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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . frank has the night off. in just the last hour samsung asked the city council to
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approve a seven million dollar sin thankful plan to keep them in the valley. new at six we are live in san jose where we have been inside the city hall debate. >> reporter: that debate turned in to grateful approval about 45 minutes ago because it could mean up to $23 million in revenue. officials were reminded these days in dealing silicon valley you have to spend money to make money. samsung semi conductor did a big deal today and it's a big deal for everybody involved. samsung plans a 200 million- dollar expansion of it's north first street offices from 200,000 to almost 700,000 square feet. it'll be a state-of-the-art research and development site. today samsung thanked san jose and it's economy kick development department. >> our vision of a unique and landmark building a testment to
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our commitment to maintaining a bright future for san jose. >> reporter: its cash strapped san jose that's thank. though sam sun has been here for 30 years, the mayor revealed how intense the competition was between san jose and austin. >> they figured it was 100 million-dollar difference in the cost of the project between austin and san jose. >> reporter: san jose had a deal started last year with the governor and approved today gives samsung about $7 million in economic development funds, tax breaks and incentives and will reduce fees associated with traffic, construction and utilities. high tech analysts say that san jose also had one big advantage. samsung didn't want to relocate. >> they want to be here. they want to be close to apple, they want to take apple's employees, they want to watch
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apple. >> reporter: with silicon valley doing well financially while most cities are hurting company cans are being courted. >> something we have to deal with all the time in san jose. there is probably a governor in the state today looking for companies that will move to their state. >> reporter: now samsung is staying put and the company said it hopes to start demolition and construction this summer. live in san jose. robert honda. >> a san jose executive was charged with insider traderring over the sail of his former company. david riley was the chief information officer at foundery networks when it was sold to brocade communications in 2008. prosecutors claim he provided insider information about the sale to an analyst. both are charged. prosecutors say the scheme netted more than $27 million. >> happening now gay marriage supporters rallying at the state court building in san francisco. it's where the legal debate started. the state court legalized same sex marriage back in 2008 but months later voters passed proposition 8. our crew at this
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rally is interviewing a local minister who came under fire with her church for preforming gay marriages. we will have her story at seven. bus loads of proposition 8 supporters rallied in the capitol. there are no reports of injuries or arrests. one group travel from north carolina to be there. >> the fate of proposition 8 now rests with the supreme court. david stevenson was inside. >> reporter: it was nine years in the making. the hearing today was at times very fast moving, 80 minutes in all and also very pointed.
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take a look at the sketches of what the courtroom looked like. justices took up if prosecutors had the standing to even bring the case to court but one said they had questions about if such bans were constitutional and the role of procreation in marriage. >> there is considerable disagreement among some as to what the consequences of raising a child in a single sex family, whether that is harmful to the child. >> my gut says we will have to come back again because this is not good enough just to make a case for california. we have to make the case for all human being that live in this country. >> reporter: california lieutenant governor the man who was responsible for issuing same sex marriage in 2004. we heard from it would have the men on opposing sides central
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to the battle over marriage in san francisco and their reaction to today's hearing. > an argument about equal justice and equal application of the law. >> if it's determined that the initiative passed by voters can be vetoed by government officials it was designed to -- that would be a perhaps a fatal blew to the process. >> reporter: another look outside the supreme court. this was the first of two major hearings on same sex marriage. tomorrow they will hear arguments about the federal defense of marriage act. reporting live. >> tomorrow the court will hear the oral arguments. the preses approved the 1996 federal law defining marriage between a plan and woman.
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then they will meet later this week to vote on each case. written rulings probably won't be released until the end of the term in june. >> san francisco mayor said today he hopes the court makes the right decision. >> i as a former civil rights attorney and also now as mayor, but also just as an individual who kind of doesn't want to see barriers to people marrying whoever they want and i think that freedom should exist for everybody. >> the mayor said that the city of san francisco has led the way in support of marriage equality. >> many communities lent their support to proposition eight when it went before voter but when we spoke to people today who support the ban on same sex marriage they didn't want to go on camera. >> in california we have -- openly gay people. we are more used to it. it's normal for us. verses another location people are not out of the closet quite yet. >> some we spoke to in
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communities such as walnut creek say support is shifting. stay with us for an in depth look at the case before the court. our news special the proposition eight case will air here live on channel 2 immediately after this newscast. >> in morgan hill swat officers used tear gas to end a seven hour police standoff. this video shows police taking them into custody before five. investigators say the couple barricaded themselves into a room at the morgan hill inn on monterey street. the man reportedly said he was armed and didn't care if he died. the two are identified as a 29- year-old martin flores and erica madrid. >> a family said a gunman who opened fire in broad daylight took the life of a 29-year-old woman. witnesses say kimberly harvey was standing outside the family market on 12th veto around 10:30 when she was shot several
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times. police say they are reviewing surveillance. harvey's mother said her son was shot to death in almost the same spot five-years ago. that killer was never caught. >> scary when i got there. i was like same spot her brother was in. >> the man was a black man in his 20s. >> an 8-year-old girl was shot through the league. we are live where we talked to someone who saw it happen. >> reporter: as you mentioned the little girl was playing out here on this statue. this replica of a whale when we was shot. police say they think the arrow may have come from the neighborhood just north of here and they said they would be back out here this evening to
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see if anyone saw anything or if anyone knows of anyone who knows of anyone who shoots arrows. yellow tape went up around the whale reprica. the girl was here on a field trip. the arrow they believe was about a 20-inch cross bow type and it hit her in the leg just above the knee. she went into surgery earlier today and is expected to be okay. meanwhile folk who are here say it was upsetting. >> it was an arrow. a regular arrow, a regular arrow, it wasn't poking out one side. it just was in and it was stuck in there. >> police say they aren't sure if this was random or a targeted attack. investigators did search the neighborhood as well as area trails but no luck in finding the person responsible. >> it's unusual -- someone
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being shot with the gun. not an arrow. >> police are asking for people to be on the look out for anyone with a bow and arrow. if you have any information you are asked to call the uk berkeley police department. live in berkeley. channel 2news. >> human toll takers on the golden gate bridge are working their final shift. at midnight the bridge will be the first fully automated bridge in the state. several toll takers left their booth for the last time today. half of the 28 are being transferred to other positions, the others are getting severance packages. the switch over will save $16 million in eight years and speed up traffic across the span. in san mateo the long awaited devil slide bypass tunnel opened up. the tunnels went into operation at 2:00 this morning.
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it takes traffic around -- of highway one. it'll be converted in to a pedestrian and bike trail. >> satisfy developers reveal the city's largest ever affordable housing renovation today. the former ymca building in the tender loin is now -- [inaudible] it hosts 172 units. >> we know what the solution is. the solution is permanently affordable supportive housing. >> it has a clinic and social services built in.
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doctor james hon hue said he was honored to be named to the job. he has been the president since 20. he will be the first lay person to lead them in the 150 year history. >> coming up what do you call a word you can't find on google? why the answer one came up with set off an international incident. more than two years after the san bruno blast a major safety milestone and we ask if it's enough to help fears. >> i don't want to see my home blown up. >> first a teen girl out for a run sees something not quite right. how she followed her instincts and led police to arrest a registered sex offender.
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. san jose police released a sketch of a woman who may have stolen an suv yesterday with a baby inside. the girl is now home safe with her mother. police are still looking for the person who stole the jeep liberty. she is described as a latina, 5'5'', 160 pounds in between 38 to 45 years old. the baby's mother said she saw the woman in front of her home around 6:30 yesterday morning. moments later someone stole the jeep with the baby inside. we had the only crew there as police found that stolen jeep and took the baby to the hospital. the officer carrying her is a father of three himself. a doctor deemed she was healthy should she returned home. police said today that the actions of an aalert teen led to the arrest of a registered sex offend. officers took the 50-year-old alton watson into custody on sunday. police say the 15-year-old was
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outrunning when she saw a man following her. when she got home family members confronted him. the family called price who took him into custody for annoying a child and violating his parole. a judge reduced bail today for the former sfo computer screener, accused of possession child porn. his bail is now $80,000. that's down from 250,000. the judge said there is a lack of evidence showing he distributed the images to others. detectives say he had more than 80 child porn files on his computer. >> new, pg&e is about to finish the most important task needed to ensure it's natural gas pipelines safe in the wake of that deadly san bruno explosion. tom is live at a gas valve field rebuilding site in san pablo with this major milestone. >> reporter: if amie line fails
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these reach quickly enough to save a neighborhood. improvements just part of a much bigger picture bay area wide. to prevent the explosion making sure the pipes don't break is critical. to that end pg&e announced this. >> by the end of april we will have tested more than 6700 miles of our pipeline. we will verify the safe operating pressure. >> reporter: pg&e said that was done by looking that records saying testing was done was done. it also water tested hundreds of miles of pipes. think used video scoping and laser scanning of pipelines for dense cracks and other problems. besides making sure the gas transmission lines do what they are supposed to do, one of the other major improvements, installing hundreds of these automatic or remote controlled shut off valves.
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that's good news for folks living near this station. >> what i would like to see it improve better and to where they can shut it off because there is a lot of people in the community hurting disgusted and i live on the gas line. >> as long as they are working on it and trying to make it better for us because it's our lives, our homes, and i don't want to see my home being blown up or anything. naturally yes, as long as they improve i think have you to give them credit. >> the result will be no waiting for crews to arrive with hand crank stations because remotes and automatics can be started in seconds. >> a ban on growing marijuana outside is up for a vote tonight in concord. some neighbors complained to the city about the fear of crime with pot being grown out in the open. a grower who was the parent target of the ban said he has a permit to grow medical marijuana. he said he may sue the city if
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that ordinance passes. tonight's meeting starts at 6:30. >> a word that means ungooglable in swedish set off an international incident. the language council put the word on its list of made up term that have entered the language. it defined the word as something that can't be found searching online. google said that definition violates its trademark. it asked for a reference to google. the language council died to delete the word rather than give into demands. >> someone who can be googled is bill martin. he is tracking the possibility of showers tonight and what is it looking like right now? >> not so much tonight. just north of here there are sprinkles. i think into the next 24 hours we have a good shot at drizzle. not a big deal. it'll be real light stuff. if you look out see you it does look like it's thickening up and it does look like it wants
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to rain and it does want to rain. it won't rain much. if it rains we will see a little. you see a lot of activity just north of the area. as we go through the next couple days including tomorrow, that's all set up, widely scattered, some clouds, green, maybe drizzle, light rain. that's how it goes tomorrow. here is the thing. i wouldn't change my plan unless you are painting, most of the outdoor activities, things you want to do you will be fine with the next few days, it'll be unstable, chance of a shower in the forecast each day as we go in to the bay area weekend. the weekend is your best chance for a real shower. saturday and sunday. that's easter. between now and then it's just nuisance stuff. that's how it appears. the forecast tonight, maybe a sprinkle in the far county, santa rosa, north. a slight sprinkle, chance along the coast, maybe in the hill around the coast and -- sun as
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well and clouds. the extended forecast more of what i just said. as we go into tonight, clouds, and -- there is drizzle. that's tomorrow or that's -- late tonight. then you go into tomorrow morning early, more sprinkles around, what do you do with this? this nuisance stuff. i don't think it'll impact the morning drive. heaviest activity many as to be around ten but you just go about your business. there may be a little glaze on the roads but that's about it. what i showed you is how we go the next 72 hours, tomorrow am chance, slight chance. this goes through a better opportunity saturday and sunday as this low tracks over the bay area. that saturday and sunday and the meantime we are just stuck with kind of low grade sprinkles, 68 tomorrow in brentwood and antioch. 62 vallejo and 64 haywood. santa clara valley, midand upper 60s. a nice day. more clouds tomorrow. maybe a degree or two cooler.
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five day forecast with the bay area weekend. each day has a chance of something . none of it -- doesn't amount to much. until we get toward saturday or sunday. we may see a tenth much an inch. >> little bit coming. >> little bit. just enough to tease us. nuisance stuff. >> thank you. >> coming up, on tv36 we have continuing coverage of today's proposition 8 hearing bay area reaction. >> this is where it all started and right now gay marriage supporters gathering in san francisco. why some say they are optimistic after the hearing. and a bank website crippled in a cyber attack. what the bank is saying about the breach. that's at seven on tv36. >> zero tolerance this april for drivers month what you can and text behind the wheel. the penalties you will face as the highway patrol sets up it'sen foramens of the hands free law. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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. the chp is cracking down on distracted drivers. >> april of last year they issued more than 57,000 tickets for texting talking on the phone without a hands free
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device. this year's campaign includes stepped up enforcement and education efforts. >> if we are drinking a coffee, talking on the phone, driving with the knees, you can't wonder why the kids are doing that. the results dead re. >> the first time ticket for a cell phone violation is $159. next tickets cost 279 and see for yourself the impact texting and talking can have while you drive. go to and make the pledge to text later. click on the banner right on the home page. >> mark ibanez joining us. a lot of people still joining us. >> huge win and then another bonous. they weren't going to practice but they came back for one big reason. the great bill russell who of course gruesome in the east bay, hall of famer, at the game last night. he is a big fan of the game. he showed up to visit the warriors, and gave them inspirational talking too. the players love that.
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the coach talked about it earlier today. >> we weren't going to practice today. one -- we got the okay that he was going to come in and be willing to say a few words practice was playing. not many folks that i would do that for. it was just -- just been a great way. >> when bill russell wants to say something everybody will listen. last night's victory over the ducks not with standing the sharks still a team looking to make major changes. the shake up may come soon and ryan, could be gone. he is a free agent after this season. many teams, thought to be interested in him. ryan not having the season that we are use to seeing. he scored 20 or more goals twice during his shark career. he is a hot comedy. they are just about wrapping up the cactus league portion of spring training that suits one just fine. he looks like he is in
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midseason form as he bombs one, a two run shot. the a's take care of cleveland. the team's both will break camp on wednesday and be back in the bay area right quick. that's the sporting life for right now. >> thank you. >> same sex marriage supporters keeping vigil this year outside the california court. the same court that legalized gay marriage in 2008. >> in three minutes stay bus for ktvu news in depth. the case, we are breaking down the battle over same sex marriage and will dig deepener to the arguments. >> and thank you for trusting us. we are always here for you. and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us.


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