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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well and there are no major problems here. let's go back to the desk. overnight news, there are 16 in a joint effort with san leandro police. we have exclusive video and tara moriarty is at police headquarters with the areas they focused and what they he were looking for, kara? >> reporter: the paired up with the san leandro police and if you just mentioned, they conducted 16 high risk search warrants and these were mainly for drugs. >> reporter: let's look at what took place in oakland on the corner of 14th and wood streets. 13 of these were served in oakland. one of them, 8th and 10 and the other was served on 13th avenue
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and east 22nd street. >> they told me to get out of the building but my car was trapped down there. >> reporter: it was a result of a criminal investigation and several arrests were made, three warrants were served in antioch, the operation ended at 8:00 this morning and no act -- excessive force had to be used and they will be opening a press conference to let us know in more detail exactly what happened last night. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following developing news in oakland. police are investigating a shooting that was reported 90 minutes ago. officers responded to a shooting and the victim said the man was only dropped off there. the man was shot in the leg and
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he may have only been dropped off there. this sent five people to the hospital including a mother and daughter cooking in the kitchen. the two were racing. neighbors heard the crash and came to help. after lichting -- lifting the window off the car they found the nine-year-old girl pinned under the car. we are told two of the teens were in the car they were both questioned by police and not arrested. we want to show you a video of one of the explosions. this is what happened on that barge, it was a huge explosion. firefighters decided to let it
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burn itself out because it was too dangerous to fight. carnival cruise had been evacuated and it has been docked there since it was disabled. no word on what caused the explosions. a memorial is being held for the people who were killed in last week's fertilizer explosions. the flags are being flown at half staff and he and first lady michelle obama will be attending and they are still looking into what caused that explosion. john mccain is calling for capitol hill hearings on boston marathon bombings. they are looking into why u.s. agencies failed to prevent the attack. they were triggered by long
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range controls made by toy cars and it bolsters the theory that the older brother received help in building bombs when he went a broad. it is not clear if the mother of the two suspects will join him and she is wanted on shoplifting charges. the father wants to take the body of his son mark tamayo back to -- his son, and both contend they were framed in the boston bombing case. police say students and teachers dealt with three consecutive days of bomb threats. coming up at 4:45, the response they have in the school's actions. this is more on whoever shot and killed a young woman right in front of her young
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child. it happened at 8:45 last night. police say the woman was in her 20s and was killed right outside a car. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest. we are learning more about a shooting that claimed the life of a 21-year-old woman. at first they said she was killed during a robbery but now it may be a drug deal. it happened on 24th avenue, the woman was driving in a car with her sister and one man walked up to the car opened fire. they believed it was a distribute over drugs. the machine will be lowered piece by piece and it will take the machine before it can work.
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it is 1.4 miles to chinatown. >> you will not notice there are two large tunnels being constructed beneath your feet. >> one of the pieces will be lowered today and the other will arrive in june. the project is scheduled to be completed in 2019. >> we are looking for our clock. good morning pam and brian, traffic at 4:36 it looks good. we have a very nice looking drive at the toll plaza here and traffic looks good all the way through no major problems.
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>> i have my morning coffee and it is cooler today. we have a strong sea breeze and that's the coolest day of the road. the fog is really shallow, not personalitywise, it is way down there and it has been lifted up, southern california, that helps to ramp up our fog and it is punching inland and it is pretty significant and it will continue with a strong sea breeze and this will be the coolest day, mainly a few 70s unless you are well inland. there is a cloud with breeze and west winds versus the north or an east, we are seeing a lot of 40s and 50s and low clouds in places and we have seen 22
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mile-per-hour winds towards travis and there is going to be observe on shore breeze or westerly breeze but it looks like high pressure will be back and today if you feel like cooler weather, it will hit southern california in the desert. today is the coolest day, it starts to squash that fog again inland. still windy at times for the usual suspects. brentwood has 70s and everybody else is lower 60s unless you are right by the coast which is very cool. cooler windy mostly sunny friday and warmer for your weekend. >> not too bad. we are just hours away from the george w. bush library in texas and we have memorable items set to go on display.
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>> the terrible allegatis against a preschool in livermore. we are off to a good start as you drive to the tunnel between walnut creek and oakland and stay tuned, we will have more on the bay area weather and your commute.
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. good morning, strong westerly sea breeze, way inland. this morning, all living presidents will be there for the dedication for the george bush center and library. it is located on the university. there is a full size replica of the oval office and a display
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commemorating the attacks. the facility is the second largest behind ronald reagan's a. 5800 flights were delayed tuesday and many of those can be blamed on government furloughs. they say addressing the faa furloughs would be only dealing with the across the board spending cuts but the obama administration is considering the days off comptrollers are being forced to take. the danville home is being closed five days a week and the historical site will be closed mondays and tuesdays after being open every day. they will also offer fewer community programs. the owners of a preschool are facing felony charges.
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two sisters were arrested yesterday and they are accused of swaddling babies up to 11 months old so tightly they could not move and had trouble breathing. >> their arms and legs were bound so tightly they could not breathe or move. >> they were shut down for that and other licensing reasons. they had two consecutive days of bomb threats. deer valley received two threats and they found no explosives and threats were a hoax but some parents are fed up. >> this is the third day in a row, it is a bit ridiculous but we are also tired and it is scary for the parents and for
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the kids. >> investigators are looking into whether a single student might be responsible and if so punishment could include expulsion and maybe even a felony charge. they have one oakland neighbor attract being criminals. there have been at least seven robberies and cell phones and laptops are some of the items bringing in quick cash. several are also being targeted. >> we are all nervous about it. >> police say they are looking at surveillance video and will be recanvassing the neighborhood for clues. they don't know if the robberies are connected. a key senate committee
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voted to tax soda by the ounce and if it becomes law the added tax could bring in more than 2. $5 billion and the money would go towards programs that fight childhood obesity. and job security, the percentage of americans said it would be easy to find americans if they lost theirs. that is up from 46% in 2010. fewer americans fear losing their jobs and they said they feared it was likely they would be laid off and that's down from a record high of 2016 in 2010. this is video from last year's nfl draft and they have 13 picks, more selections than any other team in the nfl, the oakland raiders had three and
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they are expected to go in their first round and cal, wide receiver. sal, how is traffic so far? >> well, it's good, not as exciting as the draft, we are choosing high and we are choosing low. let's look at the mcarthur maze, no major problems, i think sports friends got that lame joke i just made. no problems west bound getting onto the bridge and no trouble, northbound. >> are you trading down on the traffic reports? >> no, i am trading up to go to you, receive. >> thanks you. we have -- thank you, we have a
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big fog bank and now it has lifted up including the coastal hills and even inland areas are cool. it what been moving rapidly and we have 50s on the temperture and we have more of an -- a west -- west wind and we will hold with that fog holding court and look how cool it is in the country. atlanta is down to 36, 53 in dallas and 30s in denver and it is a cool pattern for much of the count train we get ours because of the fog. 48 ukiah, 60s for san diego and palm springs.
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we have the coolest day, combination and we are bottoming out and we are warming up as we reach the weekend. san francisco is celebrating a major milestone birthday and it has been 150 years since they served the city's maritime community. celebrations were held along pier 39 and morsel bracings will be held for the boat and walking tours and even a treasure hunt. better surveillance and new protection for station agents. the new security measures on bart. >> how neil diamond is now
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helping the victims of the bombing tragedy, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. 4:51 is the time welcome back, they are searching for survivors in bangladesh. they are trying to free people trapped in the rubble. 194 people are confirmed dead and more than 1,000 others are injured. investigators say the building
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was not in compliance with safety regulations and cracks were discovered in that building a day before the collapse. they will be a focus outside the statehouse and one of the speakers will be somebody who survived a clothing fire in bangladesh last year. they are asking to improve the factory safety measures and they held a protest outside of a gala sponsored by wal-mart in san francisco yesterday. they are trying to fix the broken bolts outside of the bay bridge and one option is to put a color around them and the other is to put a plate around them. tee suggestions of the repairs are expected to be made in the
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next two weeks. a crash involves a muni light rail car in san francisco. the accident happened at 6:00 on third and the bay view district. two passengers complained of injuries. the area was shut down for three hours because of the accident. they will hear about plans on board trains and stations and we have learned what some of those will be. they have talked about house stations to handle aggressive or troubled passengers and also starting next month, they will ban people who have a history on violent crimes. >> we want to make sure they don't create some sort of threat for customers and workers. >> now there is also talk of installing better doors and surveillance.
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there are some vulnerabilities that need to be taken care of and they are taking on a new significant is cans after the boston bombings. neil diamond is reaching out to the victims of the boston bombing. >> he is donating reason sales from his song sweet carolyn to those hurt in the blast and they are up 600% and sweet carolyn has been played over the years and became a source of comfort to many. let's go to sal, sal, how is it looking at this 5:00 hour? >> pam, good morning once again and we have our clock back. 4:54 let's look at what we have here. looking at interstate 880 traffic is moving along very
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nicely as i drove through i noticed they were making some progress with the new high street bridges on 880 and traffic is moving along well with that problems with that area, traffic looks good all the way to downtown oakland. we are also looking at the san mateo bridge getting across the highway on 101, no major problems there and we are looking at the maps, traffic on the dumbarton bridge, we have checked with traffic systems and they are reporting they are in on time and they are good all over the bay and if you are taking transit, they are off to a very nice start. let's go to steve. we have a cooler pattern which was warmer a few days ago and now they have no problem, it looks to be cooler, a few
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upper temperatures. instead of that north, northeast winds, it is not too strong for some, it is really whipping up for others. the cold fog has been low and they have produced a little bit of light rain down there. it is moving out but they are producing strikes and that's the system responsible for the cool down. breezy, windy at times, the coolest day will be this week. low clouds and sun, it will be on the cooler side, 50s and 60s and we will continue that today and start a warmup. it will be warmer friday and it looks like warmer weather especially inland. coming up next in the 5:00 hour, big news for one city, something may be coming back but there is a major change in
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. we are live in oakland where police were targeting a dozen homes, we will tell you what happened during this
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secret sweep. we have the aftermath of a terrible accident scene they say was caused by teen drivers. a woman is in the hospital tonight and we just spoke with her husband and we will have an update on her condition. terrible explosions in the south with a barge and we will tell you what caused the huge blast. a problem involving workers in the east bay, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is thursday april 25th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us, this is steve paulson, it was definitely cooler last night. >> we have a lot of low clouds and fog so let's get right to it, mainly 50s, 60s or lower
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70s, here is sal. we have very nice very light traffic moving out to sunny veil, no major problems and also the morning commute looks good if you are heading to the golden gate bridge south. arrests are made in oakland after police served high risk search warrants. tara moriarty is at police headquarters with exclusive videos of this multioperation, sarah? >> reporter: that's right, there were -- tara? >> reporter: that's right, they had conducted 16 high risk search warrants and they were keeping quiet about it at the time but we now know there were after weapons and drugs. let's look at the staging area at 14th street. 14 arrest warrants were served


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