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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 19, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ing] i'm just so scared. crowds cheer in the boston area after authorities end their hunt for two brothers. one shot dead this morning, the other now in custody. >> we are eternally grateful for the outcome here tonight. we have a suspect in custody. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. he was cornered in a boat in a
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backyard. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. his brother tamerlon was shot and killed earlier. >> reporter: their mission was take him down and they did. people recorded the gunfire from their windows. for a second night the search for the suspect focused on a 20 block area in massachusetts. this time authorities exchanged gunfire with suspect number
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two, dzhokhar tsarnaev. someone snapped this photo right after the take down. authorities say the 19-year-old suspect had been shot but was arrive. >> we're exhausted folks but we have our man. >> he walked outside, he saw blood on the boat of a backyard. he then opened the tarp and saw a man covered with blood. >> it's about accountability, i can't say how happy i am. how pleased i am that the second subject was taken alive. tonight's arrest made a 24 hour man hunt to an end. it all started yesterday when the fbi released those photos
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of the suspects. then sean collier was killed in his cruiser. moments later the two stole a mercedes suv. suspect number one, the man in the black hat was shot and killed. then the morning in boston officials extended a shelter in place order city wide that shut down schools, businesses and mass transit and soon after it was lifted this afternoon. very soon after the stand off began over in water town with the 19-year-old cornered in a boat around 8:45 eastern. law enforcement moved in. pulled the suspect from his hiding plane -- hiding place and took him into custody. about a half an hour after the second suspect was
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captured, president obama's praised the people of boston. >> they failed because as americans, we refuse to be terrorized. >> reporter: the president vowed to get all the remaining questions about the bombings answered and he cautioned americans against a rush to judgment about the brother's motive or their background. >> a u.s. government official says at this point there is no known tie between the suspects and any extremist groups. but have learned quite a bit about the brothers. our coverage continues with jana katsuyama. she's been digging into their past and she joins with us now live with new information tonight about their background. >> we certainly are learning more. many people who knew the brothers describe the boys as
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smart and athletic. not someone they would associate with the boston massachusetts bombings. his older brother practiced martial arts. today the suspect's parents spoke in shock from the russian republic. the father calling the younger son a true angel and said he spoke with his eldest son this week. >> he said everything is okay. i asked him, how is dzhokhar. did you help him so he would spend less time with friends
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and more time studying. >> reporter: he was quoted in a 2010 boxing magazine as saying, i don't have a single american friend, i don't understand them. an aunt says, tamerlan had become a devoted muslim who prayed five times a day. according to an anonymous u.s. official he said nothing was found. they said he went to russia for six months last year. his brother dzhokhar had a social media open. he posted, i'm a stress free kind of guy, this two days after the bombings. >> they put that shame on the entire ethnicity.
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>> a second uncle said that tamerlan called him last night saying i'm sorry and i love you. it's very important for us to keep the focus on the victims of the terror attack in boston and being clear that, american muslims like their fellow americans are very concerned about the safety of our communities. >> he says muslims are grieving with everyone else. she tells us there's been two reports of hate incidents since monday. she says like name calling. >> watertown was a place under
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siege. they join us now from watertown which is roughly 8 miles west of boston. patti i imagine this is a day you will never forget. >> reporter: we won't forget this day nor will the residents of watertown most of which whom spent all day indoors as police searched their homes. armed officers moved in on this watertown home where shots were fired. another round of gunshots rang out. police told us we were in the line of fire and told us to get behind a cement wall. >> we heard they lifted the stay inside rule. so as that happened i was watched the news, i looked outside. all of a sudden i noticed there were many police officers on our street. they looked up at us. all they said was grab your
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shoes and run. >> reporter: they watched the developments unfold from a slightly different angle. their apartment overlooking the yard where the bombing suspect was hiding. they weren't the only ones to evacuate. about a dozen people the -- left the area. the sound of a series of explosions indicated the end might be near and it was. with the terrorist captured alive. the tone of the day changed instantly. the streets that had been empty all day suddenly filled with cheering crowds. >> reporter: what we have now are streets that are at this moment empty but just a few moments ago we had cars going by. you may think that's not a big tale but all today this has been a ghost town. after four days finally a return to normalcy.
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reporting live in watertown, patti lee. >> what was it like being there. when police tell you you're in the line of fire and you're running for your life. what was that like today? >> reporter: frank it was terrifying. the first moment as we were rushing up that hill behind the officers. we were thinking about nothing except trying to catch up with them. but once we heard the volley of fire. once they started screaming at us to get out of the way that we could potentially get shot is when the reality hit. and we definitely ducked for cover. >> all right, patti lee, live in watertown massachusetts, thank you patti. three people are being asked about the bombings after the fbi conducted search warrant. it's private off campus housing
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for the university of massachusetts darmuth. that's near new bedford. dzhokhar tsarnaev is a student there. and lives on campus but may have lived at this second complex at some point. the school says it will stay closed tomorrow. we now know the name of the campus police officer who u w-z shot and killed last night when police say the tsarnaev brothers took flight. his name was officer collier. the police chief says he was the kind of guy who was born to be a police officer. in contrast the news about the martinez boy who was injured in the marathon
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bombings is promising. his mother says the 11-year-old had his his first meal today. when a friend asked if he was still in pain, he said yes but pointed to his heart and pointed to his heart and said he felt great in there. it's not my fault. it just wasn't her fault. >> honoring audrey pots. the lesson her family wants everybody to learn. >> and the proposal to end the ban on publicly gay boy scouts. >> and the weekend is right around the corner. i'm going to show you how hot it's going to be for the weekend.
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new at 10:00, family, friends and supporters all held a vigil for aubrey pots who committed suicide after being sexually abused. >> reporter: frank 200 people came to s era toga high school tonight. the 15-year-old would have been alive today and still attending school here had she not been assaulted, say friends. >> you were the greatest friend i could have ever asked for. >> reporter: sadness and anger are the overriding emotions tonight. pots committed suicide last fall after an alleged sexual
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assault by three 16-year-old boys who attended s era toga high. >> at 15 i was raped in my home. i didn't tell anybody because i thought it was my fault. >> reporter: she says audrey's ordeal brought up her own memories. >> this one is for aubrey. >> reporter: they tell me her death leaves a void that can't be filled but hope there is a lesson to be learned. >> i want boys to understand to not do that and that's completely horrible. and that it leaves, and when you doll that to girls it makes them traumatized. >> reporter: friends say they want the three boys to be charged as adults and hope that audrey will forever be on their
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mind. >> i'm pretty mad actually. i think these kids deserve either if they don't get life in prison i would like for them to at least be labeled as sex offenders for the rest of their life so they can live with a mark. >> reporter: family and friends have started a foundation in aubrey pot's family to provide funds for teen counseling. they say their goal is to see that aubrey gets justice. the boy scouts of america has proposed ending its ban on openly gay scouts but would continue to bar gay adults from serving as leaders. it took into accounts results of the community survey. they said 200,000 people who answered supported the current policy by 61 to 34%. last year a moraga boy scout has hid eagle scout nomination denied because he's gay. we spoke to his father about
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today's announcement. >> it feels like they're trying to find an easy way out. they're trying to satisfy a lot of voices without really paying attention to the common consensus. >> reporter: the 1,400 member national council will vote on the resolution next month. california's unemployment rate is at its lowest level in five years. according to numbers released today the unemployment rate was 9.4% last month. that's down from 9.6% in february. it's also well below march of last year when the state's unemployment rate was 10.7%. even so the state's unemployment rate was high, at 7.6% last month. so solano county has the lowest unemployment rate. marin county has the lowest at
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5.2%. voters approved the pension reform. major chuck reed put the measure on the ballot without the bargaining agreement. mayor reed says the city negotiated with unions for hundreds of hours. the city had argued a state hearing was adequate to resolve the issue. but camela harris disagreed and allowed the suit so move forward. wall street ended the week with gains. nasdaq rose 39. google and microsoft led the increase. a brother and sister gunned downright in front after their home. jade hernandez tells us police are struggling to find out why those teens are targeted. >> reporter: the map shows where the shot spotter places the or origin of the fire.
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marvin, who retired from the army heard the shots. >> we stayed inside and waited for it to stop pretty much. >> reporter: a family pointed out these photos of holly. >> it's been a very quiet neighborhood. they said parchester village was a bad place but not for us. >> reporter: he said he moved here to move away from crime in hunter's point. >> there's so much hatred. >> reporter: this woman said crime is here too. she knew the mother of the victims. >> what i saw was a woman who decided to raise her children. >> reporter: investigators tackled their fourth homicide in 10 days. the brother and sister were not involved in any kind of
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criminal activity. >> it might just be that other parts of the group were. they were outside with family and friends just talking. >> reporter: police are looking for the shooters who jumped out of a car. >> there's so much crime going on in this side of richmond everybody doesn't know these kids. doesn't know, everybody just wants to play guns. >> reporter: the teenager's death mark the fifth and sixth homicide here in richmond. jade hernandez, ktvu news. new information tonight on the deadly police shooting in san francisco on wednesday night. police chief greg suhr held a community hearing in the potrero hill neighborhood. police were called to a home on deharo street after 60-year-old dale wilkerson called 911 to say he stabbed his father-in-
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law. wilkerson said she stabbed him after he came at him with a hammer. temperatures tonight mostly in the 50s. it's not going to be that cold tomorrow. yellows are 70s, lots of upper 70s and low 80s for your saturday. temperatures are going to start to climb up. i'll have the specific forecast for both saturday and sunday back here at 10:45. we'll see you then. homes leveled, dozens still missing. what we're learning tonight about those killeded in a massive explosion in texas. >> i've been doing bomb disposal now for 37 years. >> from gathering intelligence to taking precautions. a bay area bomb expert tells us what investigators have to consider in a volatile situation. ♪
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continuing coverage now of the boston bombings. we spoke with a bay area bomb expert for son insight on how investigators approach the aftermath of a bomb scene. putting the puzzle together requires caution, dedication and compassion for the victim. >> atf explosives enforcement officer j.d. powell has worked more high profile cases including the oklahoma bombing which took place 18 years ago today. >> i've been doing bomb disposal work now for 37 years. and no one is ever prepared for a scene like that. >> reporter: he could not talk specifically about boston given the ongoing investigation. but he's dealt with numerous situations where a suspect may have set boobie traps. >> you don't go hard charging through the door. you have plans, you take precautions. you try to get as much intelligence as you probably can at the scene. you may feel if the place is
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booby traps and you had the resources there to use a robot to put on a bomb suit. >> reporter: these here are training materials that show that a bomb can be made of a wide range of components. but they all follow the same basic procedures including collecting intelligence and evidence. >> you see where we sift through stuff. using sifting screens. we're looking for not only large pieces but small fragments because it all tells a story. >> reporter: as for the pressure cooker bomb, that refers to the con tearer not the shrapnel. >> you can have broken glass, nails, screws. >> reporter: as for the risks bomb technicians must take, he said they are calculated risks.
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and public security is first. 14 bodies have now been recovered in the aftermath of the west explosion and fire. and some 60 people are still unaccounted for. 10 of the confirmed deaths were first responders. emergency medics and members of the town's volunteer fire department. >> it's devastating. i've been a member of the fire department for 26 year, these guys were my friends. it's possible that they are alive and staying with family members and don't realize that they are considered missing, as for the missing. federal investigators today released an animated video showing the events that led to that huge fire as chevron's richmond refinery last friday. they say that it depicts how chevron's decision not to shut
10:27 pm
down production after a small leak led to a series of decisions that made the leak worse and eventually led to that massive fire. investigators say the corroded pipe where the leak happened should have been replaced years ago. chevron says the video contains inaccuracies but the company did not specify what those inaccuracies were. the growing toll from a powerful earthquake tonight. plus preparing for an intense man hundred. >> fireworks and happy fans now, but giants fans were crying foul earlier tonight. how ballpark security kept thousands of them on the sidewalk during the game. >> and a reminder you can get ktvu news to go, download the ktvu app. click on the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on our mobile device.
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there were some real frustration at tonight's giant game because they were waiting on the sidewalk to get in. deborah villalon live with how the new security may be the new normal. >> reporter: the game has just ended and fans are enjoying a fire work show right now. >> the city of boston and -- >> reporter: before play ball, a pause for tragedy 2,600 miles away. >> now a moment of silence as we honor the victims of this attack. >> reporter: a moment missed by thousands of fans stuck in line longer than anyone could remember. hour plus waits to get in because every bag was being searched. every body scanned. >> it doesn't make you safe at
10:31 pm
all. not at all. >> reporter: fans complained in frustration, the terrorists won. >> it's what they wanted to do was they wanted to get the situation where they would slow everything down for everybody. and they've been successful in that. >> this turns the clock back. it makes a new normal today much like september 11. >> reporter: san francisco police watched how the city shut down, knowing that one day his port city might have to do the same. >> the public gets it. we've been saying for better than 10 years it's not a question of if but when. when was monday. >> we'll take it apart. law enforcement across the country will train for it and we'll get better. >> reporter: that was natural disaster and many watching this manmade drama weren't even born when loma prieta hit. >> i can imagine everybody just stopping for one cause, but
10:32 pm
it's so surreal. it's crazy. >> it's a beautiful city that i would want to keep the same and not make it feel like this happened here. >> reporter: tonight's anthem seemed to carry a special emotion for many. pride mixed with relief that this crisis is over. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> some great fireworks there. as for tonight's game against the padres, our sports director mark ibanel will have the highlights a bit later. the s.w.a.t. teams that have been busy have a special connection to the bay area. team members are taking place in a special training. the program is called urban shield. officers spent 48 hours in intensive training in real world disaster or terror attack scenarios. alameda sheriff says he's been in touch with the boston squad team this week. >> it's very nice to know that as they are going through this, they were reflecting back on some of the training that they
10:33 pm
received here in our area. >> ahern started the shield -pl program it takes place every year and some 30 teams from across the world take part. a judge sentenced a 19-year- old san jose man to prison for setting a fire that destroyed clay elementary school. clayford was 19 at the time. he spent time in the mental hospital so he could be restored to competency. it happened this morning at the thermal sun glass products.
10:34 pm
a calosha says tapia was moving 700 pounds of sheet glass when the glass tipped over and crushed tapia. an autopsy is set for monday. a powerful earthquake struck a south western province in china. the u.s. geological service said it registered 6.6. 41 people are now confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to rise. 600 are injured. the epicenter is near a spot where a quake left 6,000 people dead. nearly 500 others were displaced. >> two barges collided in the busy shipping lanes. the force of that impact threw 11 crew members overboard and six remain missing tonight. officials say one barge sank. rescue operations had been slowed by that dense low fog. this was the third major collision in the area in just the past eight months that have left nearly 40 people dead.
10:35 pm
and in london, police say they are increasing the number of officers on duty for sunday's marathon by 40%. scottland yard says it wants everyone to be reassured after the bombings on monday. officials also say they have been in touch with the fbi and boston police and there is no suggestion for possible problems. the berkeley dance center held a healing event tonight in response to a recent shooting there. a west african drumming conducted a drum circle for kids followed by more music on the dance floor. the event to imagine nonviolence was meant to foster peace and cultural understanding. oskenos means the shooting next month means it's even more important now to keep it going. >> our response is to step into the mission more fully and embrace our role as being a change agent for peace in a
10:36 pm
culture where the violence is pretty prevalent. >> both victims are recovering from the shooting. police arrested one suspect, they are still looking for a second suspect. san jose police are looking for a missing elderly man tonight. he is described as 5'7" tall and weighs about 147 pounds. he was wearing a blue sweater and white shoes. the missing man suffers from diabetes and dementia, anyone with information about his whereabouts the asked to call san jose police. a sheriff vehicle plows right into two pedestrians. why one victim is facing charges tonight and how investigators hoped to learn what caused the accident. >> chief meteorologist bill martin bill martin is updating his forecast. at 10:45 he's back with the bay area weekend and beyond. >> up first, a sign of relief felt in boston tonight. the growing vigil just blocks from monday's bombings.
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in boston tonight people paused to reflect on the terrible events of this week. after the suspect was captured, the crowds came out to a memorial made up of flags and flowers. six blocks from the finish line of the boston marathon.
10:40 pm
people say they are relieved it's all over and don't want to forget the victims. students and families at an east bay high school waited anxiously for word from boston. the choir in concord flew east two days ago for a choral competition outside boston. today's shelter in place there caused concern here on campus. >> i broke down. i mean i couldn't, i could hardly get ready for school. i could hardly get ready. >> i was concerned of my friends. but they were sending me pictures and stuff and they were having a really good time. >> the students had to change their plans and could not tour harvard. a horrific car crash in alameda county left a pedestrian dead and another person seriously hurt. a sheriff deputy was behind the wheel of a car.
10:41 pm
but as lorraine blanco reports, a pedestrian could be facing charges. >> reporter: a deputy hit two people crossing the roadway around 4:30 a.m., swerved and crashed into a parked vehicle. the deputy tried to revive the male pedestrian in his 30s but he didn't make it. >> the deputy involved is obviously devastated. it's just a tough and terrible thing to have happen. >> reporter: the female victim was rushed to eden hospital with serious injuries. she is expected to be okay. >> the female is intoxicated. she was found under the influence. an amount of narcotics was found on her person. >> reporter: investigators are not saying who's to blame, but this muffler shop surveillance camera caught the entire they think. it shows the man and woman
10:42 pm
crossed well beyond the cross walk. >> it got a good shot of it. >> reporter: some small businesses fell short of daily sales goals. but chavez tells me his business will be just fine. >> money is relevant in this situation. it's all about the officer that was involved and the fatality that happened. there's more important things in life than money. >> reporter: the deputy was not on his way to any specific call during the time of this accident, he is on paid leave and he is receiving counseling. glee has been renewed for two more seasons. glee is currently on its fourth year of production. the new contract takes the show through 2015. the program is the first and only successful musical comedy on television. you can watch it right here on
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ktvu channel 2. your bay area weekend. which day will be the best condition? >> it's been a terrible week for boston and the nation. >> there's no explaining the savagery involved here. there's no explanation for it. >> tonight we remember the victims and the act of heroism during those trying days. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another.
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boeing's 787 dream liners could be flying again within a week. the federal aviation administration approved the fix for its ion batteries. but it's still not clear what caused one of them to catch fire and another to start smoking. the 787s had been grounded. major airlines and the largest pilot unions are joining forces to try to start
10:46 pm
the furlough of air traffic controllers. if that happens one out of every three airline passengers will experience either a delay or cancellation. the furlough are a part of a sequester. federal officials said they have no choice because congress imposed across the line budget cuts. an east bay community college today showed off its job training program. one made possible by a new federal grant. contra costa college student demonstrated some of the skills they learned inside the richmond build warehouse. today federal labor officials visited that facility and announced $474 million in new funds will be spent nationwide on career training. >> creating reliable pipelines of skilled workers means businesses can fight their facilities and expand in communities that have been
10:47 pm
affected by trade and economic downturn. students in the contra costa college program are now being trained for careers in advanced manufacturers, logistics and engineers. the sounds of runners food steps echoed today as hundreds ran to honor the victims of the boston marathon. the 4-mile run from the ferry building to ghirardeli square and back got started through a facebook page. a warm one out there today. some of the warmest spots in the inland bay valleys as we expected. 85 in antioch. check out morgan hill 84. coming up on 85 degrees in morgan hill. tomorrow's daytime highs right about the same.
10:48 pm
on the east coast you see the system moving offshore. that's causing problems. lots of thunderstorms, lots of severe weather over the next several days. weather system just continue to migrate to the north. they follow the jet stream back into the plains, or into the great basin there. what we have going is high pressure establishing itself firmly. outside temperatures are in the 50s, some mid-60s. a nice day tomorrow. a lot like today. and then warmer as we head into sunday, monday and tuesday. i've got some patchy fog showing up now. north of stinson beach. that fog is going to work its way in. friday morning some fog. coastal locations like ocean beach was nice this afternoon. not the case tomorrow the fog is going to come right into the coast and cool you off. but sunday, monday and tuesday temperatures are going to
10:49 pm
increase. tomorrow night's sunday even nicer, monday and tuesday we start getting into some real heat with temperatures in the 90s. 76 in vallejo, 83 in concord with # four in brentwood. just like today, except you have a little fog at the coast. now you have a chance to cool. 83 in gilroy tomorrow. 84 in los gatos. 70 in san bruno and 77 in wood side. it keeps going up. a nice looking forecast as we head into the bay area weekend. the rest of the week it'll be that patchy coastal fog. sunday it'll be chilly at the coast underneath these hoodies. this has been quite a week to say the least for the city of boston and the psyche of the
10:50 pm
entire country. a real test of our endurance. >> our photo journalist put together a compilation of pictures over the five days. >> thousands of people who were there got a big shock when two explosions happened. >> we are all trying to put pressure on all the wound for everybody. tourniquets or whatever you could do. chaos. >> you're mad because why? why would people do this?
10:51 pm
>> boston, we're running for boston. >> an emotional day for everyone and it hit close to home in martinez. >> to begin this long journey of recovery, your city is with you. your commonwealth is with you, your country is with you, we will all be with you as you begin to learn how to walk again and yes run, of that i have no doubt. you will run again. ♪
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mark is here now with sports. giant fans got their money's worth today assuming they stayed until the bottom of the ninth. >> i was starting to think where have all the good times gone. it was only a three game losing streak. i don't know whether it's the fact that everyone comes gunning for you when you are the world champ.
10:55 pm
there's simply a mini slump. two out hit, that's been missing of late. buster and watt, hunter pence will deliver a shot. 2-1 giants. madison baumgartner absolutely great. chase utley just barely gets that thing above the wall and it's a 2-2 game. 9th inning, one out, angel pagan right. he has himself a game winning rbi. torrez and casilla his second win. and yeah the three game pride is over the walk off victory. meantime the a's had to go about the business of trying to figure out how to beat a team that doesn't go by the name of
10:56 pm
tampa. and talk about a high note, this guy two more hits. the rbi single cashes in coco 2- 0. brent anderson would live with a sprained ankle touched up with the bases loaded here. jose lobaten with the two-run single. and the rays leading. a no doubt about it looked like it was going to reach the roof of the dome there. a lunch job at 8-3 your final. meantime the buzz that does come with making the play offs giving way to the reality of the tasks at hand for the warriors and it will be uphill to beat denver. literally as the first two games are in the mile high city and as the nuggets work it out today in preparation they know full well how tough it is for visitors to come in and win on their home court. as a matter of fact they are 38-
10:57 pm
3. there in the season but coach carl thinks it's something other than where they played that's going to determine the outcome of this series. >> the way our team is made up. i think he needs to have a long guard. so we have to have high level performances after this. i think everybody is ready to go. ready to do this. >> they're still five on five. it's still round basketball. at the end of the day what has brought us to this point is going to be the very same thing that allows us to couldn't to play. >> if you are planning to pull your saturday all around watching the warriors in their play off opener tomorrow. it's kind of an odd tip off time. 3:30 our time. that's the sporting life for a friday night. they definitely have their job cut out for them trying to beat denver in the next three games. but if they can get a split, we
10:58 pm
might have a series. >> hopefully steph curry hits a bunch of trees. >> we'll trees -- a bunch of threes. >> thank you for joining us tonight. our news continues on ktvu news and mobile ktvu. >> join us tomorrow morning, our reporters will have the latest on the boston marathon bombers.
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