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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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i love my wife. she's not here. ♪ i cannot end this mourning of my life ♪ what can i do... to make you feel better? ♪ how the gods kill ♪ yeah ♪ if you feel alive ohh! ♪ if you got no fear ♪ do you know the name ♪ of the one you seek? dick!
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don't be like that. don't... be like that. yeah? yeah? yeah? ♪ heyyyyyy [gasps] ♪ ohh ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. i hear somebody saying gun. >> an armed robbery escalated to gunfire inside a popular east bay music venue.
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tonight the business re-opens as police continue to search for one outstanding suspect. good evening i'm ken pritchett in tonight top ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. those two armed robbers took off with cash from the ashkenaz, but not before shooting two employees. this violence has shaken workers. ktvu's nicole walker is live. >> reporter: the music fills the club and the club says it's their mission to offer healing, even to the suspects. there is something comforting in ritual at ashkenaz in berkeley they are leaning on both. >> we all share something and the drumming brings it to the floor. >> reporter: the heartbeat, a crum central at the quintessential berkeley club was meant to pump positive energy back into this space. >> we all have people we l and people would love us and the people last night somehow fert
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that. >> reporter: last night berkeley police s.w.a.t. surrounded the neighborhood after two armed robbers shot and injured two employees at the popular club. >> i thought i wasdae. >> reporter: she was behind the bar. >> i heard pop, pop and i hear somebody say gun. >> reporter: he saw them close up. >> one put a gun in both sighs. >> we need peace in the world. >> reporter: ashkenaz opened tonight with a prayer for the two victims and the gunman. >> the people who did that don't know the mission of the place and they just saw the money. >> reporter: the cultural diverse club isn't the first place you would think of for a double shooting b-it's not the first time that guns have interrupted the rhythm. it was incidence, 1996. >> he was shot. >> reporter: 17 years ago mourners lit candles to remember david nadle
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at the club he founded. the ashkenaz philosophy, beat crime by building community. now i just heard them make an announcement that the two shooting victims in the hospital are doing well. police arrested one of the gunmen last night and they are still looking for another. noelle walker ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, the maiden voyage of the first cruise ship to make san francisco its homeport has just left port in the last ten minutes. right there you can see a live picture of the princess cruise ílines grand princess heading out to sea. it was expected to leave port for hawai'i around 4:00 this afternoon, but a coast guard inspection kept the ship in port until:00 this evening. princess cruises are not say why the ship was delayed in port, but said they expected it to take off around 10:00 this angeand that it did. today's maiden voyage of the "grand princess" meant long lines and big business. coming up, the complaints that
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some people had as the ship pulled into his homeport today. a painful anniversary for the friends and family of the sierra lamar. you will south bay teenager was seen one year-ago today. a man is charged with her's murder, but her body has not been found. cara liu reports on how the search effort continues to this day. >> reporter: friends and family marked the first anniversary of the sierra lamar's disappearance. >> a year-ago today most important person in i life went missing are the balloons were released in honor of the 15- year-old who vanished on the way to a bus stop in morgan hill. >> there is nothing worse than not knowing what has happened to your child. last may antolin garcia-torres
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was arrested for her murder. thousands helped in the search near chesbro reservoir. >> it's the right thing to do and i have two daughter and i can't imagine how horrific it would be if one of them was miss. >> many times sorrow, you give us hopes a family. >> reporter: a fundraisers included live music, a raffle and video that friends watched on the screen. loved ones saying they are trying to stay strong. >> i really wish you were here. i wish you were here. i miss her so much. it's frustrate. >> reporter: friends and family say they are committed to keeping sierra's name and her picture out there and want to romind everyone that the reward for information in this case is now at $35,000. in fremont, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news.
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more details on the man that prosecutors say kidnapped sierra lamar. lamar's dna was found in his car. garcia-torres is currently awaiting trial and scheduled to enter a plea on april 4th. go to for the latest on the search for sierra lamar. just look under the "sierra lamar" tab. an investigation is underway tonight in napa county. after a driver was fatally shot by an american canyon police officer. that shooting happened near newell drive and donaldson way east. officers tried to stop this pick-up truck per a for a violation, but the driver took off. police haven't said why the officers opened fire. napa police and the napa county
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sheriff's offices arevoring this shooting. two barack cities held gun buyback events collecting more than 600 firearms, more than $50,000 was donated for this buyback. police say one person who turned in a weapon didn't even want any money in return. >> our primary purpose, our intent of conducting the buyback today is to try to minimize the number of firearms that are present many our community that might be diverted to criminal use. >> the pittsburg police department held a gun buyback event and they collected 291 firearms and several hundred rounds of ammunition. thousands of people lined market street in san francisco today for an early st. patrick's day celebration. the 162nd annual st. patrick's day parade started off at 11:30 this morning. there were marching bans, bab pipers, dancers and police
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officers and firefighters. san francisco fire chief joanne hayes-white served as the parade parade's grand marshal. about 2 million people braved chilly temperatures and occasional snowflakes to watch new york city's st. patrick's day parade. mayor mike bloomberg was among the city officials joining in the celebration. this was the 252nd year of that parade. and st. patrick's day festivities are also underway in chicago, where the chicago river was dyed green ahead of the city's annual parade. a man dresseds a leprechaun entertained the crowd on a water-propelled fly board. to developing news in yuba county, where a racecar drive lost control of his car, hitting and killing two spectators at marysville raceway park north of sacramento. tom duhain is live at the scene where he learned that one of those killed was i teenager. >> reporter:
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that is right and officers are telling us that this happened during warm-up laps at the very beginning of the evening, long before the racing started and tonight the yuba county sheriff is confirming a 6-year-old man died on the scene and a 14-year- old boy died at ahospital after being rushed from the racetrack. both were in the pit area and according to witnesses this is what happened. deputies are at the scene of a deadly crash at the quarter mile racetrack. the track owners says a sprint car driver lost control and exited the track at high-speed. >> he was not trying to come off the track. he was trying to make the corner and he didn't make the corner. and went flying off the exit. it started tumbling and struck two people. >> reporter: this wind was in the pit area. >> there was a guy on a utility vehicle that sideswiped him and he is okay, but the other two guys were walking and had their backs away and were
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walking away. >> reporter: witnesses said it appeared that at least one body was covered at scene. witnesses also identified the driver as 17-year-old chase johnson of petaluma. the track owner says johnson was not hurt. people lingered at the raceway parking lot in shock. >> you never know what is going to happen because it's racing, you know? racing can be dangerous. >> reporter: one witness told me it appears that the steering wheel may have come off of the vehicle that led to the accident. in this case the 17-year-old driver was unhurt and, by the way, at om 17 he is the veteran of 170 races, 7 championships and he was not injured seriously. so he will be able to tell investigations exactly what did happen. in marysville, i'm tom duhain, back to you. bay area law enforcement is warning drivers not to test their luck or sobriety on the roads this st. patrick's day weekend as they crackdown on
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drunk drivers. our crews were with officers yesterday when the chp began its stepped up enforcement and caught this dui crash in hayward. several checkpoints are set up tonight across the bay area. last st. patrick's day, the chp made more than 300 dui arrests statewide. >> a newly licensed teen driver is now facing dui charges after an early morning crash in marin county. 18-year-old ramirez was driving five other people many her car had she crashed on southbound 101 near the waldo tunnel. three passengers in that vehicle got out, took off on foot. one of them was caught. one passenger was taken to the hospital with major injuries and ramirez suffered a broken arm. chp says she got her driver's license just eight days ago. happening now, crews are preparing to shut down all northbound lanes along 880 as they get ready do some large construction work on the bart oakland airport connector.
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roadway is to be closed in a few hours and it will be closed between hegenberger and will be using a crane to move large pieces of connector. a detour will be put into place to help drivers maneuver around the closure. it's our honor to be here tonight. >> an awards ceremony for some big-names in sports and how this celebration will benefit future bay area athletes. going off the cuff, the newly-elected pope francis breaks away from his prepared speech today. the details that he revealed about his new pos. >>barack obama, you lied. >> sarah palin throws jabs at president and uses a big gulp to make a big statement.
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new at 10:00 numerous professional athletes all came out of one small athletic league in oakland and tonight 1 of the legs from that league were unducted into the first- class of the oakland eight league's hall of fame and patti lee was there to how it not only honored the professionals, but gave back to inspire
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athletes. >> jamhines, twogume gold medalist and first human to break 10 seconds in the 100 had the meter dash was recognized for his achievements in his hometown. >> it is a great honor to be here tonight. >> reporter: 1 bedroom were inducted into the first-class of the oakland athletic league's hall of fame, including these athletes. >> well, i just love that story. i just love that story of great dreams coming true. i think it was mainly the school system here, in oakland, with the great coaches, and great dedication of working with these kid. >> reporter: several high school coaches received posthumous awards for their role to cultivating homegrown talent. >> in addition, to celebrating our star athletes of the
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decas iso assist your current athletes with having the things that they need to compete. >> reporter: michael moore, former athletic commissioner says high school sports program have been hit hard by budget cuts and tonight's induction ceremony doubled as a fundraiser. >> we have over 2,000 students in the oakland school district participating in after-school sports so we're excited this event can raise money for local programs. >> you said a positive in your mind and set a goal and don't let nobody defer you from the goal. >> reporter: jim hines said it doesn't matter that most high school athletes won't become hall-of- famers. just playing sports prepares students for the game of the life. >> well, and that was patti lee reporting for us tonight. nfl free-agent don't stallworth is expected to be okay after suffering severe burns in a hot-air balloon crash. authorities say stall wore and another person were hurt when
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their balloon hit power lines. the 10-year nfl veteran played with the new england patriots last year before suffering an ankle injury. in 2009 stallworth was suspended for the entire season after being convicted of a manslaughter for a death that killed a pedestrian. >> a fire is under investigation. san josi firefighters say the fire at western roofing supply was errorred around 11:00 this morning. according to the fire captain the flames spread from a outbuilding to the main building. one person living in the outbuilding was displaced, but there were no injurys. a woman is in custody in san josi as police continue to look for her brother at a connection at light-rail station. 20-year-old jozette reos rios was arrested. jozette is accused of pumping and kicking a
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female rider last month. this is surveillance picture of her at the station. her brother is accused of then stealing the victim's purse. continuing coverage on the election this week of the new pope and today we learned what approximated the pontiff tyke the name "francis" during the secret conclave. pope francis gave a speech to the thousands of journalists who traveled to rome for the conclave and breaking from his prepared speech, the pope described the moment when it appeared he would be elected and in can brazilian cardinal asked him to never forget the poor. it was at that moment that the pope said he decided it take the name francis for st. francis of assisi, who devoted himself to helping the poor. >> francis is a man of peace and that is how in my heart came the name of francis of assisi. >> pope francis scheduled to meet with his predecessor, emeritus pope benedict xvith a
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week perfect today. president obama is promoting a plan to put $200 million each year in an energy security trust to fund research to find alternatives to oil. >> scientists were designing new engine has were energy- efficient and developing cheaper batteries and devicing new ways it fuel our cars and trucks with sources of clean- energy. like advanced bifox news natural gas. so drivers can one day go coast- to-coast without using a drop oil. >> the president delivered his weekly address from the argonne nationallant in illinois. some well-known g.o.p. political heavy hitters spoke today at the conservative political action conference, known as cpac. as christiana mutchler tells us one didn't pull my punches
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today. >> reporter: a conservative's whose w.h.o. who's-who today. doctor ben carsen fueled speculation he may be looking for a spot on the g.o.p. ticket. announcing saturday he is retiring from medicine and teasing the audience with hypotheticals. >> let's say you magically put me into the white house wisconsin governor scott walker hasn't pulled out a 2016 bid for the white house, but says republicans should look beyond washington to find a new direction for the party. >> real reform doesn't happen in our nation's capitol. it happens in our state houses across had great country. props gave way for lighter moments saturday. newt gingrich laid out his whys using a candle and light bulb. >> we don't need new principles, but we need lots of
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ideas of how to implement those principles in the 21st century. >> reporter: while sarah palin made the crowd roar demonstrating her right to drink a big gulp of soda, but it wasn't all jokes for alaskan's former governor, criticizing the president. >> barack obama promised the most transparent administration ever, barack obama you lied. >> reporter: as they look ahead to 2016, christina multiler ktvu . senator ran paul of kentucky won the cpac presidential straw poll with fsa of the vote followed by florida senator marco rubio, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum came in 3rd and new jersey governor chris christie, who was conspicuously not
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invited to the conference came in 4th place. $917 million up for grabs and the approaching deadline to see if any of the cash is yours? a fatal bus crash and what the driver was doing right before the accident believe it or not an update onryl wayne and what is a close friend is saying about the rapper's condition at a los angeles hospital. another day of mild tiffs across most of the bay area. coming up, the neighbors that will hit the low 70s and when rain clouds resurface on the five-day forecast?
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tot the head coach of a college lacrosse team and bus driver are dead after a horrific crash many pennsylvania. police say the bus carrying see than hall women's lacrosse team veered off the tennessee turnpike and crashed in a tree. the coach was about six months' pregnant. cause of the crash is still being investigated. see.
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firefighter are gaining ground on i wildfire in colorado west of the fort collins. tonight hundreds of evacuated residents are returning home. so far the fire has burned least 1,000 acres, but tonight it's 45% contained of the fire started yesterday during record- high temperatures and high winds. it's burning in the very same area where one of the largest wildfires in colorado state history destroyed hundreds of homes last year. in news of the world in india, allegation of another high-profile gang-rape are making headlines of a swiss woman says she and her husband were attacked by a group of 8- 10 men, who beat them with sticks and tied up the man and raped the woman. the rape comes three months after a 23-year-old female student in new delhi was gang- raped and severely beaten and she died from her injuries. in jordan a bus carries palestinians returning
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from a pilgrimage to saudi arabia crashed. the bus was filled with palestinians on their way back to the west bank after visiting the holy cities of mecca and medina. >> what is this? >> in kenya, prime minister raleigh odinga filed a legal chelto election results that declared uhuru kenyatta in the march 4th election. odinga accused the electoral authorities of fraud. kenyatta is facing charges of crimes against humanity after the 2007 election. rapper lil wayne appears to
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be recovering after being rushed to the hospital yesterday. today the rapper's mentor, birdman visited him at cedars- sinai hospital in los angeles and tweeted that lil wayne would be home soon. according to reports the rapper was admitted after suffering several seizures and reported i had high amounts of codeine in his system. the irs says it has $917 million in refunds from tax year 2009. the agency says more than 984,000 americans have yet to file their 2009 returns. the irs says if you want to get any money back from returns in 2009 now is the time to do those taxes. 2009 tax returns must be submitted by april 15th of this year too get your refund. otherwise the money is handed over to the u.s. treasury. all right, ticketed for tailgating. what a recently cited sheriff is now saying about his citation. plus, the grand princess has finally left san francisco on its maiden voyage. how the cruise ship is expected
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to help the city over the next year? plus a car-wash for a cause. the fundraiser to help the family i of a young woman found dead on caltrain tracks.
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we have more developing news coming into the ktvu channel 2 news newsroom and it comes to us from the sierras, where a search is underway right now at a popular ski resort for a missing bay area man. 45-year-old david hanholt of los gatos is reported missing by frens friends at squaw valley of the placer county sheriff is now
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involved in the search. a crusship that makes san francisco it's holporter has just head out a short tacoma ago. as ktvu's allie rasmus reports hosting this ship will mean an economic boost to the city. >> reporter: cruise liners come and go along the embarcadero, but this is the first time in years that a ship has made san francisco its home place. once passengers disemback, they faced long lines for a cab. while thousands of new passengers tried to board the ship at the same time to get to hawai'i. >> you have 400 passengers coming off and you have 2700 coming on. >> reporter: expect to see more big crowds like this getting on and off the ship in the future. pier 35 will be the home for the port bringing 100,000 passengers to san francisco. some passengers felt the city was a little unprepared for this first-time crowd. >> are you staying in san francisco? >> if i ever get to my hotel.
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[ laughter ] i might just end up taking a taxi to the airport. >> reporter: the pedicabs, porters and taxicab drivers weren't complaining. big crowds mean good money. >> it's really good. goods by business. >> reporter: port officials hope it will be good business for the entire city and they estimate the cruise lineer's passengers will spend more than l1 million over the next 15 months. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. and this hour negotiations continue at music hall to end the symphony strike. late this evening the symphony canceled tomorrow's 2:00 performance. this is the fourth concert to be canceled since the musicians went on strike on wednesday. they are upset over management proposeolal to breeze their pay the first year and 1% increases
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in the second year. vallejo police are trying to identify a pedestrian seriously injured this morning when she was hit by a car. the woman was walking near the intersection of springs road and columbus parkway before 4:00 a.m. when she was hit. the driver called 911 and he was not arrested. police say the victim was wearing a black jacket with an orange interior and patterned white pajama pants. the chp stepping up enforcement to catch speeding and reckless motorcyclists and bicyclists the crackdown comes after a rise in accidents and reports of reckless driving on weeks, especially during the traditional sunday morning motorcycle ride, in addition, to more patrols, the chp plans to use airports to spot speeders and those not stop stopping at stop sign. sacramento county sheriff doesn't plan to fight a ticket for tailgating. the chp officer pulled over chief jones back on march the 9th. jones says he was on his way to
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pick up tickets i department fundraiser. the sheriff says he disagrees with the ticket, but won't contest it and adds it was his first ticket in nearly 25 years. the family of a young san josi woman found dead earlier this week, today held a fundraising car-wash to raise money for her funeral. dozens chipped in to wash cars at agave restaurant and bar in san josi. 20-year-old maria juarez was found dead on the caltrain tracks near west virginia street on monday. her family says that location is far from her home and they do not believe that she would harm herself. >> she was a great person. she had a great heart. everybody loved her. >> so far police have not determined the cause of death. one family member says maria may have been a victim of foul play, and her body dumped on the tracks. >> coming up, back on earth.
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>> we believe that that should be the soyuz commander. >> two russian cosmonauts on an american astronaut return to earth after five months in space and why their return had to be delayed. the weather was warm today, but that is about to change. meteorologist mark tamayo is next with when rain will return to the bay area forecast? . and remember, you can get ktvu news to go, right on your cell phone. just download the ktvu apple and click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live of be connected anywhere, anytime.
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mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system,
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she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive we're looking at the first of
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the crew members being extracted from the vehicle. we believe that that should be the soyuz commander. two russian cosmonauts an and american astronaut back on earth tonight after five months on the iss senior vice president the three men land early this morning in the saks shan. trio were supposed to return yesterday, but the return was postponed because of the weather. >> we do have some of that bad weather healing our way and meteorologist mark tamayo is here to tell us. >> the rest of the weekend is dry. just a few maybe high clouds moving into the region by the afternoon hours. like now, out towards the northwestern portion, it's actually mild out there. current readings and you can see coming up for uright now we
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have 50s to record towards santa rosa, napa and downtown san francisco lower 50s and san josi 54 degrees. winds wilmer-hutchins an issue today. we have stronger winds out towards sfo. winds out of west, sustained. a bit of breeze near the coast and parts of the bay. storm for st. patrick's day, sunshine and mild once again. and some changes. we'll be tracking more raindrops and a dropoff in temperatures of you will see that coming up in five-day forecast. as far as the lows for thing tomorrow morning, coolest locations will be in the lower 40s towards santa rosa, san josi starting out sunday morning 46 degrees. we're tracking a storm out here in the pacific and, in fact, just for reference, hawai'i just way out to our south and west. there is that cold front. this will be a factor by later tuesday and into wednesday. but for tomorrow, it will be dry. high pressure still in command of our weather. temperatures in the 60s to lower 70s. we could have patchy fog to
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start off the day. monday we're going thicken up the cloud cover through the day and tuesday, wednesday our system approaches. just a chance of a few sprinkles and light showers on tuesday, but the main dynamics with the system, moves in first thing wednesday morning. so here is our forecast model tomorrow morning. just a few high clouds out there. nothing too major and we'll they cannen up the cloud cover monday and into monday night. 4:00 monday and furious thing tuesday. not much in the way of rain showers yet, but a chance of sprinkles on tuesday. forecast highs for tomorrow, not a big change from today. we're thinking 60s to lower 70s,antioch 73. and we have some baseball at at& t park for the world baseball classic with the semifinals with puerto rico and japan tomorrow evening; 6:00, temperatures mainly in the mid-
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50s and winds around 10-15 miles per hour. look ahead, your five-day forecast with your week always in view. we gradually thicken upp cloud cover on monday. the chance on tuesday, better first thing wednesday morning. >> definitely need the rain. >> we do. >> thank you, mark. hundreds of volunteers split up to improve nearly two dozen bay area school as part of a regional day of service. this year ktvu partnered up with st. mary's college to spruce up schools in low-income neighborhoods. volunteers sorted books, painted play grounds and cleaned up campuses. >> we immediate to make the school a brighter pace to have a positive environment and feel safe and pappy. wells fargo, pg&e and home depot contributed to the event. we go to spring training. joe fonzi has a report about oakland a's outfielders and why there isn't too much of a good thing. >> stick around, sportswrap is
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