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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 5, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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[applause] >> anderson: thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me it was great. i'm sorry you did not like my pickled watermelon. >> anderson: you can see sunny on the case at 3:30 p.m. and tomorrow lisa rinna is back and marly matalin stops by. see you tomorrow. [applause]
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the bay area is number one. what new research is saying about our commute. >> waking you finding a convicted sex offender in your bedroom. happened to a bay area woman. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> it was not hard for ktvu to find drivers who agree with new research obey area commutes. what commuters and experts are saying. good afternoon i'm tori campbell. it's no surprise the bay area has really long commutes. as we first told you on our morning news, a new study
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confirms we have some of the worst in the nation. sal casteneda has been talking to a commuter who makes long drive and why people do it. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. some of these people might not know they are megacommuters. drive long distances everyday to get to their jobs. congestion on freeways such as interstate 80 may be in part due to the high number of megacommuters. defined as someone who drives 50 miles plus or takes 90 minutes or more to get to work. >> with no traffic it's about an hour and 30, hour and 40 minutes. with traffic which i normally hit especially coming home could be up to two and a half hours sometimes. >> brad drives to the silicon valley everyday. >> it's a long drive every single day. i get through it. i try to avoid
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the traffic as much as possible. >> statistics show commuter to be married men earn higher than average salary and leave the house before 6 a.m. two thirds of them drive alone which leads to congested commutes. >> what we're seeing is intense commutes coming to san joaquin county sacramento. supporting bay area residents. >> analysts say the problem is a lack of affordable housing close to job centers. the solution? more housing needs to be available in urban areas which could increase supply and stabilize prices. otherwise commutes on freeways like 580 will only get worse. >> we are seeing that top congestion places are now
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suddenly livermore. >> as you look at one of the transportation spots here in the bay area, it's light now because it's the middle of the day. the bay area claimed top two spots in the survey was san francisco peninsula. oakland number one. santa clara number 2 and number 3 new york, new jersey area. >> there is now a memorial set up in san francisco where a 17-year-old girl was killed. on saturday night, she was crossing slope boulevard when she was hit by a car. her family said she had just celebrated her birthday with friends. she was a junior and a member of the track team. her teammates plan on wearing black ribbons at the track meets. decision will affect drivers. why it could be the next one to turn off its red
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light cameras. enjoy any rays of sunshine. rain is on the way. meteorologist rosemary orozco joins us with more on the incoming storm. >> it's a cold storm. temperatures will be cool , snow levels dropping and beginning to see the transition. take a look at storm tracker two. the clouds begin to pull into the north bay along the coastline. half of our area covered by clouds. the other half dealing with mostly blue skies. i want to point you north to the rain. seeing a little bit fall right off the coast. you can see heavier cells. the system here still more than 100 miles out. 125. but it is coming our way and i expect it to be with us in the next five to six hours moving into the north bay. may even clip the rush. i'll show you when you can expect it and how much i expect you'll get. >> thank you. a sex
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offender is behind bars after police say he broke into a woman's home and stood over her bed while she was sleeping. tells us what the suspect was doing when police caught up with him. >> police surrounded this home on south brook drive in south san jose just after 3:15 this morning. the 52-year-old woman who lived here just had the fright of her life. >> she was startled and scared, screamed and he ran out the backdoor. >> she called 911 and told police the male intruder was bald and wearing a plaid shirt. they arrested 29-year-old ryan kamfolt. he is a registered sex offender and listed as a transient. >> when we stopped him he had a cell phone app with the police scanner frequency listening to us.
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we did find women's underwear in his pockets. not sure if that belonged to our victim. the daughter is out of town. >> found his car parked outside the victim's house. >> the people in the neighborhood have complained about recent burglaries. police were patrolling here and able to respond within a minute and a half. residents are happy about officers being able to catch up with the suspect so quickly. >> hands down to the police department for everything they are doing to doing more with less. >> police say he was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time of his arrest. he's on parole for robbery. whether he targeted the home or if it was random. reporting in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the oakland police department has a new leader on reform efforts. named thomas fraser as the compliance director. and i will begin march 12th. former baltimore police commissioner and served 28 years with the san jose
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police department. broad powers in oakland and ask to have the chief fired. the judge ruled the department has failed to fully comply with court ordered reforms. preparations are underway for thursday's public memorial for two detectives killed in the line of duty. the service is to be held at san jose's hp pavilion. jerry brown is expected to be there along with hundreds of police officers from all over the state and the country. ktvu will air the memorial live in its entirety. begins 11:00 a.m. thursday with the funeral precession. the service is set to begin at noon. the city of san francisco is once again taking aim at curbing gun violence by limiting access to certain types of ammunition. tara joins us live with the board of supervisors will meet. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. proposal the board of supervisors is considering at
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2:00 this afternoon here at city hall. bans the use of certain types of hallow point bullets. those are the ones expanded into jagged metallic pieces. intended for law enforcement or the military. introduced by mayor ed lee in the wake of the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. such ammo is rarely used in san francisco. involving such rounds was six years ago. >> because it's not used very much is not an indicator as to whether we should or should not ban it. what we need to be paying attention to is looking at all the tools we have afforded to us to preclude and prevent any types of violence whether it's of course affecting young people. >> state law already prohibits unreasonably dangerous ammunition including rounds designed to pierce body armor.
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in a 2007 city law bans the sale of ammunition. the suit was dismissed on the grounds the ban doesn't prevent people from buying ammo somewhere else. that case has also been appealed. violators face a misdemeanor or infraction and could face jail time or a $1,000 fine. the meeting gets underway at 2:00 this afternoon. they are expected to approve it. more at 5:00 tonight. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. san francisco police have recovered a stolen police assault rifle. semi automatic ar-15 similar to this one was stolen from a police car saturday night. the car was locked and parked in the south of market neighborhood. we just spoke with the department spokesman and he says the rifle was found last night at a residence in oakland. >> oakland police department
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initiated surveillance. developed probable cause to obtain a search warrant and serve that on the 1300 block of 88th avenue in oakland and several persons were detained and a weapon was recovered. >> the ar-15 is ish ued to officers specialty trained to rapid deployment incidents. >> a stolen yacht on dry land today after a wild ride. we'll show you the damage that was done. >> back in about ten minutes with more specifics on when the long awaited rain will arrive. >> i just wanted to find a way to have the bay bridge shine one more time. >> tonight it will do just that. what many people are doing to enjoy the show.
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investigators in oakland are looking for the person who led them on a high speed chase. the chase ended before 9:00 last night on keller avenue and mountain boulevard after the suspect crashed a car. the driver took off on foot. police believe the driver was armed and selling guns. in developing news out of san jose. a run way is closed right now at monetta san jose airport. a flight just made an
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emergency landing due to a possible engine fire. these are live pictures you are seeing from chuz chopper 2. you can see the plane sitting on the run way with what looks like some kind of truck next to it. possibly a fire truck. the plane made it safely to the tarmac about 11:30 this morning. airport officials say no one on board was hurt. the plane was headed from san jose to boise, idaho. they are not sure yet if there actually was a fire or if it was just a problem with the indicator light. horizon flight 404 from san jose to boise had to come back and make an emergency landing. all 48 passengers and all 6 crew members are okay. crew members this afternoon are inspecting a stolen luxury yacht that was stolen overnight. alex savage shows us the damage done to the boat after thieves
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took it on a joyride and photos inside the yacht we just received. >> reporter: the huge 82-foot yacht named darling was hoisted out of the water early this morning after it was recovered overnight. as the sun came up, you could see the damage including a broken rutter and bent propeller. the general manager has never heard of a large yacht like this being stolen. >> not something that big. we didn't believe it . we hauled that boat out a number of times. never heard of a boat that big being ripped off. >> the $2 million boat was taken from the marina and ran aground yesterday. the three people on board were arrested after a short stand off and it looks like they turned this into a party boat. investigators found the inside littered with beer cans and pizza boxes. photos that ktvu obtained from inside the yacht.
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the boat's captain came out to inspect but didn't want to comment about the theft. we did see the captain talking with a police officer on board to gather evidence in this unusual case. >> that is the first one where i've seen them have to get the perpetrators off. >> all three accused boat thieves are facing grand theft and conspiracy charges in connection with this joyride. >> no one's been able to give me an estimate on how much it might cost. but the manager of this boat yard told me it certainly won't be cheap. alex safb knowledge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> santa clara supervisors are meeting today of how to fill the position of manager of the board. resigned after being charged with misusing public funds and political donations. deciding whether to appoint someone to the seat or hold an
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election. there is now a police investigation underway after the death of a woman at a baker's field retirement community. died after a nurse at glenwood gardens refused to perform cpr. the nurse called 911 but when the operate told the nurse to help the woman breath, the nurse replied it was against company policy. residents are told about that policy and must agree to it when they move in. >> but you know when families and residents go in you have admission agreement that's 20-30 pages long. people sign a lot of things and don't know what they are signing. >> the senior center operator has 7 facilities in the bay area but when our reporter went to ask about the policy, a spokes woman refused to talk to her and asked her to leave the property.
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after years of preparation, the light sculpture will shine across the bay bridge. started with a vision two years ago while one man was sitting having lunge. worked with an artist on what will be an amazing light show on the western span. 25,000 white led lights will transform into a moving sculpture from dusk to 2:00 a.m. for the next two years. and the pattern will never repeat. the inspiration for the patterns comes from birds, tides, clouds and traffic around the bay bridge. even tonight's rain could factor into the show. >> it's a possibility of rain. it's delight full. you can see this work in a new way. >> even with the weather, it's expected to be crowded tonight. some restaurants tell us they have a few reservations available. but others with prime water front seats say they are booked. >> if you are not going to join
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the crowds tonight, you can still see the show. we'll be streaming the debut on and mobile hayward could soon become the latest bay area city to pull the plug on red light cameras. set to consider a measure tonight that would phase out the cameras. they were installed five years ago at several intersections. known to have a large number of traffic accidents. critics include the police department. the lights are expensive and claim there is little evidence proving they reduce crashes. >> it is time to dig out the umbrella. we have rain and mountain snow coming our way. and it's going to be a cold system. maybe look for that winter coat as well. giving you a live look across the bay. a mix of sun and clouds out there. if you are covered in clouds at this hour, chances are you are running a little cooler than those with the sunshine.
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let's point to santa rosa, 50 degrees. 47 in novado. you can see the gray sliding along the coast. we have sunshine at walnut creek at 61. 60 in mountain view. 59 in san jose . these clouds will takeover the entire bay area. i do expect we will remain dry through today with rain arriving around sunset and sliding across the bay into tonight. the southerly breeze has picked up at times. we can expect this twoind stay with us and into the evening hours. when the front rolls through will get gusty. 21 in fairfield. be prepared for that breeze getting outside today. partly cloudy turning mostly cloudy by the afternoon. and giving you a look at where that rain resides at the moment. and as i showed you earlier in the news cast, about 125 miles still to the north of us. this system is going to roll through
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tonight but we have lingering showers through thursday. quarter inch to three quarters of an inch expected with this system and the winds will be breezy at times. i'm going to run this through and i'll let you know when exactly you can expect it in your area. 6:00 and now moving into the north edge of sonoma county. by 7:00, now sliding all the way down into san rafael. not crossing the bridge yet. but 8:00 down along the peninsula crossing i 80. here into 9:00 you can see inches into the east bay and 10:00 or so should move into the south bay. wake up tomorrow morning, scattered showers in the forecast. and the scattered showers will remain wednesday and thursday. afternoon highs for today, upper 50s to low 60s. again, a little breezy. rain moving in tonight. once the system moves through the front, cold air settle in. snow levels
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dropping down to 3,000 feet which means our hills may pick up a little dusting. mid 50s to upper 50s in the forecast for wednesday and thursday with scattered showers and then in time for the weekend, we will be drying out. fair skies in the forecast mid to upper 60s. and the days grow longer. spring forward sunday morning. if you are going to the sierra, looking at pretty good snow coming there about a foot, foot and a half. >> we lose an hour of sleep. >> yes, we do. >> thank you. >> a new high mark for u.s. stocks today. also, the one of a kind new car. well, actually there are three of them.
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the dow jones industrial average has smashed through old record high. at one point went up to 14,286. a little lower than that right now but still more than double since falling to a low of 6,547. that was following the great recession. stocks have rebounded. even as the economic recovery has been slow and steady. the dow up 129 at 14,257. the nasdaq is up 34. s&p up 13. and developing news out of san jose. a run way is still closed after a horizon flight made an emergency landing. these are live pictures from
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news chopper 2. the plane made it safely around 11:30 and now in the process of being towed away. airport officials say no one on board was hurt. there are about 48 passengers. headed from san jose to boise, idaho. not sure yet if there was a fire or just a faulty indicator light. live pictures out of the san jose airport. this is the main run way. still closed because of this plane there on the run way. exotic carmaker lamborghini just unveiled super car. named after the nano. build and sell just three of them. it's a street legal race car that will hit up to 220 miles an hour. comes with a price tag of $4 million. two of those buyers are reportedly from the u.s. today at 5:00, the oakland
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museum has been hit by burglars. and in one instance stance a valuable gold box. expecting to hear about a break in the case in 90 minutes from oakland police including a possible arrest. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. see you the next time news breaks. and we're always here for you at and mobile have a great day.


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