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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 28, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> and i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic, do you see anything over there, steve? >> i can see. >> i know you can see all the way. >> is the rain done, that is what i want to know. >> even radar says i can't see anything, but we picked up a quarter of an inch for some, and just50s and 60s and 70s, here is sal. sunole grade traffic looks good and i can see for miles and miles, coming up to the change also it looks good in oakland, let's -- up to the interchange, also it looks like in oakland. let's go back to the desk. tara moriarty is right there at 16th and mission, what are police saying about a crash and suspects arrested, what is going on, tara? >> reporter: well, this is all
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connected and we are right here at 16th and mission and if you take a look behind me you can see evidence markers were here and police are looking around with flashlights for more evidence and we have three people who were taken away by ambulance to san francisco general hospital and we don't know their conditions but we know four shots were heard before 4:00 a.m. this morning. we know one african-american man is suffering a gunshot wound to each leg. now the gun has been recovered and it was found in the bay view. according to the suspects, they tossed it out of their car window and three suspects have tossed it and they are african- american males and they apparently led police on a chase. they crashed and police officers were not injured and they were all taken into police
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custody and that pistol was a glock pistol with an extended magazine and that means the gun will fit 30 rounds. back out here live police are still here and they are waiting for the crime scene investigation unit and we will toss this out to alex savage for more. >> reporter: the scene of this accident is cameron way near nickels way and it happened just up the and we are told ins the ellis housing complex it happened and we want to show you video from this mourn and an officer is possibly injured and officers were following a car that was connected to the
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shooting in the mission district. they followed and hit a couple of parked cars in this area and an officer may have been injured in the process. it is unclear hothis officer was hurt and it is unclear about the extend so as soon as we get an update we will bring it live to you. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and police are looking for a man who clipped a police cruiser while evading a traffic stop. the contra costa times reports an officer approached a man and the man jumped into his car and sideswiped the front end than they are describing that car as
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a newer model white sedan or accord. they forced thousands of memorial day campers to evacuate. it started in the loss padres national forest. it is only 10% contained and 50 homes are threatened along with it taking several more days and they are expecting to resume their flight this morning. barbara boxer is demanding an investigation into the crippled utility power plant. -- power plant. coming up, we will have more on what senator barbara boxer is accusing them of doing. right now no country has any immediate plans to send
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weapons to the rebels however supporting arming rebels in the future could do so. >> this gives her a chance to respond to a worsening situation or a possibility of negotiating. >> they are opposing sending arms and they fear more weapons will increase the violence there. in the meantime, john mccain made a secret visit to sir why and john mccain should take a more active role and he is the first to visit since the war started more than two years ago. the city of berkeley will test a new metered parking
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plan. they will take part and now one, drivers will pay higher rates and the other would charge drivers longer when you stay in the area. i noticed some of the roads are wet as you watch the east shore. >> the other problem is it feels like a monday for people a lot of people will be back on the roads and so give yourself a little he will extra time. look at steve westbound bay bridge. you may want to allow a few extra minutes because of the
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wet roads and 208 looks good getting up to highway 17. >> it is rain, sal. >> rain? >> yes, kind of a pet peeve of mine, nobody says it is a showering outside, it is raining outside. i am off my soapbox. rain gave us a third of an inch and 64 degrees, partly cloudy skies, a little breeze is still in place and there is a lot of cloud cover and we have a very me air mass and it is closer to downtown and 57, these are a
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breeze -- this is a breeze out towards the delta and coming out as 15 and novato shows a northerly breeze and i doubt it will last longer. yesterday was northwest, a lot of cloud cover, and that's pushed out of the area and h is hue up there. 60s for many, and if we can break through, it look warm to hot and cooler weather comes back in on sunday. 508 is the tomb, fso, the
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new idea that could put money back in your pocket. plus millions of dollars donated to the victims of super storm sandy still has not been given to them. why the red cross says that is a good thing. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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. president barack obama will join governor cristty as he will showcase the jersey shore boardwalk just in time for the summer season. he visited with him promising federal aid to help with the rebuilding. more than $100 million donated to victims of super storm sandy has not been spent. more than $110 million is remaining after the 303 million and they say it's good that it was not spend but critics say they are not a long-term building agency and should give the funds to local agencies for reconstruction. they are talking about the
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killing of the british soldier in london and now he is held on suspect suspicions. the two suspects are being held unarmed guard. barbara boxer is now calling for adjust tis -- a justice department investigation in southern california and kyla campbell reports, there could be some willful wrongdoing here, kyla? >> reporter: senator boxer wants to know if the operators of the plant intentionally misled federal regulators. there was a small radiation leak which led to the discovery of a bigger problem. senator boxer chairs for the public works committee and
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uncovered a 2004 letter which leads her to believe edison deceived the regulatory commission about equipment swap that led to that leak. now that he want to restart the reactor at 70% and boxer criticized saying quote, we'll see what happens and we'll see how it goes and that's like saying, i think i fixed the damaged breaks on your car but don't drive over 40 miles per hour. edison said they have done nothing wrong and we will have more in my next update kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. the trial for the death of trayvon martin is scheduled to get underway. they are asking that a state audio expert be barred about testifying about 911 calls and that 911 expert is expected to testify that trayvon martin can be heard in the back saying, i
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am begging you in a distressed voice. the trial is expected to be coming through next month. and a county man shot his two adult daughters before turning the gun on himself. it happened about 20 miles southeast of fresno. police found anthony alverez and his 37-year-old daughter dead of gunshot wounds. his 33-year-old daughter was critically wounded and the man's three grandchildren were in the home at the time but they were not hurt. they are meeting with nonprofit leaders who want to meet to restore millions of dollars on social programs. they are proposing a two year budget plan and they are hoping to use some of the city's unexpected revenue to rebuild public health services for low
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income residents whose paychecks were slashinged in recent years. well away -- slashed in recent years. they are now expanding to the east coast. they are giving people a place to park their cars for free and in exchange they will or loud to -- allowed to rent their cars to other drivers while the owner is traveling. flight car begins their operations in boston this week. the battle over a college football video game is not over yet. coming up, a lawsuit against a bay area company could end up being played out in the u.s. supreme court. a bay area student is among the competitors. audrey is an 8th grader in san ramon and she will be competing
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against 208 students this week and she said she enjoys tie kwon dough but her -- tie kwon dough but her real passion is poet tri. -- poe tri. it is getting busier by the moment but you can see cars are showing up and there is very little delay coming through the upper bay deck of the bridge. 101 looks good approaching the 880 split and 85 near camden avenue, there is a report of a person running around on the road and chp does not take kindly to that. if you are driving there, watch for police to be out there. thank you, sal, a few high clouds up above and mr. drizzle
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is making an appearance after rain last night and sunny mild to muggy, mostly warm, there is an offshore breeze and it looks like a cooler pattern and it is beginning to settle in not too bad, anywhere from a third of an inch up to santa rosa and send lean in and 64, a little breezy and we are not looking for any rain. redwood city, 59 antioch santa rosa, everybody is close, clouds will thin out and we will get a little bit of sun and the moisture content is way up there. it will be here tomorrow and
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morning fog and drizzle, a lot of low clouds and high clouds keeping things down and instead of below average temperatures, there is some morning fog and a west wind kicks in on saturday and sunday and we have a cotrend on sunday. valiant will buy bush and loam and they will hope as the global population ages. checking in on the global markets overnight, most of the asian markets finished with gains after japan's 3% drop yesterday, nikkei had a 3% drop and checking in on the european markets, a lot of them are up
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nearly 1%. after after taking a gain, you can see it is quiet on the holiday. time now 5:19, caltrans is about to make a decision about the bay bridge. when we will find out about the bay bridge and the delays. what happened during a photo shoot that made him take out pictures of his smart phone and take pictures of the ground.
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. welcome back, 5:22 is the time and they are raising concerns at the statue of liberty. they are asking to stop at ellis island when the landmark reopens 4th of july. police commissioners say they should be screened on a boat before they are headed to the area. they were previously screened at battery park and statue of liberty has been closed for months to repair the damage from super storm sandy. we may find out if the eastern span may open as scheduled. the national transportation commission is talking about the
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integrity of the more than 100 steel rods and there is some concerns that those bolts may be faulty. the existing bridge is just too weak to withstand a powerful earthquake. >> you want people on a bridge that is save while you replace bolts on a new bridge that have not broken. >> it is the 20th anniversary of the earthquake and it caused the upper deck to collapse, killing one driver. >> one year after a father of three was gunned down in oakland, his family and friends are asking to find his killer. 30-year-old ronnie kid was remembered at a vigil marking one year since his death. he was shot at market after working a double shift.
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his widow is asking for witnesses to step forward. >> i am asking if somebody can find it in their heart to help us out. he didn't deserve this. >> investigators say the gunman's car may have been a late model audi and they have a reward leading to information and the arrest of that killer. and they are using immature athletes in the football game and sam keller sued them saying the company stole his image. they agree with keller and it could affect them. they want them to pay them for using their images and game stats : there was an unusual move when the player was not happy with the ref's call.
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after that, he took a picture of the disputed ball mark, if he tweeted it out and even his opponent said it was a close to call and he plans on showing it to assume every advisor and 5:25 is the time. that is a pretty unusual move. >> they may outlaw cell phones. >> let's go out and take a look at what we have. traffic is moving along well in many areas. this is 280 change and not bad getting on to highway 17. thank you, steve. it is still muggy out there
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and everybody says cloudy and temperatures are in the upper 50s and 60s and we'll see some 60s and 70s, pam. a happy ending for a horse but needed to be rescued in san rafael, how that horse ended up in a well and how they finally got that 1,000-pound animal back on dry land. san jose sharks in a tree stricted series after a triple shooting in the mission district.
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. welcome back, it is tuesday may 28th, let's check in with steve, it has been raining. not sprinkling or showers, raining. >> yes, mr. drizzle is back there pam and dave, but for now it will lift out and the rain has moved off. highs 60s and 70s, here is sal. we don't have any major problems in the south bay to report, also it is looking good in san francisco, let's go back to the desk. tracking information of a shooting in the mission
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district. tara moriarty is there at 16th and mission with some information on who police now have in custody in connection with this shooting, tara? >> reporter: well police have come to the scene and behind me you can see all of the numbers and we understand there were more than 10 shots fired. we have video here for you of the three people taken by ambulance to the hospital and this happened on the corner of mission antigen right near -- and general right near the bart station and we found an african- american male suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. >> one was shot in an unknown location and one is is a non life-threatening condition and it may or may not be related to this. according to my sources,
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the gun has been recovered and the suspects have tossed it out the window and the suspects are described as african-american males in their 20s. they apparently led police on a high speed choice and we understand the officer is fine and has a sore back but does not have to seek any treatment. back out here live, you can see they are waiting to wrap everything up live and of course we will stay on top of the story as it develops. ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are saying alcohol may have been a factor in a deadly hit-and-run crash over the weekend. friends and family are leaving candles and flowers at the scene. the victims were all passengers in a ford mustang and they were
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ejected when the driver smashed into another car. the driver later turned himself in to police. >> the guy goes up to the lady, saying baby, just trying to see if she was alive still. >> the driver may have been speeding and they are looking for the men and they were arrested which is down slightly from last year. police made 165 arrests for dui including driving under the influence between friday and
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sunday. that compares to one year ago. they will be installing a fence around a well following a dramatic horse rescue. [applauds] [applauds] >> there is buddy being pulled to safety after 430, he fell through a piece of wood which has doors to tread water for hours. there was serious concern he would not make it. >> he got on a log finally with his head and rested. >> the crane was finally brought in to lift buddy out. the brick walls left some scrapes but otherwise, he is expected to be okay. >> now it is down to one game for the san jose sharks and they will pull off the game and
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i know the excitement is really high down there, janine? >> yes, it is even though the shark tank will be closed, sharks fans will be glued to the tunnel and right now they are flu and will advance to the western conference finals they will not here from that a and then there are people diming and -- dining and drinking and if the sharks win it will be the third time they go to the western conference finals in four years and it will also mean a chance to see the sharks play again here at the hp
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pavilion. all right and fred will have co 5:22. any problems for the commute, sal? we have traffic starting around the bay area and it is going tobies i and we see congested conditions here on interstate 880 north and south bound so also people are showing up and the road since -- sensors are catching the midst and tonight partly cloudy
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skies and 64 at game time, kind of a mild air mass over us and high pressure is definitely looking like that and it doesn't matter, north bay, south bay and the wind is turning northerly for some. still west 97 and a lot of that cloud deck is holding upel drizzle, not too bad, santa rosa to san lean why can't of -- kind of mild and muggy and temperatures are held in check
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nor the cloud cover. temperatures are beginning to hold up and they really start to jump up, and we will talk about saturday, still nice but a little cooler sunday. another round and ifs -- it comes just after a trailer being damaged with 80 mile-per- hour winds. a severe thunderstorm and flash- flood warnings are in for many part of the u u.s. >> and it also puts money towards the needy. plus police were able to stop a school bombing attend in oregon. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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. all right, steve, welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories at 5:40, three suspects in custody in connection with an early morning shooting and at least ten shots were fired injuring three people. the suspect in the mission district shooting rammed the police car and the suspect rammed into park cars and while reversing he hit another police car before being taken into
5:42 am
custody. they are calling on an investigation to investigate the power plan. senator barbara boxer wants to know if they intentionally med led regulators and it has been shut down because of a radiation leak. the teen arrested for a columbine style attack on the school will go in front of a judge today. police found 6 bombs in a secret compartment in his bedroom along with details and a diagram of the school showing the attack. the school is now safe but will put more officers on campus. >> there will be fear around teachers and we will be there as that visual presence and based on that the teen is tried
5:43 am
as an adult. they have taken off from portland organ and passengers -- oregon and that's when they heard a hissing sound. they noticed he was trying to open the emergency door. passengers tied him up until the plane landed and he was arrested and will appear in court today. hundreds of concession workers walked off the job last saturday. management and replacement worksers -- workers made sure they had enough food and the company said the strike had no impact, but there were some complaints about long lines on concession stands and the union is asking the san francisco giants to take aside in the contract talks. >> what do we want.
5:44 am
.. the drivers for shuttle companies, they are skill shutting down. and now the company put some new work roles in plus and that cuts them. >> if we get the same thing we were making before we will go back to work. >> some say it is hard to get t back to work and now they are bringing in more substitute operations. this thursday they will install a cigarette meter and for every butt deposited will go to the
5:45 am
st. vincent depaul so scientist and a new pan being proposed to smoke shops. and they have 100 calls for loitering and robbery and they are banning any new smoke shops from opening and some new owners done think it will be problems too but i didn't think of it and even if it passes one of the 12 stores may collapse. now the maintenance work starts at 9:00 this morning
5:46 am
and will go on until 3311. but bart -- 311, bart says to expect 20 minute delays. i just realized, i am too tall for this picture. right now it may change, i want to show you the toll mr. -- toll plaza and however it is a nice look at the 208 split and there are -- 280 split and san jose traffic is moving well on 101 and 285, let's go to steve. it is a lit little but on
5:47 am
50s to near 60ed high pressure is on the way and things are about to change and it is a did i have drizzlely for most and especially if you could move that, other than that it would be good to go sunday and monday and since the economic downtown, according to the mercury news, they have added a total of 100 jobs and they have plans to build 160 new rooms in
5:48 am
san jose and there are -- there are more workers back on the job. they say thwill not renegotiate and the workers want a new bay deal with amazon and they say they need a christmas bonus as well as working holidays an extra days and amazon said they art receive money and 6 revved up the holiday weekend office and that brings them to a total revenue of $316 million. the weekend has topped 300 million hangover 3 star track
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mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. . good morning, a lot of low clouds in place, 60s and 70s. can you guess where you are, you are inside the center of a tornado. the winds were 175 miles per hour and that was enough to blow open a hatch or blow open a door, rip instruments off the vehicle, yesterday there were
5:53 am
reports of 16 tornadoes in the u.s. a body was recovered where a vallejo teen may have drowned. they found them at sandy beach and they were searching for year-old calvin knight they have not confirmed whether it is his body or not. they are warning people to avoid swimming because the strong currents are out there and there are sudden drop offs as well. . >> the boy was sake quit playing around and he was bobbing in and out of the water and he never came back up. the electric car maker wants to reach a compromise before they direct online car sales to consumers and several
5:54 am
states have already banned online car sales which they consider a threat to online trade. they are paying around where prices are down 25 cents and it is a penny for in san jose and in san francisco, a gallon of gas is averaging $4.12. the martinez boy who survived the boston bombing will throw out the first pitch. she was there to compete, brandon moss may remember he was visited in april. it starts at 705 and tickets
5:55 am
are still available. >> [ land of the free... music ] >> troops displayed a giant american flag. they wore special hats. time now 5:55, you are watching the commute, how is it getting more critical and as i check the chp, you don't have anything reported and you may want to get on before things change passing mission boulevard and getting down to
5:56 am
the sunole grade. westbound 580 by livermore the traffic will be busy and all of a surrender, metering lights have gone early coming through and the traffic is moving a long well on the peninsular and it looks good and we have first workers' compensation of a crash on the on ramp overturned vehicle reported and med decision are on the -- medics are on the way and this just came in while we were report being and you may see this injury crash.
5:57 am
506 . a immediate firefighter the change that could happen overnight. tara moriarty is there and we will have your forecast coming up. stay tuned.
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. we are live in san francisco where police have arrested three people in connection with a le ip shooting and we will have more on the victim's conditions. and the three men wanted in connection with the shooting on the mission, they are wanted from police and we will tell you what was recovered here at this scene. rain is in the area and are we done with the rain? and a wildfire burning in southern california, we will have the latest on the fire lines when ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now this is ktvu morning news. good morning, i am dave
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clark, let's go to steve, did you just chase the rain and most of it looks to be winding down 60s and 70s, here is sal. san mateo bridge looks good as you drive through, no major problems and also if you are driving on the golden gate bridge, it looks good but foggy there. breaking news in san francisco, three suspects now in custody in connection with a shooting in the mission district. now we have team coverage in the mission district. three people have been captured and arrested after a crash with


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