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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 4, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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i'm beth troutman. we have been searching the web for great videos and we have them for you, "right this minute." a tree sitter getting cherry picked by officers who try to force him down. >> now listen. >> what happens when the shooting starts and the crowd goes crazy? >> you [ bleep ] stupid, [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> it's hard to believe but students in one georgia county have two separate proms. meet the friends teaming up to
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change a shocking tradition. >> there's always been a white prom and a black prom. >> a new video is finally introducing the world. how a five-legged lamb is fitting in at the farm. plus, why somebody probably ought to have yelled timber. and a sexy new spin on granny panties. what you love and hate. >> honestly, if you are there at that point, you probably don't care. wild scene from up in the trees in willot, california. >> four guys with guns. a bunch of ground crew to feel safe, huh? >> these are tree sitters protesting a highway that is going to be built in the area by cal trans. they have been living in the trees for nine weeks. people have been working around them, right? at this point, they had to take
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down two of the trees these people were in to continue the work. i have members of california highway patrol in a cherry picker trying to get one of these guys out of the tree. lots of people on the ground cheering for this guy. >> go! go! go! >> you can see the california highway patrol grab at the guy. there's a bit of a struggle. >> get him off you! get him off you! >> this thing is turning into quite a scene. now listen. >> that's my branch! >> you [ bleep ] stupid [ bleep ]. >> those shots are from an adjacent cherry picker firing nonlethal. >> the tree sitter shot by the
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california highway patrol. >> in all eight people were arrested. one of the protesters went on as this person dumped feces on the highway patrol. california highway patrol says this is standard procedure. >> there's not much they can do. this is on state owned land. >> what people are talking about and unhappy about, the use of the beanbag bullet. the non-lethal bullet. was he hurt? no, the guy wasn't injured in this whole thing. >> i have a story out of wilcox county, georgia. it doesn't sound like it's from the year 2013. high school students participate in two separate proms. an all white prom and an all black prom. according to reports, wilcox county high school does not have an official school sponsored prom. the proms are private proms, if
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you will, put on by students, by parents, for students. they are trying to change the way wilcox county high school thinks about their prom to black students and white students that are all best friends. you can imagine they want to attend the prom together. so, they are organizing a prom for everyone. >> but that does not go without troubles. >> to tell us more about this, we have two of the young ladies organizing this prom for everyone. they are on skype "right this minute" from georgia. tell us about this segregated prom system you have going on at your high school. >> it is the beginning of our county, really. there's always been a white prom and black prom. >> is this more about tradition or out and out racism? >> both. >> it's like a mix of both. quote unquote it's gotten so extreme it is racism. >> community leaders, anybody
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stepped up and said this is wrong? >> yeah and no. i can say one minister. no one really wants the change so they keep their separate ways. >> in organizing this prom for everyone, how are you going to accomplish this? >> we did a car wash, doughnut sales, raffled off tickets. that's the main thing we have been doing. >> this clerk shift was nothing that was by the books. this happened in albany, georgia. >> two bad guys walk in, they both have a gun. this guy is the lookout. he's got a gun in his hand. he's squatting by the door. the two people that ran out were customers. he was going to try to stop anybody who came in. the other guy at the beginning of the video that came in with him, he immediately jumped over the counter. the cash register is open. he's threatening the clerk. the clerk i
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ground by the guy. he's got the money. he's stuffing it in his hand. he's got additional demands. after rifling through some things under the counter, he jumps back over the counter and makes his exit out of the store. >> the clerk stayed down. a lot of times they tell you it's the best thing to do. meet the demands stay down. >> the clerk is down and there's a mess left behind. he thought they heard a gunshot when they exited the store. >> luckily the people in the store did get out. luckily, this guy is unharmed. it shows how quickly things can change. how close is too close if you are a nature paragrapher? this is part of earth touch tv.
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they are off the southern coast. >> it's a beautiful, beautiful day. we headed off to a secret spot. >> you can see several silver tip sharks. berry describes them as -- >> definitely a curious shark. >> during the course of shooting, the number of sharks continue to grow. more and more start to show up to see what they are up to. >> they get more balls as they grow. >> he's about to get shot. >> the numbers grew and grew. there's one particular animal that gets bolder. >> does a fly by on the tower. >> three or four occasions where this animal turned straight into me. >> oh! >> oh, boy. >> right off the lens of the camera. he sticks with it. the shark knocks into his lens three or four different times. at the end of the day he says nobody was injured.
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i like the way he describes no injury part. >> everybody survived. a really good day. we lived to tell the tale. you know this guy. psy has another hobby. that is ripping shocks. >> see how he takes them down, psy style. a sea lion pup lites the highway and ends up in the back of a passenger vehicle.
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old buddy psy from the gangnam style craze, psy has another hobby, ripping shots. >> let's do it.
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shots particularly of a substance that is a alcoholic beverage. he shows 15 different ways to do the shots. this is the elbow shot, if you are lonely. >> let's do it. ♪ >> oh! >> yeah, there he goes. if that makes you sad, maybe you are lonely and need liquid courage, that's good. that's what's next, the liquid courage shot. >> let's do it. >> he fills up three shots, has some chop sticks, takes them down and yeah, after that, you'll talk to anybody. all the shots are rated on a scale of difficulty by the lady in the orange shorts. this one takes the most skill, the dominos shot. >> let's do it.
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>> pops the top of the bottle. it triggers this set of shot glasses. it goes ding ding ding ding ding and they all drop in. you need 20 people there to drink all the drinks. there's sp creative way to do the shots. to see them all, go to and click on best of rtm. this is a sea lion pup believed to be about 8 months old. see where he is? >> in the back of a cop car. >> the back of a passenger vehicle. he was found wondering across a busy street. a man was driving, he thought it was a dog. >> i didn't know what to do. they hadn't showed up yet. i opened the door, he jumped in the car. >> seaworld came 30 minutes f year, seaworld had ion out to rescue 277 sea lion pups.
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they don't know what's going on. >> right now he's safe. he could be a happy show pup. >> i want him to be set free, not a performance animal. set him free. >> we jump across the pond and go to the u.k. this is quinto. >> she was born with five legs. >> quinto is a triplet. she's the healthiest of all three of them. >> is it a functioning leg? it looks floppy. >> it doesn't function. we'll see how she runs around and is happy like the other lams. >> this is so cool. >> do they put a sign at the farm, come see the five-legged lamb or do surgery to take the leg off? >> veterinarians are waiting to see if she's fine with it or better for it to be removed. >> it would figure out how to
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carry stuff with the extra leg. >> this could be a sign of evolution and all lambs could grow that fifth leg. >> you call it evolution, the doctor calls it mutation. she's wonderful and sweet as can be. the naughty million dollar question is no longer boxers or briefs. it's thong or granny panty? >> why do you have to ask that question? >> you may have a change of opinion after you see the video i'm about to show you. this is the beautiful model and actress rosy huntington white lee. she is also a designer, has designed a sexy line of lingerie. it's focused on this fashion. it is a collection of granny panties and bras. >> i knew this stuff was going to come back. >> granted, rosy makes the
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designs look beautiful and gorgeous. they put this to the test. these are photos of her in the granny panties. >> you can't compare anybody to an underwear model. everybody is going to look bad compared to her. i get them. i understand. i'm not necessarily mad at them either. that one is strange. the others are fine. that one -- no. if you are going to do this, wear a thong. >> control. >> it holds in this, just in case you are getting softer in parts, tuck it in there. >> no, you are not going to convince me. if you are comfortable and functional, great. >> what's important is even if you don't look like rosy, you can wear anything with confidence which is the attractive part of a woman, anyway. >> you can wear anything. it's the video of the babies and the lightsaber. >> he's careless with his
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lightsaber. >> see if the baby wins the battle next, "right this minute." still to come, david sends elizabeth out on a scavenger hunt. >> this is a city wide hunt. >> it's elaborate. >> find out where the clues take her. >> this guy sets up a test. >> people with unibrows
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we always have room in our show for a little romance. this is elizabeth davis. we are seeing a video of a scavenger hunt organized by her boyfriend, david. he was brilliant. not only did he send elizabeth out on a scavenger hunt, her friends got to go with her. this is a city wide hunt. this is dallas, texas. >> the first clue sends them to get a mani/pedi together. >> who is this guy and does he have a twin. >> roses in her shower. the path leading to it is covered in hershey kisses because he wans to kiss the grou she walks on and shower her with roses. david is setting something up at the nature preserve. the next clue leads her to an
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observatory in the middle of a nature preserve and switches. he made l.e.d. light displays, one that represents the past, one the present and one that represents it future. let's get to the future, shall we? david comes walking down the path. he's lit and they hug. flip the switch. it says marry me. >> this is elaborate. >> he had me at the pedicure. >> we have them via skype. >> congratulations. >> did you have any idea as you were going through these clues they were leading to a proposal? >> he does that kind of stuff all the time. he's done the scavenger hunt before on a smaller scale when we first met. i didn't want to be disappointed. i was like okay, don't think
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it's a proposal, it's not going to happen. when he asks you for ice cream, you're going to be mad. >> do you give back to him as much? >> you don't need to know about that. >> when you call it filling each other's cup, it's been an even exchange. it's not about i give you more and you give me more. >> it's team work. >> are you going to let him organize the whole wedding? >> hill no! >> when is the wedding? >> next spring break. >> we're available, imagine that. there's an ugly, insidious type of discrimination out there. our friend mark is here to describe it. >> i have long suspected people without unibrows get treated better by the general population. >> people with unibrows like
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myself get diskrim naited against. >> he's going to glue on a unibrow. >> that's nasty. >> where did that come from? >> he goes out in public and asks random strangers questions to see their response. lots of weird stares. >> that would be make fun of it to her children. >> he's a scientific guy, so he did the same experiment with his regular brow. break it down in. >> the average respouns was 33 words long. with the unibrow, it's only 16 words long. if you approach a group of teenage girls, 35% of the time they try to take your picture. >> who in their right mind would wear a unibrow like that? >> it's easy to deal with it. >> it's okay to discriminate against somebody with extra hair? would you say this if burt and
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ernie were in the room right now? >> it will influence your impact on people. >> i knew it. he takes his version of burt off to get help. >> they waxed him. burt's identity. he's the unibrow guy. be yourself, even if you have a unibrow. >> if you like it. >> if you don't like what you see on somebody else's face, treat them the same. just doing hand springs over the guardrail. all is okay, until -- >> guy number two goes. he is not the best gymnast. >> see what happens when he
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ski videos are super cool. the problem is the white snow is always so white and boring. color it up a bit. these brothers set out to switzerland and created one of the neatest, most artistic ski videos i have ever seen. looks like they used colored powder to color the snow in this first episode of "trip." >> oh, i like that a lot. >> isn't it neat? they coated the top of the snow with different colored powders. they use orange and yellow. >> what kind of powder are they using? is it going to hurt the environment? >> it's environmentally safe
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paint. you can see the waves of snow better. it accentuates the snow. it took them 15 days to create this two minutes of footage. a lot of work put into this thing, but it came out beautiful. a triple dose of ouch. three cringe worthy videos. you can see these guys are doing hand springs over a guardrail. not a good idea until guy number two goes and he is not the best gymnast. here we see it in slow motion. he goes over the top and comes down right square on his back. oh, man. did he have to have a kidney transplant after that? >> he might have been peeing blood. >> this video on a boat. >> he needs a beer. throw him a beer.
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oh! oh! >> oh [ bleep ]. >> no way. >> not the best hands there. i can't confirm this, but it looks like it hits him in the face and looks like he gets knocked out. >> it fell in the water by the motor. >> that could have been bad. it could have shopped off his face. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> in this last one, nobody yelled timber. that seems to be what the problem was. that had to hurt. right in the back of the head. >> that got him pretty good. >> he looks stunned, too. >> the tree fought back. didn't want to go. >> that's our show. see you next time.
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