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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 15, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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continues to look well, between vallejo, we are off to a good start on interstate 880. >> they led up to what happened, this firefighter was treated out here at the scene and actually didn't have to go to the hospital. he was shot during a medical emergency on the 1200 block right now san pablo. what i want to show you is the accused shooter. >> as many as 12 berkeley firefighters pulled a gun started firing shots. one of the firefighters was struck by a bullet.
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the other firefighters and all other firefighters were able to run out of the house until police moved in. after a short standoff, the shooter was taken into custody. they tried to figure out why he opened fire. >> it is going to be part of the investigation and he is trying to injure the firefighters and we are just not sure at this point, we know the concern is whether they called herein tension naturally or if it -- here intentionally or whether it was a medical emergency. obviously police will do an investigation and at that time we will decide whether this elderly man will be faced in connection with this shooting and it is obviously a problem as this firefighter was grazed by a bullet and he is back at
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the station. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, san jose police are searching for a burglary suspect who hit an officer with his car. it happened at hp pavilion while the officer was doing traffic control. the suspect was hit while he was trying to get away after the owner of a car hit him with an attempted break-in. police say the suspect may be driving a 2008 black four-door acura four-door and anybody with information should contact police. we are following overnight news, investigators are searching for the cause of an early morning fire which started at 1:30 this morning on 37th street and it is still not clear how the fire started but squatters have been known to sleep inside the home. >> they received reports on the building in the past.
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hethe scene is being investigated at this time. a high wind advisory is in effect for most of the bay bridges. you can see the bay bridge along with the venetia carquinez and dumbarton bridges as well and a small craft advisory has been issued and that means conditions are hazardous for small boats. gusts up to 45 miles per hour are here for the peninsular coast this evening. high winds are already causing problems where a large tree came crashing down. it happened 6:30 last night on california avenue. fortunately nobody was hurt but a parked car was damaged and the road has since reopened. wind is also causing problems in the ocean beach neighborhood. both directions of the neighborhood are closed due to
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blowing san. san francisco and the peninsular are still cleaning up damage from last week. >> we drove by and saw the damage and we i don't know about it first but we saw it when we got here, yeah. >> high winds toppled trees shut the great highway and knocked out power to thousands of residents. . repair crews finished the work on the tracks and trains will run as scheduled this morning. still no word on what caused that derailment. today they will inspect the bus and crash that injured 16 people over the weekend. the accident happened near yosemite just after 6:00 on saturday night. authorities say the driver was going to fast and crashed into
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a tree. the driver was not hurt but 15 passengers and the tour guide suffered major injuries and they will look into whether mechanics was a contributing factor. >> they are claiming a steering problem but the vehicle was impounded to determine if there was a mechanical problem in the steering of the vehicle. >> the bus was operated by a burlingame company, alcohol is not believed to be a factor in the crash. the parents of a saratoga student after being sexually assaulted will speak out today. they will have a conference and they say their daughter was sexually assaulted by three teens at a party while she was drunk and unconscious. she took a photo after the assault was brought out online.
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they also want the three teens tried as adults. initially the santa clara department said they only supported misdemeanor charges of sexual battery and it took months to examine cell phones and the results led to the three teens being arrested last week on felony charges. an 8-year-old boy is recovering this morning after suffering a heart attack in roan far park -- roaner park. the boy was hit in the chest with a baseball when he was up to bat. after trying to run to first base he collapsed. two off actuality paramedics administered cpr but an ambulance took him to the hospital. >> it is background checks for gun buyers, and they don't know if there are enough votes in the senate to pass.
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right now they are on record saying they will vote for the bill and others will still study the provision. >> i've got to give them credit and i am very favorably disposed. >> i want to actually prevent violent crime and that's why i can't support it. >> it will not keep criminals from obtaining weapons and they say it is dealing with weapons in society. the gang of eight senators are said to unveil the plan and it includes the estimated undocumented immigrants currently in the u.s. senator marco rubio said the current system is not good for anyone. >> what we have in place today, the status quo is horrible for america. the only people benefiting are
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the people tracking people across the board or the people who are getting paid very little. >> under the plan it would take ten years to get a green card then another three years to become adult citizen. they would also have to pay a fine and pass for background checks. many people put off paying until the last possible minute so some post offices in san jose, san francisco and oakland will stay open late and they are extenting hours because so many people now are filing taxes online. >> i did file mine while on vacation. sal, it is hard enough to deal with it on vacation but when you get back, you are like, you have to get it done. >> you did thewise thing. >> maybe -- you did thewise
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thing. no.i had to write a check. >> let's talk about traffic. traffic is moving well if you are driving around the bay. as you can see for yourself it is windy out there and steve will be here to tell us about the wind and he has some news about it later today but drivers just be careful. i heard a ch about an advisory for the dumbarton bridge so we will get to the bottom of that and see if chp has issued any advisories. let's look at the bay bridge traffic, they are getting into san francisco with no major problems and if you are driving in san jose, traffic is moving a long relative live well now. the bay bridge, i should mention chp says they have issued a wind advisory for drivers on the bay bridge. 4:39 let's go to steve. wind advisory let's start at 11:00 a.m., they are dealing with a tiny bit of light rain, this will not be as bad as the
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system we had a week ago. it is all associated with that system. it has given us a little bit of drizzle. it is the coolest day for the week but not for a while. they have settled into upper 60s and lower 50s. most of the california days are sunny and breezy but the rain does not show up on radar. here is some of that in morgan hills. santa cruz mountains are here and the only ones picking up on it. even cooler, we might see that tomorrow but the wind is not that strong and it is beginning to pick up a little bit and we'll see everything turn more northerly. it is actually one cooler than tahoe so it is kind of a cool air mass and the coolest is not here yet. the system will sweep in and it looks to be a cooler windy day and most of that is south.
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north wind picks up and 60s and almost everybody is in the upper 50s otherwise we have a lot of 62s and 64s. windy breezy and sunny, it looks like sunnyside up, still looks good and cooler towards the weekend. time now 4:40, venezuela declares a winner, why a recount is being called after the presidential contest. and a little girl is turning a simple idea into tense much thousands of -- tens of thousands of dollars. we will have more on the bay area commute and the bay area weather, please stay tuned. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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. we are following breaking news from san jose, janine de
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la vega just arrived on the scene, what can you tell us this morning? >> well, we are here in an unincorporated part of san jose and you can see the santa clara sheriff's deputies are here investigating because they got a report from multiple neighbors that shots were fired somewhere in the neighborhood, however they spent some time looking for neighbors and what they found instead was somebody who was stabbed. to get a little more information because this is a bit more confusing, we go to sergeant richmond with the santa clara sheriff's department, can you give us a timeline because you do have several people who are detained? >> sure, about 10:15 we got a call for shots fired at multiple residents four to five shots heard and we responded and found some clothing that had some blood on it. we started contacting
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neighbors, neighbor seeing anything, et cetera, we started haven't vicinitying the -- canvassing the block and what we found was a victim and two witnesses hiding behind a house and a little car. >> reporter: what are they saying? >> well, they are not saying a lot right now. they are tattooed up heavily indicating they are new gang members and right now they are not saying a lot. >> reporter: we know one of them was stabbed in the back of the head? >> we think one of them is stabbed behind his ear, yes. but no gunshots. >> reporter: and no gunshots anywhere else? >> yes. right now we will take the witnesses down and same with the victim we are talking with them and right now they are not cooperative but we hope to get more information. we did get a report that a car
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fled the area and if we had the shooters we don't know if they are the shooters so that is it early in the investigation. >> you found 1/2 and you only have 1/2 what leads you to believe this? >> well, these guys didn't fight each other, they are from the same area and right now we don't have any witnesses with the exception of these three we have in custody. >> reporter: thank you very much, and they will remain here on scene and there is still some evidence they need to gather as well as questioning what they are calling victims and witnesses who are either in their late 20s or early 30s and we will continue to update. reporting live from unincorporated san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in just a few hours, the
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heavy lifting, in south fremont, it began a year ago and the real work begins in silicone valley. work crews will be moving out tons of dirt and moving in tons of steel. the goal is to beat the projected 2014 opening date in a year. the hand picked successor has been declared -- declared a winner but his opponent is demanding a recount. [ music ] >> nicholas madera took to the streets and had 15% of the vote. his challenger enrique took 14%. he has been the interim leader since former venezuelan president hugo chavez died last month and he will continue the
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social list revolution. a nine-year-old girl has set up a lemon that i had stand -- lemon aid stand with the hope to enrich people and teach people about child slavery. >> reporter: they created a lemon aid stand and has worked there three days in a row and was inspired after seeing boys forced to carry heavy rocks. >> kids should be playing and nobody should work like this. >> it is a for profit company, nobody can work in the interest of the good rather than in the interest of the profit. >> her father said vivian has raised more than $10,000 at the stand and the family has a website which says virtual lemon aid and they hope to bottle it and have it in
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newsstands by next month. traffic is moving well on 880 westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems if you are driving on 680, this is a look at 880, traffic is moving a long very nicely and also at the bay bridge toll plaza, on highway 1011 looks food likewise for the san mateo bridge. women advisory is kicking in although it is still a little -- wind advisory is kicking in although it is still windy and we have an advisory and it looks like that will zip out of here fast. 40s on the temperatures and a very cool air mass coolest day of the week by a mile and you can see everything is coming down out of the north, it will
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be sunny after some morning clouds, a little bit of snow showers, flurries in mound shaster, strong winds, a cooling trend into tonight and tomorrow morning, on the bridges again for everyone starting at 11:00 a.m. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and temperatures are stuck in the 60s. we have it windy and cooler and it takes us to the rest of the week. >> 4:51 is the time right now bringing your own bag may soon be the norm at all california grocery stores, and they are moving closer to becoming law. >> some places are remaining open where you can take one last trip downhill before summer.
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. welcome back, 4:53 is the time. sugar bowl celebrated the end of the season over the weekend and they are also closing. it marks the end for cross country skiers as well, kirk wood and mt. rose plan to shut down next week and the valley may close the following week
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ken. southern california alex wants to phase out plastic bags starting in 2015. and a similar bill will be heard by the assembly later this morning. they have already banned plastic bags in grocery stores. and the man of rock tones has died. he died over the weekend and won a grammy after being ejected from a car. he had been in a semiconscious state ever since. his heart suddenly stopped and he was 42 years old. they are hoping newly released surveillance photos will help catch a bank robber. this is on el comino at 9:00
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a.m. saturday morning and he used a note but the robber may have gotten away in a silver two- door van or possibly a thunderbird. they won by one of their country men... >> there it is, adam scott held a 12-foot birdie putt, sudden death for cabrera and adam was presented a jacket by bubba was the son. -- watson. sal, let's check out traffic, what is going on, sal? traffic looks good approaching the 880 split and it is a nice looking drive all the way through into the downtown area and it also look good if you are driving from the bay bridge in to san
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francisco, 280 and 101 are doing very nicely, let's go to steve. it is raining but not a lot from collar valley to morgan hill south but the big story is the wind. point rays lighthouse has generally 20 to 25 mile-per- hour winds and highs today will be cooler and it's the coolest day of the week 50s and 60s and it will be a blustery day, let's hope not. as soon as it gets to be wednesday or thursday, it will be cooler but still nice. coming up details about a scare in the air. it has grounded more than 1,000 planes in the country. a man was stabbed and we have a piece of clothing that was found which has sparked the
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. we are live on the scene of an apparent stabbing, we will tell you what appears to be the
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motive in this crime. a berkeley firefighter is drazed by a -- grazed by a bullet after an emergency call this morning and we will tell you about the man police took into custody. live in san francisco where the wind is back. there are several advisories we have to tell you about and how long they are expected to last. a new border and troubled passenger jet, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning thank are for joining us, i am pam cook. >> and good morning, i am dave clark, let's check weather, steve, will pam's hair be blowing in the wind? >> everybody's, not as bad as last week but especially picking up on the coast we have a wind advisory and we have some


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