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tv   Second Look  FOX  April 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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up next on a second look, curtis dean anderson a man who confessed to killing at least two little girls. >> that's pretty much the only one that knows all of the information you're looking for. >> reporter: now new revelations about other possible victims. tonight a man who might have the most prolific killers in
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bay area history, curtain dean anderson the man who killed among others two little girls. within the past hour on the 10:00 news we brought you new information about the nbi's interview with anderson in 2007. revealing the possibility of more victims. we will bring you more of that interview in about 15 minutes. but first how anderson was captured authorities might never have found him if it hadn 't been for a little girl that escaped after anderson had abducted her. her name was sanchez. >> reporter: searchers from half a different agencies descended on this mobile home park off north first street. they used sand detecting dogs to try to find their suspect. curtain dean anderson sometimes stayed with friends in this area. >> he would huddle with his
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little beer, he would stair straight ahead. he would give you an ugly stair. >> reporter: people in this mobile home park say they would notice anderson easily because he used two canes to walk. neighbors say they did not know of anderson's past. he is a three strikes suspect having been convicted of kidnap and murder. >> reporter: he spent more than six years in san quentin after being convicted early in the 1990s. searches with dogs combed through this boardinghouse in san jose where anderson reportedly stayed on and off last year while working for this luggage retrieval service in santa clara. police say anderson stopped here yesterday and it was then that misday sanchez made her daring escape. >> she saw me, i saw her. she waved me down. i saw her right here. she came running to the truck
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saying, help me i've been kidnapped from vallejo. >> reporter: he just happened to be driving by as mitsy grabbed a key and freed herself from a leg chain that police say bound her to his truck. >> she was really scared, she clung on to me, she really thought he was going to come kill her. >> yesterday he asked me for a garbage bag. >> garbage bag? >> yes,a heavy duty garbage bag. >> did he say anything about the garbage bag. >> no. >> reporter: what about now? >> i think he was thinking something else. >> reporter: anderson ran off when sanchez freed herself and
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ran off. with ice cream in hand, missy sanchez, her mother susana spoke to the media after they came back from church to give thanks. >> reporter: sanchez told us what he said to mitsy since the first time. >> that i miss her a lot. well that's what she said first to me but i told her that back, that i love her. >> reporter: the little girl had disappeared from vallejo two days ago while walking home from school. police credit mitsy's bravery for the happy outcome. >> she basically saved herself. if she hasn't been able to find the key and take the shackles
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off and get out of the car while he was away from it we don't know what would have -p happen -- what would have happened to her. >> police say they questioned him before booking him into the solano county jail. police are now looking into anderson for the missing sianna. >> what we're trying to do at this point is backtrack and determine where he was at, what his whereabouts were for the last nine months. >> reporter: sienna's family spoke to police to find out if there's any evidence to link sienna to anderson.
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>> to think that misty had been shackled for two days, this is eight months. where is she if this is a connection. for the most part the mood in vallejo was upbeat. people honked their horn after going by her home. the 8-year-old victim pointed out the man who she says grabbed her off the street and sexually molested her for two days before she escaped. >> reporter: superior court judge barner barred cameras from his courtroom as this man went on trial. and the star witness took the
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stand. her hair hardly higher than the rail. the 8-year-old victim in the case calmly pointed to anderson and identified him as the man who i -- who kidnapped and sexually molested her. the little girl clutched her teddy bear and answered in a clear voice. she says anderson urged her in his car. she described in detail the way she says he touched her body and then talked confidently of the day she escaped when anderson left his car near his former workplace and how she ran to a passing truck driver for help. during the system anderson looked straight ahead or looked down or took notes. in the courtroom there was hardly a sound other than question and answer. many of those watching said
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they were impressed. >> a brave little kid. stood up there and talked and kept looking over at him and noticed she was pretty fidgety as she got on the stand. >> reporter: carl speakerman trying to lay the ground rule for the case that the victim was a rebail courthouse little girl who told school friends she wanted to run away from home -- victim was a rebellious little girl who told school friends she wanted to run away from home. >> because the conversation happens, she said yeah the conversations happen then i don't need to call the kids. >> the judge sentenced him to 261 years in prison. anderson died in prison less than seven years later.
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still to come on a second look. another little girl anderson abducted. this one did not escape alive. we bring you more from eric rasmussen. please.
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tonight on a second look, serial killer curtain dean anderson, 4-1/2 years after a jury convicted anderson: anderson pled guilty to kidnapping, molesting and killing another vallejo girl. sienna fairchild. a construction worker found her skull on the santa cruz mountains. aaron mcginnis brought us if time line in the sierra
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fairchild case. sienna fairchild is born in a solano prison. sienna's mother and grandmother raise her in hawaii and colorado. sienna's mother wants her back. is the little girl moves to vallejo where she is reunited with her mother. >> i missed you guthis home vid shows sienna shortly after if move. by all , a very happy 7-year- old. on the morning of december 9 just two months after this video was shot, sienna vanishes on her way to school. the investigation starts to focus on her mother and mother's live in boyfriend
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robert turn bow. >> i called this news conference because i need people to believe i'm not guilty. >> the now one -month-old search for sierra heads north. investigators lead to a land fail where the city of sa yes yo sends its trash. nothing is found. the mysterious case -- >> reporter: in february of the last year sienna's case offers new information. the case sees very little movement until six months later on august 10, 2000. another sray yo disappears. an 8-year-old on h-r way home if the school. the curtain lean anderson was thought. >> police phraáeursed it in
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vallejo the day the burger business appear -- business appeared. the coroner says it belongs to a young child. then a sa kra pep to tv station re -- then a sacramento tv station he claims he left her with swufrpb else. yesterday authorities announced that d.n.a. test and dental records confirm those in los gatos is of sienna. the child that vanished 26-five days ago. on a one hand bringing an end to a gut wrenching ordeal but on the other hand marking the beginning of a new search for answers. the day after a jury
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convicted him. amber lee went to talk to hip about jail. he says he fears for that safety. 40-year-old curtis dean anderson gave an interview to reporters from solano county jail. the interview lasted about half an hour. the fisher man far from confessing. but what he did say made i'm not going to be in a sell block. >> he made a nice -- comment that said push on your brakes. anderson claims he has
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committed sex crimes for more than 30 years. as for the ziona case. anderson says he's never nit banis strep boll. trying to accomplish a connection between him and the couple. >> i am pretty much the only one that has all the information they're looking for. the shoes don't. >> although it's to make any changes in his life. >> i will continue to live the life sometime i choose to live. >> which is? >> continuing it to live it the way i'm living it. >> this is not the first time.
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when we come back, anderson tells authorities about more of his murder victims. >> a bit later, anderson compares to the killing of a little 4-year-old which i recall.
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the man who murdered siana and amber schwartz. the fbi interviewed anderson in prison he indicated there were many other victims. ktvu's eric rasmussen conducted this exclusive interview with marty parker last week. >> i'm not accountable of anyone else but me. >> curtis d. robertson was already aware of kidnapping and
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killing a minor. but investigators say this man revealed he had six more victims no one had heard about. >> he had told me that the first time he killed somebody was in probably early 84. >> reporter: marty parker was one of two nbi agents who conducted the 5-5 hour interview with anderson. he was just 23 or 24 years old when ander -- anderson killed three women. >> these were just what he called disposable people. háe didn't really get a deal. he was done with them so that's what we do. >> he met another victim at a bar. he says she might have been 21 but he didn't give agents much to look for. pj obl says he would have walked targets viz hims.
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>> he probably had a very good eye for finding vulnerable people that is what good killers do. >> agents are hopeful someone can identify another mystery victim. >> this person is just shooting at random in the parking lot. anderson remembered it happenedaround the same time in north hollywood shoot out was grabbing had lines in 97. he said he med a woman by the nay of johnson. >> he think that is she was probably mixed, hispanic and black. and that she had noticeable junky trees on her arms. i think somebody knows rose the bi hasn't. >> it's frustrating that there's families out there that wonder what happened to their
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loved ones and i feel they will never know. i would at least try to give them a little bit of closure. he admitted making mistakes and shared details of a 1989 killing so brutal it even seemed to bother anderson. >> he had stated he picked up a navaj, -- navajo to benetia. they drove from the bay area to florida. >> at some point when they're in arizona he took her out of the car. tied her up and dragged her for about whiles, the darker lines of these are after he was on.
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investigators used a time line to use it on other cases. >> he did tell us that there were two victims in mexico as well. >> any thought this guy would have stopped doing what he was doing? >> absolutely not. he would have never stopped. he even told us that if he got out of jail that day the next day he would go pick somebody out. he told me the last woman he was with gloria he was going to kill. >> anderson died behind bars taking with him the best chance of gathering more information about so many unsolved cases. he has been molesting kids, raping women his entire life. there's-- we know there's going to be a lot more victims out there just based on m. o. when we come back on a second look. the disappearance of amber
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schwartz was a mystery for nearly two decades. were courtesy anderson told authorities that allowed him to take the case.
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a quarter of a century ago a little girl disappeared from her front yard in pinol. her name was amber schwartz. her fate remained a mystery until the police connected with
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anderson. what residents told the inviews that killed him. >> reporter: it has been six years since andy swarts that escaped. >> in his admission, anderson said he riding to arizona and decided to bring somebody with him for kpaáfrpl in a case of tragic evidence. amber was standing around the house. >> police never looked at anderson as a system. then a year ago, police sat down with an interview. in that testimony, the grieving was real. >> he told us when he picked her up she didn't know that she was hearing impaired. he said that she was making
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strange signs he would not know it at the time. he also said that she thought she was maybe she had some sort of disability because she wasn't really paying attention to him because she's speaking to her. later he find out she was hearing impaired. >> he told authorities he left her on his way to his aunt's ranch. >> at some point you have to say we've we've done everything we have at this point unless new information comes up. >> we don't have her, we don't have anything of her. her jump rope, her clothes, some shoes. a bone out of her finger we know nothing. >> he is now closing the case.
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