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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 15, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and it will be cooler today and a little bit of morning rain as well but that will be long gone, highs in the 60s, here is sal. traffic is off to a good start, it is wide open and traffic looks good on 880 and also on 580 on oakland and the san mateo bridge, it is a nice drive to the peninsular. all right, sal, we are beginning with breaking news at the scene of an early morning stabbing and it is happening in an unincorporated part of san jose. janine de la vega is back with more, janine? >> reporter: even though they found a stabbing victim they think it might have been a shooting and as you mentioned, it is an unincorporated part of san jose and so far sheriff's deputies found at least one victim and they are unsure if
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that man is a suspect as well. deputies say at 3:15 this morning, neighbors started calling 911 after hearing gunshots. deputies searched the area and found bloody clothes and a cell phone but no victim. they began walking the neighborhood and found one young man which was parked behind a home unrelated to the incident and one of the men had a stab wound in the back of his head. >> reporter: no shooting victim was found but investigators believe there is another half to this as far as other rival gang members. they have not been able to find anybody, but right now those three men are not necessarily talking but at least one of
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them was transported to the hospital, we are told they are in layer late teens early 20s and you can see deputies are here searching the area, than yard you are looking at right now, that is where that red, it is bird was parked and they are not calling them suspects, they are calling them victims as well as witnesses and we will continue to be here to monitor the situation to see if we get anymore updates and sheriff's deputies will be here to update our newscast, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following news where a firefighter was grazed by a bullet during a medical call. we will have more on what we are learning about the man who fired the shot and that firefighter's condition. >> reporter: well that man only suffered a graze wound. he was shot as firefighters
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responded to this home for an emergency medical call and we are on the 1200 block right off of san pablo. the shooter in this case is a man in his 80s and he was taken away by paramedics for a minute tall evaluation. there were as many as 25 firefighters and the and in question pulled out a gun and started firing shots in their direction. one firefighter was struck by a bullet but only suffered a glancing wound. the firefighters ran out of the house and that's when police ended up surrounding the place. after a brief standoff, the shooter was taken into custody and certainly it was a brief standoff for first sponsors. >> they were able to evacuate from the home and like we said there was only the minor injury and we are thankful for that.
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>> reporter: after a full investigation police will decide what if any charges to recommend for him. police are not sure whether that man targeted the firefighters intentionally or if that man was confused in some way. but this man who was grazed by a bullet is now back on duty, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are now targeting the east bay and have the search for the cause of an early morning fire which is on 37th street and we are still not clear but squatters have been known to sleep inside that home. the flames caused major damage but no reports -- no injuries have been reported, that is. san jose police are searching for a burglary suspect and it handed out side of hp pavilion while a police
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officer was doing traffic control. the suspect has broken into a car after the owner confronted him and the police officer said the suspect may be driving a 2008 black four-door acura and if you have any information please call police. more than 1,000 boeing 737 jets have to be inspected. the faa wants the tails of the jets examined for potentially a defective part. they want new pins to be installed based on 50 jets installed in the u.s. they will not be affected by a weekend train derailment in free month it happened on a train headed to los angeles to
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fremont. the wheels jumped the tracks and fortunately nobody was hurt. details were completed late and they will be running as scheduled. still no word on what caused the derailment. it will be another windy day and it now covers the bridges. >> i can see the wind blowing now, tara. >> reporter: it is cold and windy and we are expecting winds up to 45 miles per hour and they should be lasting until 9:00 tonight. take a look behind me where the sand once again has blown on to the roadway forcing crews to shut it down from skyway to lincoln. we also have wind advisories in effect for bay area bridges and
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especially around 11:00 those strong winds are expected to come through. and in burlingame, a tree came down and nobody was hurt but it did topple a parked car. high winds whipped sand around on the great highway yesterday afternoon and beachgoers had to use blankets and towels to shield themselves from the san. >> it is windy, it's really windy. >> i just decided it was not that much fun it was gusty so i bailed. >> reporter: and on 28th and sunny, damage was still evident from last week's gusts where winds came crashing down and littered the park and again there is a high wind advisory and for more on that we will check in with sal castaneda, hey, sal?
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>> there are no major problems but as a matter of fact wind may get your attention and let's look at what we have now, 80 westbound looks good coming in from vallejo to the bay bridge toll plaza and if you are driving, it is light and of course it is not going to stay this way and if you want to get a good jump on the commute, this is a good way to go. 280 traffic looks good and the roads are clear and remember the wind advisory are different than the ones by the national weather service and we have two different standards and wind advisory lets you know it will be tough driving on those bridges, now let's go to steve. thank you for explaining that, sal. it can be confusing. now the official wind advisory, starts from 11:00 a.m. and guess until 9:00 p.m., and
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it would not surprise me, it is more of a west northwest breeds and all it takes is that little system and we have very tight pressure north pressure and it doesn't like that so it fills it with wind and this will be the coolest day of the week by a far margin. we will be in the 80s by wednesday. cooler weather kicks in and there has been some very light rain in the sierra nevada but a few flurries up in mt. shaster and morgan hill, san martinez, a little in gilroy and santa cruz as well. most of this does not get picked up by radar. this is a very cool time of the year and so far it is not turning yet but it will later on and that's why the advisory kicks in at 11:00 when the whole front comes through. 37 and there is some cool air
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in place and 37 in ukiah, we will have some sunny skies and it will be windy and cooler and some very light morning rain but that wind picks up and highs will be in the 50s and 60s and 65 should cover the spread for antioch and also gilroy and 62 mountain view and tomorrow morning will be cold especially in unprotected areas especially wednesday into thursday a little cooler friday but still temperatures are 70s for most. i hate to be the bearer of bad news but income taxes are due today and a lot of people don't do it until the last possible minute especially if you owe some money and post offices will stay open and the main one is oakland and san jose will be open and the distribution center will keep the doors open until 8:00 p.m.
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an "f" s o will . if -- and fso will stay open until midnight. >> time now 5:10, san francisco's iconic cable cars are costing the city a lot of money and they are paying out to settle accident claims. john kerry's warning to north korea as he wraps up his visit to asia. good morning, traffic is moving a long well to the bay area but it is windy out there and we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. time now 5:13, a man committed suicide at the texas motor speedway at fort worth. he was involved in a heated argument just before he took out a gun and took his own life. the nra said it does not appear to be any type of killing or gun protest. supporters of the bill don't know if they have enough votes in the senate to pass. right now only three republican senators are on record saying they will vote for the bill. the other issue is immigration
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reform. senators will reville their -- reveal their plan which include a path to citizenship right here in the u.s. they will be celebrating the national holiday as john kerry wraps up his trip to the area, kerry says they need to make the first move towards peace. kyla campbell? >> reporter: analysts say they didn't want to risk fail and north korean leader kim jong il is focusing on the day of the sun, it is marking the birth of his grandfather and kerry met with leaders in south korea and japan over the weekend and showing he has strong relationships in the region. he hopes to get them back to the negotiating table and hopes to push the pursuit of ending
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the use of nuclear weapons. >> this is our intent and desire to stand up to these provocative reckless actions. >> reporter: he called his speech empty words without any content. u.s. officials are hoping these weapons programs could have consequences all over the world. more updates when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they have identified two people in a crash which shut down highway 1 near sea ranch. the car went across all lanes of traffic before hitting a tree and bursting into flames. the fire was so hot it caused the car to melt. dental records may be needed to identify the driver and his passenger. time now 5:16, naso accused serial killer -- the accused
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serial killer joseph naso is due back in court this morning for a pretrial hearing. the 78-year-old defendant is acting as his own attorney. he is accused of killing four california women and his trial is expected to begin in november . time now 5:16 two disney rides are still closed because of safety concerns. it is after a maintenance worker was hurt while working on space mountain last november. the two rides will stay closed until that review is finished and there is no word on when the rides will open went by the way, another ride was closed but it reopened yesterday. cable cars in san francisco are costing the city millions
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of dollars. it cost over $8 million over the last few years and the cable car hit some bolts and unexpectedly stopped. cable cars average an accident a month and are the moat accident prone in the area. bridges are a little windy, dave and pam, at the east shore, for example it will be busy, the bay bridge and 880 freeway are not as breezy as other days and right now it is not as bad, if you go to the bay bridge and toll plaza area, traffic is okay and once you get onto the bridge, it's okay. if you are driving on the peninsular san mateo and dumbarton, be careful as you
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drive across the span. we still have breezy conditions and the wind advisory kicks in at 11:00 and gusts go over 53 but 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., that is the official advisory and there has been light rain in santa cruz and that's going to clear out pretty quickly. and towards the reno area, chuckky has had some light rain, morgan hills, most of it is done and there could be some light stuff for a while. calistoga is 41, you take away that breeze and we are in the 30s. lots of 40s and temperatures will no doubt be very cool to warm up rapidly. it is not a due north wind anyway and it is ratherrable.
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you can -- variable, you can see partly sunny skies and i think we will be sunny windy and cooler and a north wind cranks up a little later on and mainly about 60 to 65, a couple outside but not by much. they all start to rebound after a chilly morning, tuesday wednesday and thursday, it will cool down and still very good for the upcoming weekend. european losses echo the trends in the far east overnight which is after china reported weaker than expected growth. shanghai had more than 1% japan's nikkei is also down more than 1.5%. we are starting a quiet day on friday and as you can see starting with dow jones industrial average 8465 and
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getting a reading on the futures they are indicating it looks like we are going to be down across the board as well this morning. and they are marketing to their went quest client, the move will reduce risks when litigation and compliance costs are increasing. the list had included 1,000 in strategy and starting next month, that list will be cut in half. why the transit provider pulled the plug on whyfie service. plus teenage superstars, this one goes all the way to nazi germany.
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. welcome back, teenage superstar justin bieber tied to the holocaust. he used part of his down time to visit the hiding place of ann frank. the jewish family hid to escape the holocaust and he wrote in his book and i am quoting here, ann was a great girl and hopefully she would have have been a bill leafer -- believerrer. we are finding out more
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about the death of an actress who played pippy long stocking. she was arrested for attacking her roommate and police suspect erin had been drinking but they say she was defending herself after her male roommate was filming her and that fight was over pizza. the bay area's newest casino now is taking job applications. the resupreme court and casino -- resort and casino will allow people working in guest services and security to apply. it is resort and the next phase is an in person interview next week. golden gate bridge transit
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passengers will no longer be able to surf the internet because whyfie ended on friday. the wireless was spotty partly because of the hilly landscape and also the 6,000 dollars bill was not worth the cost. transit officials are hoping to get a 4g network running in about 6 months. it is 5:25, sal, how are we looking so far? not bad. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17, no problems if you are driving on the santa cruz mountains coming to the bottom of the hill and this morning on the sunole grade, 680 traffic does look good headed to the san jose area. let's go to steve. we do have some clouds around, most of that should end quickly and it's not too bad, 20 to 40 for some and those
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higher elevations are along the coast and it will be cooler mostly sunny mainly in the 60s getting cooler and breezy. time now, it is a big day for bart going from bart to san jose and that project. we will tell you what starts in just a couple of hours, plus the new legislation of a sexually assaulted saratoga student. gunshots rang out in an east san jose neighborhood, a vick and -- victims and witnesses are hiding and we will tell you more in our next update on ktvu channel 2 morning news. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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. welcome back, it is monday april 15th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook and it definitely seemed windy when i left the house. >> last monday was -- we can't hold a candle to that but things will pick up and it is 0 mile-per-hour winds -- we have 40 mile-per-hour winds and we have had a little bit of light rain but generally the wind will be the bigger story and generally 50s and 60s on the temperatures, here is sal. we have no major problems all the way to downtown and this is a look at 880 westbound and that's a nice drive to the
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mcarthur maze, let's go back to the desk. sheriff's deputies are investigating an early morning stabbing in the south bay which happened a few hours ago in an unincorporated area of san jose. janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene and joins us with an update, janine de la vega? >> reporter: this is unincorporated east san jose and they say it is a rough neighborhood. sheriff's deputies were investigating at the intersection of this area and they believe this started as a shooting and so far one victim has been found but they are not sure if the victim they found is a suspect as well. deputies say at 3:15 neighbors started calling 911 after hearing mullet pet -- multiple
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gun shouts. they found bloody clothes and a cell phone. they found three young men in their 20s crashed behind a -- crouched behind a red car related to the incident. one man was found with a stab wound behind his ear and he was taken to the local hospital. >> during the altercation gunshots were fired and we have a man who has a stab wound in his head, he has tattoos heavily around his body indicating he is a gang member and it is still a puzzle. >> again no shooting victim was found and even though neighbors heard gunshots in the area and that's why investigators believe there are other rival gang members arrived from another gang and they believe there is another scene and one
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thing they are bound to do is see if anybody comes into any of the local hospitals wounded and that may be related to this case if that does happen. witnessed reportedly heard a scar speeding away from the scene and they don't have any description on this so if anybody has more information and would like to give santa clara an update and we will continue to follow this, this morning, reported live from the unincorporated part of east san jose, janine de la vega. a student took her own life after being sexually assaulted and her parents will speak out today. they will be joined by private investigators. parents say their daughter was sexually assaulted by three teens while she was drunk and unconscious. she later took her own life
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while the assault was posted online. her family wants stronger penalties for cyber bullying and they want the three accused teens tried as adults. and they had information at the time which only supported misdemeanor charges of sexual battery. they say it took months to serve search warrants and computers and cell phones and the result led to those three teens being arrested last week on felony charges. public health officials will be investigating a meningitis death today. last week a man died from that disease in west hollywood and authorities want to know whether the outbreak in the gay community has spread west. he went to a nationally attended white party which was a community event and san
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francisco's health department said everybody should be aware of problems. >> in southern california there is no outbreak of meningitis and people should be reassured there is no outbreak. >> they are offering free meningitis -- free meningitis having a scenes as a result of that death. >> specialty pharmacies like the one that triggered last year's deadly meningitis outbreak have little state oversights on them. they don't expect compounding facilities and those facilities are not required to report the quantity of drugs or where they are shipped and a hearing will be held tomorrow morning. a boy suffered a heart attack after a little league game saturday afternoon. now the boy was hit in the
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chest with a baseball after trying to run to first base he collapsed. two off-duty paramedics administered cpr before the ambulance arrived. the accident happened on highway 41 year yosemite just after 6:00 saturday night. authorities say the driver was going to fast, lost control and crashed into a tree after one side of the tree ran up an embankment, the driver was not heard in the crash and he claims there was a steering problem with the bus. he will determine whether it was a contributing track for. -- factor. in just about a few hours, the real heavy lifting preliminary work on warm springs to san jose began one
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year ago. but this morning, the real digging begins on the most expensive public works in silicone valley, they will be moving out tons of dirt and they also begin today, the goal is to beat the projected opening date by one year. time now happening right now high winds are back here in the bay area this morning, some bay area bridges issued advisories and right now steve paulson is tracking the winds from the weather center and sal castaneda is keeping our eyes on the road and the commute and i can see the wind blowing on you right now so it is kicking up already, right? >> reporter: that's right and in about five hours it's going to get even worth with a can't of aqua net as you can see
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right behind me here, it has once again shut it town from skyline to lincoln. we also have the wind in effect and high winds whipped them around and beach growers used blankets and towels to shield themselves from the sand and wind. now at a park on 28th the damage was apparent from last week's gusts where a tree came crashing down and debris littered the park. >> we drove by and saw the damage and we i don't know about it at first but we saw it when we got there, yeah. >> reporter: in girl game, a tree came down, nobody was
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damaged but it did in the i am man of a parked car. >> now from knight until 9:00 a.m. we will check in with sal vast sat. >> we something going on and i was just telling our guys to look for it with our camera and we will try to get it for you by the next traffic update and let's go to our camera. traffic is moving along relatively well with no major problems as you get up there but it is kind of a tough drive and steve says the national weather advisory service starts at 11:00 and it may even be tougher. let's look at 880 southbound, traffic is moving along relatively well and on the peninsular so far it has been
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nice with no major problems from burlingame to redwood city as well. let's go to steve. it is not too windy and it's beginning to pick up especially along the coast. 9:00 a.m. and 43 miles per hour and we have a weak system and it will be a brighter blustery pattern and this will be the coolest day of the week so far. there seems to be light rain and light snow up in the sierra nevada and right now it looks like things are filtering out and washing out and right now there is really cool air to the north and if it was not for
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that breeze or even for that cloud cover, there is a lost low 40s or mid-40s for most. that north wind is beginning to kick in and oakland also as well, not everyone is in on it but it will later on as it that system moves through, it will be mostly sunny and windy and cooler and they take that out but the north wind picks up soon and temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s which is a rather cool down and temperatures are below average and they are rebounding with warmer weather with a cool down and things still looking good >> >> this week, california's death penalty, how soon exclusions begin after being solved for seven years. >> plus, a recount may be recalled in venezuela's hotly
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contested presidential race. and 880 looks good as you drive through, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. well, we have a wind advisory kicking it, and it is mostly sunny, cooler with 50s and 60s. here is a quick look at some of the stories we are following, an 80-year-old man is undergoing a medical evaluation after shooting at a firefighter. the bullet grazed that firefighter but he was not seriously hurt.
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sheriff's deputies are investigating an early morning stabbing in the south bay. it happened in an unincorporated part of san jose. they found a man who had been stabbed. they say the attack may be gang related. you may have forgot but all stayed and federal income taxes are due. post offices are open late since more people are filing online. and it killed 42 people an injured more than 200 others. waves of attacks come just days after the first election since the troop withdrawal in 2011ment it will be a key test for their -- 2011. it will be a key test to see if they can survive.
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and they are trying indict come crew members from the costa concordia. they want the captain to stand trial for manslaughter. they will not decide if an -- i will be handed down. former venezuelan president hugo chavez's hand picked successor has been declared a winner but his opponent is calling for a recount. nicholas madera supporters challenged 15% of the vote. he has been the interim president and campaigned on the socialist revolution.
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>> many venezuelaians campaigned outside and showed support for nicholas but others said it was time for change. two people are recovering from a shooting near a contra costa shopping mall. it happened near the hilltop mall in richmond. the two victims were a man and woman who were shot inside of a car. they drove from the scene, called for help and they had helicopters come for them. they are being treated and still no motive yet on the shooting. they are trying to revive the death penalty and it has been years since the last execution in california. a repeals order will try to
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stop excuse because they failed to comply with administrative rules in revising the method. right now they are working on a new execution procedure using a single drug but the legal battles over the death penalty will not be resumed any time soon. they want to phase out the use of plastic bags starting in 2015. a similar bill will be heard on the assembly floor later during the session and several have already banned plastic bags. time now 5:48, they will be filed wheelchair -- followed by
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wheelchair racers and the two contenders are americans. they won both men's and womens last year. let's go to sal. we have a new crash in san a ramon. -- san ramon. >> southbound 680, there is a crash reported and it is an injury crash southbound 680 near the off ramp and it has blocked three vehicles involved, fire department is on the way. near canyon road, there is a report of a car fire and eastbound bay area is reporting traffic as well. we had word that something was going on 880 and traffic looks good driving through and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, there is already a backup as you approach the pay gates. sal, we have a little bit
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of light rain and the bigger story is the wind advisory which starts at 11:00 a.m. and goes until 9:00 a.m. but it is packing a decent punch. 40s on the line, 32 with a windchill and there is some really cold air with a pattern and this time your temperatures rebound fast and there does our system but it is moving quickly and it is going to usher in a ditch air mass and equal the pressure which is wind. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and much, much cooler after a chilly morning and temperatures will be back near 80 degrees on the high side near wednesday and thursday and into the weekend as well, it is just a little cooler. dish network is offering
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$25.5 billion to buy spring nextel. they are offering 15% on that news and there is already a $27 billion bid for the soft bank. that offer will require approval of the u.s. regulators. historian jackie robinson is going big at the box office, it exceeded more than $27 million and baseball stories are moderately successful. scary movie -- scary movie ranked second and evil dead rounds out the top 5. they are giving some special deals and they are offering a coupon good for a small popcorn. boston market, 2 rib meals, 40 cents and they have a tax day
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since bond bites between 6:00 and 8:00. good news and bad news, in particular are getting there, plus very concerned. lake tahoe is still making the best of it.
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. good morning, wind advisory starts 11:00 a.m. and we will have it much cooler mainly 50s and 60s. searching for a hiker swept away in an much and the wind was just too bad to keep searching for the 60-year-old man who was buried under the snow with two other hikers. the other two were found and they he were expected to survive. a woman was hiking with her dog east of seattle. the group of people nearby were able to dig her out of the snow but she did die a short time later. ski resorts are coming through and the northstar is
5:56 am
also closed. sunday marked the day of the gorge. and mt. rose starts planning on shutting down sunday and they may close the following week ken. there is an armed robbery alert, two men with guns robbed at least two member early yesterday morning at the village requested a on campus. the robbers escaped with cell phones and cash. the robber was a manwareing a gray wind breaker and jeans. they are taking hefty pay cuts under a tentative agreement. they will keep their jobs for less pay as part of trying to get them underway. the labor department will reduce the school's cost by $1 million each year.
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time now 5:56 according to a new study, young drivers use it when driving alone. 90% ages 16 to 21 admit to talking on the control phone emailing and texting while behind the wheel with no passengers and when passengers are not in the car they don't mind disconnecting from electronics. how is the traffic? so far so good you can see traffic is light and no major problems by the way on 680 southbound as you pass mission boulevard, let's go back to you. new details about a scare in the air, the mechanical details which has ground 1,000
5:58 am
jets in the country in the south bay. >> let's hope it's not as bad as well, and we will have your forecasted highs.
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