owner. she wants to sell the property to a land developer.
8:02 am
the boaters say the work crews were trying to make it impossible for them to keep their boats at the docks. one man took matters into their own hands. >> i went over here. i unplugged a power cord and i saw the end of it in the water. >> and they left? >> no. then things got a little confrontational. >> yeah, the police arrived. the crews were allowed to continue their work. four years after vanishing, oreo is back home with his family. the dog was taken to an animal shelter in san mateo. that's when vets discovered he had a microchip. information on the chip led to a happy reunion and the owners of oreo say their story is proof. that $30 is a good investment if you have an animal.
8:03 am
>> all right. one minute after 8:00. we want to check back in with sal. 101 is clear in the south bay. we have slow traffic there. we also have a lot of slow traffic in many areas. let's go and take a look at what we have, first of all, with the maps. i want to show you that northbound 101, even that crash that we've been talking about since we went on the air at 4:30 is gone. the traffic is still very slow getting into sunnyvale. it's improving a little bit now that all of the lanes are open. i wouldn't use 101. i would use 280. we're also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. another slow morning here. this is almost a 30-minute delay. it's backed up from the foot of the maze. if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland, it is beginning to get slower, passing the coliseum. northbound 880. also 580 is backing up coming around from high street area through the lakeshore curve. we have the typical slow traffic but the good news is we don't have any long delays or anything -- actually, we don't have any crashes on those two
8:04 am
freeways. it's 8:02. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, steve. good morning. clear skies. is will be sunny, nice. temperatures on the quiet tide. near 70 for a few. yesterday, reedville airport hit 70. redding hit 70. high pressure says i kind of like it here. it will close out january on a quiet note. it's a dry january. maybe a little bit of patchy fog. the warmer weather kicked in. it will still be nice as we go into the weekend. but gradually cooling off and then higher clouds coming up from sunday into monday. 30s for some, still, 40s just depending upon the location. the coldest i saw was santa rosa at 32. 51 at half moon bay. a couple of hours ago they had no breeze. it was 39. there's been some cold readings. high pressure says i'm here for a while.
8:05 am
sunny and warm. temperatures, 60 to 70 degrees for most. sunny, warm. a chilly start. it will be a nice afternoon. highs anywhere from upper 50s to near 70. it's 32 in clearlake right now, thanks to chloe, checking in, 32 and sonoma 66. 63 concord. danville, san ramon, 64. upper 60s for some. morgan hill and 68. los gatos, saratoga, upper 50s. palo alto mountain view, 68. san mateo, 65. it will be nice on freeway. still looks good. high clouds roll in and then partly sunny, partly cloudy on monday. we have new video from northwest georgia of deadly tornado damage. look at this. more than 100 homes left in pieces from yesterday's big
8:06 am
storm. a manufacturing plant was also damaged and a 51-year-old man was killed. a tree crashed into his mobile home. one family rode out the tornado in their storm shelter. they lost their house but they are still alive. >> our home's gone. and never expected to see anything like this. >> that powerful storm system also hit several hour southeastern states before it started, heading north. 8:04. we have developing news back here at home. now we know that a woman died in a fatal overnight fire in sunnyvale. it happened in the plaza del ray development off tasman drive. tara moriarty has been on this for several hours, you've confirmed that a woman has died. you confirmed that about 30 minutes ago. you also found out that a man was rescued from that burning house. >> reporter: yeah. this was a pretty dramatic scene. late last night, and what we
8:07 am
understand, the man and woman were sleeping inside. the neighbor said the smoke alarms went off, but no one was waking up. the man did make it okay. but the woman did not. it all happened around 11:30 here at this house. a man walking in the mobile home park here near north fair oaks and highway 101, saw the smoke. he knocked on the door trying to wake up the people inside. neighbors say it was a very chaotic scene with flames shooting out of the bedroom windows. >> we woke up to -- to hearing the sirens and all of a sudden they start to clean up the street. debbie and i got curious. we got up and looked out the front door. next thing we know, we saw flames. they were as tall as the tree. 30, 50 feet high. >> reporter: now, the first emergency personnel to arrive on scene helped save the man inside. >> the officer came to the door, saw him inside the front portion, kind of dazed and went
8:08 am
inside and pulled him out. >> reporter: now, again, the woman did not survive. we are told that the pair is not a couple but that the woman owned the home here and the man may have been renting a room from her. now, fire investigators are on scene right now. they are trying to determine what sparked the fire. right now they say it's not suspicious. they have a bunch of crime scene tape up here but they say this is not a crime scene. they needed enough space to bring in all of the vehicles. we'll keep you updated if we receive any more information throughout the morning. live from nun -- live from sunnyvale, ktvu channel 2 news, tara moriarty. >> thank you. it's been 24 years since an east bay girl vanished while walking from her middle school to ice skating practice. ♪ >> last night family members and friends of ilene misheloff
8:09 am
attended a and candlelight vigil. 200 people trekked the route the day she disappeared. many took part in a somer event. >> we have a daughter a few years older than eileen. i can't imagine what she's going through. don't want to, really. >> dublin police say they get tips every year after this candlelight march and vigil. however, there are still no strong leads. san francisco's police chief is providing new information about another missing child case making news. on tuesday, investigators searched a home near masonic and haight. that moment is near the bus -- home is near the bus stop where 10-year-old kevin collins was last seen. police chief greg suhr said the home was targeted because the person who lived there was once a potential suspect. that man has since died. a late stab is testing bones.
8:10 am
early indications say those bones are from an animal. developing news from midland city, alabama. craig was belle is live to let us know what's happening with this kidnapping and some details about the suspect. >> reporter: good morning. i can show you what's been going on. a couple of sheriff deputies, helicopters have arrive. there's another vehicle on the scene. a lot of activity coming and going. more than we've seen in the last 12, 14 hours. midland city, the town of about 2300 people solely focused on one thing right now. that's the safe release and the safe return of a little boy who is being held hostage in a momentmade bunker. negotiators are working around the clock trying to get the suspect identified by neighbors as jimmy lee dykes to release the young boy he allegedly took off a dale county school bus
8:11 am
tuesday afternoon. the suspect walked onto the bus looking for two boys, shot the bus driver and took one of those boys to a bunker on his property. some can't believe this could happen in their small town. >> it's a terrible thing. you would not think anything like this would happen, especially around here. i guess bad things happen everywhere. >> reporter: if is say they are not surprised -- neighbors say they are not surprised by his actions. they say there have been a number of run-ins with him since moving in a year ago. in fact, the suspect was due in court on wednesday on charges of menacing his neighbors with a gun. >> my house is in the line of fire. >> reporter: police believe the boy is in good shape. the bunker is equipped with a tv and they were able to get him medicine after his captor agreed to it. and they the town is -- and the town here is focused on the bus
8:12 am
driver and certainly prayers that the child will be released. >> any word on a motive? >> reporter: that's the unanswerable question at this point. i asked the sheriff that this morning, why, what motive do we have? he says he doesn't know and basically couldn't or wouldn't answer any other questions about this right now. >> all right. >> thank you. 8:10. well, there is a new way aimed at preventing binge drinking. ♪ the hot video tribute to the 49ers tearing up youtube in the runup for the super bowl. ♪ [ announcer 1 ] today's business travel challenge: change fee-asco. the other airlines versus southwest. and they're off! let's see what today has in store.
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he's onboard with no change fees.
8:15 am
ending january with a lot of sunshine. temperatures will be warming today. a little bit of patchy fog out there. overall dry pattern until maybe next week. thank you, steve. it's 8:13. 49er fans are lighting up youtube with tributes to their team, even the pint-sized fans are getting into it. ♪ >> how cute is she? that's 6-year-old sara redden sporting colin kaepernick's tattoo in a video called "god
8:16 am
rush --" gold rush ." the nfl is playing hard with counterfeiters. the league is teaming one uncle sam to crack down on faked -- fake merchandise. coming up in 15 minutes, the results of operation red zone. new this morning, the 49ers star responding to a team's remarks about gays in the locker room. and the nfl is remembering the young victims of the connecticut school shooting last month. 26 students and staff were killed in the massacre in december. now 26 survivors will held to the super bowl to sing "america the beautiful." they will perform before aleer shaw keys sings "the national anthem." the senate armed forces committee, still questioning chuck hagel during his confirmation hearing. hagel is nominated to replace
8:17 am
leon panetta as secretary of defense. ktvu's kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom. hagel has been taking some heat. kyla? >> reporter: several senators have called on hagel to answer to red flags from his past. we're taking a live look at the hearing right now where hagel has been answering questions. hagel earlier laid out his four main goals if he is confirmed as secretary of defense. he wants to establish a good relationship with the afghan government and people as we pull troops out of the country. he wants to put pressure on terrorist organizations. he would keep iran from obtaining nuclear weapons while modernizing our weaponry. tom critics don't think he will be tough enough on iran.
8:18 am
>> senator, i have a difficult enough time with politics. >> reporter: hagel said he would look out for israel, the u.s. ally, and would support sanctions against iran's nuclear program. the questions continue coming in for hagel this hour. meanwhile, supporters of his say they believe he would be good as secretary of defense because military personnel would respect him as their leader. he's a vietnam war vet. we'll have much more on this throughout the day, live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. well, president obama wants immigration reform to be completed within six months. in interviews with two spanish language tv networks, the president said the latino voter turnout in the november election is the driving factor making republicans more open to an immigration bill.
8:19 am
the president won 71% of the latino vote compared to mitt. there romney. a survey by the public policy institutes shows that 76% illegal immigrants should keep their jobs and eventually get legal residency. only 21% think they should be deported. there are more than 2 million illegal immigrants living here in california. 8:17. authorities in new jersey collected 2600 weapons during a two-day state sponsored gun buyback program. among the items turned in were illegal semi-automatic rifles, sawed-off shot guns and even a rocket launchers. oh,ers onerred -- organizers offered money per weapon. they ran out of money and had to give out $100,000 worth of
8:20 am
iou vouchers. marin county has come up with a way to cover their tabs for dozens of people turning in their weapons for cash. the program was so successful, organizers had to give out $30 hurricane in vouchers. the county -- $30,000 in vouchers. the county has to dip into its safety net fund to pay the vouchers. 100 factories are now shut down, a third of the government's vehicles were told to get off the roads. the visibility is so bad, more than 100 flights have been canceled. the american ambassador says its monitors -- embassy says the mon -- the monitors are off the scale. some people are bying canned air. it looks just like a soda can but instead of soda it's filled
8:21 am
with air. the chinese man who came up with this says it's a scam. but if this is not fixed, people will have to wear gas masks to walk the streets. a specially-equipped nasa aircraft will fly over the bay area today and on friday. it will be hovering as low as 1,000 feet collecting air particles samples. the air quality district says that will protect our health by improving the pollution forecast. 8:19. stanford is testing out a new idea to promote safe drinking on campus. the standard daily reports fraternities an sororities received these red cups from the university's office of alcohol policy and education. the plastic cups are marked with black lines making it easier to measure the standard serving size for beer, wine and hard liquor. the goal is to reduce the number of alcohol-related trips to the hospital which have
8:22 am
reportedly increased over the past few years. medical researchers have found another reason not to binge drink. doctors in new york say regularly having four or five drinks in one city can contribute to type ii diabetes. binge drinking can interfere with the part of the brain that controls insulin regulation. they add the effects of alcohol are separate from possible wait gabe caused by drinking. and working before you eat breakfast may help you burn more body fat. researchers in the u.k. followed ten men who worked out on a treadmill in the morning. some did not eat before they worked ut 0. others had a -- worked out. others had a normal breakfast. they say those who did not eat
8:23 am
breakfast lost less weight. what jurors told a judge after few days of deliberations in a case. and steve paulson will be back and he will tell us if things will warm up for super bowl weekend. good morning. westbound highway 4. we've had some improvement here. contra costa here. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay forecast. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
8:24 am
of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:26 am
of a reaching an impasse, a san francisco jury will try again to reach a verdict in a retrial of a former crime lab technician. deborah madden is accused of stealing small amounts of cocaine from the police department's crime lab in 2009. her first trial last october ended in a hung jury. yesterday, jurors told a judge, they, too, were at an impasse but they are expected to resume deliberations today. 8:24. foul play has been ruled out in the weekend fire at a solano county comedy club. a million dollars damage was caused to pepper belly's comedy theater friday night. luckily, nobody was hurt. investigators say the fire started in the attic and it was ruled an accident. but the investigation continues. 8:24. want to check in with sal. see what's happening at the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:27 am
>> it's slow. there is a crash getting to it. west 80 from 880, there is a crash there as well. if you are going to the bay bridge, if you are coming on northbound 880 to westbound 80, there is a crash on that ramp. it's going to be causing a little bit of a he do lay. the back up -- a little ditt of a delay. the backup is getting better. the morning commute is going to be a little bit slow on northbound 101 central freeway. but the rest of the freeway northbound 101 looks good. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 101 is still busy from problems in sunnyvale. it's backed up to sunnyvale because of an earlier problem. but commute time drive time, 36 minutes from 238 to mowry avenue. a good area to avoid is union city, the corner of rockland drive at union city boulevard. there is an injury accident at that location. 8:25. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you, sir. clear skies, patchy fog. cold this morning. january, i think, was cold. i just got my pg&e pill and that confirms it, dave. if you have received yours
8:28 am
like, you are like wow! we end up with 60 to near 70. a little slow heading away from the coast. that gives us an offshore breeze. high pressure inland. that low off the coast. it's a dry pattern until maybe next week this time. that's the sign of the rain. warmer trend kicked in yesterday. it will be a slow decline. it will be nice into your weekend. a lot of 60s to near 70 today, dave. >> all right, steve. 8:26. cracking down on fake football fear. the joint operation between the national football league and the feds. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
8:29 am
isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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8:31 am
8:29. let's go back to talking about the super bowl. two hours ago, ktvu was the only station that showed you live defensive back chris culliver apologizing for anti- gay remarks made on a radio show. >> it's something that i feel apologetic to. i'm sorry i made that comment or hurt anyone that made a comment that might affect them, the organization, the nfl, anything like that. >> now, culliver says he's sorry for what he said. he doesn't want to distract the team from winning the super bowl. >> i think the questioning was pretty loosey-goosey before that. i think it kind of caught him in a vulnerable moment, just talking off the cuff. it's unfortunate that happened. >> justin smith defending his teammate. smith says culliver was put in that tough spot and culliver
8:32 am
has the support of everyone on the team. the nfl is playing hard ball with counterfeiters. right now, a news conference is underway. ken wayne is there finding out how the league is teaming up with the federal government to crack down on counterfeit merchandise. now, again, ken wayne is at that news conference and he will get all of the information and come back and give us a live report as soon as that news conference is over. 8:30. well, this morning, a judge will hear arguments in a lawsuit that involves a huge bay area pot club and the federal government. the harborside health center is fighting the justice department's efforts to close the medical marijuana complex in east oakland. >> the feds are claiming the $22 million a year pot club is violating the national law banning marijuana distribution. this case is one of male legal battles that hits the -- that pitts the federal government with legal marijuana operations here in california.
8:33 am
a sheriff's deputy has died following a motorcycle crash in burlingame. the motorcycle and the car collided on tuesday at el camino real and bellevue avenue. san mateo county sheriff's office retirees report the victim was eric myrtle. the woman driving the car was not hurt or arrested. the crash is being investigated. a high school teacher in georgia is accused of having sex with seven students. prosecutors have charged 32- year-old donita wilson with seven counts of sexual assault. authorities say six of the alleged victims are 16 years old. the youngest is 15. police arrested the math teacher on tuesday. she's been suspended from her job at charleton county high school. if you own a car in a.m. county, new crime sta -- if you own a car in alameda county, some new crime status --
8:34 am
statistics may make you think. claudine wong has more. >> reporter: these numbers are up. if you take a look at this column, you can see pretty much double-digit increases, kind of across the board. if you are looking at the county, an increase. when you are talking about mass vehicles stolen, oakland tops the list with 6,000 vehicles stolen just in 2012. we've been out here in the parking lot all morning. kind of watching people. a lot of people are pretty diligent. most have the remotes to lock their cars, make sure their valuables are safe. some say they don't worry because nothing has ever happened to them. we talked to one woman who said it just takes one time to make you more alert about security. >> i did have a car stolen years ago. it was an older -- it was an older van. i don't know if i locked it as often because it was an older car. >> reporter: lesson learned.
8:35 am
>> you have to take care of your property and be responsible as a sit accident for that -- citizen for that. the rule of thumb, keep your valuables stucked away. never leave it running to run into starbucks. we saw a couple of people doing that today. >> i have a lock. i use it. >> reporter: the task force has posted pictures on their facebook of guys they think are behind the thefts. honda accords and civics topping the list as the most popular stolen cars in alameda county. while some of the stolen vehicles are taken to the chop shops. police say a lot of the times the bad guys are using your car to get from point a to point b. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, claudine. 8:33. the city of san francisco, cracking down on the academy of art. the for-prof art school is one of the biggest landowners in
8:36 am
the city. the city says they've violated loss. now they have issued $26,000 fines and are threatening to pose daily fines if the school does not start to obey the deadlines. one of those compliance deadlines is today. copper thieves hit the soccer park again. they stole about a half-mile of copper wiring and caused about $10,000 of damage. the theft was discovered two weeks ago. that very same soccer park was targeted in 2008 and prompted the city to install locks. but somehow those thieves got in again. 8:34. san mateo county superior court will eliminate jobs and close courtrooms because of state budget cuts. the county manager's office tells ktvu five court commissioner positions will be cut, 16 to 21 staff positions will be cut.
8:37 am
five courtrooms will be closed and most court services in south san francisco, in san mateo will be suspended. this could happen as soon as july. 8:35. let's get sal back here. everybody behaving in oakland. >> i would say so. although it's getting clouded. dave and tori -- crowded. dave and tori, northbound 880 connector ramp to westbound 80, there is a crash being cleared. also we had some b.a.r.t. delays. b.a.r.t. is still having a number of delays because of equipment problems. so check -- if you actually follow the schedule, you might be delayed on some lines. bay bridge backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute delay. 101 has been a problem all morning long in san jose. we had an earlier accident in sunnyvale. 101 is still very slow trying to get into sunnyvale. we're going on an hour of clearing time here. still gonna have to unwind. 280 is slow as people are using
8:38 am
that as an alternate. >> steve? >> sal? >> i'm happy to report, i think twitter is working again. >> i know. >> when it goes down, it's like -- >> people get cranky, don't they? >> yes. thank you. we have hardly any breeze whatsoever. kind of an offshore breeze. that will help some. but really some locations, a built of fogg and i don't think the next rain shows up until a week from today. a week from today, i think so. something will break. we've had very quiet january rainwise. it's a quiet week. the days are nice. you get the false sense of security here. you get to 70 degrees. it will be another nice day today. it's still a little too early. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. 51 in half moon bay. santa rosa the coldest i've seen. there are a lot of cold numbers. everything stays to the north. high pressure planted here. all of the imclement weather has been going on in the deep
8:39 am
south and until that pattern breaks down a little bit, i think the weather stays the same. there's hints of it about 10 to 15 days out. sunny and warm. a little bit of an offshore component to the breeze. that's a land sea breeze. that does mean temperatures warm up for a few. sunny and warm for the last day of january. but a cold start. some patchy fog, it will be a nice afternoon. 70 clearlake, 32 this morning for a low. 65 kentfield, sonoma is in there. 67 downtown oakland. a little cooler out towards antioch, oakland. pleasanton, 65. 70 milpitas. it was 70 degrees. reedhill view airport. it will be close for a few. santa clara at 68. palo aim toe, mountain view, up -- aim toe, mountain view, upper -- palo alto, mountain view. nice conditions for friday.
8:40 am
a few high clouds roll in sunday from the southwest. so partly cloudy, partly sunny on monday. 8:38. three suspects in the home invasion robbery in san jose are due in court. they are facing charges of false imprisonment, assault with a weaponly weapon, kidnapping. police say they 0 be -- they rob a home and drove off in the victims cars. one suspect is james palmerson. he made headlines four years ago as a 14-year-old runaway. police say palmerson and his 13- year-old girlfriend stole his grandparents' car. this video shows the two of them at an a.t.p. while on the run. police -- atm while on the run. police found them this ashe -- found them in a sub of denver three days later. they were -- suburb of denver
8:41 am
three days later. they were found safe, though. the nfl is cracking down on counterfeit fear and ken wayne is live in new orleans with the nationwide crackdown. >> reporter: we're live on the second floor of the new orleans center where the director of immigration, customs and and enforcement has just wrapped up a news conference describing the seat chur of counterfeit goods. it's called "operation red zone." it, tad warehouses, stores, flea markets and on-line vendors and other souvenirs. 160,000 different counterfeit nfl items were seized in recent weeks. all of this adding up to a total worth $13.6 million. >> we're out there. this is a full-on fight.
8:42 am
we're gonna stay at it and put people in jail and take websites and take people's illegal profits and make sure that this is all protected as much as possibly can be done. >> reporter: the director also talked about fake websites that are selling counterfeit merchandise online and how difficult it can be for some consumers to tell the difference between a legitimate website selling authorized nfl items and a fake website. he said that many of these fake websites are operated overseas. but look remarkably similar to the legitimate website. so buyer beware. you should do research, especially -- you can see pictures of some of the legitimate and wake websites side by side and you can see how difficult it can be to tell
8:43 am
the difference between real moisture material and fake counterfeit nfl material. live in new orleans, ken wayne, new orleans. >> stay with us for continuing coverage from new orleans. our ktvu team is bringing you live reports in every newscast leading up to the super bowl and on sunday night, after the game, switch to ktvu channel 2 for a live local postgame show with fans in the bay area as wellals the big easy. 8:41. just hours ago a sunnyvale police officer kicked in a door to save a man from a burning house. but this story still has a saddening. we have new pictures and new information just ahead. breaking his silence. what the suspected masterminds of the manti te'o hoax is saying about the phony pins dent. >> reporter: and we're live at
8:44 am
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4. investors are also reacting to new jobless claims numbers. the number of americans filing for first-time unemployment insurance jumped last week. 368,000 filed for jobless benefits. that's up 38,000 from the week before. but that is still within the range that indicates moderate hiring continues. this morning, the 2013 edition of mac world opens at the moscone center in san francisco. brian flores is there and he says in addition to showcasing all things apple this year's mac world features hollywood celebrities. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. we'll talk about the celebrities in just a moment. but if you are a tech geek or a tech nut like these -- by the way, i got my media pass -- this is the place to be for the 29th annual expo. just a little preview there. the event kicks off today at
8:48 am
9:00. a lot of people starting to filter their way in here. the event will go until saturday, february 2nd. a lot of different apple vendors here. but for those that are new like me, apple is not here. organizers say they pulled out of the show a few years ago because the company felt it was better to market their products through other stores. organizers say the mac world expo is here to answer the question. what's next after you leave the apple store? what accessories are available that can supplement your ipad, your iphone or apple computer? there are 250 vendors here to help answer that question. they are offering the latest in tic in printer, apps even ear bugs. here's more on what you can expect. >> the blue microphone is here. godan is here, hewlett-packard is showing air print enabled printers. senheiser is here. polk audio is here. boy, there's a lot of app
8:49 am
developers. about 100 of em them. >> reporter: organizers say the event has changed. it's grown to a more artist tick team. there's ways to how to make better movies and the other hot topic, select sitings. ashton kutcher promoting "jobs." ashton will be playing steve jobs in this movie. at 11:00, artists will i am will be talking about the future of technology as well. a very excite being weekend for apple enthusiasts out there. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:47. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. in sunnyvale, a big crash and fuel spill has been cleared on northbound 1011 at fair oaks. it happened about 3:00 this
8:50 am
morning. the truck driver said he kit -- said he hit the guardrail. sal says traffic in that area is still slow. a three-day-old standoff continues in dale county, alabama. police say a retired truck driver is still holding a little boy hostage. authorities say the suspect kidnapped the boy from a school bus after fatally shooting the school bus driver. the motive is still not clear. back here at home, an overnight house fire in sunnyvale was a fatal one. ktvu's tara moriarty has been at the scene for hours talking to the police, talking to witnesses and tara, you also have new pictures. >> reporter: s that right. we understand that a patrol officer was able to get inside the home and rescue a man who was trapped inside. a woman, however, did not make it out of the house okay. we just received a brand-new photo from a neighbor that shows the enormity of the flames. this all happened around 11:30 last night. a man walking through the mobile home park says that
8:51 am
flames were shooting out of the back windows of the home up past the trees and smoke was pouring from the house. he says the alarms were going off but no one was waking up. he knocked on the door. no one answered. he called 911. a patrol officer was the first to arrive and he noticed a man was walking around dazed by the smoke fumes. >> they went into a rescue mode. there was one person rescued out, a male occupant. and then as the -- as they knocked down the fire, they found a female resident in the back bedroom of. >> reporter: now the woman who we are told is in her 50s did not survive. the police told us that the pear was not a couple but neighbors say they were for years and living here in the park near north fair oaks and highway 101. officers are checking on his condition right now. they are in the sure if he suffered smoke inhalation but he's expected to be okay. now, you are taking a look at is investigators right now.
8:52 am
this man has been taking pictures inside of the scene here where we believe the fire started. we're told by neighbors that this is a bathroom and that the woman was a heavy smoker. she smoked four to six packs away according to them. she had a recliner, tv set up in this bathroom where she used to smoke all of the time, they said. fire investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire. they are zeroing in on that bathroom that she called the smoke room. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. there are new details on a highly dubly sized scandal. the alleged mastermind in the manti te'o hoax is breaking his silence. he said he came up with the hoax to build a romantic relationship with the football star. the young man said he pretended to be day yo's girlfriend for months communicating on the phone and through social media.
8:53 am
he also said the football star had nothing to do with the hoax. 8:51. a recall in santa clara county of more than 1,000 pounds of meat. the company, san jose veal, said the recalled veal may be contaminated with e. coli. so far no illnesses have been reported. you can see a list of the recalled shipments at look under the hot topickics in the middle of the -- topics in the middle of the page. the 2012 wine market was brutally competitive. america shipped up to 02% more wine last -- 2% more wine. that's up from the year before. foreign wineries now own 38% of all wine sales in the u.s. argentina, chile and australia were the biggest bulk wine
8:54 am
importers. the grounding of the dreamliner jets has already caused air shaw's biggest airline more than $15 million. nippon says that's how much it has last because of candled boeing 787 flights. ana has no way to know how much it will lose in total. that's because no one knows when the flights will resume. the airline says at least for now the 787 remains a big part of its growth strategy. you want to see the super bowl? but a lot of people watched the game just to see shows -- watch the game just to see those commercials. hang on. ktvu's pam cook will give us a sneak peek at some of the commercials you will see this sunday. and the commute on northbound 280, a little bit slow here still getting into the valley, we'll tell you what's causing it and why 101 is not 5 good option. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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8:55. a lot of people who are not really football fans, they watched the super bowl just to see those -- they watch the super bowl just to see those commercials. pam cook went out to a big agency in san francisco and you talked about what sells. >> yes. they are known for got milk and the bud wisers commercials, the creator there say -- the creators there say humor is king. >> that's me.
8:58 am
>> doritos, once again, my editor and i were laughing out loud watching these. 4million people weighed in on facebook and voted on the best. more proof that social media is changing everything. >> that's so instantaneous. some people are on twitter, facebook, kind of giving their opinions. >> they will have to evolve their way of testing in the future. because they have the small panel and social media has the whole world. >> surprises this year? well, she says mercedes, getting a lot of attention for enter, the godaddy or carl's junior near re that sex sales. the luxury carmaker ditched the upscale approach for kate upton washing a car in slow motion.
8:59 am
however, what was shown was not what you will see on sunday. the other ad getting a lot of attention and controversy is volkswagen for its get happy ad featuring a white guy with a jamaican accent thanks to his car and new attitude on life. some say it's race its. and i just heard the prime minister of that country said it happens into their hospitality. >> okay. we'll be watching the commercials carefully. >> let's check in with steve for one more look at the forecast. steve? >> i'm here, tori. >> yes, i know you are. >> clear skies out there. it was cold this morning. it will be sunny and nice again. thursday, friday, probably most of saturday. sunday, higher clouds. monday, partly cloudy. the next sign of rain would be this time next week. >> all right. >> okay. that's our report for this morning. thank you for


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