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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 3, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth trautman. let's get the week started great videos. some customers at a tennessee burger joint -- >> they couldn't get it their way. >> they got a bk beatdown when their order went south. a deer is struggling to get to shore. but guess what? >> it's headed toward a waterfall. >> how a hero and a boat get help from a crowd. and team up with mclemore
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for a cool new video, called "gold rush." and secrets from behind the scenes. >> all funny guys, so fun to be around that energy. and we've seen a lot of twishging videos, but never like this. >> ready, guys? >> what's really going on here. >> bingo! a woman and her daughter said they couldn't get it their way at burger king in frazier, tennessee. >> we found this video at wmc-tv. >> diana dunlap and her daughter wanted an ice cream show. but watch this. they said they didn't get satisfaction from the store manager, so they come over and a fight begins. >> between the employees and the customer? >> between the employees and the customers. dunlap said she and her daughter went there to study and ordered an ice cream cone. the employee sneezed into her
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hand before she made the ice cream cone, so they made another. they went back to the computer to pick up their stuff and leave, and the employee approaches them, and it's the manager getting involved in the fight with the 17-year-old daughter and over on the lower left of the screen, the mother is fighting with other store employees, and look, one picks up this metal piece and beats the mother. the fight ended, police were called and they took a report, but the mother contacted an attorney and this is what he had to say. >> i've been in a lot of fast food restaurant in my time, but never seen one that exhibited this kind of behavior by employees. >> they are suing for $3 million. the owner of the burg eveer kins not available for comment. we spoke to the secretary and she said that he had no comment on the incident. another deer in the river. we've seen this kind of thing
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before. this will make you nervous. it's headed toward a waterfall. three guys in a pontoon boat, trying to lasso this thing with a rope before it gets close to the waterfall and falls off this is the genesee refer in rochester, new york. eventually, they are able to maneuver the deer close enough to where it's really near a ladder. all the people on the shore use their might to pull it up on shore. >> well done, people. >> the deer sitting there on the pavement, probably just completely worn out. swimming for who knows how long. a camera crew. a lot of people came to see the deer. >> take a little rest. should we help him? take him to the vet. pops himself up and hops over that stonewall and runs off. >> i was afraid he was going to slip and fall right back. >> we've seen these rescue videos before. they either immediately run, or lay down for a breather and
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then, boom, take off. >> good job, everybody, getting that deer to safety. famous deer. little kids are very opinionated, but what this little person has people crying on the internet. you see, he is in his high chair with a plate of food in front of them, speaking portuguese, but there are subtitles. he starts asking questions about the octopus. and then mom says he doesn't have a head, just the chopped little legs of the octopus. mom says his fihead is in the fh market. he doesn't like that one bit.
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>> but why, mom? >> so we can eat it, just like we can eat cows and chickens. >> he's just realizing where this is all coming from. >> oh! >> mom, i don't like that they die. i want them to stay standing up.
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>> i think there is a lot of tofu in this kid's future. >> i think so too. >> yes. >> i think he was trying to get out of eallng of his dinner. >> you are looking at a rols royce on the side of the road in japan. pretty nice car, wouldn't you say? this rols royce wasabandoned. basically thrown out as garbage in a japanese suburb. >>i it's been here quite a whil and this is looks like an abandoned rols royce. what's more it looks in good condition. >> this is apparently a very common problem in japan. >> people say i'm full of
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[ bleep ] when i tell them that cars get abandoned on the street. >> people just abandoning their cars in neighborhoods, and i'll tell you why. people in japan have to get a vehicle safety certificate when they get a car, and those expire every two years, now, once the certificate has expired, it's oftentimes cheaper just to buy a new car, rather than pay to have your car fixed up to pass inspection again. so people just abandoned their car and go buy another one. with this car in this particular video, there is still a license plate on the car, a very good reason for that too. you are suppose turn in an old license plate to the vehicle registration authorities in japan, but that process could take someone almost an entire day, so people don't want to take time out of their busy lives to turn in the license plate, so they abandon them in neighborhoods. people will call and say an abandoned car on the street in our neighborhood. the authorities show up, ticket the car, and don't do anything
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about it after that. no telling how long this vehicle has been sitting on this curb in this neighborhood, and no telling how long it will continue to sit. >> a rols royce abandoned on the streets of nagoya. can you believe it? this guy needs an instant photo girlfriend. >> talking, smiling, posing. >> see who he is trying to make jealous, next. and jet power on a bike. no problem, right? >> starting to heat up a little bit. >> see what happens when they fire this baby up, on "right this minute."
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ari plow of new york city has hit the streets to get his ex-girlfriend jealous, that's what he's telling people. >> going around the city, try and see if i can get my ex-girlfriend jealous, see if i
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can find new girls to take pictures with. >> he wants to go up to these girls, hey, my ex-girlfriend dumped me. take pictures with me so she thinks i'm cool. >> who would say no to that? >> the first one is not having it. >> i'm really sorry, man. good luck. you will meet a nice woman sure. i don't take pictures with random men. >> my name is ari. >> i thought it was just look at all these cool girls. >> he gets the picture with the girl and then -- >> oh, nice. >> and a kiss! >> do you have a number? >> sure. >> that definitely looks like a facebook profile pic. my new girl. >> what cracked me up, he stopped asking girls and hey, guys, ask like you are my
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friends. >> see if i can take a picture like we're friends. >> he got quite a few pictures in the making of this. >> what's your number. i'll put it right in there. >> what do you do if your fashion yourself a makeshift jet engine in the garage? >> colin first we had him on the show before because of the crazy situations he does and up loads to youtube channel. >> ruining a fantastic bike. >> ruining it or making better? he extended it and attached a propulsion jet. >> you don't have it running? >> no. just a test to see if it will actually push the bike. and, yeah, they crank this thing up and it starts going. two friends have to run like full speed to keep up.
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>> and we've gone to all of the trouble to change this bike up. why not put a little -- >> goes 50 miles an hour. >> his friends can only run so fast, they take the tank and put it in a van and he rides the bike alongside the van. he's moving at this point. van going, keeping up alongside with them. but, watch. heating up a bit. >> what if he falls and the thing fal on t ofon't think any guy does is very safe. a lot of what if scenarios. >> looks like he was able to get this bike up to 30 miles per hour. and then what happens in a lot of college videos, he gets a complaint from somebody that he's too noisy. he says this is the first of five videos he will post. we'll see what other
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modifications he can pull off. >> we love it when our viewers submit their videos and this one is a cutie patootie. submitted by stephanie king from kentucky this is gianna, and matilda. precious kwinz pltwins playing play room. >> they say twins have that weird inate language that they only understand. something was funny that only these twins understand. >> and in this case, it was their crawling, matilda starts crawling, gianna thinks it's the funnest thing ever. >> nothing better than a cute baby laugh. just makes you feel good. >> especially cute babies like matilda and gianna.
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see that blue bike? the owner want it back. >> and there you see paul with the grinder, cutting the lox. >> that is awesome. >> i feel good about stealing it back. >> see how he gets it back, on the next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> what did you expect was going to happen? >> see what he apparently didn't expect. and give this dog a tickle and it sounds like an old man smoking a pipe for a little while. >> hear the silly giggles and see what you ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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from the pantene expert collection. you guys may have heard of clinton sparks, a pretty popular dejay and worked with some huge stars like lady gaga, akon, lmfao and pitbull. he's released his first solo hit single and the music video that goes along with it. it's called "gold rush." ♪ >> the song features some big-name artists. mclemore, two chains, and big around. >> it was directed by nicholas joosen, working on clinton sparks video. but by yond the music video we found an awesome behind the scenes video.
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>> hey, everybody. clinton sparks. welcome to the video shoot for "gold rush." >> we have nick schwartzon. >> this song is awesome. i hadn't heard it before i showed up here. >> sim on rex. >> a donkey named rowdy, which ironically is not mrowdy, quite mellow. >> i'm never working with a donkey again, that's for [ bleep ]ing sure. >> this is put together by matthew vaughan so people can see what went into this. we have matthew from los angeles via skype. how do you get on such a huge music video. >> nicholas joosen, my mentor, he has taken me under his wing and helped me out with a lot of projects he's working on. always fun being on set with the guys. simon rex is awesome. a hip-hop artist. and i'm doing a documentary on
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him right now. >> daniel day jewish. >> there will be blood coming out of my [ bleep ]. >> and nick scaren, a um can't believe it's not butter. >> these are big artists. >> the part that made it nerve-wracking, my mom flew in from north carolina that day, and she never met my girlfriend and since i had to be on set, she picked up my mom from the girlfriend. that was what was making me nervous during the shoot. oh my gosh, i hope she likes her. >> were there any antics during the shoot? >> constant rips. >> when he showed up, the energy changed. >> oh, hey! >> we were just talking about you. >> funny guys. fun to be around that comedic drive. >> that's a wrap. this is "gold rush."
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the internet is full of screaming goat videos. they've got nothing on this. >> that's not real. that's not real. that's not really the dog, right? >> that is really the dog. >> they say when the dog isn't getting enough attention it makes a bunch of noises to say pet me. you know what? we'll have fun with the dog. >> and it sounds like an old man smoking a pipe for a little while and started laughing with smoke phlegm in his throat. >> two humans in this video somebody shooting the video, and the two hands of the person holding the dog, and then you distincttively hear two different laughs. >> if you watch the hand movement, and the sound of the laughter, they look like they are calibrated together. >> that's awesome. >> i think it's real.
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>> i think the dog might be mad he's wearing that sweater. >> this girl has got a dance lesson for you. but, seriously. is she serious? >> a shocking lack of junk in her trunk. >> this is not real. >> see what's for real, next.
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what you're looking at is a large pod of dolphins off the coast of japan and these guys are not frolicking. they are escaping.
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>> from what? >> well, seems they are being followed by a group of three killer whales that want to snack on these guys. >> theler whales almost look like they are part of the doll fun pod. jumping and swimming with the same kind of motion. >> that's where you don't want to be the slowest dolphin among your friends, right? >> you see this, what an amazing thing, all those dolphins, wait a minute. those are killer whales right behind them. >> poor little dolphins, not a lot of places to hide. you can't go hide behind a tree, crawl up a tree. they can see you. >> go in a cave, might be an octopus or shark hiding. >> you have to be faster than your friends. >> you could say golf and pizza both have to do with slices. two videos involving those two things. the first from this golf club in
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scott land. a local butcher. what did you expect was going to happen? >> and those things aren't stable at all. they wobble when you sit in them. >> this already has more than 11,000 likes on facebook. this going pretty viral. >> people love to see people fail. >> people fall down. always funny. from there we go from golf to pizza. guy at an intersection here's another guy. and you can see this guy come up from the right with no shirt on, open up that pizza box, and take out a rather tiny small pizza. >> this is a pizza delivery guy. what does he do when he gets to the house, like, wait a minute, i know i put the pizza in there. >>hat'srobably
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came back to the piz shop and the boss was like, no, dude. you got to pay for it. >> i hope you enjoyed that pizza, shirtless guy, because your pizza karma is going down the tubes. a ton of tutorial shows. some of the more shocking is the twishging videos. this woman is going to tell you how to twirk. >> different styles. i'll show you how to do it. >> she is very, very, very thin. >> this video is getting a lot of attention. she is very thin, and she is twirking. >> first, wing down, put your hands on your hips, and up on your legs and then extending your back outward and go faster, or lower and the lower style, this is the higher style. >> a shocking lack of junk in her trunk. >> attempting to do a twirking video, i am amused by this, but
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pretty ridiculous, but maybe that's her point. >> everybody, other way, turn. there you go. >> she is trying to be funny, joking around, right? this is not real. >> bingo! not real. a lot of people think this is a real tutorial. she's trying to be funny. >> we checked out her facebook page. she makes it very clear with people talking on it, it was a joke. she doesn't personally address her weight on her facebook page. but people who know her, are commenting that people have such negative reaction to how thin she is. >> yeah, see, that's how you twirk. >> that's it for "right th ñáçwçñ
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i'm beth trautman. time for great videos from the web, "right this minute." a man make as a commando decision to strip down. >> even though it's daytime there, say full moon. >> the story behind one nutty freeway take. a fedup woman throws groceries at a man's head. >> a sack of potatoes, a carton of milk. an internet hit where a


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