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tv   Second Look  FOX  February 23, 2013 10:00am-10:30am PST

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more rain. weren't expecting much. we didn't get much and this is what we have in to the last week of february. a dry forecast. ridge of high pressure will build back in. temperature also rebound back in to the mid60's for the afternoon. >> all right. thank you. >> you got it. >> that is our report. thank you for trusting us. >> and be sure to joins for the next newscast at five. we are on an hour early. we are always for you here. mobile, have a wonderful saturday everybody. thank you for watching.
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some asking what had happened others warning us the whole
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bridge was collapsing. he says he has only been back on the bay bridge once since the earthquake and he will never come back again. >> i am scared. i am scared now. >> a construction worker who used to make 2000 dollars a month has now had to move his family in with relatives to save money. he got a $25,000 settlement from the state but his disability payments run out next month. he has already had 7 operations on his crushed legs and hip and faces at least 2 more. under a picture of anna, the sister-in-law who died this deeply religious man who came here from tonga says what happened on the bridge continues to haunt him. >> me and my total life is being effected, my mind, body and soul. >> but out of death there is life. they have four sons. they say they prayed for a baby girl to help ease their pain in
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losing annarks anna, 2 weeks ago this baby girl was born, they named her anna. >> still to come on a second look rita's coverage of the dark days in san francisco following the assassinations of the mayor and harvey milk and the search for a boy that gained national attention and helped spark a movement to find missing children.
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tonight on a second look we are remembering the career of our colleague rita williams, who plans to retire at the end of the month. before she became a full time reporter at ktvu back in 1980 she was a reporter for them and while there she covered a story that shook the political foundation of san francisco, the assassinations of georgehar 2008 here rita remembered those events 30 years later. [ gunshots ]
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>> november 27th, 1978, 30 years later, and the impact of the 9 gunshots is still being felt. [ gunshots ] >> both mayor mosconi and supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> i took at me making that announcement and i saw the eyes and i thought -- and i heard my voice and i recognized for the first time i was in a state of shock. >> i remember it, actually as if it were yesterday and it was one of the hardest moments if not the hardest moment of my life. >> it didn't seem to fit. dan white, 32, the all american boy, supervisor former firefighter, police officer, now a killer. as board of supervisors president dianne feinstein was
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a political mentor to white but before the killings, while white was unraveling, she was out of the country and because of that she continues to carry a heavy burden. >> this was my first day back at work and i still believe that if i could have been there for that three weeks i could have stopped it. now who knows rita, who knows? >> what we do know comes in part from white's confession tape and other physical evidence. stored here in the police property room. >> is this all collected on this case? >> i got a rare look 20 years ago at what was left of the evidence in the case that changed san francisco and its politics, with a police inspector who investigated the murder case, frank calson. >> so many people suffered direct it hurts. >> the biggest package contains the clothes can white wore when he crawled through a window of
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city hall, a 32 stuck in his belt. the gun white used was gone, this court order called for its destruction in 1982. >> it became a manhole cover: >> this is the original letter white sent the mayor three weeks earlier, resigning from the board of supervisors. saying he could not support his family on $9600 a year. he changed his mind and asked for his job back after mayor george mosconi told white he was appointing someone else he led him into his room. here he poured two drinks from these bottles of liquor into these glasses then he lit the cigarette as he tried to calm him, asking about his wife and son. >> it was just like that and then i -- and then he just -- he came to me and then that was it and i -- i just shot him. >> when mosconi's body was
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found the cigarette was still burning. white then raced down the hall to harvey milk's office. >> i saw him come in and i said, dan, can i talk to you and he went by. i opened the door, i found harvey on his stomach, i tried to get a pulse and put my finger through a bullet hole. he was clearly dead. >> as feinstein was trying to calm the city police went to white's home, where for days he had been holed up alone in a sleeping bag, pouring over these newspaper clippings about his resignation, flyers opposing his reappointment, a photo of his dead father. >> dan white wasn't able to handle it. he, in my opinion, he never belonged in city hall. >> white's defense attorney says dan white was a sick man and revealed his wife made him see a psychiatrist just a few weeks before he killed himself. >> as i recall he had started
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medication for depression. weeks before. that may have lifted him enough so that he had the energy to take steps to end his own life. >> doug schmidt believes the medication caused white to finally see clearly what he had done and he could not live with it. on october 21st, 1985, he turned his car into a gas chamber in the garage of his home and sentenced himself to death. >> when we come back on a second look, rita's interview with the mother of kevin collins. and a bit heart the pope came to san francisco and rita williams was there. >> follow second look on facebook and twitter.
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tonight on a second look we are looking at the career of rita williams who plans to retire at the end of this month. as late as this month rita
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reported on a case that began 30 year asgo the disappearance of kevin collins, it drew international attention and played a significant role in the mission to find missing children. in 2004 rita updated the search for kevin as it stood at the time. >> it may seem like a strange place to go to remember your child on his birthday. >> dearest lord, we thank you -- now i am going to start crying, thank you for the life of kevin. >> two weeks ago ann collin's son kevin turned 30 if he is still alive. kevin, just 10 years old then left basketball practice early in the haite ashbury district 20 years ago today and disappeared without a trace. 10 years ago someone the collins still don't know paid for this marble bench in a cemetery in kevin's memory. since then it has been a magnet
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for people to leave remembrances for the little boy but for his mother and sister it is not enough. >> we still don't know. i mean the bench is here and he is not here and i don't want just a bench, i want a body. >> when their son disappeared that day they were ordinary people suddenly having to deal with an extraordinary event. >> i have always felt like there is all these tears down here and if i ever stop crying i will never stop crying. >> i have never done a speech in my life but not only going through the fear and emotional strain but trying to be something i had no experience at. >> but they forged new ground, started a missing children's foundation in their son's name, committed to making it easier for families to recover their children and advocated fingerprinting children and
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provided support for them and for so many others whose children disappeared for them. back then there was no amber alert, no instant dissemination on the internet and that, in retrospect what they accomplished was amazing, getting his photo there, there and there and even in the movie terminator. look at the picture closely in the police station. one of his brothers retraced his steps in this police video and on the 5th anniversary, police enhanced this photo to show what kevin might look like at 15. to imagine what he might look like today look at his brother steve. but outside the view of cameras the family struggled with finances, with worry, with loss. david and ann divorced. ann collins says her children not only lost their brother
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that day, they also lost their parents. for many years david spent all his time at the foundation. >> well, the first four or five years it was certainly consuming and difficult emotionally, tough on the family. >> ann helped too, hoping that keeping kevin's picture in the news might bring him home alive but back home there were seven other collins children plus a foster child, then 19, laura was oldest. >> we love you kevin. we are -- >> had to get to school and we had to grocery shop and cook and do little boy things and there was nobody there for them. >> so laura and younger sister michelle, then 17, became surrogate parents. after a few years they say the children got counseling and ann resumed her role as mother and now as grandmother, but she still closely guards an envelope that contains all that is left of her missing son.
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sharing precious pictures she has never known publicly before. >> he was always smiling. he was just a happy happy baby. >> kevin andrew collins, her 6th born child out of eight. >> this picture is the very last picture taken of him. this on his birthday, the year he disappeared. >> and this is the original photograph of that haunting picture of kevin on all the posters, he was at the black board in a class to dyslexic children when a photographer called his name. the day before he disappeared his father says kevin was so proud because he had made his first a on a spelling test. >> he was really on a high note when it happened. that is what i remember the most. he got hurt at the best time. >> the family hopes that some day someone will provide the clue that will finally stop their grief and bring kevin home. >> i really would like to know what happened. i want to know where he is and
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who did it and i want them prosecuted. >> everyone who loved kevin is sure he is dead. >> i really think that in my heart i feel like he was probably gone the first night, yeah, you know, i just always pray that it was fast, you know. >> and on what would have been his 30th bier day, a mother's prayer for her little boy stuck in time at 10 years old. >> he was a bright light. we praise you today on his birthday and know that he is in your loving arms and kevin i love you. thank you lord. >> when we come back on a second look. >> it was fast, frustrating when they left after they talked to me and said that. >> rita talks about the storys that touched her personally. >> follow second look on facebook and twitter.
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w continue we continue our second look tonight on the career of ktvu's rita williams, retiring at the end
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of the month, she has had an opportunity to cover a lot of well-known figures going back to mother teresa when she was working in san antonio texas. in 1987 she played a key role in our coverage of the pope when he visited san francisco. >> it was a historic and emotional meeting at the basilica of st. dorris, pop john paul, ii greeted some of the 900 guests and then approached the nine pews of aids patients and certainly the most moving moment came when 4- year-old brendon o'rourke in his father's arms reached out to hug the holy father.
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little brendan contracted aids from a blood transfusion at birth. the pope then moved to other aids suffers, most of them gay. it was the first time the leader of the catholic church has met directly with aids suffers. ♪ [ music ] [ applause ] >> from there the pope went alone to pray in the old mission, the oldest building in san francisco. in prepared remarks the pope proclaimed the unconditional and everlastthing love of god for all people, dwelling at lengths on sin and forgiveness. he did not mention homosexuality and only once refered to aids suffers. >> be last, those of you who are sick, those who are
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suffering from aids and from aids related complex -- >> but it wasn't what the pope said publicly the faithful catholics here will most remember, it was the way the holy father personally moved each one of them. [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] >> that wasn't as excited when i got married and that was a wonderful day. this has been the best day of economy life and of brendan's and john -- >> -- pope gave my heart to christ and blessed us and going to help us through this ordeal we are going through. >> he put his hand on my hand and then gave me a -- a smile that said yes, that said god loves you, i love you. >> in 1995 ktvu produced a special featuring our reporters, it was hosted by bob mackenzie and in it she talked about how covering some stories had effected her personally. >> i think once you become a parent you bring a different level to reporting. especially if it is a story about children.
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one was -- that effected me so deeply was a little boy michael ngyuen, murdered in golden gate park. his accused murderer still has not gone to trial. but i went to that little boy's funeral. the little boy had a buddhist funeral and i had never been to him and at the cemetery they buried with him all of his favorite things, a mcdonald's happy meal like my son and the clothes his mother folded and put in the grave and a t-shirt and a pair of pants that my son had, and his toys and they were the same toys. and you could not help but think that that could be your child. and i actually walked away in sobs from the funeral and the reporter from another station came over and tried to console
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me because it effected me so deeply. i think that the humanity you have to have that in reporting and you have to be able to feel in some way what people are feeling that you are covering. >> fortunately for reporter's mental health there are happy stories too. rita williams and her photographer stayed on at alpine meadows when other tv crews gave up and went home, 5 days after an avalanche buried her, others were giving up. >> i will never for get the owner running out with his german accent saying anna, anna, they found her, she is alive, she is alive. >> they are flying in to bring her out along with a doctor to take care of her so there is hope, there is hope. >> i remember walking in that emergency room and my knees literally were shaking. and i asked her


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