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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 7, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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and good afternoon, everybody. i'm brian flores in for tori campbell. breaking news. convicted serial killer richard ramirez has died. according to state corrections officials, the 53-year-old died of natural causes at marin general hospital this morning. ramirez he was convict -- ramirez was convicted of 13 murders and sentenced to death, known for breaking into unlocked homes in southern california during 1984 and 1985
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and leaving satanic symbols at murders scene. he was captured in los angeles while attempting a carjacking. meantime, president obama just wrapped up a brief visit to the bay area. you can see him leaving here about 10:00 this morning from moffett field. janine de la vega has more on his visit and the impression he left behind. >> reporter: all of the activity has died down. market street is back open to traffic now that the president has left and security is pretty much back to normal. there's one government car that you can see. secret services packing up their things. to my knowledge, this is the first time that president obama has had an official news conference in san jose, so everyone was eager to see what he had to say. president obama entered a conference room inside the fairmont hotel shortly before 9:00 this morning to a packed
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room of social media. >> good morning. >> reporter: he joked and smiled about his flight delay because someone forgot to bring the statement he was set to read. >> oh, goodness. [laughter] >> folks -- folks are sweating back there right now. [laughter] >> reporter: the president spoke about the affordable care act and how to enroll the 6 million people in california uninsured, to help implement the act in the state, mr. obama said by october 21st, people will be able to comparison shop. >> the 13 insurance companies that were chosen by covered california have unveiled premiums that were lower than anybody expected. and those who can't afford to buy private insurance will get help reducing their out of pocket premiums even further with the largest healthcare tax cut for working families and small businesses in our history. >> reporter: the president says 2.6 million californians will apply for the tax cuts half of
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them are latino. mr. obama said with more insurance companies in the mix the act will benefit it all. >> that means insurance companies have to to compete with each other for your business and that means new choices. >> reporter: president obama also spoke about recent media reports about government surveillance of cell phones. you will hear more about that on our next segment -- coming up. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. about an hour from now, former santa clara county supervisor, george shirakawa is scheduled to be arraigned. he is accused of creating a flier for a san jose city council candidate that falsely claimed an affiliation with the communist government of vietnam. police identified shirakawa with dna found on a postage stamp. shirakawa is also scheduled to be sentenced today for misusing campaign funds and public money. we have new information now on the fbi's investigation involving state senator ron
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calderon. the sacramento bee says the fbi raided two businesses in april linked to him and his brother, tom. the fbi searched ron calderon's office. he's now working as a public affairs consultant. a press conference was held at the old hayes valley farm. that piece of land is now occupied by posters who say they are not leaving it until the plans to develop it into housing is scrapped. some say the city needs to end the protest right now. >> reporter: it's been almost a week. as far as protesters on this piece of land are concerned, this is just the beginning. how long are you prepared to stay? >> as long as we have to in order to make it -- yeah. >> reporter: weeks? months. >> more than weeks, more than months. >> reporter: protesters say the land that used to house the hayes valley farm should remain
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open space. housing has been approved now. >> i think we need to preserve some type of green space in the city. it's not all about development. >> i'm not gonna want to deal with an occupy oakland. i've lived here 13 years. this is the biggest mess of all of it. >> reporter: what's next is unclear. a tree crew showed up to cut down trees. that prompted protesters to scramble in the trees and lock the gates but ten minutes later the crew was told by a supervisor to leave. the protesters were put on notice last night by police who gave them written notice that they could be cited and arrested for trespassing if they don't leave. this morning a member of the neighborhood association gave us a copy of this letter going to the mayor's office today. >> we would like to have a clear and swift clearing of the parcel so it could be secured and the development could proceed. >> reporter: but getting them out might be harder.
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protesters say they've learned from the past and the tree sitters have stayed perched for almost two years. we're told more are being built. there is a barbecue and festival planned for tomorrow. there's also an expectation that the city will try to come in and clear them out. they are prepared to go up in the trees and they do have these locks on the gates saying they are gonna do what they have to do to stay. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. despite the problems riddling the bay bridge, it's still expected to be 18 times safer than the old span. in a side-by-side comparison, an engineer showed how the two bridges would react to earthquake, the loma prieta. next month, caltrans is expected to announce that the labor day opening of the new span will be delayed. southern california san
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onofre's power plant is closing. the announcement was made this morning. the plant has not produced electricity since january of 2012 after a small leak led to the discovery of damage to tubing that carries radioactive water. barbara boxer called for for an -- for an investigation as to whether regulators were misled. for the first time ever, contra costa plans to hold a gun buyback program in august at various locations. the buyback is excepted to offer $200 gift cards for assault weapons, $100 for handgun and $50 for shot guns. the program is being hosted by the district attorney's office. jose canseco has been cleared by las vegas's police in a rape claim. detective closed the case and decided not to seek criminal charges. he was never arrested and went public on may 22nd with
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postings on twitter. he said he -- he was falsely accused and is considering a civil suit against his accuser. the interim police chief says only 35 officers per shift are patrolling the entire city. he says the shortage makes it hard to respond to crimes and dangerous sideshows. he plans to move resources to send officers where those sideshows usually what happen. >> what i'm doing is not acting like i'm the police chief, i'm being the police chief. i can't do this job halfway with, you no, trying to get through it a few months. i have to look long-term. the reorganization also includes a recommendation from the braen to consulting firm to have -- bratton consulting firm to have police captains assigned to the city. a bomb threat was found in a girls' bathroom at diablo view school this morning.
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it read "i will blow up the school on 6/7/2013." the investigators have investigated and said it's safe to come to school. police are there for construction. a driver in hayward said con-- a driver in the bay area says construction caused him to crash into a cvs store this morning before the store opened at 8:00. the driver is blaming the accident on roadwork and said he didn't realize the street in front of the store was one way. >> this came out of nowhere, basically. i tried to go street and no warning signs. >> the mir ratches but was not hurt. the store clerk says customers have complained that the construction zone is very confusing. a tow truck then removed the car. the store opened at 8:00 a.m., as scheduled. while in san jose, president obama speaks out on the collection of phone records and websites tapping. why he's defending it.
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and it's heating up around the bay area. rosemary orozco will be here with your forecast and when the hottest day might be. [ man ] get the 20 piece mcnuggets. what? that lovely girl, caught your eye? 20 piece mcnuggets are only $4.99. you offer to share them. that's pretty smart. [ male announcer ] 20 piece chicken mcnuggets now on mcdonald's new extra value menu.
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the president defend the way personal information is
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collected. he talked about it from san jose. jacqueline fell joins us andicks plains why there's no -- and explains why there's no amolgy. >> reporter: probably the most memorable line this morning was the president saying nobody is listening to your phone calls. he tried to reassure americans, rattled by news of a secret spy program. "the washington poet "reports the u.s. and british intelligence have been tapping into servers, facebook, google, skype all being mined for terrorism-related intel. the president said the snooping is aimed at foreign national, not americans. he says federal judges have to approve the spying and said congress has authorized this data collection time and again. >> one of the things we're going to have to discuss and debate, how are we striking this balance between the need to keep the american people safe and our concerns about
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privacy? because there are some tradeoffs involved. >> reporter: president obama says he welcomes that debate. now tonight, i will have reaction from capitol hill. for now reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. well, if you shopped at raley's supermarkets recently, check your bank account. the company's network may have been hacked. it cannot say for certain if any customer information has been stolen. raley's has been notifying people through e-mail. one woman knows someone who has had their identity stolen and is cautious. >> i check my statements two to three times a week. i watch it carefully. >> one security expert tells us cyber attacks on businesses are actually quite common and they could happen several times a week. the state health department has fined three bay area hospitals for incidents that the department says caused marin general was fined $75,000
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for giving a patient the wrong information and causing gangrene. cal campus in san francisco was fined $100,000 for leaving a sponge in a patient during surgery. and st. luke's campus was fined $50,000 for leaving a guide wire in a patient's heart. police are now looking at surveillance video to solve an afternoon shooting involving a muni bus. it happened yesterday afternoon on the 19 bus at connecticut streets in the protre row little neighborhood -- potrero hill neighborhood. three men jumped off the bus and fired shots. a man was grazed. now police hope surveillance video can help them arrest the suspects. >> our gang task force is currently investigating this. they are trying to pull any video surveillance that may have captured this incident and interview any potential witnesses that i have -- that may have seen something. >> the victim was driven to san
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francisco hospital. muni drove them. a decision x expected over -- a decision is expected whether bradley manning will be the grand marshal at the gay pride parade. he is accused of leaking documents to wikileaks. and oakland's festival is in jeopardy because it is the last time the city will contribute. they've contributed $500,000 to this and now they are turning the festival over to organizers. it's not clear if that group can pay the $25,000 is takes to close the streets and provide security every month. a big celebration marked the opening of goodwill on mission boulevard in the fairway park plaza shop area.
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dozens gathered to celebration the completion of the project that began this year. >> we have the opportunity to be able to train people in the community to find jobs that they can actually take with them for their life and turn their lives around. >> about an hour ago, a store employee told us that business has been a huge success. well, gray wolves would no longer be protected in the u.s. under a proposal under the obama administration. they were added to the endangered species list nearly 40 years ago. about the head of the u.s. and wildlife service says the population is now strong enough to survive. the first gray wolf in california was spotted in 2011. a mostly sunny, warm day around the bay area today. today, a few degrees warmer
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than yesterday. with some of our hottest areas nearing the century mark. giving you a live look there at the bay bridge and that blue sky there where i am still seeing fog banked up along the coastline. today is a spare-the-air day. that hot sun cooking the pollutants in our air and we'll have it today and tomorrow creating poor air quality especially inland, unhealthy for our sensitive groups. that to keep in mind as you get out doors. sunday will be a completely different day. i will get to that in a minute. 84 right now in fairfield. 84 for livermore. 86 walnut creek. already warm in your neighborhood. you get around the bay and it's comfortable. mid-60s in oakland. 70 in hayward. along the coastline, mid-50s. so we have the summer-time divide, i like to call it. the coast is cool. the nice bay inland, it will be hot. and that's what we'll see as we
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get into saturday as well. right, the winds are generally onshore. it's a weak sea breeze but we have a 6-mile-an-hour onshore breeze in oakland. 5 in napa. 6 in fair feel. farther inland you -- fairfield. the farther inland you are, the more the sea breeze won't have an impact on you today and tomorrow. along the coastline, it will continue to impact the coast. temperatures remain on the mild side to cool side and that fog -- and that fog will linger. i want to back this up a little bit. this is actually going to be what will bring us a cooldown. that's going to come in time for the second half of your weekend. so highs for today. 86 in pe. 87 for novato. 86 san rafael. upper 80s for napa. mid-90s in st. helena. 101 expected in clearlake. it just depends where you are at. we get used to this in the
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summer. 97 for antioch. 95 in livermore. along the east bayshoreline, 70s. 76 in oakland. 84 for san jose, middle 0 for -- 78 os for santa clara. along the peninsula, it will be a nice day. redwood city 83 for you. 77 san mateo. 68 degrees expected in san francisco. and 60s along the coast. your extended forecast here, so tomorrow, expected to be the warmest day in some areas. the hottest spots could come close to or break a record for saturday. sunday, a big change takes place. that system that i showed you off the southern california coastline will move northeast and that will drive the temperatures down, even indicating perhaps thunderstorms in the sierra. we'll be tracking that for you. but again, it will be a big turnaround. if you don't like the heat, sunday is the better day and monday and tuesday looking well as well. >> thank you. disneyland is cracking down
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on some disabled people who act as tour guides. disney park managers say the guides use their status to take people to the front of the lines on rides and charge for it. there are lists on craigslist charging $400 a day for this service. the labor problem at 6 flags in vallejo appears to be over. mechanics would worked on the rides say they reached and agreement with park rangers after meeting with a mediator. they were locked out for six weeks. then didn't get everything they wanted but they will get overtime pay. this is their first union contract. today is national doughnut day. coming up, the unusual treat that one south bay doughnut shop is baking up today. ♪
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welcome back. the dow is up close to 176. coming amid reports of the jobless report coming out. that report inched up to .6%. that's according to new numbers out of the labor department. 175,000 new jobs were created in may. that's a sign that the economy is growing at a pretty good rate. apple could be on the verge of announcing a new trade-in program. loomberg is reporting that the program could -- bloomberg is
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reporting that the program could be trading in phones. well, there are just a few hours left informant ual auction for lunch with warren buffett. so far more than 100 bids have been submitted. the leading bid is more than $775,000. but there's still almost half a day left to bid. warren buff fest will host a lunch for the winning biddered and seven friends. last year's winner played $3 million. all of the money raised goes to san francisco's glide memorial church. the auction ends tonight at 7:30. this is national doughnut day and one south bay doughnut shop is raising eyebrows with its foie gras doughnut holes. psycho doe knits is giving away foy bombs. foie gras is the liver from ducks and geese. it's illegal to produce in california. but psycho doughnuts say they
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are within the law because they are giving the foy bombs for free -- the foy bombs for free. the -- foie bombs for free. national doughnut day began 76 years ago when the salvation army sold doughnuts to raise money during the great depression. it was a tribute to the doughnut lassies of world war i. they gave american servicemen the nickname, doughboys. we talked to bay area groups and residents about how they feel with what the president had to say and why some question the legality of this program. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. be sure to join us again at 5:00. we're always here for you at and mobile as well. we'll see you later.
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