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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 28, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PST

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here at 8:00. sunny and warmer on friday. a lot of tropical clouds on friday. partly sunny. and then it looks like rain next tuesday night/wednesday. >> really? >> yes. we sure need it. >> and more than just a sprinkle? >> definitely. >> okay. >> yes. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu. we'll show you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the news at noon. the pope is stepping down. final appearance there for the pope. we're always here at
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hi, everybody. i'm breath troutmeth troutman. it's time for "right this minute." >> stay in the car. >> he heard the deputy, but this driver gets out anyway. >> and watch what he's holding. >> how a 4-year-old gets caught in one scary confrontation. >> calm down or i'm going to tase you. >> it's a night out at a casino when a guy lays down a dare. >> go ahead, punch me in the face. >> she did, but it's his next
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move that has people going -- >> ahh. >> what they didn't see coming on the other side. and a male cop learns this isn't a way to treat a la -- a male c learns this isn't the way to treat a lady, especially when she's hungry. >> watching police in sydney township, michigan, approaching the vehicle driven by 34-year-old shawn bylsma, now parked in his mother's driveway. they're telling him to stay in the car, but shawn doesn't listen. he gets out of the car and watch what he's holding. that's his 4-year-old son. >> having a good weekend? >> uh-huh. >> police say he crashed into a tree and they initially tried to pull him over and he kept fleeing police and a 4-year-old son was sitting in his lap
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steering. >> get your son back in the car. >> i would rather have my mother come get him. >> you can see there he walks completely away from the officer. the officer goes after him. now this is all happening off screen. >> calm down or i'm going to tase you. open the door or i'm going to break it in. >> he goes to enter his mom's house. then you hear a conversation between the officer, bylsma and a woman. >> give me the weapon. i want him in your control. >> i'm not going to touch it! i won't touch it. >> you are under arrest. >> at the end, ten minutes went by, other deputies showed up and they were able to get this guy in control and in custody. bylsma will be facing a number of charges but won't face drunk driving or child endangerment charges because he was not given a blood alcohol content test on
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sight because he was so combative. >> was his son injured? >> no reports of any injuries on the site. >> things could have gone a completely different way. he's putting the life of his son in danger too by putting him in this situation. >> put the child down. >> you go out for a night at the casino, you might run into this situation. you have a girl who may have been overserved. a guy in a black jacket is saying yeah, go ahead, you punch me on the face. >> this is not gonna go good. >> what? he punched her back? >> he punched her back. >> well, it was like a little tap. he didn't punch her. >> does it matter? >> looked like he punched her. >> that was not a tap. >> even if it was a tap, not okay. >> oh, no, no, no. >> that was not a slap. he punched her.
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>> listen to his response. >> i punched you. sorry. one for one, yeah? >> what a freaking -- ahh! this is making me so mad! why does he think it's okay? >> you don't do that with a lady, especially because he was asking her. >> a lot of people are saying exactly what you're saying. you don't hit a woman. other people are saying well, he says it's one for one. you hit me, i hit you. he tries to shake and walk away. it's gotten this argument started over gender equality. >> you don't punch a girl under any circumstances. but why are they letting each
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other punch each other in the first place? it's stupid if it's two girls, stupid if it's two guys. it's just stupid. this is isaac and his buddy. a little sloppy muddy action here and there. they come around this one turn, up and over a jump and run into an obstacle they did not expect. >> what is he doing on a motorcycle trail? >> isaac runs straight into that tractor, flips up and over and he is hurt. there should have been some sort of marker that let the him know the track is hot. somebody missed a marker somewhere and that's where this
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accident happened. isaac posted few pictures of his knees on his facebook page. looked like some acl injury according to the description on his pictures and the one brief description said he'll never be the same. he was just doing his job. >> i have two robbery videos where the robbers were confronted by people they never expected. his first one is at a walgreens in grand rapids, michigan. some man runs through the door, runs back to the counters where the register is. he's armed. >> this is in front of, like, a ton of customers. in broad o those customers is sarah smith. she's a grandmother and wielding a cane. as soon as the robber goes
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around him, she follows him. he drops some of the cash and when he wednesday down get it, look at what she does. >> oh, my goodness! >> the grandmother tackles the dude. >> and that gets everybody else to kind of dog pile on top. >> no one was doing anything. they were just letting this guy walk out of the store. >> he ends up getting away but with none of the money. no way! everyone needs a grandmother like this. she's a regular at this store. she knew the clerk by name. >> we have to take back our community and if this helps other people to stand up when they see wrong doing, then the job is done. >> they caught this guy and arrested him. the other video is in california at a jewelry store. two guys walking with hammers start smashing the cases.
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they ran away. that's all they got away with. >> what? >> wow. >> i mean, no fear in this guy. as soon as he saw them swing that hammer at that case, he jetted out from behind that counter. >> he was dubbed the bogus beggar after reporters put him in the hot seat. >> why you have that camera for? i appreciate you guys busting me. >> now the internet is abuzz as people give their two cents. >> that's offensive. that is patently offensive. >> and a flight attendant, man versus wild style. )% )%
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strap in to the emotional roller coaster. it's time for a ride. meet gary thompson.
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>> why you have that camera for? >> he's 30 years old on the streets begging for money. feel bad for him? >> give me money and just get something to eat. >> you feel badly for anyone who's in a situation to beg for money, but i don't feel like this is real. >> right. lexington police say this guy is a scam artist. they had a press conference alerting the media to gary thompson's scam and they went out and found him on the street. they grilled him for about five minutes until he cracked. listen -- >> i appreciate you guys busting me. >> you appreciate that? >> yeah, i'm really good at it. i take about $100,000 a year doing this. >> no way. >> this is just downright offensive. >> gary legitimately does need the wheelchair. he was in an accident when he was 9. lexington media went crazy with this. they even talked to one of his uncles who says yeah, gary is a
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scammer. >> but he does know how to map nip la -- manipulate. but that doesn't make him right in the mind. >> so he's got to be in legal trouble. >> he has been in jail for deception. but the fees are slim. is he going to stop? >> people give money to people in wheelchairs. i'll just not act retarded anymore. >> what about the tax man? there's no receipts. there's no paper work. there's nothing to connect this guy to that money other than him saying it out loud. >> this guy's a dirt bag. >> i'll go to another city, but i'm still make money. people not tell me no. >> bear grihls has taught us many things over the years.
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in this video, he's teaching us something that many of us have heard a snurm number of times b. >> the locker is over here. lockers in the wild are pretty hard to find. this will do. >> you might be thinking what is he talk about, stuffing your backpack with a big fish in the overhead compartment. this is the essentials of safety aboard an a-320 aircraft on air new zealand. this is the whole spiel that the flight attendants give us but in a very bear style. >> as the oxygen mask drops down in front of you, you could use it as a portable loo, but better to place it over your nose and mouh. >> lt ti jackson from "the lord of the rings" and gandalf and the rest of the people. >> that video that came out in october was a hobbit version of the air safety precautions. >> they had to do something to make these videos more watchable. this is all in connection to a
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hash tag, which is #airnzbear to get people talking about this. and there is a contest attached to this video. you can enter to win tickets to new zealand anywhere in the world for you and a friend. bet you want to go register. >> let this be a lesson to all those finnicy car owners that park their car so far away because they're so afraid something's going to happen. that finnicky car owner definitely got dupd. what am i looking at? >> that is a fire hydrant right next to someone's car that apparently always parks really far away to prevent any damage from happening to his car. >> turns out an old man ran into the fire hydrant, water explodes
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everywhere, right next to this guy's car. >> free wash? >> apparently even though the water g-- no water got in the car, it did leave a dent. a mail driver pulling up to the spot, forgetting to put his car on park and running into the building. >> it doesn't even matter the car yet. >> good thing, has anybody ever done this? >> no! >> the two ladies sitting here, we haven't done it. >> i almost sent a news truck into a river once. whoopsy. >> it's the puppy video sure to melt your heart. when you see her, you'll see why. >> aw! what happened? >> see the story of wonky the puppy next. >> this guy can turn a peanut onto a portrait. >> he says they got better and
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better. >> they're awesome. >> meet the guy behind the nutty idea. see that dude on top of the cliff? he's about to take the quick way down. did somebody p get whatever you want, baby.
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hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. jackpot. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love. all right, everybody. a bonus video that you find on our website. what do you have? >> i'm a little bit worried about you in this one. it's kind of gross. this is the crew from sloppy, they have a pretend homeless man and they have a diaper.
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it looks like it's baby poop in the diaper, it's an edible substance. but you see people digging it out of the dumpster eating from it. people run away, people gag, just like you are now. g to our website, click on best of rtm. >> see that little guy standing on top of the cliff there? he's about to take the quick way down. did somebody push him? >> no. as a matter of fact, this guy's name is tony. he's a french stunt man. he's actually done stunts all over the world, including for some movies and he made this video just to show what he can do. >> i guess you do need like a demo reel, you know, if you're a stunt man, that's how you let people know what you can do. >> a little fire, a little adventure, throws in a little
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hardco hardcore. >> and if they go viral, that's a great way to get your name out. now people are going to be looking for tony. >> it's funny that he chose to showcase his ability to fall down a hill. >> on to another video that's going to make you say what the what? this guy has a bottle of wine there in his hand, and he can't find his bottle opener. >> how do you open it? >> i don't know. >> check this out. ready? bleep ]. >> i broke my wall. >> that is a legitimate trick. you tap the bottle like into the wall and it's supposed to push the cork out. >> not on dry wall. >> you may want to find a stud in the wall.
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>> or have an opener on hand. >> so we hear the name steve casino, what should a guy like that be doing a lot? >> gambling a lot. >> run a casino. >> he does something that i think is pretty unique. >> one day i was eating peanuts and i noticed that one was shaped like me so i drew a cartoon of myself on it with a pen. >> he so he paints joey ramon on a peanut. he says they got better and better. sean connery, the adams family. >> they're awesome. they look exactly like the people. >> you can also see pictures of all his work on his web. first he takes out a picture of somebody he wants to pay, then he sifts through a big pile of peanuts to find one that kind of looks like the person. he glues the shell back together and starts drawing the face on
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and then he paints and finishes it. >> that's so much more than a face on a peanut. >> it will cost you about $500. it takes like 46 weeks to get something done. >> i wonder if it gets sent in packing peanuts. >> we have steve casino via skype right this minute. were you an artist before this? you said when you did that first one it was kind of just a drawing. >> i'm actually a toy inventor. i do this through my spare time. i used to be a caricature illustrator. >> why peanuts? >> we got a whole big bag of them at work and we were just sitting around munching them. this is what i came up with first. >> how many do you think you have done so far? >> i have about 30 so far. >> who was the most difficult to paint on a peanut? >> elton john. >> you'd think he would be easy. i had to paint him three times until i got him right. >> how do you do it? how difficult is it? >> i don't know. i have the stubiestly hands you've ever seen and i use a brush this big, it's about three hairs.
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>> do you have a favorite? >> james bond. he came out the best. >> doesn't even look like a peanut anymore. >> do you eat the peanuts? >> no. they're raw peanuts. they're much more durable if they're not roasted. i've only been doing this six months. every peanut is different. most of them look like ronald reagan. >> do you feel like you may go nuts handling nuts all day long? >> yes, but it's really fun. lady croc comes up for a bite. >> here comes dude cro
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remember trucky's avalanche rescue dog and i thought i didn't know that there were avalanche rescue dogs? trucky has some competition. trucky is working in california. but in park city utah, there's a young one coming up on his heels. >> really? >> uh-huh. this is lily. >> oh, lily is just a little gal. >> yeah, she's only about nine weeks old, but major cuteness alert. >> is that a golden retriever? >> no, she is a lab but with one quarter pointer. >> oh, so it's a yellow lab with a little pointer in her. >> she's an ambassador in park city, so people get to love on her and play with her. and when you put a go pro near a
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puppy, cuteness happens. >> that's a cute little girl. >> she's very liberal with her kisses. >> and later, if you get saved from an avalanche by a dog, you're going to need some kisses. >> penguin tries to dive. >> oh! [ applause ] >> dudes, this is no way to treat a lady. we've got ourselves a lady crocodile here going in for a nice bite. here comes


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