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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 22, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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at a wake. she was 29 years old. huge crowds gathered to pay her respects. antients at the university of massachusetts were stunned to learn they knew what of the bombings. >> he was like yeah tragedies happen. these things happen around the world. it's crazy. >> they say dzhokhar was on campus the days after the bombings and seemed uneffected by the tragedy. students learned tsarnaev was a suspect when they saw his picture on tv three days after the explosions. copley square and boylston will remain shut down. it's been shut down for almost a week as fbi agents scour the scene for evidence and debris is clear. the square will not reopen until the fbi investigation is complete. and this is continuing
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coverage of today's events in boston on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. boston's mayor city leaders and first responders gather at the bombing site just ten minutes ago. this is what it looked like as they took a moment of silence to honor the dead and injured. the city was quiet until bells rang out. congress also halted talks on the floor and bowed their heads and were told the white house, the president also stopped for a moment of silence. now let's sum up where the investigation into the boston bombings stands. the surviving suspect 19-year- old dzhokhar tsarnaev was charged today in his hospital bed with conspiracying to use a weapon of mass destruction. that carries a possible death sentence. he remains hospitalized with serious neck and leg wounds. the white house announced he will be prosecuted in the civilian federal court and not as an enemy combatant by a
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military tribunal. the oakland a's are in boston to play the red sox today but before the game they made a special trip to visit a bombing victim in the hospital. nay met with 11-year-old aaron hern. he's the boy from martinez that suffered a serious leg injury in the bombing. first lady michelle obama also visited aaron at the hospital last week. tonight runners in marin county will do their part to honor the victim's of the boston bombings. they will run in a special 2.5- mile race that begins at 6:45 p.m. at ross common park. runners are encouraged to wear blue and yellow clothing. the bombings in boston have renewed the debate about surveillance camera on public streets. rob ross is in san francisco where the police chief is floating the idea of installing the cameras on a major thorough fair there.
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>> reporter: good afternoon. police chief greg suhr says he hopes to take early lessons he is learning from the bombing and apply them here on market street. we talked to the chief less than an hour ago. he is floating an idea to install police security camera. [please stand by for captioner change] suhr is proposing having police monitor cameras at large
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events. >> i think you first have to start off with a plan. we need some sort of engineer to tell us what would work and this we need to find out what is most efficient and go from there. >> good idea from the standpoint of being able to monitor a crowd because of what happened in boston which was totally unexpected. you have two individuals with backpacks. you can't tell until you go through the film. yes, good idea. bad idea from the standpoint there will be individuals saying is it invasion on privacy? >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, rob. students on the campus of san francisco state are back in class this noontime after a bomb scare prompted an
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evacuation this morning. newschopper2 was overhead when police cleared out the school's creative arts building. the building is on holloway avenue, less than a half-hour after the evacuation, the building was deemed safe and police allowed students and staff back in to resume classes. the san mateo county bomb squad took away a small explosive device this morning. around 7:30 a worker discovered it in the gutter in an area of el camino road. the crude device failed to explode. you've been outside, you know the warm weather does not feel like april in the bay area. the forecast calls for temperatures above normal. there's chance that we could reach record levels. rosemary is here.
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>> yes. today, the going to peak. anywhere from, 3, 6, 9 degrees above what we saw 24 hours ago. half moon bay, the cool spot, in the low 60s. but for most of us today will be the hottest day, santa rosa already 83. 83 livermore. 84 in fairfield. 82 walnut creek. widespread mid-70s to 80 around the bay area. some areas may tie or perhaps break records. we'll be awfully close. santa rosa, san rafael, oakland, san jose, livermore, there are a few more to add to the list but i didn't have any more space. when i come back, i will have an extended look at what you can expect for today and i will share more on the cooling trend coming our way. forced furloughs could mean travel delays nationwide. that's because budget cuts will result in air traffic controllers taking mandatory days off. alex savidge is live with what things look like at sfo.
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alex? >> reporter: good afternoon. an airport spokesperson told me they've seen a few minor delays but doesn't believe that's an impact of these budget cuts at the federal level. we do know that here at sfo and across the country, there are few air traffic controllers up in the towers and passengers are worried flight delays could get worse. sequestration cuts to create headaches for airline passengers. the move has some passengers fired you. >> congress needs to get their act together and maybe they need to give up some of their assistants and stop bothering the normal, everyday people, with cutting back here and there. >> reporter: the board here show us few flights running behind schedule. but on the east coast, delays
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are piling up, especially in places like new york and washington, d.c. some flights took off more than two hours late, a result of those furloughs. the faa says fewer air traffic controllers on duty means fewer flights able to take off and land at major airports. >> anything that delays services can be productive. but i don't know the whole picture. >> reporter: the airport could experience trickle-down delays but says the lines likely won't be affected. >> i don't know if it will affect the lines but if there's another airport that has congestion issues or staffing issues, we may experience delays to and from that location. >> reporter: some airport towers across the country have already been overwhelmed with flights. the faa says yesterday during the first day, these furloughs took effect, there were 400
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delays across the country. also today, i did check in with oakland airport, a spokesperson said they have no faa employees being furloughed. so he doesn't expect issues. and at san jose mineta, a spokesperson said they've seen a handful delays because of these budget cuts. live this morning at sfo, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. homicide detectives in oakland are searching for crews after a man was found dead on the sidewalk earlier this morning. the unidentified man was found on 90th avenue near g street. a woman told ktvu news she heard gunshots in the area around 3:00. police have not said how the man died or if there's a lead on suspects. this was oakland's 5 homicide of the year -- 58th homicide of
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the year. rosemary is back soon with more on the warm weather and the reason a mall in the south bay was evacuated this morning.
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a gas leak this morning
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near san jose's valley mall triggered a voluntary evacuation. it's been capped. things are back to normal. around 8:15 a construction crew digging in the area cut through the 1 1 sl. 4 pipe. at this hour, dozens of workers are involved in a massive clean up effort of a homeless encampment in east san jose. we've been following this for you since our morning news. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: the homeless are using this dirt access road to drive their rvs and cars down this road to get down to the creek bed and set up camp. there are bags of trash piling up but that's nothing compared to what we saw beyond those bushes. the stench of trash and urine
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filled the air. workers filled their bags with belongings the homeless left behind. some constructed makeshift houses have been deckate rated -- decorated, some televisions were brought in. >> some people use generators. some lap into the city lights. [laughter] >> reporter: we found fire pits, propane tanks and a restroom structure. the city knew the environment was being impacted drastically. they realize this is a short- term solution but are working on funding more programs and more affordable house. >> we live in a beautiful community. the weather is very nice. encampments will always be at some level. >> reporter: outreach reporters have been trying to build a rapport for those at this site. so far 200 have joined programs.
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others have refused. >> i don't like them. i just don't like them at all. >> reporter: the cleanup will cost roughly $100,000. the city will pay half of that, the water district will pay the other half of that. back out here live, the city plans on putting up roadblocks here to prevent the homeless from using their vehicles to go down to the creek. they also plan on using private security to patrol the area. reporting live from janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. there are several new developments this noontime one week after the boston marathon bombings. brian flores is live in the newsroom with the charges of lone surviving suspect faces and the key legal decision that will decide how he's prosecuted brian? >> reporter: we're learning a lot more as the investigation continues. [bell tolling] >> there was a brief funeral
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service for 29-year-old krystle campbell. she was one of three victims that died at the boston bombs. she was laid to rest outside of boston. the white house just announced that the lone surviving suspect, 19-year-old, dzhokhar tsarnaev, will not be charged as an enemy combatant. instead, he will be tried in the criminal court system. we also understand a brief court appearance before a federal magistrate this afternoon, while he was still in the hospital and he's also charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of malicious destruction of property. he can also face the death penalty if convicted as well. now, there's also questions as to what the fbi knew at the time and did the agency drop the ball so to speak. some lawmakers are looking for answers. >> exactly when did russia call to ask about this individual? what did he do when he went back for six months? did he sit in his aunt and
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uncle's home for six months or was he doing something else. when he came back to this country, why didn't it ring a bell with the fbi intelligence unit that he should be checked out? >> reporter: now, as far tsarvaev, he remains in serious concern where he has a throat injury preventing him from speaking. he's able to communicate with investigators only through writing and nodding his head. this is key to investigators because they are hoping to hear more about a motive. the white house says they are confident. >> we have a long history here of successfully prosecuting terrorists and bringing them to justice. and the president fully believes that that process will work in this case.
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>> hospital officials gave us an update. they say the dozens who made it to the hospital alive, there are expected to survive. two remain in critical condition. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. for the first time we're hearing 911 tapes that reveal some of the terrifying moments just after last week's fertilizer plant explosion in west, texas. >> there's been an explosion. our house, all of the windows are completely blown in. the walls, part are off. >> 14 people were killed and hundreds were injured in wednesday's explosion. it destroyed dozens of homes and businesses. authorities still don't know what caused the blast. this morning, the white house announced that president obama and the first lady will go to texas on thursday to attend a memorial service for the victims there. and school students in west, texas are back in school
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today. it's their first day in class since the blast. teachers and administrators were there to greet them as they arrived to school. the oakland board of education announced its pick for the job of superintendent. this job opened up after superintendent tony smith announced his resignation april 4th. the board decided to hire an interim school chief and look for a permanent leader in the fall. their selection is an educator with roots in the oakland school system. >> dr. gary yee who is an oakland native is a 40-year- plus educator here in the city of oakland. >> the board is expected to formally ai've yee's nomination at its next meeting on wednesday. he's expected to start july 1st. today is earth day. you will no longer be asked paper or plastic at stores in a dozen peninsula cities. retailers in 12 san mateo cities including pacifica,
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redwood city, burlingame and south san francisco began a ban on single use plastic bags. if you don't have your own rerusable -- reusable bags, stores will be charging 10 cents for paper bags. some are in favor. >> i think any time we can help the earth and recycle bags will benefit all of us, especially our kids. >> with the amount of bags that i was using, so -- it's just gonna be a habit change. >> grocery stores are still able to provide plastic bags for produce and pharmacies can still use small bags to hold prescription medications. and seasonally hot weather around the bay area this afternoon. i do see a cooldown on the way. so if it is a bit too hot for you, we have some relief in site. if you enjoy the heat, today is going to be your day. today is the hottest day.
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actually want to start with stormtracker2, the tale of two stories going on. we have a ridge of high pressure well to the north of us and that's bringing us an offshore freeze. i also see a system here undercutting that ridge and bringing back the southerly surge. that southerly surge will lead to the cooldown. take a look at the clouds, you can actually see how the winds are pushing it offshore. we have mostly sunny skies from the coast through the bay and in our valley locations this morning and this afternoon. take a look at what's going on here. this is the southerly surge i'm talking about. it's coming in this direction. it's already up close along the monterey peninsula. it's going to continue our way. it could take the next day and for inland areas, it could take two days. this is going to be the typical pattern. the clouds will return to the coastline first. we'll get the cooler pacific air moving in. it will take a while. it will reach in the bay and
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then our inland communities. today the hottest day but i already see the cooldown coming our way. what can we expect for the afternoon? 90 degrees for you. those areas shaded in orange expected to tie or break a record. 87 san rafael, going to be a toast one for you. along the water going to feel pretty good. in some cases, maybe a lot like yesterday, maybe even slightly cooler because of that change i showed you a moment ago. 89 pittsburgh this afternoon. 90 degrees antioch. could tie a record there. upper 80s, danville, livermore, you're going to be hot. 92 for the second half of the day. already warm in many cases. some of those warmer cities already well in the low 80s. 89 in san jose. 82 for sunnyvale, along the peninsula, downtown san francisco, 82. 82 for redwood city, it will be a nice evening to head to the
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ballpark. low 70s at the start of game time and then 60s will remain in the forecast for your entire evening while there. the extended forecast showing you, again, the hottest day. we begin the cooling trend tomorrow. but the bigger drop will come wednesday, thursday. friday looks nice and a relatively mild forecast for the entire week ahead. temperatures will warm slightly as we go get into the -- as we get into the weekend. hopefully some spring showers but not in the extended forecast. >> thank you. coming up -- the up-and- down way on wall street and the prices for gas and good news for you as you plan your summer vacation.
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u.s. stocks mostly up. investors remain cautious as the start of a big week for company earns. about a third -- earnings. about a third of the companies, including apple and exxon are reporting earnings. the dow is up 27. the nasdaq is up over 1%, up 32. and spp up 8 -- and the s&p up 8. gas prices continue to slip in san francisco and the bay area. san francisco has the highest prices in the continental u.s., averaging $4.06 a gallon. around the rest of the bay area, gas is about 12 cents cheaper. it's done from the week and the experts say we could be paying 20 cents less by the end of the
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month. tonight on the news at 5:00 -- illegal dumping. the reason san francisco is going after the state of nevada. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we're always on at and mobile
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