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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 14, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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northbound up to 880, a nice looking drive. we don't have a lot going on, traffic is moving well. we do have a new crash on -- i take back what i said. 680 southbound looks good. 57, let's go back to dave and pam. a new leader for catholics, a local expert talks about the new pope and future of the church. also a disturbing threat making this a very tense morning at one bay area school, the police are on alert at several other schools. we're looking outside in oakland this early thursday morning, partly cloudy skies, some patchy fog moving around the bay. we'll take a look at the forecast, minor changes as we head into the weekend.
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parents and students react to a threatening note found in a pleasanton school. an earthquake hit and who
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felt it. what a local vatican scholar says a new pope might mean in the sex abuse scandal. another carnival cruise ship in trouble, the ktvu morning news continues. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday morning. march 14. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. it sounds good. >> another nice forecast. we'll shave off a few degrees. but these are all some tiny changes, patchy fog this morning, a few high clouds into the bay area. temperatures this afternoon range from the low 60s at the coast, warmest locations no more 80s but still some mid to upper 70s for your thursday afternoon. more on the weekend forecast in a few minutes. sal has an update on traffic. >> good morning, mark. 237 looks good. near 680 a crash on the shoulder, you may see mark
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vehicles. looking at san francisco traffic, northbound 101 looks good. parents of high school students in pleasanton plan to keep kids home because of a note found. i understand this isn't the only threat at local schools. >> reporter: that's right. we were able to see the girls cheerleading squad that left for nationals this morning in los angeles. we talked to some of the parents and students of the lacrosse team here that left for a meet in boise, idaho, this morning. people are split over what happened with the threatening note situation. some are shrugging it off saying it's no big deal. others are saying that education shouldn't stop because of a situation like this. we watched the girls board buses around 5:00 this morning, and school is open today but
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there's no lockdown, district officials beefed up patrols. we noticed a squad car on the other side of the school, this after the discovery of a threatening note found in a girls bathroom tuesday. we have blurred out the profanity but it read, i hate everyone at this school, watch me shoot everyone on march 14th, i swear to god. >> it's almost like it could be real but it could be fake as well. someone obviously was upset, but bottom line, it should be taken seriously, just in case, for everybody's safety. >> in this climate you have to react this way. my personal thought when i heard about it, i thought somebody didn't want to take a test on thursday. i mean, that's the thing that kids do nowadays, they look for an excuse to get out of going to school. >> reporter: in total east bay police are on alert at three schools, at kimball high after graffiti was found in a girls bathroom and officials evacuated tracy high yesterday
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after two menacing notes were found in the boys bathroom. the fremont district put thornton on lockdown yesterday because of a bomb threat. officials want to know who wrote the note. parents say they would keep students home from school today, others said they would send them. coming up we're going to tell you about another incident at the school a week prior to the most recent one, and that is what has a lot of parents on edge. we're getting word of another carnival cruise ship in trouble, docked in phillipsberg on st. martin in the eastern caribbean. several passengers on the ship, dream, are telling stories of power outages and overflowing toilets. the coast guard said the
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captain notified them of possible problems with the propulsion system, a month after a fire crippled a ship in the gulf of mexico. we'll give you an update as soon as we get more information. a magnitude 4.6 quake shoot sonoma county. it hit after 2 a.m. about 14 miles east of healdsberg, it does not appear a lot of people felt it. the sheriff's department took two calls, no reports of damage. in southern california an earthquake warning system passed a major test. how it could change the way we respond to quakes in the future, coming up at 6:18. police are investigating gunfire in east oakland at seminary and bromley avenues. police released little information about the incident but say no one was hit. streets were closed and a helicopter was overhead during
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the investigation. time is now 6:05. pope francis began his first morning as a new pontiff, demonstrating the humility he's known for. without a grand entrance he went to rome's main basilica dedicated to the virgin mary through a side door and stopped by the hotel to pick up his luggage. he will be installed on tuesday. as we look live at st.peters's square, a beautiful picture. st.peters's square is not -- the crowd is not as large as the one that gathered last night. pope francis has postponed the visit today to see emeritus pope benedict at the papal retreat outside of rome. at 9:00 this morning pacific time he will lead mass in the sistine chapel with all the cardinals. the vatican calls pope francis a reformer and natural leader who is dedicated to
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solving some of the church's problems. we have the challenges from one of the largest churches in the east bay. >> reporter: the election of the new pope will no doubt feature prominently in services across the bay area today. it's been 24 hours since the world learned pope francis is a new leader of the catholic church, one thing we do know, new pope will face the old issue of the sex abuse scandal. a local leader of a network tells us he's hopeful it will translate into meaningful change in how the church protects children and supports survivors. a scholar tells us the pope asking for blessing is a promising sign of how he may deal with the scandal. >> we want a pastor who we know has heard what has happened, and has listened and can
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respond. and i think that gesture before he led of wanting to listen and receive their blessing is a good signal of things to come. >> and coming up in the next hour we'll be live at st. mary's college in moraga with what we can expect with pope francis leading the catholic church. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. on the website, we have a tab dedicated to the pope's selection. let's bring sal back and get you going. >> dave and pam, we're doing okay. right now the traffic is getting busier, as is typical after 6:00. we see more people on the road. highway 101, san francisco, looks good. no problems on southbound 101 driving down the peninsula or on 280 northbound up to the 280 commute, the extension. it looks good. san francisco bound from the
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east bay, metering lights are not on. they should go on soon. the backup is beyond the ramps, no major problems getting into san francisco. the fog is not as dense as yesterday, which is better news for drivers. the traffic in san jose and south bay looks good. we're already getting a little bit of slow traffic on northbound 101. i want to move this up. 237 and 680, a crash not causing a major delay. most of the traffic is going the other way. that's pretty good news for the commute. 6:08. let's go to mark. the fog, a few patches, but much better compared to yesterday. we're also adding a few high clouds to the mix as well from the pacific, but right now the fog advisories in place for the bay itself, the boaters, until 2:00 for a drop-off in visibility with the fog shooting through the bay. current temperatures in the 40s and 50s, downtown san francisco 48 degrees.
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san jose 52. concord reporting partly cloudy skies and current temperature of 50 degrees. today a little bit cooler compared to yesterday for the coast, still some areas of fog. temperatures on track to reach the upper 50s to lower 60s. warmer in santa cruz, back up to the 70s this afternoon. right around the bay patchy fog, high clouds into the afternoon hours, 68 to 73, and the inland spots filtered sunshine could be muggy, temperatures no more 80's but still on the warm side, especially for this time of year. mid to upper 70s for places like livermore, concord and antioch. here is a look at the forecast highs this afternoon, as i mentioned the numbers come down on average about 3 to 6 degrees from yesterday's reading. santa rosa 75, downtown san francisco 67. and san jose 74 degrees. a look ahead, the five-day forecast, not much change. with your weekend we'll cool things off by sunday, no rain clouds in the five-day forecast, but just outside of this we could track rain chances by tuesday into
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wednesday. coming up we'll take a look at the tahoe forecast, a great weekend up in the sierra. 6:10. a main breakthrough for physics, the discovery of the god particle and what it means for theories about the universe. a new push by the obama administration could give federal agencies more access to your financial information. i'll explain what they would be looking for in a live report in three minutes. look at this. disturbing video that has one bay area amusement park doing damage control. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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six flags discovery kingdom doing damage control after this video made the rounds on the internet this week. you see a trainer repeatedly punching a white tiger in the face. that triggered angry phone calls since the video surfaced monday. the owners of six flags say the video was taken ten years ago. the trainer was fired shortly after that incident. china claims coca-cola soft drink company is threatening china's national security. some truck drivers from coca- cola are accused of illegally using hand-held gps devices as they drive in china. coke says the gps devices are widely sold in stores and they also improve delivery times.
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but the chinese government calls maps because of security and border concerns. coke is shutting down a facility on stockton boulevard. it produces 9 million cases of coke every year, two months ago coke bought the operation from the family that owned the building and says it has too many facilities, 60 workers will lose jobs if they can't find work at other nearby coke facilities. >> reuters says the obama administration wants to ask your banking information. some argue this move would put americans' privacy at risk. kyla? >> reporter: the news agency, reuters, says the obama administration is drawing up plans to give all u.s. spy agencies access to a massive financial database, that database holds financial
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information on americans and others who bank in the u.s. right now only the fbi has full access to the bank of information, other federal agencies like the cia and national security agency have to file case by case requests to get information from the database. reuters says the obama administration wants all u.s. spy agencies to have unlimited access and that could help them better track suspicious activity to help the feds spot criminals. but banks have to report any cash transactions of more than $10,000 as suspicious, and some privacy experts argue that would unnecessarily put too many ordinary u.s. citizens in the spotlight. i contacted senators boxer and feinstein for their reaction and have not heard back. an expert said the country
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already has the best, but there's room for improvement when i see you next. president obama heads back to capitol hill today to meet with senate republicans and house democrats. it's the president's third trip this week to meet with lawmakers. he's trying to get republicans and democrats to agree on a budget. yesterday senate democrats unveiled their budget proposal calling for increases in spending and taxes. the republican budget plan focuses on spending cuts. the president will release his proposal early next month. time is now 6:16. in berkeley a high school student is recovering after being beaten and robbed within blocks of a school. it happened yesterday morning about 11:15. the victim goes to berkeley technology academy. his school and a nearby preschool were locked down for about 30 minutes while police searched around for the suspect. that boy was taken to a hospital, his injuries described as minor. so far no arrests have been made. the legal battle over two
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can use martin's beach in san mateo county goes to court today. a gate was put up a few years ago after the beach was sold. the protest today comments days after a lawsuit was filed against the new owners. new this morning, physicists say they are confident they have discovered the so-called god particle. european researchers made the announcement after studying data collected last year from the world's largest atom smasher, the subatomic particle explains why matter has mass. it is considered a missing cornerstone of the study of physics. a southern california earthquake warning system just passed a major test. on monday the system gave a 35- second warning before a 4.7 quake in riverside county. scientists say it can be enough time for people to take cover offer shut down trains.
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it does not predict earthquakes but detects the first pulses of energy when a fault ruptured. the system is in the pilot stage. 6:17. let's get you moving. sal, i thought you were going to keep the fog off the east shore. >> we're trying to keep it off the east shore but it's in the bay there. it's coming into the east shore, watch for fog to get thicker as you drive through. as a matter of fact, there are no major problems, but it is pretty foggy. the traffic continues to move along relatively well, as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to mention the traffic at the toll plaza is getting a little bit more -- a little bit busier. there are no major problems as you drive through. i want to mention a problem in san jose, word of an injury accident northbound 101 at mckee, the two left lanes are blocked, this is a car may be blocking one lane, this is two vehicles involved in this crash, and it's an injury crash, so the police and fire department are on the scene in
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san jose. northbound 101 at mckee, just reported a few moments ago, and not even all the emergency vehicles are on the scene yet, we'll let you nor more -- we'll let you know more coming up. let's go to mark. good morning. we're tracking some of the fog this morning but yesterday at this time we had a layer of warm area, we had a dense patch, the marine layer has lifted, now as a result visibility is not bad. we have a few high clouds paying us a visit now. temperatures are in the 40s to lower 50s out there, the bigger picture here on the satellite, i was talking about high clouds, here is the wider perspective on the satellite showing you the high clouds off the coast, already moving into parts of the north bay, high clouds will continue to pay us a visit this afternoon. lake tahoe looks good today, for friday, saturday and sunday we could see partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, temperatures for afternoon highs in the mid to upper 50s. for today back here in the bay area, 8:00 this morning, patchy
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fog for the coast and bay, by 12:00, partly sunny skies, 58 to 70. and then by the afternoon hours mild to warm, these temperatures coming down on average about 3 to 6 degrees from yesterday's highs but warm out there, especially for mid- march. mid to upper 70s towards santa rosa and fairfield, san jose 74. the five-day forecast the same deal for friday with slightly cooler temperatures by the weekend. the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits continues to shrink, the labor department reports new claims dropped last week by 10,000, from the week before. now, the number is also down 13%, almost 13% since november. employers have added an average of 200,000 jobs a month between november and february. netflix users can share the movies and tv shows they watch with their friends through facebook. users will be able to choose which content to share as well
6:24 am
as whether they want to post tv and movie choices to facebook pages. netflix said all users will have access to the new option by the end of the week. time now 6:21. a big construction project in the south bay needs repairs before the work is even completed. it's not faulty work though. bad driving is causing problems. it's amazing it's coming back after 70 years. >> a purple heart found in the middle of a road, the i a mazing detective work by a group of high school students to find its rightful owner. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app.
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authorities in solano county are searching for a man with a gas can spotted along interstate 80 yesterday starting several small fires. those fires started about 4:30 in the afternoon near red top road in fairfield. they caused traffic delays but there were no injuries and little damage. several people said they saw a man without a shirt holding a gas can in the area at the time of the fires. the work to improve a stretch of capitol expressway in san jose is being undone by car accidents. there have been several crashes along the section with new
6:28 am
light poles, sidewalks and fencing installed in the last two years costing $8 million. one woman who lives nearby says the destruction is disappointing. >> our taxes go to that to make it look nice, and we brag about how pretty it looks. now we can walk down the sidewalk. >> taxpayers won't have to pay twice to keep the upgrades. insurance is picking up the cost for most of the repairs. and drivers who caused damage are paying for the rest of the work. 6:25. a purple heart found here in california is now back with the family in texas thanks to a group of high school students. the military medal was found in the middle of a road in bakersfield. it eventually was turned over to a high school teacher and his archiving class. after a lot of digging, students were able to identify the man, the soldier was killed when the japanese attacked
6:29 am
pearl harbor. the soldier's niece in texas said one of her brothers used to live in bakersfield and the purple heart may have become lost there. let's check your traffic this morning. there's a new injury crash in san jose. >> northbound 101, dave, northbound 101 at mckee road, two left lanes are blocked. big trouble for the south bay commute, northbound 101 at mckee. near mckee, anyway, the traffic is backing up north into san jose. you might want to think about 85 to 87, or 280. sonol grade looks good pleasanton to fremont. we're still tracking areas of fog. recently the national weather service issued a fog advisory for the bay for the past few hours, but as we expand, coastline south around the san mateo coastline, for the areas in gray, dense fog advisories toward watsonville until 9:00,
6:30 am
resurfacing over the next few hours. we'll keep an eye on this and changes in the five-day forecast, we'll have that in a few minutes. time now is 6:27. new video this morning of pope francis, the basilica he visited this morning, and the promise he kept to the people of rome. we'll have a live report coming up from italy. parents and students in pleasanton react to a threatening note found at a high school. we'll tell you how it isn't the only school to deal with the problem this week. also the opening bells about to ring on wall street. we'll see how new signs of a job market recovery affect stocks this morning.
6:31 am
6:32 am
welcome back. right on time, the opening bell there, the number of american filing new claims for
6:33 am
unemployment benefits dropped, that could send the markets higher. interesting organization, a gathering of the founders of some big technology names, youtube, skype and twitter involved in the past. this year etsy is there, they get together for a conference. it should be interesting conversation. thank you for joining us on ktvu morning news. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. in the news, new, the chp said the car of a milpitas police officer was rammed by the driver of a ford bronco in san jose. it happened at 4:00 this morning on 680 north near berryessa, the driver has been taken to the hospital. the chp said they are not sure that driver was aware he hit an undercover police vehicle. >> it doesn't matter if you're undercover or full uniform, anytime you're involved in a
6:34 am
collision where someone hits you, we don't know if it's on purpose or strictly an accident. better safe than sorry. >> the police officers involved were not hurt. meantime, some parents at a high school in pleasanton say they will keep kids home this morning. there already extra police patrols on the campus of foothill high school because of a threatening note. tara moriarty is on the story since 4:30, you say that's one of several threats at local schools? >> reporter: that's right. we've noticed a patrol car here on campus since 4:00 this morning when we first arrived. some parents will choose to send their kids to school today, others will keep them home. the school is open. around 5:00 we noticed some female students who were part of the cheering squad boarding buses for los angeles and campus patrols have been beefed up after the discovery of a threatening note found in a
6:35 am
girls bathroom tuesday. we have blurred out the profanity but it read, "i hate everyone at this school, watch me shoot everyone on march 14, i swear to god." >> my son is genuinely scared, he doesn't want to come to school but knows he needs to be at school. i'm sure the friends are texting and talking but it's a 50-50 thing, it seems like. >> reporter: you're not sure which way to feel? >> yep. >> just because the date was given, a lot of people are going to really exaggerate about it but i feel like it's always gonna happen. like it's always gonna be a threat. >> reporter: in total, east bay police are on alert at four schools due to threats. in tracy there's security at
6:36 am
kimball high after threatening graffiti was found. fremont school district put thornton junior high on lockdown for half an hour yesterday because of a bomb threat. fremont police are still investigating. authorities don't believe any of the incidents are connected. one parent here at foothill told us there was a threat made on facebook with a week before this latest incident, she said it's being kept hushed by the school but police are investigating a freshman or sophomore for making threats about wanting to hurt some people. the most recent threatening note still under investigation, but police believe that a female wrote that note in this case. we're live in pleasanton. we continue our coverageof the election pope francis. he brought a bouquet to the church dedicated to the virgin mary and blessed followers yesterday, telling the people of rome he would pray to
6:37 am
madonna she would watch over the city. reporter craig boswell has reported from rome all week and joins us now with the pope's vision for the future. good morning, craig. >> reporter: pam, good morning to you. by the way, the pope, pope francis, was talking about visiting pope benedict xvi today, that's not going to happen today or tomorrow but they did speak by phone last night and when he was presented on the balcony, kind of changing things up right off the bat, flipping the script instead of blessing the crowd he asked them to pray for him. >> i ask you to pray to the lord to bless me. >> cardinal jorge bergoglio, his name now taken from st. francis of assisi who lived a life of poverty. >> god said rebuild my church, one of the wonderful things about cardinal bergoglio
6:38 am
choosing the name francis, he's pointing us to renewal. >> reporter: it's a major task for the pontiff, the electing cardinals consider him a seasoned and popular pastor. >> where he comes from is gravy. we've got a lot of good gravy with a man coming now from latin america. you talk about a booster shot to the church in the americas, this is going to be a real blessing. >> reporter: restoring the image will be no easy task, especially for some who have lost faith following a litany of sex abuse scandals. >> they picked a person coming from the third world with some represent days -- reputation of dealing with the issue and he may sweep houses and do something concrete. >> reporter: time will tell. it's about 2:30 in the afternoon here, rome time. up next, for pope francis, two hours from now he will gather with the cardinals back in the sistine chapel and right about
6:39 am
5:00 rome time will have his first mass in the chapel with the cardinals. back to you. >> thank you, craig, for the update from rome. vice-president joe biden will lead the u.s. delegation to roam for the ceremony of pope francis next week. vice-president biden is the first roman catholic vice- president. he released a statement saying he's happy to have the chance to personally relay well wishes to the pope. catholics in the bay area are excited about the election of pope francis. yesterday in san francisco the bells rang at st. mary's cathedral marking the election of the new pontiff. local catholics we talked to say they like his humble background from buenos aires, he often rode the bus to work, cooked his own meals, and visited the slums of argentina.
6:40 am
an argentinian leader worked with pope francis for 30 years. >> he was the type of man that could do many, many tasks, including if there was a need for a cook in the community, at one point, he would be more than willing to do so. >> at 12:10 the san francisco archdiocese will hold a special mass of thanksgiving for pope francis, at st. mary's cathedral. the san jose archdiocese will hold a thanksgiving mass on sunday. san jose will have one of the fastest wi-fi networks in the country. janine is in san jose with more of today's big announcement and how it could help business. >> reporter: pam, here in downtown san jose it's quiet. you'll see a lot of people working on their laptops, using mobile phones, today the wireless connection downtown will be faster than ever. the city is launching what it's
6:41 am
calling wickedly fast wi-fi in downtown. there will be the cutting of the ether net cable event today, the city partnered with ruckus out of sunnyvale. san jose leaders say this service as a must-have because companies downtown want to attract young tech savvy professionals so many people do business at outdoor cafes and being able to connect fast is important. san jose already has a free wi- fi network but coverage this time is going to be better and more improved. now, this event back out here live at city hall, will take place at noon today, and at least on twitter ruckus wireless is saying they are actually going to cut that ether net cable with a chainsaw to launch this event. we're reached out to one of the city officials to talk about how this is going to help improve the infrastructure
6:42 am
downtown, and we're hoping to have that for you on mornings on 2. reporting live, channel 2 news. sal, you're watching san jose, there's a problem. >> there is a problem in san jose. i'm looking at it here on my maps. northbound 101 at mckee road, there's a crash involving a couple overturned vehicles and several lanes are blocked on northbound 101, the backup is already building very quickly, soon it should be backed up to the capitol expressway. emergency crews are trying to work as fast as they can because this is a major commute. it's early enough if you're driving on 101 to divert to 85 and 87 as a decent alternate. it's early enough to get around traffic, but any later and you'll start seeing commes worsen on 85 and 280 as well. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up for a 15-minute delay before you make it on the bridge to san
6:43 am
francisco. on highway 24 westbound, moderately heavy to the tunnel. 6:40, let's go to mark. >> some changes in the bay area weather pattern, patchy fog moving around the bay near the immediate coastline. you get an idea with the live camera. in addition to fog we have a batch of higher clouds moving into the region as well. it's going to be filtered sunshine this afternoon. as far as temperatures right now, mainly in the 40s to lower 50s, san jose 52 degrees, livermore 50, and santa rose reporting fog and 45 degrees. dense fog advisories for boaters until 2:00 this afternoon, recently added. so for the san mateo coast to the south closer to monterrey bay, south toward santa cruz and watsonville, this advisory in place until 9:00. visibilities coming down to
6:44 am
less than 1/4 of a mile. break down your forecast for the coast, into the afternoon hours partly cloudy skies, high clouds moving in, increasing throughout the day. temperatures this afternoon are coming down about 3 to 6 degrees from yesterday's highs but still warm out there. we're talking mid to upper 70s for the warmest locations inland around 74 to 77. here is a look at the forecast highs. santa rosa 75, downtown san francisco 67. and san jose 74 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, temperatures not changing much tomorrow, but with your weekend in view minor cooling especially by sunday. we have new information on that deadly shooting rampage in upstate new york. how a stand-off with a suspected gunman ended this morning. we live at the bay bridge toll plaza, what would you do to save money? what some bay area commuters are doing to save a couple dollars before they enter the toll plaza. good morning, northbound
6:45 am
101 looks good, fog moving in as you can see right before our very eyes. we'll tell you what that's doing to the morning commute.
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t.j.maxx. dense fog reforming near the immediate shoreline, a dense fog advisory in place for the coast. south of the golden gate until
6:48 am
9:00 this morning. welcome back. born good morning. there was a 4.6 earthquake overnight in sonoma county hit after 2:00 in the morning. 14miles northeast of healds isberg. another carnival cruise ship having problems this morning, file video of the carnival "dream." it's stuck at port on the island of saint martin in the eastern caribbean. apparently they are having mechanical problems but engineers are trying to fix them. back here at home parents of some foothill high school students in pleasanton plan to keep the kids home this morning. there will be extra police patrols on campus. that's because of a threatening note found in the girls bathroom that mentions today's date. a man suspected of shooting six people in new york has been killed by police. officers had been in a stand- off with 64-year-old kurt myers
6:49 am
since yesterday. they say he set his apartment on fire, drove to a barbershop and shot four people, killing two of them. then they say he went to an oil change shop and killed two more men. he was found in the basement of a building this morning, they say myers shot a police dog, police shot back, and that he was killed. concord police are investigating shots fired at two buses, both incidents happened yesterday on clayton road. the windows on both buses were damaged, but no one was hurt. police are investigating whether a pellet gun was used. so far there are no suspects and no arrests have been made. if you have any information, please call concord police. senator feinstein's assault weapons ban will likely be approved today, getting through the judiciary committee probably on a party line vote. but the legislation will have a tough time when it comes before the full senate next month. feinstein will need all the help she can get because she says she's facing what me is
6:50 am
called an 800-pound gorilla, the nra. a group of silicon valley investors formed a technology committee to reduce gun violence. they will be joined today by parents of victims of the newtown school shooting for a ted hall -- town hall event. bridge drivers are avoiding higher prices at 10 a.m. brian flores is live right now to tell us how the chp is warning drivers. >> reporter: well, this is by no means a new problem. it's been going on since 2010 when planners introduced tolls based on traffic congestion as well as time of day. speaking of traffic congestion, take a look. this is a live look at the bay
6:51 am
bridge toll plaza, cars are moving through, slowly right now. just before 10 a.m., some cars with be seen pulled over or even stopping traffic, it has nothing to do with car problems, everything to do with saving money, waiting for the clock to go from 9:59 to 10 a.m. when the toll goes down from $6 to $4, but it is at times dangerous, a handful of drivers who will pull over to the side somewhere or slow down traffic long enough until the clock says 10, to pay $2 less. according to the san francisco chronicle the chp enforces it but some drivers say they have only seen a handful of tickets issued. there's no clear-cut solution. you see traffic building as you enter the toll plaza, and there's no clear numbers on how many violators of the issue there are, but they say they monitor the area and if you are caught by the chp, it could
6:52 am
cost you $200 a ticket. we're live from the bay bridge toll plaza, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. i'm hearing from some tweeters in windsor, they didn't feel the earthquake. a decent size but a lot of people didn't feel it. >> i'm going to go to twitter and see. >> that's where you check. >> exactly. good morning. let's go take a look at the commute. we're talking about san jose and still that crash northbound 101 at mckee, they are clearing it, trying to get the latest information but it's still one of the lanes that's blocked, traffic is slowing down. northbound 85 a crash on the shoulder but traffic on 101 is slow back to 85. let's go out to 237. we've had slow traffic as you cross 880. the bay bridge westbound backed up for a 20-minute day before
6:53 am
the span. now let's go to mark. nice colors refracting off the clouds, a nice start to the day, except where we have fog, resurfacing at the coast and near parts of the bay. you can see evidence of higher clouds on the satellite, but as far as the fog it's settling in around the bay and current temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. santa rosa 45 degrees, oakland 51. and mountain view last check reporting 52 degrees. as far as the fog, we have a fog advisory for the boaters until 2:00 this afternoon, basically for the bay waters here and then this recently added by the national weather service, the san mateo county coast and south, a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning headed down towards santa cruz, watsonville, visibility coming down to 1/4 of a mile. for today, a little bit cooler as this area of high pressure
6:54 am
begins to scoot out to the east, and also a batch of high clouds will continue to pay us a visit. partly sunny skies, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we're shaving off 3 to 6 degrees from yesterday's very warm readings, even a few 80s yesterday afternoon. forecast highs, oakland 72. pleasanton 75 degrees. more neighborhoods with san jose 74. santa cruz a dense fog advisory until 9:00. temperatures in the 70s there, and downtown san francisco 67. here is a look ahead at the five-day forecast. your weekend in view, no rain clouds here but temperatures continue to cool off slightly for saturday, and sunday. samsung preparing for major event tonight unveiling an upgrade from the galaxy s-3 in new york. there are reports the s-4 will have a 5-inch screen, eye tracking technology that
6:55 am
scrolls through pages, and samsung sold 30 million of the s-3 worldwide, the production could boost early sales. google is eliminating several apps to focus on a smaller selection of services. it will stop offering google reader. people who handle a lot of information say it's useful. they have until july 1 to transition to other options. >> you love math. >> mathematicians are celebrating today. we'll tell you why today's date is so important. another push to rename san francisco's airport after a local gay activist, the reason the name change could cost significantly less than thought. at sizzler!
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6:58 am
welcome back to the morning news. it could be another record posting today, a live look at the dow jones, up 60 points. 14,515. there we go, after some good reports on the job market this morning. the cost of renaming san francisco international airport could be a lot less than originally estimated. supervisor david campos is pushing to rename it after
6:59 am
harvey milk, originally expected to cost $4 million. but new estimates put the project at $350,000. the reason for the dramatic drop, the city would only have to pay for changing the main sign at sfo, not the freeway signs leading to the airport. students and staff at san francisco's city college are planning to walk off campus today and march to city hall, protesting cuts being made to balance the budget as it fights to keep accreditation. tomorrow is the deadline to submit proof of finances to a commission, city college could be forced to close if it loses that status. time now 6:56. a new effort to allow bars and nightclubs to serve alcohol until 4 a.m. san francisco's state senator mark leno said it could boost tourism and create more jobs. supporters agree, those two extra hours of alcohol service would be good for business. then there are others saying it could also


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