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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 6, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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approaching 25 miles per hour and the activity begins to back off late this even into the morning hours. this will be the key with the chance of some more rain showers but we have a better bet by this afternoon. it is mainly in the 50s and we keep things unsettled by the weekend. coming up next, breaking news from san francisco, s.w.a.t. teams are now involved in a tense standoff in -- standoff in the bay view district. it is the scene in two area hospitals, stay with us.
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. we are live in the emergency room where a patient caused such a stir, other patients had to be hospitalized, next. and we are live in san jose where the roads are wet, we will tell you what to expect
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for your commute. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, it is wednesday, march 6th, i am dave clark. >> yes, and we are on storm watch this morning. >> well, some roads in the bay area looked like lakes overnight. a photographer took these pictures. nearly a foot fell on santa rosa and the rain caused all sorts of problems, trees were knocked down and roads were taken by trees. you can see scattered showers in parts of the north bay and some more greens are showing up basically to san jose and out to the east, this
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activity has moved to the south and we will move the maps to the south as well. it does increase rainfall rate in that area and we have arraign fall intensity 1.76. speaking of the commute we will check in with sal now. traffic is moving along relatively well but it is windy between walnut creek and oakland and it is windy everywhere, but 5:02, let's go back to the desk, again the win will get your attention. san francisco s.w.a.t. teams are at the scene of a barricade situation. police said two suspects involved in a robbery and he
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medical marijuana are bear dated in a building. alex is headed to the scene and he will bring us a report in just a couple of minutes. the suspect barricaded himself inside the room and started a fire. tara moriarty has more from the medical center. >> imagine coming here for help and then you find another patient is reportedly on the loose with a knife. >> reporter: that is what happened around 11:00 last night. the patient became disgruntled and barricaded himself inside a room and set a small fire inside. they evacuated patients to a different floor and a police negotiating talked him into surrendering with in two hours.
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>> they immediately strange into -- sprang into action and started evacuations. >> reporter: the fire caused minimal damage and nobody was injured in the candorred the suspect will undergo a mental evaluation. incredibly there was another incident of intentional fires set at a bay area hospital. fire crews rushed to the an and an angry patient set a mattress on fire and went to another room and torched a trash can. it did cause minor damage. a man is accused of driving drunk and killing a san francisco student. she was crossing the street and the man hit her saturday night.
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they have added a speed monitoring device since then and they plan to work on the area but it will not happen for another two years. we want to take you there live this morning. a nice picture of the white house, it looks very calm but the city is expected to get 3 to 7 inches of snow and up to a foot of snow could fall on d.c. suburbs. coming up, we will have a live report to check on the very latest conditions. coming up 5:05, we will tour the city's westport tall neighborhood. we will meet some of the two dozen homes and three homes have already been declared off limits and today's chronicle are growing fears that the entire residential block will
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be moving. it could be several more months before they know how much is shifted. we are now tracking showers in the south bay and the roads are wet in san jose. janine de la vega is out there and i know had has to be tricky out there, jeanine -- out there. >> near santana, you can see the roads are wet but it's not enough where big puddles are collecting in the giant gutters. i just checked with the incident page and there are no accidents to report in the south bay but if you are going to be leaving you will be dealing with a wet road. the rain started falling last night and kept coming on and
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off. in the past 24 hours we would see .06 inches of rain, not too significant but in the santa cruz mountains they received more and while there were gusts of winds in the north here in the south bay it was not too bad and the main thing drivers should pay attention to is being careful on the slick roadways on the highway and if you do hit a patch where water has collected, just because it's not heavy rain it does not mean it willnot be dangerous, sal, what does it looks like? >> it is windy out there as you mentioned and also it is going to be windy on bay area bridges and also it does not take a lot of rain to go to the number of crashes. traffic looks good getting to highway 17 with no major
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problems. northbound 280, there is a report that a car spun out in that area. chp is on the way and this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and that traffic is moving well as you drive through. no major problems in san jose and as i mentioned, it is northbound 280, just approaching downtown a car is facing the wrong way so be careful there. let's go to mark. look at all the activity which moved across the region, concord has about an inch and san jose we just picked up another 100th of an inch and that's .07. still scattered showers up in the north bay and east of fremont and out towards the livermore area and the hills
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and morgan hills and san martinez and gilroy, still be careful on 101 and key components with this storm, right now sustained out of southwest sustained 21 miles per hour and fairfield 17 miles per hour and just be careful driving across bay area bridges because winds are still a factor. we are in the upper 40s to 50s and scattered showers, lots of breaks but the weekend will be dry. the cold rain is cold enough that we could have snow about 3,000 feet and we intro use ited the possibility of that air mass as it begins to stabilize. we still have pop-up showers throughout the day and sunshine
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and clouds and a few pop-up showers, that will be the key as you head to us thursday especially thursday afternoon. it is mainly to the mid-to- upper 50s and it is unsettled today and partly sunny by friday. clouds showed up, it was a light display, it was switched on and the wet sidewalks were packed. many walked along the embarcadero. one man raised $6 million in funds to make that project happen. >> it was equivalent to a camp fire that people can be around and enjoy... >> well if you missed it, don't worry, the art display will shine every night from dusk
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until dawn until 2015 and we have posted the light display right on our front page. windy conditions and a disabled boat left a woman adrift and how search crews came to her rescue. and the secret from the dutch is revealed. traffic looks good headed to the willow pass grade and we will have more for you on the bay area commute and bay area weather. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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. early this morning the wind stranded a boat and a woman who was swept out this morning and her boat and engine were not working. >> she was stranded next to somebody and he woke up and noticed she was gone. >> the fire department contacted the woman to make sure she was okay, she was able to drop anchor and hopes to return at high tide. a winter storm is shutting down federal offices and causing a travel nightmare. jacqueline is right near the outside near the u.s. capital and it looks cold, jacqueline, how is the weather. >> reporter: david, it is a
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messy transition and it is very cold and windy. three hours ago came the notice federal offices would close even the internal revenue service but senate office buildings are open. i just got an e-mail saying the senate judiciary committee is on and that is about to start in about an hour and a half. eric holder will answer a bunch of questions today. it will be a traveling nightmare. also reagan international airports are experiencing serious delays and that's expected to get worse as the day goes on and that's not good news for san mateo jackie spear who is headed back to california later this afternoon. she is one of the several lawmakers that canceled conferences today. we have one to 10 inches coming and the rain is now just starting to turn into snow and
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10 inches will be paralyzing for this area. we will take a look at the airports and roads when i see you next. jacqueline fell ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, president barack obama is working quietly to lessen the hit of the sequester and spending cuts. it will give government agencies flexibility on where they want to make the cuts. they have to reduce from $85 billion and a half will come from defense and the other half will come from domestic programs. day three of conclave meetings are on way in vatican city. cardinals from around the world are meeting to discuss the state of the catholic church and to get to know each other before they pick the next pope.
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they are in no rush to pick the next pope. when given a gift at her latest engagement kate middleton took a gift and started to say she will take the gift for her daughter but stopped and said she did not know whether she was having a boy or a girl. a gun was stolen from the carve a police -- trunk of a police car. the officers assigned to that car did not break any rules and the police department will study if they need to make new policies on locking vehicles. a man was killed in a police shooting.
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two officers said they were forced to shoot and kill a man who pulled a gun on them. he was identified as mr. smith from loom city. the filmmaker said it will be for his personal collection and he has already put in a space at the press sid yes. they say finalists will be announced next month. it is a busy day, windy rainy and very busy. >> that is right. it will be very busy if you are trying to drive to work, there is a small delay at the toll plaza but it is pretty windy on the upper deck and we want to give you some warning you will definitely feel the wind.
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we are looking at the san mateo bridge and the wind will get your attention especially when you are at the high-rise. chp is asking us to warn you about the wind on that span. traffic is still moving along well and again give yourself extra time this morning. you may want to consider taking bart and we checked in with bart and they are doing well and they are starting on time. santa rosa at last check reported some rain and san san ramon out towards the livermore scattered rain and winds around parts of the east bay as well. san martinez closer to the gilroy area and winds speeds are still a factor, these are sustained speeds, 25 miles per hour and fairfield has an arrow
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coming in at southwest. san jose at the airport 3 miles per hour and the 50 winds will still be a factor. a cold front moves across the region this morning and we have this area of humidity and -- low pressure and that will reenergize things as we head to thursday. a winter storm is posted and we have levels coming down at 3500 feet. we have some breaks in the clouds and some pop-up showers moving across the bay area and we are still unsettled for the bay area and we begin to have more development offshore and this will be the source of more rain showers and more storms on thursday. mainly in the 50s for the afternoon highs and we have your forecast with your weekend always in view, friday it is
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dry and we warm back up for the weekend just in time. he is paying a million dollar fine. europeans are finding the giant. microsoft agreed to offer them a choice of internet browsers but they did not live up to that promise when installing 2007 software. by the way, the s&p 500 is less than 2% from its own record, nasdaq also posted a very strong gain and the futures indicated a stronger opening. asians are coming up high and japan's nikkei gained more than 2% and china gained 1% and checking in on the european
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markets right now, they are mostly -- they are all up as well and some of them as much as 1%. >> really? >> yes. >> a rock star used to be a judge at american idle gets political. what steven tyler is doing that is political and who he is targeting. caught on camera, the mishap on a construction site that sent a crane into the water, coming up. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ]
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. it was quite a scene as construction crews tried to replace this, it happened yesterday while crews were trying to repair a tower which holds up power lines. the electrics i was turned off and fortunately nobody was hurt. the hawaii state senate is standing with steven tyler. tyler is seen here championed a bill known as the steven tyler act. the bill was passed in the hawaiian senate and goes to the house. he spearheaded it after unwanted photos were taken of him in how which -- in hawaii.
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they will shut their doors for the last time at the end of this month. it is last known for the 19th century decore. they are having to close because of the economy and the issues with their lease. boy, sal, a lot of restaurants are feeling the pain. traffic is moving along well, but it is wet out there as you know and it's going to be a tough day and we will be here with extended traffic and weather coverage. the roads are wet and it is very windy and that's the biggest story this morning. moving along on the sunole grade, it is looking good, let's go to mark for weather. we have heavier rain, strong gusty winds and rain is a key component with this storm and you will notice very
5:29 am
impressive winds gusting to 40 miles per hour, santa rosa 37, oakland 35 miles per hour and concord 31 miles per hour. we still have gusty winds out there right now. scattered showers on the north bay, we will move the maps around and you will notice not  everybody is covered here but out towards the east of danville and we have scattered showers in the forecast and possibly some thunderstorms. friday we clear things out and warm things up with your weekend always in view. mark, 5:27 is the time, we get ready to mourning the loss of two police officers in santa cruz, the new information about them. what the city council is saying about the possibility of three new taxes and what they will pay for. we want to take you live in san front which involves two
5:30 am
robbery suspects and again live at the scene, our crews got there and they will bring us a live report, stay with us.
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. well, good morning to you, it is middle of the week, march 6th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, it is 6:30. >> look at this, strong winds
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and rain knocked down a tree in an apartment complex. the tree fell on to two parked cars and one owner said the damage is pretty seer yours and she will have to work from home today and another car owner sensed trouble was coming. >> i was taking a bath and i heard two big booms and i yelled to my daughters and i said go wake up your dad and tell him to move his car. >> all the car ports were taken and they are now looking to their landlord to reimburse them. let's check on the weather conditions, mark is busy in for steve, good morning. we have live tracker 2 radar scattered around the bay area you can pick up the perspective out towards santa rosa and we will move the maps around and you can see spotty
5:34 am
showers and livermore is the most recent observation reporting some light rain and east of danville out towards mt. diablo and we have dropping snow levels. out towards gilroy, moderate rain levels and wind speeds are still an issue and right now let's go to sal tracking the wet roadways good morning sal. through the tunnel in walnut creek it looks good but it is windy and as you mentioned all the roads are wet and you should give yourself extra time because we have already had some spin outs and 880 westbound traffic is getting busier by the minute. let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news out of san francisco, s.w.a.t.
5:35 am
teams have moved into the city's bay view district. alex savage arrived on the scene to tell us what is happening. alex? >> reporter: we just came here and police told us to stay back so this is obviously a very dangerous situation. san francisco police officers just a block away are surrounding an industrial building and we saw officers with their guns drawn. now this is apparently an armed robber inside this building refusing to come out and this is at the intersection of jennings and haven't dyke. this -- van dyke. the person is wanted for a robbery of a medical marijuana facility and what is unclear is whether that medical marijuana facility is here in this area or whether it took place at an earlier time. the police are telling us a group of four people were involved initially and three others continue to be
5:36 am
outstanding. one person is apparently inside this building. san francisco police have been called to try to get this person out of the building but again as we bring you back out here to a live picture, san francisco police have the building surrounded and one person is inside believed to have been involved in the robbery of a medical marijuana facility and we are still waiting for more information and we are waiting to talk to somebody and as soon as we get more information, obviously we will bring that to you. but there is a tense standoff. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. it happened last night in the city's bay view district. officers spotted a "b" mw -- a
5:37 am
bmw and the suspect put his car in reverse and ran over an officer and then pulled back and was ready to strike again. >> two of his brother officers fired at the bmw striking the driver one time. >> now the officer run over by the car was not seer yoursly hurt. the driver of the car is listed in stable condition and this is the 6th police shooting in the bay area since friday. new details about the man who shot and killed two santa cruz police officers last week. jeremy due lay was in the process when he arrived at his door. he just lost his job preparing to where he has family. the shooting handed out side
5:38 am
his home. they are giving you a chance to honor those two fallen officers for a chance for a public viewing. the viewing will be held from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the santa cruz memorial on ocean street. it comes just one day at the santa cruz hp pavilion. during the morning news at 4:30 it will continue and at 11:00 a.m. the procession will make its way to san jose. they are apparently in poor shape and they voted to explore new ideas. a half of a quarter sales tax is approved for a county sales
5:39 am
tax and a $290 million bond measure and mayor chuck reid should make a decision this fall. more drivers are getting out there on the wet roads. ktvu channel 2 morning news' janine de la vega is live in san jose, what is it like out there now? >> reporter: well, we are in winchester and you can see the roads are still wet. the heaviest rain though i am told is headed to gilroy right now. we just checked with chp and there have been three traffic accidents on 101 and 680 and one was facing the wrong way off 280 and we are not sure if weather played a factor in those accidents but if you are leaving home soon, have them serve as a warning. the rain kept on coming on and
5:40 am
off. in the past few hours we have received .07 inches of rain and it is not a too significant in the santa cruz mountains and we received more reported in ben low man. while there have been gusts of winds, here in the south bay, it has not been too bad at all. the main thing is they should be careful on the roadways and it's slick and wet especially if you do hit one of those wet patches where all the water collected, just because it is a heavy rain, it stopped in central san jose and it does not mean it will be more dangerous but to get more on the commute we go to sal, what does it looks like? >> it is busier than usual and let's take a look at what we have with the live pictures and this is 101 and you can see traffic is moving along pretty well. it is pretty gusty winds and just give yourself extra time as you drive through. there is report of a new crash
5:41 am
which came in just a few minutes ago and we happened to have a camera there. i don't see anything but we will look at that next time and see if anything develops there. let's look at bay bridge, no major problems coming through. normal time 8 to 12 minutes and i would slow down and be aware of the winds and let's go to mark. the winds and the rainfall is adding up. look at all of that activity adding up into early this morning. santa rosa nearly a quarter of an inch in san jose. 700s of an inch and on storm tracker radar, still scattered showers across parts of the north bay, and the activity and coverage is on the increase and
5:42 am
still we have pop-up showers and we have some clouds passing through, showers and another break in the action, the activity is focused closer to morgan hill and san martin and gilroy. just be careful and as far as the wind speed, fso, winds are sustained at 25 miles per hour and that could translate eatsly to -- easily to gusts of 35 miles per hour. it is mainly to upper 30s and 40s, half-moon bay 38 and san jose was reporting 58 degrees. it is still up here lurking to our north and west and this will be the sort of possibilities and low snow levels as we head near thursday. today we have some passing clouds and a few pop-up showers and we will still have occasional showers in the forecast throughout the day wednesday and this will be the
5:43 am
source of some rain showers for your thursday especially by afternoon hours. temperatures for today maxing out in the upper 50s, mid-to- upper ever 0s and we are un-- 50s and we are unsettled and we will dry out in time for the weekend. 5:40 is the time right now, we want to take you to the east coast where rain has turned to snow and it is impacting the area. it was stolen and we will have more on who will be affected. a minor general here he on the roads and traffic looks okay, i do see minor activity on the shoulder and i will have another traffic update and i will keep an eye on all crashes for you stay tuned.
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. welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 5:43 in san francisco, s.w.a.t. teams are at the barricade section in the bay view district. it is a fluid situation. a suspect believed to have been involved in the robbery of a medical marijuana facility is hold up in a building. police have arrested three other suspects and we will watch this and stay on top of it and bring you a live update at the top of the hour. an angry hospital patient barricaded himself inside the
5:47 am
medical center. he started a small fire and you can see them moving in and they arrested him without injuries. and they have closed the washington d.c. areas we look at the white house with the snow coming down and that's the reason federal offices in d.c. are closed and they are expecting heavy snow and schools are closed and you can have a live picture of what the d.c. area is dealing with. >> maryland and virginia are hit especially hard and story is showing the impact that the storm is already having, good morning. >> reporter: hey, pam, you can see looking at the shot how much snow is falling right now and this storm has really started to ramp up and here in winchester virginia, we could
5:48 am
see anywhere between 10 to 18 inches of snow and for people in the mid-atlantic, this will be a problem for a lot of people. if your plans include columbus ohio chicago or even louisville, a massive winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of the plains and midwest is moving east bearing down on mid-atlantic -- mid- atlanta. schools and federal offices are closed in washington d.c. and up to 20 inches of snow could fall. crews have the worst to keep up with. >> we will be dealing with snow at such time it will be completely cleared. >> reporter: the eastern corridor is in the predicted path. drivers are being warned to stay home or at least keep
5:49 am
watch as cars are piled up like this one. it seems the only thing making way on runways at some airports are plows. the nation's largest airlines have canceled more than 1,000 flights leaving people stranded and trust traded. >> you are going to get there. i. >> pray we do. >> because this is a march snowstorm, basically it means the snow is heavy and wet. >> reporter: that will be a problem in terms of power outages and we have virginia and ohio, more than 93,000 people are without power. >> oh, boy, that will present some problems with the cold. we will continue to follow that story this morning. also, the time and money
5:50 am
the u.s. has put into iraq for construction has not been worth the cast. the inspector general plea ofs they are so unstable even country trileaders believe it is not worth the cost. they did not consult with iraqis to determine which construction projects were needed or wanted. thousands of venezuelaians are expected to line the streets as the body of venezuela president hugo chavez is taken from the hospital where he died. [crowd noise] >> reporter: supporters gathered last night after his death was announced. the 58-year-old had been battling cancer for the last two years. his funeral will be held on friday and a vice-president
5:51 am
will take over until an election is held. the victim is a shooting victim. somebody tried to rob him at 7:00 last night and the victim refused to give over his valuables and he was shot trying to run away. the victim is only 14 years old. firefighters were called to a two-story home at 8:00 last night and when they they arrived to the house was consumed in flames. none of the 65 horses on the property were injured and there is no word on how the fire started. police in contra costa counties are searching for the thieves who robbed a warehouse used by charities. they give holiday gifts for
5:52 am
3,000 needy people but last week, thieves stole almost everything. high school seniors also took a big hit. >> it is just the best senior event and it's horrible somebody would ruin that for us. >> nearly all of their supplies were taken and they combined suffered a $60,000 loss and police are tracking down leads. we have rain and wind and what is on 880? >> well, when you drove in, i think everybody is feeling it, it is windy everywhere and it is especially windy on causeways and you can see 880 if you are looking at the television, i know a lot of you don't look and cameras are
5:53 am
shaking because of the fusty winds. now in the last few minutes, roads are not particularly wet but her at -- here at the bay bridge plaza, there are no problems getting into san francisco. if you are driving on the peninsular, southbound 101, it still looks good between 880 and 101. just be careful out there, let's go to mark. you are right on with the winds and typically we make a big deal with the rainfall, and it is a big component and you can see winds gusting and this is last night. 40 miles per hour, santa rosa still topping towards concord, hayward and oakland and we still have gusty winds sustained right around 25 miles per hour. here is the latest, a lot of
5:54 am
activity to our north and we still have rain showers and the sierra snow fall and we have a winter storm warning. right now they focus out towards stockton and moving closer to gilroy and still some downpours around 101. as far as wind speeds you can see the strongest out of fso and oakland at 17 miles per hour. we have a cold front moving across the bay area overnight and we still have a storm with this area of humidity and that -- low pressure and this moves in and can be the source of low snow levels. probably a decrease in coverage later on quite a bit and more development will be offshore
5:55 am
and we put this in to motion especially thursday rainfall amounts could pick up and by friday we clear out and warm things up. as far as temperatures for today, hold onto the umbrella, scattered showers and plenty of win. thunderstorms for your thursday and it looks like a big warmup for the weekend. they are following the lead of yahoo. what happened with those suspects accused of stealing a luxury yacht? stay tuned, we will explain. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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. time now 4:55 the three people accused of stealing a luxury yacht are being held on $1 million bail. now the yacht ran aground monday morning on pacifica. they broke into the cabin and stole the keys to the engine. they don't know if they knew
5:59 am
how to sail but they managed to leave the harbor with no problem. they suffered a boating accident and they may soon get information about their loved ones. they have ended their investigations into why that boat capsized. some of the victims' bodies were found with the boat but were not returned to their families and they were considered evidence. they have not had memorials because they wanted so see if their loved ones were among those bodies recovered. corporate employees were evaluated by their work and not how many hours they put in. it comes after marissa meyers says she is ending telecommunication. it is one of


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