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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 12, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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marina. we're at the marina where police believe that the community will be the key to finding the accused molester. >> reporter: they say he was groped near this restroom near adventure restroom. police are on the look out for this man who the byieve committed this assault. he's described as a black man in his 40s with blond hair and green died streaks in his hair. investigators believe that he inappropriately touched the boy who had gone to the bathroom alone. this boy is only described as being younger than ten years old. and he told his mother what had taken place. and they sealed off the ma reerna and in search -- and in the meantime, the special victims unit has been interviewing this boy to gather details about the assault. >> it's a sensitive process and it takes time to interview a
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child, particularly one under ten. we feel confident that something did happen. we have been actively looking for the suspect. >> reporter: berkeley police even set up a checkpoint yesterday afternoon and searched all the cars that were leaving the marina. and officers have been going on foot and checking the wooded areas in the marina, because they say there are quite a few campers in the area where people tend to stay. they are checking there as well. and they haven't found the man. we put in calls to the berkeley police department to get an update on the search. we're live this morning in berkeley, ktvu news. a man accused of kidnapping a girl and attempting to rape her. he hid in a 167-year-old girl's car -- 16-year-old girl's car. he then forced her at
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knifepoint. the teen escaped and got help. they identified the boy from a fingerprint found on the car. construction is on hold this morning after the death of a worker. investigators are still trying to figure out what led to the death of 63-year-old donald white pictured here with one of his four sons. he worked as an elevator mechanic for 40 years. he was standing on a ladder yesterday morning when he was hit and killed by a counter weight. white's sons are among those looking for answers. >> i just kind of really want to know what happened. he's a big guy and he knows where to be and where to go. >> construction work at the stadium site will resume tomorrow morning. >> the 49ers have issued a statement saying that their thoughts and prayers are with the family. investigating a suspicious
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death of a 70-year-old man. he was found last night. police are not saying how the unidentified victim was killed but reportedly suffered injuries and his car may have been stolen from the home. apparently erin snowden has gone underground. the contractor has not been seen since he checked out of a hong kong hotel on monday. the justice department is preparing to file formal charges for releasing classified documents. google, facebook and microsoft are all calling on the obama administration about the demands for e-mails and other personal information of users. in a letter to the justice department, google says that it wants to be able to show you the public it doesn't give the government unfetterred access to user data. microsoft and facebook issued similar statements. they are challenging the
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legality of the program run by the nsa. they say they are violating the rights of all americans. and no stopping thieves from swiping smart phones bah plan to turn stolen phones into nothing more than shiny paper weights. what the district attorney is doing, coming up. a guide dog in training helped save two lives after a frightening real life test. surveillance video from monday shows a car speeding in reverse towards the guide dog and the two trainers. the yellow lab named o'neal reacted to the car by quickly turning around and alerted one of the trainers and gave him just enough time to push the other trainer blindfolded out of the way. >> he reacted probably two seconds before i did he turned and saw it and then i turned around and saw it. >> after narrowly missing the guide dog and the trainer the car came to rest across the street and no one was hurt.
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the 93-year-old drivers trying to park the car when she lost control. the dog has passed his test and will be placed in the next few weeks. the video is in the hot topic section on if you see smoke and emergency crews near the bridge this morning it's only a drill. emergencsp will be participating in training exercises. they will be practicing how to respond to a scenario involving a serious accident on two ferries. it starts at 6 will end at 5:00. time now is 4:35. and the dispatch centers can get calls. >> or look to see what is going on. >> we'll let you know if anything happens. right now it's pretty good on the roads out there. traffic does looking good if you are driving through on the east shore freeway they are clearing out the road work on east 80.
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the morning commute looked good at the toll plaza. if you are driving into san francisco, it looks good there. this is northbound 280 to highway 17 and that's off to a good start. no problem on northbound 17 as you drive down to the valley. at 4:35 let's go to steve. skies clear and low clouds yesterday. and not so much north by san francisco, and i dwav them a cloud deck. 47 santa rosa. but some locations are warmer. and some cool readings on the coast. the lows won't last that long. but noticeably cooler with the lack of clouds. sunny and cool morning and a little bit warmer. near average for most locations. 60s, 70s and 80s. warmest to the east and north. napa low 80: 72 oakland.
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and 84 for morgan hill. and san mateo is 71. warmer thursday into friday. then another low drops in. it won't do as much as clouds but on sunday and monday. hot temperatures and gusting winds are fuelling wild fires in colorado. the black forest fire has burned up to 8,000 acres and 60 homes. 6400 people living in 23 hundred homes were forced to live. and the royal gorge burned 3800 acres close to a popular park full of campers. >> it was almost engulf when had we left. >> evacuating people just down from there. just trails of vehicles. >> the causes of the two larger fires are under investigation. in the meantime, two of the three smaller fires have burned about 500 acres. no deaths have been reported.
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4:37, more trouble for bowings dream liner. the latest mishap overseas just as san jose plans to expermanent partial disability panned -- expand service. . good morning, northbound 101 san francisco looks pretty good as y come up to the 80 split. we'll tell you more in just a bit. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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. good morning, skies are clear. and it's sunny and nice for some and warmer for others. happening now, turkey's prime minister is scheduled to meet today with antigovernment protesters staging demonstrations across the country for nearly two weeks now. >> violence continued. the prime minister warned that he will end the gathers that ruining the image and economy of
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the country. a violent police crackdown on a group of citizens protesting the shutting down of a park. and a plane was ground in tokyo after the aircraft engine wouldn't start. this is the third time a dream liner flight has been cancelled in japan this week. the other instance involved a trouble with a sensor and anti-icing system. the 787 just returned to service earlier this month after being grounded with the lithium ion batteries. the latest trouble comes as service is expanded in san jose. there will be daily flights between san jose and tokyo. the ohio man accused of kidnapping three women and holding them captive for more than a decade will face a judge today. he will be arraigned on more than 300 charges including kidnapping and rape.
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he is akuszed of holding the three women against their will and fathering a child. he's also being charged for murder for a miscarriage that was done during her captivity. the 83-year-old was cap toured in santa monica after more than 16 years on the run. the federal trial could take as long as three months. house speaker bainer says that an immigration reform bill could become law before the end of the year. some republicans in both the senate and the house have doubts that it will pass. they want tighter border provisions and tougher rules for those seeking legal status. it was drafted by eight lawmakers and sets a 13-year long path to citizen for millions of immigrants. the budget deadline is still three days away, but they
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have already reached a deal on the state's spending plan for the coming year. state lawmakers are expected to approve the plan on monday. it calls for major overhaul on the funds of california schools. >> a balance budget and a change in the formula to strengthen local school districts, and help poor kids and kids that have serious language barriers. this is a real step forward. >> for the first time in about six years there will be a significant increase in funding for schools. this budget agreement comes seven months after california voters approved proposition 30. that was the governor's tax initiative designed to increase funding to state schools. the new budget includes a $4.2 billion towards the state debt and include as middle class scholarship program that can slash state university tuition up to 40% for families that make
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$100,000 per year and earmarks money for disability claims for veterans. some water bills will go up almost 20% over the next two years. it's all part of a two-tier rate hike approved by the agency. the first increase will kick in next month and the second will be next year. it will mean an extra $8 a month for the peernlg average household. they have to raise rates to maintain the lines. and the battle against smart phone theft straight to the phone makers. a smart phone summit will be hosted in new york tomorrow. he's asking apple, samsung, google and microsoft to make a kill switch for disabled phones. and on monday, apple designed a feature to prevent thieves from turning off the find my i phone app. >> they won't have use of it. i think it's a good idea. >> they need to work with law
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enforcement. there's no other way to prevent that type of crime. >> and they say that samsung plans to release an antitheft measure that will cost $20. they are stolen in half of all robberies in the city. and time now is 4:45. insurance stopped paying for rehabilitation. he was receiving 24-hour care at a facility in bakersfield. the family is happy to have him back but also think that he could have benefitted from staying longer in the facility and receiving physical therapy five-day as week. southern baptists may cut ties with the boy scouts today. they may partways with the scouts and stop sponsoring troops. this is in reaction to last week's policy change allowing scouts. boy scouts had a similar boy cut against disney. that boycott ended and failed in
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2005. the game from last night is leading to suspension. one was beamed in the shoulder and a bench clearing brawl which turned nasty with punching being thrown and an arizona coach being thrown. six people ejected including the coach mark mcguire. that's the bash brother right there. >> there was a lot of bashing. >> that's what you get when you get division rivals together. >> you know who curt gibson? >> he's the hero for the dodgers and now the manager of the other teach and he's throwing down. he was a hero of 1988. >> i remember. good morning, everybody. how things change. right now traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are on 80 westbound to mack orture maze there is no
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major problems and traffic is moving along okay. and the traffic is moving well on westbound bay bridge at the toll plaza. no major problems here. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280 is off to a good start. steve, when that happened last night, the twitter timeline blew up. >> you don't even have to watch the game. just watch twitter. >> up high is scary. >> yeah. >> you know what happens. clear skies. and it's going to be a little warmer. a little chili on the morning lows. some 40s, #5s, 60. santa rosa with a brisk 47. hardly looking for anything today except sunshine. it will be a cool morning but warmer. on the coast mostly clear but we still have a westerly breeze. 60s, 70s, and 80s for most. and southwest wind at 16.
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there is still an on shore breeze. warmer out towards oakland. fremont all close in the 70s. low 80s. loss gatos, 77. it can get room in sant cruz and cap tolla. and you can see it cooler on saturday and even cooler on sunday. pacifica is limiting fireworks ahead of the 4th of july holiday. safe and sane fireworks from the beaches. fireworks only in the south parking lot. they are to keep toxic debris out of the ocean. coming up, it wasn't planned but police say that a spontaneous street race involved a crash in pleasant hill. charges one driver is now facing.
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you birch. back up. what a 72-year-oldgram
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. welcome back. a dust storm is being blamed for a deadly pile up including 27 vehicles. you can see smashed up cars and
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trucks. a 51-year-old truck driver from chicago died and 36 others taken to area hospitals. visibility was reduced to zero during the storm. police in pleasant hill say that street racing and alcohol are involved in a crash with seven young people. it happened in gregory lane. two cars racing down the street and one of the cars flipped landing on the roof. police say they were going at least 70 miles per hour which is twice the speed limit. >> it wasn't a planned race. they knew each other and were going up the road and i guess more or less horsing around and it led to kind of a speed contest between them. >> one of the dry, 18-year-old paula lazoroff was charged of leaving the scene. his two passengers were not seriously hurt. the council will wait until
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the june 25th meeting. and an absent council member discussed that last night. they put it on the november ballot to raise the sales tax by a half cent generating $4.7 million an ally. and then a fee for landlords to raise $2 million. it would go to city services and increase police hiring: in san jose, thewo suspects charged with killing two hgs students will be back in court today. they are accused in the may 26th shooting. investigators say that there was some sort of confrontation before the suspects opened fire. police do not believe the killing is gang relate. a 911 call catches a southern california grandma using a gun to fend off a burglar. >> i'm sorry. get out you believe.
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back up. >> i'm a christian woman. she fired a 357 mag numb through her sliding glass door. she barely missed. her reaction surprised her. >> i am a christian woman and i'm proud of it and i don't cursing but after i shot, rage took hold. and i just blasted away. >> the intruder was arrested a short time later. it was registered and she had every right to use it to protect herself. do not mess with her. >> and i think she surprised him more. >> 4:54 with a check of the roads. >> hell ---o. glad you are here today. >> let's look at the commute now. traffic is moving along well if you are on the upper deck of the bay bridge no major problems.
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there's a small delay at the toll plaza. you can see this from the camera. let's move along and look at 880 in oakland. and you can see flashing lights from some of the road work there but it's not really causing a big traffic delay. northbound 880 traffic does looking good all the into downtown oakland. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 101 near 880. the traffic on 101 and 85 are off to a good start. and bart is starting off on time. the trains are moving well. just check in with the dispatchers there. let's go to sal. the clouds have moved south and east and the low clouds are chewed up. some high clouds here but
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overall a sunny day. loaf 50s here. napa, i find that hard to believe with a 9-degree spread. there's rumors something is wrong with walnut creek. and 45 at half moon bay with clear skies on the coast. that's cool for this time of year. winds out of the south weflt for most. oakland is north. low clouds chewed up. hayward, and sfo and northwest. and you get the idea. more of an onshore push. any patchy fog won't last. sacramento just a flip flop there on the temperatures. a nice sunny day with high clouds, no big deal. cool morning and warmer away from the coast. 60s, 70s and 80s. really close to average for this
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time of year. no extreme this time of the year. friday looks to be the warmest day. and along with that on saturday and turning cooler. sunday looks more. next week looks cool to below normal. thauch. new questions about the new bay bridge. what could put speed ahead of safety. plus, a manhunt underway in berkeley for a man sexually assaulted in the bathroom of a public park. the clues that police hope will catch the suspect.
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a man accused of groping a boy. using a cell phone hands free is supposed to make tasks easier and what a new study reveals about the risks and what it does to your brain. and it is the safety he has been on. >> devastated family members speak out after a man working his dream job is killed at the 49ers stadium site. more than 100,000 people are packing the festival but this morning, employees and charities are still waiting to be paid.
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how they are responding. good morning, welcome to the middle of the week, it is wednesday, june 12th. let's start you off with a look at your weather and traffic and seatbelts and working on a nice forecast. yeah. the skies are clear and it will be warmer today. lots of sunshine no extreme one way or the other. no heat. the coast and it is chilly now, 60s. 70s and 80s. >> and between walnut creek and oakland as you drive through, no problems here. the morning commute is good on highway 4. a manhunt for a man accused of molesting a boy, this includes air


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