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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 15, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the crowd hooking for safety -- looking for safety and then another explosion rocking the finish line and all the spectators at the end of the boston marathon. it is a tear attack, that is -- terror attack, that is what it is being called by the white house. we go straight to ktvu's jana katsuyama who is mobterring -- monitoring what is happening in boston right now. >> that street is very quiet right now, very different from 2:50 p.m. eastern time. at this hour the latest information on the victims we understand from boston police, two people were killed. that includes an 8-year-old child, more than 50 injured. it has been very difficult looking all day at these
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images, we wanted to give you an over all look at what happened this morning. >> reporter: two blasts turned the boston marathon's finish line sign a scene of chaos and panic. the bombs seconds apart, near a line of international flags, they shattered nearby windows and knocked runners off their feet. witnesses saw people on the ground crying for people. many lost limbs. >> trying to put pressure on the wounds, whatever we could do. >> reporter: emergency responders rushed to help the injured and get them to ambulances on boylston street. others were rushed to medical
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centers. >> a few didn't unfortunately make it and we have those people here in the tent. the bombs exploded 4 hours in when most finished, thousands still had not. leaving family and friends searching and praying for their loved ones. officials shut down cell phone to prevent remote detonations. >> a lot of people who were running from the scene, some deposited bags and parcels, each one is being treated as a suspicious device. >> officials are saying this attack could have been worse, two other explosive devices were found undetonated near the finish line and that is according to a senior u.s. intelligence official. >> here is a look at where the
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bombs went off. they went off at the end of the boston marathon as thousands gathered. the two explosions occurred near the finish line on boylston street. first went off around noon our time on the north side of boston. across the street from the public library. the second explosion went off 10 seconds later, a block back from the first explosion. the two bombs were 550 feet apart. patty lee is in boston and joins us by phone. where exactly were you when the bombs went off? >> reporter: i was maybe 2-1/2 blocks away from that blast. the closer you get to the finish line the more packed it gets. you know, frank, you mentioned
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how could this happen, this is such a big tradition, one of the reasons i timed this trip to be here, patriots day is so much fun. a lot of people have the day off and they come down and watch this race, so it is a lot of fun, it attracts thousands of thousands of fans. it was just, you know, a terrible situation. we knew there was a problem, but we didn't know what happened. we heard a blast, we didn't see smoke because it didn't rise higher than the buildings all of us spectators were kind of looking at each other saying did you hear that, what was that, but we were looking for signs on what it could have been, and we weren't even sure
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if it was a bad thing or what, but either way we didn't take chances and left the area immediately. >> at what point did you realize this was no accident? >> gentleman asked us to use his phone, we said did you hear that noise, he said it was an explosion. you need to go. and so we let his use the phone, he was from indiana, he cause calling his wife to let her know he was safe and at that point we were, you know, half mile from our car. they closed the streets and we left. >> you mentioned you were with three kids, what did you tell them? were they frightened? how did you handle that? >> reporter: it is funny, we didn't tell them what was happening. we -- you know, these kids range from 4-9 years old so
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when we learned about the victim's age today it was so heart breaking. the 9-year-old we did tell we thought something bad happened and help us keep the littler kid moving. all of us had our hands together, we are going back to the car. this is important. the littler kids didn't understand but they good tell by our faces that we were intent on getting home. >> can you describe what boston is like tonight. >> reporter: tonight the town of boston is quiet. i mean, this town, you know, the streets are empty, police told everyone to go home. we are now at home, we would be
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in downtown boston, you know, there were supposed to be games, restaurants are supposed to be full, the weather is nice, i mean it is just quiet. so you know, we got out quickly before they started, you know, before the mass left and after that, i mean, nobody is on the streets of boston. >> we are glad you are okay and our hearts go out to the families of the two people killed. we will see you when we get back to the bay area. >> reporter: thank you. >> witnesses have been describing the scene after the bombs exploded. one man stepped back to get a better advantage point. >> a bomb went off and it knocked me to the ground and everybody started running, panicking and i knew where the
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bombs went off and i started to go back that way and another bomb went off and then i felt the ground again, people running, it was horrible. the scene that you saw, horrible. >> his father suffered leg injuries. he and others tried to put pressure on the wounds pill paramedics could get to them. cities all around the country went on high alert. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco where the mayor and the police chief took questions on what is being do here at home. >> reporter: san francisco's police chief said he is keeping officers on the clock through tonight and will bring in others tomorrow early to patrol in area wheres large crowds congregate. we heard from the police chief and mayor ed lee at 1:30 p.m. today. the chief said the fbi found no
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specific threats to san francisco. we learned the city activated its emergency operation center at stand by mode at 3:00 p.m. they coordinate for a potential emergency response. the attack comes as san francisco is gearing up for its festival season and the mayor said safety plans will be reexamed. >> beta breaker draws visitors so we are concerned. >> we will look at all of our plan again and again, we will make sure the plans are as tight as they have ever been. >> reporter: the question now is whether a similar bombing
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can be prevented on events where you have miles of open space. at 6:00 p.m., the steps police are asking the public to take. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> president obama spoke about the boston bombing. he offered his thoughts and prayers to the victims and he said no one should jump to conclusions about who is responsible. >> make no mistake we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this, we will find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the president noted this happened on patriots day and said he is confident boston will pull threw and recover. security has been beefed up around the white house. secret service patrol cars shut
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down pennsylvania avenue and closed off the streets. the white house is not being locked down and people are still allowed to park across the street. google is responding to the disaster. they launched a new person finding service to help friends and family community. it allows people to let others know they are safe or locate someone who is in boston. you can find a link by going to share your thoughts by going to the ktvu channel 2 news facebook page. we put on a i heart boston badge. runners here in the bay area are following the tragedy of the boston marathon and ktvu's lorraine blanco is live in san francisco where she found a lot of runners share a close connection with the race and others are worried about
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loved ones in boston. >> for many getting out is a form of therapy. for one husband running tonight will get him through the night till his wife comes home from the boston marathon. >> reporter: he is trying to concentrate on work, a job he loves at the san francisco running company but his mind is where his wife is, the boston marathon. >> first reaction was is my wife okay, 4th months pregnant and she is boston for work. >> both he and his wife run the marathon several times and even after seeing the after math he still believes in a great event. >> incredible sporting event to see boston, the city comes out for it, it is a state holiday there, patriots day there. yeah, i hope to go back one
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day. >> reporter: many runners brave conditions today, some just to get out of the house and reflect. >> i just wanted to run and i am so grateful i can be out here. i think it is tragic. >> reporter: he plans to hit the pavement tonight and think about what it will feel like to have his wife in his arms safe. >> great to have her back home. >> reporter: you can imagine how he feels tonight. i talked to a few running clubs, the largest running club in the city had 14 runners in the boston marathon today. they have been able to contact all of the runners and the good news is they are all safe. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> she spoke with the san francisco marathon about what happened in boston and how it may changes plan for the race.
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they have communicated with the san francisco emergency services department and will work together to learn what we can from this event. and make further enhancements to our emergency plans and security activities. coming up, we will go live to the east coast for an update at the boston marathon and also what impact the budget cuts may have had on boston and the a's and the warriors have home games tonight, we asked if they are making changes to security and if there are updates between now and 5:30 p.m. we will bring them to you. the family of the teen who may have committed suicide announced a civil lawsuit and new information about the sexual assault at the heart of the case. >> it is windy out there today, the wind advisory in effect right now. gusts up to 45 miles per hour
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around the bay, i will let you know when the winds will die down and when it will warm up.
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. we are hearing from the parents of a teen girl who committed suicide. ktvu's robert handa was there as they made a plea for justice. >> reporter: tomorrow morning the three teens being held here at the county juvenile detention center will find out if they will remain in custody. the. >> reporter: today the parents of audrie potts showed images of the daughter who committed suicide after being sexual assaulted and a victim of cyber bullying. >> she is missed every day.
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>> the family says the 15-year- old was despondtant after three boys sexually assaulted her while she was drunk last year and distributed pictures of the incidents by text message and e- mail. the boys were arrested last thursday. today the family announced plans to file a civil lawsuit against the boy's families and the family of the girl who hosted the family and they want to see them tried as adults and to fight against them being released. >> these types are crimes are not juvenile. sexual assault is an adult crime. these boys distributed the pictures to bully my daughter. >> reporter: the boys removed some of her clothes and wrote messages all over her body. >> leaving a message for her, it was a message that was ha, ha, look what we did to you,
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you are not going to forget us. >> reporter: attorneys representing the boys said the acviewizations are inaccurate -- accusations are inaccurate. at 6:00 p.m. more from her family and the hearing. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. fox news spoke to audrie potts' family and they say they initially had no idea about her daughter's story. >> we began to call around and investigate, talk to the kids, and quickly we were able to peace together something happened. >> the students accused of raping her admitted to photographing the incident but say the phoneo was only shone -- photo was only shown to 10 people. they also released photos today. we see her singing, playing violin and riding a horse and
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surfing. all the typical events families take pictures of. police are going over surveillance video to finded the thieves who crashed a stolen -- find the thieves who crashed a stolen car. they found the car inside the staples. the store was closed at the time. the car crashed through steel gates. they stole $2,400 worth of computers. >> this business was -- i don't know how you protect against a car crashing through your business. it will take time to figure out this new trend. >> the honda was stolen yesterday. police don't know whether the thieves got away on foot or if there was a get away car.
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police are investigating a shooting near a head start center with small children inside at the time. people in the area reported the gunfire at 9:15 a.m. this morning. fortunately no one was hit but a number of cars had bullet holes. they put their safety protocols into place and they called parents to pick up their children. our chief meteorologist bill martin is monitoring the weather. you told us to expect wind today. >> wind advisories, they are still in effect till 9:00 p.m. tonight. we have gusts out there, over 50 miles per hour. this is a list of the gusts, strongest winds of the day. san francisco, 55 miles per hour. you know you have blowing sand. they could close the great highway like last monday. berkeley 33. you get the picture.
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windy. wind advisory stays with us till about 9:00 p.m. the winds are strong. in some places strongest all day. 35 miles per hour in oakland. 37 at san francisco airport. that is windy at the airport. they might have a few flight delays. san francisco especially. if you are heading out of san francisco tonight just check it to make sure there isn't delays. because they will do jostling of flights when you get this kind of wind. not out of the question. this is the reason the low- pressure system, came in over night, into this morning, brought us clouds and wind. we had wind today. temperatures down 5-10 degrees today. tonight cooler. winds settle down, when they do temperatures drop because the cool air is in place. we will see upper 30 said tonight, that is -- 30s tonight, that is very cold.
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frost advisories, we are not going to see that. the winds will continue till 9:00 p.m. breezy throughout the evening hours but this is the story tonight and tomorrow morning. it is cool when you get up tomorrow. 38 in santa rosa. 38 napa. 41 vallejo. if this was march or april, that is not too -- march, that is not that cold. but for this time a year it is chilly. 45 haward. 43 fremont. less wind, but very chilly. when i economic m back a -- come back, a warm up. back here, details on the forecast high for your neighborhood through the week. >> thank you. the effort to bring bart to the south bay is getting rolling, the project that began today. >> and we are continuing to
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monitor the two explosions in boston, we will bring you any developments and a news confast from boston -- conference from boston about 5:30 p.m., when it happens we will take it live. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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there is a light at the end of the tunnel as construction broke ground on the bart
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project. for the next 7-9 months they will dig a trench for the train. a bicycle lane will be added but there could be commuter headaches. >> we will maintain 2/3 of the capacity, commuters, individuals going to work or school, i would plan to allow extra travel time. >> the extension is scheduled to be complete in 2018 but it could be done one year earlier. piece of history arrived in san francisco and you could experience it first hand. liberty foundation brought the bell to the bay area today. it saw action in every theater of operation in world war ii. this was build towards the end of the war.
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this weekend you can take a ride on the plane for $450 donation. >> you are able to go throughout the airplane, go to every station and experience a little bit of what our crew members did during world war ii. >> they will be giving ground tours this weekend at hayward airport. in 2 minutes live to the east coast for a update on the bombings at the boston marathon. i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there.
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we're offering 4 million dollars in tech scholarships for qualified new students. learn more at complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at
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5:00 p.m. that was the scene in boston today after two explosions at the boston marathon. two people are dead, dozens injured after the attacks and among the dead an 8-year-old child. hive with late -- live with late details on the investigation and how president obama is vowing to track down those responsible. >> reporter: that's right. tough message from president obama today. the latest number we have as far as the injured goes, it is up to 141. >> terrorist attack at the finish line of the boston marathon. two explosions within seconds of each other along the route. >> at first it sounded like a canon blast. >> almost blew my head off. >> bad, bad injuries. >> we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who
5:32 pm
did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the force of the explosion caused smoke and panic. >> there was a mad push for people to get away from the scene. >> we are looking for any information people have as to what they saw or might have heard -- might have heard at the sight of the explosion or coming and going. >> reporter: authorities set up a tip line and are asking people to go home or to hotels hotels hotels and avoid large clouds. >> be calm. >> reporter: the winners wrapped up their race an hour earlier but many of the 27,000 were still working to complete the course when the bombs went off. >> we are starting to get more
5:33 pm
information about the type of injuries we are seeing here, some of them serious. we know at least 10-amputations happening so far. in the teen time law enforcement officials say they didn't get any prior or advanced intelligence that anyone or any group was planning on doing something like this at the boston marathon. frank? >> thank you. president obama today vowed whoever is responsible for the explosions will be held accountable. scott mcfarlane is live with the actions president obama is taking a track down the bomber or bombers and the extra security at the nation's capital. >> reporter: let me add to that, president obama said he would marshall the government's resources to massachusetts and boston. >> i spoke to the fbi director and congresswoman nancy pelosi
5:34 pm
and they are mobilizing the appropriate resources to investigate and to respond. i updated leaders of congress. on days like this there are no republicans or democrats, we are americans. >> reporter: to the u.s. house floor a moment of silence marking the explosions in boston and the victims from the explosion, they had the flag lowered outside the u.s. capital to honor the victims as well. at the white house security is expanded. widerwide patrols. and now resources begin moving in boston, in massachusetts, we have the fbi and the justice department and the navy is dispatching bombing detecting equipment to help with the bags that remain in massachusetts. federal response just beginning
5:35 pm
tonight in boston. scott mcfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. the bombing prompted police in britain to review their measures ahead of the london marathon this sunday. they are working with race officials on security events. like the boston marathon, thousands of people from all over the world compete in the london marathon. they expressed shock and sadness about the bombness saying it is a sad -- balmings saying it is a sad day. the oakland police chief is doubling the amount of officers at the a's and warriors games. in addition to the extra offenses police already did a sweep of the facilities. the chief says they have
5:36 pm
received no threats, they are doing this as a precaution. our coverage of the bombings in boston isn't done and ktvu's eric rasmussen has been following the story since we first learned of the blast, he will have an update on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. and receive updates online or with the ktvu app. car explosions rocked five cities in iraq today killing dozens of peoples. a string of car bombs exploded, 27 people died, 100 hurt. other bombs went off in baghdad and near the airplane. they believe al-qaeda is responsible. this comes days before the first election since u.s. troops left. the u.s. supreme court decided not to hear a case challenging new york's gun control law. it puts limits on who can get a
5:37 pm
permit. a group of residents filed suit seeking to over turn the law. bad service? what we learned about mail delivery in the bay area and the distinction one city has earned. >> firefighters are used to using devices to save lives but a device a firefighter wore saved his own.
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close call for firefighters. someone opened fire on the crew as they responded to an emergency call. ktvu's paul chambers reports from berkeley live with the communication device that may have saved the life of one firefighter. >> reporter: we tried to contact the firefighter but he was sent home and he will be there for the rest of the week. but earlier this morning he and other firefighters left this fire department thinking they were on a routine call but this morning firefighters met a man with a gun. here is video from him being taken away for mental evaluation. firefighters got a call around 1:45 a.m.
5:41 pm
this morning. >> they noticed noticed the residence was locked up. >> reporter: firefighters called police for back up. one of the firefighters was met with gunfire. luckily for the firefighter he had on this device that is used to reduce response times. >> the bullet struck it, deflected, so he didn't have injuries that he needed to follow up with. >> reporter: this is still an ongoing investigation. it is unclear what the man's motive was for the shooting. >> we are not sure, it will be part of the investigation if he was trying to injure the firefighters or if he was confused. >> reporter: firefighters say they will review every aspect of the incident. as for the man he was taken into police custody. live, paul chambers,. >> derek: more than -- more than a quarter of
5:42 pm
children world wide are stunted from malnutrition. today they unveiled the new report. he says providing vitamins and clean water could help the 165 million children. he says because they are malnourished they don't achieve normal brain or body development. what we learned about the efficiency or lack there of when it comes to the postal service being on time in the bay area. >> back here in 10 minutes, wimbledony out -- windy out there right now, wind advisory in effect, when the winds die down and how much warmer it will get. back in 10. ♪
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. very strange, as i was walking towards -- to get my bag, i just -- i had this moment thinking if anything happened, everything is gated. no way to get out. >> kid died and -- women were dead. >> the scene in boston this afternoon as many people ran from the scene holding each other, one woman stopped and prayed. at this hour two people are dead, 130 injured following the explosions near the finish line at the boston marathon. and many of those injuries are
5:46 pm
very serious, several people losing their arms or legs. we have continuing coverage on air and online or through our mobile service and another update in 15 minutes on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. which we are extending till 7:00 p.m. we will take you back to boston as we are about to hear live, the mayor of massachusetts. >> the fbi has taken take charge of the investigation. this is an active investigation particularly in the several blocks around boylston street, around that blast area. that is a crime scene, the national guard secured that crime scene and limiting access to it. that will effect this evening and the next day or two while
5:47 pm
the investigation continues. a support center has been opened on arlington and columbus avenue. runners -- there were several runners who were unable to finish the race because the race was stopped after the event. there are buses bringing the runners to that support station now. and families who have not had a chance to connect or friends and supporters not had a chance to connect with runners or who have other needs can check in there at the support center, the city, the mayor and his staff has made staff available at the support center to help meet people's needs. the city of boston is open and will be open tomorrow but it will not be business as usual.
5:48 pm
a heightened law enforcement presence. people should expect those who are riding the "t" that there will be random checks of back packs and other parcels. we ask everyone to be patient for the time being it is for the public's safety. we are asking that everyone be on a state of heightened vigilance. that is required of everyone. please report suspicious packages or parcels, suspicious activity. i want to say there have been a number of story i have heard of residents in boston and along the route in the cities and town that the marathon passes through of extraordinary
5:49 pm
kindness. we so appreciate those kindnesses and thank you for them. we are going to get through this. we do not have all the answers to all of your questions yet. not all of you in the media or others around the country or the world but i can tell you from the president to the members of our delegation to many fellow governors who have called to check in, to all of the leaders and law enforcement here in the state, at the local and federal level we are all coming together to get to the bottom of this. let me turn it over now to special agent in charge. >> thank you very much governor. important facts have already been mentioned, the fbi is taking the lein this investigation. it is asserting federal
5:50 pm
jurisdiction, members are comprised by the members of the law enforcement agencies here. this will be a combined federal, state and local effort. an ongoing investigation. a criminal investigation that is -- has the potential -- is a potential terrorist investigation. we will be working to gather information and gather all the facts and bring those who are responsible for this crime it justice. it is an ongoing investigation. i am not at liberty to go into details but i encourage everyone to have a heightened state of vigilance tonight and tomorrow as we move forward. i urge anybody who has any information pertaining to this crime to call 1(800)call-fbi. this is a tip line ready to receive tips or leads.
5:51 pm
the fbi is bringing a substantial federal resources to bear along with our federal partners, atf, key ally of ours. all the law enforcement agencies will bring tremendous resources. all federal resources will be brought up here to the boston area. that being said i will turn it over now, u.s. attorney wanted to say a few words and then the commissioner. >> yes, good evening, i want to echo what the governor said and what many others said today, this is a horrific tragedy and we on behalf of the department of justice are here to provide resources to the investigation. there are lot of questions, questions we wish we could answer at this point but this is a very thorough and active
5:52 pm
ongoing investigation. and i ask you that you help with that. i know there are -- it is a lot of information that is being sought, a bittal misinformation -- a bit of misinformation, we want to continue to investigate this matter, get to the individual or individuals that may be responsible for this and the department of justice is prepared to provide assistance necessary to the fbi and atf and other agencies but our state and local partners as well. so i wanted to echo that, thank you. >> united states attorney. i would like to offer my
5:53 pm
sympathies to the victims of this horrendous event. this cowardly act will not be taken in stride. we will turn over rock over to find the people who are responsible for this. the boston police department is on the scene, there has been a horrendous loss of life, at least three people have died in this event. the number of injuries is unfolding. we will not have hard figures till tomorrow morning. there were all sorts of questions being asked. there is no suspect. there are people that we are talking to but there is no suspect at the hospital as has been reported in the press. i would like to fix that right now. again, there will be questions
5:54 pm
that you have and we will do our best to answer them but this is still early in the investigation. the boston police department is on emergency deployment. we are working 12 hour shifts and there will be a police presence throughout the city. again if there are any -- any pieces of information, photo from the incident, getting those to the two tip lines, the fbi tip line primarily, they are now in charge, as well as the boston police line. i would like to invite the district attorney to say a few words. >> i was on boylston street near the finish line, left 30 minutes before this incident occurred and a short time ago
5:55 pm
the commissioner, myself, and our staff went dune the scene it -- went down to the scene. i am praying for the victims and their loved one. this is a terrible day for them. they and the public can count on our very best work in the days to r the bombs went off we saw civilians running to help the victims along side members of the boston police department and ems. in the hours that followed police and medical personnel sent dozens, hundreds of volunteers to help us here in boston. that is what americans do in times of crisis, we come together and help one other. moments like these, terrible as they are, they show our
5:56 pm
strength. thank you. >> i can take any questions. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> no. next question? >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i am not going to comment on investigative leads that are ongoing but there is investigative activity ongoing but i am not at liberty to comment. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> again, it is a very active investigation at this time. all resources are bringing -- brought to bear. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> again, i am not going to comment on specifics of the investigation in terms of the number of explosives that were
5:57 pm
found. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> no. i am not going to comment, evidence, analysis is ongoing. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> in the -- in the area that is closed off, the crime scene, runs long boylston street, new barry street -- new berry street, that is the secure area right now. that may get smaller over the next several hours of investigation but that area is not going to be accessible for normal traffic. there are people in hotels, people who live there, who have to work out how to get to and from where they need to be,
5:58 pm
otherwise, that area will be locked down till the investigation is complete. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i think some of that has to be sorted out. but it is not going to be easy, simple or regular. in most cases people are not going to be able to have access to that specific area as it evolves. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> exactly. exactly. this is -- i would say in this sense this is a little like storms where we depend on you. as soon as we get information we will count on you to get it out to the public. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> we are in the process of going through all of the abandon property that was
5:59 pm
discarded. we pretty much cleared the boylston street area. there are no further devices that we located but we are getting reports about suspicious packages. that is understandable in this situation. i am not prepared to say we are at ease at this point. we are pursuing every lead we have. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i am not going to confirm that right now. we will have that information for you in the morning. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> this is a powerful blast with serious, serious injuries. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> no. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> well, i mean, the investigation will lead us in various places but right now that area is our main point of


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