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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it deserves. >> reporter: francois tells us the wound goes about an inch deep. the emotional scars go deeper. >> it hurts to have somebody shoot my son in the face and nobody is saying we're really sorry about it. [ inaudible ] >> a south bay paramedic who was shot in the head in the oakland hills is still hospitalized tonight in critical condition. 34-year-old quinn -- ] inaudible ] his car then crashed into a ravine. a law enforcement source says
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boyer said, quote, he tried to rob me just before he was taken away in an ambulance. no suspect descriptions have been released as yet. tomorrow is oakland's first friday event, and the city plans to enforce the same measures that it used last month to keep people safe. the changes were all made after the fatal shooting of a teenager during first friday in february. following that, the city banned alcohol, ended the event an hour earlier at 9 p.m. and shortened the event from ten blocks to seven blocks. there were also extra security officers on hand and a strong police presence. state investigators today took action against the tanker pilot who collided with the bay bridge back in january. their conclusion? he made a risky move and should be punished. officials decided the pilot's fate today. >> reporter: this is the report the maritime commissioners used today to suspend the pilot and we were there today as they played audio recordings of what happened before, during and after the crash.
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state investigators today said the pilot of the overseas oil tanker committed misconduct in the collision with a bay bridge tower in january. >> he ignored certain principles that we look for in driving a vessel. >> reporter: investigators say guy kleess set sale under foggy conditions but failed to communicate properly with the crew before making a last- minute change in course while sailing toward the bridge. they warned the captain just before the crash. >> i just want to confirm everything is okay. >> reporter: moments later, police react. >> [ bleep ] >> and the ship just hit the bridge. >> [ bleep ] >> we will indeed look forward to presenting, at trial, the evidence and testimony that we
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believe will establish that captain kleess acted appropriately. >> reporter: a state judge will take up the case within about 40 days. in the meantime, the board suspended kleess's license. >> he can't power anymore vessels, so he's gotta basically look at another career. >> reporter: no oil was spilled and no one was injured. but there was damage to the bay bridge. why environmentists say this case offers a good lesson to residents around the bay. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. an angry protest today outside of ucsf medical center and it ended with several people being arrested. lauren is there tonight. >> reporter: frank, they were blocking the roadway out here. this is a busy street here in front of ucsf medical center. when protesters refused to move, police arrested them. >> i planned for it, and if i
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could do a little bit of extra, then i'm in on it. >> reporter: officers arrested and cited ten protesters. among them, a patient and a lab technician. the ucsf employees and union officials are speaking out against the recent elimination of 300 positions here, including nurses and hospitality workers. >> i don't like to lose my job here. i like to work with the patients, with the people, especially the elderly ones. >> reporter: the hop's chief operating officer says the layoffs will help the center prepare for some of the costs associated with the new health care reform act. we'll have much more on ktvu at 7 p.m., including reaction from a nurse who says this has created a problem, she thinks, in the intensive care unit here.
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reporting live, lauren blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. a measure has passed the assembly education committee to install alarms in classrooms, cafeterias, gyms and other busy areas. the alarms would send a signal directly to local law enforcement. schools would only have to install them in the federal government comes up with the money. backers say it would cost at least $10 million to equip california's schools. the governor of connecticut today signed one of the toughest gun-control laws in the nation. family members of the shootings in newtown surrounded governor malloy today for the signing ceremony. the measure sets up eligibility requirements to buy ammunition. the law is the result of a bipartisan deal in the connecticut legislature. >> i hope that this is an example to the rest of the nation. certainly to our leaders in
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washington, who seem so deeply divided about an issue such as universal background checks, where the country is not divided itself. >> the shootings four months ago at sandy hook elementary school left 20 children and six educators dead. the president left the bay area this afternoon after spending less than 24 hours here, but in that time it's believed he raised more than $3 million for democrats. >> reporter: we are here live right near sfo. let's give you a live look. you can see a british airways plane just about to take off from sfo. one of the big things that happens at an airport when air force one lands or takes off is that it interferes with air traffic. right now, traffic back to normal here at sfo.
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the president left the intercontinental hotel heading for crissy field. he raised more than $3 million for democrats for the upcoming congressional elections. the president's visit today drew a smaller crowd of protesters than last night. environmentists dedicated to blocking the keystone oil pipeline from canada to the gulf coast. >> there are many possible leaks along the way that can pollute our water supply and our land. so it's really a very terrible idea. >> i came down to see the action. protesters were here. i went and made my little hand sign. and the president dropped by. a lot of guns, a lot of security. >> reporter: and the president took off from sfo at about 1:15 this afternoon on his way back to washington, d.c. he is scheduled to land there in about an hour. we're live near sfo, ktvu channel 2 news. at one of today's fund-
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raisers, the president also reportedly made comments about attorney general kamala harris. he called her brilliant, dedicated and tough. he also says, she also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general. that got people in the crowd laughing. the rain is keeping emergency crews busy. the saturated ground in sonoma county helped to bring this big tree down. traffic was turned around was the tree was removed. the heaviest rainfall came this morning and then cloudy skies and scattered showers lingered throughout the day. our meteorologist has been tracking the storm. one area ended up getting almost an inch today. >> the north bay picking up the bulk of the rainfall, especially earlier this morning. outside right now, we have some cloud cover to deal with.
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but the rainfall total is pretty impressive over the past 24 hours. santa rosa, coming up for you right now, santa rosa, .92 inches. parts of the north bay picking up over an inch of rain. san francisco, you see these amounts begin to taper off as you do head south. oakland, .41. and san jose, just 15/100 of an inch. there you can pick up the live doppler and still lots of cloud cover right now over a good portion of the region. so mostly cloudy skies. there's still enough moisture in place that even if the radar is not detecting the rainfall, we could have a few light showers for tonight. coming up, i'll let you know if shower chances linger in your friday forecast. >> and you can get the forecast as well as live storm tracker 2 updates any time by going to and clicking on the weather tab near the top of the home page. legendary film critic roger
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ebert died today. a.j. takes a look back now. >> reporter: his quick wit and thumbs up, thumbs down movie reviews earned him fame. >> i started going to the movies when i was a child, like everybody did. my aunt would take me to the grown-up movies. i just loved movies. >> reporter: ebert began writing film reviews in the late 60's and in 1975 was the first film critic to win the pulitzer prize. he coauthored beyond the valley of the dolls. in 1976, he teamed up with a competitor, chicago tribune film critic siskel. within a few years, it was put
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into syndication. the show soon became their trademark. the show's title was changed to roger ebert and the movies after siskel died. and then roger ebert embraced social media, actively tweeting, never losing his voice despite battling salivary gland cancer. >> my legacy, if there is one, will have to do with supporting films that people might not have seen and supporting directors that deserve support. let's take a look. this bay area cop may have been
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off duty but he felt it was his duty to take action and take down an angry air passenger in hawaii. and is it a game changer? the big announcement today from facebook that could change your smartphone.
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okay. check out this video. an east bay police officer was heading home from a hawaiian vacation when he found himself right in the middle of an airport security breach. watch the left side of your screen. a tsa official was chatting with passengers when suddenly a woman just barged right into the screening area and began tussling with the agent. the pinole police officer, corporal justin rogers, was getting ready to board a plane, but he jumped right into action, took the woman down and quickly let officers know that he was a police officer. the honolulu police and tsa
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thanked rogers for getting involved. he is now back on duty in pinole. a big announcement from facebook. more and more people are using facebook on their smartphones, so why not make facebook the first thing you see when you turn on your phone? how facebook plans to do that on android phones. >> reporter: that's right. mark zuckerberg says the home screen is the soul of your smartphone. so today, facebook unveiled facebook home. >> a whole new experience for your phone. >> reporter: the new commercial touts facebook's integration into the home page of an android's smartphone. he says users don't have to get into an app to stay connected. they stay connected through a live feed which scrolls through updates on the phone's face. users see photos of updates, which take up the entire phone front. facebook has also created chat heads, the easy to move heads, faces of friends who text or facebook message you.
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the announcement also comes with the announcement of a partnership with atc. >> today, our phones are designed around apps and not people, so we want to flip that around. we want to bring all this content to the front and make it so that you can also just go ahead and use whatever apps you need whenever you need them. >> reporter: the cost for the new phone is about $100. for all other android phone owners, the new facebook home utility can be downloaded on the very same day. jade hernandez. back to you in the studio. apple's planned spaceship campus has jumped from $3 billion to $5 billion, according to bloomberg business vehicle. crews were supposed to break down last year on the $2.8
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million square foot billion. that spaceship concept was the brain child of the late apple cofounder steve jobs. a new study shows your tax refund may be smaller this year because of offshore bank accounts. the average person in california shells out more than 1250 in extra taxes every year, and they blame the lost revenue from corporations that move their money to places where they pay no tax. >> average taxpayers end up getting stuck with the tab in the form of cuts to public programs, higher taxes, or more debt. >> now, according to the study, tax havens cost the u.s. $150 billion a year. two senators introduced legislation last year to close what they call offshore tax loopholes. but congress has yet to move on it. former enron ceo jeffrey schilling could spend less time in prison. the federal justice department said it is working on an
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agreement with schilling to reduce his sentence. he is currently serving a sentence of more than 24 years in prison for securities fraud and insider trading. that comes after an appeals court ruled that his sentence did not follow federal guidelinings -- guidelines and must be redeursed. a missing teenage hiker was rescued this afternoon. authorities say she was responsive but also weak and dehydrated. a search team followed the sounds of her screaming voice and found her clinging to a rocky outcropping on an almost vertical canyon wall. one of the rescuers was actually hurt during the operation. >> it was very difficult to extract her. one of our reserve deputy sheriffs, who is part of our search and rescue team, was injured. he actually sustained head trauma. >> kendall had been taking with a friend who was found last
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night, 19-year-old nicholas sandoya. he said he survived by taking shelter at night in heavy brush and passing the day by praying. a labor dispute in ohio is now affecting garbage pickup right here in the bay area. the company went on strike back in march over pension benefits. now the company in the bay area location have put up picket lines in half moon bay in a show of support. as a result, some garbage collection in half moon bay, and daly city, may not resume until next week. let's talk more about our weather. our chief meteorologist is off. mark tamayo filling in. it really came down during the morning commute. >> we are playing catch-up, remember, so any drop of rain we can get is good news for us. we still have cloud cover out there to deal with, and the raindrops. we still have a few sprinkles but no major downpours as of this 5:00 hour. our live camera looking over
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san francisco bay. mostly cloudy skies and a lot of moisture still lingering in place, overhead. right now on live storm tracker, this happens to be the loop over the last three hours. here is a closer inspection, still lots of overcast out there. not much in the way of significant downpours right now, but you can still have spotty drizzle or a few light showers out there. you can see some of the green right now, in napa county, reflecting the possibility of a few pop-up showers. that will be the case for this evening. temperatures right now are in the 50's to the 60's. san francisco right now, 61 degrees. santa rosa, 57. and san jose, currently checking in at 67. reporting mostly cloudy skies. forecast headlines, for tonight, we'll continue with the overcast and a few spotty showers. tomorrow, more cloud cover. the weekend, we're not going to completely clear out the
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clouds. there is the chance of a light shower or sprinkle as we do head into the weekend. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, we'll be in the upper 40's to low to mid 50's. so tomorrow morning, a little cooler compared to this morning. here is our forecast model. we'll take this into the 10:00 hour tonight and on the 10:00 news, we'll probably just be showing you some cloud cover. but once again, there is a chance of a light sprinkle or two. tomorrow morning, 7:00, you'll see this forecast model. it generates a little bit of light shower activity, probably in the form of a few sprinkles, basically anywhere, but still, you can count on lots of cloud cover out there. 7:00 tomorrow morning. and then into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly cloudy skies. a lot of overcast floating across the skies and still shower chances coming up into the weekend. coming up, we'll break down the
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shower forecast. and baseball returns to at&t park. we'll have that forecast in a few minutes. more rallying from north korea. rched. and more residents from president obama's cabinet are giving back part of their salary. why the city doesn't sort through the trash bins for recycling and why that may soon change. please do not allow these weapons back on board the aircraft. they voice their concern over a certain carry-on item. and chevron says it's ready to restart operations here at the richmond refinery. but the questions arise, is it ready? and is it safe? tonight at 6. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. north koreans filled the streets, holding massive rallies across the country
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today. the government says the people on the streets are there to support leader kim jong un and his threat to attack the united states and south korea. that comes as hackers apparently hit the north korean facebook and flickr pages, posting defaced pictures of mr. kim. the united nations issued a call to the north koreans. >> engage more proactively and constructively for the peace and security in the korean peninsula. >> meantime, the pentagon says it has deployed a missile defense system to guam to beef up the u.s. military capabilities in the region. palestinians took to the streets in protest today in the west bank. many attended the funeral for palestinian activist, who died of cancer while in an israeli prison. protesters also gathered for
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the funerals of two palestinians who were shot and killed by israeli soldiers during clashes near a military checkpoint. the french senate is currently debating a bill to legalize gay marriage. the bill passed the national assembly in france last month. polls indicate a narrow majority of french people support legalizing gay marriage but that support goes down when questions about adoption come into play. debate in the french senate is scheduled to last through next week. secretary of state john kerry is the latest member of the obama cabinet to give back part of his salary in support of federal workers. he will give 5% of his salary to a charity for department employees. kerry makes about $183,000 a year. 5% of that amounts to just over 9,000. kerry is said to be the wealthiest man in the cabinet with a fortune estimated at $184 million. and his wife's estate is worth
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about a billion. secretary of state liu said he will also contribute part of his salary. the department says the amount of liu's donation is still being worked out. you may remember yesterday, we reported that president obama and defense secretary chuck hagel said they too would give back about 5% of their paychecks. it was a day in court for a man accused of running his car into a wal-mart. >> we could probably fly without a plane to new orleans right now. cal basketball team getting ready for the ncaa showdown. the buzz on the berkeley campus.
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this is the man accused of deliberately smashing his car into a wal-mart store last sunday. and it turns out that may not be the first time he's done something like that. today, haamid zaid made his first appearance in court. and john is here now with what happened. >> reporter: frank, he made an appearance here in court this afternoon, but he's still behind bars tonight in the county jail, because he was denied bail. >> wednesday, april 10, at 1:30. >> reporter: 33-year-old haamid zaid appeared in superior court in san jose this afternoon for his arraignment on 12 counts, including two charges of attempted murder. last sunday, investigators say zaid crashed his car into the wal-mart on store road, then got out and attacked four people with a metal object. he's facing attempted murder charges because of how he
5:31 pm
allegedly drove into the store. zaid is also charged in a similar case, in which he plowed his car into a chevron gas station. he crashed into the food stands and barely missed two employees. >> we looked at that evidence, pulled the video in reference to that, and have added two counts to this case that involve the chevron incident. >> reporter: police say they found methamphetamine on zaid in that case. i pored through court documents today and found numerous other past drugs cases. >> i've got to look at all the materials and maybe we'll have a statement later. >> reporter: outside court, zaid's attorney said little but that he disagrees with the attempted murder charges. >> that wasn't your car in the video? >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying, what was the intent? was it to specifically try to murder somebody? i haven't seen the video. >> reporter: zaid is set to return to court next tuesday. the judge denied bail, saying zaid is a danger to the public.
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live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. the plea hearing has been postponed once again for the man coughed of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. a judge rescheduled the hearing for garcia torres for two weeks so the defense team has time to review all digital copies of evidence provided by investigators. the district attorney says there are technical problems with some of the cd's that have police photos and witness interviews on them. 15-year-old sierra lamar was last seen more than a year ago. her body has never been found. garcia torres was arrested last may. a controversial plan to build a new retail center in walnut creek is advancing despite concern from neighbors. the 25-acre development would be built at ignacio valley and oak grove roads. it will include restaurants and senior housing. neighbors are worried about
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traffic and the impact on local businesses. samsung is planning on opening its own mini stores inside best buy stores. samsung expects to put the mini stores in 1400 best buys by the end of june. they'll be called samsung experience shops. the areas will be dedicated to samsung products, including tv's, smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops. it will also include customer support for samsung products. on wal-mart today, best buy stock rose 16% on news of that samsung deal. the dow gained 55 points, the nasdaq climbed 6 and the s&p 500 was also up 6. bank of america, you might say they're putting the teller back in its atm's. bank of america is rolling out atm's with video displays that allow customers to speak directly with a bank worker.
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the teller-assisted items will give assistance in both english and spanish. they're being introduced first in boston and atlanta. the bank hasn't said when the new atm's will pop up in california. the rutgers basketball coach is out of a job, but he still has a nice paycheck. mike rice was dismissed after this video surfaced of him, kicking and shoving players. but rice is due a bonus. he would not be collecting this bonus if he had been fired back in december, when the university decided only to suspend him over the videos. the cal women's basketball team is headed to new orleans today. fans cheered on the team, now preparing for sunday's historic showdown. >> reporter: the cal band and
5:35 pm
dozens of fans came to the pavilion for a morning pep rally to send the team off. the cal women's basketball team is going to the final four. the team has captured a lot of attention with its exciting play and close victories. >> they're amazing! i love them so much! it's great just to have a team that wins games, but this is a team that has so much personality and they care about their fans, they care about each other. >> reporter: ashley says she's happy some pretty famous people are picking the golden bears. >> president obama and kobe bryant did. i'm really excited! >> reporter: her excitement continued as the team ran onto the home court. they played the louisville cardinals. they are fresh off an exciting overtime victory over the university of georgia. sunday's final four matchup will be shown on espn. the players and the coach seem
5:36 pm
thrilled to be getting the send- off. >> we always want to play for our fans and the community, but to have this kind of send-off, i think the players are just going to take this -- we could probably fly without a plane to new orleans right now. >> reporter: they say they're excited for the team just to have made it to the final four. but, of course, they want the ultimate prize, the ncaa championship. so when the cal women meet in louisville in the final four, there will be more than basketball at stake. the mayors of berkeley and louisville have made a wager on the game. berkeley's mayor has put up ten bottles of wine. louisville has ten bottles of kentucky bourbon on the line. go, cal! tonight, some california business groups are saying not so fast to the latest legislation in sacramento. and it's an illegal destination for most american tourists.
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why beyonce and jay-z were both seen having a party in havana.
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today marks the anniversary of one of the darkest days in american history. 45 years ago today, dr. martin luther king was assassinated in memphis, tennessee. hundreds gathered in memphis today to honor the civil rights leader.
5:40 pm
dr. king was supporting striking sanitation workers. the rousing people he gave during that demonstration ended up being his last. he was gunned down the next day, standing on a balcony of the lauren hotel. the new york medical examiner's office says it has uncovered more possible fragments of human remains from the 9/11 disaster. yesterday, they separated out 21 possible human fragments, bringing the total from this latest sifting to 39. the medical examiner will now perform dna testing in hopes of identifying any remains. a proposed privacy law in california has some business groups concerned about frivolous lawsuits. the right to know act would require companies to tell consumers on request exactly what personal information those companies are keeping about them. in a letter to the bill's author, the california chamber of commerce calls the measure
5:41 pm
unworkable and said it would impose unrealistic mandates on tech companies. privacy advocates, including the electronic frontier foundation, say the measure would help build consumer trust on line. crowds bobbed singer beyonce and jay-z in cuba today. the couple is there celebrating their wedding anniversary. they were seen dining in a restaurant in havana. it's not clear if their trip violates the law that prevents americans from traveling there. oh! >> oh, no! see? >> a kiss from a prince was enough to make one youngster feel just a little shy. the prince gave high-fives to other student athletes.
5:42 pm
he and the duchess of cambridge are expecting a baby in july. it's so stressful for me! >> this bay area woman is part of a growing population. the stunning new statistics about the costs of caring for someone who has dementia. still lots of clouds over the bay area right now. coming up, we'll track the lingering showers on live storm tracker 2 radar. why the city doesn't sort through its own trash bins for recycling and why that may soon change. our cameras were there as flight attendants voiced their concern over a certain carry-on item. chevron says it's ready to start its operations at the richmond refinery.
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a startling new study on
5:45 pm
the costs of dementia. those costs are far more than cancer or heart disease. plus, there are also the hidden costs to caregivers. john fowler here now with a very sobering look at the future. >> reporter: 10 million american families right now care for an elderly relative at home. it could be 60 million in less than 20 years. economists say insurance and the government simply cannot afford dementia care. 51-year-old constance told me she was a prisoner of her own compassion, caring for her mother 24/7. the constant monitoring, constantly urging to eat, the bathing, much harder than raising children. >> it was so stressful for me. it made me crazy. the anger comes up. the emotion comes up and the desperation. so feeling all that and trying to be compassion is not easy. >> reporter: she was also raising a son. she says this all cost her her
5:46 pm
marriage plus a financial toll not covered by medicare, insurance or anyone else. >> the sheer amount of time that i missed work, doctor visits, taking them to the senior center. >> reporter: one health economist told me, across america, lost wages because of dementia top $50 billion a year. and dementia costs are expected to skyrocket, doubling in less than 20 years. that doesn't even take into account the health toll on caregivers. >> they become depressed, ill, isolated, feel like they're all alone. >> reporter: constance got help from the family caregiver alliance. her mom passed away two months ago. >> i hate to say it, but it was such a relief not to have the responsibility. the v.a. just began paying a stipend to
5:47 pm
caregivers of veterans. they say doing the same for dementia caregivers could help ease the burden. more than half a million young children here in the u.s. are now believed to have led poisoning. the centers for disease control and prevention released that new estimate today. health officials say more children are considered at risk, because last year the government lowered the threshold for lead poisoning. too much lead can mean a lower iq. experts say soil is the most common source. pedestrian safety was the topic today at the committee meeting. the hearing was called by district 7 supervisor norman yee. two pedestrians were killed in his district just last month, including a 17-year-old girl out celebrating her birthday when she was hit and killed. advocacy group walk san francisco is currently working on an action plan for
5:48 pm
pedestrian safety. >> to fit the streets by retrofitting them, making the speeds lower and conditions safer for everyone, and also to get the police to enforce the laws that keep us all safe when we walk. >> the group expects mayor lee to announce the plan next friday, which is san francisco's walk to work day. the state assembly today approved a bill that would allow people to register to vote, even if they fail to list where they were born. the bill's author is a democrat from santa barbara. right now, if a person fails to list a birth place, county voter registrars must reject the registration. a team of astronomers at john hopkins have discovered a record-breaking supernova. it is the farthest known supernova so far, exploding about 10 billion years ago.
5:49 pm
it's named supernova wilson, after president wilson. okay. let's talk more now about our weather. our chief meteorologist is off. mark tamayo is filling in. are we done with the rain for now? >> still a few lingering showers out there. still lots of cloud cover. the organized heavy rainfall has moved out. we'll be watching that over the next few hours, also into your friday as well. right now, on stormtracker 2 radar, you can see some of the clouds. they're basically covered from monterey bay up toward the bay area. here's a closer inspection with the live doppler sweep. not much in the way of organized rainfall, but even if you're not covered, there's still enough moisture in place to keep the chance of a few sprinkles, a few light showers in the forecast. santa rosa, the most recent operation at the airport reporting some light rain, a few light showers, especially up in parts of the north bay. forecast headlines, once again, clouds and a few spotty showers. still, we're not going to
5:50 pm
completely clear out the overcast over the weekend. a chance of a few showers for parts of your weekend. it will not be a washout but it won't be completely clear as well. i'm tracking some more developments out here in the pacific. what's happening or what's developing right now is what's called a zonal flow, with the moisture moving in from the west to the east. the bulk of the organized rainfall is to the west. we're going to hold on to that chance of a light shower or a few sprinkles favoring the north bay areas. but this is all very light. here's our forecast model tomorrow morning, at 8:00. we could have drizzle out there, a few sprinkles, but still lots of cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies throughout the day on friday. into saturday, a weak system moving into the north bay. first thing saturday morning, approaching the central portions of the bay and washing out by 10:00 on saturday. by sunday afternoon, maybe a
5:51 pm
few sprinkles once again moving in from the north, but these are all just some very weak systems. the main impact will be lots of cloud cover. tomorrow morning, clouds and drizzle. by 4:00, mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures tomorrow ranging from the upper 50's all the way to the low 60's for afternoon highs. san mateo, 63. baseball, the home opener, look for mostly cloudy skies and temperatures hovering close to the 60-degree mark. there we go for saturday. we could have a light shower, a few sprinkles first thing saturday morning. the chance of another light shower by sunday. we'll start out monday with some clouds. but heather and frank, by tuesday, another warm-up. we could be talking about some mid 70's for a good portion of next week. >> thank you, mark. a california man is now hospitalized on his hawaiian vacation with a serious shark bite. how one witness says he knew it
5:52 pm
was a shark attack even though he never actually saw the shark in the water. n over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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at&t. a website has posted what it says is the social security number of the new secret service director. this is video from last week when president obama swore in julia pearson as the first woman to head the agency.
5:55 pm
the same site has posted information that it says belongs to several celebrities. the fbi says they're investigating. a beach in maui is open once again after a california man was bitten by a shark. the beach was shut down for a mile in both directions after the incident. the 58-year-old is still hospitalized. he reported that the shark that attacked him as a head, quote, the size of a basketball. >> the shark bumped him and he kind of freaked out. and then i saw him doubletime toward the shore. at that point, i knew. >> lifeguards have been monitoring the area, but so far haven't seen any sign of that shark. after narrowly surviving a shareholders meeting, hp's ray lane will remain a board member but plans to leave his post as
5:56 pm
company chairman. director ralph witworth will become the interim chairman. rallies were held today to urge lawmakers to pass a path way for immigrants to citizenship. they demonstrated outside the office of senator dianne feinstein at noon today. feinstein is among the senators negotiating part of the bill that would deal with agricultural workers. we learned today it could create a new blue card visa program for agricultural workers that would give them legal status after two years in the u.s. if they plan to stay another five years. >> it's time to step up to the plate. it's good for the economy, good for us, and good for america, to have these beautiful lands of different colors and a lot to offer. >> this bipartisan bill is expected to be introduced in the u.s. senate next week. coming up in just two
5:57 pm
minutes -- >> i don't understand why he would get shot in his face, you know, when he already had his hands up in the air. >> only on 2, a father speaks to us after police admit to mistakingly shooting his son. plus, the surprising place that some of those plastic bottles and cans end up when you put them in bins labeled recycling.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. our son came home with a bullet hole in his face. >> police admit they shot a teenager by mistake. and tonight, only on 2, the teen and his father are speaking out. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. today, the chief of police explained to us why an officer opened fire on an innocent teen. ktvu's kara liu was the only reporter to talk with the teen and his team. the boy's father actually has some sympathy for the father. kara? [ inaudible ]


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