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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 28, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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resistance even from moderate democrats who do support keeping guns out of the hands of violent people, but not really wanting to infringe on second amendment rights. we will be following this story throughout the day here on ktvu. let's take a last look at traffic with sal. what is it looking like? >> slow getting into fremont. we have a look at 680. it's still very slow trying to get in from our camera. also the morning commute has been slow at the toll plaza although it's improving quite a bit. quickly go to the maps here. 880 is slow. let's go back to steve. >> mostly cloudy and maybe occasional rain. mile temps and it looks like cloudy pattern with rain increasing as we head toward the latter part of the weekend. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news and we will see you the next time the news breaks. >> watch us at noon. giants host the as tonight for an exhibition series and find out how much those two teams are worth. we were here for you on
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a police standoff near l.a. with a suspect who is -- >> exhibiting super human spreng. >> how super strength bean bags ended this quick. a fire truck is on the road when something -- >> smashes through the fire truck windshield. >> the freak accident that could have been way worse. rescuers are determined to save a goat under a bridge. but -- >> guess what, the goat is not into the rescue. >> what made billy goat gruff finally cooperate. plus, bet you have never seen somebody -- >> beating their dough as serious as this. >> find out where it is time to make the doughnuts and meet one little girl with one big laugh. >> scary scene caught on camera in a neighborhood of los angeles. we have lapd with guns drawn in
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a standoff with a guy on the porch and you can see the guy if you look closely, his face, his head, covered in blood. >> what? >> a neighbor caught this on camera. you can see we spoke to the lapd. they told us this guy was 16 years old. he broke into the residence of an elderly man andssaulted him and tas also there. the elderly man and his son called police and were able to subdue the 16-year-old until place came. in the meantime he smashed his head into a mirror which is why he is covered in blood. lapd gets there and they told us he was acting very strange, giving them orders and the 16-year-old not complying. >> is that the guy screaming ? >> yeah. sounds like that's the guy screaming and you see him reach for his pockets. one officer goes off camera and he comes back with one of those non-lethal project tile guns. watch this. hits him with the bean bag gun
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and the lapd told us this guy was sort of exhibiting super human strength. they believe it is possible he could have been on something like bath salts. that's classic behavior. i was thinking the same thing when i saw him on the steps. >> after the bean bag gun they bring out the taser. eventually one officer is able to go up and grab him by the back of his shirt and pull him down the steps and they get this guy into custody. from there he was taken to the hospital, taken to the jail, since been released to his parents, charged with burglary. the elderly man and his son not injured in this incident. >> fire fighters are trained to handle all kinds of dangerous situations. i can guarantee you this one is not in the books. we're riding along with a wayne township fire fighter in a fire truck when this smashes through the fire truck windshield. it was a huge chunk of ice and snow flying off a passing pickup
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truck. that piece of ice smashed into the driver. fire fighter matt irvine, hitting him in the head. wr tv talked to him. >> it came off the roof, and before like a second later the windshield. >> he was able to pull the fire truck off the side of the road and safely stop the vehicle without injuring any of the fellow fire fighters. >> the windshield came up real close and hit me in the forehead. >> they took him to the hospital. he is going to be okay. did not see that coming at all. >> were they on their way to a fire when this happened. >> good news is, no, they were not responding to a call. thankfully no services were delayed because of this freak accident. they're still looking for the car that drove by. likely that person had no idea that the snow fell off. >> when you clean off your car, you don't scrape the snow from your roof sometimes because are you in a hurry and that's what it looked like, a chunk of snow from the roof. >> although it is not illegal to drive around with snow and ice on your car, you can be held
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responsible for any damages that snow and ice causes to others. so this guy could be held responsible for something. a lot of rain in ireland, and that got one goat stuck under a bridge. you can't see the goat right now. you have a rescuer with a lot of rope and he is going to go get that goat. guess what? the goat is not into the rescue. >> maybe he was looking for the troll under the bridge. >> yeah, the three billy goat gruff. great reference to our childhood, steven. takes them awhile to get the goat. they had to drop down quite a bit of rope. they eventually pulled it from under the bridge but it is fighting it. >> that's a goat? >> look how they have it by the neck. i am like i am fine down here. no, you have to go. you have the rescuers working with the goat. how are they going to get it out? the old-fashioned way. they will pull him up. he is now hanging by the neck and pulling it up. >> that's less of a rescue than
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a hanging. >> it is a he and he was not happy and you can hear the cheers. everybody was happy except i think the goat. as you can see the goat is fine. still harnessed and probably thinking what did i do to deserve this? not a bad day on the job when you get to load stuff up and in russia you see this river is frozen over around the bridge. to make sure that the ice doesn't damage the bridge, they do this really fun thing. they blow up the ice. >> that was like a fountain. >> vegas. >> it is beautiful. it is like a beautiful explosion, all in unison, beautifully rising up into the air. it is standard practice in russia to do this, to blow up
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the ice and leave some of the stress around the bridge to make sure it doesn't collapse >> fun day on the job. >> here is another angle and gives a little bit of a better perspective of the entire show. it is a pretty big explosion, and you can hear in this video how huge it was. >> i would not like to be the guy who has to go out there and set up all of these explosives. >> i bet you get paid a lot for that job, though. >> high risk, high reward. >> for everyone. >> i don't know, this is russia. high risk is just another day. >> every day life. >> basically what we saw was the most expensive way to make ice cubes. the whale watchers get quite a show on this trip. >> they're getting busy. >> see the very up close and
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personal encounter. >> oh, my goodness. cover your children's eyes. >> and a dude who sacks a fence on purpose. now hear from the guys who can tell us why. >> who volunteers for that without protection? >> m
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a couple of good days on the water and in the water in dana point california. we got this from the youtube channel, folks, tourists, on captain dave's dolphin and whale watching safari. not seeing walz. they are seeing dolphins putting on quite a show for the cameras. >> like at sea world. >> these are like sea world escapees or retirees or just a couple of hams hamming it up for the camera. >> want to talk about something extra, these whale watchers out
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wail watching and saw gray whales, large gray whales and listen to the tour guide on the ship and the tourists. >> oh, my goodness. cover your children's eyes. >> don't worry. >> these whales decided to get the freak on in front of the boat. they're getting busy. >> they're getting busy in the water just rolling around each other and having a good time and doing what nature called them to do evidently. >> yeah. when the moment strikes you, you know what i mean, that's what happens and even if you're in front of a large crowd of people on a boat. >> it is sexy time. >> going down. >> seems they have quite an affinity for the sailboat they see in the distance because at one point they knock it out of the way or maybe they just use it like a headboard. if the boat is arocking, you don't know what's going on underneath. >> if the boat is rocking, look what's knocking, giant whale,
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don't get in the water. we were among the first to show you this video. >> acting like a real jack ass. >> a north carolina sheriff's deputy caught on camera brake checking the guy behind him in a bit of road rage. >> look at this. >> all led to a minor accident and after the video went viral, the deputy resigned but now there is an update. >> look at this. >> according to the osnslow county sheriff's department the deputy has agreed to accept reassignment in the detention center and appears his days ofr it is 0-0 and he is swinging for the fence. >> oh! >> did he do that on purpose? sure looks like he did. he is standing clear up at the top of the scoreboard. he takes a little leap, back
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flips, and lands nuts first on the top of the ballpark fence. >> oh, my god. dude. oh, my god. >> what? >> the kid is down for the count. it is not the only time they do this kind of stuff. their channel is full of stunt videos. >> could a cup protect that? >> well, gayle, let's find out what kind of protection craig was wearing, if any. he is joined by j.j. allen. they're joining from us broadway, virginia. guys, what were you thinking? >> i don't know. we were in a competition. we had a list of stunts and each stunt had certain points and one was nut shot on a fence and he was the guy i had chosen for that. >> can you say no when you picked for something like this? >> sometimes. not really. usually whatever j.j. says i do.
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i can't come up with as many ideas as he can. >> craig, you got like -- you were there and landed right there, dude. that is such a like long back flip. >> i am so confused by this. you guys make up this game for yourself to do? >> yeah. we kind of consider this art form, like go like this and takes a little bit of talent and brains behind it, but not so much brains. >> how old are you guys and do your parents know what you are up to? >> i am 18 and my mom knows what i do. >> they know what i do until i got started doing stuff like this and she supports me now. >> do you make money off the viral videos or just about the view count? >> at first we started for our own viewing pleasure, and eventually you get money off the
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stuff, and that motivates you a little bit more. the adrenaline rush has a lot to do with it, too. >> did you win? >> this is the whole challenge. >> it is the first drink at a water fountain. >> trying to catch it in her mouth. >> see the first drink next time on "right this minute." still to come, a deer tangled in a hammock struggles to break free. >> this is a big deer, too. >> looks so painful for the deer. >> see how one brave ranger came to the rescue. and dude pulling out the powder for a public prank. >> not too many people get up and run away. >> see what happens when he offered it up to the wrong person. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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one more day to get the pranks to us for the big rtm april fools' day special. >> we teamed up with matt dradle from ebaum world to find great videos and it is down to the wire. >> if you or somebody you know pulled a great prank or -- >> that's a prank. prank. >> all right. >> i wondered what happened, too. i had no idea. >> if you or somebody you know has pulled a great prank or joke on someone and you got it on video, all you have to do is head over to "right this minute"
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and upload that video using our my channel feature. >> we're going to pick our favorite and show them on our april fools' day show, maybe that will make it. well, looks like somebody's family is going to need themselves a new hammock and here is why. tough to watch. a deer got caught up in this thing. you can see it looks like a 7 point buck tangled in the hammock. ranger fraser out there from the department of natural resources trying to help this guy out. the deer really struggling. >> looks so painful. >> and really tangled up so the antlers really stuck. >> how long was this guy stuck. >> no word on how long. you can see eventually the thing flips itself over, disconnect from one half of the antlers and that's when the ranger goes in to cut the hammock. >> on the show we have seen them getting stuck but not in a
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hammock. >> you can hear the deer panting because struggling for a really long time. >> that's a big knife. >> you can see as he saws away at the hammock, boom, there it is, loose and he is able to bound off and looks like it is not hurt at all and this is a big deer. the hammock torn to shreds. no word if the deer will reimburse them. from a hammock to a peanut butter jar, he saves animals from everything. this time, gayle, don't get upset. i know you don't like a raccoon because it has a peanut butter jar stuck on its had. >> because it probably stole it and digging in the trash. >> he had to yank it to the ground. that looks painful. here he is able to wedge it loose and set free and turns back up in the tree. >> and will find another peanut butter can to eat. >> something i totally and completely expect from a
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raccoon. >> he is a raccoon. they steal food all the time. that's why they're fat and happy. >> they don't like to be called fat. they like to be called pufry. this guy's version of a prank. pulls up next to people at a restaurant and pulls out his white package of powdery substance and cuts a line and offers up some to the guests around him. >> you like some? >> no. >> this is from the whatever youtube channel. the stuff he is using is called inocitol and frequently used in movies as a stand in for cocaine. it is like a might minimum powder. not too many people get up and run away. >> going for it, dude. >> want some? >> a few people are like bring over here. that guy tastes it. >> what? >> no. >> these two people say they're from germany. >> cool. >> want some?
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>> he takes the prank a step further. >> oh, no. >> the reaction, they laugh at the guy. maybe they knew he was up to something. this is my favorite reaction. >> want some powder. >> i am officer tarantino from the police department. >> he bucks up this prank. >> he is undercover? >> yeah. >> what happens? >> the camera goes dark and this message at the end. >> don't do drugs. stay in school and always wear protection. eight months old and she is already -- >> budding zoo superstar. >> hear the crazy kazoo
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. oh, man. >> a snake. >> the guys over at whatever posted this video and they said that this man is a homeless man and when they saw his talent they couldn't not record it. >> are you like flexing your -- >> i don't have no teeth. >> okay. >> it is just my tongue. i play the harmonica. >> he is doing it with his tongue. >> yeah, yeah. >> so much there you really can't tell. >> if he is that talent shoeing that off. >> good.
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>> i like the smile. the smile is a good thing. >> that's what it is or to bring smiles. >> hopefully the money generates will find its way back to this. >> show me the caterpillar one. >> he calls that the caterpillar. >> that's awesome. thanks, man. >> you bet. >> what's your name? >> they calls me clydesdale. >> grandma playing the kazoo. kids when they laugh and doing stuff, they make you feel good. >> siena playing. >> she blows a kazoo and gets in a vocal solo. >> a butting kazoo superstar. >> good girl. >> nice job matching grandpa's pitch. she has an ear for music. >> eight months old and musically talented.
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that little girl is lucy, and that is a family dog lamae. he never walked the dog before and for the first time ever they gave her the leash and she let it go and she realized why because she likes to see the dog run with the leash trailing behind it. >> a great laugh. >> it is that laugh made her mom's day. dad says mom has gone for a job interview for a teaching position and he didn't get it so to clear her mind they went for a family walk and those giggles made their day and they said anybody else that hears the ggles, hope is makes theirtoo. [ laughter ] i guarantee you have never seen somebody beating their dough as serious as this. >> what? >> time to make the doughnuts in japan. this is how they do it. you


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