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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 26, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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and we will have answers to a lot of the questions but let's go to the golden gate bridge, the important thing is, really done stop, it will be okay, they will send you a bill and it will be easy to figure it out and we will talk more about that coming up. if you are in the westbound valley, it is a little bit heavy but things will begin to even out there, let's go to steve. it is cool and breezy out of the west, low clouds, most of the high clouds have moved off and still there is plenty out there, it will be sunny to mostly sunny and cooler and breezy with 50s and 60s. we have big news in alameda we have been following since 4:30, we have a huge fire at an apartment building. the devils slide tunnels are finally open for business, stay right here with us. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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the historic hearing is beginning right now. the u.s. supreme court is taking up california's ban on gay marriage. live coverage from washington, d.c.
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>> reporter: a huge fire tears through several apartments in alameda early this morning, creating quite a challenge for firefighters. we'll tell you how many people are now looking for a place to live. breaking news. we're finding out about a major police investigation happening now in napa. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, march 26th. happening right now -- oral arguments for and against proposition 8 are scheduled to begin at the u.s. supreme court. ktvu's kyla campbell is live in front of the supreme court building in washington, d.c., where she's running into a lot of people who traveled from the bay area to witness this historic moment. kyla? >> reporter: yeah, they are part of the crowds getting larger and bigger by the moment. we're hearing musing, chapting,
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yelling -- chanting and yelling. check out this sign i just got from a crowd walking by the street heading up hundreds of people against gay marriage, heading up to the supreme court. they are meeting their match because the cowt up there -- the crowd up there is mostly in support of gay marriage. hundreds of marchers heading to the supreme court. we'll see a lot of people from both sides of the gay marriage ban here today. a lot of those people in support of gay marriage are from california. they've been playing some music and dancing and having a good time this morning. a lot of people say they wanted to get inside but only 250 to 300 seats were available. they want to know what the justices are hearing. what kind of information they are gonna be reviewing over the few months ahead. but we did speak to a bay area man who tells us he's married to his partner. he wants to file his taxes jointly. he traveled all the away across the country in hopes of hearing
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this. >> i want to hear the justices take this case seriously and really -- you know, give it fair consideration because same- sex couples are treated unfairly. >> reporter: i also spoke to an attorney who was here to defend prop 8. he's inside the doors of the supreme court right now giving oral arguments in front of the justices. he says he wants them to really consider what's going on, that they should not be making a sweeping decision to affect all 50 states that voters should be able to make their own decision on this. of course, we'll be talking to more people in the crowds, both for and against same-sex marriage. we'll hear from them when i see you next hour. live in washington, d.c., kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. several bay area cities are showing their support for the
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l.g.b.t. that's lesbian, gay, and transgender. they are flying the rainbow flag this week. stay with us for continuing coverage. ktvu's david stevenson has a seat inside the courtroom for today's oral arguments and will have live reports throughout the day on ktvu. we're following breaking news out of mexico city. thousands of people were sent running into the streets this morning after a strong earthquake. a preliminary 5.5 magnitude quake hit about 300 miles southeast of mexico city. earthquake alarms went off, littlings reportedly -- buildings have been seen swaying. there was an aftershock of 5.1. no word of injuries or damage yet. this comes after a quake in guatemala city. no serious injuries or damage
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reported in that one either. back here at home, new, firefighters in alameda assess egg the damage from an early- morning apartment building fire in alameda. this one started about 2:30 this morning. it took hours to get it under control. ktvu's alex savidge is out there. you are back now. what do you know about the condition of the building and the people inside? >> reporter: well, no one hurt out here, dave. that's the good news. but this fire did quite a bit of damage inside. it burned through several apartment units here on the second and third stories. this is park street and san jose several and in talking with the division chief a short time ago, he talked to us about the damage on the upper level of this damage and a good portion of the roof did collapse here. this was a very stubborn fire that burned for several hours this morning. it broke out at 2:30 a.m. people who live in the building woke up and everyone, luckily, did make it out safely.
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but five people will have to find another place to live because their units were destroyed by the fire. now, this building has several businesses down on the ground floor, including a clothing store. i talked with the owner this morning and she told me she's worried about the smoke and water damage she will find inside the place. >> it's pretty hard considering i've only owned the business eight and a half months. this is my dream job. i got out of corporate. i'm not gonna get down on this. >> reporter: that woman told me she does have insurance for her store. so she's trying to keep a positive attitude this morning. a fire investigator willing called in to try to investigate a cause for the fire. back out here to a live shot, what we've been seeing here for the last hour, we've seen firefighters basically going room to room inside this
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building, checking for any hot spots making sure this fire is all the way out. just to give you an idea how large this fire was this morning, i was told all 24 alameda firefighters were actually battling the flames. while that was going on, oakland firefighters were called into the city to handle any other calls that may have come up. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. 7:06. in overnight news, police in south san jose are investigating a fatal accident near a major intersection. just of a 2:00, police say they found a gravely injured man behind the wheel of a sidewalk on southbound monterey road. the car crashed through two trees and a light pole. the man died a short time later. southbound monterey was blocked for hours as officers investigated. the long-awaited devil's slide tunnels are finally open. ktvu's tara moriarty is in pacifica to show us how traffic
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is moving there this morning. good morning, tara. >> reporter: it's moving along very nicely. i don't know if you can hear the honks. we've been getting a lot of them. people very excited this tunnel is open. you can see where the "road closed" sign is. you will no longer be able to go by devil's slide. that will be made into part of the park. private contractors are there. as we pan to the left, we can show you there is a sign in the distance where it says tunnel open. it's just behind that sign where the entrance to the tunnel is. we were here for the grand opening last night on highway 1. let's take a look at some of the first cars to drive through the tunnels named the tom lantos tunnels. the twin tunnels got their name from lantos who helped secure $439 million to build them. the tunnels bypass a steep portion of highway 1 between pacifica and half moon bay. lantos's widow cut the ribboned a the ceremony -- cut the
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ribbon at yesterday's ceremony. >> i wish my husband could be here. i'm very happy, nevertheless. >> reporter: that caravan of cars drove through starting with vintage of automobiles and finally ending with two all electric vehicles. now, caltrans opened these tunnels one at a time between 1:00 and 3:00 this morning and back here live, you can see, once again, that traffic is moving along very nicely. people seem quite excited to use the new tunnel. we're live in san mateo county, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> tara, have fun out there. i know a lot of people are very excited about this. the traffic, by the way, has been doing very well on highway 1. we haven't had any complaints. really no incidents. traffic is moving well through the area. let's take a look at the golden
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gate bridge. we were just talking about the toll takers. this is the last day for the toll takers. just got off the phone with the bridge spokesperson. she says whatever you do tomorrow, don't stop. just keep driving through. they will -- if you don't have fastrack, something like that, they will take a picture of your license and send you a bill. on that bill, it will be very clear as to what to do. so it will be very, very simple. even if you are a tourist, it will be simple. they will find you. don't worry about it. they just don't want you to stop on the bridge. bay bridge toll plaza westbound that looks crowded, 15 to 20- minute delay coming true. let's go to the -- coming true -- coming through. let's go at contra costa county. we are gating some slowing now in pictures from pleasant hill to walnut creek. now, let's go to steve. >> just keep going. >> keep going. a lot of low clouds in
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place. had light rain last night. less than .10 in mendocino, lake county. most of the cloud cover and rain has moved out. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy here in the morning. a westerly breeze in place. chilly to mild. partly sunny/mostly sunny this afternoon but i think the west wind will take the edge off a little bit. there goes the system kind of clearing the area. everything is onshore even though there are weak systems, there will be another one. the system for the weekend is kind of the tough forecast right now. will it come over us? will it drift to the south? still not a clarification on that yet. it does look like we'll clear it up. you can see the radar returns that have moved in nevada. 40s and 50s. upper 40s to low 50s. temperatures kind of stuck here and the west wind is in place. fairfield has had gusts at about 20. sfo, oakland, even napa, westerly breeze in place.
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most hoecations it's a -- most locations, it's a sea breeze. eureka and 50s and 60s in southern california. big low moving into the atlantic. more snow. this pattern has been locked in place for the longest time. that's where the dominant features are. we get the weaker systems. teens in the plains. our system didn't do much. not much to work with. a few showers possible. but partly sunny, partly cloudy skies today. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. a little cooler by the way and also on the coast. temperatures near average inland but kind of a soft 68. cupertino, 64. partly sunny, partly cloudy through thursday and then we'll cloud it up on friday, and cloudy on saturday, possibility of rain on sunday.
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7:12. as the supreme court prepares to hear arguments on gay marriage, an nfl player is preparing to come out as gay. what's prevented him from coming out before this. >> urge them to oppose any legislation that tramples on your second amendment rights. >> how the nra is making robo calls to residents in newtown, connecticut.
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a lot of low clouds in place. even a westerly breeze. opinion, prtly breezy. thank you, steve. the democratic kpgal campaign -- partly breezy. thank you steve, the democratic congressional campaign is giving away a free trip to san francisco and a chance to meet president obama.
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he will arrive next week. to win the trip entries had to be in last week. no word when the winner will be announced. a new report this morning shows former george bush had the most expense esof former presidents in 2012. the government spent nearly $7.3 million on all former presidents last year and 1.3 million of that was spent on former president bush. the money conkers pension compensation and events where the presidents make appearances. it does not come from secret security. that comes from a separate budget. david petraeus, making his first public speech since resigning in november over an extramarital affair. he will speak tonight at the university of southern california. he will be at an event hopperring the military. "the new york times" has a copy of his prepared speech and indicates he will will
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apologize for having that affair with his former biographer. this morning, the nra is defending its decision to make robo calls to families in newtown, connecticut. >> your state senator will play a key role in determining whether the connecticut general assembly will pass legislation restricting your gun rights. >> those robocalls ask the newtown residents to oppose laws to pass tougher gun laws in the state including an assault weapons ban. two senators wrote to the nra asking them to remove newtown from its call list. but the nra says it has a right to campaign against gun control measures. a gun store in tucson, arizona decided to cancel the sale of a weapon to mark kelly. former congresswoman giffords
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was critically injured in an assassination attempt two years ago. kelly said he planned to buy the rifle to make a political point to get the kind of firearms he wants bans. it is 7:17. president obama is still pushing for a vote in congress on an assault weapons ban. but he says the national gun control registry is not needed. white house officials say the president does support background checks but believes they can be carried out without a national register. the nate is expected to vote on legislation that would extend those checks after the easter recess. rand paul will philly butter any legislation -- filibuster any legislation gun
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control lemlation. a big vote in sacramento, one that could decide if the sacramento kings will stay in sacramento. brian hickey is joining us live in sacramento to tell us more about this latest financial addition to the fight. maybe this will help the mayor's case to build a new arena. >> reporter: this deal keeps getting stronger and stronger, this bid to keep the kings in sacramento after the maloofs, the current owners of the kings, already signed and a deal with chris hansen to sell the team. it's not done yet. paul jacobs, the ceo of qualcomm, an international technology company, has made a bid to buy the kings. jacobs joins the list of
7:22 am
investors that includes ron merkel, the 24-hour fitness founder and vivik rontveha. the city council tonight will vote on the term sheet and continue forward with that deal with an approval from the city manager, an approval, a recommendation to approve from the city manager. the mayor says this is a good deal for -- it's a good deal for sacramento. >> it's a better deal than last year. it deals with all of our court tentants. all of those things have been address, trying to keep our general fund whole. >> reporter: the maloofs have already signed a deal with chris hansen in seat toll buy the kings. so how could sacramento still
7:23 am
have a chance? it's up to the nba board of governors to decide what happens with the team. they will be meeting in the middle of april. right now with four strong deep- pocket investors and a bid to build a new arena here, things are looking positive. but again, it's all up to the board of governors in april. live in sacramento outside city hall, brian hickey, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. 7:20. a gay nfl player may come out in the next few months. the unidentified player feels the time is right to speak out about his sexuality according to cbs sports. he reportedly has not revealed this yet because he worries that football fans will try to hurt him. he would be the first to come out while actively playing for a major u.s. sports team. happening right now, oral arguments are going on inside the supreme court on california's proposition 8. this is a live picture outside the u.s. supreme court.
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attorneys for and against the same-sex marriage ban are presenting their cases to the justices. a lot of these people have been camped out, even in the snow, over the weekend to be there to watch this case. coming up at 7:30, we'll go to washington, d.c., live, once again, to find out what's at stake in today's hearing. all right, tori. there's some spotty showers. you may want to grab and umbrella as you leave the house. look at those clouds. live pictures. steve's coming back. he'll pinpoint what your weather will be like today. and san francisco's muni is changing its bus schedule just for this week. we'll tell you why. westbound 237 some slow traffic here as you drive west to sunnyvale. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar. everyday, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. time is now 7:24. more than three weeks after it
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arrived at the international space station, the space x dragon spacecraft is heading back to earth. it left the space station overnight. it will splash down in the pacific ocean west of mexico's baja, california, about 9:30 this morning. it is loaded with experiment samples and beer. 7:24. you may have to wait a little longer for san francisco muni buses on some lines this week. that's because muni is cutting back on some of its routes because this is spring break. so not many students are riding the buses at the usual time. in the 19th -- the 19th avenue line will not run at all because that one is used almost exclusively for school trips. regular service resumes next monday, when the kids are back in school. >> that's right. let's get everybody moving. sal, you have special reasons to keep an eye on the golden gate bridge? >> that's right. we're trying to remind people tomorrow is the first day they won't have toll takers. but the toll plaza will still
7:28 am
be there. that may confuse people. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. don't stop, starting tomorrow. don't stop. keep driving on through. they will find you. they will send you a bill. as long as you can read -- trust me. they will send you a bill. they don't want you to stop. they want the message out that that beautifully toll plaza ornate building will be there but there will be no toll takers to take your cash. if you have any question, stick with ktvu. we'll be explaining it a lot the next few days. 15, 20-minute delay at the pay gates. contra costa county, southbound 680, pleasant hill to walnut creek, slow traffic. it doesn't get better until danville. on 80 westbound, traffic a little bit slow. it will be slow heading down there. 7:26. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a lot of low clouds in place. there are some breaks in the
7:29 am
clouds. some areas are clear. some on the low cloud deck. we had a little bit of light rain last night. it will be that kind of a day, partly sunny, partly cloudy. there's a westerly breeze which has established itself and the low clouds are coming right off the ocean. the system came by yesterday and kind of opened the door for everybody. 40s and 50s been there all morning long. partly to mostly cloudy here in the morning. mainly 40s but partly sunny and breezy later this afternoon. there goes our little system which gave some light rain overnight. that's already heading to idaho and utah. it's a fast-mover. another system will drop down. these are weak systems. there will be a stronger one dropping in on friday into saturday. we'll see if that makes it. if it does, we could get some rain over the weekend. it bears watching. 50s and 60s today. kind of a pattern that i think is stuck. we'll see anotother system. the stronger system is on friday. we'll cloud it up on saturday.
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right now, it looks like a possibility of rain on sunday. 7:27. historic arguments are happening right now inside the u.s. supreme court on gay marriage. the huge, huge price some people may have paid just to get a seat inside. >> reporter: we're live in san jose, where some are still without electricity. we'll tell you what caused that power pole to come crashing down when "mornings on 2" continues.
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happening right now -- attorneys for and against california's proposition 8 are presenting their oral arguments inside the u.s. supreme court. an event that many have waited a long time to happen. rene marsh joins us live from washington, d.c. with a breakdown of exactly what the justices are deciding. good morning, rene. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yeah. the proceedings are underway right now. outside there's lots of action. as a matter of fact, let's go to live pictures outside the u.s. supreme court. the crowds are just massive. you can hear police sirens, blow horns from all of these folks out here who can't their -- who want their voices heard.
7:34 am
the line of people waiting outside the u.s. supreme court continues to grow, all hoping to witness justices take up same-sex marriage. tuesday, same-sex couples from california are challenging the state's proposition 8 passed in 2008. it bans same-sex marriage. california voters approved the ban. but challengers argue the 14th amendment guarantees equal protection, so defining marriage as only between a man and a woman violents this equal rights. according to a cnn orc poll, the majority of americans now support gay marriage and more politicians are shifting their stance, like ohio republican senator rob portman. >> my son came to jane, my wife, and i and told us he was gay. that launched an interesting process which had me rethinking my position. >> reporter: in the audience
7:35 am
will be jean prodaski of san francisco. she's justice roberts' lesbian cousin and is confident robert will do the same thing. but some say voters, not the high court, should decide on gay marriage. >> we don't need a 50-state solution presented by the supreme court. >> reporter: tori, because cameras are not allowed inside of the courtroom, we'll have to wait a couple of hours after the oral arguments wrap up before we can hear anything about what happened inside of the courthouse, meaning actual audio clips. they will be made available to the public later on this afternoon. back to you. >> that's a bit unusual. normally you have to wait a few days to hear the audio clips, correct? >> reporter: let's just say, for example, the affordable healthcare act, they were able to get the audio clips out
7:36 am
hours after so. they try to get it out as soon as possible, especially for high-profile cases such as this one. >> it just shows how much attention is being paid to this. rene marsh, live from washington, d.c. thank you. some of the people who waited in line are paid place holders. companies typically charge up to $50 ap hour and that comes out to $6,000 for waiting five days in line. one company says it's holding places for 40 to 50 clients. look for rallies and vigils today and tomorrow by supporters of same-sex marriage at the california supreme court building in san francisco. last night, they marched from the castro district to city hall. >> what to we want! >> a lot of participants say they've been waiting years for marriage equality. some traveled a long time to be
7:37 am
here including this couple from davis. they've been together for 29 years. >> take a look at us. take a look at all of us. >> organizers are planning a celebration in june. that's when the supreme court is expected to announce its ruling. a letter to chief justice john roberts from a california boy with two gay fathers, it's become a hit on youtube. >> you and i both know that family goes deeper than blood. i was lucky to be adopted by two guys i can both call dad. >> that letter comes as the proposition 8 debate begins today in the u.s. supreme court. coming up at 7:35, you will hear more of his marriage. 7:34. overnight in san jose, an apartment fire forced 20 people from their home. it happened about midnight on lanlist avenue -- landisavenue
7:38 am
-- landis avenue. the people living there will eventually be able to return home. >> the power was turned off and then the water. so until it is determined safe to go back in, the residents will be put up in hotels by the red cross. >> the firefighters are still investigating but say it appears to be accidental. crews are working to restore power in san jose after a street sweeper crashed into a pole. the sweeper took down the pole line on coleman avenue and taylor street. ktvu's janine de la vega is there to give us an update on the situation. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. police have opened one of the northbound lanes on coleman near taylor. one of them is still closed. that's because this power pole is down. you can see it's completely snapped at the bottom. now, a pg&e worker told me they have de-energized that power
7:39 am
pole. now they are waiting to remove it and put a new pole in. police say just before 5:00 this morning, a city street sweeper crashed into the power pole. sparks were flying. there were concerns because there were live wires on the ground. as a precaution, all of the northbound lanes were shut down initially. but in the last hour, one of the lanes did get opened back up again. this accident knocked out power to 577 pg&e customers. at this point, the last update we got, 23 people are still without power. no estimate on when it will be restored. now, the driver of the city of san jose street sweeper is not injured. his supervisor told me it's possible that another vehicle may have cut him off and that's what made have caused the accident. they are conducting their own investigation. back out here live, i want to show you exactly where we are on coleman. this is really right across the street from a very busy shopping center. it's near the college station
7:40 am
at caltrain station as well as -- there's a target and a trader joe's here. this is a very heavily traveled area and because only one lane is open here, one of the northbound lanes on coleman, it's causing a little bit of a traffic congestion here. so police asked people if there's a detour they could take that they would like that to happen. we'll be updating this situation in the next hour or so to see the progress that pg&e is making out here. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, janine. 7:37. if you drive across the golden gate bridge, today is the last day to make the switch to paying electronic tolls. starts at misdemeanor night tonight, you will -- starting at midnight tonight, will no longer stop at the tolls. that means you only have a few hours to sign up with fastrack or the pay by plate. that's connected to your license plate number. they will find you.
7:41 am
replacing toll takers will save about $16 million they say. >> and they will find. >> you yes, they will track you down. let's check in with sal. >> one of the things i was -- i was just talking with the golden gate bridge officials. tomorrow, when that happens, they don't want anyone to stop. >> that's right. >> we'll be all over this story. we'll be helping you out if you have questions, that kind of thing. you can always go to our website but we'll be helping you with that. let's take a look at the bay bridge. you will see traffic backed up for a 20, 25-minute delay at the toll plaza. not a big delay. this is very typical. i see some improvement. you might see some imement toward the 9:00 hour. southbound northbound 101, the traffic here looks good. it's been quiet and uneventful in san francisco as you drive through. also, the morning commute is a
7:42 am
little bit slow on 80. we had some -- i mean, a very minor crash, a big delay from pinole to richmond. it's kind of normal for it to be very slow. by the time you reach dublin on interstate 580 westbound, it does improve. >> let's go to steve. a beautiful sunrise over the big city. a little bit of a westerly breeze, slightly cooler today. but partly sunny, partly cloudy. some low clouds in place. had a system kind of slide by. left some measurable amounts of rain. a little bit more up in mendocino county, lake county. about the same tomorrow. could be some drizzle wednesday night into thursday. the weekend looks mostly cloudy. possibility of some rain as a stronger low drops in. but these are not very strong systems. it might be enough to cloud up
7:43 am
the system. the system really opened up the door and allowed the westerly breeze to kick in. 40s on the temperatures to near 50 degrees. 41 novato. 43 napa. santa rosa. 49 san jose. but 50, low 50s for hayward, oakland and upper 40s for many. even half moon bay at 47. a lot of low clouds in place and a no-doubt-about-it breeze from golden gate. oakland, napa, out to fairfield and travis. it's an yor shore breeze. the cloud cover, 14 degrees warmer this morning. a lot of 40s up in northern california. 50s, 60s in southern. big system finally churning and heading out into the atlantic but not before more snow is falling. even flurries in atlanta this morning with teens for lows on the back side of this from nebraska, kansas all the way into oklahoma. there was some readings coming in 12, 13 degrees. we have our system, it's out of the picture but a cooler pattern in place because of
7:44 am
that system that came bay last night. weak high pressure. sun and clouds. friday into saund, another system moves in. the possibility of some weekend weekend. a few showers. more likely some drizzle. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. a little cooler by the bay. berkeley 60. 68 antioch. that will be one of the warmest along with gilroy. everywhere else around 63, 64. upper 50s, low 60s should cover it. san bruno and daly city, upper 50s. not much change wednesday into thursday. then the next system drops in. we'll get a south wind in advance of it. that will cloud it up for us. we'll cloud it up and maybe get some rain in here. coming up on 7:42. witness from napa. right now, a major police investigation is underway at the intersection of california and industrial. ktvu's brian flores joins us
7:45 am
hive from the scene to let us know what's going on there. >> reporter: we're also on the 3200 block of solano avenue, very near the intersection you just mentioned. very active scene. napa police have been here for several hours. we understand the chief of police is here. from what we understand, there was a dead body found along this pedestrian walking trail, again, off california and industrial boulevarded ofs. you can -- boulevards. you can probably see a tent. that's possibly where the dead body is. they moved it 50 feet from the original location behind a police car. but again, a possible dead body found here on this pedestrian walking trail here in napa. it's still unclear exactly what happened this morning, how the dead body was discovered or even what happened to this person. we're still working out the details on exactly what happened. but again at around 4:30 this morning there was a call into napa police, there was a dead body found on this walking
7:46 am
trail. there a big police -- there's a big police presence. the police chief is here also investigating this dead body. from the scanner traffic we heard, there was 187 and that signifies there's possibly a homicide. but that's unconfirmed in terms of what happened to this body. we're working out the details. we just arrived here on scene. as soon as we find out more information on exactly what happened, we'll pass it along. this is core debbed off -- cordoned off in all areas and directions. as soon as we have more information, we'll pass it along here on "mornings on 2." we're live in napa, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. 7:43. the specific news moving the markets higher this moring and how facebook's stock is doing after a big payment following a
7:47 am
botched public offering last year. and what's next for amanda knox now that italy's highest court overturned her acquittal of murder?
7:48 am
7:49 am
stocks are higher on wall street after factory orders for february increased sharply. home prices continue recovery rising 8% in january. however, sales of new homes dipped 4% last month and consumer confidence fell in march. the dow is currently up 73. and right now, facebook's stock is up nearly 1%.
7:50 am
nearly a year after facebook's public offering, the s.e.c. has approved a deal to repay brokerages that lost money that day. nasdaq will pay brokers a total of $62 million. howf, wall street firms say they lost as much as $500 million on the botched facebook opening. at heat one says it will take the case to arbitration. yahoo! is buying a mobile app designed from a british teenager as a school district. he came up with the idea when he was just 15. the app makes it easier to read news stories and other content on smaller smartphone vehicles. yahoo! says it will -- screens. yahoo! says it will discontinue the autopsy but will use other products. this young man is 17 and he will work in the london yahoo! office. there are reports that yahoo! paid the young man $30 million but yahoo! will not confirm that.
7:51 am
the president of cyprus says the banks will be closed until at least thursday to prevent another possible crisis. banks were closed last week about a proposed deal that would tax bank deposits up to 10% as part of a bailout. many people in cypress plan to take out -- cyprus plan to take out their money as soon as the bank opens. 7:48. new this morning, a retrial has been ordered for amanda knox, the american college student who is accused of killing her roommate in italy. ktvu's pam cook is in the newsroom now with this big announcement and what's gonna happen next, pam. >> yeah, this morning, italy's highest criminal court overturned the murder trial of amanda knox and her british roommate. an appeals court in florence must rehear the case from knox
7:52 am
and her former boyfriend for the murder of meredith kercher. the exact issues won't be known until the court releases its full ruling until 90 days. but this morning, knox released a statement when she heard the news. she says -- italian law states that knox cannot be compelled to return to italy for the retrial. her attorney says she will stay in seattle with her family where she's currently attending washington university. in our next hour of "mornings on 2" we have more comments from amanda knox, particularly criticizing the prosecution in the case, and words for the murdered victim's family. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:50. we're hearing now from the adopted son of two gay men.
7:53 am
theirson used youtube to send a message to -- their son used youtube to send a message to chief justice john roberts. >> i originally found you yourself adopted two kids, a boy and a girl. kind of like mean and my sister. family means -- >> that's 12-year-old daniel martinez-lafew. he recited his message last night in front of proposition prosesters in -- protesters in san francisco. he wants the supreme court to know that being adopted by the two men is the best thing that happened to him and his sister. >> it's been nice being part of a family after like four years of being told i was considered unadoptable. >> daniel's video has been seen more than 200,000 times in just a week. his two fathers posted a blob on youtube about their family. nine minutes before 8:00. he was a former los angeles
7:54 am
police officer tied to four murders. the unrewarding end for the many hunt of christopher dorner. and why a club's owner has been forced to close its doors for good. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪
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shop at ♪
7:56 am
it's a reward retraction in the christopher dorner case. last month, the riverside city council offered $100,000 for information leading to the arrest of the former l.a. police officer linked to four murders. dorner later killed himself inside a big bear cabin. riverside has dropped its reward offer since dorner was not captured or convicted. two claims have been made for the reward money since dorner's death on february 12th. the fbi is working with police in pleasanton and walnut creek to find a bank robber. authorities have released this surveillance photo of the suspect. they call him the button-down bandit because he usually wears
7:57 am
a collar shirt, slacks and dress shoes. he is suspected of using a note to rob two banks in pleasanton and walnut creek this month. 7:54. a san francisco nightclub, one that was the scene of a weekend shooting that injured three people, it will be closing permanently. a spokesperson for the city's entertainment commission says the owners of the 330 rich club surrendered their entertainment license. the commission is also expected to investigate those three shootings. we want to check in again with sal. apparently a little slow in la fayette. >> it is. we're trying to figure out why. i'm looking at the chp list. we don't have anything. let's go right to the picture. 24 westbound is going to be a little slow. it's been stop aun go as you i've to or -- stop and go as you drive to orinda. it's not too bad but it's not easy between walnut creek and oakland and the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is
7:58 am
backed up. we're seeing improvement. that's about a ten-minute delay. it was 25 minutes at one point. so we're seeing a big improvement. we've had slow traffic in the east bay, in the trivalley area, 580 coming in from livermore is slow. if you notice here, 880 southbound from 238 down to mowry has been slow as well. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. partly cloudy, partly sunny kind of cooler and breezy with a westerly wind in place. we had a system go by last night deposit did leave some measurable amounts of rain. cazadero had .08. that's nothing. at this stage of the game, it's getting late in the season. you can see the low clouds streaming in right off the coast. they will continue to filter in. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. oakland 51. san jose, 49. a little cooler. napa also santa rosa, 40s about mid-40s for most locations.
7:59 am
a couple weak little lows paying a visit. they don't do much but they give us a lot of low clouds. maybe some light showers or local drizzle tomorrow night into thursday morning. a stronger system for the weekend. right now all signs point to it giving us a lot of clouds and maybe some rain. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. temperatures kind of holding. maybe warmer due to a south wind late thursday into friday. we'll have to keep an eye on things with the next low. we'll get some rain over the weekend. oral arguments on same-sex marriage, inside and outside the u.s. supreme court this morning. >> if i'm married to someone and they die, i don't get the right to give that to my child and you do. >> the huge crowd gathering in washington, d.c. for the historic hearing on california's proposition 8. >> reporter: investigators here in alameda this morning, trying to figure out what started a huge fire early this morning that destroyed several apartments. we'll tell you how many people were displaced and show you the
8:00 am
damage that wassen to to several businesses -- that was done to several businesses when "mornings on 2" continues. morning, brian! love your passat! um. listen, gary. i bought the last one. nice try. says right here you can get one for $199 a month. you can't believe the lame-stream media, gary. they're all gone. maybe i'll get one. [ male announcer ] now everyone's going to want one. you can't have the same car as me, gary! i'm gettin' one. nope! [ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest is here and there's no better time to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease one of four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today.
8:01 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. a fire started around 2:30
8:02 am
this morning in alameda and it took hours to bring it under control. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge has been live at the scene and joins us on information how many people have been homeless by the fire. >> reporter: good morning. the good news, everybody made it out safely when the building caught fire. what you have is businesses down here on the ground floor of the building but the flames destroyed several apartment units up on the second and third stories and now five people will have to find another place to live after their units were destroyed by this fire. this was a challenging fire to get under control. it took well over two hours. it broke out at 2:30 this morning on park street and san jose avenue. everyone who lives here was able to escape the building unhurt. but downstairs, where there are several stores, there's heavy smoke and water damage after this lengthy firefight.
8:03 am
i talked to the owner of a small clothing store here. >> it's clothing, so the smoke damage will be the worst, smoke and water. we'll just have to see what is salvageable. i'm not sure what the damage is inside. how much water has come in. there's computer systems. it will be a little bit of an inventory day today. >> we've done that we could with salvage tarps. but with the amount of water we had to put on, yeah, there will be some damage to lower areas. >> reporter: to give you an idea of just how large this early-morning fire, all 24 alameda firefighters on duty were out here battling the flames. in the meantime, oakland firefighters were called in to handle any other calls going on here in this city. as we bring you out here live, crews have spent the last couple of hours going room to room in this building, searching for any hot spots. at this point, a fire investigator has been called
8:04 am
in. they will try to figure out exactly what started this fire. live this morning in alameda, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now -- oral arguments for and against proposition 8 still underway. the u.s. supreme court in washington. those arguments are expected to wrap up in about 15 minutes. ktvu's kyla campbell live in front of the supreme court building in washington where big crowds are still gathered. kyla? >> reporter: yeah, dave. the crowds are still going strong this who -- going strong this hour. a very popular group of lawyers they are known in twitter. they follow these cases closely. they are very involved. they sent out a message via twitter shortly -- or rather, a short time ago saying that they don't believe prop 8 will be uphel. that's their opinion -- upheld.
8:05 am
that's their opinion. they are basing on things they've heard. that's from the attorneys tied with the supreme court of the united states. meanwhile, at this hour, we have -- we have two big opponents here. we have two different groups with very different opinions. we -- protesters who marched up to the supreme court with these signs. they met face to face and it was pretty intense. my photographer and i were there as these people met face to face for the first time. they were shotting. we didn't witness any violence. there was plenty of security onhand. now, hundreds of demonstrators marched to the supreme court just an hour ago. we did speak to a pastor earlier who was against same- sex marriage and also a san francisco attorney who went inside to hear the oral arguments. >> when we expand this bubble, we destroy marriage for the rest of us.
8:06 am
>> california went back and forth so much, and it -- you know, people have rights. they don't have rights. they do have rights, they don't have rights. i think it's incredibly important that the courts put an end to that. >> reporter: those justices will come out here and see the crowds outside of the court. thousands of people on both sides of the issue of prop 8. the supreme court justices will review today's arguments. they are expected to make a decision by late june. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> several bay area cities are showing their support for the lgbt community and same-sex marriage by three flying those -- by flying those, rainbow flags. this is berkeley's flag. make sure you stay right here for more coverage. david stevenson has a seat
8:07 am
inside the u.s. supreme court for today's oral arguments and he will have live reports throughout the day. in overnight news, police in south san jose investigating a deadly crash near a major intersection. about 2:00 this morning, police found a gravely injured man behind a vehicle that was totaled near southbound monterey road approaching kurtner avenue. the car slammed through two trees and a light pole. the man died shortly afterward. southbound monterey was blocked for hours as the investigation was underway. also new this morning, cars are passing through the new devil's slide tunnels on highway 1 for the first time. ktvu's tara moriarty is in pacifica now, getting reaction from -- i'm assuming from some happy drivers. they are happy. we've seen a lot of first pumps and a -- fist pumps and a lot
8:08 am
of honks. over to the right, you can see where it says road closed. that's the old way to devil's slide. that's being turned into part of the park. if we pan to the left, you can see the bridge there, the sign it says "tunnel open." and we've seen a fair amount of traffic. the 4200-foot tunnels are named after tom lantos who helped secure $400 million to build them. lantos's widow cut the ribbon yesterday at the ceremony. >> i wish my husband were here. very hard for me. but i'm very happy,
8:09 am
nevertheless. >> reporter: a caravan of cars drove through the tunnel yesterday starting with vintage automobiles and moving through findly ending with -- finally ending with two electric vehicles. they opened the tunnels one at a time. so far so good. right now we'll be checking in with sal castanedo to see how the rest of your morning commute is shaping up. sal, how is it looking? >> pretty good. as you know, you are standing right there, highway 1 has been great. up to another traffic story. let's go to the golden gate bridge where traffic tomorrow is going to be a little different. the toll plaza will be there. but there will be no toll takers. and even though you know about it, we've been talking about it for a while, there's likely to be someone who might get confused and stopped. that's exactly what they don't want you to do. so starting tomorrow, move on through. don't stop. and police will be out there making sure that the person who doesn't know and is looking for the toll taker. they will bill you if you don't
8:10 am
have fastrack. this has improved quite a bit, a small delay getting into san francisco. no major prob on the way -- problems on the way in. this morning's commute looks good on the east bay as far as mamgor problems. we've had a lot of -- major problems. we've had a lot of slow traffic. 8:07. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a lot of low clouds around. kind of an interesting pattern here. i know it's getting very late in the season. we could use some rain. everything seems to be locked in on the east coast. we get these very weak systems. another one came in -- came in last night. not much to it. it gave .10 for a few hoecations. clouds -- locations, clouds, and mostly cloudy for the weekend. possibility of some rain. a strong will be coming in right off the gulf of alaska. the challenge, it won't have a
8:11 am
kicker. it may sit out there and go well, i will come in when i feel like it. it does look like we'll get some cloud cover. in the meantime, some weak systems kind of brushing us. a little cooler today. partly sunny, partly cloudy. a lot of cloy clouds. we'll take you automatic -- a lot of low clouds. we'll take you to sunday. this is the low. that's thursday. we're already. and then friday it will start to send in some clouds. we'll get a south wind in advance of it. maybe some rain then. more likely it rotates over us on sunday and kind of hangs around until monday. we'll see. if that happens, we will get some rain. we'll kind of ease into it. last night a little bit of light rain, about .10, mendocino county, lake county. 40s, 50s on the temperatures. the wind is out of the west.
8:12 am
mostly. generally, it's a westerly breeze out to the delta. transition day will be thursday as that next system drops in. we'll see how it develops and if it inches toward the coast. until then, partly sunny, partly cloudy. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. a little bit below average on these temperatures, especially coast and bay. and then some upper 60s inland. but 50s and 60s for many today. not much change through wednesday. i think we'll get some more sun on wednesday. we'll claude it up. highs -- cloud it up. highs, we will be warmer. maybe some rain on saturday but more likely for sunday. that spring storm on the east coast dumping several inches of snow. look at the pictures. in new jersey drivers are dealing with snow-covered roads. and in st. louis, more than a foot of snow fell sunday. yesterday, hundreds of flights had to be cabs. ed because of that -- had to be canceled because of that storm.
8:13 am
mexico city, thousands of people were sent running into the street following two strong earthquakes. the 5.5 quake struck shortly after 6:00 this morning, about 3 hun miles southeast of mexico city. and then eight minutes later, another 5.1 quake hit sending people running out of buildings. so far, though, no injuries or damage has been reported this earthquake comes less than 24 hours after a 6.2 magnitude quake hit in guatemala city. no serious injuries or damage were reported in that earthquake earth. 8:10. the kidnapped baby in san jose, safely back at home with her mother. very happy scene that followed a horrifying incident. one that triggered an amber alert. new reports at community college are not making the -- colleges are not making the grade when it comes to
8:14 am
enrollment. yq mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
8:15 am
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8:16 am
partly sunny, partly cloudy. a little bit of a westerly breeze in place. it will not be too bad. 50s and 60s. partly sunny and partly cloudy will take us into tomorrow as well. 8:13. her kidnapper is still on the loose but an 11-month-old baby is safely back with her mother in san jose this morning. ktvu was the only news crew to capture the rescue of gabriela quintero yesterday. that rescue came nearly five hours after her abduction prompted an amber alert. police say the baby was inside
8:17 am
an suv that was stolen from outside her mother's home. last night, her mother expressed her relief, joy, and gratitude. >> my baby is okay, praise god. i'm happy and i want to say everybody thank you, thank you, thank you. >> police are checking the stolen jeep for clues. they are looking for a white or la teen 2345u woman -- latina woman. law enforcement ajepcies across the -- agencies across the bay area have patrol cars equipped with special cameras that can scan license plates on the heir. police say the highways are an effective way to track down vehicles but their use has led to privacy concerns and even a lawsuit by the aclu.
8:18 am
syrian opposition representatives have taken a seat at the summit. that's considered a major beast for those -- boot for those fighting the re squeal. several reports say the training has been going on since late last year. there are new threats from north korea north korea's news agency reports that air tillry units have been ordered to target military bases in the mainland u.s., hawaii, guam and south korea. all of these threats come as the u.s. and south korea are conducting those military drills in the region. north korea is angry with new u.n. sanctions after its third nuclear test last month. coming up on 8:16. a morgan hill daycare employee accused of putting sleeping pills into children's drinks is scheduled to be aranned.
8:19 am
this woman is -- arraigned today. this woman is expected to enter a plea to child endangerment charges. prosecutors say she was fired from the kitty academy child care facility after she was seen putting sleeping medication from the up -- from the cups of several children. and rapper lil wayne has announced he's going on tour and one of his stops is here in the bay area. ♪ lil wayne now says he's in good health. his america's most wanted tour will feature t.i. and future. the tour will stop in sacramento on august 28th and in oakland on the 30th. 8:16. the foundation run by billionaire bill gates is challenging scientists to build a better condom. bill gates says there are too many men in various parts of the world that don't use
8:20 am
condorms. the -- condoms. the gates foundation is putting up money to create a condom men would want to use. the goal, to prevent unwanted pregnancies and not to spread h.i.v. there are new reports the music streaming service is now in discussions to create a streaming video service. that would include both original shows and existing tv series. still not clear if they would also stream movies. 8:17. sheriff's deputies in santa clara county plan to destroy more than 600 guns collected at the county's second gun buyback event. yesterday, deputy showed -- deputies showed off the weapons turned in saturday. >> you wonder where these things have been lying around, probably not in gun safes.
8:21 am
certainly not with trigger locks on them. >> the county paid out more than $61,000 at the more recent buyback during the first event, the county paid out $114,000. a new report says enrollment in california's community colleges has dropped to a 20-year low. the public policy institute of california report says budget cuts, staff reductions and fewer class options are to blame. the report says between 2008 and 2012 enrollment dropped by 500,000 students even though the college-age population grew. first-time students and those returning after taking semesters off had the biggest decline. 8:18. san francisco mayor ed lee may use inspiration from ireland to teach bay area students how to code. he told the examiner he met middle schoolers in ireland who will being taught colding in school. he wants the same thing --
8:22 am
codes -- coding in school. he wants the same thing to happen here. he hopes private donors and companies like twitter will help make that happen. the democratic congressional campaign committee is giving away a free trip to san francisco and a chance to meet president obama when he visits the bay area next week. the president is due to arrive here next wednesday. he will be attending four separate fund-raisers in san francisco and in atherton. to win the trip, entries had to be in last night. we're not sure when the winner will be announced. it is 8:19. new this morning, former cia director david petraeus is making his first public speech since resigning in november over an extramarital affair. the former four-star general is speaking tonight at the university of southern california at an event honoring the military. "the new york times" says it has a copy of his teach and says he will apologize for having an affair with his
8:23 am
former biographer. still ahead -- a san francisco firefighter is heading to sacramento. he's going to testify. the reason he'll be talking about fire retardants. and breezy today. steve paulson will tell us if there's any rain in our forecast. and this morning, 24 is improving and so is another major commute. we will tell you more -- straight ahead. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel. ♪ i'm your venus
8:24 am
only from venus embrace.
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8:26 am
a retired san francisco firefighter will be at the state capitol today to testify about saving the lives of fellow firefighters and also the dangers of flame retardant chemicals. tony stefoni says his doctor told him his kidney cancer probably came from toxic chemicals commonly used as flame retardants. he says another man -- more than 100 have -- >> i was peaking blood -- peeing blood. within a week, i knew something was wrong. it is 8:23. environmentists are, once again, keeping a close eye on the sharp park golf course in pacifica. a judge recently threw out a lawsuit filed by two groups that wanted to shut down the
8:27 am
golf curse to protect the frog -- course to protect the frogs and snakes on the property. now environmentalists are concerned about the boulders recently added to a levee just above the links. they fear the big rocks will reduce the size of the beachfront and interfere with the national erosion process. 8:24. let's get everybody moving this morning. sal, what are you watching now? >> we've had some improvement. i know you are glad to know that, dave and tori, that some improvement has been seen in this latter part of the morning commute. let's take a look at what we have. 237, a little bit of a dark cloud coming through. as steve said, that's clouds and maybe some showers. i will let steve explains that. but as far as the drive is concerned or if you are thinking about what to -- driver is concerned or if you are thinking about what to wear, keep that in mind. look at the improvement here, westbound bay bridge. i think all of us at this point are on twitter.
8:28 am
you can google our name, find us on twitter and give us your comments and we'll look at them. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic was there. i'm behind myself. this is 10 and 92. you -- 101 and 92. you can see traffic is looking good. highway 1, no problems. the tunnels are working just as designed. it's been smooth this morning from half moon bay to pacifica. let's go to steve. partly cloudies around. some breaks in the clouds. the kind of system that went by yesterday a lot of low cloud deck allowed to reform. it doesn't take much. a mix of sun and clouds. there's a little bit of a coolness to the atmosphere. did leave a light rain deck, not much. 40s 50s on the temperatures. 50 right now. that mountain view temperature is at moffett. there's the low spinning right towards northern nevada, idaho and southeastern oregon.
8:29 am
another low is dropping down. we could get drizzle late tonight, tomorrow. a stronger one will move in on friday and start to send in a lot of clouds. the forecast models are not really in sink but they are taking the low for the weekend right over us. mainly sunday into monday. we'll see if that holds together. if it does, it will be a rain yip easter sunday. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. not much of a change next couple of days. we could get drizzle off and on wednesday into thursday. it will be warmer from the system with a strong wind on friday and saturday. maybe some rain. 8:27. in washington, d.c., a very emotional scene outside of the u.s. supreme court this morning. we'll tell you what's going on inside the court as lawyers for and against california's proposition 8 make their case. >> reporter: we're live in napa where a possible dead body was found right in the middle of a
8:30 am
pedestrian bike trail. we'll give you the latest information -- coming up. >> reporter: several hundred people lose power in san jose this morning after a street sweeper crashes into a power pole. we'll give you an update on the power and the traffic situation when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:31 am
8:32 am
welcome back. 8:29. we're following developing news coming in from napa. right now, the police are investigating the discovery of a body found near the intersection of california and industrial. ktvu's brian flores right there. what do you know? >> reporter: it's still unclear exactly what happened this morning. you are exactly right. there was a body found right in
8:33 am
the middle of the napa rail trail that goes above highway 29 in napa. it's behind a couple of hotels here. from what we know so far, there was a body that was found roughly at around 4:30 this morning. you could see that it's still a very active scene here. there's a crime scene van here as well as several police officers. from what we understand, the body appears to have been found again on this napa rail trail. there are several entrances to the trail. we're on redwood road but there are also entrances from california and industrial as well as solano. police were dispatched sometime around 4:30 this morning of a possible body found in the middle of the trail. they've been gathering working on -- working on gathering evidence all morning long. a crime scene van is here along with several napa police officers right now. we've been trying very hard.
8:34 am
several cars into napa police. we understand that the chief of police is here as well as the lieutenant could speak to us hire in the media but we haven't been able to hear from them. they've been busy trying to piece together what happened. soos we find out -- as soon as we find out more information, we'll pass it along. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. happening right now in washington, d.c -- oral arguments before the u.s. supreme court on california's proposition 8 should be wrapping up just about now. our reporter rene marsh joining us live in front of the supreme court building. are you hearing anything? what are you hearing? >> reporter: yes, actually, we are -- we're getting word from our producer inside the courthouse that just minutes ago, the oral arguments wrapped up. they are done for today as it relates to this case for and
8:35 am
against proposition 8. of course, they will be back here again tomorrow for another case involving same-sex marriage. but again, at this hour, we can tell you the oral arguments are wrapped up. a lot of people out here, a lot of chanting, a lot of dialogue between those for and against same-sex marriage. frigid temperatures and snow didn't matter. the line of people waiting outside of the u.s. supreme court continues to grow all for a seat to witness supreme court justices take up same-sex marriage. tuesday, same-sex marriage couples from california are challenging the state's proposition 8 passed in 2008, it bans same-sex marriage. california voters approved the ban but challengers argue the 14th amendment guarantees equal protection so between marriage as a man and a woman violents their equal rights. according to a cnn-orc poll
8:36 am
done last weekend, the majority of the americans support gay marriage and more poll sigses are shifting their stance like rob portman. >> my son came to my wife and i, tolded you that he was gay and that launched an -- told us that he was gay and that launched an interesting process, got me rethinking my decision. >> reporter: in the audience will be jean prodaski of san francisco. she's justice john roberts's lesbian cousin and is confident roberts will do the right thing. but some say, voters, not the high court, should decide on gay marriage? we don't need a 50-state solutions when our democratic institutions are perfectly capable of handling this situation. >> reporter: we hearned moments ago that the -- learned moments ago that the oral arguments
8:37 am
wrapped up. no cameras were allowed inside of the courthouse. but later on this afternoon, the audio and transcripts from all of the -- all of the proceedings will be released to the public. >> quick question before you go. it seems like a short period of time for arguments. back here we were thinking it would be a day of day-long arguments but it seems short. does that seem unusual? >> reporter: no, going in, they said they would block out just an hour of time for arguments. they also left a little wiggle room saying because this case is so complex. they were gonna give it even more time if they needed to but they went in thinking it would be around this amount of time and they more or less stuck to it. tomorrow they are thinking that the length of time for arguments will be about the same. >> that explains it. rene marsh live from washington, d.c. some people paid a lot of cash for the chance to be inside the supreme
8:38 am
court during today's historic arguments. they paid to have someone wait in line for them. these line sitting or linend staking -- or line standing companies typically charge $50 an hour. that comes out to $6,000 for five days in line. one company is holding places for 40 to 50 clients. new information from pg&e this morning on what it is going to take to fix problems stemming from a street sweeper crash into a pole. the city of san jose street sweeper hit the pole on coleman avenue at taylor street early this morning. ktvu's janine de la vega is live at the scene with an update. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. i've been here all morning. crews had left the scene to get a new 50-foot power pole. some of the crews came back in the last couple of minutes. they need to replace that pole that you see on the side. it's completely snapped at the
8:39 am
bottom. police have closed one northbound lane of coleman so that repairs can be made. so that pg&e will be able to restore power to about two dozen customers. police say just before 5:00 this morning, a city street sweeper crashed into the power pole. sparks were flying. there were live wires on the ground. as a precaution, all northbound lanes were shut down initially but in the last two hours, they opened up one more lane. the accident knocked out power to 577 pg&e customers. but again, now there's just 23 without electricity. pg&e spokesperson told me that they expect to have power restored by 7:30 tonight. they say it's gonna take most of the day to install the new power pole up. they think that pole will be up by at least 7:00 p.m. as far as the driver involved who caused this power pole to go down, we're told by a supervisor from the city of san jose that he was not injured.
8:40 am
they are gonna do their own investigation. preliminary investigation seems to indicate that maybe a vehicle cut him off, but again, they don't know exactly if that's the exact cause. they will look into it. but traffic here is getting a little bit congested. it's down to one lane. it's likely one lane northbound, at least on coleman, between taylor and hobson, will remain shut down for most of the day. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. let's check in with sal. highway 4, how's it doing? >> it's a little slow, dave and tori. let's go out and talk about highway 4 westbound. it's slow in antioch but much better in baypoint. you will see some slowing in walnut creek as you drive south on 680. out to the bay bridge toll plaza we've had some improvement. there is still a delay. it's less than five minutes before you make it onto the
8:41 am
actual span. marin county at central san rafael, there's word of a new injury accident. but southbound 101 is slow from novato. if you are driving on 80 westbound, it's slow getting into the berkeley area. we're also looking at the nimitz freeway between 238 and fremont, it's slow heading south. >> let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds in place here. there's kind of streaming in right off the ocean and it looks like we'll have a partly sunny, partly cloudy day. 40s on the lows. we'll wind up with 50s and 60s on the highs. see how this continues to move west/east. water temperatures still cold enough. doesn't take much to get the machine rolling through. one low rolled through. there will be another weak system coming in late tonight, late tomorrow. that may give us drizzle. the stronger system will start to show high and mid-level
8:42 am
clouds. the westerly breeze from sfo and oakland and napa and fairfield seeing gusts to about 20 out to the delta. one system moves through. these are very, very week. stronger system seems to be in the east and the next system is beginning to show itself. they are not very strong. one for the weekend will be stronger. the one we had last night. the one coming in tomorrow, not too much to them. 50s and 60s. a lot of mid-60s slightly below average on the temperatures to near. but temperatures kind of running below average. not much change to the weekend and then we'll cloud up. maybe some rain on sunday. 8:39. we have new details about a stabbing. sheriff's deputies are still looking for -- looking for two men who stabbed a 16-year-old boy riding his bike. the 16-year-old said they just got out of prison and said they
8:43 am
were in a gang and asked if he wanted to fight. he's recovering from his injuries. shell casings reportedly tie two crimes together. the same gun used in the shootout was also used to murder prison chief some clements at his home in monument, colorado. days later, the suspect turned up in texas and allegedly shot a deputy, touching off a chase that ended in a gun battle where the suspect died. 8:40. there's an important wearning this morning from pg&e. it's about a scam. and the connection between gabrielle giffords and an attack on a sea lion in southern california. also -- the highest court in italy makes a stunning announcement. it involves and american student at the center of a high- profile murder case.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
stocks are higher on wall street. some economic reports suggest the economic recovery is gaining strength, including rising home prices and a jump in orders for durable goods. however, there's also reports
8:47 am
that sales of new homes fell last month and consumer confidence dropped slightly. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 95. the nasdaq is up 10. s&p up 8. i've just checked, the stock price for tesla is up just over 1% right now. after surging as much as 5% yesterday. that's after a mysterious tweet about a major announcement from ceo musk. it said, "i'm going to put my money where my mouth is in a very major way." tesla is already scheduled to make some kind of announcement on thursday but details about exactly when and where are still being worked out. let's bring you up to date on some of the other attorneys for you right now -- >> when do we want it! >> one man and one woman! >> this is happening in washington, d.c., you see protesters for and against same- sex marriage. they are outside the u.s. supreme court. the high court minutes ago
8:48 am
finished hearing arguments on california's ban on same-sex marriage. tomorrow, a hearing on the defense of marriage act is scheduled. the decision on prop 8 is not expected until june. an early-morning fire in alameda damaged several apartments right there. it happened around 2:30 on park street. luckily, no injuries are reported. and this morning, italy's highest criminal court overturned their decision in the murder trial. pam cook has more. >> an appeals court in florence, italy must rehear the case against the morning student and her former italian boyfriend for the murder of meredith kercher. now, amanda knox spent four years in italy and then was
8:49 am
released, citing lack of evidence. she's living in seattle attending to washington. she reportedly stayed up until 2:00 this morning waiting for the announcement and issued a statement critical of the lawyers in the case. she says "the prosecution responsible for the many discrepancies in their work must be held to answer them for raffaele sollecito's sake, my sake and for meredith's family." the judge will repost the decision in 90 days. at that point, all parties will have 45 days to present their case. the retrial is not expected until sometime early next year. now, interesting to note, knox may be ordered to return to italy for the retrial if she refuses, the italian government could appear to the u.s. government for her extradition. but lawyers here in the united states stay that she could be protected under the u.s. law
8:50 am
known as double jeopardy that prevents retrying a criminal defendant for the same crime. certainly this case is evolving. we'll bring you any updates as soon as they become available. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, pam. 8:47. new information from san francisco about a deadly stabbing more than two years ago. in golden gate park. san francisco police have issued and arrest warrant for 36-year-old daniel hill. he's in jail right now in his home town in reno. that's where he's charged with a homicide in nevada. san francisco police say hill is also the prime suspect in a fatal stabbing of a man near keez arstadium -- keezar stadium august 2010. there's disturbing video of a dog attacking and killing a baby sea lion at a southern california beach. it's the dog that belongs to the stepdaughter of former
8:51 am
arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. now, police say it appears the -- it's an american bulldog mix and broke free from its leash and attacked a beach seal pup. mark kelly came down and was able to pull him away. they don't expect to cite anyone in the death of that sea lion. 8:48. new this morning, the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide attack in afghanistan that killed five police officers and injured four others. the bombing outside police headquarters in jalalabad comes as secretary of state john kerry visits the country for a second day. kerry was not in jalalabad at the time of the attack. kerry says the u.s. and afghanistan are on the same page as coalition forces prepare to end combat operations next year. he made the comments after meeting with afghan president, hamid karzai. kerry's unannounced visit to kabul comes amid concerns
8:52 am
karzai could be jeopardizing the war effort with anti- american rhetoric. happening right now -- within the last half-hour, the oral arguments for and against proposition 8. let's go live and listen in. >> we're two of chris and sandy's very, very proud sons. on behalf of myself and my twin brother, i just want to say how incredibly proud we are of our parents. we love them. we love our family and we look forward to the day when we will be treated equally just like our neighbors' families. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> david and i will be willing to answer some questions but -- it's very important to introduce chad griffin, he's the chairman and president of the human rights campaign who
8:53 am
has been with this case right from the beginning, right from the very, very start. he recruited me and together we recruited david boise to handle this case. it's been almost four years since we filed the case. it's been four and a half years since we first met and started talking about what we would do in this case. chad griffin, everything he's done for the rights of gay and less peaiance and what the american foundation for equal rights, the foundation which has supported this campaign and the human rights campaign, what they've done for equal rights, here's chad. >> all i can do is, once again, thank ted and david who enabled us to lift the partisan veil. for the first time, shine the spotlight on the human faces
8:54 am
suffering and chris and sandy and paul and jeff and chris and sand yip's boys -- sandy's boys , to be able to to say they and their family deserve anything other than equality under the law is something i challenge anyone to do. we're just honored that our court system has worked. we've gone from the district court in northern california over these four years all the way here to washington today before the united states supreme court. and we are all cautiously optimistic as we wait and see what this court will do. thank you very much. >> if you have any questions about -- other than how the court is going to decide the case -- >> if the court were to rule that the petitioners don't have standing, that would be a win for you, would it not? >> yes. >> would it not. >> yes. i will mention briefly and then david can. there's four ways in which we can succeed in this case.
8:55 am
because the state of california decided that proposition 8 was unconstitutional, although they were enforcing it, they quit defending it once the district judge ruled it was unconstitutional, then up have the argument no one could have appealed this case and the proponents in court, who were the authors of the measure, didn't have the right to carry it forward, if that's the case, the district court decision finding proposition 8 unconstitutional stands and then the governor and the officials of california would be enjoined from enforcing it. that would be the end of proposition 8, or the 9th circuit decided because of the circumstances in california proposition 8 was unconstitutional because of those circumstances in california, the third way is that there are many states who have acknowledged the rights of gays and lesbians to raise children and to live together in households, the court could decide that structure is
8:56 am
unconstitutional because california and those states have add midded that -- admitted that gays and lesbians can live together and raise family and raise attorney and they don't have any defense on that. finally, the broadest argument we've made, it's just wrong. it's not consistent with the ideals and the laws and the constitution of this country to take our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and put them in a class and deny them rights that we give to everyone else. that's the broadest possible outcome and any one of thousands four outcomes would be a success in overturning proposition 8. >> doesn't it seem like -- as you both are real veterans at this, you kind of got the impression they didn't find an argument anywhere that they really loved or even liked? >> i think they are trying to
8:57 am
-- they did have these four alternatives. so i think the questions jumped around some as they tried to evaluate each of those four alternatives and i think trying to read too much into those questions is a really risky -- >> the decision not to followup, did you not get the impression, while they may not look at the narrow road in front of them, they are very, very reluctant to look at the broad issue whether or not it's unconstitutional? >> i think there were a number of questions about the broad issues. i think that a number of the questions went directly to whether there ought to be decided on the 50-state basis. i don't think you have read too much into those approaches. i think they were exploring every one of the four choices. >> they seem incredibly energized and interested if not excited. how would you describe it?
8:58 am
>> well, the supreme court is a marvelous institution. they hear the cases that the people bring to them -- >> you've been listening live to two of the head lawyers against proposition 8. ted olson speaking there and david boise on the left, speaking about the arguments that we -- that hatched today in the u.s. court -- that happened today in the u.s. supreme court about the constitutionality. now, according to people inside the courtroom during the proceedings -- we're already getting reports -- apparently there were back-and-for the exchanges for the attorneys and the chief of justices said it appeared they were trying to change the word "marriage" with same-sex marriage. but anthony said he's concerned about the couples with children who want full recognition and status. justice kennedy, who is often considered the key swing vote,
8:59 am
also suggested the court could dismiss the case with no ruling at all and that would potentially mean that the lower court, the district court of california ruling that prop 8 was unconstitutional. that would stand. so we won't know the decision of the supreme court until june at this point and tomorrow they are gonna hear arguments about be a hour or so at length on the federal defense of marriage act. so stay with us. david stevenson had a seat in the courtroom and will have live reports on ktvu throughout the day. our time is now 8:56. we have new information on a body found in downtown napa early this morning. napa police captain is telling us the police found a body of a man engulfed in flames around 3:00 this morning. police are treating his death as a homicide. officers are going door to door through the neighborhood


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