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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 16, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> is this evident? well more than the evidence is law enforcement and others have said at the federal state and local level and indeed from the region, we have an unprecedented level of law enforcement support and they are working very well. >> what is the process so far that helps you understand maybe for the materials and the level of complementty of the device -- complexity and the origin of the devise? >> i think i know what you are getting at. i can't comment on that aspect
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of that. what is important to say, what i would like to on behalf of the boston j.t. tf today, they say there is no known threat where we are conducting investigative activity and i want to put that out to the citizens and the city of boston and the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> do you know anything about the nature of device -- [inaudible] >> i am not going to be able to comment on the nature of the device right now. >> are they in custody right now? >> i'm not going to say who or who might not be in custody right now. >> is there one person from ocean avenue that are -- and
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[inaudible]. >> the joint force is active right now and assisting us with the integrity of this investigation. >> a photo went viral of a man standing on a roof. >> we are processing a lot of photographic evidence right now as several speakers have said and we encourage the submission of photos for value and i can't mment on specific leads right now. >> can you tell us about the surveillance cameras in the area, are you able to use those and how they are helpful and anything about what you are seeing on them (. >> i think davis can speak on that but again we are processing all of the photographic evidence as quickly as possible from fbi headquarters and that's a priority right now but i would
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like commissioner davis to speak about the video cameras. >> there are a large number of them and there is a logistics issue and we are working with the fbi sending special teams and it is our intention to go through every frame of video we have to determine who is in the area. this is probably one of the most photographed areas in the country from yesterday. >> it's very difficult to move around and are you asking people to stay away, or do you want people to come and go. >> we want you to live your life and come and go but we want you to be vigilant.
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there is no reason to not come into the city but we do have a threat and we are working diligently to reduce that threat and to go about your business, give us a little room in the copley square areas we process the scene but we are trying to turn it back to the businesses into the community as quickly as we can after that evidence is collected. >> [inaudible] what do you want people to look for? >> well, that is a good question, actually. >> we want you to forward any photos you have particularly in that area but also tell us what time those photos were taken so we don't have to go through electronic signatures. naturally photos taken closer to the blast, just before, just after, those will be critical and we will try to prioritize those but it would give us as
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much information that will help the investigators move forward. >> and this event is part of the preparation that exploded trash cans -- >> there is no evidence of that. >> there is no evidence it was tested? >> because there is unresticked -- unrestricted access, people can bring items in and out. >> do you have any information for victims or perhaps do you -- [inaudible] >> they are all victims as far as we know. >> i'm sorry?
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>> do [inaudible] >> no, we don't have any information on that. >> can you give us an idea of numbers? >> we have a number of 176 casualties that presented at area hospitals which is including the south shore and not just in boston. 176 is the best number and 17 are critical at this point, three fatalities. >> [inaudible] [ captioner in transition ].
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copley square continues to be a crime scene. even though they want the people of boston to go about their way that that is going to be a crime scene possibly for several days . they are not commenting a lot on any suspects, motives or persons. >> it's very fluid. stay tuned right here on ktvu channel 2. we'll bring you more details on this developing news when "mornings on 2" starting right after the break. back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another.
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. terror at the boston marathon. the fbi just wrapping up a news conference. we watched it live. we'll bring you the very latest updates. >> reporter: we're live near san jose where we just learned that vandals broke into a pga substation where now there is a leak. we'll tell you exactly how it happened next. tragedy overnight from san jose. two deadly fires and a child is
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among the victims. trouble on the peninsula. southbound 101. a truck has spilled tons of scrap metal, making for a very messy peninsula commute. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. tori campbell has the morning off. it's tuesday, april 16th. we begin with our developing news we've been following all morning. the fbi just wrapping up a news conference on the deadly bombings of the boston marathon. ktvu's alex savidge has been monitoring this conference with us in this newsroom and joins us now with the updates. >> reporter: well, good morning. the fbi did confirm a short time ago that a number of people have been questioned in this case but at this point, federal authorities say they do not have anyone in custody in connection with yesterday's attack in boston. at this point, there's no
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leading theory on what the motive might have been. within the last hour, we did get an update on the fbi on this investigation. this came out of boston. an fbi agent said investigators are still processing the scene of the bombing here near the finish line of the boston marathon. overnight, law enforcement agents searched a townhouse in the town of revere, right outside of boston. investigators were seen pulling a number of trash bags and a duffel bag. this is still an active and fluid case with a lot of leads being followed. >> the mission is clear -- to bring to justice those responsible for the marathon bombing. the american public wants answers, the city of boston want and tee serve answers. this group of dedicated men and women standing before you today pledge to do everything possible to get those answers. >> reporter: the fbi is analyzing video captured from those two blasts yesterday
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afternoon. the bombs went off about ten seconds apart at the finish line. three people are confirmed dead. now authorities are say 150 people are injured. one of them was killed was an 8- year-old boy. this morning 17 are still listed in critical condition at boston hospitals. now, so far, the fbi is not talking about who they believe may be responsible for these bombings or speculating on a motive at all. but agencies say this morning there are no unexploded devices that were ever found near the area where the boston marathon was taking place and there are no additional threats they believe in the area. we're expecting to get one of -- to get an update on one of the hospitals from yesterday's bombings. we'll bring that to you when we get it. live in the newsroom, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning, cities across the country are rethinking security for big events in the
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bake of the boston marathon bombings. next month beta breakers race, a concern. >> beta breakers draws tens of thousands of not only runners but visitors to enjoy our city. we are concerned. >> police are also increasing patrols inner a youias that -- in areas that draw large crowds including b.a.r.t. officials are asking anyone who sees anything suspicious to immediately call 911. there's increased security, of course, in washington, d.c. coming up we're gonna talk about the increased security measures taken at the white house this morning. 7:14. new this morning, we're following developing news from santa clara county. there are reports this morning that 911 calls cannot get through in gilroy if you are using a land line. now, we've made several calls to gilroy law enforcement agencies. we've not been able to get through. we're gonna get you an update on this developing situation as
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soon as we get more information. we're also following developing news near san jose. that's where a transformer at a pg&e substation has been leaking oil all morning. now, since our last report from ktvu's tara moriarty she's back now and she says vandals may have caused this leak. tara? >> reporter: yeah. we just got off the phone and they say vandals broke into the substakes at 1:30 -- sub station at 1:30 in the morning. gunshots were fired. it was the bullets that hit the transformer and punctured the leak. you can see the transformer there. that's the area we're talking about. the danger here, a leak poses a fire hazard in the transformer. according to officials, the opening could affect the temperature of that oil and flammable could produce. the chances of that happening, they say, are minimal. we are talking about oil that needs to get over 600 degrees
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at least in order to ignite. basm crews are containing the allege. they are trying to ensure that no pg&e customers have service interrupted and they will also try to mitigate any environment concerns. no neighbors have have to be evacuated. the nearest homes are across the freeway. we're right next to 101. a full hazmat crew is out here. calfire is the lead agency on this. back here live, we want to mention this is right near coyote ranch. we have monterey road which is over here to my left. this is shut down. they do not want anybody traveling on this road. so officials are debts pritly trying to -- desperately trying to get out the information not to take monterey road. it runs parallel to 101. take the bernal exit instead. they are trying to keep folks away from the area. we understand that pg&e officials are on scene. we'll be receiving an update from them within the next half- hour. live from near san jose, tara
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moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. let's check in with sal. i know you -- you have the chopper working. you are keeping an eye on san mateo. >> this overturned truck, dave, southbound 101, still blocking the two right lanes. this happened on the ramp from westbound -- i'm sorry. eastbound 92 to southbound 101. that ramp is going to remain closed. southbound 101, the two right lanes are shut down and traffic on the bayshore freeway coming out of burlingame and millbrae is a mess. we do not recommend using 101. use interstate 280 southbound as an alternate route. if you can get on 101 after 92 you will be okay. obviously as you look at these live pictures. this is not a good road for you to be on right now. southbound 101 is very slow from miles and miles approaching this backup. it's a bottleneck. southbound 101 at 92. chp has told us they are not
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gonna clean this up until at least 10:00 this morning. the northbound direction is not affected but southbound is a big mess. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. 25-minute delay here before you get onto the bridge. on the nimitz freeway, southbound traffic we had earlier problems. they've been cleared up but it's slow from 880 to 238 as you head down to fremont. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. 30s, plenty of 30s. temperatures today will rebound about to near normal. 63, 70, 71. yesterday was a good 5, 10 degrees below average. still breezy, not as windy. a little system up in the sierra nevada. four inches at bridgeport, kirkwood had 6 inches. the system looks like it is almost out of the picture. look at the cloud cover here. where is it going? it's going offshore. there a sign a northeast wind is kicking in.
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why the difference? not much of a breeze. concord is 40. i saw some upper 30s towards walnut creek. and san jose is at 43. livermore was 41. san rafael, 44. and santa rosa, 44. chilly to cold here. kind of a breeze to -- a little bit more toward the valley. snipe, breezy, warmer. can't get rid of the wind quite yet. average high this year for san francisco, 62. temperatures -- well, really took a dip because the system came in. had two pieces to it. one in the morning, one in the afternoon. chilly in the morning. sunshine, breezy and warmer later today. 60s, mainly but high pressure definitely on its way. this might be the last system for quite a while. sunny, breezy. a cold morning but warm other the afternoon highs. we'll bump them up. we can't get rid of the breeze.
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so 50s, 60s, coast and bay. upper 60s, very low 70s. windy, especially toward the east, maybe some of the higher elevations. cold tomorrow morning and sunshine and warmer weather with upper 70s to 80s. weekend still looks nice. looks quiet for a while. 7:19. firefighters in san jose investigating the cause of a fire that killed a 7-year-old girl overnight at 11:30 last night at a detached garage behind a house at fifth and empire. when firefighters got there, they found a 7-year-old girl dead inside the braurnl. that's where her family was -- garage. that's where her family was living. family members are devastated. >> my dad said when he went in he heard her crying. he was calling for her. he said mariah, mariah. she was crying. and then he said he didn't hear her no more. >> coming up at 7:30, we'll get another live report from the
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scene and hear more about the family's desperate attempt to save that little girl. extra security in place in washington, d.c. this morning after the bombings at the boston marathon yesterday. ktvu's kyla campbell is in washington and you are here to -- what are you seeing around the capitol? >> reporter: dave, we're seeing a lot of extra police officers, especially around the capitol building behind me. some were on motorcycles to better navigate streets and sidewalks. we saw officers with their k- 9s. they are checking garbage cans. extra police are onhand at the metro. and the annual parade is still scheduled to start in 40 minutes. more streets are blocked off around the white house after the secret service expanded their usual perimeter. some say the man inside faces added pressure after tragedies like boston. >> the white house's motto must
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be caution, no speculation. don't say it until you know it. >> reporter: lawmakers were supposed to be briefed this morning, that includes mike thompson from california. that's been delayed. we're putting in calls to see when that meeting might go on today. back to you. >> stay right here with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage of the bombings in boston. coming up at 7:30, brian flores explain how those attacks are leading to tougher security here in the bay area at b.a.r.t. stations. all right. right now at 7:23 when we come back, it's a chilly start to the bay area. ktvu's meteorologist steve paulson says we can expect sunny skies. we will have your full forecast coming up next. interstate 880, traffic not all that bad. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the one obvious trouble spot.
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welcome back. 7:24. unfortunately, there's been problems in the morning commute. let's check in with sal for the latest. how about the peninsula? >> well, you know, the southbound 101 commute on the peninsula, pam and dave, you know they've had the accident. the crash is here in san mateo. but the alternate route is 280 southbound. that actually does look pretty good as you drive south down the peninsula. you can rejoin 101 after 92 if you want to use 101 but i wouldn't recommend it from burlingame to san mateo at this point. as you move over to hayward and head down to the fremont area, it's not all that bad on southbound 880 between hayward and fremont. the traffic is kind of a normal delay. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up for about a 25, 30-minute delay. no problems there. also we're looking at san francisco. if you are driving down the peninsula, you are try -- maybe you are trying to get to san mateo, i would recommend using 280 southbound instead of 101
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southbound. 7:25. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. cold this morning. just heard from cloerwy up in clearlake. 29 degrees. there have been 30s in napa, calistoga, down to 32. it's clear. it will be sunny. it's breezy. there's been some snow up in the mountains. bridgeport had 4 inches. kirkwood, 6 inches. that system is almost down and the cloud cover says i'm going out to sea. 37, napa. 52, fairfield due to a breeze for fairfield. vacaville. a lot of 40s here. there's definitely a bite to the morning air. it will be sunny. a little breezy. highs, 50s, 60s. these are near average to slightly below. stoorm will be cool. sunshine on tap. a magnitude .7 quake a magnitude 7.7 quake hit iran. >> reporter: and we're live in
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san francisco where there are a couple of major events playing out. we'll tell you how security is being stepped up. >> reporter: a devastating morning for a san jose family as they lose a little girl in a fire. we'll tell you what happened moments before the fire broke out on "mornings on 2." here you go little man.
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welcome back. topping our news now -- we listened in live moments ago as the fbi updated the investigation of the deadly bombing at the boston marathon. reporter emily schmidt is in boston this morning with new information. >> reporter: good morning. that fbi press conference, one of the most important pieces of information that came from this conference, there are no known additional threats. there were two explosive devices and only two found. we're told 176 people are injured, including killing three people. we are also hearing from investigators, though, that they don't have a prime suspect at this point. in fact, they are continuing to call for information. listen in. >> we've received vo loom nus tips over the last 18 hours
7:31 am
since the incident. we've staffed our tip line and encourage individuals to contact that line with any additional tips. we're bringing additional victim and evidence response team resources from our headquarters components and other field offices working as we speak, processing evidence at the crime scene. >> reporter: the fbi's special agents said they are processing what they said was a vol luminous -- volluminous amount of evidence. pam? >> i think the other important thing they said, even though they do have a huge amount of tips coming in that they are asking everyone and anyone to come forward with any pictures and video in particular that they have from this. are they giving any advice of -- i know we have a number of people from the bay area who
7:32 am
are there running. are they giving advice how to get the picture and video and anything helpful to them? >> reporter: i think they are saying you can contact any law enforcers, you can contact the fbi. they will have that. they are looking particularly for videos and pictures that have date and time stamps on them. they don't want to have try to start over and try to figure out when a photo was taken. they want it down to precisely the minute. they want to put together the time line that might help them figure out who is behind the attacks. we know what's happening in boston as they are processing that crime scene. while that press conference was going on, more happening in washington, we can eric holder, janet napolitano, key members of president obama's cabinet all coming together to talk with him at the white house to update him with what's going on in washington. we have seen some of the roar
7:33 am
reactions -- other reactions going on. there was a moment of silence at all major league baseball games last night. we're told there will be another moment of silence at all baseball games tonight. the new york stock exchange paused for a moment of silence before trading began. all around the country and the world we're seeing people respond to what is happening here, not only on the criminal investigation but also on a very human scale. >> emily, i know you were talking about that very key piece of information, they do not believe there are any additional threats but the crime scene will likely be there for a few days. >> reporter: can you let us know-- how does it feel there? people i imagine are on edge. >> reporter: on edge. you take a look behind me and you think it's any normal day or place. people are about to enjoy a beautiful tuesday april morning. howf, you go over -- however,
7:34 am
you go over two blocks and there are 15 blocks cordoned off. we're told it's down to 12. when you are in that area, there's no doubt that something incredibly severe happened there. there are armed law enforcers at every turn. there's gates blocking you off. there's no access. it's an incredibly complicated, incredibly large scene. this is the largest crime scene this city has ever seen and they are combing through it hoping they can find the answers to find out who did it. >> all right. thank you, emily. we will continue to update this story from boston throughout the morning. 7:34. well, a 12-year-old boy from martinez is among those injured in the boston marathon bombings. family members say aaron hearn was hit by shrapnel in the thigh as he was running to meet his mother at the finish line.
7:35 am
he was taken to the hospital. last reported to be in icu. he's scheduled to have a second surgery tomorrow. hearn's younger sister father were also at the boston marathon. they were not hurt. >> as we talk about that tense situation in boston, security being tightened across the country after the bombings. brian flores now joins us to explain the steps that are being taken here in the bay area. >> reporter: it's not an easy task to step up security. we are live here in the embarcadero. not only because this is a huge tourist hub but also because there are a couple of planned events that local officials say security plans may need to be re-evaluated. one of those events, the beta breakers race. there's also the america's cup race, not to mention, nba and
7:36 am
mlb games. yesterday as well in oakland, there was extra security at the warriors and as' game as a precaution. but for the most part agencies and police will be stepping up security and re-evaluating plans before major events. >> beta breakers draws tens of thousands of not only runners but visitors to enjoy our city. we're concerned. >> we'll look at all of our plans regarding public safety and we'll make sure those plans are as tight as they've ever been. >> come out and have a good time. we don't want you to stay home. we want you to do normal things that people have been doing. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say people need to be more vigilant. if they see something not right, don't hesitate to call authorities. law enforcement officials say current security plans will be scrutinized and tweaked if needed. they are monitoring delays.
7:37 am
we also spoke with a few runners this morning who say what happened in boston remains very emotional. >> they strive to run the oldest, the most prestigious in many ways. it might not be the biggest. so to be able to qualify for it and run it, it's special. >> reporter: we also -- there's also the issue of infrastructure and transportation. i just got off the phone with a b.a.r.t. spokesperson who said there will be added security on the coming days. i got done speaking with a golden gate bridge person and he said at this point, there's no plans for extra security. we have yet to hear back from officials on that. back to you. well, the faa is also banning all planes and helicopters except for emergency equipment from flying offer the area where the two explosions happened yesterday in boston. that no-fly zone reaches up to
7:38 am
3,000 feet high. it extends about two miles in every direction on the ground. the restrictions, however, do not affect flights in and out of boston's logan air. now, stay with us again on "mornings on 2" for the very late et on the bombings and the investigation in boston. we'll be tracking. very latest developments on the fbi investigation coming up in a live report from boston in our next hour. 7:37. tragedy hit a san jose family overnight. a 7-year-old girl was killed in a house fire. ktvu's janine de la vega is at the house now and just talked to the little girl's grandmother. janine? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. a person who lives around the corner came up to talk to the grandmother who says she's a very strong woman. she wanted to leave flowers at the door. the family is feeling numb. they can't believe their little girl is gone. firefighters found her body in a detached garage behind this
7:39 am
home in japantown. firefighters were called to put out the flames on fifth and empire at 11:30 and they found the little girl in one of the bunk betds inside. she's -- bunk beds inside. she' mariah gomez. she was a first grader at grant elementary school. >> she already placed one of the girls to sleep, was preparing the other daughter and then went into the house to grab a quick item. that's when the younger daughter came in and she found the -- basically her hair burning. >> my dad said when he heard in, he heard her crying, so he was calling for her. he said mariah, mariah. and then after that he said he didn't hear her no more. >> reporter: firefighters are still investigating what may have caused the fire to start. we were told by the grandmother that police were interviewing the mother as part of the investigation. we're still waiting to hear back from the fire department
7:40 am
about whether or not that detached garage had smoke alarms inside because we know it was converted into a bedroom. but a spokesman foreign the fire department told us earlier that firefighters had torn off the roof to ventilate the garage, so unknown if there were smoke alarms in there. we'll have more on this coming up in the next hour on "mornings on 2." reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:39. new this morning, at least 40 people are known to be dead in iran. it was a 7.7 quake centered in a remote part of iran near the border with pakistan. now, this comes after -- just a week after a 6.1 quake near iran's only nuclear reactor killed at least 37 people. now, at least seven people are feared dead in pakistan, which was also rocked by that quake. it caused roofs to collapse in karachi, injuring about 50
7:41 am
people. pakistani radio is reporting more than a thousand homes were damaged. the quake was felt as far away as dubai and bahrain. right now we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> we're looking at traffic that's moving along slowly on 101 and san mateo. we've been telling you about it all morning since it happened hours ago. southbound 101, the crash of a big rig carrying scrap metal. two right lanes, southbound 101 at 92 are blocked and the truck is going to take a while to clear. they say 10:00 before they have this all cleaned up. and gotten out of the way here. southbound 101 not recommended
7:42 am
coming out of burlingame. you are going to see slow traffic this morning as you drive through. give yourself plenty of extra time. let's take a look at the commute, the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for about a 25-minute delay. nothing out of the ordinary once you get on the bridge, it looks good. livermore traffic westbound, slow traffic coming in. the drive time between grant linant 680 is about 52 minutes. , almost an hour -- 52 minutes, almost an hour there. in san jose, the slowest traffic is on 101 north. >> let's go to steve. under clear skies. clear wake, 29 degrees. some snow up in the sierra nevada. about 4 to 6 inches. mount rose and kirkwood, 6 inches. some of that looks to be almost done. there was a little event here this morning. but most of that stopped. we can see the cloud cover going offshore. that tells us the wind is turning more north-northeast. if you get the breeze, 50s. fairfield, out to the valley, it will be breezy. napa, 37. they were down 35 earlier.
7:43 am
40s for many. concord, san jose, 43. san rafael, 44. santa rosa, they would be cooler than that. kind of a chilly, cold morning. breezy, mainly the higher elevations and also out to the valley. sunshine, still breezy, have not lost that yet. a cooler pattern settles in for yesterday and today and a windy april. last monday and yesterday, things are cranking up here. but things look to be calming down. it will be sunny and breezy. that will eventually start to warm temperatures up. one system kicks out. exit stage right. boot scoots out of the area and then high pressure says you know what? i think i'm gonna build over california and hang out for about a week. sunny, breezy. chilly. more so i think you will notice it slightly. that breeze can take the edge off. but tomorrow morning, another cold morning and sunshine and warmer weather. these are near average temperatures. tomorrow they will go above. and yes, 82 on thursday. some 8 as inland.
7:44 am
probable -- 80s inland. i don't see much change as we go into the weekend and beyond there, pam. >> thank you, steve. 7:43. the lost cost of living in the area still on the rise. but the good news real estate analysts say renters will find in the latest report. plus -- what federal investigators say is to blame for last year's refinery fire in richmond.
7:45 am
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welcome back to "mornings on "mornings on 2." dow jones is up 63 light now --
7:47 am
right now. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also up right now. just want to get a quick indication. some of the stocks to watch. coke reported better than expected quarterly results. that stock up 5.25%. target warns their upcoming quarter won't be good. that stock down. intel, the bay area's intel reports after the closing bell today. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also up about .5 right now. there's new evidence that the slow growing economy is keeping inflation intact. u.s. consumer prices slipted 2/10 in march. the government says the reason gas prices fell, and food prices unchanged. the government also announced new home construction hit its highest level since june 2008. u.s. home builders broke ground on more than 1 million new units. apartment construction was up
7:48 am
more than 37% in march. but single-family home construction down almost 5% after hitting a five-year high in february. and bay area rents continue to rise but there is some good news for renters. rent increased less than 8% during this year. that's a slowdown each of the past two years from double- digits. the lowest rentals are in contra costa county with a three bedroom unit costing res than $1800 a month -- less than $1800 a month. in san mateo, 3300 a month. a school in japan now is claiming a small boat that washed up in northern california last week. it's a 20-foot boat believed to be part of the debris from the 2011 tsunami in japan. photos of it were posted of it on facebook. the word has the words tekada
7:49 am
high school written on the side of it. the school says it's part of their science program and want the boat back. we're getting more information about the lion air jet that crashed in bali. the pilot says the wind actually dragged down the plane as he was preparing to land. the jet belly flopped in the water. it broke in two. all passengers an crew on board survived. in a new report that's hout, federal -- out, federal reporters say they failed to report aging equipment before last summer's massive fire. the report says the walls of the pipe that burst had thinned to about half the thickness of a dial. it also says chevron repeatedly overlooked the problem and has a culture of "it waking for things to break." ktvu has posted the entire report on line. it was a bit scary for some
7:50 am
shoppers in san francisco. all because of a strange pet. also -- some new developments in sunnyvale. why firefighters returned to the scene of a strip mall fire hours after putting the fire out. ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate.
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welcome back. san francisco police have detained several people this morning after a pursuit where shots were fired at a police car. now, police say this happened about 12:20 this morning in the bayview district when undercover police stopped three cars. one of the drivers took off and the police chased him. at one point, a shot was fired at the back of a police car. no one was hurt. the pursuit finally ended at 9th and bryant streets. eight people were detained in connection with that incident. this morning, three teenaged boys accused of sexually assaulting a saratoga high school student who later committed suicide will be in court. want to take you live outside
7:53 am
the santa clara county courtroom this morning where that hearing will start in just about 30 minutes. the boys are uck a of sexual assault -- are accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old audrie pott while she was drunk and passed out at a party last year. during a news conference yesterday, pott's mother said the boys wrote crude messages on her daughter's body after the attack and then e-mailed and texted the photos. pott committed suicide eight days later. >> these individuals calculated their assault, harassed the victim with the photos and then took steps to cover up the evidence. >> her parents plan to sue the boys' families and they want the teens to be tried as adults. the attorneys representing the boys say the accusations are inaccurate. this morning a judge will decide if the boys will remain in custody or be released to their parents. we'll have an update at noon. firefighters in sunnyvale are keeping a close eye on a
7:54 am
restaurant that caught fire last night at a strip mall. that fire started at 10:00 last night at lovely sweets and snacks in san rafael. it took firefighters more than two hours to put it out. about an hour ago, the flared up again. we understand it's under control again. firefighters just left the scene. fortunately anybody was hurt. the cause is still being investigated. we want to take you to the white house now. just a couple of minutes, the white house lowered the flag this morning. it's now at half-staff. you see it here in honor of the boston marathon bombing victims. this just happened a few minutes ago. the white house lowering its flag to half-staff in memories of the victims of the bombing of the boston marathon. just wanted to take you there live. >> they said in the press conference they've received in boston messages from all around the world. people asking how they can help and letting them know they are thinking about the people in
7:55 am
boston this morning. coming up on 8:00. sal's been following that situation in san mateo, the dur you -- the detour you should take. >> that's right. southbound 101. the traffic has become a little bit better because people have heard about the crash. southbound 101 is still not recommended. want to show you pictures taken earlier of newschopper2 after the crash. southbound one at 92. the trauck overturned and -- truck overturned and spilled all kinds of scran metal. still there. they say it will be until about 10:00 until they are able to clean this up, get the truck out of the way. southbound 101 out at burlingame is not recommended. use el camino real. let's take a look at the commute now at the toll plaza. it is backed up. you can see traffic is going to be busy this morning for about a 30-minute delay. nothing major on the bridge but very slow. if you are on your way to the job in the valley, northbound 101 is the busiest.
7:56 am
280 seslow. so is 85 -- is slow. so is 85. 880 in oakland's traffic is moving along nicely. let's go to steve. >> a couple of snow reports coming in from the sierra nevada. we're here clear and cold. but the keys 2 to 3 inches there. mount rose and kirkwood, 6 inches and 29 in clearlake. how about that? a lot of low 30s. even 46 in san francisco. there's a little chill in the morning air. the cloud cover is heading out to sea. there's still going to be a decent breeze out to the valley. eastern solano, contra costa county. sacramento valley, 30s and 40s. temperatures really cool for this time of year. san francisco yesterday was only 54 which is way below average. temperatures will be near average today which is about 6 to -- 63 to 71. you can see the system moving through the sierra nevada.
7:57 am
after that, things look to calm down. it will start to warm you. 50, 60s today. if you are in the shade, it's chilly. if you are in the ton sun, it's not -- sun, it's not too bad. thursday, 80s through the inland areas. not much change friday into the weekend. >> all right, steve. 7:56. telephone problems in gilroy this morning. what the police are advises people to do if you can't -- advising people to do if you can't get through to 911. just about an hour ago, the fbi is updating the fetion into the boston -- investigation into the boston marathon bombings. >> reporter: we are live in san jose where vandals broke into a pg&e transformer. we'll explain why federal agents may be called in when "mornings on 2" continues. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
7:58 am
they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning. the fbi said a short time ago that tips are pouring in. they are questioning a number of people but so far no one in custody in connection with yesterday's attack at the boston marathon. those twin bombs went off about ten seconds apart near the marathon's finish line. three people are confirmed dead. and now officials say 150 people are injured. right now, 17 people are still listed in critical condition at boston-area hospitals. a little while ago, we heard from the head trauma surgeon at massachusetts general hospital. he said there were four amputations performed at that particular facility. he also said that he believes, it's his opinion, those two bombs contained metal fragments. >> there are a variety of sharp object that is we found in their bodies, probably this bomb had multiple metallic fragments in them and we
8:01 am
removed nails. >> investigators are continuing to analyze video like this captured of the bombing. investigators are still collecting evidence. overnight law enforcement agents searched an apartment house in revere. investigators there were pulling a number of bags, duffel bag from this home. this is still an active and fluid investigation according to investigators with a lot of leads being followed up. but so far, the fbi is not talking about who may be responsible for the bombing or if this was a foreign or domestic attack. investigators are still asking anyone with video of the blast to come forward. >> assistance from the public remains critical in establishing a time line of events which leads to swift
8:02 am
conclusion through due diligence and strong investigative activity. we commend the public and the citizens of boston and the commonwealth for the information that's been provided to law enforcement so far. >> but the fbi did say this morning, there were never any unexploded bombs found along the marathon route despite an early report that came out. at this point, federal authorities are confident there are no additional threats there in the city of boston. we're live in the newsroom, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. it was a horrible scene of chaos and carnage as the two bomb exploded. the powerful blast just seconds apart made it clear to the hundreds of horrifying people at the scene. this was a deliberate act. medical personnel there to help the runners they were immediately confronted with a life-or-death situation. >> i think what really surprised me was the number of
8:03 am
people and just the -- really the amount of blood, the amount of injuries. >> make sure you stay right here with "mornings on 2" on ktvu for live team coverage of the boston marathon bombings. we're gone bring you a live report from boston coming up at 8:30. google is being praised for a website that's helping friends and families contact loved ones in boston. google's boston marathon person finder lets people post and search for those affected by the disaster. it has two main buttons. one is "i am looking for someone." the other is" i have information about someone." that site currently tracking about 5300 records. this morning, cities all over the nation are rethinking security now. next month's beta breakers race in san francisco is a special source of concern. >> beta breakers draws tens of thousands of not only runners
8:04 am
but visitors here to enjoy our city. we are concerned. >> as you can imagine, police are increasing patrols in areas that attract large crowds including b.a.r.t. officials are saying anyone who sees anything suspicious immediately call 911. >> there's also increased security in washington, d.c. coming up, the increased security measures at the white house this morning. new this morning -- we're learning more about a telephone system problem in gilroy. people in gilroy apparently cannot make a 911 call if they are using a landline. the phone company is trying to figure out what happened. there is currently no time frame when the phone lines will work again. but in the meantime, gilroy police are advising people to call 911 from a cell phone if they can or to call one of the nonemergency police or fire department numbers. 8:04. new this morning, we're finding out the possible cause of a transformer leak at a pg&e
8:05 am
substation near san jose. >> tara moriarty joins us live near metcalf road to tell us why vandalism may be to blame. >> we're also hearing reports that federal agents may be taking part in this investigation due to the seriousness of exactly what happened. in light of what happened in boston, there is a lot of frayed nerves of we'll keep you posted on that. right now we want to show you new video that we just got in and it shows oil spewing out of at least one transformer. it appears to be leaking under seven transformers. pg&e told ktvu that vandals broke into the substation off coyote ranch road near highway 101 and metcalf around 1:30. bullets pierced the trangz former creating this -- transformer creating this leak. right now hazmat crews are trying to vacuum up the oil because the danger is that a leak poses a fire hazard. but in speaking with firefighters, the chances of
8:06 am
that happening are pretty slim because the oil would need to heat up to more than 600 degrees to unite to ignite, i should say. now, calfire is the lead agency on this. they are containing the leablg, trying to ensure -- leak, trying to ensure that no pg&e customers have service interrupted. they will be mitigating environment impact. so far, no neighbors have had to be evacuated. this is the corner of monterey and metcalf. this is where sheriff deputies are stopping the traffic and turning them around. they are not letting them in between metcalf and bran chard. you can see all of those -- blanchard. you can see all of these folks having to turn around. we're on monterey, which runs parallel to 101, so authorities are suggesting that you take the bernal exit instead of the next one to avoid this area altogether as it's gonna be several hours before they can get the situation under control. right now we're reporting live from near san jose, i'm tara
8:07 am
moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:06. sal is covering the commute. how is it looking in san mateo, is it getting any better? >> it is. we've opened up one more lane, southbound 101 at 92. the two plains were blocked because of a -- lanes were blocked because of a truck accident. it's still busy south of burlingame. it's backed up a little bit more. 280 is a mess as you drive out of san bruno. people are taking 280 instead of 101. i would still do it unless you happen to be going only for a short distance. if you are leaving 101 in san francisco, let's say you are only going to south city, any farther than that, i would get on 280 if i were you. let's take a look at the bay bridge improvement. it's a 20-minute delay at the toll plaza. if you are driving through contra costa county, a little bit of slowing left here on highway 4 coming up from baypoint over to concord. not too bad. but certainly some slow traffic
8:08 am
as you drive through. let's go to steve. pam made me laugh, sal. >> good morning. we do have a clear pattern here. snow up in the mountains. a couple of inches at the keys. lake level, 6 inches. kirk road and mount rose. but after that, things kind of clear, breezy, cold. upper 20s. rever report, 34 rinkin valley. 29 clearlake. 30 in middletown. calistoga was down to 32. all of the cloud cover is going out to sea or east. you can see some of that clipping the mother load. some of that snowshower activity looks to be over. right back over to mammoth. there's kirkwood picking up some snow. looks like it's still piling up a little bit there. calistoga is in the 40s. we're starting to see some 40s to the north. 39, sebastopol, no doubt, chilly, chilly this morning.
8:09 am
and plenty of 40s to go around. if there's a breeze, it's holding up temperatures. half moon bay, a. 29 tahoe. you can see that signature on the cool care down to the sawn joaquin valley -- san joaquin valley. heck, almost to palm springs. our almost will be another huge weathermaker. northern nevada into utah and idaho with snow into montana. for us it looks like things are really going to calm down, including the breeze and start to warm up. a little bit warmer on the highs. 50s, 60s. yesterday we were 5 to 10 degrees below average. tomorrow another cold morning especially in wind protected areas and then a lot of warmer weather. low 80s inland for thursday and friday. not much of a change for the upcoming weekend. 8:09. here on "mornings on 2," san jose firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire that killed a 7-year-old girl overnight. that fire started just before
8:10 am
11:30 last night at a detached garage behind a home on fifth and empire streets. when firefighters arrived, they found a 7-year-old girl dead inside that garage where we understand a family was living. family members, of course, are devastated. >> my dad said when he went in, he heard her crying. he was calling for her. he said mariah, mariah. she was crying. by the time he did the fire call, he didn't hear her no more. >> two people were treated for smoke inhalation. and two people were killed in another san jose house fire. this one started about 8:30 last night at a home on south daniel way. firefighters pulled an elderly woman out of the house but they were not able to save her. another person was found dead in the house after the flames were put out. the san jose firefighters sent us these photos of the fire. they say the strong winds made it very hard to put those
8:11 am
flames out. neighbors say they heard what sounded like a loud explosion just as the fire started. >> i jumped up and grabbed the phone and called 911. but before the call actually went through, somebody started to pound on the door telling us to get out because the house next door was on fire. >> the fire is still -- the cause of the fire is under investigation. when we come back, more on the boston marathon bombings. how this deadly tris tick attack -- terroristic attack -- terrific attack -- terroristic attack is affecting immigration. $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls. and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week.
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8:14 am
sunny, a little bit warmer today, maybely -- maubly 60s -- mainly 60s. there's word of a suspicious package at la guardia airport in new york city. there's an e-mail coming from the sports authority from new york and new jersey that says a package was found in the central terminal building there at la guardia there, it's been evacuated. officials are on the scene. this is a developing story. the bomb squad is there. the police are there. they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. we're keeping an eye on la guardia airport in new york, word of a suspicious package. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as we get it in. certainly the country on edge this morning. extra security as we continue our coverage of the boston
8:15 am
bombings. we are getting a view of one of the explosions from a runner's perspective. >> this is video from one. people participating in the race. it was posted on youtube. you can see the excitement of approaching the finish line quickly turning into terror. that sound of the explosion, again, caught on the video there. we're also hearing now that president obama is going to deliver a statement from the white house on the boston marathon bombings. that's coming up in 15 minutes, right at 8:30. now, ktvu's kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom. the president also has ordered flags at public buildings to fly at half-staff in honor of the victims. kyla? >> reporter: you might be able to see over my shoulder. the flags were lowered last
8:16 am
night. about 20 minutes ago, the white house lowered flags there in honor of the victims from the boston marathon bombings. there are extra police onhand throughout washington. we saw some on motorcycles that were able to better navigate streets and sidewalks. we saw officers with k 9s searching cans. there is also added security throughout the metro service today. and the see cst service expanded their security around the white house. we just spoke to a family from the boston area. >> a little nervous. unexpected. things you can't plan for. just gotta live life. >> i feel fairly secure. i think do a good job of closing down the areas of possible danger. >> reporter: they say there's no link between whafd in boston and there's no threats against the washington communeny.
8:17 am
that could be one reason why they decided to hold the emancipation parade this morning. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. an alamo man plans to return to the bay area today after witnessing the boston marathon bombings. he said he just finished the race when he heard the explosion and then he saw the horrific aftermath including runners that were injured. >> i was running with a man just -- just minutes before. i can't get that image out of my mind. >> stay with us here at ktvu for continuing coverage of the bombings in boston. we'll have live updates throughout the newscast. don't forget he, any time of day you can get updates at 8:17. the bipartisan gang of 8
8:18 am
senators postponed a news conference set for today to release their immigration reform plan out of respect for the boston marathon bombing. this could give 11 million estimated undocumented immigrants a 13-year pass to citizenship. and they would have to pay $2,000 in fines and pay extra fines and the program would begin only after steps were taken to secure the border. and new legislation designed to close loopholes in california's gun control laws will go before a state senate committee. there are eight separate provisions in the bill. one new regulation would ban the possession of large capacity ammunition magazines over ten rounds. another would require anyone who wants to buy ammunition in california to first pass a complete background check. there's also a proposal to require a firearms safety certificate for all new gun purchases. meantime, republican
8:19 am
opposition is growing to a bipartisan plan for expanding background checks for gun guyers -- gun buyers. first, there's an amendment by both a $ic and republican senator -- by a democratic and republic senator. a vote probably won't high pressure until later this week. there is a chilling new threat from north korea. the government is now warning it would not give any advanced notice if it decides to attack south korea. the official news agency says it was responding to what it calls insults from the puppet government in sowblg. the north is -- in south korea. the north is claiming the south korea is taking orders from u.s. leaders. and this is a ch-53 super stallion. it made what the marines call a hard landing near the south korea's border with the north.
8:20 am
the chopper was taking part in a drill with south korea. the military says all 21 people on board survived but six of them do remain in the hospital in stable condition. the cause of the crash is being investigated. 8:19. mobile malware is on the rise all around the world and those android phones are the biggest target. there's a new report that shows mobile malware increased by 163% in the past year. it's taking a toll on google hardware. android malware makes up 95% of the total amount of phones infected. security is threatened in almost 33 million android devices. experts say really important stay on top of those updates to the system because that's crucial. that is important. backing up your system. >> yes. 8:20. the oakland coliseum increased security at two of last night egames. the extra -- ex-- at two of
8:21 am
last night's games. the extra security taken. another sunny but breezy day in the bay area. meteorologist steve paulson is coming back. he will tell you what to expect later on. good morning. if you are driving in san jose. , it looks -- it looks pretty good. we'll tell you about that and trouble on the peninsula. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
8:22 am
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8:23 am
the oakland coliseum has
8:24 am
tightened security. both as and warriors had home games last night. before fans got there, bomb- sniffing dogs checked the seats, the parking lots, trash cans, everything. oakland even doubled the amount of police officers who were there. >> come out have a good time. we want you to come out. we don't want you to stay home. we want you to come and do normal things. tonight's boston celtics home game against the pacers has been canceled and won't be rescheduled. last night's nhl game between the bruins and the senators was postponed. there were moments of silence at other pro sports games all over the nation last need including the warriors and the as' games. and british police say they are now reviewing their security ahead of the london
8:25 am
marathon. but they don't expect to add security for the funeral of margaret thatcher tomorrow. they say the two events are quite different and extensive security is already in place for the thatcher funeral. let's check in with sal. >> there's slow traffic on 101. i want to mention traffic will be busy on the montague expressway as well and on 101. let's move along and the commute at the bay bridge, westbound backed up for about a 15-minute delay. southbound 101 at 92, the overturned truck that's been there for about three hours, blocking the right lane. it was blocking two lanes. but southbound 101 is still slow out of bur ging -- burlingame.
8:26 am
a truck carrying scrap metal flipped over in the 6:00 hour. an accident that just came in, this is knot on the maps -- not on the maps. westbound 580 at fruitvale. a motorcycle and two cars involved in an accident. medics are on the way. watch for slow traffic in this area. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a cold morning. clear skies, told -- cold. la honda, 34 degrees. mt. diablo just tweeted, 32 degrees as a north wind at 43 miles an hour. that's a tough morning if you are taking a hike or bike ride. but it will be sunny. a little system in the sierra nevada. 2 to 6 inches. at kirkwood it was still snowing at last check. santa rosa, 34. 32 calistoga. a lot of 40s right now. it's a chilly, chilly morning. there's still a component of a little bit of a breeze, north- northwest. a little system in the sierra nevada will start to move out. 50s, 60s to near 7 -- to 70.
8:27 am
vacaville out to the valley. tonight, clearing, cold again tomorrow but sunshine and warmer weather will start to warm up wednesday, thursday into friday. not much change. in fact, this may be the system for a while. very quiet pattern. we're following new developments in the boston marathon bombings. the fbi just held a news conference and president obama is about to make another public statement at any moment. >> reporter: in the wake of the boston marathon bombings, security is being stepped up from b.a.r.t. to beta breakers. we'll tell you more about that -- coming up. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where the family is grieving the loss of their little girl. we'll tell you what happened in this fire and the attempts to save her. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
8:29. happening right now -- president obama is scheduled to deliver a statement on the boston marathon bombings from the white house. we're looking at live pictures, obviously, report, the cameras are lined up -- reporters, the cameras are lined up. now, earlier we showed you here on "mornings on 2," the flag on top of the white house was lowered this morning to half staff as -- in memory of those who were injured or killed in the boston marathon bombing. again, we're expecting to see president obama walk out to the podium at the white house to speak at any moment. we've heard that investigators are appealing to the public to provide any information they may have from the boston marathon bombing, particularly photos or video of anything that they may have seen, very extensive investigation
8:31 am
continues right now as we wait for the president obama to come out. we're back at the white house. here's the president. >> including fbi director mueller, attorney general holder, secretary napolitano and my counterterrorism and homeland security adviser, lee cau monaco on the -- lisa monaco. we continue to employ our resources to protect our citizens, investigate and respond to this it. our first thoughts to this morning -- this morning are to the victims, their families and the sitzy of boston -- city of boston. we know that two bombs gravely wounded americans and took the lives of others, including an 8- year-old boy. that was a heinous and cowardly act. given what we now know about what took place, the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. any time bombs are used to
8:32 am
target innocent civilians, it's an act of terror. what we don't yet know, however, is who carried out the attack or why. whether it was planned and executed by a tris tick -- terror terror organization or an individual. we don't know. we're at the beginning of the investigation. we'll take time to follow every lead and determine what happened. but we will find out. we will find whoever harmed our citizens and we will bring them to justice. we also know this -- the american people refuse to be terrorized because what the world saw yesterday in the aftermath of the explosions were stories of heroism and kindness and generosity and love. exhausted runners who kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood and those who stayed to tend to the wounded,
8:33 am
some tearing off their own clothes to make tourniquets, the first responders who ran into the chaos to save lives, the men and women were still treating the men and women at the best hospitals in the world. and some said when we heard, we all came in. the priests who opened their churches and ministered to the hurt and the fearful and the good people to boston who opened their hearts to the victims and those shaken by it. if you want to know what america is and who we are, that's it. we act selflessly compassionately, unafraid. in the coming day, we will pursue every effort to get to the bottom of what happened and will continue to remain vigilant. i've directed iadministration to take security measures to protect the american people. this is a good time for all of us to remember that we all have a part to play in alerting
8:34 am
authorities. if you see something suspicious, speak up. i have extraordinary conference in the men and women of the fbi, the boston police department and the other agencies that responded so heroically in the aftermath of yesterday's events. i'm very grateful for the leadership of governor patrick and mayor menino. i know that even as we protect our people and aggressively pursue our investigation, the people of boston will continue to respond in the same proud and heroic way that they have thus far. their fellow americans will be right there with them. thank you very much. you can expect further briefings from our law enforcement officials as the day goes on. when we have more details they will be disclosed. what i'vecated now is what --
8:35 am
what i'vecated now is -- what i've indicated now is what we know. we don't know if this was an organization or an individual or individuals. we don't have a sense of motive. everything else is speculation. as we receive more information, as the fbi has more information as our counterterrorism teams have more information, we'll make sure to keep you and th american people posted. thank you very much, everybody. >> yes, pam. >> you are listening in live and watching the president at the white house there this morning commenting about the bombings in boston and what we know now and he reiterated what the fbi told us just about an hour and a half ago that at this point they are not talking about any suspects, no one is in custody. they do not have a clear motive about the two bombings we hing set off -- being set of. he's talking about the resilience of the american
8:36 am
people and the number of people who came in to help those injured and those who continue to help in boston. 8:35. we want to continue our team coverage of the boston marathon bombings. emily schmidt is in boston. you know more about what the fbi was saying a short time ago. emily? >> reporter: dave and pam, good afternoon to you. good morning to you. what we are hearing as we listen to president obama speak in the white house, moments ago, and what we heard from the fbi speakinger whyer today -- speaking earlier today, if you are listening to hear why did what happened yesterday what happen and who did it, they are not ready to give you answers yesterday. president obama said they don't know who did it, they don't know if it's an individual, individuals or a group. they don't know why, they don't know a motive. they don't know whether it's foreign. they don't know weather it's something that's a home grown domestic terrorist. here's something president obama was clear about -- this
8:37 am
was an act of terrorism. he says any time bombs are peaking used to target american civilians, that qualifies as an act of terrorism. he said that it's an important time to remember that as americans, everyone has an obligation to do what we hear the department of homeland security say so often, if you see something, say something. speak up. that's what we heard the fbi saying today. they want all witnesses, people who were in the area of the bombings yesterday who took pictures who had video to turn that over because they are trying to construct a time line so they can start to get answers to some of those questions everyone is asking. pam and dave? >> all right. emily schmidt. thank you. certainly, keeping in mind, as she just mentioned, be vigilant. police are asking everyone to be vigilant. security certainly increased across the country, following. boston bombings. and brian flores is now at the
8:38 am
embarcadero in san francisco to talk about how the attacks are leading to an increased police presence here in the bay area. brian? >> reporter: hi, pam. good morning. well, you know it's certainly not an easy task stepping up security but in the wake of the boston marathon bombings it has to be done to keep people safe. we're live here at the embarcadero mainly because there's a lot of people that congregate here. it's a huge tourist hub but there are a couple of major events on the calendar in which security measures need to be scrutinized and re-evaluated. one of those, the beta breakers running event that's scheduled. there's the san francisco mare ran thousand in june and the america's cup place in the summer. and the nba and mlb games as well. yesterday, in oakland, there was extra security at the warriors' and as' game as a precaution. mor the most part, police will be stepping up security in the
8:39 am
coming days. re-evaluating security plans before major events. beta breakers draws tens of thousands of not only runners but visitors to enjoy our city. and so we are concerned. we'll look at all of our plans for upcoming events with regard to public safety. again and again, we'll make sure those plans are as tight as they have ever been. come out, we want you to come out. we want you to come out and do normal things people have been doing. >> law enforcement officials also say that people need to be more vigilant and if they see something that isn't normal, call the authorities. law enforcement authorities say that current security plans for some of those events will be scrutinized and tweeted if needed. but they are closely monitoring the latest in boston, including where the bombs were placed and who was responsible. we also spoke with some runners this morning. one that we talked to that ran in the boston marathon. he said what happened yesterday
8:40 am
remains very emotional. they strive to run the oldest. the most prestigious. it might not be the biggest. so to be able to qualify for it and to be able run it. a lot of people -- it's special. >> reporter: we also have the issue infrastructurance transportation. i just watt done speaking with a b.a.r.t. spokesperson who says there will be increased security in the coming days. i also got down speaking with a golden gate official who says at this point there's no plans to increase security on the bridge. that could change if the situation changes as well. we have yet to hear back from the authority on the bay bridge whether security changes will take place there. pline flores. ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose family, reeling from a tragedy this morning. a 7-year-old girl died in an overnight house fire. ktvu's janine de la vega is at the home now and talked with the little girl's family.
8:41 am
janine? >> reporter: dave, her grandmother told me that she just had taken her granddaughter to the zoo over the past weekend. they had such a good time. it's very hard for her to believe her granddaughter is gone. they are grieving inside this home this morning. you can't see any damage on this house on fifth street in japantown. that's because the fire happened in a structure behind the house. now, the family has identified the girl as 7-year-old mariah angel gomez. she was a first grader at greant elementary school -- grant elementary school. firefighters say her mom put her to sleep in the garage converted into a bedroom along with her 4-year-old sister. investigators say the mother went into the main house for a moment and upon returning found a 4-year-old outside with her hair burning. that's when the mother realized there was a fire. firefighters arrived shortly after and found one of the girls with her hair on fire. neighbors came outside to offer
8:42 am
their support. >> it really hit home. we need to stick together with all of the tragedies going on. someone gave me some flowers. i thought i would bring them to her and let her know if there's anything she needs from me, she's tired, cleaned, anything i'm here for her. >> reporter: mariah's grandmother said her grandfather tried to get her out of the room. he herd hear crying but could not get to her in time, the flames were too hot. he and her 4-year-old sis -- he and the 4-year-old sister were taken to the hospital. we're still waiting to hear from the fire department about a cause. they were out here last night. unsure if they will be back here today. still unclear what caused the fire. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:42. let's check back in with sal for a look at the commute. hopefully improving from the problems we had earlier, sal.
8:43 am
>> yeah, it's a little bit improved. right now traffic is moving along relatively well. we have a backup, though, at the toll plaza of about 15 to 20 minutes. there are no major problems this morning. if you are driving through at the -- the traffic continues to look pretty good for the most part. once you make it on onto the bridge. this is a look now at san francisco traffic northbound a little bit slow approaching the 80 split. southbound 101 if you are driving down the peninsula, if you are not going far, you should be okay. any farther than that, you are gonna run into slow traffic because of that truck accident at 92 so give yourself extra time. i want to put it on the map for you. southbound 101 burlingame to 92, not advised. let's go to steve. 20s, a lot of 30s especially the north bay. 40s for many. not as windy but still a little
8:44 am
breezy. we've had decent showers up in the sierra nevada. i think i found 7 inches kirkwood. it's about down. 40s for some. 50s for others. been a pretty good breeze for parts of fairfield and vacaville. stockton. i think that will continue. temperatures were really cool. would have been cooler if we didn't have the breeze. sunshine, a little warmer, though, today. temperatures coming up san francisco starting off at a rather cool 46 degrees. we'll go 62 today which is slightly 1 degree below average. but yesterday was only 54. we are warming things up a little bit. this may be the last rple in the jet stream to find of impact california because high pressure looks like it will be large and in charge starting a little bit today and then a lot of it tomorrow. as this low settled in, it did bring in three spokes in the wheel. it's a chilly morning. chilly, sunny, breezy. temperatures gonna -- kind of
8:45 am
rebounding. after that, it looks like temperatures will warm back up. 70s, 80s for the rest of the week. chilly, warm for some. a lot of 60s to very few, very low 70s. tomorrow will be a lot warmer for everybody else including the coast as we get more of a north-northeast wind. it will be a cold morning. but again, a lot of sunshine. take us into friday and i think we hold it there as we go into the weekend. time turning 8:45. a hearing gets underway in the sexual assault case of a saratoga high school student who took her life after being attacked. the charges facing the suspects, what the girls's parents are saying about those allegations. we're live near san jose where hazmat crews are cleaning up a leak at a pg&e substakes that authorities say was caused by vandals. we'll tell you how federal agents may now join the investigation. [ birds chirping ]
8:46 am
[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, a hearing is getting underway in the audrie potts sexual assault case. these are live pictures from outside the santa clara county courtroom where three teenaged boys are accused of sexually assaulting pott. they are due in the court this morning. the boys accused of assaulting
8:49 am
the 15-year-old saratoga high school student while she was drunk and passed out at a party last year. during a news conference yesterday, her mother said the boys wrote crude messages on her daughter's body after the attack and then e-mailed and texted photos. audrie pott committed suicide eight days later. the individuals calculated their assault, harassed the victim with the photos and then took steps to cover up the evidence. now audrey's parents say they plan to sue the boys' families. they also want the teens to be tried as adults. attorneys representing. boys say the accusations are inaccurate. this morning, a judge will decide if the boys will remain in custody or be released to their parents. we're have an update. we're watching outside that courtroom. we'll have a complete update at noon. 8:49. we want to give you an update on the deadly bombings at the
8:50 am
boston marathon. moments ago, you saw it live right here on channel 2, president obama was speaking. he vowed to catch whoever did it. as you know, three people were killed, including an 8-year-old boy. more than 170 were injured. we'll have much more on what the president said this morning in just a couple of minutes. also an overturned truck is still blocking the ramp to state route 92 on highway 101 in san mateo. the truck was carrying scrap metal when it flipped over about three hours ago. if you are driving expect delays. we're also following developing news near san jose this morning where hazardous materials crews are trying to clean up after an oil leak at a pg&e substation. tara moriarty is out there this morning talking about what caused the leak and possibly what may have spilled. >> reporter: there was a breach
8:51 am
surrounding this, sheriffs say, and they are saying five of the seven traps formers were vallejoized. we have -- were vandalized. now, this is some video from chopper 2 showing oil spewing out of at least one transformer. vandals broke in around 1:30. gunfire erupted and then 911 calls came into the san jose police department and sheriff's department. officials say a couple of thousand of gals of in -- gallons of insulating oil leaked. crews are vacuuming up the oil. the pg&e did not report the breach in the fence until around 3:30 this morning, nearly two hours after gunshots were fired. the leak does pose a fire hazard but the risk is pretty minimal at this stam, we're toll. pg&e, haz mart and -- at this time we're told. pg&e, hazmat are working on
8:52 am
this. sheriff deputies have closed monterey road between metcalf and blanchard. it runs parl to 101. we're gonna stay on top of this and let you know more. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:51. we're still talking about the terror in boston. what president obama had to say just this morning about the dead tris terroristic -- terroristic attack. good morning. we'll have more on the bay area commute and the bay area weather. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
8:53 am
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we want to give you an update on the deadly bombings at the boston marathon. just moments ago, president obama spoke to the nation about the attack. the president says there is are plenty of unanswered questions in this tragedy. >> what we don't yet know, however, is who carried out this attack or why, whether it was planned and executed by aer toistic organization -- an organization or an individual or individuals. >> just a short while ago, the flag at the white house was lowered to half staff in honor of the boston marathon victims. three people were killed, including an 8-year-old boy. more than 170 were wounded. today is also the 6th anniversary of the virginia
8:56 am
tech shooting massacre. on april 16th, 2007, a gunman shot and killed 32 people on that campus before he killed hill self. earlier this morning, there was a moment of i vens held in virginia. it was followed by the ringing of the bell for each victim of the shooting. the governor of virginia declared today, virginia tech remembrance today. the san jose mercury news is selling its long-time headquarters in silicon valley. they own 36 acres. it's been at that location in san jose for more than 40 years. newspaper executives say the sale is part of a plan to cut costs. they add the business ontations, editorial and advertising offices will stay in silly cop valley but the printing operations will move to hayward and concord. the asking price is not being made public. well, shoppers in san francisco had quite a scare when, believe it or not, a boa constrictor got loose. it happened last night at a ross department store on 4th
8:57 am
and market. apparently a lady was out shopping with her met bowa hiding in her purse. somehow it escaped. police found the snake at 8:00. no word if that woman will be cited. it's ticket tuesday. today's winners get to see grammy award winning singer lyle lovett. one lucky viewer will win a tear of tickets for august 7th at the mountain winery in saratoga. the texas-based musician brings together elements of country, swing, jazz, folk and gospel. for your chance to win go to before midnight and put in the secret word "ponte yak." >> nice. >> i heard he puts on quite a show. >> haven't seen him yet. how is the commute? >> it's still slow in some areas. traffic is getting better on some commutes. 880 northbound, a little bit slow as you approach downtown oakland. bay bridge is backed up for
8:58 am
about a 10, 15-minute delay. avoid 101 through san mateo. use 280 instead. after a cold morning, it will be breezy, 60s for the temperatures for the most part. >> thank you, steve. that's our part for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the news at noon for more developments on the boston marathon bombings. patti lee will have more reports at 5:00 -- at 5:00. as well. thank you.
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