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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 31, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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i've come around on the kale chips, i like them. >> they are good. >> anderson: also here is a picture of macy who is up for adoption. go to and jane velez-mitchell weeknights 7:00 p.m. on hln. tomorrow, stacy london is my co-host. a family reunited with their dog who disappeared four years ago. how the pooch was found. the health department investigates a bay area deli after dozens come down with the norovirus. and the 49er players who made anti-gay comments now speaking out -- at noon. ao
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sort of the fact that a cluster of them all got sick, they sort of associated it with that food. >> 50 people sickened by the norovirus, how it was all linked to a bay area deli. garn. i'm tori campbell. -- good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. a east bay deli is shut down after people got sick. claudine wong tells us what we've learned about the outbreak and how it's spread. >> reporter: yes, the health department now says there were 50 people sickened by the norovirus. two people that worked at this deli and 48 people that went to an event that was catered by the deli. now the deli is back open right now, the health department has given it the green light. but both the department and the owners of that deli agree there are lessons from this that everyone can learn from. the north park deli was back in
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business this morning, much to the relief of regular customers like kristin anderson who tried to come here yesterday. >> i wanted to come in and get one of their really good burritos and they were closed. kind of a bummer. >> reporter: you ex-- you are excited to see it back open? >> yes. >> reporter: ktvu had the only camera there after the health department gave the all clear. >> they have to throw out all of the food that was open and then really a deep cleaning of all kitchen surfaces. >> reporter: all of this started on friday, when an employee showed up to work sick. the owner johnny kim said they had no idea how they sick were. >> they didn't mention anything to us. food safetywise we have an impeccable record. >> reporter: it turns out two employees had norovirus. when the delicaterred that night, 48 people also got sick.
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so on monday, the health department was alerted. >> case closed. they are back open. they were very cooperative. they are probably the safest place to eat right now. >> reporter: as this family- owned business tried to get back to work, they say employees, employers the industry should learn from this. kim says clearly working through illness no longer works and he says he never wants to face something like this again, nor do his customers. >> the norovirus is going around. it's not anything to be too concerned. the health department did a very, very thorough cleaning. it's probably very, very sanitized. i'm not too worried about it. >> reporter: the health department says it's important to remember that norovirus is easy to spread and tough to get rid of it. it can live on surfaces for weeks unless those surfaces are properly cleaned. if you have it on you, the only thing that will get rid of that
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virus is good old soap and water, not that antibacterial soap. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news out of atlanta, georgia. this is a live picture of a middle school in atlanta, where we understand a student has been shot. the school is price middle school. the student has been taken to the hospital. at this point, there's no word on his or her condition. not sure but it looks like some of those black vehicles down there in the roundabout may be some police vehicles or official vehicles. but at this point we don't see any other activity. there have been reports of police activity as this school. sources tell our sister station in atlanta that police have a person in custody. we're also told that one teacher was injured but not shot. again, this, breaking news, just coming in from atlanta, georgia. one person shot at a middle school. a teacher also injured.
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if we get more information on this story, we'll bring it to you. a 49er player is speaking out after his controversial comments about gays and football. joe fonzi joins us with more on the comments by chris culliver? >> reporter: we talked about how the super bowl is about fun and games in theory. but it never fails that a serious news story or two breaks out. that was the case yesterday when chris culliver, his anti- gay comments that he made went viral. this was the last day for the 49ers to address the media. as you might expect, there was a huge throng around culliver's table. he didn't duck the issue. he addressed it but his words today were very different from the ones he had previously said. >> that i'm sorry i offended anyone. very ugly comments. that's not what i feel in my heart. hopefully i can learn and grow
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from this experience in this situation. and that i love san francisco. anybody has any entitlement to what they want to believe or do. >> reporter: culliver's teammates weighed in on a day that they would have much preferred have been talking about football. >> i don't believe there's malice in his heart. he's not that kind of person. he's not a -- he's not an ugly person. he's not a discriminating person. >> whatever you are into, that's you. everybody is into something different. if you can play football, you are welcome in our locker room. >> he wants to grow,ed a learn from the lbgt community. now it's up to us to treat that with insensitivity and intolerance and say no, he doesn't have that opportunity or you can take him at his word. >> reporter: well, jed york described how this was a learning experience for
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everyone. you can bet that chris culliver has already learned a from it. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the nfl and federal agents this morning touted their efforts to crack down on fake nfl merchandise. they say a crackdown called "operation red zone" seized a record $13.6 million worth of counterfeit items such as jerseys, caps and t-shirts this season. officials say the internet makes enforcement tougher because people can now buy fakes online from other countries at a fraction of what the official nfl items sell for. we're out there. this is a full-on fight. we're gonna stay at it and put people in jail and take websites and take people's illegal profits and make sure that american innovation is protected as much as can possibly be done. >> the nfl and federal government say agents are out in force at the super bowl in new orleans seizing counterfeit nfl gear and making arrests.
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stay with us for continuing coverage from new orleans our team is bringing you live reports from the big easy in every newscast leading up to the super bowl. and on sunday night, after the game, switch to channel 2 for a live local postgame show with fans in the bay area and new orleans. new information this noontime, an ex-game's athlete who suffered a devastating injury last week has died. free-style snow moeller -- snowmobiler moore died. doctors discovered a concussion at first and then discovered bleeding around his heart. his death is the first in the 18-year history of the games. his family said they are grateful for prayers and supports they've received from all around the world. icy roads is being blamed
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for a deadly pileup. authorities say at least two dozen vehicles, including big rigs, were involved. the detroit free press reports at least four people died including three children, 20 others were taken to hospitals. at last check, the freeway was shut down as authorities cleared the pileup. a big rig driver says he's luggie to be -- lucky to be alive an after early-morning crash in the south bay. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. near northbound 101. the big rig driver said he hit the guardrail and the light pole after being cut off from another driver. >> he cut me off and i move to the right and -- so quick, like that, i lost my control over the shoulder there on the side. that's what happened. i look and i see -- that was very bad. >> about 30 gallons of fuel spilled onto the freeway. that took several hours to clean up. the driver had minor cuts to his face you about no one else
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was hurt. the chp says they do not believe alcohol was a factor all lanes of the freeway reopened around 8:00 a.m. a busy santa rosa parkway reopened within the past hour after being shut down for hours by a pool chemical spill. it happened about 8:00 a.m. on fountain grove parkway between mendocino avenue. fire officials say some liquid and powdered pool chemicals fell off the back of a truck, mixed together and formed a vapor cloud. witnesses say the truck driver tried to clean up the spill but appeared to be overcome by the fumes and drove off. another driver reportedly fell ill. a santa rosa fire hazmat team cleaned up the spill and reopened the road about 30 minutes ago. police in the east bay with warning car owners about an alarming increase in the number of auto thefts. they are advising car owners to take precautions. according to a california highway patrol task force, there were 12,622 you a though
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thefts in alameda county -- auto thefts in alameda county last year. that's up 17% from the year before. pleasant tonight, thefts were up 47%. police are telling auto owners to help prevent thefts and break-ins by removing keys, locking doors and not leaving valuables in plain sight. >> i think the rule of thumb is keep your valuables tucked away. >> i always lock my car with my keys. so that works usually. >> the chp task force says the honda accord was the hottest car, it was the most stolen model last year. protests are taking place this noontime at university of california campuses statewide over outgoing uc president mark yudof's compensation pack average. after five years on the job, he's evlooing the position and will teach law at uc berkeley.
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protesters are upset that yudof will receive a $230,000 annual pension. they want uc regents to cut expect pay and pensions before considering more tuition hikes and cuts to staffing or worker benefits. >> reporter: mac world 2013. find out why people keep coming back to this event even though one of the main players pulled out years ago. and mark tamayo will have your weekend forecast coming up. and after losing the family dog four years ago, a palo alto family gets a big surprise.
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macworld is now underway in san francisco where all things apple are on display. ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from the moscone center. must be heaven for computer geeks like you, sal. >> reporter: this is the first day of the three-day conference. this is the three-day conference for people interested in mac products, tech and mac products, to be precise. let's show you video. in the main exhibit hall you see new products, everything from phone covers to brand-new apps. many companies unveil new
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products here hoping to get the attention of the tech media. organizers of the event say companies big and small come and are here to display new wares to prospective clients. >> hewlett-packard is showing air print printers. polk audio is here. senheiser is. there's a lot of app developers. about 100 of them. >> reporter: organizers say the trade show has survived in stride after apple pulled out. it seems strange to have macworld without apple. but apple unveiled their first i'm phone here in 2007. now it says it prefers to stage its own events. that has not stopped the trade show from attracting people from all over the world and also from the bay area, both young and old. >> i work for a web contacting company and it is really interesting to see all of these
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apps and how they built it up to be strong. >> i brought it here in a -- in a papoose. he was about this tall. >> reporter: he's off to a good start. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: actor ashton kutcher spoke. he spoke about what it was like to play steve jobs in the upcoming movie about the iconic tech giant. this event will continue until saturday. there are more celebrities set to arrive but this is the first day a lot of people are here and certainly it is a well- attended event. live in san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. san francisco is on the verge of finding one of the city's biggest property owners. the academy of art has been out of compliance with land use laws for at least seven years. this is according to the city's planning department. san francisco cited the for- profit art school and could sue
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if the academy does not meet compliance deadlines including one today. investigators are getting closer to finding the cause of a fatal fire in sunnyvale. it started at 11:30 last night in a mod u -- modular home neighborhood. a manned and a woman in her 50s lived in the home that burned. the woman was found dead in the back room. neighbors showed the picture of the home on fire. >> looked out the front door, we saw smoke. we saw flames. they were as tall as the tree. 30, 50 feet high. >> and officer on patrol saw a man walking around in a daze inside the smoke--filled home and pulled him -- smoke-filled home. neighbors say the woman smoked several packs of cigarettes a day and had a fire in the back of the house -- and had a room in the back of the house. and that's where the fire
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department believes the fire started. a lot of dog after four years found his way home. >> we saw him as he was a puppy. >> reporter: this is oreo, a sweet, mellow boston terrier. his hip is broken. his kneecap is dislocated. right now, none of that matters to his owner, larry groemelly. she's just happy to have him back. he lost his wife to cancers last year and thought he lost other rio after the dog slipped out of his yard as a puppy. but on tuesday, someone saw him around a storage facility. >> there's 7 million people in the bay area. the dog's been gone for four years. >> reporter: oreo was brought into the humane society where workers discovered he had a microchip. that's how they got in touch with the owner. the two were reunited yesterday. >> he came right up to me.
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he -- he felt like he was home. >> reporter: oreo is at alta view animal where a vet is caring for him. he believes somebody had been caring for other rio all of these years until the -- oreo all of the years until the accident happened. >> most likely a car hit him about two months ago, we're thinking and then probably whoever had him couldn't take care of him and probably let him go. >> reporter: oreo will be going through surgery today to repair his hip and knee and will be going through several weeks of physical therapy. the vet expects him to recover and have full use of his right hind leg, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. ,. another day, full sunshine across the bay area. just a great way to go out for a walk or spend some time outside. temperatures have been warming up. here's our beautiful camera. wouldn't it be neat to be on the boats with calm winds right now and a little bit of haze. air quality has been coming
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down with the stable weather pattern. you can see the clear skies. there is a fog bank offshore, but over the bay still a lot of sunshine. temperatures have been recovering after a cool start from this morning. here is a look at some of the current numbers. just updated for the 12:00 hour and half moon bay was right about 60. san francisco, 58 degrees. livermore, 59 and san jose at the airport in the upper 50s, 57. as far as january, unless we have a renny gate storm over the -- renegade storm over the next month, we will have the third driest for january. january 2013 will be the third driest. that goes back to january 1850. the records started in 1849, in july of 1849. but today, the headline will be dry. wrapping up a very dry month. even into february, not much of
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a change as high pressure remains in place. temperatures trend upward over the next few days. basically today it's been happening. for your friday, warmest locations will be approaching the lower 70s. here's our forecast model. get ready for more clear skies for your friday. and then we'll take this into saturday. some changes for the weekend. it will be dry. but we thicken up the cloud cover as we head into saturday afternoon and also bring in some cooler temperatures. still pretty nice out there. you will notice sunday more clouds, especially focused in the southern half of the region. we have a storm basically drifting out here parallel to the bay area shoreline that will wrap in some moisture in the form of cloud cover for saturday and sunday. for today, under mostly sunny skies. looking pretty good. upper 60s out towards santa rosa. san jose in the upper 60s. 67. look at santa cruz. very close to 70. we'll go 69 this afternoon. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast -- with your weekend always in view, before the weekend, tomorrow, just beautiful out there with more sunshine.
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temperatures right about 70 degrees for the warmest locations. and then into the weekend, we shave off a few degrees. scattered clouds on sunday and then partly cloudy on monday. we have been advertising the chance for rain next week and the forecast models have been backing off on that possibility. we definitely need the rain still but right now, no major storms showing up just yet. >> thank you, mark. >> yep. for the first time since being accused of lip-syncing beyonce speaks out. and why the federal government is upset with two beer giants.
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stocks are down slightly on wall street with the dow drifting lower. but still on track for its best january since 1989. stocks that are slipping include united parcel service which slowed down in the fourth quarter by weak global trade and a disappointing holiday shopping season. the dow is down 32. the nasdaq is down almost 1 and the s&p down 2. the government is trying to keep two beer giants from partnering up. the justice department has filed suit in federal court to block the makers of budweiser from buying corona for $20 billion. the government says the deal between anheuser-busch and group0 medello would eliminate too much competition and lead to too many higher beer prizes.
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a fire official in georgia, atlanta says a 14-year-old has been shot in the head at a middle school and has been taken to the hospital. a teacher suffered minor cuts and bruises but was treated on the scene. this is at price middle school in atlanta. there was a swarm of atlanta police officers at the school. we're told the shooting victim was taken to grady high school but information on the teen's condition was not immediately available and we do understand the suspect is in custody. beyonce is facing the media this noontime to preview her super bowl halftime performance. this is her first public appearance since being accused of lip sinking the star spangle banner at president obama's inauguration. the super bowl's appearance will be the most anticipated on sunday. there are reports that she might be reunited with destiny's child. other big names expected to perform at events surrounding the super bowl include stevie
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wonder, justin timberlake, ras flat cal flats and journey -- rascal flatts and journey. jwwñ


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